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Review This Story || Author: Paul.

Black Owners and the contract the made me sign

Part 1


This Servitude Agreement is made between Tyrone and Keisha  ( collectively “Owners” or in the alternative “Master” and/or “Mistress”) and Paul  (“slave”).


Whereas, Paul  , a 19 years of age 5' 7"152lb white male desires to be a complete and wholly owned, in every way, full time live in slave to a superior dominant male/female black couple.

Whereas, Tyrone (former professional heavy weight boxer and now a music industry

mogul 32 years of age 6'4" 275lbs of solid muscle) and Keisha (olympic gold medalists

track star and now a full time slave owner and budding fitness pageant contestant 28

years of age 5'9" 163lbs of solid buffed out muscle)   being an extremely

dominant black married couple, who currently own one full time live in white male slave

(18 years of age 5'7 149lbs formally known as cameron sabastian kna bitch) and three full

time live in white female slaves ( a 22 year old 5'4" 109lbs formally known as Rebecca


cunt; a 18 year old 5'2" 103lbs formally known as jill kna whore; and a recently acquired


4 year old 5'3" 101lbs formally known as Cindy kna pussy) desires to acquire one

additional final white male slave to reside full time at their North Carolina estate.        

NOW THEREFORE, incorporating the foregoing recitals and in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Owners and slave intending to be legally bound, hereby covenant and agree as follows:


Article 1        Term:

1.1        slavery will begin January 1, 2009 and continue for an initial one year term (training period).

1.2        at the conclusion of the training period Owners shall choose one of the following:

                a) keep slave,

               b) sell slave,

               c) dismiss slave; or,

slave shall have no say whatsoever in Owners decision and will abide and adhere to the decision of slaves Owners.

Article 2         Slave Acknowledgments:        

2.1        beginning at 12pm January 1, 2009, at the moment slave enters the Gates of Owners estate compound, slave surrenders to slaves Owners any rights as a human being, at such time, slave shall present itself at the outside front of Owners gate wearing only the long white

sweater and white pants given to slave by slaves Owners, all other slave ostensibly former property will be shipped within thirty days and stored at the slave quarters, and will hereby be signed over to Owners, both personal and real property,

2.2       slave shall obey, without hesitation or thought, each and every slave rule as set out below,

2.3       slave understands that Owners may revise the rules or add or delete any rules at any time and slave shall fully obey such rules,                                

2.2        slave understands that slave will be strictly trained to serve its superior black owners,

2.3        slave acknowledges that the Black race is superior to the white race,

2.4       slave accepts, without conditions or limits, that slaves training will be strictly controlled and any, even the slightest error on slaves behalf, can be and will be enforced with any form of punishment, degradation, humiliation, pain, abuse, that Owners deem necessary, slave understands that slave can be and will be punished, beaten, humiliated, degraded, used, abused, tortured at any time and for any reason its owners chooses, although slave understands that if slave breaks a rule or does not perform a task properly that slave will be informed of such infraction so that slave will learn to perform every task and obey every rule and command to the best of its ability, slave understands that such treatment no matter how severe or harsh its appears to slave, that slave is expected to endure such treatment with out resistance and that such treatment is usually administered to correct incorrect slave behavior, or to adjust slave attitude or behavior, or just to show slaves status as a white slave to the Superior Black race, or just for Owners or other Blacks amusement. 

2.5       slave understands that such enforcement is for the slaves benefit so that slave will achieve slaves full potential as a white slave to the superior Black race,

2.6       slave understands that slaves body and mind now belong to its owner and hence understands that slave will be branded, tattooed, pierced or otherwise permanently marked as Owners wish, including but not limiting to, being beaten until slave will require stitches for an open wound, broken bones, or in any manner Owners deem necessary or wish,

2.7      at slaves January 1, 2009 12pm presentation at Owners gate, slave shall be expected to know each and every slave rule (the 12 basic slave rules only, the other various numerous rules will be given to slave at time of indocrination), verbatim, and all fourteen slave positions by number, hand signal, and name and be able to assume such position on command, slave understands that at the conclusion of the initial first 24 hour indoctrination, that slave will be given an oral and written test on the rules and a performance test on the positions, slave understands that slave must obtain a 100 percent perfect score, any infractions, will be dealt with in a very swift harsh permanently  painful manner,

