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Owned Toilet Slave

Part 1

Owned Toilet Slave

slave matt425

(Note:  This is a sequel to “Evaluation of a Toilet Slave”.  For a background of the following story, the reader is encouraged to read “Evaluation” first). 


It had been almost a year since my evaluation and subsequent approval as a contract toilet slave to Mistress K.  During that time, a lot had changed.  She and I had gone through several designs of a toilet slave bench and I had grown as a slave in terms of my ability to serve Her well and in my attitude towards both Mistress K and myself.  As time wore on, I had honestly begun to consider myself as an object to be used by Mistress and to look upon Her as providing a purpose to my life.  Although Mistress K had free reign over who used me and how, at the end of each session I would never the less return to my “normal” life.  Each time Mistress ended the session, I was left with feelings of relief along with supreme gratitude, no mater what had been required of me.  However, there was always a nagging sense of sorrow that I would not be of service to Her again for some time.  Only once had Mistress K chosen to allow Her toilet to be of service to anyone other than Herself.  She had arranged a wine and cheese party for several of Her dominate friends and I was to be part of the evenings “entertainment”. 

The Party

I had been instructed to meet Mistress K at a specific place and all I knew was that She had “plans” for me for the evening and I should plan accordingly.  I was to leave my vehicle and finish the journey riding with Her.  She drove us to a very nice home in the suburbs on a quiet street.  There were several cars already in the drive and, judging from the makes and models, the guests inside were quite well off.  I opened Mistresss door and as She got out of the car, She spoke.

“From this moment, until you are finally back in my car, you are not allowed to speak.  you are to respect and honor all within the house as if it were Me.  I shall not tolerate any hesitations on your part and should you embarrass me, in ANY manor, you will be punished in the most severe fashion I can devise”.

Mindful of Her words, I simply nodded my head in understanding.  Mistress quickly attached cuffs to my wrist, clipped a short leader chain to them, and led me up the walk to the lovely home. A very elegantly dressed Lady in Her mid-40s answered the door, offering Mistress a warm hug. 

“Oh good, I was afraid You would not be able to bring Your toy, K.  We were all so hoping You would be able to bring along one of Your slaves” the well dressed Lady, presumably the home owner, said.

“It is My pleasure, D.  A proper guest does not come to a function without bringing a party favor”.

Mistress K led me in the house and, with head bowed; I surveyed the room as best I could.  There appeared to be three other Women gathered around a large great room; most sipping on wine.  Their age seemed to range from their mid-twenties to middle forties.  A very well built (much better than I) slave appeared from the kitchen carrying a tray of odourves.  He had a short hobble chain between his leather ankle cuffs and wore a chastity device along with what appeared to be a diamond studded collar about his neck and nothing else.  As he approached, I could not help but notice just how well put together he truly was; a strong defined chest, 6-pack abs, and legs of sculptured muscle.    However, what truly drew my attention was the “package” he seemed to be sporting.  Even in its flaccid and restrained state, his cock was twice as thick as mine and looked like it could grow to a length of 9” or 10” easily.  His face, however, wore a look of shear pain, contorted in what looked to be a permanent grimace.   As he passed by, I gathered why.  His cock was enclosed in what must be a custom chastity device.  It appeared to have been designed after the CB-6000 or similar device but was made of polished steel.  The truly custom part though, was the added feature that was barely visible on the inside of the device.  The entire device, from head to root, was lined with small but extremely sharp looking teeth, about the length and thickness of a standard thumb tack.  The effect would have been pure torture, Im sure, and for some reason I felt that this slave (a servant slave I assumed) would be in for a long evening. 

“Ill take one of those” one of the beautiful Women called to the slave-servant.  Unfortunately for him, as She was removing a snack from the tray with one hand She began fondling his bound and pierced cock with the other; teasing and coaxing his cock to attempt erection.  Even from across the room I could hear the slave moan and I thought I detected a tear in his eye.

