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Getting Her Gloves Back

Part 6

Getting Her Gloves Back
Part VI

I woke up early the next morning.  Actually, considering how early I got up for
work during the week, 6:30 was actually sleeping in.  I lay beside the still
sleeping Anne and enjoyed the warmth for a just a moment.  Then I reminded
myself it was time to get going, there was much to do and not much time before
the noon deadline.  I got out of bed without waking the sleeping beauty.

There were a couple of things I wanted to do without her seeing me.  First and
most importantly the paddle.  I wasn't sure how yet, but an idea had started
forming since I woke.  Just in case I got away with it I needed to be ready.  I
found the bag I was looking for and set that part of the trap.  I then cleaned
up the room putting away the toys from last night.  This was going to be a fresh
start.  I had a completely different theme in mind.

I was going to move to her room and set out a costume for the day but then
thought better of it.  She would certainly go in there when waking, and that
would ruin the surprise.  There was nothing left to do but wake her and start
the day.  I sat on the bed and caressed her shoulder as I called.

She half woke and pleaded "Oh please, just a bit more.  I'm not a morning
person.  Please let me sleep a bit."

I smiled and replied "Wish I could little one, but we have a lot to do before
noon.  We can't wait, it has to be done."

A spark in her eye told me she caught the meaning and remembered the noon
deadline.   "Oh please!" She countered. "Tell you what, give me until 9:00 and
we'll forget the noon ending.  We can go a little later to ....... finish."

"Until when?" I asked.

She paused a bit trying to think in her slumber.  "Ok, how about until just
before my son comes home, that will give you most of the day."

It only took me a second to figure that out.  I traded a couple of hours this
morning for all afternoon.  Her son wasn't due until after dinner and that made
my earlier ideas totally within the realm of possibility.  I only she knew what
she had just given me.  I tried my best to hide my excitement and conceded "Oh
well, I guess so.  Last night was so special you deserve a little something. 
But up at 9:00, no argument ok!"

She mumbled her agreement and rolled over to go back to sleep.  I took the
opportunity to make a small pot of coffee and clean up the house a bit.  I even
spent time in her room picking up clothes that had been dropped in her hurry
yesterday.  I then hit the computer and logged into the internet.  I needed to
check the business hours of a few special stores.  I was in luck.  My plan began
to solidify.  I was just thinking of having a shower when the phone rang.

I had my own private line in my room but this was her phone ringing.  I ran to
get it, that was not unusual, I usually answered her phone and took messages
when she was away or occupied.  It was her son.

"Hi guy!  How's it going?" I queried.

"Great, I'm having ball!  We've got big plans for the day.  Can I talk to my
mom?" He asked.

"I've got big plans too!" I though to myself with a snicker.  I answered "She's
still asleep, I think she had a big night last night, can it wait?"

"Yeah, her and that dumb boyfriend, but I need to talk to her now, they're
leaving soon, please!"  His voice had the urgency only a nine year old can have
this early in the morning.

I took the cordless and made a show of knocking on my own door.  "Anne, you
awake?  Are you decent.?"  I got a mumbled reply as I went to the bed.  I held
out the phone and told her it was her son.  She glanced at my bedside clock as
she took the phone.  It was 8:45.

I only heard one side of the conversation but it was obvious that her son was
asking for something special.  There were lots of questions like "are you sure
it's alright with them?", "What about money?", "How long and what about
dinner?".  I could tell he was wearing her down.  He was winning.  Finally, Anne
conceded but wanted to talk to the other parents.  There was talk of driving and
paying back monies spent, etc.  Soon it was all over and Anne handed me the
phone back.

"They are all going to a theme park all day.  They plan on staying for the
fireworks tonight.  He's staying overnight again and they'll take him to school
in the morning."  She seemed a bit concerned but I saw her relax after she
thought about it for a bit.  She started to get out of the bed.  My mind was

"Oh it's okay, why not lazy back for a bit.  No need now for a 9:00 wake up. 
Knowing you, you'll be back asleep in a minute.  I'll wake you about 10:00,
sound good?"  I asked, not hiding my grin.