2.8    it is anticipated that slave will be kept at Owners extremely private spacious 3100 acre consisting of 11 buildings, some of which being Owners main 19,000 sq ft 34 room house; slave quarter housing consisting cell room where each slave has its own 9x9 ft cell, consisting of a metal bed with thin mattress, one pillow and thin blanket, as well as a metal sink with cold water only attached to the cell wall cells contain absolutely no privacy either from the other slaves both male and female as well as being monitored 24/7 by a video/sound surveillance which Owners can access from any lap top or from any room in the main estate, each room in the slave quarters housing is similarly equipped,  a 1100 sq ft punishment/discipline dungeon; a shower room consisting of five shower heads with only one providing hot water also a large cage and another open area with a hole in the ground with a nearby cold watering hose to bathe slaves; two separate slave preparation to its owner rooms where male and female slaves are separated; slave clothing room, etc,    On the estate there is also additional buildings consisting of a 20 horse stable, pool house, 3 guest houses which are strictly for use of Black guests only, no whites, other than a white slave is ever permitted to sleep over night on the estate; kennels for the dogs; a building with large main hall for dinner parties with attached kitchen area and slave room.  The main house has a fully equipped with every imaginable dungeon supply and equipment imaginable, including but not limited to, cages, 2 bare cells consisting of just a cement floor with various slavehooks in the ground walls ceiling and a hole in the back of the cells for when slave is being hosed bathed also used as slaves toilet. 

2.9   slave understands that upon conclusion of the initial one year training period that if slave is kept or sold, that slave understands that its current owners or new owners shall have the full right and control of the life of the slave, which termination of life will not taken lightly but may occur during a beating, a punishment, for show, with or with out cause, and,

2.10   slaves only outside the estate privilege will be a drivers license, which slave may or may not ever be permitted to use, slave understands that once slave crosses the Estate gates threshold that slave may not, other than the five days a year when slaves white family is in town, to ever leave the confides of the estates fencing. 

2.11    slave understands that its Owners are members of The Black Earth Society and that there are numerous very wealthy powerful Black members owning many many slaves of each and every race (except other blacks) but mostly white slaves, and that slave will be required to perform and obey at Society functions and parties at its Owners estate(s) or at any other members party, get together or function, and that slave may even be sent to another Society member for servitude and that slave will be required to abide and obey by that Owners slave house rules as if slave were serving its Owners.

2.12   slave understands that all decisions will now be made for it by its Superior Black Owners or other Black(s), such as, but not limiting, what it eats, when it eats, when it sleeps, where it sleeps, when it goes to the bathroom, where it goes to the bathroom, how it is bathed, what it wears, where it goes, etc.  

2.13    slave understands that being permitted to enter the main house or to be servicing as a house slave is of the greatest privilege a white slave may be granted, especially when being used as bedroom slave, slave understands that any violations, errors, mistakes in servicing its Owner or any other Superior Black, as a bedroom slave will be corrected in the most severe of ways. 

Article 3        Owners Concession:        

3.1       Owners will permit slave to visit slaves family once a year for a ten day period.

3.2      Owners will permit slaves parents to visit the North Carolina area one time a year for a period of no more than five days in which Owners will give the appearance that slave is a person (ie, that slave works as a regular well paid happy employee in one of Owners many business enterprises). 

Article 4        The 12 Fundamental Basic Slave Rules:

4.1             slave shall never speak unless spoken to or given permission to speak by its Owner or a

person Owner grants such power, if given a yes or no question, slave shall answer in the following manner Yes Superior Black Master or Yes Superior Black Mistress; slave shall never add anything else to a yes or no question, if slaves owner wish for more words from slave, Owners will ask, if not, then slave shall remain silent.     If in the presence of any other Superior Black, Owners guests or if slave is taken to a Black Owner white slave party, that slave shall answer any and all Blacks with Yes My Black Superior, slave shall not speak with the other slaves when slaves are performing estate duties or locked in the cells.

