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Life on the Farm

Part 1 The Legend of Cow Cunt

Life on the Farm
      By CaitSara and Meaghread with assistance from Conaire

The Legend of Cow Cunt 1

I am the current Owner of a very highly specialized farm.  Our main products,
milk and babies, are "manufactured" by human cattle.  The females that provide
the products do so, for the most part, willingly.  They are extraordinarily
submissive, and extremely masochistic. 

Some come on their own volition and others come for the parties we have, for an
extremely select group, and end up staying out of some strange fascination in
what we do.  Once in a very rare while, we actually purchase another Master, or
Mistress', slave.  On rare occasions, one may be procured through
less...voluntary means.

I am the third Owner of this farm.  The first was an extremely strong Domme
who's name I never learned.  I do believe that she is now deceased.  The second
Owner was a man.  He had attended a dinner party for a very select group of
wealthy individuals with a taste for the bizarre.  It was after the dinner was
served that he first became aware of the farm with human (male and female)

Alongside the coffee, tea, and desserts was what can only be described as a live
human milking cow.  She was absolutely magnificent (as he told it).  She had the
owner's brand on her fleshy thigh.  There was a number tattooed on her inner lip
and again on her other thigh.  Her breasts were very full and hard from clamping
(to prevent let down before the main event), and a low voltage current was being
sent through each.  There were also wires attached to her clit, labia, and butt
plug (replete with tail).
At the first pull on her nipple, the milk shot out hard enough to splash the
coffee!  A glass flute rested beneath each breast so that not one precious drop
would be wasted.  What was the most amazing aspect of this display, and the one
act that changed his lifestyle forever, was the feed tube entered the cow's
mouth, and the huge feed bag that poured a concoction down her gullet and into
her stomach without her having trouble breathing! 
He said he could actually see her belly expand and drop from it's normal hanging
of about six inches from the floor to when it eventually touched the floor from
the volume of what was being consumed and the sear weight of the fluid.

He ran his hand along her belly and she made a sound that was almost a mow.  No
doubt the tube in her gullet interfered with her speaking.  However, she
certainly didn't seem to care. She looked back at him from her hand-knee stance
and smiled.  He said she had a very blissful and serene stare. He continued to
rub her belly only expanding the range of his motion.  The cow's owner came up
to him and with a Cheshire smile said:  "Why don't you squeeze her belly.  Use
two hands if you need to."
He thanked her for her suggestion and grabbed the flesh about her navel.  He
yanked it down as hard as he could and with a sudden swiftness pushed his way
nearly halfway into her belly.  He then began to press her sides in toward each
other.  This had the effect of forcing her belly even lower.
The cow was exhibiting signs of a good deal of pain but none-the-less the fluid
in the bag finally finished emptying into her.  He pushed up on her huge belly
and watched, as the fluid would flow back up the tube and into the feedbag.
The cow maintained her position the entire time, only occasionally raising
either an arm or a leg to somewhat ease the strain on her hands and knees.  She
was very flushed, leaking profusely from her vagina, and on the edge of orgasm. 
Her owner said to watch carefully.  She began to rub the cows belly in a
circular motion.  She rubbed around the circumference, making smaller circles,
till the owner's hand was gently rubbing ground zero, her navel area.
She then dropped her hand to just above the pubic mound and began to rub and
gently press inward and forward.  Suddenly the cow shuttered, and, with a single
undulating motion from head to ass, much as in the motion of a bullwhip,
orgasmed.  But this was no mere orgasm!  A stream of fluid shot out her pussy as
if it were a water tap turned on full and she nipples splashed milk into the
flutes.  The room exploded with applause. 

Her owner next exhibited the catheter in her urethra.  This was swiftly attached
to the feed tube via an extension tube.  She opened the valve and a stream of
urine burst through the tube with such speed that the color change to yellow in
the clear tubing was nearly instantaneous.  A second round of applause came from
the guests.
The man promptly offered to buy her for one hundred thousand dollars.  She
declined the offer but stated that the cow was available for those "very
special" dinner parties.  In spite of some intense, on the spot, negotiations
with her, she still would not sell.  He finally offered her six thousand dollars
to spend a weekend on her "farm" (as she called it).  After seeing the estate's
fifteen hundred secluded acres and the one hundred acre manicured lawns
surrounding the manor house, and the stables, he knew he had to own the place.
Shortly after his purchase of the farm, Cow Cunt arrived and became his first
acquisition.  She was a mere twenty years old and a former exotic dancer.  She
had married a man in his early fifties who promised her a life of luxury and
ease if she would bear him children.  She consented to the arrangement and all
was well until after they were married.

She was a most glorious creature indeed!  Her shoulder length auburn colored
hair was quite thick and most plentiful.  It shone in the sun as brightly as a
fire during the night.  Her eyes were a pale green and her skin had a pale
luminescence that bespoke that glow of beauty that only comes with youth.

Sans makeup, a band of very pale freckles dotted her face from her right cheek
bone, across the bridge of her pert and slightly upturned nose, and down across
the left cheek bone.  Her face was broad and her lips, with their naturally dark
ruddy complexion, were thick and French-arched.  Her smile was absolutely
dazzling and could melt the ice of the artic.

All this sat perched upon a long, gracefully curved, neck.  This, in turn sat
upon a fairly large framed body.  Cow Cunt was five-feet and ten-inches tall. 
She had long arms and her legs went on for miles.  Although one could not call
her petite by any means, she was rather well portion-ed.

Her hips were full and wide, fleshy, but far from overly so.  Her entire body
had a layer of lushness that fell quite short of being chubby, but none-the-less
bespoke of comfort.  She had a slight belly that in the future might turn to a
pot, but in the height of her youth screamed of fertility and child bearing

Her breasts were, to say the least, magnificent.  They were quite full and firm. 
There is no doubt that one day they would become overly so and begin to sag and
stretch.  But now, in her youth, they were still able to defy gravity. 

