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Review This Story || Author: Janet Baker

Captured - One

Part 2

This story is not intended to cast aspersions on peace loving, gentle transvestites who

desire little more than acceptance and some new shoes.

This is a nasty, misogynistic story. Fiction of unremitting cruelty and horror.

Avoid it if you are sensitive or under eighteen.

Synopsis        He had been searching for a victim.  He wanted a wife, a sex slave.

               Yes, he sought a victim who might become a wife and love him.

Categories        Bondage Submission

Keywords        High Heels Appliances Machines Piercing  Ballet heels

Captured -- Two

By Janet Baker


“I have to pee.  Argheeeeooowww.”

Pinched nipple gets her attention.  Ha! Sit her on the toilet.  Jack-off in her mouth.  Ring gag?  Yeah!  I liked the way she looked with that gag holding her mouth open.  She can’t talk either.  Try the bigger ring.  I can shove my cock right down her throat.

“Arghhhh! Uh Ig Ig!”

Too big I guess, she’ll live. I’ll take off my panties, skirt before I stick it in her mouth. I want to feel her tongue swirling around it.  She doesn’t want to, she’s shaking her head back and forth.  Hold it. Both hands.  I take the ring out.

“Hey! You wouldn’t want me to put the clamps on your tits again?  Hmmm?”

“Please don’t! No master, please, that hurts terribly.”

I put the ring back in.

“Girl!  No more ‘master’, just ‘sir’.  Understand?”

“Ughhhugh, cough, cough.”

Great, another shot,  right down her gullet.  “How was it girl?”


“Can’t talk, eh girl?”


“That was a good cum girl, I think we’ll do it again… shortly… after I pierce one of your nipples.”

“Nnnggnngh…  Ghhhaahghah…. !”

“Oh! You don’t like that idea?”


“Quiet girl, I’m taking the ring out.”

Now for little cutie, my bride to be, a head harness with bit gag.  Take her to bondage chair, chain her collar to vertical back board.  Strap her thighs to the split chair seat, ankles to supports, lift her arms, strap them tightly to vertical arms, that will lift her breasts. Strap her tightly to chair back board.  Nicely designed, this chair.  Split seat to spread legs allowing access to cunt.  Many straps for firm grip.  Piercing will hurt her, I don’t want her to thrash about and injure herself.  I care for my pretty little captive.  Should I take blindfold off?  Yeah!  That will increase terror as she watches me prepare tools and rings.  What should I wear?  I think femme. Yeah!  I’ll dress like a Nazi torturer, a female Nazi.  That’ll scare the shit out of her. Yeaah, the whole bit, and a mask, makeup, lipstick, soften my voice.

Click… click… click.  I like that sound.  I like to hear my heels clicking.  Maybe I should have been a woman.  I’m as pretty as one… when I’m all dressed up and made up. I had to be dressed for my search. I like being dressed. Now remove her blindfold, carefully.

“Girl, blindfold is coming off, keep eyes closed, open slowly, allow time to adjust.”

“Oh God, thank you, thank you!”

Thank you?  Ha!  She’ll wish she couldn’t see what’s going to happen.

“Girl!  Time to pierce nipple.  Which one first girl, right or left?”

“Oh God!  Please!  Nooooooo! How can you be so cruel? Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’m doing it because I want to.  I want rings in your nipples. Shut up!  Shut up or I won’t use any anesthetic.”

“Nooooooooooo.  Pleeeeeassseee.  Whyyyy?”

“Whyyyyine? Because I want to! I need you! I want you! I have you!  You’re mine!”

“Get used to it.”

“Which nip girl?  Well???”

“Nooooooooo   Please!”

“Shut  up while I replace your bit gag.  Which nip girl?”


I place the tools and rings on a table adjacent to the bondage chair so she can see them.  Her eyes widen in fear.  I wash the needles and rings in alcohol.  I’ll start with the right breast, it’s close.  Cup my hand under the breast, pinch the nipple, again, again.  I want it standing out… a big target. NOW!

“Nghhheowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!  NHGunghhhh!”

“Did it hurt little darling?  Oh! You can‘t really talk can you?”

Rotate the needle in her nipple, pull it through, follow with the ring.  Screw the ends together.  Apply alcohol to the puncture site.  Crying has died down, pain lessening.

I’ll wait to do the other nip, that’ll prolong the anticipation.  The fear will remain… perhaps even increase.  I’ll tease her….

“Shall we do the other one now girl?”


“I take it that means no.”

