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Review This Story || Author: zone, Powerone

Sexual Tortures of Rebecca at the Psychiatrist Hospital

Chapter 5 Pussy Torture of Rebecca


	Rebecca fell asleep, laying in a pool of cum and blood from her anal rape. 
In the morning, Michael came in and released her hands and allowed her to take a
shower.  When he returned, Rebecca was sitting on the bed, still naked.  No
clothes were given to her, so she tried to cover her breasts with her hands and
her legs were closed tightly.

	"Stand and hold your hands to your side.  Spread you legs open," he ordered. 
"You are not to try to cover yourself.  We own your body, you have no control
over it.  If you fail to obey, you will be punished with a whipping."

	Rebecca quickly stood up and stood as ordered.  She did not wish to be
whipped.  She hesitantly spread her legs. 

	"More," his hand slapping the inside of her thigh, forcing Rebecca to spread
her legs more, her pussy opening up.  "That is much better."  His hands moved
between her legs, rubbing her thighs, moving toward her spread pussy.  "Dr.
Marquis will be torturing your pussy today.  He has many ways to inflict pain on
a female's vagina.  You might think you pussy is very sensitive, but you will
soon find out how resilient it really is.  When he is finished torturing your
pussy, some of the other guards and myself are going to rape you tonight.  You
will be fucked by each of us at least twice before you are allowed to sleep
tonight.  You will especially like Miquel.  He has a ten-inch horse cock.  Not
only is it long, it is also very big around.  He can fuck for 20 minutes before

	"Hands behind your back."  Michael secured her wrists with handcuffs. 
Rebecca trembled in fear.  The enema torture had been painful enough, not she
feared what he would do to her vagina. She was led out of the room and down the
hall past the room she was in yesterday and stopped in front of a room called
"Examination Room 14".  She passed a number of guards who watched her tits
bounce as she walked.  She did not know if they were the ones that were going to
rape her tonight.  It did not matter, she was almost resolved to her fate.

	The room contained many tables and different contraptions, many Rebecca
could not fathom.  There was a standard gynecologist table, with stirrups and
straps attached to secure an uncooperative female.  Various chairs were secured
to the floor, straps for binding the occupant, the seats of the chair
non-existent.  When strapped in, a female's pussy and asshole would be spread
open for any abuse.  Rebecca looked up at the ceiling and again saw at least ten
men watching through the windows.  Her humiliation would be witnessed by many.

	Dr. Marquis stood up from his desk and motioned Michael to bring Rebecca
over to the gynecologist table.  "Spread her open on the table for me, make sure
she is secured tightly.  I don't want her to be able to move."

	Michael pushed over Rebecca to the table.  She did not attempt to fight, it
would do no good.  He took the handcuffs off of her.  "Get on the table and lay
on your back."  Rebecca climbed onto the table scooting up to get into the
position required.  She lay back down and was looking straight up at the men
watching her from above.  To the right she could see an image of herself on the
table from a very large mirror.  They wanted her to see her own humiliation and
torture.  Michael went to the head of the table and grabbed Rebecca's wrists
again.  Soon, she would be bound tightly again.  Her wrists were stretched up
high to the end of the table and slipped into the leather cuffs attached to the
corners.  Her arms were now spread high and to the corners of the table, unable
to move. 

	Michael reached down to Rebecca's breasts, grabbing her nipples between his
fingers.  "Your nipples are already hard in fear," his fingers pulling and
twisting them, making Rebecca moan in pain.  "That is for another day, spread
your legs and put them in the stirrups," he ordered Rebecca.

	Rebecca watched in the mirror as her legs spread open and raised up to slip
into the stirrups.  She could see her pussy spreading wider, the men in the
balcony watching her intensely. Michael moved to one leg and began to secure her
to the stirrup.  Straps tightened on her ankles.  The other leg was next and
finally a strap was attached over her stomach, forcing her tightly to the table. 
Michael again moved to the top of the table and attached a band around Rebecca's
head forcing her to look straight at the gallery and the mirror.  "If you close
your eyes, I will tape them open and that gets very painful after a while when
the moisture in your eyes dries up, so I would suggest you obey.  You will not
be warned again."

	"And how are we today, Rebecca?" asked Dr. Marquis.  He had moved between
her legs. "I am going to teach you what happens when you do not obey.  It will
be very painful for you so feel free to scream as loud as you want.  We all
enjoy your screams, especially when you start begging.  And you will start
begging for it to be over."