Her aureoles and nipples were, in contrast to the paleness of her ample body,
were quite ruddy.  Her nipples were most obtrusive and projected at least
one-half inch, each sitting like a jewel upon the peak of its res-pective crown. 
Pale freckles adorned her upper chest where the breast meets to body.  Another
band of the delightful markings ran across her upper back.

Her ass was a perfect inverted heart, with soft lush globes that seemed to melt
into her thighs without a trace of border or sag.  Her pussy was an incredible
work of art.  The lips puffy and well defined even in a non -aroused state.  Her
clit hood barely poked its lovely ruddy head though at the top of those pursed

Were it not for her lushness, she would have been a high fashion model.  The due
to her stature, exotic dancing became her vocation.  It was in this venue that
she met her future husband.  He had come to the club with some of his friends to
enjoy an evening of ribald entertainment.  They were married within two months
of that fateful meeting.  Then things went awry. 

He had discovered, quite by accident, and after he had begun to think her
infertile, her birth control pills.  He was absolutely livid and decided to
exact a terrible price for her deception.  She would bear him many children: 
One per year. 

And she would become a lower than a cow.  He contacted the former owner, who had
remained on for one year to acquaint the new one with the proper operation
schedule and procedures.  She in turn referred the man to the new owner for an

She accompanied her husband to the farm under the pretext of attend-ing a very
private, and a very special, weekend party.   
Cow Cunt had been at the farm for twenty years now.  She no longer resembled the
exotic dancer that first came in.  She is five feet and ten inches tall and over
three hundred pounds.  Her entire body is a mass of stretch marks highlighted by
her olive skin.  Her pendulous breasts hung down to where her navel once was,
and her navel was now a good five inches lower.

Her areolas were at least three inches in diameter.  Her nipples were nearly
one-half inch in diameter and extended more than an inch and one-half.  The
years of vacuum stretching coupled with her four daily milkings assured that
they would never return to their original size.  When she was lactating, they
stood erect like small penises and when she was emptied, they flopped over like
some unused appendage. 
Her stomach ballooned out to such and extent that it formed a mighty
geographical landmark when she lay on her back.  Her navel could no longer be
seen without and intensive search in the cavern of its origin. 

When she stood, an apron of fat descended to a point about four inches below her
crotch.  When she sat, her bloated impregnated belly extended out almost to her
knees and her enormous breasts, now bloated with milk, rested on top and down
the front and resembled two enormous eggplants.
But the most amazing view of all was the picture provided when she was on her
hands and knees (a quite common one for her).  Two giant ham-like thighs joined
her enormous ass.  Each ass cheek bore a tattoo.  One cheek had "dog fucking
whore" written on it and the other stated "horse fucking whore".
Her rectum was permanently gaped to a four-inch diameter and housed a plug that
served two purposes.  Firstly the plug would prevent any unwanted accidents (she
hadn't continent in many years).  Secondly she could be "feed", or cleaned out,
through the two one-inch hoses running through the center of the inflatable
Her vagina was also permanently stretched out from the constant use of huge
dildos, and other large objects, and the continuing fucking by the horses and
other livestock.  She could accommodate both hands of a large adult male up to
the elbows without even flinching.  During birth, the main problem is preventing
the babies from all trying to exit at once! 
Her labia were stretched down nearly five inched from the remains of her pussy. 
Her number was tattooed on the inside of one lip and "animals only" inside the

There were two brands on her thigh, his, and now mine.  There were the
obligatory number tattoos inside her lip and on the outer side of her labia. 
There was one on the left side of her head as well as the right side.  Across
her fore head the name "Cow Cunt" was printed.  Down her left thigh were the
names, or numbers, of the thirty-eight babies she has spawned to date. 

