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Review This Story || Author: strictoldmom

Mom Humiliates Pussy Licking Son

Part 4

The author wishes it to be known she does not condone incestuous relationships in real life, but recognises it is a common fantasy and one shared by many.  This series of stories are based on real events and were written by my son lover. 


Naked, I was on my hands and knees in front of my elderly mother who once again was making me making me feel very small, pathetic and vulnerable. She had no end of ways to play on my need to be dominated, humiliated and hurt by her.

She sat arrogantly on the sofa fully dressed wearing white stiletto heels, barely black stockings, suspenders and a little black dress.  When I say fully dressed, this excluded her black lace panties. These were pulled down her to her mid-thighs and her legs were positioned as wide apart as she could get them. 

There I was, on all fours, my nose in the stained gusset of her panties inhaling the scent of her pussy and told not to move. I was being forced to stare at the sparse grey hairs of her pussy and her stocking tops while she sat and read her book, totally disinterested in me, her 31-year-old son whose life was dominated by his moms pussy.

But if I faltered for a second from my position, shed reach for her whip and bring it down with a crack on my back, hurling abuse at me as she did before returning to her book. In the half hour that I had assumed this position, I had been beaten four times.

How many times have I told you not to move! she screamed at me as she reached for her whip. She brought it down hard on back several times and I cried out as I tried to move away. Take your punishment you little pervert! If you want to lick your mommys pussy clean then you do as I say. Do you understand?

Yes mom, I whimpered. Instinctively I touched my manhood.

And dont touch that pathetic little cock of yours! Do you hear me?

Her whip cracked down on my hand. I quickly drew it away and she seized the opportunity to whack my erection.

Look at you! Youre a pathetic mommy-loving pervert! What are you?

A pathetic mommy-loving pervert I said quietly.

Only your mommys pussy makes you hard doesnt it?

Yes mom.

And you love making your mommy happy dont you son? You love licking mommys pussy dont you?

Yes mom.

Well theres a price to pay son. Nasty little mommy loving perverts like you have to be taught a lesson.

She turned her attention to my exposed bottom and brought the whip down on me hard several times before sitting down again to resume reading her book.

Every now and then she would reach down between her thighs and slowly run her fingers across her pubic hair and then between the lips of her moist pussy. She knew that above all else I desperately wanted to be smothered by her sex, to lick her and to please her, but I was being mercilessly teased.

After slowly fingering herself inches from my face, shed take her wet index finger and smear her juices over my lips and nose. My erection would return and Id ache to play with myself, but that was of course, forbidden.

After an hour she finally put her book down and stood up. With her panties still at half-mast around her thighs she, pulled up the hem of her dress to reveal her stocking tops, bare thighs and pussy and said, You may kiss mommy.

She didnt mean on the lips, leastways, not the lips of her mouth. No, she meant I might kneel before her and kiss her pussy out of respect and thanks.

With my arms around her stocking clad legs, I buried my face into the warmth of her pussy, savouring its comforting smell as I reverently and repeatedly kissed her. She put her hands behind my head and pushed me hard against her and then rocked my head so my nose rubbed against her clitoris, mouth against her rough grey pubic hair.

I knew she was looking at us in the full-length mirror opposite and I guessed she was probably smiling too. A cruel and controlling smile, one that confirmed she had me, her own son, quite firmly by the balls.

Oh, my poor little baby boy, I know you want me to play with that little girlie sized cock of yours, but not yet. Ive got a little surprise for you’’ she said. Get dressed!


I drove and she gave directions. I hadnt a clue where we were going or why. All I knew it was hard to keep my eyes firmly on the road as mom had hitched up her dress again and was gently rubbing her pussy through the black lace panties. From time to time she reached across and rubbed my erection through my trousers. I was so aroused I could have cum there and then, but held myself by thinking of other things like where we were going to end up.

We drove through the forest. Suddenly she told me to pull over into a lay-by.

Your mom needs a piss, she announced.

Oh, OK I said, Ill just wait here then.

She turned to me and slapped my face. If you think your mother is going to simply squat and urinate you better have another think coming! What kind of woman do you take me for? Get out the car, youre going to be mommys little toilet.

What? Here? In public? I said, genuinely shocked at the idea.

Yes right here, she announced firmly opening the car door. And if you love you mom like you say you do, youd better come with me now.

I reluctantly got out of the car and followed her into the forest. The road wasnt that busy, but cars were going past and I was terrified of anyone seeing us. She lead me down the path towards a little clearing partly, but not totally hidden from the road.

Lie down and take the toilet position, she said. You know what to do.