4.2        while within the estate compounds, slave will wear, unless otherwise ordered,  its slave neck

collar, its slave chastity device, and its wrist and ankle restraints, only,

4.3       other than the metal bed in each of the slave cells located in the slave quarters, slave shall never sit or use furniture unless given specific instructions from its Superior Black Owners.

4.4       slave will obey each and every instruction, command or order from its Superior Black Owners with out hesitation or question or thought,

4.5       slave will perform any sexual function commanded by its Owners, slave will be expected to quickly learn to orally please Master and Mistress as trained, slave will be required to perform sexual services for Master and Mistresses guests, or on another pathetic white or other lower race form slave or person as so commanded, slave may be trained

4.6        unless otherwise instructed, slave will only eat and drink out of a bowl on the floor while on its white slave knees and hands, on all fours like an animal, and is only permitted to use its mouth and face, but may be permitted use its hands to keep the bowl from moving, this does not limit in any manner slave being commanded to eat food directly off the floor or in any other fashion so deemed by its owner,

4.7        slave shall never attempt to top from the bottom even in the slightest subtle or slight manner, slave has no limits, slave has no safe words or gestures,

4.8       all persons of the Black Race are superior to slave in each and every way,

4.9        when privileged with the opportunity, slave will always eat all of Master and Mistresses cum,

4.10     slave will be trained and perform perfectly in all areas of estate slave functions, including, but not limited, to a slave cook, tending to the animals, gardener, butler, maid, toilet, errand slave, shopping slave, maintenance slave, chaueffuer, oral slave, fuck toy, entertainment slave, bathing its Owners slave, serving meals to Owners, etc.  

4.11      unless otherwise instructed, slave will never look into the eyes of any member of the Superior Black race, slave will always be on its hands and knees, or just knees when in the presence of its owner, or any other Black,

4.12       slave will  never ever place its pathetic little white cock in any mouth, vagina or ass ever again in its life, slave will never cum with out permission, slave will immediately eat its cum if permitted to cum, slaves little useless white cock will always be locked into its chastity device and the only reasons ever to remove the chastity device, other than medical reasons, is on the very very rare occasion slave is permitted to get itself off and if that is the case it will be in some very humiliating degrading demeaning manner, or it may be taken off for cock torture, or it may be taken off just to show it to others so they can laugh at a little white useless cock,

4.13   slave will never ever engage in any sexual function with another slave, male or female unless so instructed by its Owner or another black so situated.

4.14      unless otherwise instructed, slave is only to urinate or have a bowel movement, by being on all fours and squatting down like a dog over its cell hole, or other hole, or bucket, etc., slave shall never be permitted to use a real toilet again,


4.15      slave will never communicate with another non slave person with out Owners permission, slave will be permitted to call its parents once a week which call will be fully monitored, all slave communication with outside people will be monitored and controlled, incoming mail will be opened and read before given to slave as will be emails and all conversations. 

4.16    unless otherwise instructed, slave shall not refer to itself in the first person again, slave will only use its given slave name when referring to itself,

4.17    when slave is servicing as a bedroom slave, slave shall wake its Master and Mistress at the given time, by kneeling at the foot of the bed and placing its head on the bed and gently kissing, if within reach, its Owners toes, if not with in reach then slave shall kiss the air, once slave receives the signal, which can be a snap of the fingers or whatever form Owners decide, then slave is to gently crawl under the covers so that slaves face and mouth come in contact with Owners ass at which time slave is to gently tongue lick and insert tongue into its Owner anus as far as slave can go until owners awake and give the next command.

4.18    Master and Mistress will only urinate in a slaves mouth, slave shall fully drink and accept all of its Black Owners golden nectar at any time or place so offered, slave in use will always clean Masters penis or Mistresses vagina after the Owner is down urinating.    Master and Mistress will never ever wipe their own assholes after shitting, slave will always wipe with a moist wipe or toilet paper and clean its Owner asshole fully upon the completion of its Owner using the bathroom.   slave will not be required to be used a brown toilet only piss toilet.  

4.19    slave shall always fully clean Masters cock, balls and genital area with slaves tongue after Master and Mistress make love, slave shall always fully clean Mistresses vaginal and anal area with slaves tongue after Master and Mistress make love.   

