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Biker Bar Gangbang

One part only

Biker Bar Gang Bang


Regnar S. Reklaw

"We shouldn't go in there," Willie protested with a longing glance back toward
his bran new l957 Chevy which was parked askew in a ditch.

"Of course we shouldn't go in there," Tad answered his friend in disgust. "We
shouldn't be out this late on a school night. We shouldn't have driven your new
Chevy out on the Old Loop Road to see how fast it would go. We shouldn't have
run it into a ditch. We shouldn't but we did. So what do you want to do now,
walk ten miles back to town or a few hundred feet to that tavern and call your
father for some help."

"My daddy will kill me when he finds out," Willie whined, "he told me never to
go near that place."

"Well he's going to kill you about the car," Tad explained in exasperation,
"phoning him from the tavern won't make any difference and will save us a
ten-mile walk."

"We shouldn't," Willie hung back as his friend walked on ahead.

"Come on, baby," Tad goaded his friend and Willie, who was too afraid of being
thought to be afraid, followed like a lamb.

The tavern was a ramshackle road side inn with a half burnt out neon sign that
read "T v rn C ld Be r" and a dirt parking lot containing an old pickup truck
and a row of dirty motorcycles. The tavern had a bad reputation with respectable
persons not only because it was frequented by bikers but because the bikers were
never seen with any biker chicks. Words like 'fairies,' 'queers,' 'faggots' and
'fruits' were muttered about the bikers. Young men from the mill or the college
who frequented the place had bad reputations and no respectable man, young or
old, ever admitted openly to going into the bar although many of them had
remarkably detailed knowledge of what went on inside.

"Come on," Tad was annoyed by his friend's hesitancy as he stood outside the
tavern door waiting for too timid Willie to catch up, "We'll just use the phone
and get out. Five minutes and then we'll go back to the car and wait for your

Tad pushed the door open and Willie followed him inside.

The tavern was a big square room with a bar running down one side and six broken
down mismatched tables randomly arranged upon the cracked linoleum covered
floor. The floor was dirty, the walls were dirty, the tables were dirty, the bar
was dirty and the atmosphere was dirty with the odors of stale bodies, stale
beer, and stale smoke hanging in the air, while wifts off stale urine wafted
from the restrooms in the rear. The only things dirtier and more odious than the
room were the dozen unshaven and unwashed bikers lounging about the tables and
the bar.

The room fell silent and twelve pairs of sullen eyes turned upon Tad and Willie
as they entered the tavern with their fresh washed faces and their fresh washed
preparatory school clothes. From behind the bar a sweaty, fat man in a dirty
apron beckoned with a soggy, gray rag to the boy's to step up to the bar.

"What do you boys want?" he asked gruffly as Tad and Willie approached.

Tad for all his bravado before Willie was too abashed by the seedy conditions of
the bar and its clientele to immediately speak. Willie was just plain too
frightened to say a word.

"What ya want?" The barman's tone lowered as he repeated his inquiry.

"We know what they want," an intoxicated voice called out thickly.

"Well I can give 'em what they want," another drunken voice added.

"We all can," the bar patrons all laughed at this suggestion, a laugh as dirty
as everything else in the bar.

"Shut the fuck up!" the barman snapped before turning back to Tad and Willie. "I
don't serve no minors. How old are you?"

"Eighteen," Tad finally found his voice but it was slightly cracked.

"Eighteen," Willie's voice was so low that he might as well have mouthed the

"Ya gotta be twenty-one," the barman snapped as his rubbed his dirty rag over
the dirty surface of the bar.

"We don't want a drink, Mister," Tad was hesitant but polite, "we just want to
use the phone."

"This is a bar not a phone booth," the bartender growled.

"We can pay, sir," Tad explained as he slid a hand into the pocket of his gray
flannel trousers and pulled out a few neatly folded dollar bills, "My friend ran
his car into a ditch. We need to call his father to come pull us out."

"You don't have to call Daddy," a tall, brawny biker dressed in soiled leather
and tarnished chains rose from a table close to the bar, "my boys can pull you

"Sure fucking can," a chorus of eager voices assented as the big biker sauntered
over to the boys.

The big biker stood next to Tad and put one booted foot upon the bar rail. Tad
wrinkled his nose as he caught the scent of stale sweat and unwashed clothes and
moved a little further away from the muscular mountain of unwashed male flesh.

"That won't be necessary, sir," Tad respectfully but eagerly declined the offer,
"Willie's Dad can do it."

"If you call Willie's Daddy," the big biker said as his casually dropped his
leather booted foot from the bar rail and stretched himself to his full height,
"Willie will get in trouble. If my boy's pull you out, his old man doesn't ever
have to know."

"Let him do it, Tad," Willie whispered in Tad's ear as he drew his keys from the
pocket of his gray flannel slacks. "I don't want my Daddy to know."

"Why don't you give your keys to Piston?" the big biker addressed Willie as he
pointed to a burly blond biker who was lounging next to the jukebox by the door.
"Him and Reb can get your car out and bring it here.

Piston was joined at the jukebox by a small dark biker wearing a dog collar, who
sidled up remarkably close to his big blond buddy. Reb laid his head against
Piston's broad chest as the burly biker put a beefy arm around the younger man's
waist. Embraced together they sauntered over to the bar, where Piston held out
his free hand for Willie's keys.

With a look of fright mingled with disgust, Willie shied away from the embracing
bikers, as he held out the keys in his trembling hand.

"We better go with them, sir," Tad suggested as he stayed Willie's hand, "so
Willie can drive."

"Reb can drive," the big biker said as he stepped closer to Tad, "You boys can
have a drink with us while you wait for them to bring your car."

"No, thank you, sir, we'd better go," Tad refused the unkind offer and taking a
step backwards from the towering bulk of the big biker bumped into Willie who
was pushed back against Piston's hard shoulder.

"Give me the keys, punk," Piston growled as he reached over Willie's shoulder
and snatched the keys from his hand.

"Take a fucking seat," Reb snarled as he shoved Willie away from Piston and
towards the nearest table, "Piston's taken."

"Wait a minute!" Tad protested as he reached out to draw Willie back.

"You too," the big biker barked as he shoved Tad in the same direction as his
friend, "get your ass over there."

Tad and Willie were too stunned and frightened to resist. They stumbled over to
a dirty table and sat down. The big biker followed the boys and sat down between
them as Reb and Piston left by the tavern door. The rest of the bikers quickly
gathered around the table like vulture's surrounding a pair of dying animals in
preparation for a feast.

"What'll you boys drink," the big biker asked.

"Nothing, thank you, sir," Tad replied in a subdued tone.

Willie could only look nervous and shake his head.

"You two boys think your too good to drink with us?" the big biker snarled as
the gang pressed around the table and murmured ominously.

"No, no, Sir," Tad protested as he smiled weakly in an attempt to mollify the
gang, "we're under age. We can't have a drink."

