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Life on the Farm

Part 3

Part 3

As Cow Cunt's wracked body continued to twitch and spasm from the series of
orgasms torn from her helpless body, the trio began to dis-engage the
suspension.  Carl rolled the table back beneath the quivering form of the
unconscious whore.  Rod reopened the valve to her Foley allowing the urine to
drain from her.  Butter Ball removed the wiring from the needles still residing
in the whore's nipples and clit, and then removed the needles.

They then undid the harnesses and placed the sleeping form of Cow Cunt onto the
table, face up this time.  Rod and Carl reattached the electrode harness to her
belly, rebound her arms and legs, and reattached the clit and nipple wirings
with taped back electrodes.  The wiring for her butt plug remained in place. 
They would now let her rest and digest whatever remained of her massive, high
caloric, meal. 

The rubber bands constricting Cow Cunt's severely swollen breasts were removed,
allowing the blood to rush into the spectacularly colored orbs.  This did bring
a moan from the whore, who felt the pain of the blood rush through the clouds of

Butter Ball thanked Carl and Rod for their able assistance by dropping to her
knees and with her mouth and hands, manipulating them to two more orgasms each,
after which they exited the prep room to continue with their other duties.  She
then picked up the intercom phone and notified the Owner that she had
accomplished his desires and was awaiting his further instructions.  The Owner
told her to remain fast by Cow Cunt and wait for his arrival.

Butter Ball stood between Cow Cunt's feet and observed the results of her
efforts.  There was not a single area of Cow Cunt's body that did not bare the
fruits of Carl, Rod, and her labor.  The bruising was now beginning to become
multi-colored.  There were hues of purple, red, green, blue, and yellow.  In
some areas, the flesh had already begun to swell from the bruising.

Her teats, which had regained some coloration with the removal of the
constricting bands, were extremely swollen with a few rivulets of blood
appearing.  The whore's nipples were now grotesquely huge from both the saline
injected and the beatings.  The mounds would sit high upon her chest for the
next day or two, and the pain from the saline would lessen over the period as
her body absorbed the noxious invader.

Her belly, also a mass of discoloration from the beatings, was still swoll-en
from the feeding, and would remain so for some time.  It did seem to settle
somewhat from its zenith of distention to almost puddle around her waist. 
Although her body was digesting and absorbing the meal, her belly would never
resume it's original shape. 

The high caloric meal, combined with the lack of movement, assured that the meal
would now become a permanent part of her anatomy.  It was too early to tell
where the fat would settle, but Butter Ball could swear she saw a somewhat
expanded waist.  "This one will plump up nicely", she thought to herself as she
swore she could actually see fat being added.  "I hope she becomes all belly and
teats", she muttered softly to herself.

Her inspection continued downward toward Cow Cunt's horribly disfigured pussy. 
Her labial lips were puffed up and swollen to what appeared to be a bursting
point.  Her clit looked like a baby's thumb as it seemed to quiver and throb
from the abuse and the pain of the saline. It leaked blood where the needle was
placed.  And the coloration was absolutely glorious.

The inside of Cow Cunt's thighs, as well as the tops, sides, and unexposed
backs, were badly striped.  The discoloration seemed to follow the pattern
exhibited of the entire surface of the whore's body. "Better her than me", she
giggled as she then took in the entire scene spread before her.

"Yes my little cow whore", the Owner said as he walked in trailed by Cow Cunt's
husband.  "And I really need no reason to replace her with you my dear whore. 
But you have truly done well and so I will reward you, for now.  Take position
one cow!" 

"My god!"  The husband simply stood and observed the prone body of his wife. 
"My god!"  He wore a smile from ear to ear as he surveyed the damage to his
wife's once pristine unblemished body.  "Is she still alive? I can't believe I'm
seeing this!"  The Owner laughed and told him that she was quite alive, and
would remain so for many years to come.  "This is merely an introduction to her
new way of life.  I am sure that before this weekend is over you will see a
marked change in her personality and physique."  "My god", was all he could say.

"Come now my friend.  I'm sure that you've already begun to get into the swing
of things around here.  In fact, we even have the tapes to prove that true",
smile the Owner.  There was a certain tacit threat. "You've got tapes?  With

"Don't worry my friend.  They are not meant for general distribution. And after
all, this is kidnapping, and in for a penny, in for a pound says I!"  The Owner
smiled as he spoke.  Making sure that the husband had as much, if not more, to
lose as the Owner did was crucial to the success of this project.  There would
be no coming back with wild accusations or stories of ill doings from the
husband years after the fact.

"I suppose you are right", the husband conceded.  "What is next on the agenda?" 
"You are taking to this like a fish to water.  Who would have guessed that you
had this streak of malevolence.  We will let the whore rest and finish digesting
her meal.  She will need her strength for this evening."

"I didn't until last week.  It's amazing what a whore can bring out in one's
psyche."  The Owner, and then the husband, turned toward the prostrate Butter
Ball.  She was on her knees, eyes downcast, mouth agape, and hands cradling her
huge teats, offering them forth to whom ever might want to play with, or taste,
them.  Her knees were spread wide to reveal her flowering pussy.  Moisture
already began to gather in the folds of her labia and drip onto the floor. 

Humiliation was oh so exciting to many of these whores.  I do not know why they
should become so very excited by being abused in this manner.  There is
obviously something quite amiss in their emotional makeup that demands they be
belittled, and shown to be worthless as human beings.

Fortunately there are such people in this life, such as the Owner, and myself,
that are quite willing to help these poor unfortunate souls realize their true
worthlessness and place in life.  A doormat does need dirty shoes to become
utile.  ; )
"The Doctor has arrived cow whore.  I have asked him to inspect the damage to
this dog whore.  You will assist him and do all he asks, as usual.  For this
evenings entertainment, you will also assist."  Having said this, the Owner
opened the buttons of his tight fitting leather pants and pulled out his
unusually thick seven-inch cock.  "Suck", was all he said and Butter Ball
immediately went to work.

The Doctor was a life long devotee to the lifestyle.  He was an eminent
internist in the city and often spent his weekends up at the farm.  The Doctor
was another inheritance from the Mistress, who he had met at one of those
special dinner parties in the city.  After sampling the wares that the Mistress
had to offer in the way of human cattle, he offered to provide free medical
advice and assistance in exchange for the privilege of spending unrestricted
weekends in the country.

The Doctor walked in as Butter Ball was finishing up with the husband. "Hullo
Butter Ball.  Busy at work I see", he laughed as she tried to ac-knowledge him. 
"Don't speak with your mouth full whore.  You might choke, or worse yet, spill
some of that precious seed."

