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One of the Girls - The Original

Part 1

This story is about young girl domination.  It is entirely a work of fiction.  If such material offends you, please do not read further.

One of the Girls The Original

By Ambuja2

Chapter 1-- The Girls and Their New Teacher

     Julia ran her fingers through her blonde hair.  The 13 year old girl was dressed in her summer clothes -- tight jean shorts, pink t-shirt with the word “Princess” on the front, and sandals.  She was 56” and weighed 120 pounds a bit large for her age.  Her self-confidence made her seem even older and more developed.  She was in that transition between childhood and young adulthood.  She stood outside the school office and smiled as she found her name on the recently posted classroom list.  There she was, assigned to the same class as her best friends.  But what brought the smile to her face was the name at the top of the list:  Mr. Stefan Nelson.  Her new homeroom teacher was a man.

     "Yes!" said Mollie, another 13 year old.  Like Julia, Mollie was delighted to be in the same homeroom as her friends, and she was also obsessed with older men.  Mollie was tall and had dark hair which reached just below her shoulders.  She looked older than her preteen years.  Her breasts had developed a year earlier and she carried her slim and mature frame well.  But she was still a little girl and giggled as she excitedly clutched Maria.

     Maria was a natural beauty.  She was the same age as her friends and had dark hair like Mollie.  But Maria was shorter and slightly heavier than her friends.  Her most striking feature was her eyes.  All three girls had blue eyes, but Maria's were especially enticing.  She had discovered her power to lock her gaze into males of all ages and enjoyed their usual submissive response.  Like Julia and Mollie, Maria lived with her single Mom.  But she was more of a spoiled princess since she was the only child.  Julia and Mollie each had a younger sister.

     All three girls were younger than they appeared.  They enjoyed dressing fashionably like older teenagers, wearing dark eye shadow, lip gloss, and long, dangling earrings.  They each wore a thin black choker around their necks.  Technically, they were virgins.  But all three had enjoyed sexual activities with boys, and each other.  They had molested several boys in the last year, usually culminating in dry orgasms from their hand jobs on their young victims.  They had each given oral sex to an older boy, and once, at a party, they had performed as a threesome to give oral sex to a popular high school senior.  That activity had led to an evening of drinking and exploring each other sexually. 

     Maria, Mollie, and Julia were the type of young girls to whom most young men were attracted, older and wiser men feared, and most women hated.  They had discovered power beyond their years.

    All three little vixens continued to giggle.  They also hugged, jumped, and danced as only preteen girls can who are excited about a new teacher. 

     "Let's see if he's in his room," said Maria, and the girls ran down the covered hallway to the 6th grade classrooms. 

     All three had attended school here together since they were five years old.  Next year, they would move up to the Jr. High school, but this year they were the oldest students in the school.  They knew every detail of the school, and they knew each other even better.  They were best friends for life.

    Stefan Nelson was 22.  The recent Stanford graduate had stumbled upon this teaching job only recently.  He had never planned to be a teacher, but he needed a job and this opportunity had presented itself.  He anticipated he would teach for one year, maybe two, then find a more appropriate job for someone with his education.  He had attended his mandatory teacher meetings and now had only two days to prepare his classroom for his young students. 

     Stefan stood at his desk amid textbooks and papers.  The student desks and chairs were still stacked in a corner, and the walls of his room were bare.  He wasn't really sure where to start.  He glanced again at his class list which he had received earlier in the morning.  There were 15 girls and 5 boys.  Stefan liked girls, but wasn't sure if this imbalance would make his school year easier or more difficult.  He remembered the preteen girls who had been his classmates a decade earlier.  They had been bossy, flirty, moody, silly, and completely unpredictable.  He wanted the students to like him, but knew he would need to set a professional tone immediately.  He thought about how he would present himself to his students on the first day -- confident, educated, and caring.

     He was startled by the knock on his classroom door.

Chapter 2:  Bossy Little Girls

     The door opened and the little girls got their first look at their new teacher.  The look on their faces said it all:  This was going to be the best school year ever.  All three girls immediately gasped with wide eyes, and smiled at the slight young man before them.  Stefan was barely five feet tall and had never weighed more than 95 pounds.  His eyes were the color of the girls', and his dark hair was thick with long curls.  He was genuinely kind, but painfully shy.  He related much better to kids than adults, yet he came across as very nervous to his new students.  The girls composed themselves, barely, and Julia asked, "Are you Mr. Nelson?"

     Stefan wanted to speak, but words never came easy to him in new situations.  He did manage to nod.  Mollie subconsciously arched her back which aimed her recently-developed breasts directly at Stefan. 

     "We're in your class.  Can we see your room?"  Mollie was already walking through the door and smiled as she brushed by the young man. 

     Stefan stammered, "I'm your teacher." 

     "Oh my God," said Maria, "Are you from Australia?  You have an accent." 

     Lots of people thought that.  Stefan shook his head as Julia and Maria also walked closely by him, smiling.  Stefan's voice was actually very soft, like a girl.  In his late teens, when it became apparent that his adolescence was not immediately forthcoming, he had been so embarrassed by the sound of his voice that he had tried to alter his native mid-Atlantic accent.  However, this had only made him more conspicuous, which he desperately did not want.

     The girls walked around the classroom, as if they owned it, while Stefan stood in the doorway and wondered how he should respond.  He had never been forceful, and when offered this teaching job, he had initially worried that the students might not respect him.  Stefan had grown up in Maryland, the adopted son of older parents who had preferred to keep him at boarding schools for most of his life.  He had never had a girlfriend, and though girls seemed to like him, it was always in the "little brother" sense. 

     When he had completed his first year at Stanford, he received a call from his family's lawyer.  His mother and father had died in a car accident while on vacation.  Stefan's education was paid for, but otherwise, he was on his own.  He had no other family, nor really any close friends.  Julia's voice woke him from his reflection.

     "Can we decorate your room?" she asked.

     Despite his nervousness, Stefan couldn't believe his good fortune.  He didn't know where to start, and school would begin soon.  He knew that young students would hope to see a classroom that looked fun and maybe these girls would know just what to do. 

     "Yes, thank you," Stefan replied meekly. 

     The girls responded immediately.  They introduced themselves and began telling Stefan their plans for his room.  They were "playing school", just as all young girls love to do.  Stefan stood back and watched as they quickly moved desks and chairs.  Maria boldly walked past Stefan and began opening drawers, cubbies, and closets. 

     "Guys, look at all this stuff!” she said, as she pulled posters, school supplies, and P.E. gear from various recesses and threw all of it onto the floor.  Stefan simply looked on.  Apparently, the previous teacher had left these materials.  Fortunately, the girls seemed to know what to do with it.

     "Mr. Nelson?" said Mollie. 

     When Stefan replied, Mollie crooked a finger at him and then sharply pointed to the area directly in front of her.  Stefan found himself obeying her silent command.  He walked across the room and stood like a child in front of her. 

     "Why don't you go get us lunch and when you get back, your room will be ready," said Mollie. 

     Stefan's look of uncertainty expressed every feeling he was having.  Mollie's suggestion, if it was a suggestion, seemed like a good idea.  But he couldn't just leave these girls alone in his room.  Maria immediately saw Stefan's confusion and vulnerability. 

     "Yes, Mr. Nelson,” Maria said as she looped her arm through his, "That's a great idea.  And I'll go with you."  She led him to the door.  As Stefan tried to resist, he felt powerless to Maria's clutching arm.  As he looked back for help from the other girls, he saw Julia and Mollie just behind him.  They both gently, but firmly pushed him along with Maria, and then the classroom door was closed behind him.

     Maria took charge as she led him down the hallway and into the local neighborhood. 

     "You are just so adorable.  Can I call you Stefan … or maybe I can call you Steffi?"  She didn't wait for an answer.  Instead, the dominant preteen continued to assert herself. 

     "Now Stefan, my house is just down the street.  Im going to take you there!”  Stefan's arm was gripped even more tightly by Maria and he felt strange. 

     Stefan was under the young girls control, but was especially embarrassed because his penis was almost completely erect.  He almost felt sick.  How could he be aroused by a child?  He wasn't a pervert, and certainly not a pedophile, but he was oddly enjoying Maria's touch, and even more so, her bossiness. 

     Stefans penis was as diminutive as the rest of his body.  He had once measured his full erection at a throbbing 4 inches.  But he was concerned that Maria, or someone else might see the bulge in his shorts.  Actually, Maria did see it, but she would wait and share this observation with her friends.

     Maria opened the door to her house and her Mom greeted her daughter with a kiss.  “Mom, this is my new teacher, Stef…, I mean, Mr. Nelson.”

     “Hi Mr. Nelson.  Call me Valerie.  Please have a seat.” 

     Valerie was in her early 30s and very attractive.  She had long, dark hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a sundress with sandals.  Maria was destined to look just like her and this good fortune had developed the girls self-confidence at a very young age.  Her Mom was a very busy attorney and often found it difficult to make time for her daughter.  She compensated by doting on Maria and treating her like a little Princess whenever they were together. 

     Valerie engaged Stefan in conversation while Maria continued to clutch her teacher tightly.  As her Mom questioned Stefan, Maria listened and learned that her new teacher was single, lived in a nearby apartment, did not own a car, and did not a have a family.  She smiled as she continued to scheme and dream.

     Maria ordered her Mom to go for lunch at Taco Bell, and her wish was her Mothers command.  When Valerie left the house, Maria pulled Stefan to his feet, held the young man by the hand, and led him to her bedroom.

     Maria worked quickly.  In her bedroom, she made Stefan kneel before her full-length mirror and as he watched himself, he also saw this little girl smiling excitedly as she used her hands to frisk almost every inch of his body.  Giggling and caressing the young man, Maria especially enjoyed watching the helpless look on her teachers face as he squirmed uncomfortably, but submissively, to her touch.  It was a mixture of misery and pure ecstasy. 


     Maria left Stefan kneeling obediently on her bedroom floor and walked to her dresser.  She returned to the submissive young man and standing behind him, deftly secured a black choker tightly around his neck.


     “Youre going to be just like us, Steffi!  This choker is a symbol of girl power.   Watch the magic.” 

     Stefans choker had a silver ring in the front and Maria placed her finger through it and tugged upward viciously.  Stefan rose to his feet with his head bowed.  Maria used her other hand to lift Stefans chin, making him look at himself in the mirror.  He was humiliated and speechless.  He saw Marias mirrored image, smiling at him and holding her teachers collar as if he were her pet. 

     “See how the power works?” she smiled and asked.


     Maria continued caressing her teacher until she heard the front door and released Stefan from her grip on his choker.  She weaved her arm through his and led him back to the living room. 

     Valerie smiled as she saw her daughter clutching Stefan. 

     “Oh sweetie, let the man breathe.”  She laughed.  “Stefan, if this little girl and her friends ever make you feel uncomfortable, just put your foot down.  Or you can let me know.  They are adorable and precious little girls, but very clingy.  They are just so happy to have a man in their lives.  Can you handle it?”  She laughed again.

     Stefan felt Marias fingernails dig into his side.  He winced and then meekly replied to Valerie there was no problem.  Maria smiled -- another victory!  Then she ordered Stefan to carry the bags of food, kissed her Mom, and led the teacher out the door and back to school. 

     "I'll share my food with you," she said as she smiled and worked her magical blue eyes on him as they walked.  She was slightly taller than Stefan and about 25 pounds heavier. 

     “Thats what girls do for their boyfriends.  And I think Im going to make you my boyfriend!”  Maria laughed, then added, “Or maybe you can be my girlfriend.” 

     Her words continued to stir his loins and Maria noticed that Stefan was blushing even more. 

     “Oooh, I think you like that idea,” and she patted his behind with her free hand. 

     Maria teasingly whispered, “Maybe you and I can be lesbian lovers!” and she pulled him closely and gave him a very light kiss on his earlobe just as they arrived at school. 

     Maria once again led Stefan down the school hallway but stopped before the classroom and ordered Stefan to place the bags of food on a picnic table, where students ate their lunch.  She pointed to the bench.

     "Sit!" Maria commanded. 

     Stefan immediately obeyed, but bowed his head in embarrassment.  He couldn't believe this little girl could make him feel so submissive.  Maria slowly walked to Stefan and stood over the humiliated teacher with her hands on her hips. 

     Stefan's breath quickened.  He was so aroused, yet so nervous and confused.  Maria sensed every nuance of Stefan's compliance.  She looked down at him, and though he could not look up, she smiled triumphantly.  She ran her hand through Stefan's curls, petting his head softly.  After a few loving strokes, she suddenly grabbed a fistful of his curls and jerked Stefans head back. 

     “Stay!” she commanded.  Stefan wasnt about to move. 

     "Good boy," Maria purred softly, again stroking his curls.  “Or good girl,” she whispered into his ear.

     Maria left Stefan on the bench and entered his classroom.  She told Mollie and Julia about her conquest of their teacher, along with details of Stefan's visible arousal.  The girls quietly opened the door and peeked out to observe their teacher still sitting on the bench as Maria had commanded.  He did not look up.  The girls closed the door and giggled.  They made some plans for the rest of the day. 

     Julia and Mollie gave Maria a tour of the newly decorated classroom, then all three stepped outside into the hallway.  As they stood over him, Stefan slowly looked up.  He saw three sets of blue eyes just above three very devious smiles.

     Mollie sat on the table top, just above Stefan, and kicked off her sneakers.  She then swung her legs and placed her feet on Stefan's lap.  Thin athletic socks covered her feet and she rubbed Stefan's thighs with her toes.  His erection had left a pre-cum stain on his khaki shorts and Mollie immediately noticed. 

     "Will you rub my feet?" she asked. 

     Stefan felt powerless but slowly took one of Mollie's feet in his hands and for the first time in his life, began rubbing a girls foot.  He had dreamt of giving a beautiful girl a foot rub, but never thought he might do so for a dominant little preteen. 

     As Stefan rubbed, Mollie looped a finger through the ring on the choker and held Stefan where she wanted him.  Then she raised the foot in his hands until her toes were just in front of his mouth.  Very softly, she asked, “Kiss?”  Stefan placed his lips on her big toe, kissing a girl for the first time in his life. 

     Mollie lowered her foot so both feet rested on his lap.  Her caressing of his thighs with her feet was now involuntary as she began to feel sensuous and was responding to Stefans loving strokes to her feet.  Her own breathing had quickened.

     Almost immediately, Julia and Maria arranged themselves on either side of their teacher.  They wrapped their arms and legs around Stefans arms and legs … and squeezed.  Stefan was immobile.   Only his hands could move, and they never left Mollies feet. 

     Julia and Maria began speaking softly to Stefan, their faces only inches from his blushing cheeks.  They whispered, cooed, blew softly on his face and ears, giggled, and shook their hair seductively across his face.  Like Mollie, they were also feeling sexual pangs.  Stefans legs and torso were struggling against the restraints of the girls legs and the rhythmic vibrations were felt deep inside them both.  This was a new feeling for both of them and it left the girls wanting more. 

     As Stefan succumbed to the girls power, Maria and Julia used their free arms to open the food from Taco Bell and began eating.  Mollie quickly did the same.  The girls ate and occasionally fed Stefan a tiny morsel.  He was hungry and this only made him hungrier. 

     Rubbing Mollies feet was truly one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life.  He could tell she enjoyed it.  And Maria and Julia had him in their grasp, in more ways than one.  He had worried he would squirt his semen and was desperately fighting the urge.  But he could only fight so long. 

     "Do you have a girlfriend?" Julia asked softly into Stefan's nearby ear. 

     Stefan had been holding back but Julias voice overwhelmed him and he immediately ejaculated into his khaki shorts.  Gasping for air, and thrusting his hips against the soft yet firm pressure of all three girls' legs, Stefan released a lifetime of unfulfilled passion. 

     The girls were speechless and could only watch the involuntary convulsions of the man in their grasp.  Stefan pumped for almost a minute, the thick semen seeping through his khaki shorts and oozing onto his thighs.  He then slumped and the girls realized they needed to support the small young man.

     "Oh my God," Maria finally said, "Are you okay?" 

     But Stefan was in no condition to reply, so the girls talked among themselves.  They knew more about sex than most preteens, thanks to their Moms, Aunts, older friends, and the Internet.  They knew what Stefan had done, and they knew they had caused it. 

     Julia's hand reached into Stefan's pocket and pulled out his keys.  She handed them to Mollie who released her grip on Stefans choker.  She pulled her legs to the side and removed her socks, which had also been covered by semen leaking through the young mans khaki shorts.  Mollie stood and used the keys to unlock the nearby girls' bathroom. 

     Julia and Maria stood and pulled the dazed Stefan to his feet.  They forced him to walk and when he saw he was about to enter the girls' bathroom, he hesitated.  Mollie then reached forward, grabbed the silver ring of the dazed teachers choker, and pulled him into the girls' bathroom. 