	"Let's get you into a better position first."  Dr. Marquis began to push
some buttons and Rebecca could hear the purr of motors starting.  The table at
the end where Dr. Marquis is began to retreat under, moving back until it only
supported her lower back.  The access to Rebecca's body from her waist down was
now open.  Another motor began, spreading the stirrups out from her body.  At
the same time they moved toward her head.  Her legs were now forced up and back,
spreading her pussy and anus open.  Her legs and crotch began to ache as she was
forced into an unnatural position.  They continued to move higher and back,
raising her body up.  She could see her pussy spread open wide and her anus was
now open and unprotected.  "Yes, that is very good," Dr. Marquis moving between
her legs, running his hands along her thighs, feeling the muscles tense up. 
"You are opening up very good," his hands moving up to her the area between her
pussy and anus.  He ran his fingers over her anus.

	"Don't any more, it hurts, you are splitting me open," she cried.

	"Soon, just a little more, your pussy lips are opening up. I can see your
pink insides.  Your tiny asshole is opening.  It looks like Michael had his cock
in your asshole last night.  Did you enjoy him fucking your asshole?  I here
that the guards are going to gang rape you tonight."

	The motors stopped, Rebecca stared in the mirror.  She was spread open, her
pussy and anus open to whatever abuse Dr. Marquis desired.  She could see the
men in the gallery.  It looked like they were masturbating their cocks as they
watched her.  Rebecca saw a flash of light, than another.  Someone was taking
pictures of her in this humiliating position.  Where would the pictures end up,
would they show up on the Internet?

	The Dr. ran his hands along her spread pussy lips.  "I would suggest you get
wet for me, or this will be a lot more painful.  I am going to insert various
instruments in you, open you up deep inside you and than begin to abuse you. 
Not only will I abuse you pussy on the outside, I will also torture inside your

	His fingers began to masturbate Rebecca, two fingers slipping inside of her
pussy.  This brought back fresh pain from the dildo that tore into her pussy
when she was riding the horse yesterday.  His other fingers pulled back the hood
off her clit and he began to pull and pinch it with two fingers.  Rebecca tried
to put the whole thing out of her mind, but all she could see is the men
watching her being masturbated against her will and her naked spread body.  Her
pussy began to get wet from the excitement she began to feel.

	"I can feel your pussy beginning to cream.  A little more," three fingers
now forced into her tight pussy, spreading her open as the fingers buried deep
into her.

	"Is she starting to cream herself, Dr. Marquis?" asked Michael.

	"Yes, she doing a good job, aren't you Rebecca?  Just a little more pussy
juice and we will be ready."  Rebecca began to turn red in embarrassment and
humiliation.  She was being forced to get wet so that they could torture her

	"When you gang rape her tonight, force her to get wet for you first. She
must be forced to submit to you whenever you want, not when she wants."

	Dr. Marquis removed his hands from her pussy and raised one palm up and
slapped Rebecca hard on her spread pussy.

	"OOOOOWWWW, that hurts."

	Dr. Marquis slapped her pussy again, her juices spreading onto his outspread
palm.  He rubbed her pussy and slapped again.

	Dr. Marquis moved his tray of instruments between Rebecca's legs.  Rebecca
could not see but she could notice movement between her legs.  The first
instrument Dr. Marquis got was a speculum.  The one he chose was rather large
and he had put it into the freezer compartment for over two hours before he just
removed it.  He quickly took it, spread Rebecca's pussy open with his fingers
and pushed it deep into her body.

	Rebecca screamed at the unnatural invasion of her body by such a large and
very cold instrument.  He body trembled in pain and her nipples became erect
from the cold speculum.  It felt like someone was slicing her pussy open with a
knife. Dr. Marquis pushed the speculum deeper into her, twisting and turning it,
driving it in her pussy.  The edges began to tear at the walls of her vagina as
the Doctor twisted it.  It finally reached the end of her pussy, her pussy lips
spread tightly around the beginning.

	"Ohhh, God, that hurt so bad.  My vagina hurts from the pain and the cold."

	Dr. Marquis picked up another speculum, the same size and also from the
freezer.  Rebecca could not see his movement.  This time her asshole was forced
open by the cold speculum and brutally shoved deep into her anus, stretching her
rectum.  The rape of her asshole by the speculum brought about a fresh batch of
screams from Rebecca.  Her asshole tore as the Doctor pushed it deep into her
until her anus was now forced to stretch wide around it.

	Rebecca stared into the mirror, her vagina and anus now stretched tightly
around the speculums.  They were beginning to warm up inside her body but she
feared when Dr. Marquis would begin to open them.

	"I am going to open you up very wide, Rebecca.  It will be quite painful but
I need access to inside of you."  Dr. Marquis began to open the speculum,
forcing the walls of Rebecca's vagina to expand outward.  He continued to open
it, moans of pain coming from Rebecca's lips as her pussy was stretched. 

	"Oh, God, that hurts so bad, don't open it any more."

	"Just two more turns, Rebecca, and than it will be open the maximum.  You
must get used to the pain, tonight you will have some very large cocks in you
that will spread your pussy open."  Dr. Marquis turned the screw two more
twists, moans of pain coming from Rebecca as her pussy was now spread open more.