Originally her pregnancies were induced in the old fashion way:  Gang fucks by
the staff and whomever else might wish the pleasure.  She was often taken to
biker bars and chained to a stall or urinal and sold for five dollars a suck and
ten a fuck. 
Once the Aids virus became a common fact of life, and with the advent of
artificial insemination, and fertility drugs, the sex with human beings was
discontinued.  For the past fourteen years, her only sex partners have been
animals.  Both the livestock on the farm, the horses and the dogs, as well as
the livestock of a select group, were pleasured by Cow Cunt.
There were obscenities tattooed on the inside of her thighs and on her pubic
mound.  There were tattooed drawings of her fucking and sucking animals
(including female animals) all over her back and arms.
Across one breast was tattooed "grade A cow's milk" and across the other, "cow
whore produce". 
She had piercings all over her body.  Each ear had four piercings in the lower
fleshy part and housed four large loops.  In the early days of her "training"
these were used as finger grips to either pull her back against a human cock, or
forward when she was giving a blow job.  The upper potion of each ear contained
five piercings and housed simple studs.
Her nose had a reinforced hole through the septum that contained a large
diameter silver ring.  Although there was a mighty temptation to pierce her
tongue, this was never done because she has had many meals consisting of feces
and urine from both humans and animals.  This was one of the first humiliations
she encountered at the farm.                                          
Her widowed husband (she was declared dead from an accidental drowning at sea)
would often visit in the early years for the distinct pleasure of urinating and
defecating into her mouth.  He would pay for the pleasure of filming some of her
"adventures" in humiliation and depravity.  In recent years he has ceased coming
to visit due to declining health and must now settle for whatever videos are
made at the farm.
There was two piercings in each nipple.  Currently she has a ring at what was
once the nipple just where it joined the areola and now was a good half-inch
away.  The other was once a quarter of the way from the tip and is now nearly
one-half inch from the tip.  These are removed for milkings.  On any given day
there are two eight ounce silver bells that hang down further stretching them
But the one true masterpiece of her body would have to be her vaginal area. 
There are currently nine piercings in each of her labia.  Housed there are a
total of eighteen three-quarter inch sterling silver rings from which weights
were often hung.  When she was servicing animals, these piercings also assisted
in keeping her grotesquely elongated lips out of the way and prevented tearing. 
After all, why would one want to destroy the work of art that had taken years to
create (although the creative process was still on going)?
Her greatly distended clit and clit hood had three piercings.  Two where
currently barbells and the one just above her clit was, yet again, a silver
ring.  These piercings also would carry weights when her cunt was not in use
servicing her stud lovers.
Her urethra bears the obligatory catheter and is so distended that I have her
currently plugged with 50 gauge Foley.  It is quite possible to extend one's
pinkie all the way into her canal.  One time one of my assistants forgot to
replace the indwelling device and she was put outside for the afternoon.  She
fell asleep only to be awakened by a group of ants that had crawled up her
urethra and decided to have lunch!
I do not know what Cow Cunt's actual name is.  I never asked for truly it was of
no interest to me.  I don't even know if the original owner of the farm was
aware of her name.  It is very doubtful that Cow Cunt even remembers her name
after so many years of farm life.
I do know that when I purchased the estate, Cow Cunt had three large pictures in
her stall.  One was of her nude in her stripping prime.  Another was of her in
her wedding gown (sans groom).  And the last was a large composite of her in the
varying stages of her life here at the farm. 
I do not know, or care what thoughts might enter the mind of this cow whore, but
I do know that she sometimes is heard crying in her stall during the evening. 
On occasion there seems to still be a very small spark of awareness of her fate
in her eyes, though she does not seem to
manifest this in any concrete manner.
I do know that she fears me, and yet loves me, more than anything else on this
earth.  She recognizes that her entire existence, everything she does, and
everything done to and with her, is at my whim.  She cannot eat, sleep, shit, or
piss without my approval.
These days her existence is far better than her earlier days.  Firstly, she is
so incredibly docile and submissive that punishment is rarely called for (as if
an excuse is needed).  Secondly, there is nothing else in the way of torture or
humiliation that can be done to her for she has weathered that harshest and most
brutal treatment possible without rendering her reproductive, and milk
producing, abilities inoperable.
I use her to perform the mundane tasks around the dairy for it seems the more
complex jobs are no longer within her abilities to remember or
perform.  She accomplished most of her own care regiment including the changing
of her catheter and the insertion of her feeding tube down her throat.  She even
"milks" the dogs, horses and pigs for their sperm.  She learned this early on in
her training along with several other interesting tricks.
She is also quite popular with our pack of great danes that roam freely about
the estate.  We bath her only once a week or week and a half so she is in
constant demand for their rutting and she gets to enjoy their snack when she
sucks their penises.  She learned about the dogs on her first night at the farm.
During the day she had apparently called the owner a son of a bitch. 
This was the remark that triggered the initiation of her training in this area. 
This training was eventually used on all the cows, although not nearly to the
extent of Cow Cunt.  She was to be part of the weekend's entertainment at a
gathering of the owner's "friends" and fellow enthusiasts.
The owner went to her stall on Friday afternoon, after his guests had arrived,
and told her that she would learn what the phrase "son of a bitch" really meant. 
She was taken, trembled and shaking and crying, to the solarium area.   When she
saw the guests, and the five huge animals lurking outside the solarium doors,
she immediately knew what was going to occur.  Needless to say she started, much
to everyone's delight, to scream and plead for mercy.  When she physically began
to struggle, she was hit with a stun gun.  She fell to the floor, wetting
She was placed in the solarium on the manor house.  She was tied over a
bolstered leather ottoman.  Her knees were widely spread and rope secured them
to the legs.  Her arms were tied behind her back
Secured at both the wrists and elbows.  A leather band was placed around her
forehead and rope ties secured that to her elbow ropes.
A ring gag was placed and secured to her.  The ring was three and one-half
inches in diameter.  A device of steel was secured around her neck that had an
apron extending down her back.  A short length of rope led from a pad lock eye
(to lock the collar shut) to an eyelet at the base of the ottoman.  The rope was
secured in such a manner that her mouth was now the approximate height of her
vagina.    Foam was fitted inside to take up some slack and the front place was
closed around her neck.  She could only move her head a mere fraction of an inch
once the device was in place.
At this point the owner brought over a jar of mating scent cream used when the
dogs were mated, but not interested.  This cream utilized the hormonal
secretions of the bitch in heat.  He rubbed the cream all over her anus and
vagina (as well as inside both orifices) and around the exposed sections of her
mouth.  Then the dogs were let in for the weekend!!!
Needless to say, she was the star attraction, and was almost never without at
least two suitors at any given time.  Fortunately the neck brace's apron saved
her back from the dogs' nails for by the end of the weekend, the bright
stainless finish was a very marred and scratched matte.
When the dogs were busy with licking themselves, or sleeping, or eating, she was
given only enough freedom to relieve herself.  She was only fed after they were
and it was essentially the same processed food
watered down enough with beer to flow through the feed hose forced down her
The alpha male of the pack immediately went for her rear and began to sniff and
lick at her.  Another caught the aroma at her mouth and began to lick her there. 
There was so little play in the ropes that she didn't stand a chance of fighting
any attention off.
The alpha knew his role in this little passion play having played this role many
times to both willing, and unwilling, partners.  He was unrelent-ing with his
tongue and within several minutes had forced her to add her own feral scent to
the brew.  It would seem that he was trying to shove his tongue up into her
uterus  with his near frenzy.  When his tongue found her ass hole, she bolted in
her confines and once again wet herself a bit.  This excited the beast even
The one at her head was busily trying to shove his tongue down her throat.  He
sought out even bit on flesh available round her mouth.  He was absolutely
slobbering her entire face with his open arbor.  The entire time she was crying
and trembling and realizing that what was about to occur was inevitable. 
No one was going to help her.  No one was going to stop this obscene-it.  They
were laughing and applauding the scene before them.  This was even being
photographed.  Her newly "widowed" husband was taking photographs and laughing
hysterically.  Some of the attendees had brought their submissives and slaves
with them.  Not one of them didn't fear this sort treatment happening to them,
right there, and right now.
Gang fucks and multiple gender partners of the human form were generally
acceptable, especially if the upkeep of maintaining full time
"properties" could be offset by an accompanying honorarium for the use of said
property.  But to see such a blatant, and open, exhibition of
pure "animal" lust was positively.....delicious!!!