"You're eighteen," the big biker turned friendly and smiled but not with his
eyes only with his yellow teeth, "you're old enough to drink if you're old
enough to fuck."

The men around the table laughed and nudged each other at this remark.

"Fucking, right," one said.

"Give the boys a drink," another crowed, "their plenty old enough to fuck."

The gang laughed again.

"Beer for my new boys, Sam," the big biker called to the bartender.

"Shit, Wolf," the bartender complained, "I'll lose my fucking license."

"Lock the fucking door," Wolf, the big biker commanded, "We'll make this a
fucking private party."

"Fucking ace!" the gang cheered.

One of the gang peeled off from the crowd around the table and snapped the lock
closed on the front door, while Sam waddled out from around the bar with two
pitchers of beer, which he set before the boys.

"Drink up," Wolf commanded the two teenagers.

Tad and Willie looked at the foaming pitchers with dismay. Neither one had ever
done more that have a sip of his dad's beer.

"Drink the fucking shit up," Wolf was back to snarling and showing his yellow

Tad took the handle of the pitcher that was set before him and lifted the jug to
his lips. He took a small sip from the frothy contents before putting the
pitcher down. Willie sat so frozen with fear that he was unable to speak or move
or drink.

"These fuckers don't know how to drink," a fat biker behind Tad roared as he
grabbed Tad's pitcher and took a healthy swig before passing it into the crowd.
The other pitcher too was taken and the gang around the table quickly drained
them both before returning them refilled to the boys.

"Now drink up, boys," Wolf commanded.

Tad picked up his refilled pitcher to take a little sip but as his lips touched
the rim, Wolf put his hand on the bottom of the pitcher and held the jug up to
Tad's mouth. Tad took several deep gulps as Wolf tipped the pitcher up and
forced more of the contents to Tad's lips. Tad could not swallow the cold brew
fast enough to keep his mouth from overflowing. Beer ran down his chin and
dripped upon the front of his red and white striped button down shirt.

Willie tried to reach out for his pitcher but could not bring himself to touch
it. A helpful biker grabbed Willie by his red hair and pulled his head back,
while an equally helpful friend poured the contents of the pitcher into Willie's
gaping mouth. The boy coughed and choked and spluttered and spewed beer upon the

"Fucking asshole, you were told to drink that shit," the helpful biker roared as
he pulled Willie by his hair from his seat.

Tad immediately leapt to his feet to defend his friend and was immediately
forced to sit back down by the burly bikers standing behind him.

"Sit down, mother fucker. Leave Crank alone," Wolf snapped as he put his dirty
hand on Tad's shoulder, "he's just gonna teach your fucking friend a lesson in
good manners."

Crank, the helpful biker, swung Willie around by his hair and dragged the boy
away from the table to the center of the floor.

"Ow! Ow! My hair," Willie cried as tears filled his eyes and he tried to keep
his feet.

"Shut up you fucking cry baby or I'll give you some shit to cry about" Crank
shouted as he released Willie's hair to slap the boy across his tear streaked
freckled cheek.

The force of the blow sent Willie reeling. He fell against a vacant table and
sprawled across its top. He lay on its dirty surface in a huddled mass trembling
like a wounded rabbit before a beast of prey. He lifted his disheveled head and
fearfully looked back at Crank. From his seat across the room, Tad could see
blood trickling from the corner of Willie's mouth and the red bloom of Crank's
hand print upon his pale cheek.

"Leave him alone," Tad protested as he felt rough hands hold him down before he
could start to rise.

"You better forget about your fucking boyfriend, he's Crank's now." Wolf leered
at Tad as he spoke, "You just worry about who your fucking boyfriend's going to

Crank took Willie's wrist and drew him from the table to his feet. Willie leaned
back against the table edge to support himself while he put one hand to his red
cheek and tried to stifle his sobs.

"Take off your shirt off, cry baby," Crank demanded. "Show your Daddy what
you've got."

Willie leaned further back against the table to draw himself as far away from
Crank as he could. He snuffled as he tentatively put a hand to the button-down
collar of his cotton shirt. For a few moments, he fumbled with the button
without opening it, then he dropped his hand to his side and hung his head.

"You fucking son of a bitch, I told you to take your shirt off," Crank barked.

"Do it or I'll do it for you. Take it of, fucker. Do it! Now!"

Willie flinched at the sharpness of Crank's barked command but otherwise he did
not move.

Faster than a mongoose strikes a cobra, Crank leapt forward and with both hands
tore open the front of Willie's white cotton shirt. The fat biker's powerful
hands quickly tore the shirt apart and stripped the tattered rags from Willie's
body. The boy did not have time to react before Crank struck again with both
hands to tear the stunned teenager's fresh white tee shirt from his arms and
chest. Willie was too timid to put up a fight, but with instinctive modesty he
crossed his arms over his nearly hairless, neatly freckled chest.

Willie was a varsity swimmer and had a swimmer's body with lean hard muscles
stretched tightly over a slight frame. Except for his head which was covered by
a short crop of flaming red hair which had been disheveled by Crank's rough
hand, he kept his body hairless by shaving everyday to increase his speed in the
water so he said. Like most natural red heads, his skin was fair and freckled
and he turned a bright pink all over when he blushed. He was in no danger of
blushing as he stood with his arms covering his bare chest and the blood
trickling from the corner of his mouth.

"Let's see them pretty titties, boy," Crank said as he reached for the Willie's

"Don't! Please, don't touch me!" Willie screamed and started to cry.

"Shut the fuck up, cry baby, I don't want to hear no caterwauling," Crank
snapped as he backhanded Willie across the mouth.

Willie's head snapped to one side as his body twisted and collapsed in a slow
spiral to the dirty barroom floor.

"Stop him, please, Wolf," Tad begged the big biker to save his friend.

"Shut up, cocksucker, just watch the fucking show," was Wolf's only reply.

Tad looked all around him and saw that all eyes in the biker gang were focused
on the lurid scene before them. Willie lay upon the floor stripped naked to the
waist. His boyish face was bruised on both cheeks and he was bleeding from a cut
in each corner of his mouth. Over him stood a brawny biker with his fat belly
hanging over the top of his worn jeans. His greasy hair was dark and shaggy, his
scarred face was unshaven and his eyes burned brightly with lust. As he looked
at Willie's exposed chest and the boy's tiny pink nipples, he licked the saliva
from his cruel lips.

"On your knees, cocksucker," Crank commanded as he pulled Willie up and forced
the boy onto his knees.

Crank stood before the boy with his sturdy legs spread and his wide hips thrust
forward. With one hand Crank unzipped his grease stained jeans and pulled out
his short fat prick from his open fly. His other hand he placed behind Willie's

"Open up, cocksucker," Crank said as his pulled his dick and pointed it at
Willie's trembling lips, "wrap your lips around this and get it hard."