His gaze then went to the sleeping Cow Cunt.  "She won't be much good for this
evening", he stated, almost disappointed with the thought of not being able to
watch her perform some dog fucking.  "Her cunt lips are too swollen to safely
accommodate the dogs' knots without possibly tearing.  "Although blow jobs for
my little beastly friends would not be out of the question.  And there is always
her ass for fucking."

"I really have something else in mind Doc.  This cow whore will be assisting her
Mistress tonight.  I have no idea what is planned but knowing her Mistress, I am
sure it will be a fun filled evening of entertainment."

The Doctor was quite aware of exactly how cruel the Mistress could be.  He had
to more than once sew up the remnants of her viciousness.  The Mistress was
living proof that only a woman knows how to truly inflict pain, suffering, and
debasement on another woman.

The Doctor suddenly made a signal to Butter Ball by pointing his index finger
down toward his sandal-clad feet.  Butter Ball instantly hopped up and rushed to
his feet assuming the position.  The Doctor simply said suck, and she reached
out to un-zipper his pants, remove his cock from its confinement, and wrap her
lips around the head, slowly sucking the length of it into her mouth.

He groaned as her quite knowledgeable tongue began its swirling motion, washing
around the girth.  When the initial rush of sensation abated enough, the Doctor
told the Owner what he would do to insure getting the most out of the alcohol
stupored Cow Cunt.

"I will tend to her nipples and clit.  We certainly don't want any in-fection
there.  The cow whore will make sure that this bitch receives a good internal
cleaning with plain warm water spiced with some table salt and coffee.  No sense
in having the whore too hung over to feel the full effects of whatever is

"I will also", he added as he paused to sensate to Butter Ball's flagel-lating
tongue, "oh yeah whore, suck it!  I will also remove her current feeding tube
and replace it with a three-eights inch nozzle that will be feed down her
throat.  She won't have much to say while it is in place but it will speed up
the feeding process."

"If we can get a dentist in to work on her, I would remove one of the whore's
back molars.  The nozzle feeding end can nestle in the space left by the tooth. 
Or we can simply punch a hole through the flesh of her cheek and feed the tube
out through that.  It won't be pretty but who really cares anyway."

They all laughed at the creativity of the Doctor and the Owner certainly would
consider the last suggestion seriously.  If the tube was put through the hole,
she could be fed at anytime without having to spend too much time on setting up. 

The Doctor was getting close to his orgasm and having enough work cut out for
him between tending to the dog whore and the regular stock of cows, and slaves,
he decided to forgo a long, drawn out blowjob.  He reached down toward Butter
Balls massive orbs and grabbed hold of one in each of his hands.  Or at least as
much of each that he could hold.

He began to pressure his thick fingers into the flesh, digging and draw-ing his
fingers toward the center.  As he squeezed, Butter Ball began to moan, and then
whine, and then scream through her closed mouth.  To the credit of Butter Ball,
who personally knew the reward for failure at an assigned task, she kept her
concentration and never opened her mouth to scream. 

She squirmed and pleaded with her now watering eyes for some relief, but none
was forth coming.  Both she, and the Doctor were veterans of the farm and each
knew that this was no pantheon of exhibitionistic sadism.  The Doc merely wanted
a little music to ease the way.

At the point of nearly having his finger tips meet at the center of Butter Balls
teats, he came, shoving his cock to the back of her throat.  He was rewarded
with the spasms of her throat muscles milking his sperm from him.  He doubled
over the top of Butter Ball and continued to hold onto her, though with much
less strength as his orgasm abated.

Finally, after several moments, he straightened up, his cock gently falling from
her mouth, and released the tortured orbs of flesh.  Each teat had the imprints
of his fingers around the thickest part of their circumference.  "That will
bruise up nicely", he thought as she moved slightly forward to kiss the head of
his cock.  He liked to sign his work.

"I think we'll enlarge the size of the Foley catheter when we wake the whore up. 
I am sure that we can get her up to at least a twenty gauge Foley by the week's
end.  It should be snug for whatever awaits her at any time.  I think that the
new ones that have come in, the ones that have the gold sleeves on the outside,
should be initiated on her."

The good Doctor had gold leaf bonded to the latex surgical grade tubing so that
an electrical charge could be passed through her urethra.  Never at a loss of
creativity made the Doctor not only a good guest, but also one whose presence
was ever being sought out for these types of act-ivities.

As the Doctor went to work on Cow Cunt, the Owner and the husband left the room
to continue their day's activities.  He had Butter Ball tend to the wounds in
the dog whore's nipples and clit as he delicately, and gently removed the feed
tubing from her nostrils.  He then went over to his locked cabinet to retrieve a
nozzle, with extra tubing, and a bottle of topical anesthetic. After clamping
Cow Cunt's mouth open, he coated the back of her throat, and the nozzle, with
the anesthetic.  This nozzle had a five hundred c.c. balloon at the business
end.  There was no way this would ever come up the whore's gullet in an unwanted
fashion.  He carefully fed the tubing down the supine whore's throat and into
her stomach on the first attempt.  He knew it was properly placed when he
smelled the beer's aroma emanate from inside her still bloated belly and out his
end of the tube. 

"Yes", he thought, "I must punch a one-half inch hole in her cheek soon."  He
was at a loss of how to secure his end of the tubing. Butter Ball, sipping her
own urine from out of her Foley, suddenly had an idea.  "Sir, if you put a ring
gag into her mouth, you could run the tube through the center of the gag and
secure the tubing with a rubber band.  Just loop it around the tubing and tie it
to the metal ring of the gag."

The Doctor laughed and said; "It would seem that you are good for something
other than blow jobs cow whore.  Why don't you do that after you finish your
drink?  In fact, I give you permission to collapse your bladder."

This was music to the cow whore's ears.  She loved the feeling of having her
urine drained so rapidly that her bladder collapsed in on itself.  The feeling
was extraordinary and it never failed to produce a powerful orgasm.  She was not
sure whether the tickling, sucking feeling behind her navel caused the orgasm,
or if it was the sucking feeling of the rest of her inner organs being pulled
toward the collapsing bladder, or merely the depravity of the entire situation
that caused her to orgasm so intensely and so quickly.

Within seconds, the fat pregnant little cow was wiggling around on the floor
moaning and trembling with her first orgasm of the day.  Orgasm was her reward
for pleasing, or at times, her punishment for disobeying whoever was using her
at the time.

