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Megan's Question

Chapter 13

Megans Questions

Chapter Thirteen

       We have a wedding to plan for,  It has been pushed back a couple of weeks due to scheduling problems.  One evening, shortly after Betsy agreed to be my sex slave, Chris and Megan returned home from a shopping trip.  Betsy and I were in the den talking about our future.  Basically, she has moved into my home.  We are going to let Chris and Megan have her house.  There are a lot of contingencies that had to be worked out when we combined our lives.  We were sitting on a sofa in the den, both of us were naked.  Betsy knows I liked it when Megan would stroke my cock, so she has adopted this delightful practice.

       As we were talking, Chris and Megan came into the den.  Chris seemed to have something on his mind.  He had a concerned look on his face.  Megan seemed excited about the issue, also.  She remained silent, letting her soon to be groom do the talking.

       Chris spoke, while Megan was clutching at his arm.  “Jack, I know Megan is your sex slave until we get married, but there is something I want to do before then.”

       I smiled and replied, “What is this ominous thing you want to do.  It cant be that bad.”

       “Well, Sir, I want to have Megans pussy lips and clit pierced.  The gold rings I want to install there wont be to large, but enough to attach a leash to them so I can lead her around with a cunt leash.  It would also be possible to attach a leash to the clit ring.  I want to do it now so it will be healed by the time of our wedding.  I am still hoping for a BDSM wedding, and would like to see Megan being led to the alter by a leash attached to her pussy.”

       When I heard this, I swear my cock nearly leaped out of Betsys hand.  This was one hot idea.  I sat there with my cock throbbing in Betsys hand, trying to get control of my voice.  Betsy chuckled as she looked up at me, smiling as she continued to stroke my now throbbing cock..

       I cleared my throat, and answered, “Well, yeah, that is one hot idea.  I dont have a problem with it, as long as Megan agrees.  I think that is critical when we are doing something permanent like that, like when I had her pussy hair removed by laser.  Sure, but where would you do it?  Who would do it?”

       “My friend Sam Carrigan had his slaves pussy lips pierced.  He has a friend who is a male nurse, RN, do it.  This friend of his has been piercing for a couple of years and has his own business on the side..  I saw Sams slaves cunt, and it looks great.  To make it easy, he would come here to do it.  This guy is into BDSM.  He prefers the slave who is to be pierced to be bound and tied down to a table or bench.  He says it is hotter, but also makes sure the slave holds till during the process,”

       I loved it.  I remember when I first read the “Story of O” by Pauline Reage.  In the story, O has her pussy lips pierced and ringed.  She was tied down when her pussy lips were pierced  Sir Stephen had sent O to the house of Anne Marie to be pierced.   I dreamed about that for days.  To me, it was the ultimate expression of sexual slavery.

       I turned to Chris, “Set it up.  We can do it here.”

       Later, after Chris and Megan left, and after Betsy and I had a little “vanilla” sex, I talked to her about piercing.  We were laying on the bed, my arms around her and she stroking me softening cock.

       Betsy asked, “You got turned on over the idea of Megans pussy being pierced, didnt you?”

       “Yeah, Sweet Slave, I was, and am.  It took me by surprise, but yes, I think it is hot.  That just makes her a little more of a sex slave.”

       Betsy smiled and said, When Chris told you about piercing Megans pussy, I thought you cock was going to jumped out of my hands.”

       I laughed and answered, “Well, I was surprised, and yes, it was a hot idea.”

       Betsy replied, “I think you would like to do that to me.”

       I answered, Yeah, it sounds like something we should do.  I would like to have your pussy pierced, with gold rings.  Like Sir Stephen in the Story of O, I want my initials engraved on your cunt rings.”

       Betsy squeezed my now hardening cock and asked, “Would you lock a leash on those rings?”

       I kissed her as I replied, “Absolutely.  I would even lock your pussy rings together so no one could fuck you without my permissions.  Kind of alike a built in chastity belt.  I love the look of the pussy rings, and I think they should be practical as well.  You can be leashed, and then I could use your pussy rings to lock you to a post or some other fixed object.  That would keep you where I would know where you are.  No chance of getting lost like that.”

       Betsy smiled and kissed me, “Jack, you are my master.  If that is what you want to do, I surrender to you.”

       I relied, “I think I want your clit pierced, too.”