The alpha dog wasted little time after the initial "kisses".  He raised his
front paws onto the apron on her back and immediately began to furi-ously pump
away at the air.  As his paws slid down to embrace her waist, he sidled up
closer and in a flashing instant, found her receptive cunt.  In the blink of an
eye he had pushed his eight-inch penis into her, his ever-swelling knot banging
away at her cunt lips and clit.

She undoubtedly would have screamed but at nearly the same instant, the dog at
her mouth suddenly jammed his cock up into her mouth and was trying to fit his
knot through the o-ring.  All our poor little Cow Cunt could do was moan her
extreme disapproval and shed tears of shame, pain and rage at what was being
done to her.

It is always a tricky proposition when dogs are mating. With two of them trying
at once, with the same bitch, total chaos can break out.  But these were
reasonably seasoned, and extremely well trained animals so our poor Cow Cunt had
to endure this unholy, well choreographed, double penetration.

The animals created a natural staccato.  Their heads were side by side as they
pounded into their bitch with reckless abandon.  Cow Cunt's body shook with the
pounding as each animal attempted to tie with her and then reach climax.  The
other dogs circled and watched, yapping and drooling and awaiting their turn. 
All their bitch could do was moan into the dog cock in her mouth and cry.

The slave who had put the mating scent on Cow Cunt came close to the coupling
trio and rubbed more of the substance on Cow Cunt's breasts and nipples, thighs
and exposed flanks.  The remaining dogs instantly raced to those areas and began
to lick at the maddening scent.

Suddenly the alpha's knot rammed though Cow Cunt's vaginal lips and plowed
completely into her, adding another three inches of dog cock in human cunt. 
Poor little Cow Cunt.  Her eyes told the entire tale of her pain at this tying. 
They opened wider than one could believe possible.
What sounded like an elongated mouse's squeaking was her scream of utter

What was even worse was the fact that the dog's huge knot continued to grow
inside of her.  The dog was now humping her with blinding speed and with each
stroke the knot pounded the inside of her cunt.  She felt as though the tip of
the animal's cock was worming its way up into her uterus to plant its seed.

The dog at her mouth was becoming frustrated at his inability to knot with this
new bitch.  He began to whine and yelp.  Fortunately the dog knotted with her
suddenly tensed and began to shoot his sperm into her.
He almost completely stopped his pounding and merely held onto her with his
paws.  The sperm felt boiling hot to Cow Cunt as it flooded into her tightly
cramped cunt stretching the already stretched walls even more.

The sperm was so copious that it began to leak out and drip into the bowl
beneath her.  Cow Cunt simply closed her eyes, thankful that this particular
indignity had ended.  The dog at her mouth was pulled off of her and she was
thankful that she could now breathe more easily.  It was when she saw the face
of her "bereaved" husband that she knew this torment was truly only beginning.

The dog behind her then began to try to pull out of her causing a wail, and then
a scream, to emanate from her.  He could go nowhere because he was tied and the
struggling of the animal tortured her already raw and chaffed cunt.  After
pulling both her and the footstool several torturous inched, the dog simply
stepped over her and now stood ass to ass with his tied bitch.

Her husband laughed at this particular predicament and he squatted in front of
her.  "Now, calling you a bitch is no longer an insult.  It's a statement of
fact!"  He laughed heartily as he began to undo the ring gag.  "You do know what
to do now, don't you", he said as he brought the beta dog back toward her.  "If
you so much as make him uncom-fortable, I will have your tits sliced off one
strip at a time and feed them to the dogs.  And heaven help you if you bite him
you whore!"

The dog instinctively knew what was coming and hopped back up on her shoulders
with his paws.  Before she could even recover enough to plead, the animal rammed
his cock into her mouth and down toward the back of her throat.  Her husband
reached under her and grabbed hold of her clit hood.  He pinched it quite
mightily and said:  "Do what you were born to do whore!"

Having no say in the matter coupled with an intensely honed will to survive, our
little Cow Cunt indeed began to give what could be considered one of her famous
world class blow jobs to the animal.
Unfortunately, the animal could not gain purchase of his knot in her mouth and
began to become frustrated yet again.

The servicing slave suddenly grabbed hold of the animal's knot and held it
tightly.  Suddenly, our little doggy whore was rewarded with an abundance of dog
sperm flooding down her throat and into her sto-mach.  The volume and rate of
sperm flowing into her proved to be too much to handle and she began to choke. 
Sperm began to dribble from her mouth and into the bowl beneath her face.

She began to cough as the dog's cock withdrew from her mouth, bath-ing her face
in dog cum.  Sperm even began to flow from her congested nose.  She was a mess. 
Then she vomited up some of the sperm in a re-flexive manner to clear her
blocked wind passages.  Fortunately, the bowl again caught almost all the

It was at this point in time that the alpha, with one mighty pull, vic-iously
yanked himself free from his bitch.  He then went off to rest and lick himself
clean.  She let out with a scream that brought one of the Mistress' present to
orgasm.  The dog's cum literally poured from her now gaping cunt into the bowl
between her legs. 

To her horror, the next dog in line jumped up onto her back and began to work
his way into her cunt.  Another was brought around to her face and the entire
process began yet again.  However, she knew that this new hell was indeed simply
that:  A hell!  An electrical transformer was wheeled over toward her and from
the corner of her eye she could see that many red and white wires ran from it,
terminating in vicious looking alligator clamps.

In spite of her predicament of being unable to really move, Cow Cunt struggled
and tried to free herself unsuccessfully.  He husband was given the honors of
attaching the to clamps destined for her nipples.  She screamed and wailed as
best she could, hindered with her mouth full of dog cock. 

The Owner had the pleasure of inserting a small inflatable anal probe tipped
with a metal strip, and then inflating it merely enough to insure that it would
not be forced out.  He then attached a clamp to her now engorged clit, causing
her to jump hard enough to actually move the stool with her upon it.