     Once inside, the girls locked the door from the inside and pushed Stefan to the floor.  He tried to sit up, but Mollie placed her bare foot on his chest and kept him pinned to the floor.

     The girls stood over their prisoner, their captive, their teacher.  All three said the same thing, though not quite in unison:  "We own you!"

Chapter 3:  Young FemDom

     “Pervert!” said Julia, and she walked over to Stefan, and spat in his face.  She turned so he couldnt see her smiling. 

     Stefan grimaced, but couldnt really move.  He was humiliated by his orgasm, groggy from the force of the ejaculation, and pinned to the cold floor of the girls bathroom by Mollies bare foot. 

     Mollie stood over the conquered man, Julia looked down on him with humorous contempt, and Maria smiled as she kicked apart Stefans legs and placed one foot on Stefans semen-covered shorts, just above his testicles.  She moved her foot back and forth and Stefans penis quickly began to stiffen again.  Maria giggled at the power she wielded.

     Julia sat on Stefans chest, grabbed his thin wrists, and pinned his weak arms just above his head.  She slid forward on his chest until her crotch was just beneath his chin.  Even in his daze, Stefan could notice her distinct, young, female aroma.  He tried to move but Julia was heavy and much stronger so he quickly gave up. 

     Mollie then sat on Stefans belly, back to back with Julia, and began to unhook Stefans belt and shorts.  He could feel her hands working on him, but her weight on his belly, along with Julia on his chest, was causing him difficulty in breathing and he could not resist. 

     Maria knelt and removed Stefans shoes and socks.  “Are you ticklish, Stefan?” she asked. 

     She ran her fingers over the bottom of Stefans feet and he involuntarily kicked his legs up, almost hitting Maria, and Mollie. 

     “Oooh,” said Maria, “Youre very ticklish!” 

     Julia placed both of Stefans skinny wrists in her left hand and used her right hand to begin tickling Stefan under the chin, around his neck and choker, and all over his chest.  She pinched and pulled his nipples.  As Stefan screamed at the combination of pain and pleasure, she used her hand to smother his mouth. 

     “You scream like a girl,” she laughed.  “No more screaming!  Do you understand?” 

     Stefan nodded, though he wasnt sure if he could continue to withstand Marias fingers along his feet.  Julia placed two fingers in Stefans mouth.

     “Suck!” she ordered, and Stefan immediately complied.  “And dont you dare bite me.  Im your Goddess …  Keep sucking, I didnt tell you that you could stop!  Thats it.  Im your Goddess and youre my little slave boy ... Or should I say, little slave girl.  Good girl,” she cooed.  “Such a good little slave girl, sucking her owners fingers obediently."

     Mollie had unhooked Stefans belt and shorts and was pulling off everything, including his boxers.  She handed the belt to Maria, who used it to bind Stefans ankles together.  Maria then sat on Stefans bound legs and continued with her tickling. 

     Mollie laughed and began fondling Stefans small erection and his tiny testicles.  She used the semen from his recent ejaculation as lotion and slowly pumped his slippery penis until it was as hard as possible.

     Julia released Stefans wrists from her tight grasp and commanded him to place his hands under his head.  Stefan continued to suck the fingers on Julias right hand, but immediately placed his hands under his head as directed.  Julia smiled at her obedient captive.  Now she had a free hand to torment him. 

     Julia began running her free hand seductively through her blonde hair, then caressing her teachers face soothingly.  She smiled at him sweetly, as he looked almost baby-like, sucking her fingers, and responding to her caresses with visible pleasure.  Their blues eyes locked, and Stefan experienced a feeling of pleasure he had never felt before.  He was falling in love with Julia, and she knew it.

     Time was not a factor and it had seemed to stand still.  The girls were in no hurry to stop their devious pleasure, and Stefan was simply at their mercy and completely under their control.  The girls would occasionally rotate their positions, each taking turns looking into his eyes, or fondling his penis, or tickling his tiny feet. 

     They talked the entire time, comparing him to other boys they had seen naked, and discussing their plans to dominate their teacher throughout the school year.  Finally they removed the belt from his ankles and stood him up, removed his shirt so he was completely nude, and pushed him in front of the full-length mirror. 

     Mollie and Julia, taller than Maria, pinned Stefans arms behind him.  Maria took charge. 

     “Stefan, darling, do you love me?”  Maria walked in front of him and when Stefan failed to answer, Maria placed his scrotum in her hand and squeezed. 

     Stefan screamed, but Maria quickly placed her other hand over his mouth.  She then used the thumb and forefinger on the same hand to reach up and pinch Stefans nose closed. 

     Julia and Mollie tightened their grips on his arms as Stefan struggled, and Maria stood on his bare feet with her sneakers. 

     “Stefan, sweetie, Im going to ask you again, do you love me?” 

     Maria removed her fingers from his nose and air seeped into Stefans nostrils.  He gasped deeply twice before Maria pinched his nose again. 

     “Answer me!” she demanded. 

     Stefan again struggled against Marias power.  Her tiny hand completely controlled his breathing and he had never felt so helpless in his life. 

     “Say you love me and Ill let you breathe,” she said while giggling softly. 

     To make matters worse, Julia and Maria used their free hands to resume tickling and they ran their fingers around his neck, belly, armpits, and thighs.  They pinched his tiny butt and laughed every time he struggled to jump. 

     One more time, Maria said, “Im waiting Stefan.  If you ever want to breathe again, all you need to do is look into my eyes and tell me you love me.”

     But Stefan never told Maria he loved her.  When she finally allowed him to breathe, he began sobbing and gasping for breath. 

     Julia and Mollie released his arms, and Maria removed her hand from his mouth.  She stepped off his feet.  Only her hand still controlled the crying man as she clutched his testicles.  She kept her grip and led the whimpering, naked little man to one of the bathroom stalls.   She pushed him inside the stall and onto the floor.  Maria aimed a flat palm at the man on the floor. 

     “Stay!” she commanded.

     The girls picked up all of Stefans clothes, and also his wallet and cell phone, unlocked the bathroom door, and stepped out into the hallway.  It was dark outside. 

     The girls were hungry and sat at the picnic table and ate most of their Taco Bell food.  They locked Stefans classroom from the outside with his keys.  They re-entered the girls bathroom and Mollie led the way.  She opened the stall door to find Stefan on the floor, still sobbing. 

     “Ohhhh, poor little baby!” she said mockingly and laughed.  “Look up at me!” she suddenly commanded. 

     Stefan obeyed, tears running down his cheeks, and he looked up at the tall, dominant preteen. 

     “We have to go home.  This is your home tonight.  We have all your keys so you cant get into your apartment.  You cant even get into your classroom.”  She smiled.  “But you can go to the bathroom if you want.” 

     Mollie laughed.  “Little baby.  Here, let me wipe away your tears.” 

     Mollie raised her foot and wiped the tears from one of Stefans cheeks with her big toe.  She held her foot high. 

     “Lick!” she commanded. 

     Stefan had to stretch upwards to reach Mollies toe.  As he almost reached her gorgeous little toe, Mollie pulled away, toying with Stefan like a pet. 

     “I told you to lick!” she said. 

     Stefan tried again and this time Mollie gave her teacher his reward … ever so briefly.  Then she turned and walked away.

     Julia approached the young man on the floor and gently ran her fingers through his curls.  She squatted in front of him.  He looked at her and oddly, the feelings of love he had developed immediately returned.  Julia recognized that look and smiled.  He is just precious, she thought. 

     “I will bring you some clothes tomorrow.  Something cute.”  She paused and stood up, looking down on her smitten object. 

     “Trust me,” she cooed and puckered her lips, giving Stefan a distant kiss.  She stepped back, smiling.

     Maria knelt before the crying teacher and set the bag of remaining Taco Bell food on the floor.  She pulled out a partially-eaten burrito.  She reached over and dipped it into the water in the nearby toilet, then held it before Stefan. 

     “Open your mouth!” she ordered. 

     Stefan opened his mouth obediently, almost involuntarily.  Maria shoved the sopping burrito mixture into Stefans mouth and stepped back. 

     “I told you I would share my food with you,” she laughed.  She looked down at the withered young man with the food in his mouth. 

     “Eat it!” she commanded.  Stefan chewed the food and, with difficulty, swallowed.  Tears again formed in his eyes and Maria smiled. 

     “Good girl.”  She kissed the tip of her index finger and slowly placed it on Stefans nose. 

     “Toodles!” and she walked away with her friends, locking the bathroom door behind them.

Chapter 4:  Blackmail

     The next afternoon, Julia gently pushed the bathroom door from the outside and discovered it was still locked.  She quietly inserted the key, Mollie and Maria huddled close behind her. 

     The girls were excited to see their naked captive.  They had spent the night planning the continued conquest of their new teacher.  They had fallen asleep late, all three snuggling in the same bed at Mollies house.  They slept late, as young girls always do, and Mollies Mom had made them waffles and hot chocolate for brunch. 

     They told Mollies Mom about their new teacher, leaving out only the details of everything sexual and manipulative.  As far as Mollies Mom knew, Mollies teacher was cute, small, and quiet.  But Mollie couldnt wait for her Mom to meet Stefan.  All three girls had dreamt of their single Moms marrying Stefan, and he would become the father they each secretly and desperately longed for.  But there had been a lot of dreams from the girls throughout the night, including Stefan becoming the slightly older husband of each of them, and even Stefan becoming their adopted little sister.

     Stefan had dreamt also.  And each time he had woken up -- scared, disoriented, and cold.  He was terrified of three little girls.  Look what they had done to him:  He was nude, imprisoned in a girls bathroom, starving, and most confusing of all, perpetually aroused.  He thought of masturbating, but the thought sickened him.  These were children.  He was supposed to be an adult role-model. 

     Yes, they had overpowered him, but he convinced himself that he had let them do so.  Between uncomfortable naps throughout the night, he decided that he would soon assert himself as their teacher.  They were not in trouble, he didnt see how he could possibly punish them, but he would not tolerate any additional problems from them.  He would straighten them out.

     Stefan had awoken at sunrise, light barely visible under the bathroom door.  He had unlocked the door and peaked outside, but was almost spotted by some early risers walking their dogs on the school playground.  He would have to wait inside and hope the girls would return.  He was so hungry!  He had finished the partially eaten scraps from the girls Taco Bell dinner, but that had been disgusting.  He walked around the bathroom for hours, used the toilet a few times, and finally succumbed to exhaustion.  He was still sleeping on the bathroom floor when the girls stood over him in the early afternoon.

     They used their digital camera to take pictures of the small young man sleeping on the floor.  He looked so uncomfortable.  They opened their bags and took out everything they would need for Stefans awakening.  They whispered and decided on how they would accomplish this.  They each took an area of his body, knelt, and began kissing and caressing.  By doing so gently, they were able to watch Stefans body relax.  His small penis was at its full four inches, and a smile was beginning to brighten his face.  Stefan was obviously dreaming. 

     Maria moved to Stefans head and very gently lifted his arms.  She placed his arms behind her legs and carefully lowered her body, sitting just at the top of his head and trapping Stefans arms between her folded legs.  Her thighs were snug against each side of his head and he was unable to move.  

     At the same time, Mollie and Julia each took one of Stefans legs and lifted them up and over Stefans head, towards Maria.  Stefans butt was high in the air, his tiny penis pointed down towards his face.  As Stefan began to stir, Mollie and Julia used their body weight to bring his body together, his erect penis just a few inches from his mouth. 

     Maria grabbed a handful of Stefans hair and pulled his head up, closing the gap.  Julia then reached down and looped her finger through Stefans choker ring.  She twisted and pulled firmly, forcing Stefans head even higher.  His penis was now touching his lips and Stefan was awake, but understandably confused.

     “Open!” commanded Maria. 

     When Stefan realized what was happening, he opened his mouth to protest.  But Maria seized the opportunity to tug the handful of hair even higher, forcing Stefans stiff penis into his open mouth.  His arms could not move, trapped between Marias legs.  He looked up and saw the deep blue eyes of Mollie and Julia just above him.  They were smiling. 

     “Pretend youre a girl,” said Mollie. 

     “A flat-chested girl,” added Julia. 

     They both laughed and began bouncing.  This caused Stephans penis to move in and out of his mouth.  He was being forced to pleasure himself orally.

     The girls continued bouncing and Maria laughed joyfully watching her friends having so much fun.  Stefan desperately tried to spit his warm penis out of his mouth, but the bouncing of the girls caused the shaft of his hard penis to press against his teeth.  If Stefans penis had been longer, he would have choked. 

     “You have to squirt,” said Julia.  “Were not going to stop until you do.  Shoot all your cum into your mouth and swallow.  Just like a girl.” 

     Mollie couldnt resist, “You suck cock just like a girl, maybe thats what you really are!  You dont even need to pretend.  Youre a girl!”

     There was something about Mollies dominant girl voice, the bouncing from her and Julia, and Marias complete restraint that sent Stefan into a place he had never been.  It was almost an out-of-body experience.  He saw a cute girl, sucking a cute boy.  Deep inside, he knew he was both the boy and the girl.  It was erotic to watch. 

     And he noticed a dramatic increase in the warmness of the cock in his mouth.  It was almost hot.  A sticky, gooey substance was on his tongue and he knew this was the pre-cum. 

     “Watch this,” Mollie told her friends, and while maintaining her bouncing rhythm with Julia, she began running her fingernails over Stefans small butt.  Julia soon did the same. 

     It was an odd mix of pain and pleasure, but it was the final stimulus Stefan shot a load of his own very warm semen into his mouth again, and again, and again.  He gagged and coughed, and the girls laughed almost hysterically. 

     They continued holding him motionless for several minutes.  Julia let go of his choker ring, and Maria finally released his hair causing his head to fall and the semi-erect penis left his mouth.  Maria made him open his mouth to make sure he had swallowed all of his semen. 

     “Such a good girl!” she said. 

     Stefan was pulled to his feet and the girls made him put on a pair of very tight pink panties and a very small, white training bra. 

     “We threw away your clothes, but I gave my Mom your boxers,” said Julia.  “I told her they were from a secret admirer.  And didnt I promise I would bring you something cute to wear?” 

     Stefan couldnt believe it, but this caused his penis to respond again.  He dreaded this.  He did not want these little girls to make him suck his own penis again. 

     But the girls were busy with other plans.  They pushed him back to the floor and spent the next hour using tweezers to pluck every hair from his body below his eyelashes.  This was especially painful in the armpit, pubic, and facial regions. 

     The little Princesses then rubbed depilatory cream over the plucked regions to slow the re-growth of his body hair.  Their small fingers caressed every inch and Stefan found himself once again, aroused.

     Julia then began brushing Stefans curls while Mollie and Maria began plucking his eyebrows and applying make-up.  A few minutes later, he was forced to stand in front of the girls bathroom mirror.  The girls held him tightly and laughed at what they had done to their teacher.  The young man looked like a 13 year old girl.  He had just the right amount of make-up to accentuate his naturally feminine features.  And his hair was now straight and tied back in a pony tail.  He looked like a little soccer girl, standing in a locker room before practice, in just a training bra, panties, and choker.

     The girls took more photos, taking turns posing with the helpless young man.  Stefans plans for standing up to these girls had disappeared with the semen down his throat.  He was powerless and they did indeed own him. 

     “You must be starved,” said Julia.  “Poor baby.  Are you hungry?” 

     Stefan looked ravaged as he nodded his head, eagerly hoping for food. 

     “Well, we have waffles!” said Mollie.

     Mollie took Stefan by the hand and led him to the far stall.  She pointed at the toilet. 

     “Dont worry, were not going to make you lick the inside of a toilet.  But you know we could make you do it, dont you?” 

     Stefan nodded obediently. 

     “We also know you like little girls.  Your weenie gets hard when youre with us and that means youre a pervert.  So were going to punish you for being a weirdo.  Youre going to clean little girls toilet seats.  Wipe the waffles over each seat, where all the little girls sit, and then eat the waffle.  Three toilet seats, three waffles …” 

     She paused and smiled, “And you have three Owners.”

     Mollie bent and spat on the toilet seat.  And she continued to spit until the entire seat was covered with her spit. 

     Stefan could hear Julia and Maria spitting on the other two seats in the adjacent stalls. 

     Mollie handed him his first waffle.  Stefan began wiping Mollies spit.  When the seat was dry, and Mollie was satisfied, she ordered him to eat the waffle.  He did so and the mere thought of what he was doing almost caused him to vomit.  Fortunately, there was not much food in his system. 

     He then did the same for Julias toilet seat and finally, Marias.  When he was finished, the girls made him kneel before them.

     They gave Stefan his instructions for the day.  They made it very clear that failure to do exactly as they said would result in the photos being shown to their Moms, the Principal, and the Police.  Stefan was blackmailed and there was nothing he could do but submit. 