Yeah, that means no.  She’s breathing heavily.  That took a little out of her.  Good.

I’ll put the ring back in her mouth, I need to jack off again.  She is so pretty! I’m falling in love! That mouth open pose waiting for her lover to cum is so erotic.  Ohhhh! I’m cumming again!  Right down her throat! Good job boy!  Oops, good job, Nazi girl!

Time for breakfast.  I’ll take her gag out, dress her.  Frederick’s heels, panties, half bra, ah, shelf bra they called it.  These heels are cute but not as high as I’d like.  I’ll order fetish shoes online. She has small feet but I’ll order five and six inch heels for her and yeah, I’ll order ballet pumps also. When I’m finished with her, she’ll be my little sex doll.

“Girl, dress! Put on shelf bra, panties, shoes. Keep nipples above edge of bra. When nipple heals you’ll hang bell from ring.”

I love that pretty white Venice Vanity Shelf Bra from Freddie’s.  So cute.  Holds the boobies just right… perfect….. I’ll squeeze the other nipple, then suck on it.

“Argheeeeooowww!  That hurt!”

“Aw, how ‘bout harder?”

“Please nooooo!”

I’ll suck it gently, she must learn the difference between my love  and her pain.

Make some breakfast.  She’s hungry, so am I.  Make a pile of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, juice and coffee.  After breakfast I’ll go on line and order ballet boots and a couple of corsets for her.  Squeezing her waist will be such fun.  I’ll suspend her and lace her tight. So tight she can hardly breathe.  Cuff her at elbows behind her of course… tight.  Good enough… she squeals. Lead by collar to kitchen.  Sit her at table.  Strap her ankles together… very tight.


Yes I know it’s tight, yes I know it hurts yes it’s supposed to…

“Shut up!”  Make food, bring to table.  She waits patiently.  Ha, Hm she has no choice.

I’ll feed her lovingly, gently, smilingly.  After breakfast I’ll hang her and flog her.  I’ll blindfold and gag her.  That’ll suppress her screams… somewhat.

“More egg?” She nods yes.  “Bacon?”  Same.


“Yes, please with butter and jelly.  Sir, my period starts tomorrow and I don‘t have any sanitary napkins.  Are there any in the house?  No? Could you buy some for me please?

I‘ll give you the name.”

Oh shit, now I have to shop! Crap! Bitch!

I butter some toast for her, add jelly, feed it to her.  A nice intimate moment. She sips some coffee.  I kiss her. I’m sure I love her, she is so pretty.  We’ll have to talk sometime.  I want to learn more about her. I’ll pierce the other nipple tomorrow.  Wonder when I’ll start to make love with her. If she doesn’t want me to, I’ll have to rape her. Oh yeah, almost forgot, must order the fucking machine.  The rabbits and dildos are OK but the machine is exquisite and will drive her to heaven… if she doesn’t get sore first.  I’ll mount it so she’ll straddle it and I’ll shackle her ankles so she can’t get off.  I could use it too, analy that is…. Oh yeah!  Just remembered, I’ll put that ‘fiddle’ on her so she can’t reach the controls… she’ll be at my pleasure.  The fiddle is a solid aluminum appliance that goes around her neck and holds the wrists about a foot away from her face.  Hey, I’ll put it on her for her next meal and feed her.  It’ll be so cute! With the fiddle on her, I’ll let her walk for me so I can hear those heels clicking, clicking….  clicking.  Yeah.  I’ll lead her by her collar and we’ll both be clicking, clicking… clicking.  Been thinking… my darling would look great in a long hobble skirt… a very tight hobble skirt….we’ll walk together in the woods… I’ll hold her by the arm… her arms will be pinioned behind her.

I won’t gag her but I’ll put a choke chain around her neck and attach a leash to it.  I’ll let her see… she’ll love the woods and fields…. I’ll stop, kiss her, kiss her eyes, kiss her mouth, kiss her lovingly, passionately.  I’ll pick her up and carry her to a level spot and lay her down on the grass and leaves.  I’ll lie beside her and kiss her again.  I love her.  Oh my! Back to earth.  I must pierce that other nipple tomorrow but now I’ll order the corsets and ballet heels.

Breakfast finished, I’ll suspend her, clean up then flog her a bit.  When she screams really loud I’ll quit and put her to bed for a rest, pick her up around noon and pierce the other nip.  Should be fun, she’ll have the terror of anticipation.

To be continued.

© 2009 Janet Baker

Review This Story || Author: Janet Baker
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