A low voltage current was started, stimulating her pleasure points.  This is
where she would truly start her journey into the depths of debase-ment and
degradation.  Her own body would be used to betray, and deliver, her soul to her
new Owner.  More of the scent was rubbed on her exposed body parts and the dogs
not busy fucking her began to lick.

The dog at her rear forced his knot up into her now stretched cunt and was
humping her furiously as the one in her mouth did the same.  He was not yet
being held by the servicing slave and humped quite furiously.

Every few moments the current passing into her nipples, clit, and ass was
increased to try and present a stimulus corresponding to the intensity of the
dogs fucking her.  In spite of her situation, she began to flush and react to
this new stimulation.  Her husband knelt beside her.
He was smiling profusely yet his eyes were a reflection of the ice-cold hatred
of her that he held in his badly wounded heart.

"You like this, don't you", he stated rather then asked.  "Welcome to the rest
of your life whore!"  He stood up and walked to the control panel of the
transformer.  He upped the current three more notches
to the accompaniment of a long, loud, and very throaty moan from Cow Cunt.  At
that moment the dog in her cunt came, flooding her again with his sperm.

Her body was now having spasms from both the current and the building lust.  Her
pelvis was still rocking against the now tied animal trying to draw yet more
pleasure from him.  Maybe, she thought, if she could cum, she might be able to
again regain some measure of control over her body, and soul.  She moaned as the
dog stepped over himself and rested, tied ass to ass.

The service slave again grasped the dog's knot and she felt him increase the
intensity of his pounding into her mouth.  In short order he orgasm-ed and flood
her mouth and throat with another load of protein rich doggy cum; so good for a
girl on a high protein low fat diet.  As this was happening the dog in her cunt
yanked himself out and she had her first uncontrolled orgasm of her new life.

Her husband had seen enough for this evening and pursued his enter-tainment in
one of the Owner's playrooms.  To Cow Cunt, the rest of the evening became a
blur of orgasming dogs and electro-stimulation.
After several hours of fucking and sucking, the dogs simply found comfortable
places in the solarium and rested.  But Cow Cunt's even-
ing was far from being over.

She looked the most sorry sight.  Dog cum leaked from her now de-formed pussy
into the bowl beneath.  Her thighs and legs were coated with the scum.  Her face
leaked cum from her nose and mouth.  Her entire face resembled frosted sweet
bread.  Her hair was soaked and matted with the stuff.  Both bowls had been
emptied several times.

Her body was scratched and rubbed raw from paws and dog tongues.
Her nipples and her clit leaked droplets of blood from the teeth of the
alligator clamps.  She stunk from the entire ordeal and had her head not been
secured to remain upright, it would've fallen down against the footstool. 

Her mind was a mess to rival her body.  It had long since shut down to what was
being done with her body.  Her eyes were shut and her mouth hung open.  There
was little, or nothing, left in her this evening.  The only thought going was
the picture of her husband's face smiling as he said:  "Welcome to the rest of
your life!"  Well cummed more likely.
And the iciness of his eyes:  The totally unabashed hatred, and heated desire,
to see all that she was, and represented, destroyed forever.

Two slaves were charged with the removal of the bondage devices, and the clamps. 
Even as the blood rushed back to her nipples and clit, and the blinding flash of
pain that exploded with kilo-force inside her brain, she barely flinched.  They
removed the anal probe and cut her bonds.
When they removed her collar and apron, her head and entire body went completely

What an excellent sight.  What an outstanding image to behold:  A beautiful
young woman, lying over a stool in a pool of dog sperm.  She
Immediately fell into a beleaguered sleep.  The Owner felt that the most
Could be gotten from her only after a few hours of sleep.  But first she must be
fed, watered, collared, and deviced.  This would be overseen by
the Owner and her "bereaved" husband, and accomplished by two of the slaves in

The two slaves worked with a professional aplomb that was yet to be exceeded by
any others currently in residence.  They flopped Cow Cunt, or what remained of
her, onto her back on the tiled floor of the solar-ium.  A stainless steel
collar was placed around her neck and snapped shut.  It was three inches in
height and one-eight inch thick save where it locked shut.  That was one-half
inch thick.

Matching bracelets where placed on her wrists and ankles.  There were no
keyholes for no keys would ever be needed.  These were never being removed. 
There was barely enough room between skin and bracelet to wash beneath them. 
All of the edges were rounded smooth to prevent them from cutting into the skin,
as if that really was a matter of con-cern.

Next, a number ten Foley catheter was lubricated and pasted up into her urethra. 
No longer would the simple act of peeing be under her control.  In fact, this
was just the beginning of a series of ever-larger diameter Foleys that would
eventually destroy all urinary continence.

She had peed several times during her ordeal yet a small stream of urine flowed
from her when the catheter pasted the sphincter and entered her bladder.  A
saline solution was injected into the piping that led to a small balloon at the
tip of the catheter.  It could not be removed now.

Now came the butt plug.  This rather common model was six inches long.  The
retention ring above the base was a modest two inches in diameter.  This too
would be increased in size until her sphincter would no longer be functional. 
Total control of all bodily waste functions, and complete incontinences, were
one of the short-term goals.

This butt plug was the inflatable kind with a one-way valve control similar to
the Foley.  It too was lubed with a topical anesthetic and forced into our
all-but-unconscious Cow Cunt.  Though she didn't stir when it was inserted, she
did moan a bit after the fourth pumping of the inflator was administered.  The
inflator was then removed, leaving the plug firmly in it's place.

At the base of the plug was a turning collar valve to which a one-inch diameter
hose could be attached.  There was a one-way valve further in that would doubly
secure whatever might be injected into Cow Cunt.  In this manner she could be
fed, or cleaned out, or forced to retain.  There was only one more procedure to
perform and total physical control would be achieved.