I nervously did as I was told and lay down, looking up at the greenery above me. Then my scenic view was obscured as she stepped over my face. Usually she liked to either sit on my face, then piss straight into my mouth, or crouch down over me and carefully aim at my mouth, making sure I drank every drop. I assumed this was what she was going to do now. I was wrong.

Instead she simply raised her dress and the black lace slip underneath, lowered her panties, bent her knees a little and let loose. Without warning a long and uninterrupted gush of her hot piss sprayed over my face and hair and soaked me. Then she crouched over my wet face and told me to clean her pussy. I was treated to not only the wetness of her piss, but also the goo of her excitement as I tongued her. I heard her moaning slightly and a dribble of her piss went into my mouth.

Finally, satisfied with my subservient licking, she rose, pulled up her panties and started to walk brusquely back to the car. I quickly got up and followed her, wiping my face dry as I went. A young couple were just coming into the forest with their dog. They gave me a strange look as I passed them. They obviously wondered how I had got so wet and was stumbling after a mature and arrogant lady.

Back in the car she instructed me to drive off.


Half an hour later as we drove into the driveway of Green Lanes retirement home, I realised who we were going to see.

Your Aunty Jean has been feeling lonely. I said wed pay her a visit, mom announced as I parked the car.

I cant go in there damp and smelling of your piss, no way! I said, trying to put my foot down.

She reached across and grabbed my balls through my trousers. Youll do as I say!

Yes mom, I said glumly.

The receptionist gave me a strange look as mom announced our arrival, but confirmed we were expected. We then went down the corridor unaccompanied to find Aunt Jeans room. Mom opened the door and we went in.  

Ooh hello! Aunt Jean said brightly. She stood up and hugged mom and turned to me. Pinching my cheek with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, she said, Youve grown a bit since I last saw you Alex. I certainly had as Id last seen my mothers sister when I was sixteen, just before she went to live in South Africa with her then husband. She had returned two years ago and announced to mom that she was going to see her days out in a retirement home, but although mom visited regularly, I hadnt ever come to visit until now.

The room was quite spacious. There was a double bed, an armchair and sofa, a small table and two chairs, a full-length mirror and pictures on the wall. A door on the far side led to a small bathroom and toilet.

Ten years older than mom, Aunty Jean looked a lot older than I remembered her, but she was 70. Her face was more wrinkled and her hands had distinct age spots. But she was still quite slim, smartly dressed in a skirt and matching top with smart court shoes and I could see that her legs had lost none of their shapeliness.  Unlike mom who was dark haired, Aunty was dyed blonde.

Over cups of coffee there was small talk. In spite of her otherwise quite elegant poise, Aunty Jean wasnt keeping her legs together. She sat well back in the deep armchair and as I was sitting opposite her, I was afforded a clear view up her skirt and could clearly see she was wearing stockings underneath. From moms teasing before, I was still feeling extremely aroused and tried to hide the fact I was getting an erection. She kept glancing at me with al little smile as if making some sort of assessment in her own mind about me.

So youre divorced, she said turning to me.

Yes, I said, Its been three years now.

The innocent question was followed by a rhetorical question that came like a bolt out of the blue.

I wonder if your poor long suffering wife knew how much you loved your mom and her pussy?

I didnt know where to look or what to say and could feel myself blushing with shame.

Oh I know all about what you and your mother get up to, she said with a sly smile. There are no secrets between sisters you know.

Take off your clothes son, mom said firmly but quietly.

But mom this is madness, I pleaded.

No its not, I can see your cock is bursting in those trousers of yours, she said. And your Aunty has been looking forward to this moment. Shes not had a man since her Jack died.

I stood up and turning my back on them, slowly undressed as the two sisters looked on. I was so ashamed that someone else knew of the secrets between mom and me. And now she was pimping me out to her sister of all people.

Finally removing my shorts, I heard my Aunt say Cute ass! and the two of them laugh out loud.

Well dont just stand there with your back to us, turnaround son, mom said.

I turned and covered my genitals with my hands. Let the dog see the rabbit, mom said.

I removed my hands to reveal my semi-erect penis.

Oh, Aunt Jean said with an air of disappointment. Youre not very big are you?

I stood still and said nothing, but the insult only served to make me hard.

Well answer your Aunt Jean! mom said sternly.

No Auntie, I said looking down guiltily at the floor in front on me.  I couldnt            bear to look her in the eyes.

I always said hes make a better girl than a boy and that girlie sized cock of his is the proof if you ask me, mom chimed in jovially. Its pathetic isnt it?