4.20 any cum released by any Black shall always be eaten by slave, especially Master and Mistresses, no matter where they cum, even if Master cums in another slaves ass, male or female, slave is to lick it and suck it out and eat and swallow every drop.

4.21    slave quarters is equipped with a shower, however, unless otherwise instructed, the head slave shall be the only slave permitted to use shower, all other slaves are to be bathed every morning and evening by being on all fours in the hosing area over top of the draining hole as the head slave hoses clean the remaining slaves, there will be one bar of soap, a razor and one toothbrush, no toothpaste, and dental floss, slaves shall assist the other slaves in shaving each other, the head slave will be shaved by the slave of its choosing in the shower area, the head slave will be given its own toothbrush and toothpaste. 

4.22    unless otherwise privileged, slave shall remain completely hairless except for eyelashes, slave shall shave and be shaved twice a day to remove any and all hair.

Article 5        First Seven Days of Slavery:

5.1  the moment the massive steel gate to Owners vast North Carolina mansion estate, slave shall get down on its hands and knees and crawl inside the gate and stop at the x marking.   slave shall then remove its clothing and lay them on the ground.   slave is to then get down on its stomach and squirm like a worm to end of the driveway, about a half mile, to where it will be met.

slave will kiss Master right foot and verbatim state the following:   “This not worthy white piece of shit stupid male animal presents itself to its Superior Dominant Better Smarter Stronger Black Owners”    when slave feels the sting of Master whip on its back, then slave shall squirm on its belly to Mistress right foot and do the same.    Thereafter slave will be directed on what to do.

Master and Mistress will have slave crawl on all fours and slave will then be taken into indoctrination room, where slave will be met by a variety of Black dominant Society members, not less than at least 8 indoctrination professionals, consisting of a medical doctor, blacksmith welder expert, brander, etc and others, both male and female.  They are all wearing very nice clothes and most of them are very attractive and or fit.   slave recognizes one of the females as a famous signer and one of the males as nfl football player and thinks one of them is actor.    No other slaves are permitted in this room.    Master and Mistress are also not present,   the lead indoctrinater will take over and slave will be instructed to stand and present its pathetic white body for inspection, slave will first be hosed down and bathed, slave will then be completely shaved of all hair from head to toe except eyelashes, slave will then be examined for medical conditions, slave will be probed, all holes will be examined, weighed, height, cock measured, ball sack weighted, everything, all will be recorded in written form as well as by the cameras. the inspection and examination is performed to humiliate the slave as much as possible, as the Superior Blacks will tease and laugh and yell at slave as this is performed.  slave will then receive five tattoos, the first tattoo will be placed at the center of slaves chest between slaves nipples which will be the slaves new and permanent slave name.   In this case, Paul   will no longer exist, and will be know known as “cocksucker”     The second tattoo will be the insignia of the Black Society, placed at the center of slaves back between the shoulder blades.  The third tattoo will be placed two inches below slaves belly button which will read “Property of Master Tyrone and Mistress Keisha”.  Then a small identification number/letters are tattooed to the inside bottom of slaves lower lip.    The final tattoo will placed on the small of slaves back which will read, “Masters Cock Hole” with a small line and arrow pointing to slaves asshole.    

Next slave will be branded on slaves right ass check with Master and Mistresses brand.   “MTMK”.

Slave will then be tied spread eagle standing up and limbs stretched as far as possible.   Slave will then be pierced in the following places.   Each nipple, 2 on the tongue, one in the nose with a nice big wide loop to attach a leash lead, one on its ball sac, and one at the head of its penis and a final belly button one.    slave will be released.

slave will then be fitted its restraints which will be immediately permanently welded into place.  One around each ankle and wrists, each of these has three separate d loops on the outside.   slavethen is fitted with and welded permanently into place a steel neck collar that also has been fitted with a shocking collaring device on the inside that is next to the skin of the neck.   The outside has 8 separate d loops attached.   Slave is then instructed to kneel in the middle of the floor as all 8 or maybe even more Superior Dominant Blacks that slave has just met, slave has already spent four separate trips with Master and Mistress prior to be accepted for this live in full time slavery position, slave is told that slave has 2 minutes to jerk off its little pathetic never to be used again with a woman tiny white penis if not then they tell him they will string slave up by its ankles to a tree branch outside and whip him until his lily white body is nothing but red, purple, blue and welted and leave slave there for the night.    As slave starts, the Black Dominant Women start laughing and making fun of the size of slaves white cock and tease slave saying that slave has a white mans cock and thank god they have get to play with a real mans cock, namely their black male partners.   And laughing telling slave how its cock will never ever see pussy again.     Well, maybe, a dogs pussy and they all laugh.