	When he reached the maximum, he locked it into place, Rebecca's gaping pussy
now open over three inches wide. 

	"Now for your asshole, it will also be opened wide."  Again the speculum was
opened, Rebecca's asshole stretching open, two inches and finally three inches. 
Dr. Marquis could see small drops of blood on Rebecca's asshole as it began to
tear from the stretching.  Rebecca's screams could be heard bouncing off the
walls.  The speculum was locked open. 

	Rebecca looked between the tears in her eyes and the pain in her head at her
spread body.  Her pussy and asshole were gaping open, forced to spread open by
the speculums. 

	Dr. Marquis grabbed a small clamp from the table.  Attached to the end was a
string.  He opened the clamp and moved to Rebecca's clit.  He grabbed the hood
back and snapped the clamp tight on it.  Rebecca screamed as the teeth bit into
her skin.  The Doctor ran the string up to one of the stirrups and began to pull
the slack in.  This forced her hood to spread back, laying her clit open to the
Doctor's abuse.

	Dr. Marquis picked up a small pencil like device with a power cord running
off the back.  The tip was very pointed.  "This is an electrical device that
will send a electrical charges where ever I touch with it.  I can adjust the
voltage from a mild sting to a very sharp and powerful charge of electricity,
capable of burning the skin.  I am going to use it on your pussy, your asshole
and your clit.  You will begin to sing for me soon, your screams will bring
pleasure to all that are watching."

	"Don't touch me with that, I will do anything, just don't use it on me,"
begged Rebecca.  "I will fuck you all, suck your cocks, let you fuck me in the
ass, just don't shock me."

	"We will do that to you anyway, Rebecca.  Now it is time for your torture." 
Dr. Marquis moved the wand toward Rebecca's spread pussy.  He first set the
power to low.  He moved it to her exposed clit.  Rebecca cringed as she felt it
touch her clit, waiting for the jolt of pain.  The Doctor sent the first charge
into Rebecca's clit, the electricity running through her body, a sudden pain
shooting through her loins, her body jumping from the pain.  He moved it over
her clit again and shot her another jolt.  The wand moved down her pussy lips,
the Doctor sending jolts as he moved closer to her opened pussy. Rebecca's
screams were constant as the wand continued its descent. 

	The wand entered her spread pussy, pushing into her pussy, sending jolts of
electricity against the walls of her pussy.  Rebecca's pussy began to spasm,
reacting to the electricity.  This caused Rebecca more pain because of the
speculum stretching her open. The wand entered deeper, pushing against her
cervix, a charge of electricity jolting her again. 

	"Now for your asshole, Rebecca.  Than it will be time to increase the
voltage."  The wand left her pussy, but gave her clit one last jolt before
running around her stretched anus, jolting the skin, forcing more pain into
Rebecca's body.  It pushed into her anus, running along her anal tract,
shocking, deeper and deeper into her rectum.  Rebecca was beginning to get
hoarse from the screams.  It pushed deep into her colon, shocking her. 
Rebecca's body began to shine from the sweat.   

	Rebecca's body jumped continually on the table as Dr. Marquis shocked her
body with the probe.  The intensity was now set on high and Rebecca's screams
shattered the silence in the room.  Her pussy was sent in spasms as the speculum
kept her spread wide and the electricity forced her pussy to shrink from the

	Michael went over to Rebecca's head and stroked her face.  "How does that
feel, Rebecca, I bet it really hurts as Dr. Marquis shocks your pussy and
asshole?  You are going to be very sore inside tonight so when we rape you, it
will hurt even worse."

	Rebecca cringed in pain as Michael stroked her and Dr. Marquis continued to
shock her body. 

	"Michael, let's make Rebecca cum as I torture her.  Come over her and
masturbate her as I shock her."

	Michael stood to the side of Rebecca and began to masturbate Rebecca,
grabbing her clit and teasing it with his fingers, pulling and twisting it.  At
the same time, Dr. Marquis would send the probe deep into her asshole and hold
the button down, sending the maximum charge into her colon.  Rebecca felt she
was going to shit herself as her colon reacted to the electricity abusing her. 

	"Before Dr. Marquis will stop the probe, you are going to have to cum for us
Rebecca.  Forget the pain and watch the men above you as I masturbate you. 
Think of all of the hard cocks enjoying your pussy torture.  Give us your pussy
juice and cum," Michael urged Rebecca.

	Rebecca tried to let her mind leave her body but it was hard.  Dr. Marquis
would continually force the probe into her body, sending the charges into her
tender pussy and asshole.  The continual stretching of the speculums abused her
pussy and asshole, forced wide open.  Michael pulled her clit, forcing her pussy
to get wet.  The abuse on Rebecca over the last days was forcing her to get hot
over the pain mixed with the pleasure.  They were teaching Rebecca to become a
pain slut. 