Aunt Joan gave a throaty laugh. Come here Alex, let me examine you properly.

I went over to where she sat in the armchair and defensively covered myself with my hands again. Aunt jean roughly pulled them away to fully expose my pathetically small erection. One hand gently ran over my balls, the other clasped and played with my erection, rolling my foreskin back and forth.

Well, with my help youve got a little bit bigger she said.

He really responds to this Jean, mom said, reaching for her handbag and producing her school ruler, which she then passed to Aunty.

Give him a whack with that! she said with a chuckle.

Do you like your penis being punished Alex, Aunty asked looking me firmly in the eyes.

I was so embarrassed I couldnt bring myself to say anything.

Whats the matter? she asked huskily, Cat got your tongue?

Without waiting for my reply she whacked the wooden ruler onto my erection and gave a delighted laugh when she felt me stiffen in her hand.

Oh I see that you do! Do you need to have “it” humiliated Alex? Hmm? Need it to be hurt and humiliated because you are so ashamed of it?

I blushed even more deeply.

It is so small isnt it? she said before hitting me there again. Your mom tells me it doesnt satisfy her. Its simply not big enough. It certainly wouldnt satisfy me. Your uncle had a full eight inches of thick meat to put between my legs. So Im used to…well, Im used to a more normally sized man shall we say? Still, mom tells me youre very good with your tongue. Your uncle never would do that for me.

She let go of my wretched organ and hitched her dress up above her stocking tops. I could now see she wore white and very lacy panties and was very aroused. Her wetness was showing through the delicate material and glistened in the light. I knew then I wanted to go to my knees and serve her just like I served my mom.

My wish was about to be granted.

What are you waiting for? Down on your knees son and see to your Aunty Jean! my mother said sharply.

As I went onto to my hands and knees for a second time that day, I moved forward a little to kiss her panty covered crotch, but Aunt Joan pushed my head away. Instead she slipped her right hand down the top of her panties and let it slide downwards to her extremely moist pussy. I watched obediently, fascinated by the way she was slowly caressing herself beneath the material. I really was a pussy pervert and both women knew it.

They made me stay there watching her close up for a full fifteen minutes as she verbally humiliated me, telling me of how uncle and her various lovers had satisfied her hungry pussy with their substantial manhoods over the years. Of how she had preferred heavy cummers and how she loved to feel their sperm trickle out of her afterwards. Of how I would only be of any worth to her as a sissy boy cum licking pervert. Cleaning her up after other men had taken her and filled her with their cum.

Eventually her taunting stopped and pushing me away dismissively, she stood up. Then she removed her skirt and blouse to reveal she was wearing a white open bottomed elasticated girdle. She looked fabulously sexy and I looked on in awe.

Do you like your aunts choice of lingerie? she asked with mock coyness.

Yes I do Aunty Jean, I mumbled.

And do you want her pussy. I mean really want her pussy more than anything else in the world?

Yes, I said.

Pardon? I didnt hear you dear. I asked if you really wanted my pussy?

I replied more loudly Yes, Aunty, yes I do.

Well can you lick me while Im still wearing my panties?

No, I said. I cant.

Then remove them! she snapped back.

I moved over on my knees to where she stood, proud and erect and reached out to lower her panties, but as I began to gently pull them down, she stopped me. I have a better idea, she said. Turning she bent forwards slightly and put her hands on the arm of the chair, exposing her naked buttocks. Kiss my ass now!

With her panties half down and exposing her cheeks, I kissed her well-rounded bottom with slavish devotion and heard her say Good boy! Do it slowly. Do it gently.

I smothered every inch of her soft white flesh with my kisses, conscious that my mom was noting everything I did. I felt as if I was being unfaithful to her. Sucking another mans cock to please her had been one thing, but to adore another woman was something else. But I reminded myself that I hadnt asked for any of this and she was egging me on with her foul and humiliating remarks.

Finally Aunty Jean put one hand behind her and pulled her cheeks slightly apart. Get your nose in there and sniff my asshole you slut, she hissed. I put my nose to her anus and inhaled the gammy smell within deeply.

Suddenly I felt moms hands grab my head and force my face into Aunt Jeans bottom.  She said SNIFF her asshole son. Dont show me up, do it properly or Ill thrash you to within an inch of your life you pathetic little man!

I continued to inhale as deeply as I could.

Now kiss my anus slut! Aunt Jean commanded.

I parted her cheeks and placed my lips on her brown and slightly hairy little hole. Then I noisily put kiss after kiss there, revering the place where she shit from every day.