       Betsy squeezed my cock, then moved down my body and took it into her mouth, sucking it and lashing the head with her sweet pink tongue.

       On Tuesday Chris and I took Megan and Betsy over to Jacobs condo to select the rings to go in their cunts.  We met Jacob and his wife, who is also his sex slave..  To our pleasure she was naked, with piercing and rings in her pussy, clitoris and nipples.  While I can appreciate her piercing, I did not like her tattoos.  I would not want tattoos on Megan or Betsy.  Their skin is perfect, warm and sensual.  To tattoo that skin would be much akin to vandalism, or graffiti .  Oh, well, different strokes, I guess.  She was a slim, petite athletic looking woman with a pretty face. 

       We looked at the available rings and selected what we thought would satisfy our needs.  The rings Betsy and I picked were not very large, but significant.  I also picked a small gold medallion to fit on one of the rings.  This would hang down on the ring.  It was to be engraved, “Slave, property of J.C” along with Betsys name on the other side.  An engraving of crossed whips would be under her name.  I decided to have a ring installed in both of her nether pussy lips and her clit.  Betsy leaned over and kissed my when I told Jacob what the engravings would say.  Both Chris and I rejected the idea of piercing Megans and Betsys nipples.  Both of us reasoned we liked to whip their breasts, and were afraid the nipple rings might get in the way.  The pleasure of whipping their breasts far out weighted the pleasure of having their nipples pierced.

       Chris and I talked about the wedding.  In addition to the pussy rings, he wants to remove my slave collar from Megans neck and replace it with one that is permanent.  I knew of a source for this type of collar.  A jeweler I knew was selling such items under the counter.  He, himself was involved in BDSM, but did not want to scare away his “vanilla” clientele.  We visited this jeweler and bought a fantastic collar.  It was burnished stainless steel with gold inlay designs.  There was a U looking loop that folded neatly into the collar when not in use, and could be folded out to attach a leash to it.  It was hinged in the back, and when it closed, it locked permanently.  The only way to remove it was to destroy it with tools.  He bought one that would be fairly form fitting, meaning that it was be a bid snug, but not enough to be uncomfortable.  He and Megan had talked about this type of collar.  I wondered if I wanted to collar Betsy in a similar manner. 

       On Friday Jacob called saying the rings were ready, and he could install them on Saturday afternoon.  Everyone was excited about the Saturday event.  Per Jacobs instructions, when he arrived, both Megan and Betsy were naked, bound and gagged.  Naturally, as required, both were wearing high heel shoes.  When Jacob saw the two women as bound slaves, rather than well dressed pretty women picking out jewelry, you could watch his cock harden, creating a “tent” of his trousers.

       “You gentlemen have amazing slaves.  They are beautiful”, he said as he stood there staring at them.  We made Megan and Betsy pose and parade around for him.  He kept commenting on their beauty and submission to us.

       We adjourned to the basement play room.  Megan was placed on the fucking/whipping table.  This table was mentioned in a previous chapter.  This is the one which has two tall posts, one at each corner of the leather covered table.  Megan was tied down with straps across her belly and chest.  Her legs were pulled up tight, spread and tied to the posts.  This placed her on her back, bound wrists under her, her ass right at the edge of the table, with her legs widely spread and pulled up tight and bound to the post.  My cock was hard.  I was standing behind Betsy, with my arms around her playing with her tits.

       I went to Megan and kissed her gagged mouth while I toyed with her pussy, specifically, her clit,  “Well, Sweet daughter of mine, this is what you want.  Also, remember when your pussy hair was removed, and you said it would be hot to have been tied down wile someone was messing with your pussy, well, its happening.  From what I am feeling in your pussy, your hot.”

       Megan nodded her gagged head.  She closed her eyes, as if to concentrate on the moment.  She was already somewhat aroused, this only made her hotter.  I walked around the table, and bending over I kissed and licked her cunt.  Megan started to moan and tried to raise her pussy to my mouth and tongue.  I stood up and slapped her pussy, then turned it over to her inquisitor.  Jacob made quick work of the project.  Using a topical anesthesia he numbed both Megans pussy lips and clit.  Using forceps and a rather large needle he pierced all three locations, and quickly installed the rings.  After sanitizing the affected area, he released Megan from her bonds.  Her wrists remained locked behind her back and the gag remained in her mouth.  She and Chris went to a full length mirror on the wall to look at these additions to her body.  Next, it was Betsys turn.