Willie's eyes grew wide and his face screwed up in disgust. He had never been so
close to another man's dick.. With quick furtive glances, he had surveyed from a
distance the other boys in his gym class showering which was just to check their
size against his own. He had never been so close that he could see the veins and
blemishes on the dick shaft or smell the stench of an unwashed crotch or feel
the heat roiling from an open fly. Willie licked his lips not in anticipation of
the unsavory meal offered to him but in the hopes that he would stop himself
from puking on the spot.

"I said to wrap your lips around my meat, cocksucker," Crank snarled as he shook
Willie by the hair on his head. "Do it now!"

Willie through his tears could see that Tad was held helpless in his seat by the
two burly bikers standing behind his chair. The big biker named Wolf who was
sitting next to Tad was watching the scene with eager eyes. The rest of the gang
were drifting toward him with their hands on their crotches and lust in their
eyes. Willie could see no one to help him in the room as even Sam, the fat
bartender, was stripping off his apron as he joined the crowd.

Willie with a strangled sob opened his lips and thrust out his tongue. He
touched the tip of his tongue to the moist lips of Crank's proffered prick and
instantly pulled his tongue away.

"Don't lick it, asshole, it ain't an ice cream cone. Suck it! Take it all into
your mouth!" Crank demanded as he pulled Willie's head toward his evil smelling

"No, I can't," Willie cried, "Please don't make me. I can't."

With his rough hand, Crank forced Willie's jaws open and slid his plump prick
into the warm wet depths of boy's unwilling mouth.

With his mouth held wide open, Willie remained unmoving as Crank's unwashed
penis lay on his tongue like a dead brown slug.

"Wrap your fucking lips around my fucking dick and suck it, asshole" Crank
demanded. "Hurry the fuck up, shit head, I ain't got all fucking night."

"Ya, get it on, fuck meat," one of the gang members hollered, "there's others
waiting for their fucking turn."

Crank positioned his big dirty hands on either side of Willies head and gripped
the boy's pink ears like jug handles. Suddenly without warning, the fat biker
pulled the reluctant teen's head into his crotch, while a the same time
thrusting his own wide hips forward. Willie found his forehead pushed back by
the biker's big belly while his face wash pulled into the biker's smelly crotch.
The teenager's nose was pressed into Crank's open fly and his mouth completely
engulfed the biker's fat penis down to its hairy root. As the full rich flavor
of Crank's unwashed dick bloomed on the boy's tongue, Willie wretched and gagged
and tried to pull away.

"What's the matter, cocksucker," Crank sneered as he ground his crotch over
Willie's face, "don't you like the taste of prick meat?"

"He better fucking learn to fucking like it," a biker yelled, "he's got a whole
fucking roomful to eat."

Willie held his mouth as wide open as he could and allowed Crank's penis to lay
on his tongue undisturbed. He could see nothing but Crank's dirty crotch. He
could smell nothing but Crank's dirty crotch. He could taste nothing but Cranks
dirty crotch. He could hear nothing but the lusty laughter of the gang and the
sound of his own blood pounding in his ears. Willie determined in his rabbit's
heart to do whatever he must to survive.

"Close your mouth, cocksucker and suck my fucking dick," Crank commanded and
Willie reluctantly obeyed, "that's right, faggot, roll your fucking tongue
around my meat. Watch your teeth, cocksucker, one fucking nip or scratch and
I'll kick them down your fucking throat."

Seven of the bikers along with the bartender were gathered round the mouth
raping Crank and his teenage victim to watch the fun up close and lend a hand.
Some of them took Willie's arms and twisted them behind his back, while others
pumped his head up and down on Crank's meat. Tad had a clear view of all the
dreadful action as the bikers were careful not to obstruct Wolf's line of sight.

Tad watched in disgust Willie's oral rape and felt ashamed of his timid friend
for inviting the biker's lewd attack. He knew that Willie by being such a
frightened rabbit had made himself a victim of the biker's unnatural lust. Tad
felt that if his friend had more guts and put up a fight, that the biker's would
leave him alone. He knew that any real man would rather die than suck cock. He
would certainly fight any man that tried to make him do such a filthy thing. Tad
felt that there must be something wrong with Willie that he would suck cock
without a fight. Perhaps, Tad thought, Willie secretly wanted to do it and had
been asking for it. Tad remembered catching Willie looking at the other boys in
the gym class showers and how Willie had even looked at him.

Tad's lip curled up in a look of loathing and disgust.

"Look good? Want to try it?" Wolf asked as he slipped his hand from the table
and dropped it to Tad's thigh.

"Get your hands off me," Tad snapped as he clamped his legs together to throw
off from his thigh Wolf's dirty paw.

"That ain't polite, pretty boy," Wolf leered at Tad as with brute force he
pushed his hand between Tad's thighs and cupped the teenager's crotch.

"Leave me alone, I not a homo," Tad cried as Wolf groped between his legs.

Tad started manfully to struggle using every muscle of his athletically trained
body to resist Wolf's lewd assault. But his efforts were futile, the two bikers
holding his arms were bigger and stronger than he. They held him down in his
seat with his arms twisted behind him, as Wolf touched him in places that no man
had ever touched before.

"Settle down or I'll really fucking hurt you," Wolf snarled as he pulled his
hand from between the teenager's legs and then closed his fingers into a fist.

"Let me go!" Tad shouted in impotent fury, "Get your faggot hands off me! I'm
not a queer like Willie! Let me go!"

"You fucking asked for it, baby, now your going to fucking get it," Wolf snapped
as he drove his fist with full force into Tad's crotch.

An A-bomb of agony exploded between Tad's thighs that sent a shockwave of pain
through his loins. As the pain gripped like a fiery hand of steel, Tad's teenage
body went rigid as his eyes grew wide and his mouth gaped open in a silent
scream. He made several little strangled gasps of pain as brightly colored star
bursts of agony exploded before his eyes. He slowly leaned forward until his
head rested on the table as he grunted his pain through his nose.

"That's just a fucking taste of what I'll give you if you don't fucking learn to
do what you're fucking told," Wolf angrily admonished the suffering boy. "The
next time I'll pound your fucking balls to jelly and make you eat them with a
fucking spoon. Now watch you're fucking boyfriend chow down on Crank's cock. You
can pick up some pointers for your turn."

Tad saw nothing but flashing lights which, with each new wave of pain, exploded
into stars before his eyes.

Willie slurped and sucked and slid his tongue over, under and around Crank's fat
prick and was rewarded with an ever larger prick to suck. Willie gulped his own
saliva which was made foul by the juices oozing from the biker's throbbing
erection and closed his eyes and snuffled his sobs.

The other bikers around Willie were not idle as they were busy exploring every
part of his hard young body manually. Rough hands stroked his bare chest and
pinched his nipples, while others groped between his legs and felt his firm
round buttocks. Calloused fingers slipped beneath the waist band of his gray
flannel trousers to prob his anus or tease his testicles. But the worst were the
gentle fingers that fondled his teenage prick and tickled and teased it and
brought it to life.