"But what about..." Her voice trailed off as she began to grasp what had just

I couldn't resist a little dig.  "Good trade I figure, you get an extra hour of
sleep, I get an extra day of play.  You did say if I let you sleep I could have
and I quote - until just before my son comes home."

Her eyes widened in shock and surprise "Oh you bastard, that's not what I

"Careful now dear, we can always start counting again.  Now get some sleep, you
are going to need it."  I walked out of the room and closed the door.  I heard a
whispered obscenity behind me that I chose to ignore.  I did check back 10
minutes later and she was fast asleep.  She was definitely not a morning person.

I spent the time planning out a much more involved day.  I made a quick check of
Anne's closet to confirm one of my suspicions.  I was right, she had a lot of
dark clothes.  In fact, mostly dark clothes and therefore she was missing a
critical item we needed for today, perfect.  I left everything as it was and
noted it was time to start our playday.

I made a cup of hot cocoa for Anne and nudged her awake gently.  "Come on sleepy
head, time for the inevitable."  She stirred and rolled over to open her eyes. 
The smell of the hot cocoa brought an instant smile.  "You okay with the latest
developments?" I asked.

She sat up and took the cup from my hand.  She took a sip and I could tell she
was formulating her answer.  I also noticed her nipples getting hard under the
see through neglige.  I could only imagine what she was thinking about.  It
wasn't pure thoughts, I did know that.

"Well, not really.  I think I've already gone far beyond what I thought we'd do. 
I know we have to do the paddle thing, but I'm not sure about much more than
that."  The sleepiness was out of her eyes instantly, and they twinkled
mischiefly  as she said this.

"They don't seem to share the same opinion." I said looking directly at her hard
rock nipples.

She didn't even look down, she knew what was going on. "Oh damn you, can't you
at least let me pretend to say no."

"You'd better change your tone young lady!  That was your last freebie.  From
now one we pick up the count at thirty.  Now get up, I want to see the results
of last night."  That was the second time I used that name in addressing her.  I
wondered how long it would take before she caught on.  I saw no indication yet. 
With a sigh she flipped back the covers and stood up beside the bed.

With the sheer see-through nature of her baby dolls she really didn't need to
pull the panties down, but I didn't complain when she did.  She turned slightly
and pushed her butt out so we could both see.  I was a bit surprised.  There was
no sign of the second mark at all.  There was a hint of pink where the first
stroke had hit the one cheek.  Even the last stoke that dropped her to the floor
was a simple light red, almost pink line across both cheeks.  I was so relieved. 
I touched it gently and she didn't even flinch.

She spoke quietly. "Don't worry, I asked for it and you gave me exactly what I
wanted.  I thought I wanted something harder, something to leave a mark for a
few days.  You know a war medal sort of.  Now I'm glad I didn't get it."  She
smiled and touched her own butt gently and added "Now of coarse you know I have
to get even!"

Without hesitation I replied.  "You can forget that young lady.  Not today for
sure and not likely in this lifetime.  Now this my last offer for a bit of
pampering before we get down to business.  Would you like a bath before we

"That would be very nice, thank you sir."  Still no response to my juvenile

"You have half an hour so better get that cute little girl butt of yours wet
fast."  This time I noted she picked up on the little girl.  A raised finger at
shifted to point at the bath stopped the forming question.

Just as I had suspected she stopped by her room to undress and hang up her baby
doll before the bath.  On her way out she thanked me for picking up for her. 
Good thing I hadn't laid out her clothes before that.  I heard her run the bath
and get in as I topped up her hot cocoa.  I brought it to her in the tub and
noticed she had drawn a very hot bath.  Wordlessly, I searched the cabinets and
found a selection of scented bath beads.  Pink-lavender scent, perfect.  I got
raised eyebrows as a dropped a couple in the tub, but I left before she could

It was time to set out her outfit for the day.  I scoured her closet.  I knew it
was there.  I had seen it on previous "scouting" trips.  I'd even tried it on
once.  Too tight and definitely too short.  It had to be something left over
from her school days.  After a bit I finally found it.  Covered over by other
skirts.  She obviously had no intention of wearing it again, but then again she
hadn't thrown it out either.  I found a nice semi-sheer blouse and laid it out
on the bed.  I took the time to open the buttons and tie the front of the blouse
in a loose knot.