I dont think I cleaned myself properly this morning. Get that sluts tongue of yours up and in there and clean me out properly!

I didnt hesitate to begin delving deeply with my loving and eager tongue. She wasnt joking about not cleaning herself properly. I could taste her shit. It was only a hint, but I could taste it and I wanted more. I kept licking, probing with my tongue trying to get deeper and deeper in her and I could hear her moaning.

Oh that is so nice. My own personal piece of toilet paper and it feels so good!

Look at you! mom snarled. Youre licking a shitty asshole and still that pathetic little cock of yours is erect. You nasty, nasty little pervert!

Aunt Jean moaned loudly and abruptly turned around to face me. Sitting down in the chair, she slipped her lacy white panties off and parted her legs fully. Get to it boy! You know what your aunty wants.

I drew close to her sparsely grey haired pussy and brought my tongue to the prominent and moist lips. I smelt her scent fully and ached for its unique taste. I lightly ran my tongue along the length of her gash. Aunt Jean moaned again and yanking me by my hair, pushed my face into her wetness.

Smothered by her pussy I probed it deeply with my tongue, savouring her. Still clasping my head, she aggressively rubbed her clitoris on the bridge of my nose as she made panting noises. I could hardly breath, but it didnt matter, I wanted to worship this elderly lady with my heart and soul.   

As I licked I suddenly felt mom hit my bottom with the ruler. Smack, smack, smack! Then she used her hand to spank me.  Pervert! she shouted. Pussy loving pervert!

Moms cry seemed only to arouse Aunt Jean even more. She was squirting her cum into my mouth. I gulped the juices down, anxious not to miss one drop as she pushed my head harder into her and then let out a final scream of ecstasy. With her powerful orgasm she gave one final squirt of cunt juice into my mouth and her whole body shook from head to toe.

I stopped my passionate licking content to just rest my face against her hot pussy, trying to catch my breath. I felt Mom fingering my anal opening. I wanted to jerk myself off so badly, but knew not to touch myself without her say so or Id get a beating.

Aunt Jean finally began to compose herself. She pushed me away from her pussy, then grabbed my hair, pulling my head upwards so that I looked her directly in the eye.

Well little nephew Alex, your mom was right; you are very good with your tongue arent you? I think youll be coming to visit me more often. Her eyes sparkled and she laughed. I felt mom behind me now, caressing my balls. But dont think Im going to let you take liberties with me Alex. I can be just as strict as your mom you know. Do you understand?

I mumbled a reply.

Pardon? I didnt hear you! she said loudly.

Yes…yes, aunty, I understand, I said as mom clasped my erection and began to rub it. 

Good, then we understand each other, she said. Mommy is going to make you cum now. Do you want to cum Alex, cum in front of your Aunty?

Yes, yes I do! I replied breathlessly and hoarsely, my own orgasm now close.

Aunty Jean pulled my hair even more tightly leant forward. Without warning she suddenly slapped my face. Mom gave a vigorous rub and I climaxed and spurting a copious amount of cum onto the floor.

Humiliated, I was so humiliated, but even though I knew that is how I wanted to feel and would be made to feel in front of these two women now and in the future, I began to cry, tears of shame and tears of happiness and pleasure all at the same time.  Aunty Jean smiled at me.

I rose from my hands and knees and turned towards mom…it was only then I realised we werent alone. Another woman was standing next to mom with a sneer on her face. I had been so busy concentrating on my aunts pleasure; I obviously hadnt heard her enter the room.

Youve not met Mrs Douglas before have you son? Mom said triumphantly. She knows all about you and shes the warden of this home.

Mrs Douglas was a fuller figured grey haired woman and the expression on her face told me she didnt suffer fools gladly. Her ample bust strained the jacket of her rather severe pin striped business suit, which also hugged her hips tightly.  I knew that underneath her knee length skirt, her thighs would far more sturdy that those of aunty or mom.

You are a pathetic wretch, she said with a sneer. But I think we can put your tongue to good use. The sneer turned to a wry smile. Bring him back tomorrow, she snapped. And Ill try him out on Mrs Burridge. Its her birthday tomorrow, youll be her birthday suprise.

How old did you say she was? mom asked as Mrs Douglas turned on her heel to leave.

Seventy nine.

I looked pleading at mom. Servicing her and my aunt with my tongue was one thing, but a seventy nine year old?

Youve never had a really old pussy have you son? No problem Mrs Douglas, well be here at ten sharp.

Good, she said. Because he can do me first! Good day to you!

I gulped and closed my eyes, this was becoming a nightmare.

Review This Story || Author: strictoldmom
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