After she finished wallowing on the floor, Butter Ball secured the tubing and
attached a turn valve to the end of the nozzle.  The Doctor inquired whether the
butt plug was still effective.  Butter Ball informed him that there was a very
minor accident.  The Doctor decided that the whore could wait for a larger
replacement.  In the event the cunt stretching was on this evening's menu, he
didn't want too large a butt plug to prevent the initial stretching from being
as effective as it could be. 

The Doctor looked down at Butter Ball, who still couldn't take her eyes off of
Cow Cunt's beaten and bloated body, and noticed that she was beginning to let
down.  "Milking time whore.  Be back here in two hours, and be fed first." 
Butter Ball got up and with one last look at Cow Cunt; she waddled off to the
milking room to be relieved of her ever-present bounty of fresh human teat

The Doctor then went to Cow Cunt's pussy and inspected the Foley.  He tugged on
the tubing till he heard a low moan from the dog whore.  "Still good", he
muttered to himself.  He took a moment to look at her body and though to himself
that he would certainly love to use the strap on this one.

"You are certainly going to plump up nicely as well", he said softly.  "I wonder
what you did to wind up here looking like this."  He saw that there was no prior
scarring on her.  As he lightly stroked the discolored skin of her breasts, and
the rest of her body, he did not feel the tiny, minute, scarring caused by
needles, or the whip. 

This one was a virgin to the life and they were taking great pains to see that
she was spared none.  No tattoos, no brands, no piercing, no apparent misuse, or
abuse, of any kind.  He laughed to himself as he remembered and old proverb:  A
blank wall is the devil's playground. But none of this was his business anyway,
and he enjoyed his time spent at the farm to start asking stupid questions at
this point.

"My god you do stink whore", he muttered quietly.  She still smelled of the
dogs, and her own sweat, and of the sperm and the stout.  It would be some time
before they would bathe her, he thought.  Too bad she wasn't his whore. 

Butter Ball went to milking stalls to relieve herself of the never-ending supply
of milk she seemed to develop.  She currently was one of the farms finest
producers.  Her milk was most rich in fat content and would sometimes butter as
it hit the glass of her collection jar.  Just after giving birth, she could
produce as much as sixty-four ounces a day!  She could keep this level of
production up for a much as several months after dropping her whelps.  Her
production would eventually taper off to about two quarts a day, but by that
time she would be "in season" again and ready to repeat the cycle.

As she lumbered up to an open spot near a window, she looked for a moment to see
which other cows were being milked.  She was lucky to have a name.  Many of the
others merely had numbers and she could see the numbers tattooed on their fat
haunches.  Next to her was number four forty nine. 

Four forty nine was approximately forty-two years old.  She was ap-parently the
former wife of her present Owner.  He had met someone much prettier, and much
younger.  Having been a participant in the lifestyle for many years, along with
four forty nine, it wasn't much of a reach to enslave the whore, but to also
turn a buck with the whore's still operational reproductive systems.

He had heard of a special farm and the Mistress who ran the secretive operation. 
He brought the whore to the farm with the original intent of training her to be
a first rate whore.  He would then sell her outside the states where non-drug
addicted white whores were of great value.

After the Mistress showed him the operation, he offered to board her at the farm
and he would retain a percentage of whatever she earned with the fruit of her
body.  She had been at the farm for ten years now, and the life of being a cow
had taken its toll. 

She was no longer the slender, young, beautiful wife of a successful
businessman, destined to live a life of luxury and repose.  She looked at least
fifteen years older than her actual age.  Her body looked as though someone had
molded a woman out of dough.  The dough had risen from the yeast and the risen
dough slid down the front of her body.

She was well over three hundred and fifty pounds and at five feet and six inches
tall, this made her nearly as wide as she was tall.  Her once blond hair was
silvery and greatly thinned (constant never-ending lactation does that to ones
hair).  Her teeth have been gone for many years for all the calcium in her body
went into the milk she produced.

Her teats looked more like huge flattened eggplants and hung over the top of her
immensely grotesque belly to stop at a point just below her navel.  Her belly
flowed down past her waist, with its apron of fat ending just above her knees. 
Her entire body was an absolutely horrid topography of rut-like stretch marks. 
Butter Ball liked to watch her sweat after a feeding because the beads of sweat
would gather in the ruts, and tiny rivers would form, as gravity would pull them
down the small ravines to pool on her bedding.

But the features that struck Butter Ball as being the most pronounced were four
forty nine's nether orifices.  Her vaginal cavity was so enlarged and stretched
from its original shape that one could fit both hands and feet inside!  When
Butter Ball had first come to the farm, she was punished for some long forgotten
sin by having her entire head forced up into the cow.  She could only breathe
through a tube placed in her mouth. 

Then the cow was masturbated to orgasm and poor Butter Ball's entire head and
shoulder area was drenched in the putrid vaginal discharge that occurred. 
Another time, when some indiscretion occurred, her head was forced up four forty
nine's asshole, also greatly distended from many years of abuse.  The fat cow
was given eight ounces of castor oil and an entire two-quart can of fiber.  Poor
Butter Ball had to wear her fecal head ornamentation for an entire day.

The huge cow's urethra was so distended that a regular nozzle had to be used to
seal the cow whore shut.  Continence was a word that had left any discussion of
the huge fat cow whore years before.  She was also given to high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, circulation problems, heart problems, liver and kidney
problems, diabetes, and numerous other situations that accompany dramatic body

Butter Ball knew that the cow's time on the farm was running short. Her last two
attempts at impregnation had failed and her milk pro-duction had fallen off
dramatically.  Rental fees had dropped off and those that did come were from the
practitioners of the extreme.  Often the medical care required afterward negated
the fees earned.

It was rumored among the inhabitants of the cow shed that when a cow's
productive days were over, they were taken to a motel a great distance from the
farm.  There they were left with twenty dollars for food, the phone number of
the local welfare agency, and absolutely nothing else.  All catheters were
removed as well as the clothing worn during the trip, and they were left to fend
for themselves.

One could image the utter despair of one a cow awaking up, in a pool of her own
waste, in a place totally unfamiliar to her, to have to fend for herself after
so many years of care...such as it may be.  Four forty nine had heard these
stories and prayed to god that she might conceive one last time.

Butter Ball actually admired the damage done to four forty nine.  She loved to
cast her eyes upon the heavily scarred and tattooed body of the cow.  She loved
to watch the sweat river down the stretch marks.  She loved to see her struggle
to do any kind of physical activity. 

But most of all she loved to envision herself in ten, or even twenty, years
being as totally used up as the huge, blubbery, scarred, tattooed, burnt out,
cow was.  She kept remembering the old adage that the candle that burns from
both ends burns twice as bright, but only half as long.