Slaves cock and balls will be ringed.  A ring will be locked around the testacles and another around the bottom of his cock and attached so his little white cock and balls stand out at attention.

slave quickly cums, the second slave cums, slave neck collar is shocked sending the slave to convulsions on the floor, as some of the Blacks yell at slave to lick up his mess.  slave complies.    Slave is then quickly fitted with a cb9000 chastity device with shocking mechanism and pin pricks inside, and the penis head peircing is pulled through the small hole at the tip of the chastity device and a small o loop is welded into place   at which time a very small thin chain is looped through it and then pulled up to slaves nipple clamps and inserted through both of the and then pulled and looped through the loop of slaves scrotum piercing then pulled back up and welded into place at slaves belly button piercing.   

Next a lead leash is attached to slaves nose ring, which is then attached to a small Slavehook on the floor and pulled up and tied back so slave is laying flat on its stomach with its face into the floor.     Slaves ankle restraints are then attached with a one foot chain and padlocked into placed as well as slaves hands are violently forcefully pulled behind its back and attached very close together with a padlock, then a leather strap is tied tight around slaves elbows and pulled together tightly and lock off.    A blind fold is placed around slaves eyes and padlocked tight behind its head.    Slave will stay that way for about an hour as the Black indocrinators go over to the table and open up some bottles of champagne and talk and laugh and discuss amongst themselves as they celebrate their newest conquest and drink and probably having cheese and things.      Then slave can sense people standing above him when one of the men states, you little fucking pathetic white bitch, you are about to get the shit whipped out of you by a bunch of women and they are not stopping until you cry real fucking white pussy boy tease.    Then slave will hear a womans voice say lets get at it and show  this little cocked white boy what life is going to be like being our bitch.     Then about four or five quirts hits slave all over its body and continues for 20 minutes non stop until slave is crying like a little baby and its white skin is bruised and welted and blood droplets in a couple places, especially in the areas of the piercings and brand and tattooes. 

The second the whipping stops, slave then feels warm liquid being poured on him in about four or five areas at which time slave realizes the Dominant Superior Black Slave Owners are standing around him pissing all over him covering every inch of him with their hot piss. 

Then it stops and slave will hear the Black Indocrinaters exit the room and when the last one leaves, as he shuts the doors, he says, Welcome to your new life bitch, and the next time we meet, Slaveam going to ram my cock so far down your little fucking pathetic white cocksucking mouth that you are going to puke but my Big black real mans cock will be so far down your throat that your puke will come out of your nose, and if you think you are humiliated now, just wait until you are licking up your own puke mixed with my cum as my wife laughs at you.   Then the room goes dark as he shut off the light and shuts and locks the door.

Slave will be left there like that for 36 hours, no water, nothing, slaves usually end up pissing or shitting on themselves during this time.

After 36 hours, slave will begin the next phase of the indocrination.    At which time one of the white slave girls will come in and hose slave clean, unchain the nose leash from the floor and clean up slave some more.   She will then lead slave into the slave quarters area, slave of course following on his knees, no words are spoken.    Once outside, she takes off the blindfold.   Slave will be lead like this all the way into the cell room of the slave quarters.    If other slaves are present then so be it.   But as the white slave girl opens the door to the cell room she is slapped in the face by Mistress and commanded to crawl to her cell wherein Master will appear and Master and Mistress lead slave into the cell.  Slave kneels next to the metal bed as Master and Mistress sit on the bed and unattached the handcuffs and elbow restraint and take off the nose leash.    A medical doctor comes in and examines slaves peircings, brand tattoo and beating.   If slave is fine, then slave will then be told to kneel in the corner and hosed down again and given a bar of soap.      Then slave will be permitted to eat its first meal out of two dog bowls sitting at the side of the cell while on all fours in front of Mistress and Master and the medical doctor.    One bowl has milk in it and the other has some type of mush.  When slave is finished, Mistress yells out “cunt, get in here and wash off this little bitches face, it doesnt know how to eat properly, as Master then says, well I will take care of that later, when I punish it for getting our food all over the place.    