In her panty drawer I had trouble finding an appropriate pair.  Everything she
had was G-string, see-though or heavily patterned.  Finally I found one pair
that was close to what I had in mind.  One more item, I found just the right
pair of thigh highs.  I laid them with the outfit on the bed.  It all looked
good, even just lying there.  No question she'd figure out when she saw this, I
chuckled to myself as I left the room.

She saw me coming out of her room as she stepped out of the bath and began to
towel off.  I avoided her questioning eyes as I drained the tub and dropped my
robe and got in to have a shower.  I noticed that the hot bath had removed even
the last hints of last night cropping.  I was very glad for that.  She looked
too and smiled.  "Your outfit for tody is laid out for you.  I'd also appreciate
some appropriate makeup and maybe style your hair accordingly.  You have one
half hour."  I closed the sliding door again cutting off the forming question.

I waited just a bit before turning on the shower.  I wasn't disappointed.  "YOU
PERVERT" she screamed from her room.  "You've got to be kidding!" Through the
shower door I saw her enter the bathroom holding the skirt.

"You only have half and hour.  Make it look good our I'll add five for
insolence.  Besides that's the perfect outfit to count to thirty in."  I turned
on the shower drowning out any reply she may of had.  I chuckled through my
entire shower.  Her bedroom door was closed when I came out and I went to my own
room to dress.  Today I was more casual in a pair of dockers and polo shirt.  I
went to refill my coffee and at exactly the half hour mark Anne bedroom door

It wasn't Anne that came out.  The young lady that came out of that room no-one
had seen since high school back in Wyoming.  Even back then I don't think she'd
have had the nerve to look like this.  I was very impressed.  She had done an
amazing job.  I cock jumped to attention and damn near shot its load right there
and then.  She say the bulge grow and blushed and did a slow turn.  From top to
bottom it was incredible.

Her hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail.  It was held in place by a pint
scrunchy and featured a crisp pink bow.  Her face belied its real age and
radiated behind rose blush and heavy pink lipstick.  Her eyes done in a youthful
blue and big fat heavy mascara on the lashes.  She turned full circle and batted
her eyes at me to accentuate the look.  She'd taken the hint on the blouse and
it was only buttoned once and then knotted above the belly button to show a lot
of smooth tummy.  She'd added a bra but it helped the look.  Again she chose a
demi-bra that lifted and presented her ample breasts and served to accentuate
the cleavage.  I could tell she'd even added some blush or something to her
nipples so that they were very visible through the top.  Silly girl didn't know
what I had planned yet.

The skirt was the killer.  Very short, pleated Scottish red plaid that didn't
even cover her panty.  She'd changed that too.  As she turned around I noticed
she switched from the slightly more sensible panties I'd found to a lacy
Victoria Secret G-string.  Another hint that she though we were staying home
today.  The hose was perfect.  White seamed stay-up thigh highs with an ornate
pattern at the top of each leg.  Then came the flaw.  She tried, but I had
planned on failure and she didn't disappoint.  She just didn't have anything to
work with.

She noted me looking at her beige 3" sling back heels and spoke.  "I'm sorry
sir.  I know you like heels, but I just don't have anything more appropriate. 
Anything higher is black or dark brown and looks horrid"

I smiled at her put on little girl voice and especially the last word.  It was
just so juvenile.  I looked her in the eye and as I nodded approval I spoke
"Very nice Annie, I even like the bra.  That's okay, but why the panties?"