       Betsy was bound to the whipping/fucking table in the same manner as Megan  After she was bound, Jacob looked over at me, winking as he did so..

       “Jack, do you want me to numb her clit and pussy lips, or make her take it without any pain killer.”

       “Well, Ive been thinking about it….”

       Betsy gave me a look of terror.  She made no effort to struggle, but I could tell she was worried about my decision.

       “Jacob, numb the area   I like to give her pain, but for sexual purposes only.”

       Jacob smiled, “Yeah, I understand that.”

       I leaned down and kissed Betsy on her gagged mouth, while I fondled her breasts and pussy.  Betsy was scared, but true to her nature, she was aroused, very aroused.  Her cunt was very moist.

       I turned to Jacob, “Shes all yours, Sir.  Let me prep her for you.”

       I picked up a light weight flogger whip and gave her delicious cunt about 10 rather hard strokes.  Then I put my mouth to this wonderful facility and proceeded to tongue and suck her cunt.  Watching her carefully, I raised her arousal level until she was on the verge of a climax.  I stopped, refusing her a cum.  Her disappointed moaning told me she wanted to cum.  There was a tear of frustration in the corner of her pretty blue eyes.  I moved away to let her piercing begin.

       Jacob looked down at bound and gagged Betsy, with his hand on her over heated pussy, said, “You have a good master.  I have pierced nipples and pussies with no pain killer because that is the way the master wanted it.  You are a beautiful slave.  Ill bet it is exciting to have you under a whip.”

       Jacob ran his hand over her cunt, then gave her breasts a squeeze.  This did not surprise me.  I dont know how a healthy male could resist playing with those breasts.  Betsy lay there, bound and gagged, waiting for Jacob to do his job, which he did, expertly.  Betsy looked amazing, and I could see how I would be using these piercing, regularly.  I released Betsy from the whipping/fucking table and took her to the mirror.  Her wrists were still strapped behind her back.  It appeared she loved her piercing.  I hugged her, with her pushing her body close to my as she laid her head on my chest.  Jacob stood there admiring his work, his cock still obvious in his trousers.  I had a surprise for him and Betsy.

       As I was taking the penis gag from her mouth, I turned to Jacob and said.  “Sir, if you would, sit down there in that easy chair after you have removed your trousers.”

       I turned to Betsy and said, “Slave, you need to show Jacob how much you appreciate him coming here to decorate you body.  I want you to suck his cock, suck it to a fine finish.” 

       Betsy kissed me and went to Jacob.  She immediately went to her knees and started to lick and kiss Jacobs now throbbing cock.  Chris removed Megans bonds, and on his orders, when to Jacob.  As Betsy was sucking him, Megan was fondling his balls and stroking the shaft of his cock, making it easier for Betsy to suck Jacob, and giving him more pleasure.

       Wedding day.  Earlier I had mentioned about not having a BDSM wedding, well, plans change.  Megans only other living relative was ill and could not come to the wedding.  This opened doors to all kinds of possibilities.  So, a full blown BDSM wedding was in the offing.  It was to be held in my back yard, while the reception would be in my playroom/orgy room basement.

       Incidentally, the pussy piercing on Megan and Betsy have healed and are being used regularly by Chris and myself.  Both Megan and Betsy have commented that the clit piercing keeps them aroused, constantly.   They both said that walking down the street, or in a shopping mall, the normal movement of their bodies and legs in concert with the clit ring would bring them to a near climax. To test this theory, one evening I bound Betsys wrists behind her, and had her sit  beside me on the couch in the living room, while we watched a BDSM porn DVD.  Betsy was sitting there, close to me with her legs opened like I ordered.  I was playing with her cunt when I concentrated my efforts on her clit ring.  I touched nothing more than that.  I toyed with the clit ring, then started to wiggle it, and flip it with my finger.  Immediately Betsy was aroused, very aroused.  She was nearly breathless as I relentlessly played with the clit ring.  The more I played with it, the hotter she got.  Then I flipped it hard with my finger and Betsy exploded into an eruptive climax.  Even while she was cumming, I kept working on the clit ring.  She had one climax after another.  At one point she was crying, begging me to cease playing with her clit ring, during which she continued to cum.  Finally, I quit, knowing I was exhausting her.  So, it was true.  The clit ring was another marvelous way to pleasure her, keep her aroused and control her. 