Fortunately for the two slaves, Cow Cunt was done in.  Trying to get a
three-eights inch feeding tube down into the stomach of a lively piece of
property was not an easy accomplishment.  It often took two or more attempts to
feed the tubing up the nasal passages, down the back of the throat, and into the
stomach.  Even with a very cooperative slave this could be a most trying

However, to quote another source, "The difficult we do right anyway.  The
impossible takes a little longer."  On the third attempt the tubing did enter
her stomach and the catheter end, attached through the back of her throat, was
also inflated to prevent it being pulled out or vomited up.  Now all of her
bodily functions could be totally controlled and she was totally dependent upon
whoever owned her for her very life.

The two slaves lifted her up, carried her through the French doors of the
solarium, and around the grounds into the enclosed kennel area next to the
stables, which had been converted into a human cowshed.  The dogs, resting
calmly in their cages, suddenly perked up and began to bark when they smelled
their favorite bitch.

She was placed onto a rolling ob/gyn exam table in a semi reclining position. 
Her legs were strapped into the stirrups and spread apart offering a clear view,
or target, of her cum coated cunt.  Her arms were secured to a railing beneath
her head in a palms-up position.  One of the slaves began to once again
strategically rub the mating scent on her body while the other disappeared into
an adjoining room.  It was now feeding time.

The second slave appeared with two one-gallon bags full of the dog sperm
captured by the bowls.  He hung them both from hooks in the ceiling over her
head.  Though she felt the stirring around her, Cow Cunt kept her eyes
blissfully closed and remained oblivious to the actions around her.  She was
just over the edge of being asleep. 

Each bag contained nearly three-quarters of a gallon of sperm and was enclosed
at the top.  One-inch diameter hosing ran from one of the bags and three-eights
from the other.  The one-inch hose was attached into Cow Cunt's butt plug.  The
three-eights inch hose ran into her nasal feeding tube.

The transformer cart was brought up next.  A butterfly clamp was placed on each
of Cow Cunt's turgid nipples and tightened just enough to retain a firm
purchase.  A wire was then wound around the ring in the clamp.  Another small
butterfly clamp was applied onto her clit hood.  Once again, it was given enough
tension to assure that in would not fall away easily.  A single wire was
attached to the ring.  A final wire was run to her butt plug connection.  A
light gauge chain was now passed through the rings of all three clamps and the
slack drawn out.  Any movement would cause the clamps to tighten around the
respective nubbin.

Now came the fun part!  Each slave took side and armed with a hand,
a very large hand at that, full of circular tape-bottomed electrodes, and began
to place them in an oval that started with one on either side of her sternum,
terminating at her pubic mound.  The entire outline of Cum Cow's belly was done.

The slaves then took two cloth strips and began to feed the pointed, heavy gauge
wire through the strip.  Next came small rubber sleeves to retain the electrodes
to the strip.  These strips, as well as the two strips that now ran down the
center of Cow Cunt's belly, could be placed quite a number of times with the
proper distance between each consistently maintained.

From this date forward, Cow Cunt would be fed every six hours.  Each of these
meals would be of a different mixture.  This feeding of dog sperm would be her
only high protein meal.  The others would be one mostly consisting of fat, one
of carbohydrates, and the final one of high carbohydrates combined with the
daily doses of anti-cholesterol, anti-
hypertension, vitamins, and whatever else might be called for from time to time.

The electrical strips served two important functions:  Firstly to provide the
proper muscle stimuli to aid the digestive processes, and to provide sexual
stimuli to make every feeding a powerfully blissful experience.

After all, the most powerful tool in body modification is the body itself!
Body builders consider themselves to be sculptors.  Their sexual reward comes in
the form of endorphins.  Submissive whores, who call them-selves feeders, shape
their bodies in a fashion that pleases them.  Their sexual reward is fucking
themselves full of food till they push them-selves into a carbohydrate orgasm. 
Then they lay there, rubbing their most ample bellies, massaging, and awaiting
their next meal.

Then you have the everyday folks who need to drop and few, or add a few.  Their
reward, for the most part, is merely getting laid.  How droll.
Then you come to us insane few, us precious few, who need to have the control. 
We make the fashion model fat and the plumper skinny.  And that is merely the

After this is begun, we then turn to our arsenals of weaponry.  There is
piercing, branding, tattooing, chemical injections of various sorts, weights to
stretch, vacuum suction for the same result, hormones, hypnotics, psychedelics,
scarring and we haven't even touched upon toys or bondage!

It was the wish of the whore's husband that she be destroyed in every way
possible.  For the amount of money paid by her husband, and the possibility of a
far greater amount of money in return, who was the Owner to complain about what
was to be done.

At this point the owner was called.  He and the husband strode into the room. 
Cow Cunt, still barely conscious, turned her head toward them as they walked up
to the head of the table.  They both looked down at her with very broad grins on
their faces.  The Owner said; "Let's wake her up.  It's feeding time."

While one slave released the clamps on the feedbags, the other carefully turned
on the current and raised the juice just to the point of being uncomfortable. 
Once this was determined by the grimace on her face, the electricity was lowered
slightly till one could see the muscles gently spasm.

"Oh my god", was all she could manage to say as the sperm began to enter her
belly and rectum.  The flow was also slightly slowed to a steady trickle. 
Speaking was quite difficult with the tubing running down her throat. 
None-the-less she still managed to say, "What are you doing to me?"  Her eyes
were wide open now and she certainly was far from being asleep.

"We are starting the process of destroying all that you are and this is just the
beginning", said the Owner with a laugh.  "And not only that, my dearest wife",
added her husband, "you are going to not only enjoy your own destruction, you
are also going to look forward to it, you're going to need it, and you're going
to die one-thousand deaths without it, someday."

"We'll be back shortly to see how our little whore is fairing", the Owner stated
and they both went back to their festivities.  The flow continued relentlessly
onward as the slaves went to the dog cages and began to release the animals. 
They immediately ran over to their scented favorite bitch and began to lick her
entire exposed body.

"Oh please god, no more", she wailed.  ""Somebody please help me!"  The slaves
merely smiled at her and the taller one looked over his shoulder saying, "Bye
bye sweet cakes.  We'll be back later".  And they left Cow Cunt to the
unrelenting tongues of her newly found lovers.  "Try and get some rest honey, if
you can.  You'll be needing it."