     He was to remain kneeling and count to 100 for each of his new Princesses.  He was then allowed to get dressed in the clothes they had brought him a very tight pair of lime green stretch shorts and a small, matching top which exposed his midriff.  They would allow him to wear boy clothes to school at least a little longer, but he was directed to wear the training bra and tight panties under his clothes to school every day.  They promised there would be unannounced “panty checks”. 

     Julia then tied a friendship bracelet onto his right wrist.  Maria and Mollie knelt behind him and tied one around each ankle.  He was told that these were symbols of their Ownership and only they were allowed to remove them.  They made him promise to wear them as a loyal servant.  Stefan promised. 

     The girls then took hair bands out of their hair and shook loose their ponytails.  They each put their hair band on Stefans left wrist.  They explained that he was to carry these for them at all times for when they wanted to tie up their hair.  Again, his Owners were the only ones who could remove them.  

     Mollie then took a notebook and Stefan was forced to give the girls his full name, social security number, phone numbers, address, e-mail accounts and passwords.  Stefan had forgotten about his wallet, but Julia pulled it out of the bag with his new girl clothes.  She opened it and he saw that everything, credit cards, money, etc., was gone, except for his drivers license.  Mollie looked over at the license to check that the information he had given was correct and then Julia inserted a picture of each of them. 

     “We noticed you dont have any pictures of girls.  Youre such a loser, but you can have pictures of us since you have to worship us!  By the way, we used your keys to go into your apartment last night.  Your license gave us the address and Mollies Mom took us.  We told her it was a friends apartment.  We took your laptop and you better hope you gave us the right passwords.  Were going to change them and then give it back to you … Dont cry!  Ohhhhhh, little baby.” 

     Julia reached out and pet the head of the man as tears ran down his cheeks.  He didnt want to cry, he told himself, but they made him.  They completely controlled his life.

     “Make sure you go in your classroom and look at what weve done,” said Mollie.  “But you better not change anything.  Its exactly the way we want it.” 

     Mollie dangled Stefans keys in front of him, then walked to a stall and threw the keys in the toilet. 

     “Fetch!” she said. 

     Stefan stood up but his path was blocked by Maria. 

     “Mollie told you to Fetch!  That means she thinks youre a doggie and doggies dont stand up and walk.” 

     Stefan dropped to his knees and as he did so, Maria slapped his face hard. 

     “Ooops.”  She giggled.  She told her friends, “Ive always wanted to do that to someone.” 

     Then she told Stefan, “Youre the only person I know who would kneel there and just let me do that.  God, I love you!  Now be a good girl and go fetch your keys.  You can get them out with your hand, I mean paw (giggling), but we want them between your teeth when you bring them to us.  Ready … Fetch!” 

     Stefan walked on all fours to the toilet.  He reluctantly stuck his hand in the water.  It was disgusting but he got the keys and placed them between his teeth, some of the toilet water dripping into his mouth.  He turned and walked back on all fours to demonstrate his obedience to his Owners, but the girls had left the bathroom.


Chapter 5:  School Begins

     “Good morning class, my name is Mr. Nelson and Im your 6th grade teacher.” 

     Stefan looked at the 20 young faces watching him intently and felt satisfied.  He was finally teaching.  The hell from the past two days was behind him.  The friendship bracelets, hair bands on his wrist, choker around his neck and smooth tight panties and training bra he was wearing reminded him of the humiliation he had suffered from the three little girls.  He knew he was owned, but he thought it might be possible to also be a good teacher.

     He saw Maria, Julia, and Mollie in the back of the classroom, all three sitting at the large teachers desk they had commandeered for themselves, whispering and smiling as Stefan did his best to stay focused.

     Stefan had emerged from the girls bathroom the previous afternoon after 24 hours of nude confinement.  He had not seen the girls while putting the final touches on his room and lessons, and had somehow made it home still dressed as a little girl.  He hated to admit it, but he enjoyed being forced to become a girl. 

     Stefan had received a phone call from his Owners when he returned to his apartment.  The girls had giggled, but had actually apologized for making him cry.  They assured him that they loved him and were eager to begin school the next day. 

     When the call ended, he looked around and noticed they had been in his apartment.  All of his boxer shorts had been replaced with several pairs of very small panties.  Most were white or pink and it was obvious they had been worn previously there were even some faint stains.  He was worried about his credit cards and money that the girls had taken, and his checkbook and passport, which had been hidden under his boxers, were also missing.

     Stefans lessons had gone very well.  It was a surprise to him, but he seemed to have a gift for teaching.  His first math lesson had actually excited the kids, and he had followed that with a literature lesson by reading aloud from “Alice in Wonderland”. 

     At the first recess, the boys in his class had disappeared to play football, but most of the girls, including girls from other classes and grades, had chosen to spend time with Stefan.  They complimented him on his teaching skills and bragged to students in other classes how cool their new teacher was.  They asked him one question after another, gushing within, and overwhelming him.  But he noticed his three tormenters had distanced themselves. 

     He finally saw them on the playground.  Julia, Mollie, and Maria were each leading a young student around the large playground by a leash, tied to the students necks with plastic jump ropes.  Julia led a little boy, and Maria and Mollie each had a little girl.  The dominant preteens laughed and tugged viciously on the leashes as the helpless, but smiling boy and girls had no decision but to follow.  Stefans penis moved inside the panties he was wearing.  He actually felt a bit jealous. 

     Recess ended, and the girls led their captives to their classrooms, finally untying the jump ropes and releasing the victims to join their classmates.  They walked past Stefan on their way into the room and smiled at him knowingly.  

     Julia seized Stefans left wrist and removed a hair band.  She leaned forward and let her hair fall downward.  She scooped it into a ponytail and deftly attached the hair band.  She then reached to the other hair bands on his thin wrist, pulled tightly and snapped them.  Stefan grimaced at the pain, and Julia smiled. 

     Mollie and Maria laughed as Julia walked away.  Stefan looked longingly after the pretty blonde preteen.  All three girls could see the look on his face and they were bright enough to perceive just how he felt.  It was exactly the mixed feelings they hoped he would feel.

     As the day continued, Stefans teaching skills became even stronger.  Every kid was hooked and he knew he was making a difference.  They would enjoy attending school, and he knew they would learn. 

     But he also noticed the look on the faces of many of the girls.  Many were developing their first crushes, and Stefan was the object of their affection.  He felt uneasy, but he couldnt help but notice that most of the girls were very cute.  The girls used every opportunity to get near him, and even touch him.

     At lunch, Stefan stood at the picnic table and every girl wanted to sit beside him.  He wanted to avoid conflict, and it was Maria who came to the rescue.  She began assigning seats at the crowded picnic table and surprisingly, every kid obeyed her. 

     Mollie found a very tiny chair, from one of the younger grades.  This was placed at the head of the table and Julia guided Stefan to his lunch spot.  Maria then handed Stefan a brown paper bag, decorated with flowers. 

     “We made you a special lunch,” she said. 

     Stefan opened the bag and found a plastic wrapper and a small note.  He opened the note so no one else could see it.  It read, “Steffi.  You are our favorite teacher ever.  We will bring you lunch every day this year.  We hope you enjoy every bite.  XOXOXO, Your Owners.” 

     Stefan pulled out the plastic wrapper, opened it and found his lunch a very soggy waffle.

     When the school day ended, Stefan had to admit that it had been a great day.  The kids were happy, he had taught well, and he had avoided any real humiliation from the girls.  Even the dreaded “panty check” had not taken place.  Yet he admitted to himself that the tight smooth panties felt good.  Even if no panty checks would occur daily, he decided he would wear panties every day.  He enjoyed the erotic feeling, and he wanted to obey his Owners.

     Immediately after school, parents mingled in the classroom, most stopping to introduce themselves to Stefan.  As he talked, he was interrupted by Mollie.  She held up his laptop and handed it to him. 

     “Mr. Nelson, I downloaded those pictures you wanted.” 

     The parents looked at him questioningly as Mollie walked away, smiling as she walked to Maria and Julia.  The girls then went home.  Stefan was embarrassed and scared, but hopefully the parents would not report what they had heard.

     When Stefan arrived home, he turned on his laptop and discovered his new pink background.  “IM A LITTLE PRINCESS”, it said with lots of photos of very young girls dressed scantily.  There was no nudity, but the background scared Stefan it looked illegal. 

     He then checked his e-mail.  His box was full.  He began opening the messages and learned that he had been signed up for membership to numerous child and preteen modeling sites. 

     There were also lots of e-mails from Maria, Julia, and Mollie.  These contained instructions, including an assignment to view the website of a different preteen model each night.  He was to download his 5 favorite photos of each girl and provide a caption why he preferred each photo. 

     The second part of his assignment was to write a “love letter” to each model and send it to her by e-mail.  Both of these assignments were to also be e-mailed to Julia, Maria, and Mollie.  They made it very clear that this was serious and they expected their personal servant to do exactly as they ordered.

     Stefan dreaded this, but knew he must comply.  He logged onto one of the websites with one of the three new passwords the girls had changed “GoddessMaria”, or “PrincessJulia”, or “QueenMollie”.  He had to try each one to find the password that might work. 

     Once logged on, he found the model.  The little girl had Eastern European features.  She was very young and very cute, just like Stefans students.  There were hundreds of photos in the members section and the girl was dressed in a variety of revealing outfits.  Most photos were inappropriate and made the girl exude sexuality.  Stefan looked at them briefly.  He did not feel comfortable doing this and was paranoid that the police might kick in his door at any moment. 

     He wanted to simply download the first five photos, but knew the girls would question why he had chosen them.  So he spent an hour looking at the photos, dreading that he would be doing this for at least one hour each night.  He decided on five photos, each with the girl in a different outfit, and downloaded them.  He wrote a caption for each, expressing why he felt the girl was attractive, and sent this to his Owners. 

     Stefan then wrote the model a love letter, complimenting her on her looks, outfits, and poses.  He hoped this was all his tormenters wanted.  He sent them a copy of the love letter, organized his e-mails, and with relief, closed his laptop.  He was exhausted and ready for an early bedtime.  Then his phone rang.

    A familiar voice began reading the love letter, which he had only sent a few minutes earlier.  He heard lots of giggling while the letter was read.  Then there was a long pause. 

     Then the three voices said, “check your e-mail, PERVERT!” 

     They hung up, and Stefan reluctantly turned his laptop back on.  He had a new e-mail.  The message read, “Girly Girl. You are busted!  Have lunch with us tomorrow in your room.  We have a special assignment for you.  Dream about us tonight!  Thats an order!  TaTa.  XOXOXO.  Your loving Owners.”

Chapter 6:  Mean Girls

     Stefan was one of those individuals who needed plenty of sleep to function well at least 10 hours a night.  But since meeting the three little tormenters, he had lay awake at night and his exhaustion was building.  He was also hungry most of the time.  He didnt have time for breakfast, and the girls had begun their plan to starve him by controlling his food at lunch.  By dinner, he was once again too tired to eat. 

     He arrived at school for his second day of teaching and was fueled only by adrenaline.  He had another wonderful morning, but he was anxious about his lunchtime commitment.  Numerous parents had visited the principal to compliment his first day of teaching. 

     The principal had commended Stefan and candidly stated that he would be on his own, she had plenty of complaints about most of the other teachers to deal with.  This was a blessing for Stefan.  He knew that administrators could see any hint of problems if they hovered around his class.  He was glad they would stay away.

     At lunch, Stefan dismissed his class to lunch, but Julia, Maria, and Mollie stayed behind.  Stefan locked his classroom door.  Walked to his Owners, and dropped to his knees before them. 

     “Come!” Maria ordered. 

     She looped her finger through the silver ring on his choker and tugged.  Stefan followed the girls on his hands and knees.  They opened the storage closet, waited until he was inside, and closed the door. 

     Mollie immediately sat on his back and Stefan struggled to support her weight.  Julia stood in front and stepped on his hands.  Maria walked behind him, reached under him to unhook his belt and shorts, and announced, “Panty Check!”

     “We have a new way for you to teach,” Julia began.  “Weve divided the class into 4 groups.  I am going to control the boys.  Theyll do anything I tell them.  Maria and Mollie have divided the 8 cool girls into groups, and you will have to teach the 4 girls we hate.  You have to tell the class that this is your idea and make them like it.  But really, were in charge.” 

     While she was talking, Mollie had been running her fingers through Stefans curls.  He loved the feeling of being treated like her pet.  He could also feel Maria behind him, pulling down his panties, stroking his small penis, and cupping his testicles.  She pulled a hair band from her hair and tied it tightly around his scrotum.  She reached up and pulled another band from Mollies hair and secured this one tightly around the head of Stefans circumcised penis.  Both bands were very painful. 

     Maria then took a long piece of thick string, looped it through the hair band around the head of his penis and pulled the string back tightly.  Stefan grimaced in pain.  Maria ran the string through the young mans butt crack and up to the back of the choker around his neck.  She tied off the end and then plucked the string to test the tightness.  Stefan involuntarily screamed in pain.  His penis was pulled back and pointing in the opposite direction he was facing.  His testicles were trapped and smashed up against his butt.

     Maria pulled his panties up and rubbed her hand over the smooth front. 

     “Nope, no weenie in there,” she said.  “Feels just like a little girls pussy.  No hair, no boy parts, just smooth and flat panties.” 

     All three girls laughed and Maria adjusted Stefans shorts, and re-buckled his belt. 

     She walked around to face him, and said, “If you ever hope to pee straight again, you better handle this assignment just right.  And if you do, well remove the bands at the end of school today.”

     “Lunch time,” Julia announced.  “Come!” 

     Julia and Maria opened the closet door.  Mollie straddled Stefan more comfortably, grabbed a handful of hair, and ordered him to follow Julia and Mollie on his hands and knees, riding her teacher like a pony. 

     Once in the classroom, Julia and Maria got their lunch, and Mollies, from their backpacks.  They arranged chairs on each side of Stefan, took off their shoes, and placed their feet on his back.  Mollie stayed on Stefans back and the three had one of the most enjoyable school lunches ever.  They occasionally put a tiny bite of food in Stefans mouth, but his hunger would continue.  They chatted about their teaching plans and laughed.  It was as if Stefan were not even there.  But the bell soon rang and lunch ended. 

     Stefan was given permission to stand and the girls welcomed their classmates back inside.  Stefan then announced that the class would be divided as the girls had determined, only he stated it was his decision.  The class immediately went to their leader. 

     The 5 boys found Julia in the back of the room, and she nicely, but firmly, instructed the 5 boys to kneel on the floor in front of her.  James, Eric, Robert, Lance, and Clay.  She instructed them that she was in charge of them, and they would do as she said.  She was only 13, but her tone was that of maternal dominance.

     Mollie took her 4 girls outside.  Isabelle, Maddie, Lexi, and Elizabeth.  She gave the girls very specific instructions on how they were to begin dressing for school.  The girls were to wear tight jean shorts with black tights underneath.  They must wear white, long-sleeve blouses, long earrings, bracelets for their wrists and ankles, and black chokers around their necks. Most importantly, Mollie told the girls they must wear short boots with pointed toes and heels.  If any parents objected, the girls should change into these clothes at school. 

     Mollie explained to the girls that older boys were attracted to little girls who knew how to take charge.  The girls were to be bossy to their siblings at home, and to any students in the school, regardless of age.  Mollie was a good teacher, and she would make sure her girls used their intelligence to develop their girl power.  Her little girls were very excited to learn from such a dominant presence as Mollie.

     Maria kept her 4 little girls inside and similar to Mollie, explained a very strict dress code.  To exert her control, she used hair bands to make tight ponytails for each of the girls.  She tugged on each girls hair to make sure they felt her power.  She then gripped 2 ponytails with each hand and held all 4 girls closely as she set her rules.  Jillian, Helen, Stephanie, and Samantha.  Her girls were to wear plaid skirts with blue, knee-high socks.  They were not allowed to wear shoes at school. 

     Maria explained that older boys and older girls found little girls very attractive, especially if they could catch a glimpse of their private parts.  And older boys and older girls really liked little girls who knew how to please them.  Therefore, the girls were forbidden from wearing bras and panties.  They were ordered to wear very short and tight t-shirts which would show off their developing nipples, and parts of their bellies.

     Stefan met his 4 girls and understood why they were not placed in the other groups.  They were sweet, but not very smart.  He worked hard to teach them, but they needed lots of extra time.  They were ostracized by their classmates and though Stefan gave them plenty of attention, they were not happy to be alienated from their classmates.  They were cute girls, but Stefan could see some of the characteristics which would cause his Owners to hate them.  Cameron was too pretty.  Brianna wasnt fat, but she was heavy.  And the twins, Amber and Emily, were too dependent on each other to give significant attention to anyone else.