“Where shall I put my slave, D?” Mistress K questioned.  “I need to get it set up so it will be available when its needed”.

The elegant and mature Domme directed Mistress K to a hallway and as we left the room, I heard Her mention that everything She needed should be laid out.  I had a sense that this was not going to be a pleasant night and, soon enough, my fears were realized.

Entering the bathroom, I saw a narrow sleeping pad, much like those used for camping, spread on the floor.  Over top of one end was a toilet chair, similar to the model that I had served Mistress under until She & I designed a suitable toilet box.  There were other things that didnt seem to make much sense to me but recalling Mistresss instructions, I remained silent.

“In case you were wondering, you are going to be one of the slaves serving at Our gathering.  Lady D, Mistress C, Miss KC, Mistress M, and I have been gathering about once a month for a quite a long time.  Usually We just have servant-slaves that take care of our needs along with entertaining us with their sexual frustration.  Sometimes We will include a pain slave as part of our fun to demonstrate new or creative ways of administering discipline, pain, and sometimes flat out torture.  It is a special slave indeed that is permitted to enter Our world so you should take pride in your accomplishment.  You are becoming a fine slave, My toilet”.

Mistress Ks use of the word “toilet”, along with Her coy smile, confirmed what I had already thought.

“Lady D suggested that given Our status as Goddesses, We should really start to include foot slaves for each of Us along with having a toilet slave at our disposal”, with a broad grin, “so to speak”.  “Each of Us could volunteer to bring a slave of Our choosing to receive the honor of serving at our meeting.  Lady D, as usual, provided the slave-servant… She always has such fine specimens of fitness and endowment!  But dont wish you were in his place to badly; that particular slave will be serving Our food and drink in utter and complete agony.  We always make a point to tease and torment the servant as much as possible, and Im sure you saw the custom chastity device he was wearing.  Mistress M and Miss KC are providing foot slaves for us all tonight.  Given Her particular tastes, Im sure that M has brought Her and Mistress C female foot slaves to use.  They will be cleaning and worshiping Our feet all night in addition to serving as a foot stool when needed.  Im quite sure the foot slaves will not be having much fun either, as none of Us are ever concerned about freshening Ourselves prior to using such a slave.  I had a great workout today in some very fragrant gym socks.  Im sure my foot slave will enjoy.”

Continuing; “And you, My dear slave, are slated to be this evenings toilet slave for all of Us.  you should have a wonderful time as typically we go through several bottles of wine throughout the evening and more than a few glasses of water as well.  For sanitary reasons, I do not expect that anyone will require full toilet service from you.  I anticipate that you will be a golden toilet only.  However, should any one of My friends desire, you will provide full brown toilet to them as well.  Now, strip so I can get you ready”.

With that, I quickly began to disrobe, folding my cloths neatly and placing them at Mistress Ks direction in a small linen closet.  I wondered how I was to be bound, given that there was no toilet bench as W/we typically used.  Once all my cloths were removed, Mistress, as expected, placed a chastity device on me and handed me what appeared to be an adult diaper.

“We dont want you getting too excited while youre here.  Im sure you already expected that though.  The diaper is to allow you to pee yourself as much as you need.  you will not be released from here until We are finished and that could go for many hours, perhaps I may even stay the night.   Hold your arms up.”

Mistress placed a bondage belt around my waste and I was told to lie down.  She then attached a very short chain from each wrist cuff to a D-ring on each side of the belt.  A large bondage belt was placed around my chest, pinning my upper arms to my sides.  She then clipped my ankle cuffs tightly together while cinching a belt around both ankles and another one just above my knees.  Next, Mistress fished a long strap with a ratcheting mechanism (like those used to secure loads to car roofs) from my right wrist, under my body, to the left ankle.  She did the same thing to my other side and ratcheted them both tight.  There was no way I would be standing up without permission. 

“OK, almost done.  Now toilet, open your mouth.”