"The cocksucker's starting to enjoy the party," the gentle biker commented when
Willie's prick began to engorge in response to the biker's gentle caress. "The
cocksucker is throwing a fucking boner, he must be really into dick meat or
maybe he's just fucking turned on by guys."

"Getting hot, fuckmeat? Sucking cock turn you on?" Crank taunted Willie as he
drove his now fully erect dick to the back of Willie's throat.

Willie coughed and spluttered and tried to pull his head back, but Crank's grip
on his ears prevented that. Willie had no choice but to swallow as Crank pressed
more of his hard dick into the boy's mouth. The teenager felt his stomach heave
as the biker's slab of meat pushed into his gullet and slid down his throat.

Willie found he couldn't breath with his throat plugged by the biker's hard cock
and he grew fearful that he would choke. He grunted and groaned and struggled
desperately to communicate the he was suffocating. The only result was that his
throat contracted around Crank's mouth raping prick and massaged it until the
fat biker groaned with ecstacy. Just as Willie thought he would choke or die of
suffocation the panting brute above him pulled his swollen penis from Willie's

"You're a natural cocksucker," Crank complimented the gasping boy as he wiped
his drooling dick across the boy's bruised lips, "but I ain't wasting my fucking
cum in your cocksucking mouth when you've got that sweet ass just begging to be

Willie held his empty mouth wide open and let the saliva drip from his lips as
his stomach heaved in the grip of nausea.

"Get him up on a table and get his pants off," Crank ordered, "I got a fucking
hard-on that won't quit."

The gang cheered and hooted as they dragged Willie to his feet and threw him
face up on the dirty table behind him. Many hands make light work and the gang
quickly stripped the gray flannel slacks and clean white jockey shorts from
Willie's slender hips and stripped them from his leanly muscled legs. An amused
titter went around the crowd of bikers when Willie's clean shaven completely
hairless crotch was revealed.

"He ain't got no fucking hair down there!" one biker exclaimed with a hoot.

"He's smooth as a fucking baby and just about the same fucking size," another
said and they all laughed at Willie's cock and balls and ridiculed his small

Willie blushed with humiliation and went red from head to feet. As rough hands
touched Willie's cock and balls to stroke his long, limp prick and lift his ball
sack to heft his nuts, Willie's degradation was made complete. Willie was not
hung like a bull or even a bulldog. He was an average, ordinary, eighteen year
old boy with average ordinary sized cock and balls. When erect his dick was
slender but long and when his testicles were engorged they made a good display.
But his penis when flaccid looked very small as did his shriveled testicles.
With his groin shaven and his genitals shrunken by the icy blast of fear, he
looked no bigger nor better developed than a ten year old child.

The gang rolled Willie onto his stomach and pulled his buttocks apart to expose
his puckered brown asshole to view. Crank stepped between the boy's legs and put
a blunt finger tip to the tiny wrinkled opening. Crank pressed his finger into
the opening and twisted back and forth. Willie screamed as he felt his ass lips
forced open and Crank's finger wormed its way into him.

"He's a fucking virgin," Crank crowed, "his ass is tighter than the pussy of a
little girl."

"Better get some grease, Sam," Wolf called from the table, "we wouldn't want
Crank to scrape his cock raw."

The sound of Wolf's gruff voice made Tad stir. No matter how much the teenager
hurt, he had to make an effort to save himself and Willie.

"Please, Wolf," Tad begged weakly as he lifted his head from the table and felt
even that small movement send a shockwave of pain through his loins. "don't hurt
us anymore. Let us go. We'll keep quiet. We wont make trouble. Just let us go
and we'll forget all about this."

"Don't bother begging, cocksucker, we ain't stopping," Wolf said as he laid a
his hand on Tad's thigh just to see him jump."It's too much fucking fun. When
we're finished with your faggot friend, then its you're turn to pull the fucking

Tad quailed at Wolf's cruel words as he felt his courage fade. His situation was
hopeless. He was surrounded by brawny thugs thirsting for rape. The rapist
bikers outnumbered him by ten to one and were grown men who were bigger,
stronger and more skilled in violence than he. Tad couldn't run because he was
held in his seat by two burly thugs. He couldn't fight because his arms were
twisted behind him. He couldn't struggle Because Wolf's single testicle smashing
blow hurt so much that every movement was agony. His only safety lay in
co-operation, in allowing himself to be used by the gang to satisfy their
unnatural sexual needs. He had never imagined that such a thing could happen to
him. He wasn't a timid rabbit like Willie. He hadn't asked for it. He was a man
but not enough of a man to die rather than suck cock. He would do what he had to
do to save himself. He wouldn't be a man anymore. He would be a sex toy for
queers. Tad lowered his head back to the table and moaned. The state to which he
had brought himself and Willie in his heedless action in entering the bar was
too much for him to bear. Tad let his tears drop on the table and without shame
he cried.

The whole gang laughed but not at Tad because they were paying no attention to
him. They were laughing as Willie flopped about on his stomach while Crank
forced a second fat finger into his aching asshole. Crank laid one thick finger
atop the other and turned them like a corkscrew into Willie's tight canal.

"Where's the fucking grease, Sam," Crank complained loudly as his fingers
refused to be pushed further than the second knuckle into the groaning
teenager's dry ass hole.

Sam scurried off to the kitchen to fetch a can of shortening with a backwards
glance at the suffering boy. By the time he returned with a can of commercial
shortening, Willie had been rolled on his back by the bikers and his wrists tied
to his ankles and his elbows to his knees. By this method, his legs were forced
to bend at the knees and spread wide apart as they were drawn up towards his
chest. As he lay on his back, his buttocks were lifted from the table and the
space between his legs was laid open and fully exposed. The bikers left him on
his back with his buttocks hanging over one side of the table and his head
hanging over the other side.

Some helpful gang member lifted Willie's head so that he could watch Crank
grease his big dick. Willie watched with his mouth open and panting in fearful
anticipation as Crank scooped a gob of shortening from the can that Sam was
holding in his shaking hands. Crank smeared his hard cock from its root to its
tip with the thick white goo. He took a second gob on the two fingers he had
been using to assault the boy's ass and shoved it into Willie's puckered asshole
with a single stroke. Willie screamed and bucked at the double digit invasion of
his virgin ass and screamed again as Crank screwed his fingers in and out to
smear the grease about inside Willie's newly opened shit chute.

Tears clouded Willie's vision, as in a blur Crank take his place between
Willie's thighs. As Willie felt the blunt tip of Crank's dick kiss his greased
asshole, the boy whimpered in anticipation of the raping thrust.

"Take a deep breath, fuck meat," Crank cheerily advised him, "and kiss your
fucking cherry ass goodbye."

Crank lunged forward and with a single brutal thrust buried the entire length of
his dick in Willie's gut. Willie screamed and the gang cheered as Crank began
humping his greasy prick into the boy. Tad did not raise his head to look but
screwed his eyes closed as if that would block out Willie's screams.

"Shut him up," Crank huffed as he put a hand behind each of Willie's knees to
brace himself while he humped.