     This system, devised by the girls, was quite good.  They had obviously played school many times as children and were confident these groupings would work.  Stefan noticed that Julia, Maria, and Mollie were obeyed without question.  They were truly meant to be in charge.

     When the school day ended, and the parents had cleared the room, Stefans Owners locked his classroom door and led him by the hand into the storage room.  They ordered him to strip and he did so without hesitation.  The girls then caressed every inch of Stefans body.  His tucked and tied penis strained to become erect, but the restraints prevented any arousal whatsoever.  And as the girls caressed and fondled, they were careful not to touch his private area.  They were going to see just how blue they could make Stefans testicles. 

     The hair bands wrapped around his scrotum and penis head were becoming increasingly tighter.  Yet despite the pain, Stefan quivered and was delirious with exhilaration.  And the girls loved him this way for over an hour.  They were being mean to him, but in a sensuous way.  They were slowly torturing him.  They knew he was hungry and they could tell he was exhausted.  And yet they smiled at their captive, and each other, as they continued with their torments.

     When Stefans testicles were discolored and pressing so tightly against the hair band they looked as if they would explode, the girls slowly began to release the string, and both of the hair bands.  Stefan wanted to scream from the pain as blood rushed back into his private area, but his mouth was muzzled by Mollies hand.  He was forced to the floor on his back and, just like two days earlier, the girls folded him back and forced his penis near his mouth.  This time Maria and Julia stroked his penis while Mollie secured his arms and rested Stefans head between her thighs.  Julia again pulled Stefans choker until he was almost face to face with the blonde beauty.  He genuinely loved her and as their eyes locked, Julia smiled.  She loved him also.

     It didnt take long for Stefan to ejaculate.  The girls directed the hot stream of semen to each eye, his hair, and all over his face.  Stefan almost lost consciousness, and while he was deep in bliss, Mollie used her hand to spread the semen into his nose, his ears, his eyebrows, his curly hair, and across his lips.  Stefan was incoherent, but obeyed Mollies command to suck the semen from her fingers. 

     Julia and Maria released Stefans legs and they both leaned forward and let saliva drool from their mouths to Stefans, where Mollie made sure he swallowed it also. 

     Julia said, “Swallow as much of our spit as you can.  Our girl juice will go inside of you and one day, it might turn you into a pretty little girl like us.  One day very soon.” 

     And all three girls laughed knowingly.

     The girls stood up.  Julia placed several more hair bands on the prone boys left wrist.  She gave one to Mollie who grabbed a handful of Stefans hair and looped a hair band around it. 

     “Ohhhh, look at the cute little girl.  She would rather swallow than spit.” 

     All three laughed and Mollie added, “well, his mouth swallows, but his weenie likes to spit … all over his face”. 

     Mollie scooped some of the drying semen from one of Stefans cheeks with one of her little fingers and stuck the fingers between his puckered lips. 

     “Swallow!” she ordered him, before all three laughed even more.

     “Watch this,” said Maria. 

     She lifted Stefans arm and placed her mouth on it.  Stefan, still very groggy, looked over and locked eyes with this very beautiful little girl.  He could tell she was smiling … and then the pain began.  She was biting his arm and grinding her teeth. 

     Mollie still had her fingers in his mouth and controlled his head.  Julia sat on his thighs and began playing with his penis and testicles, just like a curious little girl.  Stefan could only lie there and let these girls do anything they wanted.  After all, they were his Owners.

Chapter 7:  Teacher/Student Love

     As the first week of school came to a close, Stefan felt pleased.  His students were happy, and so were their parents.  Many had complimented him on his teaching methods.  Specifically, they mentioned their own childrens admiration of their class leaders, Maria, Mollie, and Julia.

     Stefan had become closer to the 4 girls in his group.  The girls had developed a crush on Stefan, and one girl in particular, Cameron, was beginning to receive increased attention from Stefan.  Cameron was the second most beautiful girl in the school.  His three Owners were tied for first.  He knew if he didnt genuinely believe this, they would somehow know. 

     But Cameron was striking.  Tall, with the figure of a teenager, she had sparkling green eyes and natural tanned skin.  She had developed a habit of brushing against Stefans body every time they were near and he was beginning to look forward to her constant touches.

     Stefan observed the other groups, from a distance, throughout the week.  His Owners had the class completely under their control, and all students were required to hug their leaders at different points in the day. 

     Mollie kept her girls outside most of the day, hiding behind the nearby gymnasium.  She found ways for the girls to demonstrate their power around the school.  Her girls found younger boys and girls on the playground, convinced them to play their game, and captured them.  Once under the girls control, the children were taken to hidden areas of the school, called “prisons” by the girls.  The children were made to eat grass and were forbidden to speak.  They were required to kiss the dominant girls feet to earn their freedom.  Mollie explained that most people in the world would gladly serve the girls.  It was up to the girls to find them, and control them.  The girls loved Mollie and believed her without question.

     Julia kept her 5 boys under voice control.  They were active boys, but Julia always channeled their energy in the direction she wanted.  She made certain they adored her, and they did.  Between lessons, she would let them take a quick walk to the other side of the playground where they could pick a small flower to bring back to her.  The boys were infatuated with their service to her.  She would reward them by spitting the gum from her mouth into the mouth of the boy who begged to her high expectations.  She took them to the bathroom and other places as a group, making them hold hands while she strolled behind them, occasionally giving commands.  She made each of them find a young boy at the school, build his trust as a buddy, and then introduce the boy to Julia, who would reward her student with a hug.

     Maria had seized control of her girls quickly as well.  Even though she was a bit heavy, she convinced her submissive girls to begin losing weight so they could become more attractive to older boys.  She made them drink lots of water throughout the day and controlled their bathroom privileges.  For lunch, the 4 girls shared a small bag of microwave popcorn and one diet soda, which they all drank from the same can.  She gave them a snack in the morning, one apple for all 4 to share, and another shared apple in the afternoon.  She chided them harshly if they ate a breakfast or dinner that wasnt to her specifications.  Maria was teaching them that it was important to be attractive to others.  Her girls were losing weight and feeling weak, but trusted Maria to teach them well.

     Stefan had completed his writing assignments each evening, viewing the websites of preteen models, and sending the required e-mails.  The night before, he had opened the website of a model and found that he was becoming aroused.  This bothered him tremendously.  He could almost justify his erections with his Owners, since they were responsible, but never thought he could voluntarily masturbate while thinking of a very young girl.                            

     But this website had featured a young girl wearing many revealing outfits of tight dark clothing, boots, black stockings, and a very dominant demeanor.  As Stefan scrolled through the photos, he found that he was spending more time on each photo than usual.  Soon his penis was fully erect and he began stroking it.  He ejaculated twice within a few minutes, then felt terrible pangs of guilt and paranoia as he completed his required assignment for Julia, Mollie, and Maria.

     The next evening, Stefan opened the website of the next child model with more enthusiasm than usual.  And he couldnt believe what he was seeing it was Cameron!  Her name was different on the website, “Preteen Model Misty”, but it was his student, Cameron.  Stefan became immediately erect.  She was even more beautiful than she was when brushing up against him every day.  She modeled swimsuits, bras and panties, very short nightgowns, tights, and other revealing clothing.  Stefan stared at each of the hundreds of pictures and several hours passed by.  He had just shot his 4th load of ejaculate in honor of Cameron when exhaustion took over and he fell into a deep sleep on his living room floor.

     He slept for 24 hours, arising only once to pee.  He was awaken by Mollie, Maria, and Julia.  They had made a copy of the key to his apartment.  The girls walked in as if they owned the place.  They explained that Julias Mom was waiting in the car and they could only stay a moment.  They demanded to know why he had not completed his assignment the previous evening.  When Stefan stammered and bowed his head, Julia ordered him to his knees.  She slapped his face several times while Mollie went to his laptop to view his Internet history. 

     After a moment, Mollie announced, “He found it.  He knows.” 

     Maria came from the other room to look at the laptop and laughed.  “Oh Steffi, youre such a perv!”

     Julia said, “Did you jerk off to Cameron?  Tell me the truth.  Ill know if you dont.” 

     Stefan nodded his head. 

     Julia demanded, “With your fingers, tell me how many times.” 

     Stefan slowly raised his hand, indicating 4 fingers. 

     Julia slapped his face 4 more times. 

     Maria and Mollie took the laptop and all 3 girls left the apartment leaving Stefan on the floor crying from the face slaps.

     The next day, Sunday, the girls walked into his apartment again, around noon, carrying his laptop.  Stefan was ordered to strip and kneel before the 3 young girls.  Julia opened the laptop to indicate a new background.  It was a photo of a very young girl.  She was wearing dark, thigh-high nylon stockings, long earrings, and nothing else. 

     It was Cameron.  She looked so young and so seductive.  The fingers of one hand were wrapped around a strand of her thick light brown hair, which was being licked seductively by her tongue.  The fingers of her other hand were poised high on her stocking-covered thigh. 

     Stefan was very unusual.  This was the first female he had ever seen naked.  Camerons breasts were very tiny, but obviously beginning to develop, and her labia were clearly visible and hairless.  Rather than feeling repulsed, Stefan felt his breath quicken. 

     “Shes beautiful, isnt she?” asked Maria. 

     Stefan responded hypnotically, “Yes”. 

     “Do you love Cameron?”  But this time Maria only laughed and flicked his hard penis with the tip of her sandal.  “Well, lets see if we can hook you two up.”

    A few months earlier, Cameron and her Mom had met a man and woman who promised to turn Cameron into a famous model.  She had become famous alright, and had even made a considerable sum of money, but the couple had manipulated her into making photos and videos which were not only explicit, but illegal.  Considering her role in promoting child pornography, Camerons Mom had not gone to the police, but accepted a payoff to terminate Camerons contract.  She and her little girl had both learned a very painful lesson. 

     Cameron had confided in her friends at the time:  Mollie, Maria, and Julia.  The girls had never really liked Cameron, but like most manipulative little girls, they could pretend to do so when it suited their needs.  They had played Cameron perfectly.  She trusted them and told them every detail of her life, only to have them turn every classmate against her.  School had ended and her summer had been lonely and miserable. 

     Camerons new teacher was the best thing that had happened in her life.  She genuinely loved Stefan and, even though she was a preteen, she yearned for him physically.  She had started carrying several pairs of panties to school in her backpack, changing them throughout the day when they became wet.  And she had begun masturbating, often climaxing several times every evening.

     Maria, Mollie, and Julia laid out their plan to Stefan.  He was blackmailed and only one quick phone call away from going to prison for many years.  He was ordered to fall in love with Cameron immediately.

     His Owners made him call her at home.  The girls had put the call on speaker phone and when Cameron came on the line, Mollie grabbed Stefans stiff penis and began stroking vigorously.  Stefan gasped and quickly asked Cameron if they could Instant Message.  Cameron giggled and asked for Stefans e-mail address.  She hung up and within a minute, they were chatting on-line. 

     Only it was Julia and Maria, pretending they were Stefan, who were replying to Camerons messages.  While they were chatting with Cameron on his laptop, poor Stefan was being teased mercilessly by Mollie.  One hand on his warm, swollen penis, and her other hand covering his mouth. 

     By the time Stefan ejaculated, Cameron had received confirmation on her laptop that her 22 year old teacher found her “smart, hot, and sexy”. 

     Cameron replied, “UR hot 2!  I knew U were the 1 for me.  TTYL.  Luv, Cams”.

     The girls gave Stefan his instructions for the week as he knelt before them, dazed from the orgasm at Mollies hands. 

     “You are about to see how girls treat other girls,” said Julia.  “And you better pay attention, because youre about to become a little girl yourself Steffi!”

Chapter 8:  Girl Power

     Stefan and Cameron flirted for the next two weeks.  They smiled, laughed, and touched throughout the day.  Stefans feelings of guilt were quashed repeatedly and immediately by his evil temptresses.  And though he felt he loved Cameron, his Owners controlled him.  So he didnt really love her.

     Julia, Maria, and Mollie organized a class sleepover in the classroom on Friday night.  This idea was promoted as a bonding experience, but considering the girls plans to tie up many of their classmates, the parents had no idea just how bonding this experience might be.

     The kids arrived at sunset on Friday evening.  Hugs were exchanged and the parents entrusted Stefan with their children.  Then the girls took over.  They began with a “Capture the Flag” game on the playground in the dark.  However, “prisoners” had their hands tied tightly behind their backs by the girls.  Stefan, who was told to play as one of the kids, had his hands bound also. 

     Soon, every child was bound, though still able to walk and run.  Maria ended the game and called her classmates and teacher together.  Everyone knelt before her and Julia and Mollie.  The bossy little girls tied a plastic jump rope around the neck of each student and led them by this leash to the bathrooms.  Each girl helped their students pee even though their hands were tied behind their backs.  Julia pulled each boys penis out and after the urine was drained in the urinal, gave each boy a few loving strokes.

     Maria and Mollie lined their girls up, removed everyones panties, and made everyone watch as each girl sat, peed, and was wiped dry by Maria or Mollie. 

     Stefans group was not allowed to pee, but made to walk around the playground in the dark, forbidden to speak.  Mollie soon came to the playground and led Stefan and his 4 girls to the classroom by their leash. 

     Once in the classroom, Mollie untied Stefan and Cameron.  She gave each of them the end of the others jump rope and sent them to sit in a corner of the classroom.  Mollie then led Brianna over to the corner and handed her jump rope leash to Cameron. 

     “You two lovebirds can have Brianna for the entire evening.  Make her do anything you want.” 

     Mollie pulled Briannas ponytail, forcing her to the floor beside Stefan and Cameron.  Stefans other 2 girls, the twins Emily and Amber, were turned over to Julia for the evening.

     Julia had taken her boys and the twin girls into the connecting classroom and closed the door.  She closed the blinds and ordered the 5 little boys to strip.  They obeyed her immediately.  Julia then organized nude wrestling matches for the boys, giving just a few rules, then having Emily and Amber make a chart on the white board to keep track of winners and losers. 

     The boys laughed and grappled for over an hour, sometimes sporting erections.  Winners were allowed to kiss Julias hand, losers received a painful slap in the face from each of the twin girls.  Emily and Amber would spit on their hand before slapping, which added to the physical sting.

     When the wrestling ended, Julia made the boys put their hands on their heads and marched them outside.  She hosed them thoroughly with cold water, then ordered them to dry each other with small hand towels.  Julia took the boys back inside.  She lit a candle and turned off the lights. 


     Julia made them kneel before her and told them a story about a beautiful princess who was cared for by a team of brave young men.  The boys beamed and when Julia finished the story, she reached out to stroke each boys hair.  The boys were then told to take turns laying their nude bodies across the laps of Amber and Emily.  The girls gave each of the boys bottoms a firm, barehanded spanking. 

     Julia then laid out 2 sleeping bags, one small and one a double.  She chose two boys to get into the small one.  The boys were naked, but immediately obeyed her.  She then told the other 3 boys to cram into the double bag and they did so.  With the boys lying on the floor, their nude bodies held tight together by the sleeping bags, Julia brought them even closer together by tying long strands of rope tightly around each bag.  She then pulled the drawstring, tightening the top of each bag securely around their necks, trapping the squirming boys inside the bags with their nude buddies. 

     Julia told the boys they must sleep until she woke them.  She blew out the candle and the boys immediately fell asleep.  Julia then stripped Emily and Amber of their clothing.  They were told to watch the sleeping boys throughout the night, and occasionally pet the boys heads gently.  They were not allowed to sleep, and they would receive their clothing the following morning.  Julia smiled and walked away, exuding in her power as a dominant preteen girl.

     When Julia entered Stefans classroom, she saw that Marias submissive girls were wearing full light-pink leotards, which they had all been told to bring.  Their hands had been retied behind their backs, and jump ropes were still tied around their necks.  Mollie and Maria would occasionally grab a rope and give a girl a vicious tug. 

     The girls were eating bananas.  More accurately, they were sucking bananas held by the bossy girls from Mollies group.  The bananas were squirted with chocolate syrup and the girls were only allowed to suck the banana after the banana had been licked clean of syrup. 

     The girls in Mollies group wore their usual white blouses, jean shorts and black tights.  Their black boots had been polished by Stefan and his girls after school. 

     While the dominant girls held the bananas with one hand near their lap, their other hand gripped the hair of each submissive girl licking and sucking, holding them close to the banana.  When Mollie and Maria were satisfied with a submissive girls sucking technique,  the banana was covered with syrup again and another girl would lick and suck the same banana.

     Stefan and Cameron were snuggling in a corner of the classroom, giggling quietly and watching the girls suck bananas.  Brianna knelt quietly and obediently beside them.  Cameron had tied Briannas jump rope leash to a desk.  Cameron and Stefan had not given her any commands, but Brianna was scared that Mollie might return so she remained submissive. 