       It was a small crowd.  Sean McAlpine and his wife, the Watsons,  Hans Krueger and his girl friend/slave, Jim Bryant and his wife, Abbey,  and of course myself and Betsy.  As I mentioned, the wedding was to be held in my back yard.  I mentioned that I lived on a ten acres plot of ground that is heavily wooded.  We have tremendous privacy.  All the slaves were to be naked, decorated for the occasion, like high heel shoes, et al.  Per my instructions, all the slave were bound and helpless.  Gags were an option.  As I worked on making sure the wedding was perfect, in the deep corners of my mind, I realized I missed Jayne, and wished she was here.  She would have been so proud of Megan and how she has turned out.

       I went into the house to see how the Bride was doing.  She was in her bedroom with Betsy, getting ready to be married.  She was wearing a short white wedding veil.  White lather straps had been used to bind her wrists and elbows behind her back.  A white garter belt, white stockings and white high heel pumps completed her wedding ensemble.  Otherwise, she was naked.  Her cunt piercing were magnificent.  Clipped to the larger pussy rings was a white leash.  Her clit ring had been temporarily removed.  It was to serve as the wedding ring, to be reinstall during the ceremony.  Megan was amazing.  I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but we had a wedding to attend.

       “Megan, my love, I am so proud of you.  Your mother would be reduced to tears if she could see you.  She loved you and was proud of you. 

       Megan kissed me, “Thank you, Jack.  Thank you so much for this.  I couldnt be happier.”

       I returned her kiss and replied, “I have something I want to give you as a wedding present.”

       From my pocket I produced a small wooden box.  I opened it for her to see the small exquisite gold butt plug I had bought her.  It was large enough to fit in her ass and not slip out, but not large enough to cause considerable discomfort.  Her initials were engraved on the exposed end.  She came to me and kissed me, then on my instructions, turned her ass to me and bent over.  I lubricate it by pushing into her very moist pussy, then slipped it into her ass.

       :“Jack, Sir, thank you very much.  I just knew you would do something really special, and you did.  I will cherish it.”

       “Im glad, Sweetie.  You have a magnificent ass, and I think it needs a little slave jewelry.  Now, my dear, it is time to gag you so we can walk you down the isle.”

       “Thank you, Jack, I love you”, she whispered just before I gagged her with a white leather penis gag.

       I turned to Betsy.  She was magnificent.  As can be expected, she was naked, save for the beige garter belt, beige hose, and beige high heel pumps.  She already had beige wrist and ankle cuffs on her.

       “Slave, being the mother of the groom, and now the mother in law of my daughter, puts you in a special place.  I have something for you.”

       I produced another wooden box.  Opening it, Betsy found another gold butt plug, similar to Megans.  Betsys initials along with two crossed whips were etched in the exposed end of the plug.  She hugged me and kissed me, thanking me for this wonderful gift.  She bent over, showing me her magnificent ass.  I lubricated the butt plug with her pussy juices.  When it was installed , I kissed both cheeks of her ass.  I locked her wrists behind her back, and wrapped a beige rope around her elbows and bound them tightly in the small of her back.  A beige leather penis gag was placed in her mouth.  All was ready.

       When I heard the wedding march playing, I reached for the leash which was attached to Megans pussy rings.  I wished I had set a dress code for the men, requiring them to be nude too.  Now here I had in the room with two incredible naked bound sex slaves, and I am fully dressed, and my rigid cock is aching to be free.  I had opted to have the men dressed so the naked slaves, my daughter and Betsy included, who feel even more naked.  Now, my cock was screaming to be free.  Oh, well, well make it.

       Before we went out into the back yard, the good Judge Darrel Brown came into see the bride.  Judge, you say?  Yeah, a Judge.  I have known him for several years.  He is a full blown sadist like me, and his wife is a sex slave.  On this day, his wife had the flu and could not attend, but he agreed to officiate the wedding.

       The Judge looked at a beautiful gagged Megan, “Well, young lady, this is your day.  I dont want to removed the gag from you mouth, because you look so good with it.  So, just nod or shake your head to answer yes or no.  Are you a sex slave now?”