	Michael's fingers became more insistent as he began to notice that Rebecca
was beginning to react to the torture and the masturbation.  He pinched and
pulled her clit harder, flicking it with his fingers, igniting sharp pain in her
clit, forcing Rebecca's body to push against her restraints. 

	"AAAGGGGHHH, please, harder, make me cum and stop the pain," she begged her
pussy getting wetter, making the probe work better as the electricity followed
the path of the wetness.  In her pussy, then back to her asshole, the probe
pushed deep into her, leaving its path of pain.

	"OOOOOHHH, GGGGGGOOOOODDD, I'm cumming," yelled Rebecca as Michael grabbed
her clit between his fingers and pulled and squeezed it as tight as he could. 
Dr. Marquis pushed the probe against her clit, shooting a long continual jolt of
electricity into her enlarged clit. This pushed Rebecca over the edge, her
orgasm overtaking her, her pussy and asshole thrilled by the speculums spreading
her wide.

	Michael again ran his fingers over her body, bathed in sweat from the pain
and pleasure they forced her to accept.  "That was good Rebecca, you are a good
girl to cum for us."  His fingers ran over her breasts, pinching and pulling on
her sensitive nipples, making them become erect again.  "Dr. Marquis is almost
through with you, just a little more pain and you can go back to your room and
clean up.  Than it's a gang rape for you tonight."

	"No more, I came for you, leave me alone, I can't stand any more pain," her
eyes pleading as tears rolled from her eyes.

	"Your pussy can take a lot more abuse.  I have this lovely dildo that I am
going to force into your tight pussy.  Inside are spring-loaded clips that will
force out the sides when I release the spring.  It will be very painful, even
more so when I begin to fuck you with it.  It will tear up your pussy walls. 
When they rape you tonight, the hard cocks will open up the fresh wounds and you
will fuck like a fresh virgin.  Your movements will force even greater cruelty
by the guards.  They love to hear the anguish of a freshly rape women."

	Rebecca screamed in pain as Dr. Marquis released the speculums and pulled
they from her body.  Michael ran his fingers over her recently spread pussy and

	"See Rebecca, your pussy is still wet. It is waiting for the Doctors dildo
to cut inside your pussy.  You are going to be forced to cum again as the dildo
rapes you."

	Dr. Marquis moved between Rebecca's spread legs, a huge dildo in his hand. 
Rebecca watched as Dr. Marquis hit the button and out of the sides popped eight
one-inch metal spikes.  They were tipped with a barbed end.  Michael spread
Rebecca's pussy lips wide as Dr. Marquis lowered the dildo to her pussy and
began to push it into her body.

	Rebecca moaned in pain as her freshly abused pussy was again forced to open
up to a huge instrument of torture.   The initial pain was not as bad because
her pussy had not shrunk down from the speculum.  She knew the real pain would
be when the dildo was opened in her and when she was fucked with it.

	The huge dildo raped into her pussy, spreading her wide as it forced deeper
into her body.  Dr. Marquis had to use considerable force to get her pussy to
accept it.  When he was satisfied that it pushed against her cervix.

	"Are you ready for the real pain, Rebecca?  I am going to pop the barbs
open.  I want to her you scream in pain.  When you screams die down, I will
begin to rape you with it.  That should bring about fresh screams from your
lips."  Dr. Marquis pushed the button sending the barbs out wide, stretching
Rebecca's pussy wider than possible.

	Rebecca could not believe the pain coming from her vagina.  It felt like a
knife had stabbed deep into her, tearing her vagina open.  Her screams rang out
as her pussy was spread wide by the barbs.  Just as the sharp pain began to
become a dull ache, Dr. Marquis began to saw the dildo in and out of her pussy,
raping her with it.  Her screams began again, her pussy abraded with the barbs,
tearing and ripping her tender vagina.

	Michael stood over her head again and whispered into her ear.  "Let you body
accept the pain.  When you cum again, Dr. Marquis will stop the dildo rape." 
His fingers began the relentless masturbation of her clit again. 

	Rebecca let the pleasure and pain mix together as Dr. Marquis continued to
tear her pussy with the barbed dildo.  He would rotate the dildo as he fucked
her with it, forcing the barbs to tear new parts of the pussy.  Her screams were
constant, now mixed with the pleasure of an upcoming orgasm beginning to form. 
Michael was abusing her clit painfully, but that is what Rebecca needed to cum. 

	The rape and masturbation of Rebecca continued until she finally screamed in
passion as the pain and pleasure mixed into one final orgasm.  Michael removed
Rebecca from her bondage and allowed her to go back to the room.

	"Clean up and I will be back in an hour.  It will be time for your gang
rape," ordered Michael and left Rebecca to clean up.


Review This Story || Author: zone, Powerone
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