     Cameron held Stefans leash and kept it tight, but she herself was being held securely by Stefan, who gripped her wrists as tightly as his weak arms would allow.  Cameron could have easily overpowered her teacher, but she did not want to.  Her arms were wrapped around the front of her body and she squirmed nonstop, only pretending to want freedom.  Secretly, she wanted Stefan to hold her forever.  Mollie, Maria, and Julia knew this and had commanded Stefan to hold Cameron this way.  Their legs were entwined and both had large wet spots on the front of their shorts. 

     Stefan was erect and his penis pressed tightly inside his panties.  Cameron was sexually precocious and rubbed her butt and crotch teasingly around his stiffness.  Stefan used his face to nuzzle both sides of the little girls neck and she responded breathlessly with orgasmic jerking motions.  Julia, Mollie, and Maria watched the two while still supervising the banana sucking.  They smiled.  Stefan was doing everything they had ordered.

     After 2 hours of licking and sucking bananas, the girls were led by their jump rope leashes for a quick, barefoot walk around the neighborhood in the late evening.  Stefan, Cameron, and Brianna had their leashes held tightly by Julia and joined the girls for the brisk walk. 

     Upon return to Stefans classroom, everyone was made to sit in a circle, a candle was lit, and the lights turned off.  The candle was passed to each girl, who was instructed to tell everyone a sexual fantasy. 

     Maria made certain that Stefan received the candle first and as he had been instructed earlier, he shared his fantasy of marrying a very young girl who would love him and care for him forever.  Every girl in the group had felt a tingling sensation and gushed in unison, “Awwwwwwe!”  They complimented Stefan on his sweetness.  Every girl there honestly thought she could fill the role for Stefan. 

     Cameron was sitting on Stefans left, leaning her warm body against his.  Maria made sure the candle went to the right, instead.  Each girl said something similar to Stefan, including Cameron who was required to speak last.  She had become very jealous after hearing her classmates profess their love for the teacher who owned her heart.  Julia, Maria, and Mollie all smiled at the pain and hurt this obviously made Cameron feel. 

     The girls were then partnered and directed to practice tongue kissing.  They were told they were beautiful, special girls and that older boys and girls would love them if they could please them with their tongues.  Stefan and Brianna were partnered and selected to provide a demonstration. 

     This was a painful exhibition for Cameron to watch, and Stefans owners knew it.  Stefan placed his hand through Briannas thick, soft hair, gently pulling it away from her face, and at the same time, drawing her near.  Briannas response was surprising.  She placed one hand on Stefans butt and lifted the young man up and into her.  She could feel his erection and wanted his warm penis inside her.  She used her other hand to tightly grip the curls on the back of Stephans head, and as their lips locked, she sucked his tongue into her mouth and held it there with a strong sucking pressure.  One of her legs slowly wrapped around one of Stephans, holding him in place against the loving little girl. 

     Camerons heart was breaking and she desperately wanted Stefan to hold her again.  But she could only watch and listen as Maria, Mollie, and Julia narrated the action, pointing out Stefans erection, and Briannas wet spot and pointed nipples.  After 3 minutes, the two were separated like dogs in heat.  They both resisted, but finally did so.  Stefan looked at Cameron and the tears starting to form in her eyes.  He held out his arms and just as he was about to embrace her, Mollie tugged his jump rope leash violently. 

     Stefan fell to the ground and was chastised by Mollie for his “animal behavior”.   Mollie then stood over Stefan and their eyes met.  As she leaned over, her hair covered most of her face and only Stefan could see the congratulatory smile she was giving him.  He was obeying the script his owners wanted and he was doing so perfectly.

    Maria then ordered Brianna and Cameron to tongue kiss.  Cameron hesitated, but the usually shy Brianna uncharacteristically grabbed Camerons hair and pulled her to her lips.  She forced her tongue into Camerons mouth and caressed Camerons breasts.  Maria laughed and after a minute of watching Cameron struggle, ordered Brianna to let her go.

     Cameron was then ordered to stand before Stefan.  They were ordered not to touch.  Their loins ached, but they both obeyed.  Stefan continued to sport an erection, which Cameron longed for, but it was not their decision to make.  Mollie, Julia, and Maria were in charge, and Stefans erections belonged to them, not some child porn star they hated. 

     Stefan was proud of himself.  Cameron was indeed a little hottie, but he was loyal to his Owners and pleased he was able to fake his attraction for the gorgeous preteen.

     Stefan and Cameron were ordered to resume snuggling in the corner and watched the other girls French kissing and caressing each other.  Partners were exchanged every five minutes and the girls giggled and laughed between each kissing session. 

     The little preteens were led by their leashes for a bathroom break by Mollie, Julia, and Maria, and then ordered to lay with a partner on the floor while a video was loaded.  They were instructed to give each other full body massages while watching the TV screen.  The film was an instructional video for young women on how to please a man sexually.  It was explicit, but not graphic.  The girls actually learned and had their curiosities satisfied.  And they all felt especially relaxed from the massages.

     When the video finished, the little girls were ordered to strip off their clothes.  They were ecstatic to hear Julias announcement:  “Tickle Time!”

     Some of the nude little girls were more ticklish than others and they were eventually held down and tickle tortured as only little girls can. 

     While everyone caught their breath and tried to suppress giggles, the tickling stopped and the naked little 13 year olds were ordered to dress in very short nightgowns and panties.  They were partnered again and told to braid each others hair while their leaders gave them their assignments for the next few weeks. 

     Each preteen girl was told she must attend a high school party, meet as many older boys as possible, and offer to be their girlfriend for the evening.  They must then report to their class leader every detail.  The girls were told to raise their pinkies and each gave that unbreakable oath sacred only to little girls:  The Pinkie Promise.

     Everyone was then given permission to sleep, except Stefan and Cameron, who were told to stay awake indefinitely.  Maria, Mollie, and Julia also slept, separate from the other girls, and they had taken the obedient Brianna with them to snuggle.  They may have hated Brianna because she was a bit heavy, but they decided to reward her obedience, and especially her recent humiliation of Cameron.

     Stefan and Cameron whispered and caressed until morning.  Cameron was very sleepy, but completely smitten, and when her parents picked her up the next morning, she whispered to Stefan, “I love you so much!”  Stefan smiled and told her he loved her also.  The other boys and girls were also turned over to their unwitting parents, and every child proclaimed their enthusiasm for the best school experience ever.

     Stefan and Cameron talked throughout the weekend and Stefan reported their conversations to his Owners verbatim.  He was ordered to avoid Camerons requests for meeting and he made numerous excuses to the disappointed and horny little preteen.  She continued to obsess over Stefan and made intricate plans for dates and activities.  She found photos of Stefan and began a scrapbook.  And she masturbated almost non-stop.

     On Monday morning, Stefan arrived at school to find Cameron waiting outside his door.  They were the first to arrive and she was smiling and absolutely radiant!  But following the script prepared by his Owners, Stefan was aloof.  Cameron couldnt keep her hands off him, and though Stefan forced a smile for her, it was obvious to her that something was wrong.  When asked, Stefan denied there was a problem and feigned he was busy with schoolwork.  Suddenly feeling very sad, Cameron finally backed off and gave him some space to work.

     Throughout the day, Stefan avoided Cameron, yet gave the other girls in his group more attention than usual.  Mollie and Maria instructed their girls to visit Stefan at regular intervals, sit on his lap, wiggle, giggle and snuggle with him, whisper a few flirty words, and then walk away but only if Cameron was able to watch the entire display.  Each girls actions were like a knife in the heart for Cameron.  But she didnt cry.  She just kept it inside.  The school day ended and Stefan wouldnt even look at Cameron when she said goodbye.  He simply gave a quick wave.

     The next morning, Cameron was again the first student to arrive and looked at Stefan imploringly as he approached her in the outdoor hallway near his classroom.  She had cried herself to sleep in the early morning hours and her beauty was strained.  Stefan had not taken her calls nor answered her e-mails.  As Stefan walked closer to her, he looked at her only briefly and Cameron almost instantly looked hopeful and relieved.  Then Stefan dramatically pretended that he had forgotten something, turned and walked quickly away, suppressing a triumphant smile, just like a spoiled little girl who has once again, gotten her way.  Cameron collapsed on the ground in tears, alone in the hallway.

     Once again, Cameron was ignored by everyone throughout the day, including Stefan.  When Cameron was intentionally chastised by Stefan, before the entire class, for not knowing an answer to a math problem, the girls in the class followed the cues provided by Mollie and Maria:  They shook their heads, looked at Cameron while whispering with their friends, and several even said aloud, “God Cameron, youre so stupid!”  Cameron burst into tears and ran from the room. 

     She never returned.

Chapter 9 Mollie

     When the school secretary came to the room to retrieve all of Camerons possessions, Mollie, Maria, and Julia all smiled.  They had prevailed.  They pulled Stefan aside and stood before him with coquettish looks.  Stefan had never thought that such little girls could look so pretty.  They each gave him a very tight, warm, and long hug. 

     Julia said, “We LOVE you!  You were perfect!” 

     Mollie added, “I have a very special treat for you tonight.  Are you excited?” 

     Stefan almost couldnt contain his excitement.  He had pleased the girls who owned him and given them exactly what they wanted.  Just like a vindictive little girl, he had chosen the winning side, and not felt one bit of guilt.

     That evening, Stefan knelt on the floor of Mollies bedroom.  The girls had decided to reward Stefan individually and tonight, it was Mollies turn.  The tall, thin preteen had greeted her teacher warmly.  Her Mom was away on business and she had the house to herself.  She had led Stefan by the hand to her bedroom and ordered him to strip.  Mollie had stepped into the adjacent bathroom and Stefan could hear the bathtub filling with water.  She had returned to find Stefan nude and on his knees.  Such an obedient little girl, she thought.

     “Steffi, Im going to give you a bath and take very, very good care of you tonight.  You have been such a good little girl, and you helped us get rid of that stupid Cameron.” 

     Mollie bent and kissed Stefans forehead. 

     “Get up!” she ordered. 

     Stefan immediately complied.  Mollie placed her finger inside his choker ring and walked Stefan to her bathroom.

     “All three of us are going to teach you different parts of being a girl.  Im going to start with bathroom stuff.  Girls go to the bathroom just like boys, but we do it with class.” 

     As Mollie spoke, Stefans semi-erect penis grew completely stiff.  Mollie smiled when she saw his aroused state, knowing that her mere presence had that effect on a man.  She picked up a roll of toilet paper and inserted Stefans hard penis into the hole, turning his penis into a toilet paper dispenser.  She laughed and poked her finger into the opposite hole of the dispenser, flicking the head of Stefans trapped penis with the sharp nail of her finger.

     Mollie then pulled down her panties and for the first time in his life, Stefan saw a girls vagina.  Mollie was only 13 and did not have a considerable amount of hair, and even the pubic hair she sported was kept trimmed.

     Mollie reached to the sink beside her and removed the top from a baby bottle.  She sat on the toilet and placed the bottle between her legs.   Stefan could hear the little girls urine as it flowed into the bottle.  When Mollie was finished, she placed the top with the nipple on tightly and left it on the sink. 

     Mollie then reached to the toilet paper roll hanging on Stefans penis and pulled down several sheets of paper.  The roll spun on Stefans erection and Mollie thought this was hilarious.  She wiped herself and flushed.

     “Steffi, you must always sit from now on whenever you have permission to use the toilet.  Only Julia, Maria and I can give you permission.  If you pee, you have to wipe your weenie with toilet paper, just like a girl.  If you have to poo, you must keep flushing anytime there is any poo in the toilet, and spray all around with an air freshener.   No one wants to smell poo.  Wipe yourself clean and then use a wet paper towel to scrub yourself.  Spray the seat of your panties with some perfume we are going to give you.  Youll keep it in your purse.”

     Mollie then removed the roll of toilet paper from Stefans penis, stood up, pulled up her panties, and in a display of physical dominance, picked up the young man as if he were a small child and sat him in the warm bathwater. 

     Mollie quickly bathed Stefan before picking him up again and drying him vigorously with a towel.  She dressed Stefan in a clean pair of panties and a new training bra.  She then placed a small white girls shirt over his head.  The thin straps on his shoulders only allowed the shirt to cover the top half of his belly.

     Mollie again picked up Stefan like a child and rested his groin onto the side of her hip for support.  She picked up the baby bottle of urine and walked downstairs to the kitchen.  The girls had starved Stefan for so long that he now barely weighed 80 pounds. 

     In the kitchen, Mollie opened a cabinet and pulled out a small jar of Gerber Baby Food.  She opened a drawer for a baby spoon, and walked into her living room.  She sat on the large sofa, put the baby bottle and jar of food on the coffee table, and made herself comfortable with her “baby”. 

     Mollie sat Stefan on her lap, facing her.  She used her fingertips to caress him all over.  Stefan quivered with excitement and passion.  His aroused penis pressed tightly against his panties. 

     Mollie pulled the t-shirt she was wearing over her head, exposing a pink lace bra. 

     “Steffi, you need practice with bra snaps.  Put your hands behind my back and try to unhook my bra.” 

     Stefan had practiced with his own training bra and was eager to demonstrate his proficiency to Mollie.  He unhooked her bra with ease.  

     “Good girl!” she said. 

     Mollie lowered the straps and removed her bra, exposing her recently developed breasts.  They were large for a 13 year old girl.  Again, they were the first breasts Stefan had ever seen.

     Mollie removed a hair band from Stefans wrist, seized a handful of hair from the top of his head, and secured the grip of his hair with the hair band.

     “That will keep your hair from your mouth and face so you can see what you are doing.  I know youve never been with a woman so this will be new to you.  Let me see you suck my titties.” 

     Stefan hesitated, then leaned forward and kissed the little girls left nipple.  It was the first time anyone had ever played with her breasts and Mollies dreams were coming true.  Her nipples were sensitive, but Stefan was very gentle.  He used his tongue to caress the nipple, then turned his attention to her right breast and did the same thing. 

     “Perfect!” said Mollie breathlessly.

     She knew what she needed next.  She picked up Stefan and stood the small man before her.  She pulled down his panties, wrestling them over his erection.  She used one hand to cup his testicles, and the other to squeeze his very warm penis.  She then lay back on the couch and guided her teacher to sit atop her. 

     As instructed, Stefan straddled his Owner and looked down on the beautiful, blue-eyed little girl with the large, perfectly-shaped breasts.  Mollie smiled and used her hand to pump the small cock.  She expertly produced the orgasm she wanted and squirted Stefans semen evenly on each of her breasts.

     The ejaculation exhausted Stefan, but Mollie used her other hand, the one cupping his testicles, to force him to respond to her commands. 

     “Silly girl!  Look what you did to my breasts.  Girls like you need to eat sperm.  Its good for you.  It makes you more of a girl.  And I know you want to be more of a girl, dont you?”

     Stefan nodded, knowing it was the answer Mollie wanted.

     “Then start eating!”

     As Mollie continued to hold Stefans testicles, Stefan leaned forward on the girl and began licking and swallowing his own warm semen.  It no longer bothered him at all.  He was delighted to please his Owner.

     Stefans tongue on her nipples and breasts was having an exhilarating effect on the little girl.  She involuntarily brought her long legs up and wrapped them around Stefans waist.  She squeezed her legs together with such power that Stefan almost fainted.  He could feel the warmth and wetness of Mollies girlhood.  There was no other place, nor any other type of life, that he ever wanted.

     Mollie used her free hand to hold Stefan by the bound hair on top of his head, moving his face wherever she wanted.  

     When her breasts were clean of the semen, she whispered, “Now Steffi, I want you to try to put my entire tittie in your mouth.” 

     Stefan obeyed and began to swallow the large breast.  He knew he must have looked ridiculous, but he didnt care. 

     Mollie released his hair and used her hand to pinch his nose, suffocating the feminized young man.  She could feel Stefan struggling to breathe and held him against her as long as she dared.

     Finally, she pulled her breast from the mans mouth and while continuing to pinch his nose, allowed him to take a few breaths through his mouth.  She then guided him to her other breast. 

     “Put all of it in your mouth,” she ordered again.

      And Stefan again swallowed as much of the preteens large breast as would fit in his mouth.  As before, Mollie held him until his air supply was depleted.  Mollie released Stefans nose and slowly removed her breast from his mouth. 

     “Now I want you to put only part of my breast in your mouth and swirl the nipple with your tongue.  Pretend your mouth is a washing machine and you want to soak and swirl, soak and swirl.” 

     Mollie laughed and gave a squeeze to Stefans testicles.  He immediately placed a breast in his mouth and swirled the little girls nipple around and around.

     This was too much for Mollie.  Her legs squeezed Stefan even tighter and Stefan could feel her very wet panties sticking to his belly as the little girls first orgasm ever continued for over a minute.