Butter Ball watched the watery translucent milk trickle out of the cow's teats. 
She watched the feedbag, a two-gallon container, empty rapidly in the cow's
belly and asshole, forcing the sides of that massive expanse to flow out beneath
her as it filled.  The cow was so huge that she could barely rest on her knees
when her belly was empty. 

Butter Ball came up behind her and began to rub the cow's massive ass. The butt
plug in four forty nine's asshole was nearly seven inches across in girth.  The
inflation balloon at the business end was better than two liters in volume and
barely held at that.

The one-half inch inside diameter feed hose was placed in a hole cut into her
throat just where the massive head was attached to the body.  She was so huge at
this point that there was no really distinctive neck.  But-ter Ball began to
massage the sides of the cow's ballooning stomach as it began to stretch across
the padded platform she knelt on.  Though the young cow whore could not reach
low enough, for her arms length was nowhere near long enough, she let her hands
ply over the bounteous flesh near the cow's kidneys (or what was left of them). 

The cow slowly moved her head to look behind and see who was touching her so
gently and saw it was the young one.  Butter Ball smiled at her and the cow
returned a toothless, wrinkled, smile in return.  It was a long time since
anyone really bothered with her other than the daily mandatory care.  Only
Butter Ball would occasionally do so.

As the meal quickly drained into the cow, Butter Ball had decided to do her a
favor.  She got down off the cow's expansive back and started to slide under her
rear end.  The odor of the cow's crotch area was, to say the least,
overwhelmingly pungent.  The aides in the shed didn't bother to clean her well,
or often, these days.  And the poor cow had no facility to even attempt to clean

The aroma of urine, feces, and vaginal discharges was overwhelming. But to
Butter Ball, this was better than to walk among the late spring flowers and
bathe in their perfume.  She immediately had that heady feeling hit her and was
rapidly becoming turned on.

The cow felt Butter Ball beneath her and looked to see what was happening. 
Butter Ball wormed her way forward, pushing aside the massive belly with her
head, and trying to spread those massive, leathery, inner thighs with her hands. 
The cow complied with her movements and suddenly spread her thighs, completely
engulfing the young cow whore's head in flesh.

Now Butter Ball was in total darkness.  She couldn't see, hear, or even breathe
as the huge cow's flesh enveloped her.  The huge cow raised herself up off of
her forearms and onto her hands, realizing what the little one wanted to do. 
While she still couldn't see or hear anything, at least a small channel for air
became available for Butter Ball.

The channel formed when the huge cow's grossly distended labia gaped slightly
with her raising onto her hands.  "This is gonna be real good", thought the cow
whore as she nuzzled in the dark, dank, odorous cavern of four forty nine.  She
felt the nozzle at her fore head and knew that if she followed it "north", she
would find the massive thumb of a clit to suck on.

Butter Ball began to sweat as the huge cow digested her meal and rivulets began
to run down her face, into her eyes, and down her neck onto the musky pad of the
milking platform.  She suddenly felt the huge cow rear up and all air was again
shut off.  She suddenly felt hands on her as her legs were spread wide.  Someone
had seen her and caught her performing a cardinal sin:  Pleasuring another cow
without permission.

This would be bad.  Her head began to spin from the lack of air as she then felt
a huge plug being inserted into her asshole.  The plug was rapidly pumped up as
her knees were being secured to a three-foot spreader bar.  The huge cow now
moved slightly, raising her massive legs one at a time to trap the arms of the
young cow whore.  Now there was no escaping for sure. 

Adequate punishment for Butter Ball, in her present condition was quite
difficult.  She loved pain, torture and humiliation as if this was as important
as food, water and air.  However, with her being in a "family" way, with three
small embryos growing in her fat belly, what could be done physically was
greatly limited. There were, however, sev-eral reasonably safe practices that
would provide the proper motivation for the cow whore to keep her mind on what
her place in life truly was.

The milking room was quite similar to that of a "professional" dairy farm's. 
The operation was based on a compressed air vacuum system that provided a
pulsing suction at ten stations.  The stations consisted of a cubicle cordoned
off by four-foot high partitions.  A raised platform the size of a double bed
dominated the cubicle space.  The platform was topped with a one-inch thick,
closed cell, foam pad for the cow to kneel on.

On the partition at the head of the cubicle were two suction pipes, one for each
teat.  A glass collection bottle sat between the two pipes.  The bottle had
three rubber hoses at the top and one at the bottom.  Two provided intake for
the milk and the third provided outlet for the vacuum suction.  The hose at the
bottom, upon finishing the milking, would suction the milk into a great holding
tank.  There was a spigot at the bottom of the glass jar to allow a particular
cow's milk to be removed and not sucked into the general holding tank.

This milk was removed from specific cows that had very recently given birth to
insure that the young would receive nothing but fresh, warm, pure, mommy's milk
prior to departure to their new situations.  After all, we are not totally
unfeeling and we believe in having the mother bond with her spawn in a proper,
and healthy (let's pass on those anti-bodies) way.  This would occur for
approximately two to three weeks after birthing.  After this time, the young
would be disposed of in a fitting manner and go on to their respective "new"

Once the surgical rubber, silver banded, cups were suctioned onto the front of
the teat, the milk would begin to flow into the jar.  A supervisor would walk
around the stalls observing which cow was milking and which was done.  Upon
completion of the milking cycle, the supervisor would cut the vacuum to the
cups, which would immediately drop off the teat, and either cycle the milk into
the main holding tank, or remove the milk to feed the young.

Once the smaller collection jar was emptied, warm water would be flushed through
the system to clean off any residue from the prior milking cycle.  This helped
to prevent various diseases such as mastitis from spreading throughout the
entire herd.  Each nipple is then wiped off with an antiseptic, coated with
nipple cream, and the job is done.

To assure that this procedure occurred in the most optimal fashion, opposite
electrical charges were run through the silver bands in the suction cups.  This
stimulated milk flow and provided sexual release. The cows also had their nether
regions stimulated by electrical charge, anal feedings, as well as oral intakes,
and, sometimes, manual manipu-lation.

The more pleasant and stimulating the experience became, the more milk
production increased and the more each cow looked forward to being milked.  We
do want our cows to be happy, and productive, at least three to four times a
day.   In that their lives would be rather boring else wise, we are really
providing a pubic, make that public, service.  :)

The supervisor decided that the only proper way to discipline Butter Ball was by
excessive sexual stimulation during her milking.  If the little whore went
through a dozen or more orgasms during her milking, she would no have the
strength to even think about playing with the other cows.  A portable vacuum
pump was brought over to the stall where four forty nine and Butter Ball
remained occupants.  The pump was plugged into the outlet on the opposing wall.