A large o-ring gag was forced in to my mouth and buckled securely behind my head.  The strange part about this gag was the clear plastic tube that seemed to be glued with epoxy to the ring opening.  Producing a large funnel, Mistress attached the funnel to the tube protruding from my mouth and the gravity of the situation hit home.  There was no way that I would be avoiding the consumption of anything put in the funnel.  Mistress then sat the toilet chair over my head, facing away from my feet and attached the funnel under the chair.  Bound as I was, with no means to breath but to consume whatever was put down the toilet tube in to my mouth, I was a guaranteed consumption toilet slave.

“you look wonderful.  Just as a toilet slave should.  Just one other thing, though.”  Mistress then placed a blanket over my body, covering me from my neck to my feet.  “We dont want you getting cold now do we?  Actually, it makes it easier to look upon you as a toilet and little more for some of My friends if your body is covered.  The funnel is to make sure you consume all that is given and to help keep things sanitary…….. for Us, not you of course.  I am also setting up a video baby monitor to keep an eye on you.  Do not make any attempt to get up or move about, not that I think you will be moving very far.  From now until I decide to release you, you will be nothing but a toilet… and a public toilet at that.  Every Female in this house has free reign over how and what you will be used for.  As I said earlier, I do not think you will be required to consume any shit, but if one of My friends likes, you will do so without pause.  By the end of the night you will have swallowed at least two gallons of Our golden wine, and maybe more.  Oh, and Miss KCs allergies are acting up so Im sure you have some sinus drainage to look forward to as well.  Remember what I said, the slightest embarrassment you cause Me will be treated very harshly.  Mistress C just returned from Europe where She spent the better part of a month learning every possible technique of CBT, from mild to unimaginably excruciating with probable permanent injury.  She just loves to torture male cocks and balls; She and Her girlfriend Mistress M!  Oh, I almost forgot….”

Mistress K then placed a blindfold over my eyes, plunging me in to total darkness. 

“No need for you to know who is using you.  you are simply here to be used.  Have a good night”.

I could hear Mistress K walk out of the bathroom, leaving me bound alone in the dark with my cock already beginning to strain against its bonds.  I could hear the five Dommes in the living room laughing and talking, though it was impossible to hear clearly enough to understand their conversations.  They seemed to be having a grand time.  Several times I could make out “oh, thats nice” presumably from Someone using Her foot slave and many sadistic sounding chuckles.  I was sure that the servant-slave was getting almost constant abuse.  With a body like his and a cock any man would be utterly proud of, I was sure that he was under constant torment from the five Goddesses.   At some point, maybe 30 minutes, maybe 5 (how can one truly tell the time bound and blindfolded in a bathroom), my heightened senses seemed to detect the soft footfalls of a Female coming down the hall.  I had no way of knowing, but I sensed that someone as standing beside me.

“I suppose youll do.  Mistress K says you are a proficient toilet.  Besides, it has been way to long since Ive actually used a toilet slave.  Maybe I should ask to borrow you for a few days, if youre any good that is.”

A couple seconds later, I could hear the hushed rustling of clothing being lowered and felt the toilet chair move ever so slightly.  I knew what to expect.  After all, I had consumed Mistress Ks urine so many times I had lost count.  This time was different, though.  I did not know when to expect the flow.  I started to worry that I would drown, having to time my breathing so as to not aspirate my Users golden.  I decided that the safest thing to do was to take shallow breaths blocking most of the tube with my tongue.  I figured that way I could block at least most of it should I get taken by surprise.  Fortunately for me tough, I heard the first few trickles against the funnel above.  As the first couple of drops began to enter my mouth through the tube, I heard a solid stream, then a torrent, hitting the funnel.  Holding my breath, I swallowed first one large gulp then another then another of my Users golden gift.  Almost as quickly as it had started, it seemed to be over.  I again heard Her clothing brushing against Her body followed by the sounds of Her leaving.