       Megan nodded her head.

       “Good”, said the Judge.  “Are you going to be a sex slave to your new husband, as well as his wife?”

       Again Megan nodded her head.

       “Very good.  I think you made the right decision, and I think your new husband is a very lucky man.”

       “Now I understand that the wedding ring in the ceremony will be the clit ring.  Who has the ring and who will install it in her clitoris?”

       Chris answered, “Jack has the ring, and I will install it.  After I install it, I will change her leash from her pussy rings to the clit ring.”

       The Judge looked at Betsy, then at me.  “Jack, is she yours?”

       I replied, “Yes Sir, she is my slave.”

       The Judge grinned, “You are one lucky man.  Do you think I could make her acquaintance after the wedding?”

       Smiling, I hugged Betsy, and answered, “I am sure that can be arranged.”

       “Good”, he replied.  “Now we have a wedding to go to.  Ill lead the way when the music starts.”

       All heads tuned at Betsy walked down the isle as the mother of the groom, mother in law, and brides maid.  The Judge had preceded her, but all eyes were on Betsy.  She was beautiful.  Her magnificent breasts jiggled and swayed deliciously as she walked.  With her wrists and elbows bound behind her back, it forced her breasts out, more prominent, more vulnerable, and more desirable.  She walked down to the isle to where the Judge was standing, turned left and then stood facing the crowd as a brides maid, waiting for the bride.  Her son, Chris was standing on the other side of the Judge.

       The music changed to the full wedding march.  I kissed Megan on her gagged mouth and patted her on her pussy, then her ass.  I stepped off, holding the leash which was attached to her pussy rings.  Megan was a magnificent sight.  Naked, except for the while decorations.  Everybody seemed to be looking at the lash I held, and the fact that it was connected to Megans pussy rings.  There were looks of approval from everyone, especially the groom.

       “Gentlemen and Slaves“, the Judge started.  “We are here to day to join this couple in marriage and sexual slavery, Master Chris and slave Megan.  Who surrenders this slave to be married to this man, and to be his sex slave as he deems.”

       I answered, “I, her father do surrender her.”

       I handed the leash to the Judge.  After giving a couple of tugs on the leash, he handed it to Chris.  He tugged on the leash, forcing Megan to stand directly in front of the Judge.  Chris moved to stand beside her.  I moved to the position of the best man.  Chriss next move set the mood.  He moved his hand behind Megan, and patted her on her beautiful naked ass.

       I looked over at Betsy, and she was looking at me, and then her son.  I could see her new pussy rings.  I am glad I had her pierced.  I had a leash in my pocket.  When she and I walk out down the isle, behind Megan and Chris, I intend to clip the leash to her clit ring.  She thinks I am going to clip it to her pussy rings, but no, I will use the clit ring.  By the time I get her into the basement, she will be so aroused she will close to an orgasm.

       The Judge moved through the ceremony.  Then at the last, he asked the critical questions.  “Chris Collins, to you promise to take this beautiful sex slave, Megan Chandler, to be your wife, to hold and protect her?”

       Chris replied, “I do.”

       “Chris, do you also take her to be your sex slave, to continue to train her in her slavery, to bind and hold her in her sexual slavery, and demand all things of her in her sexual slavery.”

       “I do.”

       The Judge turned to me, and asked that I removed the gag from Megans mouth.  I did, and it ceremony continued.

       “Megan Chandler, do you accept Chris Collins as your husband?”

       Megan softly replied, “Yessir, I do.”

       “Do you also submit to be his absolute naked bound abject sex slave, of whom all things sexual can be demanded.  Do you accept his whip, or any other torments and punishments he wises to administer, for your own good?”

       “Yessir, I do.”

       “Further, do you accept that he can bind you make you helpless, hold you as his prisoner and slave, require you to submit to him and other individuals as a sex slave, those individuals whom he may chose?”

       Megan swallowed, “Yessir, I do.

       “Do you accept that he has the right to punish or torture you if you to do not submit to him, and others he may give you to.  He has the right to force you to submit as he desires, always?  No sex act can ever be refused b y you, whether he demands it, or someone he has chosen.”

       Megan, looked at me, then replied, “Yessir, I do, I will do as he says, always.”

       The Judge smiled and looked at Megan and Chris and said, “You are two very lucky young people.  By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and slave.  Chris, you may kiss the bride.”