She giggled at me calling her Annie and then replied "Well, obviously we can't
go out with me looking like this so I thought you'd like a little more cheek for
your paddle.  I figured that would make up for the bra.  I'm glad you like it. 
My nipples are still sore and I need the support.  I touched them up a bit and
hoped you'd understand."  She added "Sir" quickly before I could say a word.

"Call me mister today....all day.  I think that would be more appropriate. 
Besides that's close enough to master for me.  You were right about the bra, but
wrong about the panties.  I prefer the little girl look.  Change back and try a
pair of simple runners, I'll concede on the heels." 

She giggled again and turned to do as asked. I got a great view of an only half
covered butt and I enjoyed the sway of the skirt as she walked into the room.  I
made my way to the front of the house to enjoy her second entry.  Only a minute
later she came skipping down the hall into the living room.  Her pony tail
flipping up and down and she ended in a quick spin that flared her skirt showing
off only slightly more significant sheer panties over a flawless bottom and
obviously shaved pubes.  She stood before me almost bouncing in her canvas
runners and giggled "A regular sweet sixteen to count for you today mister."

"Nothing sweet sixteen about that." I replied looking at the crotch of her
panties.  The skirt was just too short.  "More like a fuckable fifteen if you
ask me!"  That last remark got a wonderfully played little girl pout and a
whispered "pervert" that I chose to ignore.  "Those still aren't the panties I
had picked out."

She spun around and bending over slightly displayed that gorgeous rump to me
again.  "I thought you'd like the best of both worlds.  These look good for
dress up and ....." She reached back and with those incredible long sexy painted
nails tucked the pack of her panties into the crack of her ass. The elastic
fought slightly but that only served to lift and separate the cheeks into two
perfect orbs.  My cock leaped to attention as she added "and play."

My cock and balls were screaming at me "Take her now, take her hard.  Please,
please I got to go now....."  I quieted those voices and spoke my own.  "Fair
enough, just remember it was your choice.   You were right about one thing.  I
do prefer heels, even in that outfit."  With than I reached into her purse lying
on the table beside us and took out her billfold.  Before she could say anything
I opened it and extracted her driver's license.  I held the card up to her and
remarked.  "Yea right, like anybody is going to be fooled by this fake ID.  You
really think you could even consider getting into an R movie with this.  And
booze, forget it girl, not a chance."  Still not cluing in she played along.

"Well, it was worth a try.  I'm sorry mister.  Is that why I have to be punished
like this?"  She was looking around.  It took a minute but I figured it out she
was looking for the paddle.  It was time for the shocker.

"I don't suppose you have a purse to match that outfit so I'll take this for
you."  With that I stood and pocketed the card.  I grabbed my car keys and made
for the front door.

"Holly shit, where are you going?" She was close to fainting.  Just like these
little girls.

"We," I accentuated "are going shoe shopping.  You need a good pair of 4" heels
for that outfit.  Besides what fifteen year old would turn down a trip to the
mall?"  I stood holding the front door.

She stood looking at her reflection in the hallway mirror.  "But, but .....
We'll be arrested!  Me for indecent exposure and you for ...."

"Contributing to the delinquency of a minor." I finished.  "Let me worry about
that and get moving before I start counting!"

Her skip was gone as she made her way to the car.  I helped her into the car and
got a great view of scantily covered pussy as she tried to get in decently.  The
skirt was just too short.

We drove in silence for a few minutes and then I heard a sigh that let me know
she had resolved herself to her fate.  I took a chance and gave her an out. 
"Care to call a color?"

"I'm thinking about it, just leave me be a bit okay?"  We drove in silence a bit
more.  I made my way south.  Pretty soon a couple of turns made it obvious we
were going back to the mall we had been sat the day before.  "Thank god for
that, at least you are not spreading it all over town.  I'm okay I guess."

"I have to ask," I began carefully.  "Did you ever actually wear that to

"Only once, and that didn't work out so well."  She left it hanging.

I prodded some more "Did Mr. Murphy not approve?"