The helpful biker dropped Willie's head and being helpful still stopped the
boy's screaming by thrusting his cock into the teenager's gaping mouth. As Crank
pounded his prick into Willie's overstretched asshole, the helpful biker at the
boy's head engaged in oral rape. The two brutes quickly found their rhythm and
double humped the boy like two rutting beasts. After a few minutes, which to
Willie seemed like hours, Crank grunted and drove his prick all the way into the
boy. The biker's massive body froze for an instant in sexual paroxysm, then his
loins contracted as he ejaculated his hot semen into Willie's gut.

Willie had no time to think about what had been done to him or that he now
carried inside his body a part of his rapist, which he would absorb to make it
forever a part of him. He could only feel relief as Crank's raping dick left his
body and horror as another biker's raping dick took its place. Willie tried to
scream as the new penetration renewed his agony but his scream was muffled to
extinction by the prick filling his mouth.

"Deep throat me, cocksucker," the helpful mouth raping biker husked as forced
his bloated cock past Willie's virgin glottis and down into the boy's throat.

Willie gagged and wretched as his body tried to expel the hot mass plugging his
throat. The boy couldn't breathe as his throat was completely stopped by hot,
hard man meat. The helpful biker looked down and smiled as Willie twisted and
writhed in a desperate and futile fight for breath. Willie's frightened face
turned red and then blue, before the helpful biker withdrew enough prick meat to
allow Willie a few gulps of air. Willie was still gasping desperately when the
helpful biker slid his prick back down the teenager's ravaged throat.

The helpful biker's oral rape had a rhythm, which Willie quickly learned. Three
rapid throat raping penetrations were followed by one deep throat which the
biker held until Willie thought he would pass out. Willie learned to fill his
lungs between the three short strokes so that he would have enough breath to
carry him through the deep throat ordeal. Willie did not know that it was his
struggle for air and the working of his throat that turned the helpful biker on
and kept him going strong.

The biker between Willie's legs picked up the helpful biker's rhythm and started
fucking in three short thrusts which was followed by a deep penetration during
which he ground his coarse pubic hair into Willie's upturned buttocks. The two
men worked together as they grunted and sweated to torture the teenager by
making him feel every moment of his double rape. They thrust their hips until
their heavy, hairy balls slapped against his forehead and his backside. They
ground their filthy pubic hear against his tender skin. They corkscrewed,
pounded, plowed and pried their pricks into his body and not satisfied with his
suffering from these assaults, they tormented him further by using his body as a
sexual toy. In a concerted effort to torture the abused prep-school senior by
sexually arousing him during his rape, the helpful biker tweaked the boy's pink
nipples and caressed his heaving chest while the other rapist stroked the boy's
pink prick and tickled his clean shaven scrotum with touches lighter than a

Willie to his shame started feeling aroused by the things his rapists were doing
to him. As the rapist between his legs pounded his prick inside Willie, he hit a
place that made the boy moan and curl his toes in a spasm so intense that the
battered teenager longed to feel it again. To this pleasure was added an arousal
caused by suffocation which made Willie long to hold his mouth rapist dick in
his throat until he passed out. His torment was completed by their tender
caresses to his nipples and his cock and balls. The abused teenager could not
fight the stimulation coming from all directions at once. His mind was
overwhelmed by sexual arousal and his body betrayed him as his prick became
fully erect and he started pushing his face into the helpful biker's crotch
while humping his hips for the man between his legs.

The helpful biker covered Willie's head with his hunching body as he squeezed
Willie's tender nipples and pulled them away from his chest.

"Take my fuck," He gasped as he drove his prick down Willie's throat. "I'm
cumming, cocksuker. Eat my fucking scum."

Willie gagged and gulped and gagged as the helpful biker filled his throat with
bolt after bolt of scalding fuck juice. Halfway through his ejaculation the
brute pulled his pulsing prick from Willie's throat and mouth to shoot the last
of his cum across the boy's sweaty face. The helpful biker released Willie's
nipples and uncurled himself from the boy's head, then he stepped out of the way
for the next biker to have his turn at Willie's gaping mouth.

Willie was disappointed, he had been so close to cumming when the helpful biker
had pulled his prick from Willie's aching throat. Willie was ashamed of his
desire, but he needed another prick lodged in his throat. He opened his mouth
eagerly and accepted the next biker's drooling dick into his mouth. Willie
wanted to cum, to feel his balls boiling over and pumping hot nut oil out his
dick, so that he would have to feel nothing else.

The biker between Willie's legs changed his rhythm to match the new mouth
raper's pace. He teased Willie's hard cock and jerked the boy against his will.
Willie was being driven to sexual madness by the unending double penetration and
the unwonted manipulation of his nipples and his cock. He knew that he shouldn't
but he wanted his rape to continue so that he could feel the constant sexual
stimulation, that tickling pleasure that drew him ever closer to climax and
blocked out all the horror and humiliation of his rape. He grunted with each
penetration and thrust back to force the rapist deeper into his gut. His nipples
turned to hard peaks of sexual stimulation as his testicles congested with lusty
blood and his achingly hard cock leaked precum in a steady stream.

The biker between Willie's legs abandoned his steady rhythm and started
copulating like a rutting dog upon a bitch. As he drove his prick into Willie in
a blur of short, sharp strokes while he jerked the boy's hard cock at lightning
speed. The biker reached his climax with a shout and humped the boy throughout
his orgasm while he twisted Willie's prick as if he would tear it out by the
root. With a strangled cry, Willie came in a fountain of hot cum which struck
the biker in the chest and dropped back in fat white gobs onto Willie's heaving

Tad watched in horror as Willie pulled the biker's train of chain rape. One man
after another took his place at the boy's mouth or between his legs as they
chose. As they waited for their turns at Willie's unwilling body, many of the
bikers stripped off their shirts and pants and wore only their boots or vests or
motorcycle caps. Some wore harnesses which crisscrossed their massive hairy
chests with leather straps or metal chains. Some wore cockrings or ball
harnesses or both. Some had pierced nipples or pricks or both. Each man was
different in his way but all were alike in that their bodies were unwashed and
their pricks were primed and ready for rape.

Tad barely felt the roaming hands of Wolf and his two companions as they groped
his body unmercifully. The only time he groaned was when they touched his groin
and he wished that they would just leave him alone. But they had not gone to
join the fun with Willie but remained at Tad's table to torment him with what
was to come. As they touched his crotch they asked him how he liked it and if
what was happening to Willie looked good. They whispered in his ears that his
time was coming soon and that they were going to fuck him really good.

As the forth or fifth man took his place between Willie's legs and yet another
biker came in his mouth, there came a loud thumping on the tavern door. For a
moment every man in the room froze, even the two raping Willie, as the one
thought "POLICE" flashed through their minds.

"Open up! It's Piston and Reb," a gruff voice came through the door and every
man let out his breath and relaxed.

