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Private School Girl -II

Part 4


At the end of the alley Sharon was lead by a chain to a pile of pallets.  The chain was thrown over some old overhead railings and Sharon was pulled up on her toes.  Her arms were still tied behind her back. Tania got up on the pallet with her three friends surrounded by a crowd of about twenty guys around.  Tania slapped Sharon in her face back and forth eliciting screams and cheers from the crowd.

Sharons body was stretched out for everyone to see.  She was on her toes with the chain biting into her neck, breathing was very hard.

“Hang the Bitch.”  “Stretch her out.” They yelled.

Tania was in control.  She ran her hands over Sharons breasts squeezing and twisting.  The crowd cheered her on.  Sharons body was completely available to her.  “Stretch her out a little more Jake.”

Pulling the chain back caused Sharon to lose her breath and almost pass out.

“AHGGGGG.”  “Trouble breathing?”  Tania stomped on Sharons toes, the only thing keeping her alive.

“Yea more, Yea.”

Sharons neck was stretched red and chaffed.

She struggled to maintain just the right balance to keep breathing.

Tania grabbed Sharon by the hair and signaled to the crowd, thumbs up or thumbs down.

Every one showed thumbs down.

“Make her suck us.”



Jake let the chain loose and they had Sharon kneel down on scrap pieces of metal which bit into her knees and shins.  Sharon cried in pain but she was forced stay kneeling on the painful debris. Jake pulled up an old heavy timbre, a piece of 6 x 6 and set it under her feet.  She was kneeling with the tops of her feet facing down on the timbre and the soles up. 

The crowd watched intently, anticipating some new torture.  Mike took a pile of large 6 inch driving nails and a hammer and knelt behind Sharon.   She had no idea what he was up to.  Mike drove a nail through Sharons left foot and into the 6 x6 until it was two thirds in and then bent it over driving the head into her foot so the foot could not pull out through the nail head.

Sharon let out a blood curdling scream.  “What are you doing.”  “OMG OMG, stop this.  No More.”


The guys just ate it up hooting and hollering. “Nail her some more, BJs, Nail Her.”

Tania took a bunji cord strap with hooks on the end.

She hooked one end into Sharons mouth and then pulled it behind her head stretching it out and put the other side into her mouth.   Her mouth was pulled wide and the hooks were lodged so she could not bite down.  She was safe for sucking cock. 


The first bum got in position to stick his cock in her throat.  Filthy he pulled down his zipper and took out his cock.  He was hard from watching Sharons torture. The heavy chain was still around her neck and the bum pulled up on the chain stretching her neck.  He pushed his cock into her mouth and pulled on the chain controlling her head.  Sharons mouth was just a cock receptacle; there was nothing she could do.

Tania took over the foot nailing, she teased Sharon with the nail this time.

Sharon tried to pull away her other foot but they held her in place.  Tania pushed the nail slowly into her foot, hammering it only slightly. Sharon couldnt scream as she was being face fucked with a bums dick. 

Slowly the nail penetrated the foot.  Tania masterfully played the suspense pushing and twisting through the flesh.

Tania hammered the nail in and bent it over like before.  However, she was not done. She took another nail and went back to the first foot.  Sharon was being face fucked by two dirty bums now.  One was pulling on the chain brutally half hanging her while the other had his dick in her throat.

Tania found a fleshy part of the first foot and drove another nail through Sharons foot.  This time as she bent the nail over she hammered into Sharons foot.

Sharon could not even scream as her mouth was hooked and filled with dick.

The first bum finally came in Sharons mouth.  He took out a knife and carved  “SLUT” on her forehead.


The second bum stepped up rammed his cock into her mouth and pinched her nose shut.

At the same time Tania was driving a second nail into her other foot.  The bum was face fucking her without mercy.  Another load of cum for Sharons mouth dripping down her chin.  This bum took his knife and carved “CUNT” on Sharons left breast.


Tania was into the nailing.  Mike got another piece of  6 x 6 for Tania.  They untied Sharons hands.

The third bum unloaded over Sharons face.  He took his knife and carved “SLUT” into her belly.


Mike held the wood and Jake held Sharons arm while Tania hammered a nail into Sharons palm and bent it over like in her feet.  The back of the hand was against the wood and the nail through the palm.

Another bum another face fuck done.  This bum pulled up on the chain around her neck. 

“Id like to hang you right now you fucking cum faced bitch.”

Then he took out his knife and carved “CUM PIG” into Sharons breast.

Tania went to work on Sharons other palm driving a nail through the palm to into the heavy 6 x 6 wood.