       Chris and Megan kissed passionately.  When the broke the kiss, the Judge continued.

       “Chris, you may present your bride and slave with your ring.”

       I handed the clit right to Chris.  He knelt in front of Megan and put his hand on her cunt, specifically, her clit.  Megan spread her shapely legs, allowing access to her cunt.  It only took a moment, then it was installed.  I could tell from the look on Megans face that she was aroused by having the ring installed.  To make it complete, Chris connected the leash to her clit ring.  That further aroused Megan.

       “Megan, to show the world you are proud to be Chris sex slave and wife, I want you to kneel before him and take his cock into your mouth and suck him to a cum,  Maid of Honor, the Groomsman will release you bonds, and you will extract the grooms cock and present it to the bride.”

       As Megan was kneeling in front of Chris, I moved over to Betsy.  I released her arms and wrists, but her gag remained in her mouth.  She moved to Megan, kneeling beside her and in front of Chris.  She unzipped his trousers and extracted his fully erect and painfully rigid cock and balls.  She held it for Megan.  Megan kissed his cock, licked it, and took it into her pretty mouth.  Betsy was cupping his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other.  Chris was still holding the leash attached to the clit ring.  It was a beautifully hot scene.

       Periodically, Chris would tug on the leash, pulling on the clit ring.  It had an obvious affect on Megan.  Her hips tended to hump a little like she was being fucked, and she would attack his cock with renewed dedication.  Betsy increased the stroking of his cock.  In about a minute or so, Chris gave it up and erupted into Megans sweet mouth.  Her efforts were heroic as she took all of his issue and sucked him clean.  The crowd had gather around, close, to watch this beautiful sexual spectacle.  It was a beautiful thing.  When Megan made Chris cum, there was applause and conversation about how well Megan had sucked his cock.  There were comments on Betsy, how she was Megans mother in law and was helping her son to cum in Megans mouth.  Chris helped Megan up, and stood waiting for me to take custody of Betsy before he walked down the isle with his new wife, and slave.

       Quickly, I locked Betsys wrists behind her back, and left the gag in her mouth.  She spread her legs so I could attach the leash.  When I connected it to her clit ring, the look on her beautiful gagged face told me she was both aroused and surprised, and somewhat afraid to have the leash attached there.

       “Slave, I love you, and I can hardly wait to put my cock in you.  I have just leashed your clit ring.  Do you think you can make it to the house without cumming?”

       Betsy just shrugged her shoulders, expressing many doubts.  She was too aroused to give it any more thought.  The good Judge was all smiles as he watched me deal with a very passionate and aroused Betsy.

       Betsy made it to the orgy room without having an orgasm, just barely.  Once in the orgy room, Chris and I organized a reception line.  We made Betsy and Megan kneel on the carpeted floor.  There was a ring mounted on the floor, between each of their legs.  We pulled their leashes down tight and tied them to the floor rings.  Both slaves was now anchored to the floor by her clit ring.  I removed Betsys gag.  Chris and I stood next to our slaves as the attendees came buy to offer congratulations.  This was a rather different reception line.  While Chris and I shook hands with the masters, hugged and kissed the slaves, Megan and Betsy had different rolls.  They took the cock of every master into their willing mouths and sucked him until he pulled his cock from her mouth.  Then they had to suck the pussy of every slave in the reception line.  Needless to say, there were a lot of erections, and moist cunts.  The reception line moved rather slowly.  I have to admit it was beautiful to watch our women suck these ready cocks and cunts.  Chris and I enjoyed kissing and fondling the various slaves.  Several times, a master would have his slave kneel and suck our cock.  This wedding, and evening was getting off to an excellent start.

       Once the reception line was completed, every one undressed.  Chris took to the floor and got everyones attention.  I was standing to the side, kissing and fondling Betsy while Megan was on her knees sucking my cock, on Chriss order.

       “Friends and slaves, you have been part of our wedding.  Now, there is one thing left to do.  I want to put my collar on my new sex slave, Megan Chandler Collins.  I want my father in law to bring her up here.”

       I helped Megan to her feet and walked her to where Chris was standing.  He kissed her, then turned to the crowd.  “Before I married Megan and made her my slave, she was collared.  That collar is gone now, and I want to claim her by putting my collar on her.”