As Crank opened the door, the rapists went back to their fucking business and
the lines started forming as before. Piston and Red stepped into the tavern and
looked at the gang rape with disgust.

"You mother fuckers started without us," the dirty blond, Piston, complained.

"Quit your fucking bellyaching, he ain't pulled the first train yet," Crank
replied. "The fucker's just starting to warm up."

Reb wasted no time shedding most of his clothes before getting on line to rape
Willie's mouth. As he waited, he rubbed one hand over his small hairy chest,
while with the other he stroked his puny prick to get himself primed and ready
for his turn.

"Come on, Piston," he called cheerily to his boyfriend, "you don't want to miss
the fun."

"Got fucking business," Piston replied sulkily as he ambled over to Wolf's table
to report to the gang leader on his mission with the car.

"What did you do with it, Piston," Wolf asked the big blond biker as he
approached the table.

"Took it to the junkyard, Wolf," he replied in a respectfully disgruntled tone,
"it will be on its way to three fucking states by tomorrow. The fucking cops
will never find it no matter how hard they look."

"A-fucking-one!" Wolf congratulated him and Piston's chest swelled just a little
with pride.

"Thanks, Wolf," Piston's tone was slightly mollified, "guess I'll go get on line
for some fucking ass. The shit's going to be fucking sloppy by the time I get to

"That fucking train has left the station, Piston," Wolf laughed, "you don't want
sloppy seconds when you can be first on board. Join me. You can be the first man
on the train, when this fucking engine leaves the station."

Piston was all smiles as he nodded his thanks and took the seat on the other
side of Tad. The blond biker looked at Tad as he lay with his cheek pressed
against the table and his eyes screwed tightly closed.

"What's the fucking matter with him," Piston asked as Tad groaned when the biker
but his hand on the teenager's thigh, "he looks like he's been hard used?"

"I had to bust his fucking balls, just to get his attention," Wolf put his hand
on Tad's other thigh and the boy groaned again. "I think he's learned his
fucking lesson and will do what he's fucking told."

"Mind if I try him out, Wolf," Piston asked with a voice edged with excitement.

"Go ahead, just keep your prick in your fucking pants," Wolf conditionally
replied, "he ain't ready to leave the station yet."

"Sit up," Piston commanded Tad, "let's see if you've learned your fucking

Tad unscrewed his eyes and looked at Piston in bewilderment. The pain befuddled
teenager seemed to recognize the dirty blond giant from some where though he
could not remember exactly where that was. He did distinctly remember Wolf's
crippling punch between his legs as his balls still ached from that awful blow.
He tried to raise his head from the table and felt a sharp piercing pain stab
from his nuts through his loins to his back. He put both his palms flat on the
table and pushed himself up by his arms as he bit his lip to keep from screaming
with the pain.

"Good boy," Piston praised Tad as if he were a puppy sitting up for a doggie
treat, "what's your name?"

"Tad...Sir," The teenager gasped between waves of nausea.

"Good Tad," Piston praised the teenager again and the boy half expected to be
given a treat, "Now Tad put your hands behind your back and let the boys hold
your arms, then spread your legs real wide so Wolf and me can feel you up."

Tad with a sinking heart knew that he must obey. To beg for mercy would be a
waste of time and would probably only anger his tormentors. Neither Wolf nor
Piston nor the two brawny bikers standing behind his chair knew anything about
mercy. They were interested in only two things, pleasing themselves and
torturing him. To fight was to invite another bruising of his testicles. He
could not win and would only suffer more. To comply was the only road to follow
and that road did not lead to safety but to rape.

Tad put his arms behind him and the two brawny bikers each put a hand to one of
his wrists. Tad slowly spread his knees apart and held his breath in
anticipation of his tormentors first caress.

Piston with a wicked grin slid his hand from the top of Tad's thigh to the
inside of his leg. He felt the boy's muscles tremble beneath his fingers and
watched with excitement the look of anguish on the teenager's handsome face.
Piston's cruel mouth opened slightly and his thick tongue slid out and curled up
over his top lip as he slid his hand from Tad's inner thigh and cupped the boy's

Tad flinched, his legs jerked and he drew back from Piston's cruel touch.

"What's the matter, fuck meat," Wolf snarled as he saw Tad recoil, "ain't Piston
your type? Don't you like big, blond, fucking bikers or are you too fucking good
for shit like us?"

"No, please," Tad protested as he twisted around to look at Wolf and felt a
stabbing pain in his nuts, "I couldn't help it. I'm just so sore."

"Then tell Piston your sorry," Wolf's command carried and unspoken threat, "and
ask him really nice to grope you."

"Please, sir," Tad almost wept with humiliation as he spoke to the leering blond
biker, "I'm sorry. Please grope me. Please, sir, touch me down there."

Piston ran the tip of his tongue across his upper lip and leered at Tad through
half-closed eyes.

"Show Piston that you like him," Wolf suggested forcefully, "Kiss him and give
him a lot of fucking tongue."

As Piston opened his mouth and leaned in closer to Tad, he squeezed the tender
bulge in the crotch of the teenager's gray flannel slacks. Tad opened his mouth
to scream as the biker mauled his tender crotch and Piston clamped his mouth
over Tad's lips. Tad tried to pull away but the two bikers behind him held his
neck and head and forced him into Piston's lewd embrace. Tad had no choice but
to accept the bikers hard, hot tongue into his unwilling mouth. As Piston's warm
hard muscle invaded the teenager's mouth, he tasted beer, cigarettes and
decaying teeth. Tad tried hard not to swallow the hot saliva that poured from
the biker's mouth into his nor to move his tongue in response to the biker's
probing muscle.

"Give him tongue, asshole," Wolf ordered Tad when he saw the boy was not
responding to Piston's sloppy kiss.

Tad whimpered and swallowed the foul juices the blond biker had deposited in his
mouth and tentatively moved his tongue. Piston responded by pressing his mouth
into Tad's with such force that his teeth slid between the boy's and forced the
teenager to take even more of his foul tongue. The blond biker held the
struggling teenager for several minutes in a fierce embrace while using his
tongue as a weapon to rape Tad's mouth and throat. When at last Piston broke his
violent kiss, they were both gasping for air and sweating like pigs.

"Hog and Bull," Wolf addressed the two bikers standing behind Tad's chair, "I
ain't waiting any longer. It's time for this little fucking engine to pull the
fucking train."

Hog grunted and Bull snorted their eager assent.

"Hog and Bull, you boys get him up and strip him," Wolf gave his orders as he
rose from the table to start pulling off his clothes, "Piston, you bust his
fucking cherry and make sure that it fucking hurts."

"No! Please," Tad protested as Hog and Bull dragged him to his feet.

"Shut up!" Piston snapped as he rose from his seat to backhand Tad across the

The blow stunned the teenager who fell back into the arms of Hog and Bull. The
two bikers caught him and started tearing at his clothes. The two bullies
quickly tore the teenager's button-down shirt to shreds while Piston tore at his
belt and the button on his pants. Hog ripped the white tee shirt from Tad's
chest and back as Bull and Piston stripped the boy's gray flannel trousers from
his legs. Tad tried to struggle but did not have a chance. Bull pulled the shoes
from his feet, while Piston tore off his underpants. In less then two minutes
Tad was naked and trapped inside a circle of four horny, brawny men.