“Oh my God” I thought to myself.  “Im actually a public (ok, semi-public) toilet slave.”  I had no idea which of the five Women had decided to use me, except for the fact that it was not Mistress.  My cock was raging against my chastity device and was really beginning to hurt.  Thank goodness I wasnt wearing the one that the servant-slave was.  I would be ripped to shreds for sure.  I was also scared to death, though.  My User did not deposit an overly large amount of liquid but being unable to fully prepare to hold my breath had left me somewhat gasping for breath.  What if one of Them had to go very badly?  Please, please dont let me drown in urine kept going through my mind.

A short time later I heard someone else making their way down the hall.  It had to be Miss KC because ever few seconds I heard sneezing as She made Her way to the bathroom.  Again, my hyper-aware senses felt someone next to me.  Then another sneeze right beside me along with “Uhhh, this sucks” followed by a deep snort; the kind one usually has when trying to clear their nose and sinuses.  In my mind, I was screaming oh crap, please dont Miss KC; but she could not hear my mind.  Oh gross!!!  What was that??  Did She just spit Her stuff down my tube??  Thank God that my mouth was plugged by the tube.  I had actually scared myself thinking I had said the words rather than thinking them.  My mind was racing.  I cant believe She actually spit Her nasal stuff down the tube.  Oh well, I am just a toilet I guess.  What right do I have to decide what is deposited in me?  I then heard whom I assumed was Miss KC releasing Her belt buckle and lowering Her pants.  Again, the movement of the toilet chair let me know it was time for another watering.  Miss KC peed a bit longer than the other, but no so much I could not swallow with air remaining in my lungs.  She rose, sniffed again, and dropped what was surly my second feeding of allergy induced snot.  Damn this was going to be a long night!!

Thus went my evening.  As the five Women had more time to drink and talk my “watering” increased.   It seemed that every ten or fifteen minutes Someone would come in, sit pee, and leave without so much as a word or even regard for the living toilet beneath them.  At one point, I swore that there was a line outside the bathroom.  No sooner than one Mistress would leave than another would take Her place.  My stomach had become extremely bloated and I was thankful for my diaper.  Miss KC (I assumed) saw fit to give me a second “nasal feeding” but, thus far, I had not been required to provide disposal of any “brown” material… fortunately… as I didnt think I would be able to hold any solid down considering how bloated and full I was.  A couple of times my “Users” had perhaps gone a little too long between bathroom breaks.  Their flow turned in to a torrent leaving me leaving me literally “gulping” the liquid in order to breath.  It seemed that the faster I swallowed the more liquid filled the funnel and tube.  It felt as if I were undergoing medieval water torture!  My eyes were bulging behind the blindfold and Im sure my face was turning red from lack of oxygen.  Just as I was becoming lightheaded and stars crossing my blindfolded eyes, the flood of Goddess wine stopped.    Air again rushed down my tube leaving me gasping for air for several minutes. 

Finally, after what felt to be five or six hours, my blindfold was lifted.  Squinting to adjust to the light, I looked up in to Mistress Ks heavenly face to be blessed with a smile.

“Im impressed, slave.  you did very well.  I did not have a single complaint regarding your service…. and one Mistress really tried hard to encourage you to fail.  Lets get you unhooked from the funnel and released.  youve brought great pride to your Mistress.”

As Mistress was removing the ring gag, I heard from behind Her: “Mistress, may I speak with You for a second.”

Mistress went out in the hall and, despite my best efforts; I could not hear their muted conversation.

Returning to the bathroom, rather than releasing me from my bondage, Mistress K began adjusting the toilet chair lower.  Looking down in my confused eyes, She spoke.

“Mistress C needs to use the bathroom.  All of the snacks of the evening have left Her full and needing the toilet.  Since youre still under the toilet chair, there is no need for Her to waste Her gifts the commode.”

Taking note of the apprehension written across my face, She continued:  “Of course, if youre not up to it there is always the option of your punishment.  you should consider, though, Mistress Cs abilities with CBT and how you would be insulting Her by not performing as the full toilet you are.”    Offering Mistress K a sight nod, She turned to Mistress C… “its all Yours, Love”.