"It wasn't him."  The with a sign she told her story. "It was spring and the
first hot school day.  I was a bit shorter then but not much so the skirt was
still .... well you know.  It was hot, so was I.  I guess I got a little carried
away.  I had Ms. Ferguson for history in the morning.  I didn't mean anything. 
I mean I never suspected.  None of us did.  But during the class I noticed she
kept looking at me.  Not just looking, you know, looking!  Anyway, I noticed and
well maybe it wasn't such a good idea I played with her.  I uncrossed my legs
and..... well from her angle.  And maybe my legs opened a bit.  She didn't
handle it very well.  The whole class say her nipples get hard.  He even
stammered once.  I was getting a bit excited and I think that effected my
judgment.  Then I let myself slide down in my seat and that pulled my panties
tight against my mound.  Actually, I think it pulled them a bit too much ... I
think they slipped in a bit and she saw ..... well a lot more than I intended. 
That's when she dropped the chalk.  That woke me up from my daydream and I
noticed the whole class looking back and forth at the two of us.  I was
mortified.  Ms. Ferguson was lost.  She was beet red and panting.  Everyone
started to laugh.  Just then the bell rang.

By lunch the whole class knew Ms. Ferguson was gay.  There were talk all around
school about us being lovers.  That didn't last long because everyone knew I
liked teasing the boys.  I even did it more after that just get myself off the
hook.  Ms Ferguson wasn't so lucky.  I guess the rest of the school years was a
nightmare for her.  She left the last day of school and never came back..  Now
that I think of it, there was a rumor that she moved to San Francisco. But I
figured that was just kids guessing because she was gay and all."

"Wow!" I exclaimed "You sure were hard on your teachers!  I'll have to remember
Ms Ferguson when we start counting."  That remark got me a silent glare but then
Anne fell deep in thought, obviously thinking of the past.  We drove on for
another fifteen twenty minutes.

It was time for a bit of misdirection.  My plans required some cooperation at
the mall and I needed bait.  "Let me entice you a bit.  Here's the deal.  I plan
a quick trip to the mall.  Only two stops.  If you play along and all goes well
it will definitely reduce the number of swats I'll give you.  You have to admit
thirty is a big number, remember the club?"  It wasn't a lie.  She just didn't
think to figure out the implications of what I said, or how I said it.

"Yes," she nodded "I've been worried about that.  That third whip last night
taught me the difference between fantasy and reality.  I'll do what you ask to
reduce from thirty ..... Mister."  The last part of her reply was in a
wonderfully crafted little girls pout voice.  My cock started talking to me

I managed to get to the mall without stopping and raping her in the car.  It
wasn't easy but I made it.  She noted the lump in my pants and decided to have
her own fun.  She really turned on the teeny girl thing.  She gabbed on about
this boy that and this boy this.  She talked about some of the other girls at
school and how they were so bitchy.  The whole time she kept flashing me those
panties and batting her eyes at me.  One time she even began running her long
nails up the in-seam of my pants.  I had to lift her hand away before I drove
off the road, came in my pants or both.

I parked on the second floor of the parking structure very near one of the main
door.  She looked at me, took a deep breath and blowing it out slowly whispered
"Well, here goes, just protect me please.  There's vultures in places like this
just waiting for little girls like me to feed on."  That remark told me the game
was on.

She took my hand as we walked to the mall entrance.  "I'd like the skip back" I
said without looking.  Not a word and she began to skip along beside me.  The
pony tail bobbed up and down.  The skirt kept time.  Half a butt, full butt,
half a butt, full butt.  The skirt was just too short.  My cock threatened

I didn't know this mall well so we had to look around a bit.  Sometimes Anne
(Annie for today) skipped along beside me other times she walked.  After a bit I
figured it out. She stopped skipping whenever we approached someone.  That way
she was half way decent, barely halfway, but still better.  At one end of the
mall we were about to turn around the walk the opposite wall when I noticed a
group of young teens, both male and female coming towards us.  I squeezed Anne
hand a bit.  "Time to skip some more Annie" I was immediately rewarded with a
full salvo of eye darts.  She'd been saving up since last night.  These ones
almost hurt.  And she started to skip.