Wolf had stripped himself down to his boots and cock and ball harness before
donning his leather vest and chains. He stood behind Tad with one hand on the
boy's shoulder and with the other holding a cock which was out of all human
proportion with the man. He spun Tad around and forced the boy to look down at
what he held in his calloused hand.

"Horse!" Tad involuntarily exclaimed in amazement as he saw the monstrous rod of
erect flesh in Wolf's hand.

"Like it?" Wolf laughed, "It's fucking big and you're going to take every
fucking inch of it."

"No, you'll kill me," Tad pleaded as he backed into Piston, Hog and Bull.

"You can take it, little engine, you've got a good body. A muscle hunk like you
can take this and pull the fucking train too. It'll be a fucking pleasure to put
this into you."

Tad was a muscle hunk as he worked out with weights and kept himself lean for
his place on his prep-school football team. He was tall and well proportioned
and had thought himself well hung until he had seen what Wolf had between his
legs. He did not believe that any man could be that big or that any man or women
could survive penetration by such a thing. Tad felt sick inside as he realized
that soon he would know if he could survive penetration by Wolf's superhuman
dick, but first he had to survive Piston, Hog and Bull.

The three lost no time forcing Tad onto all fours on the floor at their feet.
Piston stripped off his clothes before kneeling at Tad's head, where he offered
his nine inch prick to the boy. The biker forced his drooling slab of meat into
Tad's mouth and without pause down the boy's virgin throat. Tad choked and
gagged as Piston started rapidly pumping his rigid prick in and out of the
teenager's no longer virgin throat. Tad fought not to choke or puke and tried
desperately to breathe between each vicious penetration as his throat was raped
again and again. Within minutes his mouth and throat were sore, there was a
terrible ache in his jaws and his lips were scraped raw by the biker's coarse
pubic hair.

"Suck it harder, asshole!" Piston ordered, "Milk that fucker with your throat!"

Tad did his best to obey by swallowing over and over while Piston's penis
plugged his throat. Soon the boy felt a thick slime starting to coat his tongue
and the inside of his mouth. Piston started to grunt as he pulled his prick from
Tad's throat and filled the boy's mouth with a flood of his hot biker cum. Tad
gulped as fast as he could, but his mouth filled to overflowing and the thick
white goo ran down his chin. Piston pulled his spent prick from Tad's lips and
to the boy's horror it had not softened but was still erect.

"One cum don't make me go soft," Piston said as he laughed at Tad's expression,
"it just takes the edge off so I can fuck ass twice as long."

Piston gathered up the gobs of his semen hanging from Tad's chin and wiped them
on the head of his prick.

"That's all the lube you'll get," Piston said as he went around to Tad's
hindquarters and knelt between the teenager's legs.

"Better plug his mouth, Hog," Wolf suggested, "he's really going to feel that
fucker going in."

Hog, whose sobriquet was related to his fat body and fatter prick, knelt before
the boy wearing only his nipple rings. Tad groaned as he saw beneath the biker's
fat belly an erect dick longer and thicker than Piston's nine inch meat. Tad had
to open his jaws wide just to take the head in and the fat glans filled his
entire mouth. Hog did not wait for Tad to accommodate himself to the size of the
prick or prepare for the monster's penetration of his throat. With a grunt of
pleasure, he force fed Tad his pork meat and pushed the fat head to the opening
of Tad's throat.

Piston, seeing that the teenager was gagged by Hog's thick meat, shoved his
prick into the boy's gut. Not even Hog's throat stopping slab could completely
muffle Tad's scream as every fiber of his ravaged ass burned with pain. The boy
felt as if he had been penetrated by a red hot baseball bat.

Before Tad could catch his breath, Hog drove into his throat and the teenager
was treated to a duet of agony. His ass was forced open and his gut overfilled
by Piston's sawing prick tearing in and out of his ass, while his jaws were
overstretched and his throat filled to bursting by Hog's chugging thrusts. The
minutes passed like hours as every thrust brought new pain which did not
diminish as the rape progressed. Hog and Piston were too big, his body could not
adjust to them so he felt no diminishment of pain or rising of pleasure. It was
complete agony from the first penetration to the last withdrawal of the horrible
weapon Piston had between his legs.

Piston came and went and was replaced by Hog and the whole rape was repeated
again. Bull, who got his name because he had the muscles, brains and cock of an
ox, knelt before Tad completely naked with his cock in both hands. The boy saw
with horror that he was much bigger than Hog and he groaned as he realized
Wolf's evil plan. Tad was to be raped by ever larger pricks so that each
penetration would be worse than the one before. The agony of losing his cherries
was to be repeated four times over as each man would stretch Tad's throat and
ass more than the man before. Tad would be taken from Piston's extra large to
Hog's giant to Bull's king size and last to Wolf's bulk packed giant family size
dick of destruction.

Tad endured the torture as Bull took his throat and Hog took his backside. He
screamed and wept and struggled to accept their terrible weapons into his body
without doing himself a permanent injury. He knew throughout the rape that no
matter how bad it got that there was worse to come. After Hog there was Bull,
after Bull there was Wolf and then nine other bikers and one fat bartender to

Hog squealed as he ejaculated into Tad's gut and pulled out before he finished
to unload across the boy's back. Bull quickly took Hog's place at Tad's backside
and drove his bull dick home before Wolf was on his knees. Tad had no idea how
bad his rape would be until he had to unhinge his jaw to take Wolf's big prick
into his mouth. He could not suck Wolf's fleshy log there was no room in his
mouth to move his tongue and he could not close his jaws even a fraction of an
inch. Bull was fucking faster than when one young bull mounts another and he
ejaculated before Wolf had entered Tad's throat.

Tad thought it would be a relief not to have the awful anal agony of Bull's
raping dick tearing through his guts, but he found that without that
distraction, his full attention was focused on the destruction of his throat.
Wolf slowly pushed forward driving inch after inch into Tad's gaping mouth and
down his throat. Tad couldn't breath at all and tried to pull himself back but
Hog and Bull held him firmly in place. The awful invasion of Tad's throat
continued until Wolf was pressing the boy's nose into his coarse pubic hair.
Tad's face turned red and then blue as Wolf slowly withdrew until Tad could draw
air in through his nose. He was allowed to breathe for a few minutes before Wolf
slid his giant monster back into its esophageal abode. Two deep throat rapes
were all Wolf tried and when he withdrew after the second thrust, his penis was
streaked with blood. Tad felt the warmth of his own blood well up in his throat
and fill his mouth with salty warmth. He dropped his head and opened his mouth
and fat red drops fell from his lips onto the floor.