The flow of dog sperm into her pert body was having its desired affects.  Her
belly was beginning to expand and pump up.  The electrical charges coursing
through her body, coupled with the dogs licking the scent, and the dried sperm,
off of her body were beginning to turn her on. 

She lay on the table bitterly weeping, and bemoaning her fate.  The words of her
husband began, once again, to ring in her ears.  "Welcome to the rest of your

Now that the topical anesthetic had worn off the surfaces of her rectum and
plug, she began to feel the distension of her sphincter.  The elect-rical
current amplified the sensation for it caused her asshole to con-tract and relax
at a steady rate of once every second or two.
The current also caused her nipples and clit to engorge with blood and tingle as
though they were being gently bitten and nuzzled.  And the current coursing
through her inflating abdominal cavity feel as though
she was being gently massaged with one thousand vibrators.  And the dogs
tongues, oh god the tongues, were licking every unexposed nook and cranny
driving her rapidly toward the point of not caring what was happening.

About ten minutes had passed since the slaves departed.  Her belly had risen
dramatically and she was feeling more than stuffed.  She could no longer see the
head on the dog trying to shoot his tongue up into the depths of her cunt.  She
appeared to be several months pregnant and the bags had only emptied half their

Cow Cunt was moaning and asking for absolution from all of her sins starting
from her first lie at the age of four.  A river of tears flowed almost unending
from her eyes.  Every time she opened her mouth, a dog would try to stick his
tongue down her throat. 

One of the slaves reappeared in her line of vision.  He adjusted the electrical
current slightly upward causing her body to reflex.  The flex-ing in turn caused
the chain attaching the clamps to tighten.  This in turn caused the clamps to
contract their jaws a bit.  She yelped as a jolt of pain caused by this action
shot through her nipples a clit.

"Enjoy darling.  It doesn't get better than this.  And you really have no choice
anyway" he said smiling evilly.  He than slightly increased the flow of sperm
through the tubing and, pushing her "lovers" aside, rub some scent once again on
some of her more sensitive areas.

He gave special attention to her face, armpits, ribs, and the soles of her feet. 
He knew this would cause she to move her body in an effort to avoid the tickling
sensation.  He also knew that this movement would cause further tightening of
the clamps.  "No rest for the wicked sweetie", the slave said as he smiled and
again walked out of her view.

All that she had been feeling intensified and she was rapidly app-roaching a
much-unwanted orgasm.  She was fighting for her sanity.  She had known women who
lived for intensely painful orgasms.  She had known women who lived for the
debasement brought about by their
relentless defilement. And she knew that this was to be her fate if she gave in
to the pleasure willing.

Now a new terrible torment began to rear its ugly head.  With her intestines and
stomach filling up, she was beginning to experience nausea.  Unfortunately for
Cow Cunt, her stomach could not expel the inflated ball that held the hellish
feeding tube in place.  When the pres-sure became to great, her stomach and
intestines tried to force the sperm back through the feed tubes in her ass.

This seesawing motion caused severe cramps in her belly as the peris-taltic
actions of her lower tract fought back.  Poor Cow Cunt's body was fighting a
losing battle.  Added to this was the action of all those tongues licking her
most sensitive body parts.  And her own avoiding convul-sions kept punishing her
poor nearly flattened nipples and clit.

It was now a full twenty minutes since her ordeal commenced and she was a mass
of horribly conflicting sensations.  The pain, as well as the pleasure, had been
escalated dramatically.  The flow from the bags had since ceased.  There was
only about a quart of sperm left between the two bags, and the level of each bag
ebbed and flowed with the cramping.

Now a new problem reared its very ugly head.  As her body digested and absorbed
the sperm being fed to it, her kidneys had worked fiercely to send urine to her
bladder.  And once in the bladder, the urine had nowhere to go because of the
blocked Foley catheter inside her urethra.
She began a new chant, hoping that someone would be near enough to answer her
pitiful plea.

"Help me!  Please!  I have to pee!  Please, someone!  Help!  I'll do anything! 
Help me PLEASE!"  Of course, any unbeknownst to her,
the two slaves were ever present and in the next room out of sight.
Both suddenly appeared in her line of sight.

"Oh, poor baby.  Have to go potty?"  They giggled at her condition, knowing from
their own personal past experiences with intrusive consumption and blockage
tubes.  "We'll have to ask Master if you can go potty dearie. But, in the
meantime," said one.  "In between time", said the other.  "Ain't we got fun",
they sang together.

"But before we go and search for him, we have a special surprise for you."  One
of them went and retrieved two small paddles and wired them into two of the
transformers empty slots.  The paddles were than lubricated and placed at the
approximate opposite ends of her bladder.
The current was switched on and she screamed a scream unlike any that had come
from her that evening (as if she were given the opportunity to scream with all
the dog cock and tongue in her mouth).  The other swiftly left to fetch the
Owner and the husband.

In the mean time, the remaining slave, staring intently into her eyes the entire
time the shock was being administered, smiled and said, "What!
No thank you?  I'll have to remember that for the next time, and there
WILL be a next time sweet meat."  She screamed once again, realizing that, to
her horror, she had absolutely no control over her life anymore.

After luring the dogs back to their cages with the treat of fresh meat, the
slave put lubrication on his hands and began to massage the under-side of her
abdomen under her kidneys.  It was a firm, yet gentle, motion.  Then he moved
his hands to her ample breasts and again firmly, but gently, letting the exposed
flesh slide through his hands.

This had a somewhat calming affect on Cow Cunt and in spite of over-
taxed  physical and mental condition, she began to relax.  "That's my baby. 
That's my girl.  Give into it slut.  This is all you have left in this life." 
She had become somewhat inure to the stimulation provided by the electricity and
her needs to evacuate her urine and over-burdened bowels. 