Four forty nine was busy rubbing that enormous open wound of a cunt across
Butter Ball's face as her milking cups were removed.  Her milk, no longer of any
real value, was drained out of the glass jar and dumped down the drain at the
head of the stall.  The poor whore was really only producing a milky colored
water at this point in time.  The rinsing cycle was activated and, upon its
completion, the cups were attached to Butter Ball's milk engorged teats.

At the same time, an assistant was attaching the vacuum pump to a small air hose
that, in turn, was connected to a small silver tube of one-half inch diameter. 
The vacuum pump was activated and the tube's open end was placed directly over
Butter Ball's swollen clit.  The vacuum sucked her clit up into the tube with
enough force to cause the young cow whore to scream into the ever widening, ever
secreting, cunt of the old cow.

Next came a glass tube of some three inches in diameter.  This two foot long
tube had a silver band around the interior at the bottom.  This was then
attached to the pump using a reduction fitting that the clit tube hose ran
through, at the top.  A small wire ran from the silver clit tube.  This was
placed alongside the silver band coating the inside of the larger tube and the
entire glass tube was then placed over the distended labia of the little cow
whore.  The valve to the pump was activated and instantly the little whore's
labia were sucked a good three inches up the glass tube.

The vacuum suction was increased until the little whore again screamed out in
pain.  It was quite an amusing sight to see; this little fat whore having her
nether lips sucked up along the insides of the glass tubing.  Only two more
operations to be done and the process would be com-plete.  Firstly, the
electrical lead from the butt plug was attached top the ever-present transformer
(each stall having one fitted to the partition and the foot of the stall). 
Lastly, the feedbag was brought in for the whore. 

This was only a one-gallon feeding of mixed animal sperm because of her prone
position.  Nobody wanted any more weight than necessary resting on the young
developing in her belly.  Two hoses were run from the bag; one to her butt plug
access valve, and the second to the nozzle hose that was just forced down her
throat and inflated. 

Butter Ball had already begun letting down and lactating.  Once the current was
turned on and feedbag valves opened, she flowed a strong and steady river of
milk into the collection jar.  In spite of her bonds, the spreader bar and four
forty nine's legs, Butter Ball was beside herself in the throws of sexual
over-stimulation.  Her tongue was act-ively seeking out the old cow's clit.  She
was already sweating profusely as her body began to shutter and shake from the
intense waves of pain and pleasure being thrust upon her supine body. 

Meanwhile, the old cow whore loved every minute of the attention being shown her
by Butter Ball. She began to secrete a flow of vaginal discharge that enveloped
Butter Ball's face.  It began to puddle under Butter Balls head and to soak her
cropped hair.  When the moans of the cow whore began to heat with flooding
passion, the supervisor turned up the electrical current and the vacuum force to
elicit more screams from her. 

Now Butter Ball had hold of the huge old cow whore's clit with her lips.  She
tugged at the appendage compressing her lips as hard as she could. She squeezed
it and sucked on it and swirled her tongue around its base.  She then began a
sucking in and out motion, rubbing the very tip with her tongue.  Suddenly four
forty nine humped her back upward and put her sweaty fore head to the ground. 
The wave was building!

Butter Ball felt the huge old cow shift and with that, felt the inside of that
vast canyon of a cunt start to contract in what was promising to be a great,
mighty, spasm.  She felt the velvety inner tissue rub up against her secretion
soaked chin, as the huge old whore was getting ready to cum, as she hasn't in
quite some time.

Then the dam broke, flooding the valley and all of its inhabitants! Four forty
nine came with one giant tidal wave of an orgasm that rapidly filled Butter
Ball's mouth and flooded onto the pad.  It was as though some great inner toilet
has just flushed and the secretions flooded down and out of the drain.  Butter
Ball gagged and choked on the volume of fluid that flowed from the old whore's
cunt.  She began to cough and had trouble swallowing the putrid fluid.  Some ran
out of her nose and her ears were filled with it.

The supervisor noted the huge old whore's orgasm and at that very moment upped
the voltage and the vacuum pressure yet one more time causing the young cow
whore to cum as well.  He then touched the anus of the old whore with his cattle
prod and hit the switch, jolting her off of Butter Ball and causing her to slam
her head into the partition's wall.  She slow arose (four forty nine could do
nothing quickly any more), stepped over the young cow and onto the floor.  Her
head was cut from hitting the wall and a trickle of blood ran from it.

"Go to your stall and some one will eventually tend to your cut", the man told
her.  And so, off she padded, still dripping her noxious fluid from the open maw
of a cunt leaving Butter Ball laying in a pool of the foul vaginal fluid.  He
then went and got the next cow to finish, another squirting heavy weight, and
had her replace four forty nine.  The after-noon was young and Butter Ball had
many, many, more orgasms to go.

By the time early evening had come around, poor little Butter Ball was one sorry
looking sight.  She was not only frosted from head to toe in the secretions of
several cows, some fortunately not nearly as noxious as four forty nine.  She
was also at her end after some eight consecutive earth-quaking orgasms, not
counting the multitude of after shocks.

The poor little whore had to walk in a bow legged fashion because the great
distention of her cunt lips and clit caused them to rub repeatedly, and now
quite painfully against her inner thighs.  The vacuum treat-ment had caused the
lips to bloat and fill with blood and fluid and totally blocked the opening to
her vagina.  Her clit had greatly bloated as well and now stood a proud guard
over the cow whore's reproductive orifice.

She walked into the prep room just in time to begin preparing Cow Cunt for the
evenings activities.  Cow Cunt had been asleep the entire time that Butter Ball
was under going her ordeal in the milking room. It was Butter Ball's job to not
simply awaken, but to revive, the prone figure stretched out on the table.
Butter Ball checked the urine collection bag on the floor at the feet of Cow
Cunt and recorded the volume.  The dog whore had passed a quart and one-half of
fluid through her kidneys.  She then opened the valve to the butt plug and
observed that only a small trickle of fluid remained in her rectum.  "Yummy",
she thought, "the bitch absorbed almost four and one-half quarts of the mixture
(or roughly eight and one half pounds).

The dog whore's stomach had nearly returned to its original shape, although one
could observe, with less than a skilled eye, that the present shape seemed to be
slightly more padded than the old shape.  It was still impossible to see whether
her breasts had grown any because of the still present swelling caused by the
saline solution.  The swelling, and the accompanying pain, would slowly
disappear over the next two or three days, providing the whore "lasts through
the evening", thought Butter Ball with a giggle.