Mistress C lowered Herself on to my face, the adjusted toilet chair putting Her ass hole directly over my mouth with my nose buried in Her.  In order to breathe, I had to suck air from the corner of my mouth.  The effect was that I was once again guaranteed to consume anything given in order to breathe.  Would this night ever end?  Mistress Cs hole began to open just a bit and I could feel it expanding lower in to my mouth; obviously pushing its contents out.  I felt my cheeks pushed out as a bit of gas exited Her body followed by a long, thick lump of shit.  I was already running a little short on air having not been able to take a full deep breath prior to Her expulsion.  It just seemed to keep coming as well, working its way down my throat.  I decided I better do what I could to swallow at least a chunk of it or my mouth would have been filled to capacity.  I no sooner finished the first deposit than another filled my toilet opening, followed by a third.  By the time She was finished I was literally bucking for breath beneath Mistress Cs ass.  I could feel myself blacking out just as She rose from Her seat sending a rush of air up my nose.  The sudden influx of air caused me to gag a bit and I caught myself just before throwing up.  I had to concentrate on deep breathing to make sure I did not make a mess and cause myself much trouble.  As Mistress C was pulling up Her clothing I heard a nock on the door…

“C, are You done.  Can I come in?”

“Sure M, come on in.”

“Did you like using a toilet slave for Your solid?  Ive never shit in anyone before.”

“Sure M, I always enjoy depositing my filth in to a toilet slave.  Its always such a rush to shit in to a toilet slave; especially one that is fully trained and nothing but an object to be used.”

Speaking softly, “C, do You think it would be ok if I shit in the slave as well?  Ive always wanted to use a full toilet but have never had the opportunity.”

“Sure baby, help Yourself.  Just remember, if You end up sitting for more than a couple minutes, rise up and give Your toilet a breath or two.  Other than that, its just an object so dont be concerned about what You are doing or how much You are giving it to flush.  Its a toilet and thats what its there for.”

I readied myself for my second feeding in less than five minutes.  As Mistress M shat, I was thankful it was softer and composed of smaller pieces than Mistress Cs.  She never the less had just as much or more than Mistress C but it was, at least, easier to swallow the smaller pieces.  After She had finished and wiped Herself, Mistress M screamed….

“Oh my God, Weve got to get Our own toilet slave M!  What a rush!!!”

Coming back in to the bathroom, Mistress C said “Im glad You liked it my Lover.  Ive wanted another toilet for a long time but didnt know how to bring it up to You.  So You enjoyed the experience?”

“What an experience!  I never thought that using a living toilet could be so much fun and bring such a feeling of total power.”  Mistress C then reached out to Mistress M, giving Her a huge embrace along with a long deep kiss as only a true lover could provide.  Walking out arm in arm, I heard one call to Mistress K, “its all Yours Mistress.  Thanks.”

Concentrating on my breathing… slowly in, slowly out… in order to once again make sure I didnt throw up; Mistress K came back in the bathroom and began to finally release me from my bondage. 

“Good heavens, slave.  Youre mouth smells like a sewer!  But then again, I suppose it should.  I am truly proud of you, my dear toilet.  You have brought honor to me as a Mistress through your service to Me and My Friends.  I did not think you would make it through.  Truth be told, I was really looking forward to seeing Mistress C demonstrate some of Her now cock torture techniques.  However, now Im much more pleased that you did so well and didnt require any discipline at all.  Each and every Mistress in this house has commented on how well I have trained You.  Word is surly to get around Our community and My status as a Mistress will surly go up as a result.  You have done well, slave… very well.”