     Several minutes passed, and Mollie was almost trance-like as Stefan continued to swirl her nipples with his tongue, alternating between her preteen breasts.  Slowly, Mollie began to release her legs from around Stefans body.  Continuing to grip his scrotum, she tugged and Stefan obediently rose, leaving her glistening nipples.

     Mollie sat up and guided Stefan to sit on her lap.  She opened the jar of baby food, “Mashed Carrots”, and used the spoon to begin feeding the young man in very small portions.  Stefan had been starved by the girls for so long that he would eat anything.  Mollie teased him with the spoon and giggled as she fed the young adult his baby food.

     She wouldnt even let him finish the jar, and his perpetual hunger continued.  Mollie then took the baby bottle of her warm urine and placed the nipple in Stefans mouth. 

     “Suck!” she ordered. 

     Stefan obeyed and began to wince and choke as the warm, bubbly urine entered his mouth.  It was disgusting, but Mollie had used the bottle to guide Stefans body against her.  She raised the bottle to increase the flow and as he sucked the urine, it looked as if he were a little girl being nursed by a beautiful, 13 year old.  Mollie smiled as she locked eyes with Stefan.  She felt like a young mother loving her baby girl.

     When the bottle was empty, Mollie picked up Stefan and pulled up his panties.  She remained topless and carried him upstairs to her bathroom where she allowed him to pee.  He sat like a girl, and when finished, wiped the head of his penis with toilet paper.  Mollie then gave him a toothbrush and let him brush his teeth while she brushed his long hair. 

     When Stefan had rinsed his mouth, Mollie sat him on the edge of the bathtub and braided his hair.  She used a camera to take a picture of the feminized little man sitting there with braided hair, bra and panties, black choker, tight white shirt, and smooth tanned skin.  Stefan actually smiled.  He felt like a very pretty, young girl.

     Mollie lifted Stefan from the tubs edge and again carried him as if she were a young mother.  She took Stefan to her bed and sat him down.  She lay back, and her young breasts pointed straight up. 

     “Steffi, my little sister loves to give me a massage.  Thats what I want you to do.  You are just like a little sister to me and I want you to massage my whole body.  Make me feel good.” 

     She rolled over on her belly and Stefan was disappointed to no longer be able to see her lovely breasts, but he positioned himself beside the little Princess.  He rubbed his hands together to warm them and applied them to her bare back.  Mollie moaned softly at his touch and as Stefan began to knead the little girls muscles and skin, her moans were a barometer for how well he was doing.  Stefan worked as hard as possible to produce loud and passionate moans from the little girl. 

     After awhile, no matter how hard his hands worked, the little girl was silent.  She had fallen asleep with a smile on her face.  Stefan continued massaging her entire backside for another hour, enjoying every moment of touching such a gorgeous little girl. 

     Finally, Mollie stirred in her sleep and turned to her side.  Stefans exhaustion took over and he spooned his body against the backside of Mollies warm body and fell asleep.  Their breathing synchronized as they slept and they both smiled as they dreamt of each other.

Chapter 10 Maria

     Mollie awoke first, around noon, and allowed Stefan to continue sleeping.  It was Friday, the first day in a three day weekend, and Maria would arrive soon to take her turn in rewarding their teacher.  Mollie looked down at the sleeping, feminized young man.  Stefan was wearing a very tight pair of small pink panties, his training bra, a small white shirt with straps, and his black choker.  Mollie smiled as she saw Stefans small, erect penis pressing tightly against the panties.

     Maria arrived a few minutes later, and entered Mollies house as the girls always entered each others homes without knocking.  She and Mollie hugged and walked upstairs together to awake Stefan.  Both girls climbed on the bed and began snuggling and caressing their sleeping teacher.  Stefan moaned softly and began to stir.  He heard the girls giggling and tried to rise, but was held down by their soft little bodies.

     “Good morning, sweetness!” said Maria.  “Mollie told me you were such a good little girl yesterday and you really enjoyed your reward.  Are you excited about the reward I have planned for you?” 

     Maria used her index finger to tease Stefans aroused penis. 

     Both girls giggled and Mollie observed, “Looks like hes just as eager for you as he was for me.  Arent you, Baby Girl?”

     Stefan could only blush, and this produced even more giggling from the girls.  Maria grabbed a handful of Stefans hair and pulled him out of the bed.  She led the young man to Mollies bathroom and let him use the toilet.  She ordered him to brush his teeth, and then made him remove his white shirt with the straps. 

     From a small backpack, she removed an outfit for him a ballerina outfit.  She instructed Stefan on how to put on the white bottom tights, and then helped him step into the black, thong top.  The tights were for a very young girl, and they fit Stefan perfectly.  But perfect doesnt necessarily mean comfortable.  The thong rode up Stefans butt crack, forcing his small panties to stretch even tighter.

     Maria then used her dark, make-up pencil to decorate Stefans face as she made him kneel before her in the bathroom.  She giggled as she highlighted his eyes, nose, and lips, then drew some long, doggie whiskers across his cheeks.  Finally she removed from the backpack a chain dog leash with leather handle.  She clipped the opposite end to the ring on Stefans choker. 

     Maria then smacked her lips and said, “Cmon girl.  Time for a walk.” 

     Stefan obediently dropped to all fours as he was pulled to the top of the stairs by the little girl.  Maria graciously allowed Stefan to descend the stairs slowly, then led him to the front door.  Mollie was there to say goodbye, giving Maria a warm hug, and bending to plant a kiss on Stefans forehead.

     Maria opened the door and tugged the leash upward, pulling Stefan to his bare feet.  She kept the leash tight as she led Stefan down the sidewalk and en route to her nearby home.  Several cars slowed as the occupants saw the little girl leading Stefan by a leash.  Maria had hoped that the tights and make-up might provide an explanation, should one be necessary.  After all, it was almost Halloween.

     But if neighbors had something to say, they kept it to themselves.  Maria arrived at her home and led Stefan to her bathroom.  She quickly washed the make-up off his face, then led Stefan by the leash to her bedroom. 

     The bossy preteen made him put on a very tight and short, peach-colored jumpsuit over his ballerina outfit.  She set out a small pair of white socks and pink sneakers and commanded Stefan to put them on. 

     While Stefan obeyed, Maria stood behind him and brushed out his hair.  She then skillfully French-braided his hair so it looked beautiful, and hung down just to the bottom of his neck.

     Maria tugged the leash down and Stefan returned to his hands and knees.  She walked the girl puppy to the kitchen. 

     “Steffi, darling, you must be starving!  Weve got your weight down to where we want it, and now we can start feeding you what we want you to eat.” 

     Maria poured some Fruit Loops into a large, stainless steel pet bowl on the floor, and added milk.  She held Stefans head so his nose and mouth were buried in the milk.  She lifted him by his hair slightly and Stefan eagerly began eating.

     When Stefan finished his cereal, Maria applied some eye shadow to his eyes and applied a coat of lip gloss to his lips.  She removed his leash and placed a small, pink “Princess” backpack through his arms and onto his back. 

     Maria looked fabulous, as always.  She was dressed in a short plaid skirt, pink blouse, sneakers, and sunglasses, which she rested seductively atop her forehead.  She walked hand in hand with Stefan to the nearby train station and they boarded the light rail train to San Francisco.  The ride took about one hour and Maria teased, tickled, and talked with Stefan throughout the trip.

     In the city, they took a taxi to Chinatown and ducked into a small Chinese Restaurant.  Once seated, Maria immediately slipped out of her sneakers and placed her feet on Stefans lap.  Her feet squirmed towards his private area and Stefan fought his arousal by taking one foot in each hand and did his best to massage the soles of her tiny feet through her socks.  She shared a small portion of her meal with Stefan, feeding him tiny bites with chopsticks. 

     Maria opened her fortune cookie and read her fortune:  “You know what you want.” 

     “Yeah, baby.  I know exactly what I want … and thats you!  Now read yours.” 

     Stefan opened his fortune and read:  “True love is closer than you think.” 

     Maria grabbed the small piece of paper from his hand and said, “Im keeping these.  Youre my lover for life!”

     They rode a cable car and managed to catch the last tour boat to Alcatraz.  They stood outside the former prison and looked back on the city skyscrapers at dusk.  Maria squeezed Stefan to her. 

     “Steffi, lets flirt with every boy we see.  I dare you!  No, actually, Im not daring you.  Im making you do it.  Every boy you see, I want you to giggle with me, whisper with me, and then say “hi” to them.  Lets go, cutie.  Time to find some boys!”

     The two walked into the prison and saw a group of teenage boys at the end of the corridor.  Maria dug her nails into Stefans arm and led him to the boys. 

     Maria spoke first, and while giggling, said “Hi”. 

     Stefan immediately followed the instructions of his Owner by giggling and saying, “Hi” to the boys also. 

     The boys stared at first, then ignored what seemed to be two very silly, very young, and very little girls.  Stefan was embarrassed and humiliated.  He did not like boys, but knew he was under the control of Maria.

     They continued walking, and while on the island, as well as the return boat ride, the two giggled and said “Hi” to over a dozen groups of boys.  They were ignored each time and Maria laughed it off. 

     “Looks like you and I are going to become lesbians.  Well, were in the right city for that.”

     When the boat docked, Maria led Stefan to a taxi stand and once inside the cab, she asked the driver to take them to Union Square.  She took Stefan into Macys and because the store was nearing closing time, she rushed to buy what she wanted.  She began in the make-up and perfume section and used Stefans credit card for a purchase of over $300. 

     She then took Stefan upstairs and quickly picked out panties for herself, and much smaller pairs for Stefan.  She then bought a dress, stockings, and shoes before the store closed.  The second purchase was just under $400 which again was placed on Stefans credit card.  Outside, she made Stefan carry the bags of their purchases and Maria led the way up Nob Hill.

     They passed a nail salon that was still open and Maria dragged Stefan inside. 

     “Do you pierce ears?” she asked the young Asian woman. 

     The woman said yes and Maria pushed Stefan in front of her and gave the woman directions.  A few minutes later, Stefan was walking up the hill, this time with Maria laughing at him and admiring his new hoop earrings. 

     The cute young couple arrived at the Fairmont Hotel, Stefan carrying the Macys bags and the pink backpack. 

     “My Mom and I always stay at the Fairmont.  I have your credit card so we can pay for a night here.  I still need to reward you for helping us rid the school of Cameron.” 

     Maria then reached over and lovingly pecked Stefan on the cheek with her very soft lips.  Stefans perpetual semi-erection stiffened just a bit more.

     They were fortunate to be given a room.  Stefan needed to show his ID and credit card.  The clerk was discreet enough not to stare at the feminized little man before her.  After all, it was San Francisco. 

     They took the elevator to the 7th floor and once inside their room, Maria took the backpack from Stefan and ordered him to strip.  She then led him to the bathroom and gave Stefan permission to use the toilet.  Maria began drawing water in the bathtub and left Stefan alone.  She left the bathroom, took off her clothes, folded them, and put on the thick, white hotel robe.

     Maria returned to the bathroom with the backpack and ordered her naked teacher into the tub. 

     Standing ankle-deep in the warm water, she said, “Get on your knees, slave girl!”  Stefan immediately obeyed.  Maria removed a bottle of baby oil from the backpack and squirted the entire bottle into the tub. 

     She removed several plastic cord locks from the backpack and used a small one to reach down and secure Stefans scrotum tightly.  Stefan groaned, but Maria laughed. 

     She then took a pair of small cord locks, interlocked them, and put each loop around each of Stefans wrists, securing his hands behind his back.  She took another pair and did the same thing, this time securing his ankles.

     Maria removed her robe and exposed her prepubescent body to Stefan.  She was only 13 years old, but had no pubic hair and only tiny mounds for nipples.  Stefans erection was now pointing at the little girls vagina like a compass pointing north. 

     “Now Steffi, since we are lesbians (she giggled), you need to learn how to please me.  Stick out your tongue!” 

     Stefan reached his tongue out as far as possible and Maria stepped forward.  She gripped Stefans French-braided hair and pulled his head to her happy place.

     “Steffi, I want you to lick my thighs and when you feel your hair tugged, brush your tongue along my pussy lips.”

     “Wait for it … Wait for it (she giggled).  Okay, young lady.  Lick your lover.” 

     Stefans head had no mobility from Marias grip on his hair and he licked her strong little thighs as she wished.  Marias tugs became more and more frequent and soon, Stefan was giving his Owner oral pleasure.  He licked eagerly and was especially fond of licking the tiny piece of flesh which hung from the top of her vagina.  Every time he touched her clitoris, the little girl gave an involuntary, light, and very feminine scream.

     Marias screams became more frequent and soon she was panting.  Suddenly, Stefan felt his nose buried between the preteens labia.  Fluid came gushing out and Maria shook in the throes of passion.  It was her first orgasm and it lasted over one minute.  She released Stefan and leaned back, running her hands through her hair as she moaned loudly.  She wasnt prepubescent any more.

     Stefans face was covered with the sticky fluid and the force with which it had struck his face had dazed him.  He fell back in the tub, unable to catch himself since his wrists and ankles were bound.  Maria simply sat down, smiling, in a state of bliss.

     After a few minutes, she leaned forward and began rubbing her body over Stefans.  She used her foot, deftly, to open the bath drain.  When the water was gone, she and Stefan found themselves lying in the tub and very slippery from the baby oil mixed in the water. 

     Maria began giggling and moved her body all over her bound and prostrate lover.  She slid easily.  Stefan could only lie there, his penis throbbing, but unable to ejaculate because of the constricted cord lock around his aching testicles.

     Maria rolled over and slid her backside over Stefan, putting her slippery little butt completely over his face, then sliding down to his feet and back again.  She slid on her sides.  She ran her feet over his body.  And two hours later, she was both exhausted and exhilarated from the full-body massage she had given herself at the mercy of Stefan.

     Maria stood and turned on the shower.  She helped Stefan to his knees, which wasnt easy, considering the slippery baby oil.  As Stefan knelt before his Princess, Maria looked down at the doting, feminized boy and promptly began urinating in his face.  She laughed almost hysterically as her pee flowed on her helpless victim.  Stefan had swallowed some of the urine and began to believe that drinking Mollies pee and now Marias, was making him in their image.  He was one of them.

     Maria lathered and rinsed her hair and body, as well as that of her little girl slave.   She dried herself first, then pulled Stefan from the tub and dried him as well.  She then carried the bound and nude little man to the large bed and lay him on his back.  Maria put on the robe and called room service for some chocolate covered strawberries, sodas, and specifically, a cup of very hot mint tea.

     While waiting for room service to arrive, Maria ignored Stefan and prepared his outfit for the following day.  She then made some phone calls to her Mom, Julia, and Mollie.  She also called each of her submissive girls from school and reminded them of their instructions for the weekend.

     When the knock on the door came, Maria invited the attendant in the room and the older Asian man brought the room service tray to a table, bowed to the bound and nude Stefan, and then left the room after being tipped generously by Maria.  Only in San Francisco.

     Maria took the cup of tea and sipped.  She climbed on the bed and straddled Stefan.  She continued sipping and alternated hands on the hot cup.  Once one of her hands was very warm, she gripped Stefans penis and he moaned passionately at the warmness. 

     Maria then turned her body so her head was at his penis, and her legs rested on each side of his face.  She placed the cup of hot tea between his bound legs, near the top of his thighs, and he winced at the burning pain from the hot cup of tea. 

     Maria then placed her mouth on Stefans erect penis.  Her mouth, very warm from sipping the tea, almost immediately brought about an ejaculation.  However, Stefan was prevented from doing so because of the tight band on his testicles.  Maria then began to suck, lick, and tease Stefans tiny penis.  Stefan screamed in agony.  He desperately wanted to ejaculate.  Maria reached over the bed and found the panties she had worn all day.  She leaned back and stuffed them into Stefans mouth, muffling his passionate screams.

     Maria returned to the penis, lifted the cup of tea and continued sipping.  She peaked at his tightly bound testicles and laughed.  They were purple.  She took a few more sips, finishing the tea.  She placed the empty cup on the nightstand and bent forward.  She filled her mouth with first one bound testicle, and then the other.  The warmth of her mouth overwhelmed Stefan and when she closed her teeth on his swollen balls, he simply lost consciousness.

     The next morning, Maria woke Stefan lovingly with kisses and caresses.  He found that his arms and wrists were free and he was able to slowly return the little girls passionate embrace.  His scrotum was no longer bound and his testicles no longer ached.  Maria had released his passion in her own way, and he would never know.  Even her panties had been removed from his mouth.  She was glowing, and it wasnt just because of the strawberries she had enjoyed.