I am then ordered to crawl to the corner and put my face into the corner as every leaves the cell and I hear it slam shut and lock behind me.      Mistress then says, cocksucker, I am so happy you are finally here.   And dont worry about your name, even though you will soon be worshipping and begging for Big Black Real Mens cock, your tongue and lips are going to get very very aquainted with my tight little black anus and my hot wet pussy.     Now crawl up to bed and get some sleep, I will be back in a few hours.

After a few hours, Mistress and Master come to the cell room and give slave a couple packets, one being entitled “ s North Carolina Estate Slave Handbook” which has a bunch of info about the estate. slave jobs, slave duties, slave rules, slave expectations, milestones, slave aspirations, slave positions, etc.   It is very detailed well over 200 pages and even a few pictures, but not many.   I am told I have the next four days to read this as many times as I can as at the end of day four I will be tested on it.   

During the test, I am taken outside and into the main house and taken downstairs to the hottest dungeon I could imagine, I am taken to the middle of the room and chained with my hands pulled to the ceiling until I am hanging about 3 inches off the ground.     The chastity device is taken off and the youngest I  girl crawls in, naked of course, and stand before me, she is sexiest girl I have ever seen.    She then attaches 10s and 10s and probably over 75 clothes pins to my cock and balls and then about 40 to my nipples and chest, as Mistress inspects her work, Mistress laughs and says to the I  girl, as Mistress violently grabs my cock and twists it and says, pussy hole, what difference do you notice between this cock and Masters cock, and the little girl in the sweetest voice I ever heard says, My Superior Black Owner the powerful beautiful I love you so much Mistress Kiesha, Masters cock is so much bigger longer and thicker this one is so little.   And Mistress then says, well arent you glad we kidnapped you and you now you get to worship a big Black Real Mans cock and not be forced to live a life with a little white slave cock like this.    And the slave girl giggles, and says, Yes My Superior Mistress,    Mistress says continue,   the girl says, My Superior Mistress, thank you so much for capturing pussy and training and accepting pussy and allowing pussy the privilege of being a little white slut whore to Masters Gorgeous Big Black Real Mans cock otherwise pussy would never know the difference and thought that this little wimpy pathetic tiny worthless white cock is what a cock is.    And they both giggle as Mistress pats and pets slave girls head as slave girl purrs and kisses Mistresses hand.      Mistress then lets go of my cock and looks at me and says, you are fucking pathetic, even this little white slut slave girl who is only 14 already knows how worthless and use less this thing is as she hits my cock and clothes pins bounce and my eyes roll back into my head as I feel the pain.   Mistress continues and says you had better get really good really fast at licking my black pussy, clit and especially tongue fucking my tight black asshole with your tongue.