Finally free from my bonds, Mistress continued:  “Take a couple minutes to loosen up.  Im sure you were starting to cramp and are probably very stiff.  Youve been in that position for over seven hours.  In the closet youll find a towel, washcloth, disposable toothbrush and paste, along with some mouth wash.  Clean yourself up and dispose of your diaper in this trash bag.  Im sure it is full to sopping wet by now.  Its late and I really dont feel like taking you back to your car.  As a reward for your level of service tonight, you may stay at My place in My slave cage.  Ill take you back to your car tomorrow.  you have fifteen minutes to be cleaned, dressed, and kneeling at the front door.”

The Offer

Following one of my twenty four hour toilet sessions, Mistress approached me with a proposal; the terms of which both excited and frightened me at the same time.  How did She know my longing to enter an even deeper level of service and ownership?  Was She that far in my head? 

“Ive been thinking, slave, that you have done pretty well, considering how unworthy you really are.  I have a proposition for you; one you should consider with great caution and understanding.  The time is quickly approaching that you can be released from My contract.  As I first told you almost a year ago, I am searching for a worthy candidate or two to own fully and completely as various classifications of slaves.”

This revelation was somewhat surprising and at the same time thrilling.  I had forgotten about Her comments just a few short months ago about actually evaluating candidates to become Her full time slaves.  I had thought often of the potential of moving deeper in to my slavery to Mistress K and the thought was usually good for at least one masturbatory session that day.  However, more often than not, a feeling of concern and outright fear of such an arrangement would follow my self-release of pleasure.  The potential reality was just as frightening following my fulfillment as the prospect was exciting leading up to it. 

Allowing time for Her words to sink in, Mistress continued to speak in Her calm authoritative tone.  “Should you accept, you will be subject to an iron clad contract for a minimum of 2 years with a renewal clause that will allow for termination or extension of the contract.  Additionally, there will be a lifetime slavery clause in the contract.  This would, if exercised, effectively turn you in to a toilet and My property for the rest of your life.  I want you to think about this for a couple days and then W/we will discuss it.  Im sure you will have lots of questions and I only want to have to answer them one time and one time only.  Ill call you in a week or so.  W/we can discuss the actual requirements and ramifications at that time, outside of O/our normal BDSM confines.  Perhaps Ill let you buy me a nice dinner so W/we can discuss in a more relaxed atmosphere.”

“i understand.  Thank You, Mistress for even considering me remotely worthy for such a position.  ill spend every waking moment considering Your offer and formulating questions.  It is truly an honor that You would even consider me worthy enough slave material for such an arrangement.”

I left Mistress Ks home and got in my car.  It would be a long drive back to my place, indeed.  I loved my life, at least most parts of it.  Would I have to cut off all contact with my family?  What about working? Surely She would not want to support me; even as a slave there would be expenses.  Is such a life what Ive been truly looking for or just masturbatory fantasy?  I truly love serving Mistress and being Her full and complete toilet one of my lifes great experiences.  But, such a potentially restrictive contract?  Such a deep level of slavery?  It would certainly be a sleepless night.

The Proposal

A week later Mistress and I sat at a nice French restaurant, sipping wine and dining on a wonderful meal.  The thought hit me that, although I had served Her most intimate bodily functions, we had never actually been out in public together (except for that one time as Her shared toilet slave).  As desert was served, She brought up the subject we were both there to discuss.

“So, I hope you have given My offer some serious thought.  Im sure you have questions.  However, I believe that I will answer most of them in a second or two.  Please do not speak until I am finished”. 

Reaching in to Her hand bag, Mistress produced an envelope and slid it across the table.

“Your contract will be far more restrictive and have far deeper consequences should you attempt to be released from it.  I have a dear friend, a Domme actually, who is a paralegal and She is the actual author of the document; based upon My input of course.  She assures Me that the nature of its composition creates a very legally binding agreement.”