"Don't worry, cocksucker," Wolf laughed his reassurance, "you aren't going to
die. A fucker big as mine always makes a faggot bleed some the first time
whether I fuck down his throat or up his ass."

Now Tad braced himself for the worst as Wolf moved behind him and took his
position between Tad's legs. Piston, Hog and Bull had managed to stretch Tad's
puckered anus into an open hole into which the blunt tip of Wolf's fist sized
cock head fit comfortably. Using the cum and detritus oozing from Tad's abused
ass hole as his only lubrication, Wolf mounted the teenager in a single man
killing thrust.

Tad screamed and fell forward on his arms with his head to the floor and
screamed until there was no air in his lungs. With no throat raping prick to
distract him, Tad's full attention was focused on the agony in his guts. If
Piston was a red hot baseball bat, then Wolf was a volcanic telephone pole.
Tad's puckered asshole stretched to a taut smooth ring, while his aching rectum
tore as Wolf's monster filled the ravaged tunnel beyond capacity. Wolf withdrew
his monster until only its head was inside Tad's back door and laughed when he
saw that the shaft was streaked with fresh blood.

"Told you I'd make you fucking bleed," he gloated as he slapped Tad on his firm
round buttocks.

Wolf plowed Tad's buttocks with slow deliberate strokes, while the tortured
teenager screamed and beat the floor with his fists. Wolf had to do nothing
special to cause Tad agony. The mere size of his prick was enough to make Tad

Wolf did not grunt or pant or moan but did his damage to Tad's gut in a
workmanlike manner with only a quiet snarl curling his lips. When at last he
reached orgasm there was no scream or howl, Wolf just held himself perfectly
still while his balls pumped his cum into the boy's bleeding guts. His cum
seemed to last for several minutes before his large testicles were drained.
After his last ejaculation, he gave Tad three of for more thrusts with his
softening penis before withdrawing from the boy.

"That's a fuck you won't forget," Wolf laughed as he slapped Tad on the buttocks
and walked away.

Tad with a groan collapsed and lay on his stomach on the floor. He was too
overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion to notice the half dozen bikers drifting over
from Willie's table to have their turn with him. They rolled him onto his back
and one dropped to his knees and straddled Tad's chest while the other knelt
between the semi-conscious teenager's legs. The first biker fell forward on his
hands and fed Tad his hot dick while the other lifted the teenager's legs to his
broad shoulders and shoved his meat into the boy's upturned ass. Tad did not
grunt or groan or whimper as he barely felt their pricks penetrate his throat
and rectum. After suffering through Wolf's colossal penetrations, the rutting
thrusts of mere ordinary men were easy for him to bear.

At first Tad thought his torture had ended, that he would endure his gang rape
in a semi-conscious unfeeling daze. But then relieved of the overwhelming pain
of repeated massive penetration, his body started to react to the more
pleasurable thrusts of ordinary men. As each minute passed he became more aware
of what his rapists were doing to his body. He felt sensations in his guts that
made him groan with desire. He felt the cold aching of his loins warm to sexual
arousal. He felt his cock swell and grow to man-size. He felt nothing but shame
at his body's reaction, at the desires coursing through him. Tad's mind was
racked with the pain of feeling pleasure from his rape, as his body had been
racked by the pain of Wolf's abuse. Tad recoiled from the horror of being
aroused by the unnatural touch of another man. But his body betrayed him and as
one biker replaced another, his cock grew to full erection and his loins begged
for relief. By the time the first six bikers had each had a turn at his mouth
and ass, Tad had reached orgasm twice and was aching to cum once again.

The first six bikers were replaced by six more and then Sam the bartender took a
turn. On through the night the gang rapists drifted back and forth between Tad
and Willie and used each boy again and again. They untied Willie and bound Tad
and then they bound them both together. They raped them separately and they
raped them as a pair and they raped them continuously. To Tad and Willie, the
bikers became a blur of anonymous male flesh with an erect prick to thrust into
their mouths or between their legs. They were all alike in their rutting sexual
desires and one man was no different from the next, except for Wolf. Tad always
knew by the agony he felt in his throat or ass, when Wolf was at his door.

When Tad and Willie grew to tired to respond to the rapes, the bikers invented
little games to get their attention. Willie was brought from his stupor by a
fist to his testicles and the treatment was repeated whenever his responses
flagged. Tad had his nipples pinched and twisted until he wept and begged the
biker's to tear them from his chest. But they laughed and twisted them some

The bikers raped the prep-school boys until they were unconscious, while they
were unconscious and when they came to consciousness again. They raped the boys
hour after hour in every position and by every method their perverted minds
could bring into play. The bikers took sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths and
fifths and when they could not use their own equipment they used whatever came
to hand. Bottles, glasses, salt shakers, toilet plungers, wooden spoons and from
the kitchen vegetables of all kinds were thrust and twisted and plunged into the
teenagers' unresisting bodies until the bikers grew tired of their fun. Finally
at dawn the biker's were sated and slunk off to clean themselves and rest like
dogs after they have finished with their bitches.

Tad and Willie lay side by side on their backs upon the floor too exhausted by
their gang rapes to move. Willie's eyes were closed and his face was coated with
patches of dried semen and flecks of blood from his many small facial wounds.
The fair skin of his lean body was marred by bruises and scratches, welts and
the cum of several dozen rapes. His prick was rubbed raw by hours of rough
masturbation which left it as swollen as his bruised testicles. As he lay
unmoving and barely breathing, he moaned constantly in a low drone of pain. Tad
was not nearly in such bad condition as Wolf had protected him from the more
viscous attacks perpetrated on Willie's teenage flesh. Tad's lips were swollen
from sucking dozens of hard pricks and his face was smeared with the cum they
had produced. But he had few cuts and just a little bruising from the few slaps
he had received to remind him of his place. His body too contained the traces of
dozens of ejaculations but he bore little evidence of physical abuse beyond his
swollen nipples and the bruise on his balls from Wolf's cruel punch. Wolf had
not allowed Tad to be masturbated or his balls to be beaten or anything larger
than a his own prick to be shoved into Tad's ass. He had been treated kindly
compared to battered Willie and he ought to be grateful for Wolf's kind
attentions. But Tad was not grateful because he had a fear that Wolf was only
saving him for something worse.

Tad's head was swimming from the pain in his body and his mind. He felt as if
the table were turning slowly beneath him like a children's carousel. As he
drifted from cruel consciousness to the kindness of sleep, he heard two distant
voices which he recognized as if through a fog.

"What do we do with the fuckers now, Wolf, off em?" Piston's voice was a
conspiratorial whisper.

"Naw, we'll take the cocksuckers to the dungeon where we can really have some
fucking fun," Wolf's replied sotto voce.

"Fucking for fun and profit," Piston laughed softly.

"You bet! These shits will be fucking money makers," Wolf replied in a dark

Tad heard no more. He joined Willie in the kingdom of blissful oblivion. For a
few hours he would not have to worry about what Wolf's dark words meant.

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