The slave had returned after ten minutes with the Owner and her husband.  They
stood out of her greatly impaired line of sight for her belly was now fairly
ample.  They smiled at her condition.  The Owner said, in a whisper, to her
husband, "At least the dogs cleaned her up although they didn't do much for her
smell."  Her husband laughed
And replied, "Well, you know what they say.  Lay down with dogs....."

"I think we'll have her orgasm now" he said to the slaves.  They then proceeded
to stand next to her and she immediately began to plea for relief.  "Please, let
my go.  Let me come back to you.  I'll give you a dozen children if you want. 
I'll do anything you want.  Please make this end.  Make this stop!"

"There is no reason to have this stop whore.  You will give ME more than a dozen
children and you WILL do anything I want!"  The Owner was laughing as he spoke
these chilling words to her.  "I OWN you now whore.  I have chosen, at least for
now, to make a present of you to my dogs.  They know exactly what a bitch like
you needs and they know how to treat a bitch as well.  Maybe, someday, should
you please me
beyond belief, I will give you to a crack dealer so that you may whore for him."

"But until that time has come.  You will do anything, and everything, I command. 
If you don't, I will have to really show you what pain is.  For now, if you want
to pee, you will have to orgasm.  But make sure you look into the camera," he
said pointing to a corner of the ceiling, "and be sure to smile and thank me for
you orgasm!"

Her husband went and adjusted the electricity slightly upward again.  This
caused her to begin to convulse with muscle spasms.  Her clamps began to tighten
even more!  Now the slaves were at each end of her with a single dog in hand. 
They rubbed scent along her mouth and along her vagina.  "Keep your mouth open
whore and do not hurt him."

The dogs went to work with their tongues once again.  The Master and the husband
then each took one of the feedbags in hand and waited for the inevitable to
happen.  It took no more than several minutes.  Her mouth opened wide of it's
own accord and her body buck upward from her belly toward the ceiling. 

"Look at the camera whore!", the Owner shouted.  Suddenly a noise unlike any her
husband had ever heard came from her mouth, or, to be more precise, her soul: 
"Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Oh GAAAAAAAA-WWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDD!!!"  "Squeeze the bag empty
now", the Owner said to her husband.  And at her peak, all that remained in the
bags, including whatever air was present, was sent rocketing into Cow Cunt.

She continued to quake, shutter, and make unintelligible sounds as the slaves
closed the valves shut and disconnected the hoses.  "You forgot to smile at the
Camera and thank us whore!  You will have to pay for that."  Cow Cunt heard what
the Owner said, but was still shuttering through the after shocks of the most
intense orgasm of her young life.  Her pelvis was still rotating to a giant
invisible cock as her husband once again, and finally, upped the electrical
current to try and wring the most out of her orgasm.  Finally, a totally spent
and lifeless, Cow Cunt
Returned to reality and once again began to plea for relief.

"Please", she said, tears once again rolling down her face, "I am sooo sorry. 
Please just let me pee.  I'll follow every command that you ask if you let me
pee.  I am dying.  Please!"

"Are you still nauseous?" asked the Owner.  "No", was her reply.  "No what you
filthy dog fucking whore!"  "No sir...please..." I am your
Owner and your Master you dog fucking whore!"  "No Master."  She now began to
realize that her very existence depended upon her willingness to degrade and
debase herself to a man she didn't even know.

After the current was returned to a far more bearable level, the Owner had one
of the slaves attach an extension onto the Foley after the dogs were again
returned to their respective cages.  The other slave very slowly deflated the
feeding tubes retention balloon, but left the tube in place.  The Owner then had
the slave approach Cow Cunt, Foley extension in hand.

"Now you listen whore.  The only way your pissing will be allowed is if it is
into your own mouth.  Do you understand?"  She nodded with a very sincere look
on her face, brow fretted with the need to pee.  "You are a very stupid whore,
aren't you?  It is of little wonder that you wind up spending the rest of your
existence on this Earth here."

She suddenly remembered and said emphatically, "Yes Master.  I understand."  "If
you spill one drop of this, we will start this entire process again.  And maybe,
if your bladder doesn't explode in the interim, I'll give you another
opportunity.  Do you understand?"

The reply was a simple, barely animated at this point, "Yes Master."
The tube was placed in her mouth and the valve near her cunt was opened.  Her
urine rocketed through the tube, turning it's clear plastic immediately yellow. 

The stream entered her mouth so rapidly that she coughed with her mouth closed
and some leaked from her nose.  She quickly recovered and with her tongue
blocking the tube, managed to drain herself without further incident.  The Owner
smiled at her husband and said, "Well, she will need to be punished but that can
wait till later.  After all, this was her first offense." 

He turned to the slaves and said, "When this whore is finished, remove her
bindings and place her in the empty kennel by the big dog.  Then seal off the
Foley, re-inflate the feeder tube, and attach the butt tube to the feeder tube. 
I also want her hands to be gloved in a padded fist mitt and her knees to have
protective pads put on them.  She will be on her hands and knees when not in
use."  "

"Should she attempt to disconnect anything, call me and we will begin this all
again.  Otherwise, let her rest and feed her again in five hours.
We will void any remaining sperm at that time.  Let the Foley drain into a
feedbag while she sleeps.  After all, she will be thirsty later and we are not
unfeeling, are we?"  The Owner laughed, as he and the husband existed, leaving
poor Cow Cunt to her unenviable state.

The two slaves complied with the Owner's requests and then wheeled her, still on
the table, over to an empty kennel cage.  The cage was a barred construction
that was elevated off the floor about six inched.
Beneath the barred floor was a plastic tray to trap any droppings and uric
waste.  It was seven feet long, five feet wide and four and one-half feet tall. 

These cages were used to separate the males from one-another when there was a
female bitch in heat present.  If they were not kept apart, they would fight
until the formal mating began.  These were well trained beasts knew that their
needs would eventually be fulfilled but why take chances with such fine, and
valuable, animals.  Cow Cunt was removed from the table and placed in the cage. 
Her hands and feet were secured to the cage corners and she instantly fell

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