As Butter Ball was getting the appropriate mixings ready for Cow Cunt's
"awakening", the former Mistress of the manor entered the prep room.  Butter
Ball instantly dropped to her knees; legs spread shoulder width, and hands
cupping her huge teats in an offering position.

"Fresh meat", she commented, not even acknowledging Butter Ball's presence. 
Through ice-cold, light blue eyes, the kind of eyes that can pin a submissive to
the spot as though they were butterflies being mounted, she appraised Cow Cunt. 
The Mistress ran her hand up over Cow Cunt's still prone form starting from her
pubic mound and slowly traveling the distance up over her navel to her supple
left breast.

"This one will do quite nicely", she said.  She gazed for several more moments
and then turned toward Butter Ball, whose eyes were cast downward, mouth
slightly opened.  The Mistress looked down at Butter Ball and smiled.  "She
smells like dog and you smell like cunt.  The two of you are bookends.  Look at
me whore", she said as she placed the toe of her black leather boot beneath
Butter Ball's chin and raised her head till the cow whore's eyes met her gaze.

Butter Ball looked upon her former owner, and still Mistress, for the first time
that day.  Mistress was dressed in her trademark black leather apparel.  The
pants and vest were tight fitting and displayed her somewhat stocky physique.

Mistress was fifty years old but looked a good ten or more years younger.  Her
close-cropped hair was a (dyed) jet black, which dramatically set off her pale
complexion and her light blue eyes.

Her lips were quite full and lush and set in their traditional smirk of a smile. 
Her face was chiseled and quite severe dominated by her most pronounced
cheekbones and her square jaw.  Her make-up was simple, but very dramatic.  Her
blood red lips were moist and very enticing.  The dark blue eye shadow and black
mascara set off her penetrating eyes.

Mistress's frame was large boned and suggested someone who could easily turn
chubby if a strict regime of dieting were not observed.  Her vest barely
concealed the two fleshy treasures beneath.  Her nipples were quite pronounced
and were attempting to poke their way through the leather to daylight.

Her exposed arms denoted one who was quite at home in a gym, with well-defined
biceps.  Her forearms were nearly as large as her biceps and, were it not for
the layer of body fat common to most women, she would have passed for a baseball

The black leather accentuated her quite curvy body and her muscular thighs
seemed to want to burst through her leather pants.  Mistress, when feeling her
oats, could easily crush the rib cage of most slaves, and cows, with their
power.  All of this was set upon an imposing six-foot tall frame.

"I want this whore's ass to be well cleaned out.  I want her to be hydrated and
completely alert."  Her Mistress then frowned and said:   "I had a good report
on your actions earlier from the Owner.  But then you had to fuck up by playing
with that old cow whore.  What am I to do with you?"  Butter Ball felt her
Mistress's displeasure.  "You had better shape up and do what you are told, and
no more, if you want to be my property after this year is up.  Otherwise, you
might go the route of four forty nine, whose time is very limited now."

Butter Ball hung her head in shame.  Her entire being, with rare lapses, was
dedicated to pleasing her Mistress and her Mistress was now quite angry with
her.  The very though of winding up in a strange, unknown, place, physically
used up, burnt out, incontinent, and unable to tend to her needs, although
somewhat enticing, was also quite frightening.  "Now get to work whore",
Mistress said as she turned on her heels and left the room, trailing her Chanel
number 19 in her wake.

Butter Ball, with a new added determination, got to work.  She pre-pared the
first enema, a three-quart solution of frigid water, and immediately set it high
on the intra-venous stand.  She connected the hose to the butt plug and opened
the valves, one on the bag hose and the other for the new butt plug.

The solution began to race into the still prone Cow Cunt.  As soon as the frigid
water hit her bowels, Cow Cunt's eyes opened wide and a stran-gled cry arose
from her throat.  "Good morning sweetness", laughed Butter Ball as she looked
directly into Cow Cunt's eyes.  Wherever Cow Cunt was in her dreams, this wake
up call brought directly back to the hell into which she had stumbled.

As the bag drained into her, Cow Cunt's belly began to rise with a rap-idity not
seen before.  She immediately began to cramp as the water chilled her insides
and started the muscles spasming.  Within only sev-eral swift minutes, the bag
was emptied into the dog whore resulting in a nice, tight, shiny, expanded

All the Cow Cunt could do at this moment was moan and pray for unconsciousness,
or death.  Although mild compared to her earlier treatments, the suddenness and
unyielding execution of this flushing brought back the main point of this entire
exercise:  Her life, and her body, was no longer her own.

Without the benefit of the electrical charges to "ease" the cramps and spasms of
her muscles, Cow Cunt was in utter agony as Butter Ball let her lay in spasms on
the table.  Her pelvis was bouncing up and down, as much as she could move it,
on the table and she struggled to control her breathing in an attempt to ease
her pain.

Butter Ball let her lay in this fashion for ten minutes before she disconnected
the hose from the bag and opened the valve to drain the poor whore.  As the
water flowed out of her, Butter Ball pressed down on Cow Cunt's belly, causing
the water to shoot out and down into the drain.  Very little refuse was in the
water indicating that the digestion of the high calorie mixture was quite

Butter Ball began to massage the dog whore's intestines to ease the water
trapped in her upper bowel into exiting.  After several minutes, Butter Ball
closed the butt plug's valve and prepared the next bag.  This one was to be of
warm water laced with slat to balance Cow Cunt's elec-trolytes.  She again let
the valves go and the dog whore filled rapidly.

This time Butter Ball massaged the dog whore's bowels to facilitate the water's
entry high into the small intestine.  The three quarts entered the dog whore at
a far quicker rate then the last bag.  Butter Ball let the mixture settle inside
of Cow Cunt for several minutes and she massaged the dog whore's belly the
entire time. 

"If you take short, shallow breaths, it'll be much easier to hold", she offered,
showing a bit of mercy to the suffering whore.  Cow Cunt followed the suggestion
as best she could and she began to overcome the terrible cramping and spasms. 
"Don't worry sweet meat, one day soon the cramping and the spasms will no longer
be a problem.  "In fact, the problem will soon be to create spasms to help you
shit stuff out", she added with a giggle.

The third flushing, one gallon this time, went in easily, stayed in with greater
facility, and exited clear of any refuse.  The three flushings had tired Cow
Cunt out a bit, but she was alert enough to hear what Butter Ball said next. 