     Maria continued to tease Stefan until he was fully awake.  She sent Stefan to the bathroom and while there, room service arrived with breakfast.  Maria fed Stefan a partial bowl of oatmeal, then dressed him in his new panties, bra, short blue dress, and black stockings.  She put a necklace around his neck, and bracelets on his wrists.  She applied fresh eye liner to him and glossed his lips.  His earlobes were a bit swollen from the recent piercing, but Maria made him keep his hoop earrings in.  She then made him put on the small, flat, black shoes with tiny buckles she had bought him and then stood him before the mirror. 

     It was difficult to determine which of the two little girls was prettier.

Chapter 11 Julia

     Maria fell asleep in Stefans arms on the train.  Stefan held the little girl and noticed the smiles on the faces of nearby passengers.  Two cute little girls cuddled together.

     When the train pulled into the station, Stefan woke Maria, and they stepped from the train.  They stood on the platform as the train pulled away and embraced warmly.  Maria quickly pulled away when she saw Julia, who was standing nearby smiling and waiting.  Maria ran to her best friend and the girls hugged warmly.

     Stefan stood there uncertainly until he was finally greeted by Julia. 

     “Hi sweet cakes!” she said seductively. 

     She walked over to the shorter man, admired his dress and stockings, and bent down slightly to place a kiss on his cheek.  She put her fingers into the loops of his new earrings and tugged gently. 

     “Oh my God.  They are so cute!” 

     Stefan blushed and the girls giggled.

     “Well, well, Steffi.  Ive heard about your rewards with Mollie and Maria.  Youre becoming quite the sexy little girl, arent you?  I cant wait to find out for myself!  Im going to reward you in a way you could never imagine.”

     Stefan blushed even deeper and bowed his head.

     Maria giggled and said, “Im going to leave you two lovebirds.  Ill see you tonight at the party!” 

      She turned to Stefan and kissed him on the lips, quickly flicking her tongue inside his mouth and surprising him.  The pretty little preteen then turned, pulled out her cell phone, and walked away chatting.

     Stefan looked up at the beautiful, blonde 13 year old facing him.  She was smiling and twisting like the little flirt she was. 

     She said teasingly, “I made an appointment for you.  Want to know what its for?”

     “Sure,” said the quiet, feminized little man.

     “Come!” Julia commanded. 

     Julia seized his hand and led Stefan down the platform steps and up the street into the citys shopping district.  After two blocks, she turned down a side street and half a block later, stepped into the doorway of a small salon.  She pulled Stefan inside and closed the door.

     Two hours later, Stefan was led back onto the street.  His hair had been trimmed by the woman stylist to frame his face like a girl.  Light highlights had been placed in his dark hair, which now was almost shoulder-length.  He had been given a manicure and pedicure and his nails had been painted a bright shade of pink.  Finally, his face had been given a full make-over.  With the dress and stockings, Stefans physical transformation was complete.  To any observer, he was a cute, preteen girl.   

     Julia admired her work. 

     “Spin around,” she commanded. 

     Stefans fingers clutched the edge of his dark blue dress and he lifted it slightly, twisting it as he spun, exposing the dark stockings on his upper thighs.  He smiled suggestively, like a flirting girl, then blushed.

     “Woooooo!  You go little girl!” said Julia.  “Oh my God.  You are simply adorable.  I cant wait to watch you grow up as a girl … If we let you grow up.  We might just keep you as this sexy little preteen.  Maybe well make you a Jr. High cheerleader.”

     “But Im getting way too ahead.  Steffi, we need to go.” 

     She reached over and pinched Stefan on the behind and he winced.  Then she whispered, “Time for me to give you your reward.” 

     She smacked her lips softly, almost kissing the new little girl.  She grabbed his hand firmly and said, “Lets go, hot stuff!”

     Julia and Stefan walked hand in hand by the shops and restaurants, attracting a moderate amount of attention as two very cute preteen girls.  They arrived at Julias house and Julia led Stefan inside.  As was often the case, Julias Mom was not at home.

     Once the front door was closed, Stefan noticed that the usually assertive Julia seemed pensive and quiet. 

     Stefan brushed her cheek lightly with his recently painted pink nails and asked softly, “Julia, are you okay?”

     Julia lifted her head slowly and Stefan noticed that her eyes were watery.  She looked as if she wanted to cry, only she was smiling and slowly shaking her head. 

     “Yes, Im fine.”  She sniffled, then added, “Oh Steffi, look what weve done to you!  You used to be a handsome young man.  Now youre a little girl.  A very pretty little girl, but still a little girl.  I love you so much you cant begin to imagine!  But I just hope that you are happy as a little girl and love me as much as I love you!” 

     She hesitated, then softly added, “I want to have sex with you.” 

     She paused again.  “Okay?” 

     She stood and waited.

     “Julia, … I …. I …,” Stefan stammered uncomfortably.

     Julias fake tears disappeared immediately and she reverted back to her usual dominant self.  She laughed loudly. 

     “Oh, Steffi, youre such a girl.  I cant believe you fell for my act.  You little retard!  You better be careful what you wish for because youre going to be a cute little girl for a long, long time.  You used to be a smart man.  Now youre a ditzy little brat.  Youre life is completely controlled by me, Maria, and Mollie.  We own you and we always will.  When you go to school on Monday morning, dressed like a little girl, you know youre going to be fired from your teaching job.  You know that, right?”

     Stefan was confused and he could only slowly nod.

     “Dont worry, Steffi.  You wont be out on the street.  Weve already got a plan for you.  But I want to give you your reward, and even though Im intentionally pulling you in every direction, were still going to have sex.  Right now … NOW!”

     And with that, Julia pulled the new little girl towards her and kissed her on the lips.  She then held Stefan at arms length and smiled. 

     “Im going to have sex with lots of men in my life.  But Im still a virgin and my Mom has told me that I should lose my virginity in a way in which Im in control, and that I will enjoy remembering forever.” 

     She turned Stefan toward the stairs and began to climb, her arm looped through his. 

     “Im going to lose my virginity to a 22 year old man, that I forced to become a 13 year old girl.  A 13 year old girl for the rest of her life!” 

     She laughed as they reached the top of the stairs and she steered him to her bedroom. 

     “Oh, and the new little girl just also happens to be a virgin.  Ill bet you never even came close, did you?  Loser!  If it werent for me, Maria, and Mollie, you would never have a relationship with a girl.  You would just play with your teenie weenie every night and dream!”

     As they entered Julias bedroom, Stefan saw posters of teenage boy and girl celebrities, stuffed animals, and a real cat sleeping on a chair in the corner.  Pink was the dominant color.  Julia shut her door and began removing Stefans dress.

     “I bought us both some sexy lingerie outfits.  You dont need to do much.  I want you to keep on the stockings that Maria made you wear.”

     Julia hung Stefans blue dress on a hanger and then returned to the nervous, feminized young man and removed his bra and panties. 

     “You see Steffi,” she explained as she held up a white lace teddy and made him place his feet through it, “You and I have a very special bond.  You know we do, and I know we do, and your other Owners know we do.  I look at you … and you just melt.” 

     She leaned forward and softly blew in Stefans ear.  He quivered and gasped audibly.

     She giggled softly, pushed down Stefans erect penis and slid the white teddys straps up and over his shoulders.  She unbuttoned the crotch and Stefans small penis immediately sprang upward. 

     She whispered seductively, “And what better way to say goodbye to your former manhood, and hello to a lifetime as a girl, than with another very cute girl … in bed … having sex … for the very first time.”

     Julia stepped back and admired Stefan.  He was in black stockings with no shoes, a white lace teddy, long earrings, painted nails, black choker, and a beautiful girlish face.  He nervously pulled his hair behind his ears and then reached back and pulled the seat of the teddy out of his crack, rising up on his toes as he did so.

     “Now, Steffi.  Youre going to lie on my bed and dream of the sex you and I are about to have.  I want you to make yourself very sexy for me.  Im going to go get ready.” 

     Julia started to walk away, but then turned back and ran her hands through Stefans recently highlighted, thick hair. 

     “Remember Steffi, Im a13 year old girl!” 

     She leaned forward and ran her finger up both of Stefans thighs, up the front of his teddy, and stopped at his nipples, twisting them gently. 

     Then she said authoritatively, “And so are you, my little bitch!” 

     Julia took just one hand and pushed the small, weak man onto the bed.  The preteen blonde laughed and walked quickly into her bathroom.

     Stefan lay on the bed, scared and yet very horny.  Julia had him wrapped around her little finger, and probably even her little toe.  He was a girl and he was madly in love with a very under-aged little girl.  He was at the mercy of his erection, which belonged to her, and his other Owners.


     Julia soon returned to the bedroom wearing a red negligee with black stockings and garters.  She was wearing her black choker and long earrings, and she looked older than she really was. 

     The 13 year old ran her fingers through her blonde hair and climbed onto the bed.  She straddled Stefan, who lay on his back in the middle of the bed.   She leaned over and opened the drawer to the nightstand next to her bed and took a small square package, which she held for Stefan to see.

     “Im going to teach you how to put on a condom, Steffi.  Youre going to be putting a lot of condoms on a lot of boys very, very soon.”

     “First, its part of being sexy.  Tease the boy with it, like this.”  

     And Julia took the small package and gently used it to caress Stefans penis.

     “Now, watch this Steffi.  Make eye contact with the boy, smile seductively, and without looking, raise the package to your teeth and slowly rip it open.” 

     Julia then did exactly that.

     “Pull the condom out with your teeth and just hold it there, never losing eye contact.  Remember, youre controlling the boy.  Just throw the package to the side, like you dont care.” 

     She demonstrated and tossed the package nonchalantly onto the floor. 

     “Now you roll the condom onto the penis, leaving lots of air in the tip to catch all the sperm.  If you do this just right, lots of boys will squirt before you even get it completely on.  Dont worry, snookums, youre going to be an expert on making boys and men cum, were going to make sure of that!”

     Julia put the condom on Stefans small, but very stiff penis.  She then leaned back to the drawer and pulled out a small bottle. 

     “This is lubricant.  It makes it easy for the weenie to go in.” 

     Julia coated the condom on Stefans penis, then unsnapped the bottom of her red negligee and added more lubricant to her hairless vagina.  Stefan was mesmerized by her beautiful, small mound of flesh.

     Julia then held Stefans penis with her small hands and brushed her labia against the condom reservoir. 

     “Okay, Steffi.  Here we go.  Time to give me what I want.” 

     She laughed.  “Oh fuck it!  Im just going to take what I want.”


     And Julia used her weight to mount Stefans small, stiff penis.

     Julias hymen had not been intact for several months, having used her Moms vibrator regularly as she had become increasingly active sexually.  And even though she was tight, the intercourse was not painful for her.  Stefans small penis slid in and out, up and down, easily.

     Julia smiled and moaned softly.  “Oh Steffi!  Your weenie is so small … but it feels so, so good.  I like having sex with a girl.  Were … losing … our virginity!”  And she began the first of many shrill squeals.

     Stefan was also moaning, and doing so like a girl.  As he lay on his back and looked up at the gorgeous and promiscuous little 13 year old having her way with him, he knew he was in love.  He tried to touch Julia with his hands, but she seized his wrists and pinned them to the bed above his head, bringing her face very close to his.  He was helpless and Julia completely controlled him.

     Julia nuzzled her face into Stefans neck and began gently nibbling and sucking the skin above and below his choker.  Then she did the same on the other side.  The entire time she whispered and cooed.

     Julia kept Stefans small penis inside her, but slid her body slightly to the side.  She used one hand to easily pin his weak wrists to the bed above his head, and used her other hand to lift one of his stockinged legs.  She bent  his leg and pushed his knee into his chest, like a girl having sex on her back.  It was half of the missionary position.  Giggling, she then used her chin and nose to rub the sole of his stockinged foot.  The tickling sensation caused Stefan to convulse and scream with tormented pleasure.

     Stefan had ejaculated within the first minute of intercourse, but Julia never seemed to notice.  She just kept bouncing and writhing.  Her young vagina was so tight that Stefans penis remained hard and stimulated, working toward a second orgasm.

     Julia discovered that shifting her weight slightly from side to side, felt great along the walls of her vagina.  Leaning forward and backward actually forced Stefans penis to rub her clitoris, and she found that she could even gyrate her hips to create a vigorous rubbing sensation.  

     It was addictive and she was oblivious to Stefan, but completely obsessed with bringing herself toward her own orgasm.  And when her very first orgasm ever, finally arrived, the little girl screamed passionately.

     Stefans second orgasm occurred almost simultaneously and when he made eye contact with Julia, they both smiled and laughed.  They had both lost their virginity, and their love for each other was now bonded forever.

     It took ten minutes for Julia to catch her breath, and when she finally did so, she smiled and slid her glistening body onto the bed, dismounting Stefan, and his tiny, withering penis.

     The next part of her plan was already in action.  From the drawer of her nightstand, she removed a vibrator designed to look like an actual circumcised penis.

     “Take off your condom!” she ordered. 

     Stefan was overwhelmed from his two orgasms, having just lost his virginity to a beautiful, under-aged girl, but he complied.  He slid the condom off his penis without spilling the contents.

     “Give me,” Julia said simply and Stefan handed the warm and slippery condom to his Owner.

     “Open, Steffi,” and Stefan immediately opened his mouth. 

     Julia kneaded the condom, sending Stefans warm semen from the reservoir tip, to the opening.  Julia ensured the contents went into the mouth of her little girl.  The little girl she owned.

     “Swallow!” she commanded, and Stefan obeyed.

     “Now, watch this.  When we make you suck off boys, you probably wont ever do this.  But this is just me being mean to you.” 

     And Julia placed the condom over the vibrator inside out, so the residual semen was outside the condom.

     “Open!” and Julia placed the condom covered vibrator just inside Stefans mouth.  “Hold it!”

     Julia reached onto the floor and picked up a blue knee sock she had worn the day before.  She tied it around Stefans small wrists, then easily picked up and slid his small body toward the head of her bed, making him sit up.  She lifted his bound hands and placed them behind his head, his elbows sticking out.  She then straddled Stefan, his white teddy contrasting with her dark red negligee.

     “Okay, Steffi.  Good girl.  This is my Moms dildo.  Ive used it a lot.  It was fun having sex with you, but it just sort of tickled.  The dildo is bigger and makes me feel like a woman.” 

     She reached up and began sliding the vibrator in and out of Stefans mouth, twisting as she did so.

     “Look at me!  I want you to enjoy every drop of your semen.  And just keep looking deep into my eyes.  I own you.”

      Julia then smiled deviously and thrust the vibrator sideways in Stefans mouth, causing his cheek to bulge, but he never lost eye contact with the evil little nymph.  She moved the vibrator in and out a few times, then thrust it into his other cheek. 

     “You look so stupid!  You and Cameron made a great couple.  She was stupid also.  I hated her so much!” 

     Julias anger manifested itself in her thrusting of the vibrator into Stefans mouth.  She was now going deeper, towards the back of his throat.

     “But you got rid of her for us.”  Julia laughed.  “And this is your reward.”

     Stefan endured 20 minutes of vigorous sucking of the dildo.  But it was obvious to him, from the look on Julias face, that she had even more plans.


     Julia left the vibrator in Stefans mouth and climbed off her teacher.  She left him sitting on the bed, wrists bound behind his head, with a condom covered vibrator in his mouth.  Julia left the room and returned a few minutes later carrying what appeared to be small leather belts looped together. 

     “Ive only seen pictures of these on the internet.  Mollie, Maria, and I ordered one on-line as a joke, but you and I need to figure out how it works.  The dildo goes through this hole.  I put it on like a harness and it makes me look like a girl with a dick.”

     Julia removed the vibrator from Stefans mouth and inserted it through the hole.  She separated the loops and pulled the strap-on into place.

     “Come here and help me with this, Steffi.”

     Stefan slipped off the bed and Julia untied his hands.  She placed the dirty blue nylon sock in his mouth.  As instructed, Stefan tightened the straps on her harness and the 13 year old girl stood over her victim.  The condom covered vibrator pointing directly at him.  She made him climb on the bed and stay on all fours.

     From her dresser, Julia took a bottle of baby oil and coated the vibrator.  She then walked over and squirted baby oil inside Stefans butthole.  She put the baby oil on the nightstand and climbed onto the bed, kneeling behind Stefan.

     “Okay, Steffi.  Now Im going to rape you.  The sock in your mouth will keep you from screaming, but I would rather hear some muffled moans of love.  I might make a boy, or even a girl, do this to you and I want you to always remember that I did it first.  That means you get raped because I want you to.”

     Julia put her hands on Stefans hips and pulled him back, lining up his butthole with her lubed strap-on.  She poked gently, slowly opening his anus, twisting to coax his opening. 

     Stefan grunted through the sock in his mouth.  When he tried to pull away, the 13 year old tightened her grip on his small hips and pulled him firmly back towards her.  The vibrator went deeper and deeper as Julia slowly worked it in.  And Stefans grunts turned to the passionate moans she had ordered.