It was perfect.  We both saw the look of shock, lust, and raging hormones in the
boys as Annie's scantily covered pussy flashed into view.  The girls also
registered shock and immediately burst into giggles at the sight before them. 
Then Anne and I turned and she offered half / full / half / full butt show as we
retreated back down the mall.  I could feel the heat radiating from Annie's
blush as I let her speed up a bit to get away.  Then I heard he whisper loud
enough that I was meant to hear.  "I am going to kill you."  I love it when a
plan comes together!

"I guess the whole school is going to hear about that tomorrow.  Do you think
Ms. Ferguson will be upset she missed it?"  That got total silence but a very
hard squeeze of my hand.

We cam up on a shoe store and Ii stopped to look in.  "No, not right." I though
to myself, and turned to walk along further.  Annie looked at me questioningly
but I ignored it.  A few door down I hit pay dirt.  Even the front window
featured lots of strappy looking high heels.  Better yet a college aged kid was
working the front of the store.  I turned to enter.  Annie noticed the young lad
and whispered "Oh, you bastard, that's not fair to either of us."  She meant the
college kid not me.  Annie was catching on.

I let go of Annie's hand and the kid approached trying desperately to roll his
tongue back into his mouth.  He couldn't decide weather to stare at her big tits
with makeup enhanced nipples or her obviously shaved pussy not well concealed
behind the thin fabric of her panties.  Annie was regretting that choice by now
for sure!  He tried to talk but it was too much for him.  He just stood there
and stammered.  Finally Annie spoke up "Something in white, very high heel, at
least four inches please."

"Sssssize" our poor victim finally managed.

"You'll have to measure." I interrupted Annie as she began to speak.  That got
me the death look.  I just pointed at a chair and Annie humphed as she sat.  The
poor guy almost fell over himself getting one of those little stools shoe stores
have to help the service people fit shoes.  He also got one of those metal
measuring sticks.  H e couldn't help himself as he sat in front of her he was
rewarded with a great view of her crotch.  I could tell he was getting hard
already.  The skirt was just too short.

Annie did a good job of keeping her legs together as she extended one to the kid
and he unlaced the runner.  He then had a bit of trouble measuring her size. 
It's hard to read those little numbers when your staring at a woman's tits. 
Finally he got a size and disappeared into the back room.  As he turned to leave
we both couldn't help but notice an erection that was trying to burst through
his zipper from the inside.  Annie blushed.  We all saw that.  I love it when a
plan comes together.

While he was in the back room I found another of those little stools and set it
in front of Annie.  A little to one side and a bit further away from her chair. 
Her eyebrows shot up when she saw me move the first stool a little wide out and
a bit further from her chair.  A raised finger closed her mouth before she
spoke.  "When he comes back I want you to show me how that thing with the chair
works."  Her look was obvious confusion.  I continued.  "You know in history
class when you slide down and your panties ...."  Her eyes bugged out so much I
thought they'd pop.  Just then he came back carrying a bunch of boxes.

He put the boxes down between the two stools.   Annie and I both noticed he'd
taken the time to rearrange himself for comfort.  Now his obviously blood
engorged cock was hanging down his left pant leg.  You could even see the ridge
at the base of the head through his tight jeans.  Annie was staring at that and
he noticed as he bent over to put the stool back as he had placed it before. 
"Leave it there, I thought I'd help, it will be easier that way."  He shrugged
and pulled a pair of shoes out of the box.

They were perfect.  The same as the ones in the window.  Strappy with low open
toes and a very high thin heel. There was even an extra set of straps above the
ankle that hinted at a BD theme.  It was love at first sight.  Annie noted my
pleasure and nodded also.  I reached into the box and took out the other shoe. 
As luck would have it I had the left foot and sat on the stool to Anne's left. 
He followed my lead and sat on the stool to her right.  We both were just a
little too far away.  He reached down to adjust his stool but I coughed loudly
and got his attention.  Looking her in the eye it only took one word. "Annie."