"My former Owner and Mistress will be dealing with you this evening.  She has no
tolerance for disobedience and she knows terrible ways to punish.  You'd best do
whatever she tells you to cause you do not want to piss her off at all."  This
was said with a complete seriousness that was more frightening than anything
said to her up to this point.

The three flushings had hydrated Cow Cunt to the point that she now had to pee
very badly.  She mumbled to Butter Ball, the new feeding tube making speech most
difficult, and tried to motion with her head toward her Foley.  "What's that
sweet heart?  You have to pee?  Let me help you."  With that, Butter Ball got
the extension tubing and attached one end to the Foley while putting the other
into Cow Cunt's mouth.

"Here, let me deflate the bulb and shift the gag so all that bad piss can go
into your stomach.  Waste not, want not is our motto", she added with a smile. 
Cow Cunt placed her tongue at the hole of the tubing blocking the entry of the
urine and when Butter Ball released the valve of the Foley, nothing flowed out.

"Let's not play games sweetness, we can do this the hard way as well.  And you
will become quite use to being a toilet anyway so you might as well start with
your own waste."  Butter Ball noted the resignation in Cow Cunt's eyes as she
slowly began to let the urine flow into her mouth.  "And don't you dare spill a
drop!  If I tell them that you will really go hard on you babe. 
Anyway, I like the taste of your piss, so just do it."

Cow Cunt remembered the draining that Butter Ball served up the last time and so
she sipped herself till she emptied and managed to swallow every drop.  In spite
of the difficulty swallowing with the feed tube going down her throat, by the
time she had totally drained, she was far more at ease with the catheter. 
Butter Ball re-inflated the bulb and re-arranged the gag.

Two male slaves that she had never seen before walked into the prep room.  They
told Butter Ball that all was ready and the dog whore was wanted in the
solarium.  New male slaves indicated that there would be at least one "new"
mistress present.  Butter Ball looked at the dog whore and told her that a leash
would now be attached to her collar.  Her hands would be temporarily released
and then tethered to the collar as well.

They released Cow Cunt and, after attaching the leash and her hands to the
collar, walked her to the house.  This was the first time Cow Cunt had been on
her feet in what seemed like weeks (but in reality, which was rapidly fleeting,
twenty four hours).  She was a bit unsteady and had to be assisted by the two
males, one at each arm.  Her head still ached from the alcoholic mixture fed her
and she seemed to detect a certain lethargy in her body's response to her desire
to move.  She felt as though she had a padded suit on and that she was walking
through gelatin.

Half way across the expanse of lawn, she notice that the pack of dogs was loose
and heading toward her at a flat out ran.  "Oh my god", she tried to mutter as
they caught up to the group and began to sniff and lick at her ass.  She jumped
with a start as the first cold wet nose went for her crotch from behind and the
long sopping tongue shot out to whip her still distended pussy lips.

Tears began to run down her face at the thought of a repeat of last night's dog
rape.  Butter Ball laughed at her reaction and continued to lead her by the
leash toward the open French doors of the solarium. "What'sa matter sweetness? 
You lovers are here to make you feel good. Look how excited they are and how
much they missed you." 

With tear filled eyes, Cow Cunt looked down at the five beasts and saw that each
one's penis had come out of its sheath.  They were beginning to jump up on her
naked body, trying to knock her down.  "My, my sweetness.  Look how much they
love you!" 

It spite of herself, Cow Cunt began to moisten from the constant at-tacking of
the animals' tongues.  The house loomed closer as the pro-cession walked onward. 
The dogs, also smelling the aroma of female cunt on Butter Ball, began to lick
at her as well.  When they did start to jump up on her, the Owner called to them
from inside the solarium.  He certainly couldn't have them damaging the yet
unborn merchandize by knocking down the very pregnant young cow whore.

Knowing the hand that feeds them, the pack ran to their Master and acknowledging
his great love of them by licking his hands.  He fed them, cared for them, and
saw that they were well fucked on a daily basis.  And, after all is said and
done, what else is there in a dog's life?

The procession entered the solarium and Cow Cunt found herself in the midst of
the group in attendance last night augmented by several new, and female faces. 
She absent mindedly tried to cover her nudity with her hands, but only succeeded
in jerking her own neck about.  She blushed a beet red as all eyes were on her.
"She smells like a dog in heat", said one of the Mistresses.  Her gaze pierced
through Cow Cunt and held her fast.  "She is so filthy, how do you stand the

The Owner, now standing along side the husband, laughed at the sight of Cow Cunt
and said; "It's a dog thing you know."  The Owner then stood apart from the
groups and announced that the former Owner of the farm was to conduct this
evening's entertainment.  Butter Ball then led the dog whore by her leash up to
the Mistress.  Butter Ball immed-iately dropped to her knees and handed the
leash to her Mistress.

Her Mistress smiled down at the little cow whore and took hold the leash.  She
then, with the same smile looked Cow Cunt directly in the eyes, pinning her soul
to the floor with her gaze.  Cow Cunt trembled with fear as she noticed the
Mistress pointing toward the floor with her index finger.

The Owner said to all; "She has not begun her dog training yet.  We will be
blessed with having our dear friend exhibit her techniques of animal training. 
Dog training, animal training:  The very words cut into Cow Cunt's soul. 
Suddenly there was a yanking of the leash downward that coincided with the
pointing finger.  Still Cow Cunt was unsure of what was expected of her.  With a
swiftness that startled even the Owner, the Mistress struck out with the flat of
her hand and caught Cow Cunt squ-arely on the right side of her face.  The slap
was quite loud and snapped the dog whore's head about. 

Cow Cunt's eyes watered not just from the strength of the blow, but also from
the fact that nobody has slapped her since she was in high school.  She looked
at Mistress pleadingly and tried, through the ring gag and the feed tube in her
throat, ask what was wanted.  That only drew a slap from the other hand on the
other side of her face.

Again the Mistress pointed toward the floor and yanked on the leash. Cow Cunt
suddenly realized that the Mistress wanted her on her knees, and down she went. 
Quickly observing the posture of the other slaves in attendance, Cow Cunt tried
to copy their knelling stance.  She spread her knees about shoulder's distance
apart and with eyes toward the floor, kneeled, thrusting her still swollen
breast outward.

The Mistress smiled down at her charge.  "There may be some hope for this one. 
Perhaps she will get off easy this evening with only a slight maiming."  "A
slight maiming" rang in her ears as she realized that she was the evening's
entertainment.  These monsters were going to torture her and disfigure her for
no other reason then their desire to do so.