Taking a bite from Her desert, Mistress Kristian continued.  you will be bound under contract for two years.  you will sell your home along with most of your belongings and relocate closer to Me.  you may keep your car, cell phone, and computer as well as your cloths.  I will allow you to also keep as many of your things as will fit in to a standard rentable storage shed.  you will be required, at least for now, to hold a job and you will get an apartment.  Contact with your family may continue, though it will be more restrictive.  I will monitor all emails and will review your cell phone bill.  you will give me all passwords necessary to monitor your every move… bank accounts, emails, everything.  I have been very nice to you thus far, far kinder than you deserve.  Rest assured, once you enter this contract, you are nothing more to Me than a piece of property I own.  I and I alone control your every move.  I will be the single most important force in your life and rest assured you will realize what it is truly like being My slave.”

Pausing, Mistress Kristian looked down at my desert.  “you havent touched your plate… scared?  you should be!!!.”  I simply nodded my head, afraid to speak.

“There will be some expense, though I am not agreeing to make you my slave for money.   Modifications to My home will need to be made, as will a custom fitted toilet slave bed.  you will be responsible for covering their costs.  A friend of mine who specializes in making BDSM furniture and carpentry work will perform the required constructions.  you will also purchase a slave cage.  This will be your home when in my presence and not bound to the toilet bench.  Sexual pleasure will be unknown to you.  From the moment you enter the contract, I shall lock you in chastity.  I may, from time to time, allow you a self release, though I would not count on it if I were you.  By the second week, you will be a very compliant slave indeed.  By the second month, you will do anything for even the slimmest of possibilities that I may relent and allow you what you are most desperate for.  The best part, for Me at least, is that the more devoted a slave you become, the less likely I will allow you any release at all.  you will be responsible for your torment; the more you hope to be rewarded through service, the better you perform, the better you perform, the more likely I will be to not allow it.  After all, service to Me is your only concern and I demand the utmost functionality of my toilet.”

“you will contribute to My household income, though the exact amount will be determined based upon the job you hold.  Again, I am not doing this for money but you should help contribute to the operations of a house you reside in, even if it is only part time.  Rest assured though, you will have no say in anything in my home.  Most of the time spent under My roof will be locked away, very much built in to the home itself.  you will become, from the moment you step across the door, My property and that is EXACTLY how I will view you… property.  As you will notice, I and I alone hold the option and right to expand the depth of ownership.  I can, without notification, require you to move in permanently.  For now though, you will only be required to serve part time.  you will enter service 3 weekends per month, from the time you get off work until time to return the following week.  It is entirely possible that you will also serve during the week as well.  No is not in your vocabulary.  I may, at my discretion punish you for any reason, or even no reason.  I may beat your worthless balls until they are swollen and blue or I my whip you until you bleed.  Perhaps you will service my other slaves with either your mouth or virgin ass hole.  I will most assuredly loan you out to other Mistresses and quite likely make money off of your pathetic services.  Escape from the contract will be, well, very unpleasant for you.  you will most likely be in debt to Me for the rest of your miserable life and the financial implications are severe.  Finding work to pay Me back may prove to be impossible, though, as you will be making video and voice recordings of what you are, what your function is, and how much you long for the slavery you seek.  I will release these items to every person you know, in addition to posing all over the internet.  Any potential employer is sure to find them, not to mention the impact it will have on your reputation to family and friends.”

Mistress again paused as a waiter brought fresh coffee to the table.  She looked deep in to my eyes, smiling though the look was more of a predator looking at its next prey.  “So, do you accept?”

“Yes, Goddess, I accept.  The prospect scares me to death but You are my reason for being.  Serving You my deepest desire.  I only hope that I prove to be worthy of such an honor”.

“you better, or you will regret the day you were born.  I am pleased with you, toilet.  I did not think you were sincere enough to be placed in such restrictive ownership.  Tomorrow, W/we will sign the contract in the presence of my paralegal friend and She will notarize the document.  I will then register you on The Slave Register as my property and give you a number.  you will then leave for home and make the necessary preparations to sell your home and you shall keep me informed every step of they way.   Just to make sure again, once you sign, you are my property to use how and when I see fit.”

“Its my dream and my burning desire, Mistress.  i am Yours”.

End Part 1

Review This Story || Author: slave matt425
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