Then with that, Mistress grabs the little girls hair and says crawl as Mistress leads the little girl out of the first week and now you are going to begin your training on how to satisfy the two of us orally.   I only fucked your little wimp ass during the interview stage, I have been saving my cock for today.    You are about to get very acquainted the next couple days with how to properly worship a real mans cock and especially going to spend as much time if not more in the next few days with your tongue up Mistress gorgeous anus.     So get over here, unless you to spend the next 10 days in the punishment dungeon getting the shit beat out of you.     With that, I start to crawl as fast as I can until I get up to Master, when I right in front of him, I see Mistress unchain all the other slaves and turn them around to watch as Master pulls out his cock and says, but first things first, I need to piss,   as he slaps my lips with his limp but still way bigger than my six inch cock .   As this is the first time I have ever seen or had another mans cock touch me and Mistress laughs and says to Master, did you see cocksuckers eyes, he probably thought all cocks were like his,    Master laughs as he says, open up you little fucking white wimp, you better not miss one drop or I will show what pain really feels like, as he starts to piss, it is the first time I ever have been used as a piss toilet, I am scared to death and I just want to please my owners, as Mistress says, what a lucky little white boy, his first cock gets to be a big black reals mans cock, Mistress then laughs and says, how long do you think it will take whitey to get all 11 inches down its throat.   Master laughes, and says, hey bitch, how long did it take your little white boy mouth and throat to take it all without gagging like the little pathetic white bitch you are.     Bitch says, My Superior Black Master, it took your little white male bitch boy at 3 weeks and several severe beatings and a couple nights in the hotbox before your little white male bitch boy was able to fully take its Superior Masters gorgeous beautiful big black cock all the way to its beautiful base and feel Masters balls bounce on bitchs chin.    As bitch is talking Master finishes pissing and is starting to bang his penis head on my open accepting mouth to let the last droplets of piss flow into my mouth, I have not spilled any and this is the first time I ever did this, before Master puts his cock in his pants I reach my head forward and stick out my tongue to lick off the last drop of his huge black cock head,   I dare not look up, and I want to say thank you for just making me feel more submissive than I have ever in my life, but I remain in my submissive position as they prefer not having to listen to white I s speak  and I remain speechless.   As I have my head bowed, I can see my cock is hard as a rock and Mistress says, honey, this little fucking faggot is hard as a rock, as we all know the consequences of getting hard in front of a Black Superior is quite severe, as a white is not to think of a Superior as a sex object and entertainment.     I feel sick as I know I am in serious trouble and I then lay on my stomach and start kissing Masters foot and put my hands around his foot and start to cry. 

Master then says, Honey, this one is hot, a little natural white I .     I think this white male just found his proper place on this earth.  Mistress then says, Honey, I am so fucking wet.     Master then says, the cum on the floor contest is canceled, and says, bitch, crawl over here now and lock cocksuckers chastity device back on.  .   As the other I  boy comes over, Master says, cocksucker, up,   I kneel up with head bowed, tears flowing down my cheek.     The device is quickly locked around my cock, and at the same time Master attaches a leash to my nose ring and does the same to bitch and starts to walk and pulls us with him, and Mistress does the same to the two I  girls.   We are all taken to their bedroom where Master has bitch boy show me how to suck Masters cock like a little trashy white cock whore as Mistress has the the two girls kneeling under her one licking her ass the other her pussy, then in moments bitch boy and I are licking Masters cock together until Master inserts it in my mouth and starts to fuck my face slowly and gently at first but gradually building until he is using my mouth and throat and face and head like a little white fuck hole for his Massive pulsating real mans cock, as I he slams the back of my throat more and more goes in each time as he grabs the back of my head to be more forceful as Mistress is cumming for about the fourth time from being double licked, she says, honey, I love you so much, watching you use a little white wimp makes and forcing a white male into its true place for the first time as nothing but a fucking gagging mouth cum hole is hot.    I can not take it, it is too big, I can not breathe and drool is coming out of my nose and mouth as tears are streaming from my eyes from the reaction of the assault on the back of my throat.      Master pulls out, and tells me to look up at him, I do, I must look like a pathetic mess, a little hairless submissive white boy on its knees sucking cock for the first time  wearing nothing but a collar and restraints  in front of this 6'4" 274 muscled out totally dominant in control way stronger black male with tears and snot all over my face, Master looks at mem spits in my face, says close your lips, and then starts to rub the head of his cock on my face and rubbing  his precum on to my cheeks and says you little fucking white  cocksucking faggot as he pushes me away and sits down on the bed.    He pushed me so hard I fell back.   My hands are cuffed behind my back so I go down hard, with that, Master stands up over me, reaches down and unhooks my cuffs so my hands are free, although still with the restraints around them as they were welded into place.   Master then sits at the edge of the bed, Mistress is laying on the bed next to Master as she must have cum 10 times and is exhausted.   The two I  girls and the I  boy are ordered to crawl over and watch.  With that Mistress grabs   Masters cock and starts to rub it, I am on my knees about 4 feet from the edge of the bed.   Mistress then says, you little fucking white I , crawl over here and worship Your Masters cock like the little fucking piece of shit white cocksucking whore you, you fucking faggot, and you had better do a good if you want to join our family and show us the white mans true place on this earth and that is by worshipping your Superior Masters big black real mans cock you fucking puny white dicked motherfucker, now




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