Now her Mistress gave the leash a slight tug and pointed downward yet again,
this time toward her slightly upturned boot toe.  Cow Cunt wasted no time in
putting her fore head directly onto the toe of her black, silver tipped, high
heel boot.  The Mistress then moved her boot toe downward until it rested
directly beneath the dog whore's mouth.

She then pointed her index figure, nail up, directly at Cow Cunt and curved it
inward on itself.  She repeated the gesture two more times and Cow Cunt, with a
sudden flash of intuition, extended her tongue and licked at the silver toecap.

"This one really might have some potential", she said to the Owner.  "I might,
with your permission, take a special interest in her training."  Her eyes were
glazed with the power she had just exhibited over this gorgeous piece of meat
now administering to her boot tip.  This, of course, was not lost on Butter Ball
who promised herself to be far more creative in her punishments of the dog

The Mistress then motioned to one of her former charges, the alpha, to approach. 
The huge animal quickly walked up to her and sat attent-ively gazing at her. 
She then lifted her boot cap upward indicating that Cow Cunt's ministrations
were sufficient.  Mistress then pointed her index finger, nail up, at Cow Cunt,
and then at the dog's still engorged cock and curled her finger in on itself

"Oh my god NO!!!  Not again", thought Cow Cunt as her tears began anew.  She
suddenly fell off her knees and tumbled to her side, totally beset by her crying
and shaking.  This monster of a woman wanted her to suck on the animal's cock. 
They were going to have the dogs rape her again. 

The poor dog whore shook with tears as she tried to speak the words, "Please no,
not again.  Please, no more."  Nothing came out of her mouth that was
intelligible, but the look of rage upon the Mistress' face was enough to freeze
hell over several times.  Even Butter Ball, who now considered Cow Cunt to be a
rival, and who had spent five years as the property of the Mistress, had never
seen her as outraged and angry as she was at this moment.

The Owner, to further enrage the Mistress, commented, "Perhaps you are losing
your touch my dear."  Several of the others in the room snick-ered at the dog
whore's faux pas, which angered the Mistress beyond the limits of reason, as
they observed the now quaking figure curled on her side in a fetal position. 

The Mistress reached down and grabbed the collar around Cow Cunt's neck,
wrapping her fingers around the silver band, and hauled the dog whore to her
feet.  She brought her face very close to that of Cow Cunt and stared into her
eyes.  "For the next few hours you will do nothing but scream.  Then and ONLY
then, will your punishment begin!"

The Mistress then threw her back to the ground and, with hand signals, Called
for two of the male slaves to come and assist her.  "Bind her breasts!  And
bring her next feeding!"  She then turned to Butter Ball. The little cow whore
was much too afraid of her Mistress' wrath to face her, so she simply looked at
the ground.  "You were to have given her the basic rule of life here. 
Obviously, you have failed to do so.  You are becoming more worthless the longer
you stay here.  Maybe it is time to sell you off to the Mexicans."

Butter Ball suddenly needed to pee rather badly.  She quaked with the thought of
being sold and she knew her Mistress all to well to believe the threat to be an
idle one.  The Mexicans used whores sold to them until they were no longer
desirable by men.  Then they used them to make animal fucking films until the
market was saturated with the films.  After that, the whore made one final film;
a snuff film.

Butter Ball also knew better than to try and tell her Mistress that she indeed
had spoken to Cow Cunt, and that she indeed told Cow Cunt that she must do all
that was asked of her or suffer the consequences.  All that was left for her to
do now was to suffer the punishment her Mistress will administer and pray for
its end.

The two males had bound Cow Cunt's breasts tightly and in their already swollen
condition, the pain flared up into a raging fire again. They also had managed to
place a spreader bar between her knees and secured it to her in spite of her
attempting to fight them off by kicking out at them.

She was already near being hysterical when another Mistress stepped forward with
a length of Dacron rope.  Sometimes I am amazed at how similarly we think about
certain things.  I once was told that only a wo-man knows how to properly punish
another woman and I believe this to be true.

A footstool was brought over and Cow Cunt was made to stand on it (as best she
could with her knees spread so far apart).  The rope was then tied to that of
her two bound teats and fed through a small, but strong, block and tackle
secured to the ceiling. 

It suddenly occurred to Cow Cunt that she was going to be hung by her teats and
she began to try a physically fight this most stern decree.  As she began to try
a fidget her way out of the situation (which was all the movement allowed after
being bound), the Mistress grabbed hold of both still swollen, and very tender,
nipples and dug her finger nails into them. 

Cow Cunt opened her mouth wide enough to nearly dislocate her jaw but not a
single sound could be heard.  The pain exploded with a blinding white burst of
light as every nerve in her body caught fire.  The shattering pain burst its way
down her front and finally settled in her cunt area.  Had her bladder not been
cathetered, and her asshole sealed with the butt plug, she would have peed and
shit at the same time.  She began to quake and had trouble standing still on the
now teetering foot-stool.

As the two male slaves held her erect, Mistress looked directly into her eyes
and said, "Try that again and I will cut these off."  She let go the two now
very bruised nubbins of flesh.  The imprint of her fingernails was now very
apparent in the form of a crescent crossing the base of each nipple.

Her "meal" was now brought in to the solarium and raised to the ceiling to
provide the quickest flow.  This meal consisted of three and one-half quarts of
animal sperm laced with one half of a quart of Jamaican pep-per sauce. 

The pepper sauce served two purposes:  Firstly, it would cause great pain in her
belly, and secondly, after repeated use it tended to cause a thickening of the
stomach lining.  With the stretching that this part of her anatomy would
receive, the thicker the lining, the more the stretch.

The next items brought were wheeled over on a cart and laid hidden be-neath a
white clothe.  The hose from the feedbag was attached to the tubing in her
mouth.  Mistress stood back and smiled as a cat does when the mouse has been
batted about enough and is ready to be eaten.  "This will be the last time you
ever fail to obey a command.  Do you under-stand whore?"  The poor dog whore
simply stood there with a tear-stained face and looked pleadingly at her

The Mistress checked to make sure that the rope running to Cow Cunt's breasts
was tightly secured before she removed the clothe from the top of the cart to
reveal the last two horrors:  There were four straps made of top saddle leather
of one-quarter inch thick, and one and one-half inch wide.  Also revealed, to
Cow Cunt's horror, was more of the cursed saline solution with two huge
hypodermics with needles. 

This horrified her more than anything else at the moment.  She did not think
that her poor bruised and swollen body could withstand another treatment of that
sort.  Her already purple breasts shivered with the fear that now permeated her
mind.  Asking for the assistance of two of the other Mistress' present, Mistress
was now ready to begin administering Cow Cunt's punishment.

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