       Megan, turned to me, very happy and thrilled, “Do you know about this?”

       I smiled and answered, “Yes, Sweety, I did.  Are you happy about it?”

       Quickly, Megan nodded her head with a big smile on her face.

       All attention turned to Chris.  He pulled the new stainless steel collar from its box. 

       “Megan, my wife and slave, I want to put my collar on you.  This one is a bit different as it is permanent.  Once I put it on you and click it into place on your pretty neck, it will not come off with out destroying it.  Do you consent to wear this permanent collar?”

       Megan was very emotional.  She dropped to her knees, her wrists were still bound behind her back.  With tears in her eyes, and a smile on her face, she looked at her husbands eyes.  She leaned forward and kissed the head of his throbbing cock.

       “Chris, my master, please let me wear your collar.”

       Chris knelt down in front of the kneeling Megan.  Carefully he put the hinged stainless steel collar around Megans neck and brought the two sections together in the front of her neck.  Here, he stopped.

       “Megan, my love, and my slave, when I close this collar latch, I will not be able to get it off again.  Do you want me to close the latch and lock the collar on you?”

       Megan smiled, and nodded her head, “Yessir, I do.”

       Chris brought the two hinged sections together, and with a small amount of effort, pushing the locking mechanism together.  A small “click” was heard.  Chris tried to open the collar, but it would not open, It was now permanently installed on Megans neck.  Chris hugged her, and kissed her while the attendees applauded.  It was a very emotional and erotic moment.  The collar was a very beautiful addition to Megans nakedness, and of course her slavery to Chris.

       I kissed Betsy, and asked, “I have a collar for you.  If you want to wear my slave collar, then I want to present you, and the collar, now.”

       Betsy almost giggled with excitement.  She kissed me and replied, “Of course I want to wear you collar,  You said I am your slave, so I think I should wear your collar,  I love you, Jack, and I want to be your sex slave.  Please, may I have your collar?

       I kissed her again, the turned to the crowd.  I wont make this long, but needless to say I announced to the crowd that Betsy was now my sex slave, and would wear my collar, too.  The collar I had for her was very similar to the one Chris put on Megans neck.  The main difference was that it would open with a special made key.  If, however, I wanted it to be permanent, all one needed to do was break the special key off in the lock  For right now, I would not make it permanent.  I was sure there would be a time when I probably would do so.

       Betsy was magnificent with my collar.  It was snug, but not uncomfortable.  I could feel the heat from her body when I was putting the collar on her.  I walked her back to one of the couches, and making her lie down, I fucked her.  I needed to do this, and Betsy felt the same way.  The reception party was under way and we were barely noticed.  I could hear sounds of sexual activity, and somewhere I could hear a whip being brought down hard on soft warm flesh.  It didnt take long before we both matched each others orgasm.  Afterward, we lay there, in each others arms, basking in the afterglow of a wonderful love making session.  I got off Betsy and she went to her knees, sucking and cleaning my flagging cock.  I sat there looking at this beautiful woman who was my slave, then looked across the room at my beautiful step daughter who was now the sex slave of Chris Collins.  Life was good.

       Betsy finished with my cock and sat next to me on the couch.  Her wrists were still locked behind her back.  I looked up and saw the naked Judge headed our way  His cock was at full rut.

       The Judge looked at me, then at Betsy, then he addressed me, “Jack, this is a wonderful occasion.  I feel that Chris and Megan will be very happy, dont you?”

       “Yeah, I do.  I think they are a very good match.”

       The Judge then looked at Betsy, and said, “Jack, I wonder if I could get better acquainted with Betsy?  I find her to be totally fascinating.”

       I hugged Betsy and kissed her, “Sweet Slave, go with the Judge, and make his visit to our home memorable.”

       Betsy, smiled, kissed me again, and replied, “Yes, Sir.”

       As they walked away, the Judge with his arm around Betsys waist, could be heard to ask, “Is it true, my dear, that you are having some kind of issue with your clit ring?”

       I sat there, stroking my cock as it renewed its energy, watching my beautiful naked sex slave walk across my orgy room floor to what ever the Judge has in mind for her.  He hand was fondling her ass as they walked.  Yeah, life is good.  I dont know how it could be much better.  I do admit that I wish Jayne could have been here today.

FIN, Tempus Fugit



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