Sharon was on a old wooden platform.  She was kneeling on broken trash.  Her feet were nailed to a piece of 6 x 6.  Her hands were nailed behind her back to a heavy 6 x 6.   Her neck was wrapped in chain hung over head and her face was cum drenched from being face fucked by neighborhood bums.  They had carved letters into her chest face and belly. Mike and Jake wrapped ropes around the 6 x 6 which Sharons hands were nailed.  They threw the ropes up over the old pipes and started to pull up Sharons arms behind her back nailed to the wood.

They raised the arms slowly, the pulling arms in the shoulder sockets in extreme angles.  Her arms were behind her back, hands nailed to a 6 x 6 and she was being pulled up in unnatural movement.

“Take that tie down out of her mouth; I want to hear her scream.”

As her arms raised behind her the pain became intense.  Mike raised the arms very slowly.

“Please Jake, stop this, please, please. I cant take it any more. “  “Ill do anything.

“Stop this, I cant take any more.”

Jake and Tania were laughing.  What a DFB.

Jake let the ropes down holding her arms.

“OMG, thank you thank you.” “Thank you sir, please help me.”


“Shut up bitch.”

Jake put his cock in her mouth.

“Suck me off and we may help you.  Maybe you want to be like Tania.”

Sharon was sucking Jakes dick while Tania was making out with him. They were laughing and smiling at each other. “Poor Sharon, was desperate now.

They watched Sharon suck and lick trying to save her pathetic slut life.

Jake encouraged poor Sharon.

“Oh yea baby, thats so good.” “Ahhhhh”

“Suck it nice.”

Finally Jake came over Sharons face.  He smeared the cum over her face.

“Oh Jake, now please help me.  Get the nails out”

“What a Dumb Bitch you are.”  “Raise up those arms guys.”


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Jake you promised.”

“Yea , I promised, You dumb fucking Cunt.”

Mike pulled the ropes tied to the board where her hands were nailed forward.  Because she was being lifted strappado style her arms were up in air, her upper body forward and her feet touching the ground.

PROBLEM IS:  Her feet were still nailed to the board so her weight was partially on her toes feet in a very awkward position as the.  One of the bums grabbed her around the ass and started to fuck her pussy.

Sharon swung back and forth as the bum fucked her hard.  When he was done he carved his initials in her ass.



The next bum in the crowd stepped up and pushed his cock into Sharons ass and began fucking her violently.  Sharon passed out but the ass fucking continued.  The bum came in her ass and carved his initials in her ass. Another took his place.  Sharon jerked back and forth as the bums thrust into her.  Each thrust placed a painful stretch to her shoulders.

The ass fucking seemed to go on forever.  Sharon hung by nailed hands and weighed down by nailed feet into a heavy board.  Her arms were ups behind her and the dirty filthy bums of the neighborhood took turns screwing her in the ass. Sharon would pass out but the fucking continued.  A bum would grab her by the face and slap her trying to revive her.

It was a crazy scene of torture lust as guy pushed to be next.  They had their cocks out stroking themselves waiting for their turn.  Finally they were done.  Cum dripped from her bleeding ass. Sharon was so sodomized her screams had become fainter.

Every one formed a circle around the doomed MILF slut.

Tania stepped up to be the executioner. 


She grabbed Sharons head by the hair and raised her thumb up and down.

The crowd signaled thumbs down.

“Kill her, Finish her off.  Do the Bitch. Punish her more.”

Their depravity was insatiable, Sharon was doomed.

“Fucking bitch is passed out.” “Her time is running out.!”

Jake took the ropes holding Sharon and began to raise her higher until her feet were 10 inches off the ground.  He tied the rope there so it would not drop below that point but Sharon was still unconscious.

Tania fashioned a torch with a long 2 x 4 wrapped in rags and newspaper.  As the torch burned she passed the flame along Sharons legs tracing the flame back and forth.  Finally Sharon regained consciousness screaming while Tania kept the torch running along her body.

Jake raised her slowly letting her dangle, feeling the stretching of the weights on her limbs..  When Sharon was up about 10 feet Jake let the rope loose and Sharon plummeted stopping a foot off the ground.  Both her shoulders separated, her body only being held together by tendons, muscle and flesh.   Tania raised Sharons head as she held her torch to her belly.  In her last moments she could see Tanias face smiling at her. Tania watch in fascination as Sharon was gone, Tania and Jake kissed, it was over.


It was over for Tania and Jake but not for the bums.  They took 2 x 4s and began to beat Sharons lifeless body.  They laughed   as her body slowly was smashed to pieces, her upper body separated at the shoulders.

Several of the bums took her head and could be seen fucking the mouth of the bloody head. 

“Looks like they are getting some good head.” Laughed Tania.

They tossed her head about laughing and finally threw it on the ground using it as a soccer ball until it too came apart.

Eventually there were only pieces to be left for the rats, raccoons and stray dogs.


Review This Story || Author: bigbobby.
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