She never took her eyes off mine.  She had to slide quite a bit down the chair
and extend her legs apart to reach us both.  She kept her butt firm to the chair
and the panties pulled tight.  So tight I thought they'd rip.  As she opened her
legs more to reach our respective stools there was nowhere else for the panties
to go.  The almost snapped past the outer lips of her pussy.  Slick from recent
shaving and the oil in the bath beads the thin panty material slipped to a
skinny little strip that dug deep into her inner pussy and only just covered her
clit.  The impact of the fabric and squeeze of her clit caused Annie to moan. 
Her eyes tore away from mine and she looked over at the kid through glazed eyes.

She focused on him and I turned just in time to hear him utter "Oh my
god!!!!!!!!!" Anne and I both saw as his already hard cock pulsed in his pants
and we watched at he dumped a large load of cum down his pant leg.  He couldn't
take his eyes off her crotch as his cock continued to pump a good load of cum
and the stain grew at the top of his pant leg.  I really don't think he cared.

"I'm so sorry,"  Annie said in a genuine tone.  She still managed to keep the
little girl edge to her voice.

"Oh don't be Annie" He replied still panting and recovering.  "That's been a
dream of mine since I stared working at this place.  I'll never forget you as
long as I live."

"I hope not."  She said with a wink, and turning to me added "I guess that means
we'll take them."

I barely heard those last words.  She was still sitting there like that.  You
could actually see the little bump where her clit was.  All that pink and the
smooth shaved crotch.  The whole outfit.  I was having my own trouble.

"He'll never make it." I heard Annie say to the kid.  "Can I borrow your back

"Sure, I'll box this up for you.  Take your time."  Came the reply.

"Oh he won't last long, I'm getting good at this.  And box the runners, I'll
wear the heels."  With that she took me by the hand into the back room. 
Stopping just inside the entrance she turned me sideways so the kid could see me
from the front desk.  Just inside the curtain we were hidden from the front door
but not the rest of the shop.  With no ceremony she dropped to her knees and
used her teeth to pull down my fly.  "Damn nails, almost impossible to do
anything with."  The nails were very useful as she damn near ripped my silk
boxers down.  She then grabbed my balls and squeezing them firmly in those sharp
nails she popped her mouth over my already pulsing cock.

It was my turn.  "Oh my god!!!!" I wheezed none to quietly and she bobbed up and
down on my shaft.  I didn't last 30 seconds.  It felt like it was coming from my
toes as she swallowed it all and licked me clean as I slowly came back down to
earth.  She stood and walked out of the back room as I zipped myself back up.

As I stepped out of the back room I found her bent over giving the kid a show as
she buckled the straps on her new shoes.  "That's the problem with older men, no
staying power." She said in that little girl voice.

I made my way to the front desk as Annie approached.  "How much for the shoes?"
I asked.

"If you don't get out of my store right now I'll call security and have you
arrested for assault and causing this mess." He said looking down at the large
wet stain on his pant leg.  "That was my own fantasy come true and those shoes
were due to be removed anyway.  Seems no decent woman would buy them..  Thank
god you came along.  Now leave."

"Heh, thanks a lot but .." I started and a raised hand and a pointed finger told
me he was serious.  I was getting a dose of my own medicine.  Anne and I made
out way to the front door.  She stopped and making sure noone way looking
straitened up her panties before making for the door.  Just as we got to the
door I say that a group of teenage boys sitting by a fountain at the base of a
big escalator that went up two floors.  "Hold it Annie, I have an idea."

To be continued.

PS: I'd really like to know if anyone is enjoying this story line.  As this one
comes to a close I'm considering a few other stories.  All are routed in this
and previous stories like "THE MALL" I'm open to any comments or criticisms.  If
you'd like to read a scene with one of my characters let me know and if it fits,
I'll use it.



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