     When the vibrator was fully inserted, Julias full dominant nature took over and she aggressively pumped Stefan for almost 20 minutes.  Julia was panting with the exertion, but was glowing from the power and control she had over this other human being.  She slapped Stefans butt cheeks, pinched his nipples, pulled his hair, gripped his testicles, and made him suck her fingers as she pulled back on his mouth.

     “I OWN you!  We OWN you!” she reminded him many times. 

     Without pulling out, she took one of her stocking-covered legs and entwined it around one of Stefans stocking-covered legs.  She did the same to the other leg.  She reached in front of her prone victim and used her hands to seize his opposite wrists, wrapping Stefans arms in front of his body and rendering him captured. 

     She continued thrusting but now that her face was only inches from his, she whispered in his ear, “Ive got you wrapped up the way you were with Cameron.  I know you enjoyed holding her.  Your little weenie was hard the entire time.  But now, youre going to take it up the ass!”  She panted.  “Youre my little bitch!  Forever!”

     Keeping the little man entwined and plugged from behind, Julia ruthlessly rolled him all over the bed.  It was a brutal rape.  A 13 year old girl sodomizing a feminized little man.

     When she finally pulled out, Stefan was broken.  He collapsed on the bed and whimpered.  Julia tried giving commands, but understood that Stefan was physically and mentally depleted. 

     Julia smiled.  She had raped Stefan and loved it.  She couldnt wait to do it again.

Chapter 13 One of the Girls

     Stefan coped with the rape by crying himself to sleep.  Julia had removed the dirty sock from his mouth and stripped him.  She cleaned her room and prepared for the party which would be starting soon.

     Maria and Mollie arrived at Julias house together, as arranged, and the three girls enjoyed an early dinner together.  They helped each other get showered and dressed, and when the time came to wake up Stefan, they circled the bed where he slept and smiled down on their teacher. 

     Just a few weeks earlier, they had smiled down on him as he slept, nude, on the cold floor of the girls bathroom at school.  Life was good.  Cameron was gone, and Stefan had been turned into a submissive 13 year old girl who would obediently serve them.  They ruled their world.

     “Wake up, Steffi!” said Julia.  Stefan stirred and when he saw Julia and the girls standing over him, fear immediately took over, and he wept.

     “Oh, sweet baby, its okay,” said Mollie, and all three girls climbed on the bed and comforted their teacher. 

     They caressed and kissed Stefan and whispered to him soothingly.  His tears finally stopped … and the girls began tickling the nude young man, and each other.   All four giggled and squirmed. 

     In a brief moment of clarity, Stefan realized this was becoming natural for him.  He enjoyed acting like a silly little girl, playing with her friends.  Being mean one moment, then making up and laughing the next.

     “You must be starved,” said Maria.  “Get dressed and Ill make you some dinner.” 

     The thought of being able to eat made Stefan recover very quickly.  The pain he felt in his butt even subsided with the hope he would be able to finally have some nourishing food.

     Mollie and Julia dressed Stefan.  The made him wear a tight, lace, pink thong, which seated itself in his butt crack.  He didnt like the feeling, but his feelings did not matter.  The girls put a pink training bra on him, then made him wear a long-sleeved, orange pull-over which said, “Girls Rule and Boys Drool”, across the front.  They took out his earrings and replaced them with long, thick orange hoops which matched the shirt. 

     “These belong to my little sister,” said Julia, and she held up a very small pair of jean shorts.  “Put them on.”

     Stefan obeyed and though he was small, the shorts were very short, and very tight.  The girls then put dark, striped, nylon leggings on him which extended just above his knees.

     “I bought these for you today,” said Mollie and she held up a small pair of rubber sandals.  They were blue and had pictures of mermaids on them.  Stefan slipped them onto his feet and the girls led him downstairs.

     Maria had made Stefan a small salad of fruit and vegetables.  The girls made him kneel on the kitchen floor and Maria fed this to him.  The food felt so good he almost cried again.  He ate the salad as fast as Maria would feed it to him.

    “Are you still hungry sweetie?” asked Mollie. 

     Stefan nodded, almost pleading. 

     “Good girl.  I think Maria cooked you something special.”

     Maria opened the microwave and on a plate, was a steaming thick hotdog.  It smelled great and Stefan was eager to wolf it down.  Maria picked up the hotdog at one end and held it above Stefans face.  His eyes gazed at the food longingly.

     Julia stepped forward and explained the rules.  “Steffi, we want you to love weenies, of all shapes and sizes.  Do you love YOUR teenie weenie?”

     Stefan nodded vigorously, his eyes never leaving the food.  “Well, we might let you keep it, even though youre a girl.  Or we might cut it off.  Were still thinking about it.  Its so little, were not sure if it is worth keeping.  Anyway, did you like the weenie I shoved in your mouth and up your butt today?”

     Stefan nodded again, a little less enthusiastically.  He was almost ready to leap at the hotdog being dangled before him, just like a hungry puppy.  He even whimpered.   Maria noticed and began circling the hotdog over his head, laughing at his wide eyes following his potential meal no matter where Maria held it.  She continued teasing him as Julia continued.

     “Okay, Steffi.  Its obvious you want this weenie also, and you can have it.  As much as you can fit in your mouth.  Marias going to try to put as much down your throat as possible.  If you bite it, well make you spit it out and youll starve.  When Maria is satisfied that you have as much in your mouth as possible, she will tell you when to bite down.  Then you can eat the part that is in your mouth.  Ready to suck the weenie?”

     Stefan again nodded, desperately wanting the food. 

     “You have to say, I want to suck your weenie!” said Mollie.

     Stefan would have said anything.  He was ready to seize the food, like some sort of mongrel, but he knew the punishment the girls would give him would not be worth it.

     “I want to suck your weenie,” he said in his soft, feminine voice.

     The girls were surprised at the sincerity.  They had planned to delay this part of his feeding for as long as possible, but without speaking, they all knew it couldnt get better.  Stefan was a little girl, begging for food, and begging for a wiener.

     Maria held Stefans chin up and slowly inserted the warm, thick wiener down Stefans throat.  Maria kept inching it closer and closer to the back of the kneeling boys throat.  She almost touched the back before Stefans gag reflex took over.  Maria withdrew part of the hotdog, then slowly reinserted it and held it. 

     For what seemed like forever to Stefan, the girls admired his ability to deep-throat much of the hotdog.  Maria finally gave Stefan permission to bite and he did so.  Obediently, he held the hotdog in his mouth and awaited further instruction.  Maria patted the top of his head. 

     “Good girl, Steffi!  You may eat.”  And Stefan began chewing the hotdog in his overstuffed mouth.  It became one of his favorite meals since school had begun.

     The girls made Stefan brush his teeth, then took him by the hand and led him a few blocks away.  It was early evening and they entered a large, elegant house with loud music playing.

     Inside, the party seemed to just be getting started.  There were lots of teenage girls, all dressed in such way that was not allowed at any school.  There were also teenage boys, most of whom were dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts.  Most of the boys and girls were holding large plastic cups filled with the alcoholic beverage of their choice as they socialized in small groups.

     When Maria, Mollie, and Julia walked in with Stefan, they received a few derisive looks because of their age, then they were ignored.  However, three young girls, about a year older than them, approached the girls and gave hugs and kisses.

     When the greetings and giggles subsided, Julia said, “And this is little Steffi.”

     The three, new 14 year old girls all giggled as they towered over the small feminized young man.

     Mollie said, “Steffi, this is Nica, Laura, and Tina.  Arent they beautiful?  Weve told them all about you.”  Each of the three girls gave Stefan a hug and a peck on the cheek.

    All three girls were tall, slightly taller than even Mollie and Julia.  They were in the 7th grade at the local Jr. High School. 

     Nica and Laura were bossy and dominant.  They both had long, strawberry-blonde hair and though they were pretty, they had reached the age where their bossy attitudes alienated them from their peers.  They were dressed in jean shorts and short tops, and wore long earrings.

     Tina was also tall, probably 59”, with shoulder length, bleached blonde hair.  She was thin and flat­-chested, and beautiful like a model.  She wore a short, black skirt, dark stockings, and short black blouse tied off exposing her pieced bellybutton and tanned, flat abdomen.   She wore long black boots with heels, making her seem even taller.

     Stefan noticed that Laura and Nica wore black chokers similar to his Owners, but Tina wore a very thin, red leather collar.

     “Steffi,” said Nica, “We want you to be Tinas little sister.  She needs someone to take care of.  You two sit here on the sofa and pick out some boys you want to meet.”

     Tina took Stefans hand and the two sat on the sofa.  Tina held Stefan close and whispered, just loud enough for the girls to hear, about the boys at the party.  Stefan did not enjoy talking about boys, but Tina held his hand, and the other girls sat closely around him.

     The other girls talked about Stefan.  He heard Julia, Maria, and Mollie tell Laura and Nica about his future.  Once fired from his job on Monday morning, the girls planned to rotate him from one of their houses to another, gradually introducing him to their Moms, families and friends.  They knew their Moms were liberal and would eventually accept their sympathetic story that Stefan was a girl trapped in a mans body.  These were three Princesses who always got their way.  They were confident their Moms would support them.

     After the winter break, the girls planned to enter Stefan into the 6th grade class at the local, prestigious, all-girls school.  Stefans intelligence would ensure he would be accepted.  Maria, Mollie, and Julia would enjoy manipulating Stefan, and his new preteen classmates, every day.  They werent sure if they would let him advance to the 7th grade, or make him transfer to other schools, always remaining a 6th grade girl.

     “Tina, did you find a boyfriend yet,” asked Laura.

     “Yes, Laura.  I think that guy in the brown shirt is hot.”

     “Okay, then.  Take Steffi with you.  Be a big sister and teach her well.”

     Tina stood and pulled Stefan to his feet.  The tall, pretty blonde sauntered across the room holding on to Stefan as if he were her bratty little sister.  She introduced herself, and Stefan, to the teenage boy and soon all three were in an upstairs bedroom.

     The boy sat on the bed and Stefan knelt uncomfortably on the floor in front of him.  He wanted to leave, but Tina had placed him on his knees firmly and he did not want to upset her. 

     “$40.00,” Tina told the boy simply.

     The boy handed Tina two $20.00 bills, which she placed in her bra.

     Tina opened the fly on the boys jeans and pulled out his semi-erect penis.  She handed a condom package to Stefan.

     “You know how to put a condom on, right Steffi?”

     The boy suddenly objected.  “Whoa, this is too weird.  How old is your little sister?” he asked Tina.

     “Shes 13.”

     “Bullshit.  Shes just a little kid and I dont want her touching me.”

     “Okay, Okay,” said Tina.  “Steffi, just kneel there and watch.”

     Tina put the condom on the boy, just as Julia had taught Stefan.  She then stuck out her tongue and Stefan could see that Tinas tongue was pierced.

     “Watch Steffi.”  She pointed to the small, metal ball on the tip of her tongue.  “I put this along the bottom of his cock, where theres a vein, and when I do, boys will shoot their load uncontrollably.”

    “Bullshit!” said the teen boy.  “You cant do that.” 

     And just as the words left his mouth, Tina placed his penis in her mouth and the boy gasped and quivered.  He shot a quick load of semen into the condom reservoir.

     Tina laughed and said, “Told ya!”

     The humiliated boy zipped up his pants and ran from the room.

     Tina took Stefans hand and led him back to his Owners.  They found all five of the dominant girls in a small basement room, laughing.  They were looking at a laptop.  When Tina and Stefan entered the room, the girls laughed and turned their attention to them.

     “There he is!” said Maria.

     Only she wasnt referring to Stefan. 

     Nica reached to Tina and pulled the collar around her neck, exposing a small padlock.  “Give me the money, Tina.”

     Tina removed the two $20.00 bills from her bra and handed them to Nica, who handed one of the bills to Laura.

     “Good girl.  Did you let Steffi do any sucking?”

     “No Nica.  The guy thought Steffi was too young.  So she just watched.”

     “Well, next time bring the guy to the edge of orgasm, so he cant think and talk.  Then let Steffi finish him.  Shes little but she can suck off boys.” 

     Nica then changed her tone.  “Take off your skirt, Tina.  We need to show Steffi who you really are.”

     Tina removed her skirt obediently.

     “And your panties.”

     Tina again obeyed, and Stefan could not believe what he was seeing.  Laura made Tina bend at the waist and slowly turned her around. 

     Tina had a penis.

     The penis had been pierced and a silver ring was attached to the circumcised head.  There was another silver ring pierced in the small area of flesh between the scrotum and anus.  The penis had been pulled back, splitting the testicles, and the silver rings were padlocked together.  It was a simple chastity device.

     “Like what you see, Steffi?” asked Mollie. 

     Stefan was speechless and stunned.  Julia took control and looped her finger through the ring on Stefans choker, pulling him down to his knees.  She began to explain the life of Tina, while painting the full story with pictures on the internet.

     Tina had been the male 6th grade teacher the year before Stefan arrived.  Nica and Laura had been students in his class.  They forced him to become the 14 year old girl who was now being made to kneel beside Stefan.

     “Tina” was 35 years old, and his real name was Greg.  He had graduated from UCLA and then entered the Navy, where he was a pilot.  He had met his wife and settled in the Bay area following his military commitment.  There had been no concern about the meager salary for a teacher, since his wife had come from a very wealthy family.

     Greg had taught at the high school level, but had developed a reputation for flirting with teenage girls.  He was popular and the school administrators had hoped that moving him to the 6th grade might save his career.  But they had not counted on Nica and Laura.

    Once Nica and Laura took control of Greg, they quickly blackmailed him and made him separate from his wife.  They turned Greg into “Tina”, and soon thereafter, he was fired as a teacher.  The girls transformation of Greg had been so complete, that within months, he actually looked like a 14 year old girl.

     Stefan looked at the laptop screen which showed pictures of a tall, handsome, dark haired man.  It was a picture of Greg, taken about one year earlier, at the start of the school year.  He was 511” and weighed 175 pounds. 

     But Nica and Laura were sadistic young girls.  They had starved their teacher and kept him locked in a small dog cage in Nicas basement. When they released him, months later, he was broken.  He was now 59” and weighed 130 pounds.  They had pierced him, bleached his hair, and forced him to become a girl in every way.  They were still considering whether to castrate him and give him breasts.  And yet, no matter how mean they were to him, he worshipped them.  Nica and Laura completely owned him, and they planned to do so forever.

     Julia continued, “But heres whats really funny.  Watch Tinas face when we show her this next picture.”

     Stefan looked at Tinas face as the girls brought up a new picture on the laptop.  Tina saw the picture and suddenly looked as if someone had punched her in the stomach.  She groaned audibly and began to cry.  The girls laughed.

     Mollie said, “Steffi, look at the screen.”

     Stefan obeyed and what he saw surprised him.  It was a picture of Brianna, his 6th grade student.  The girl he had kissed and caressed at the class sleepover.  He was baffled as to why her picture had the effect it did on Tina.

    “Tina, tell Steffi how you know Brianna,” said Nica.

     Tina wiped her tears, turned to Stefan, and said softly, “Shes my daughter.”

     The girls all laughed and Tina again lowered her head and cried.

     Laura said, “Brianna and her Mom have completely disowned Tina.  They are disgusted and embarrassed, but would probably not recognize him now.  Weve sent them pictures of little boys being sucked off.  We made him do it when he was still a teacher.  Tina could go to prison for the rest of her life as a man.  Instead, she gets to be with us for the rest of her life.”

     Nica added, “We cant wait until next year.  Brianna and Tina will attend the same school.  Were going to turn them into lesbian lovers.  Were going to make them suck off guys together.  And Brianna wont have a clue that Tina is her father.”

     “Good!  We hate Brianna!” said Maria.  Julia and Mollie nodded their agreement.

     Julia said, “Hold her hand Steffi.  Make her feel better.  Shes your BFF now.”

     Stefan reached over and held Tinas hand.  He used his other hand to pull Tinas blonde hair from her face and then gently pat her on the back.  Tina looked over at Stefan and smiled weakly her way of trying to thank Stefan without speaking. 

     Nica and Laura and Mollie and Julia and Maria all stood with their hands on their hips, looking down at the kneeling girls they had created.  These bossy young girls looked so content and so beautiful.  They looked like little Goddesses.

     Stefan and Tina continued to hold hands as they both looked up at these domineering little preteens.

     Stefan and Tina looked at each other and without speaking, knew what the other was thinking.  This was their life, and they had no choice.

     Stefan bowed his head, staring at the tanned legs of the bossy preteens standing over him.  He felt a tingling sensation travel through his body and he involuntarily shuddered and gasped in his soft, feminine voice. 

     A sense of warmness immediately followed and took over his body.  And a very faint, feminine smile crossed his glossed lips.

     Then Stefan knew.  The last semblance of maleness had just left him.

     He was one of the girls.

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