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Review This Story || Author: Alebeard

The Video

Part 1

The Video

I knew Mrs. Parker had been attacked, the whole neighborhood knew the day it happened that something terrible had occurred. The whole school most of the town by the next week knew that Josh and Thomas Harris along with Robert Dowd were arrested for rape, assault and sodomy and attempted murder along with a host of other charges.

What I never expected was to actually see what happened.

Mr. Parker and their son Jason were gone on a camping trip up north, just the boys and Mrs. Parker, the lust object of every kid I knew, was home alone.

I got the text message about 9pm, about the same time most of the students at P.H Hawkings High School received it. All it contained was a file sharing URL. I went up to my room and loaded the web address in my computer and waited for a few minutes until a video box appeared.

There was Mrs. Parker, the wet dream of every teen age boy in the district crawling around naked on all fours, crying.

You could see the legs of two people in the scene as well presumably a couple of the kids under arrest.  The blond President of the PTSA already had several angry red wide welts on her back. You could see her heavy pale tits swaying below her as she crawled around her living room crying and sobbing. My cock leapt in my pants.

CRAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!! The belt sounded like a shotgun blast as it lashed down on Mrs. Parkers beautiful toned naked back. She jerked and bucked like she had been shot, screaming so loud my speakers crackled. “Crawl faster you stuck up bitch! Shake those fat tits!!” Someone shouted, you couldnt see anyone else faces so you could not really tell who, but I am pretty sure it was Thomas Harris.

The blond bake sale mom that we all loved to dream about looked amazing nude, her stomach was flat and toned, her jutting ass round and full, you could see her pink puffy cunt, inner lips sticking out a good half inch as she crawled around, her perfect face was scrunched up in pain and her eyes were swollen from crying but she was still fucking amazing. Maybe she was more amazing because of it all. The most noticeable thing of course were her huge tits. Her tits were the focus of most of my fantasies, but even in my drams I never knew just how big they really were. Without her tight bra her massive globes hung down larger then anyone would have guessed.  Pale and heavy they were capped with largish pink to reddish large nipples that looked painted on they were so perfect.  

She crawled around the room, the camera followed her. Her bubble round ass, which was also fantasy for so many boys also was already welted as well. CRAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!. The belt slashed out again across her bruised bottom. “Stick that ass up higher you stupid bitch!!” the voice yelled again.

They made her crawl around the floor for about 5 or 6 minutes while they each lashed her with a belt on her back, her ass or the backs of her thighs. Then the camera tilted wildly up to the ceiling for nearly two minutes. I could not see anything but the ceiling fan, but could hear the screams and the lashing of the belt. “Fuck you whore! Crawl you little gutter bitch! Crawl like the dog you are!! Hit her again!! Harder!!!!”

I was stunned, completely and utterly stunned looking at the video streaming across my screen. I did have the sense to turn on my video capture program to make sure and save the stream to my hard drive.

“Get ready cunt!” someone shouted from off camera.

Mrs. Parker was on the coffee table, legs pulled up and apart, I could not see who was holding them as the camera was focused lower, panning up and down her body from the side as one of the boys slammed his cock into her pretty pink twat. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPLLLEAASEEEEEEENOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She screamed as the first boy raped her. The whole table rocked back and forth with the pounding, her tits wildly moving up and down across her cheat with the violent cunt raping she endured. All three took turns two of them going twice, the camera got passed back and forth.

Some cheesy star shaped blend cut the video to the next scene. Mrs. Parker still on the floor kneeling, someones hand was wrapped around her ponytail holding her head up. Her mouth stretched around a thick cock. She gagged and drooled as her throat was rammed down on the boys penis, her eye makeup running and smeared and her lips looked puffy and swollen. The camera panned down and zoomed in to her large tits, her large pink nipples were each pierced with a thick safety pin and the words “RAPE ME” were written crudely across her jugs in lipstick. The camera continued to pan down, her cunt lips were red and swollen, thick white cum leaked from her abused twat in liquid ropes, a fairly big pool of it already on the wood floor.

The camera panned up in time to catch the boys cock spurting thick white cum all over her sobbing pretty face. She was pushed towards the camera, a hand in her hair jerking her head up to show a close up. After she deep throated and choked on the long but thinner cock of next boy who came down her throat, the camera swayed as it changed hands and the third boy, likely whoever was holding the camera came into view. He as only visible from about chest down, they never fully showed their faces.

The last boy had a truly huge cock, it must have been Robert. The rumor “Hung Like a Horse” had followed him since grade school. I always thought it was just porno exaggeration to say a huge cock was purple, throbbing and dripping, but that is exactly what Roberts cock looked like and was doing.

“Get it down your throat bitch! All of it or I were gonna play soccer with your filthy twat” He threatened.

Poor Mrs. Parker simply had no chance of deep-throating that monster, but the other two boys kept whipping her back with the belt and yelling at her to swallow it all while Robert tried to force the thing down her throat, finally he came all over her tits. The boys promised to punish her for her failure. They made her kneel on the ground with her legs spread wide, one of the boys standing behind her holding her wrists up above her head, they looked like they were bound with those plastic zip ties, every time she tried to close them one of the boys would hit her tits with a thin plastic rod that I think came off the blinds, Then oen of the boys,  I think Robert, would take a few steps forward and kick her right between the legs. At least he took his shoes off or he might have seriously broken something on her. As it was she would double up and roll on the ground while the laughed, they did it again and again.

Then they spent the a long time forcing her to suck inanimate objects and take them down her throat, saying they were training her for Robert, though they did not actually use his name. First they made her take a carrot and then a long sausage down her throat, she choked and gagged and finally threw up on the floor. 

The video faded out with a checkerboard pattern. I looked down to find a large wet spot from pre-cum already spreading in my pants, I paused the stream, got up and locked my bedroom door, just in case my Mom got home from playing bridge early. I decided to save my pants and took them off, sitting in just my shirt and socks. I knew it was wrong, I knew it was sick and fucked up, but I was more turned on then I had ever been.

The video faded into the next scene with an almost child-like glittery shower of silver sparkles.

Mrs. Parker was on her back on the living room coffee table again, one of the boys, the one with the thicker cock, maybe Thomas? Was slamming it into her cunt like a madman, he had her legs up near his shoulders holding her ankles tightly; you could just see the bottom of his chin. Someone else had her arms held out stretched back past her head and going off the frame. The safety pins were still stuck in her nipples, but several others were also decorating her tits which shifted and bounced wildly during the violent rape, the writing was also still there. When the camera zoomed down to show a close up on the blurring cock pounding her tortured cunt, I could see the safety pins now skewering her outer cunt lips, five to either side.

All three boys took turns fucking the poor woman her on the coffee table, she really howled when Robert forced his giant thing up her already bruised and torn little fuckhole. The camera zoomed in close to it tearing into her then quickly panned up to her wide open mouth, she looked like she was in shock for a moment then let out a huge scream and started to struggle, which only earned her a hard couple slaps on her face and a hand on her throat. The slapped her tits back and forth, called her filthy names and made her open her mouth wide when each of them were ready to cum so they could jerk off and make her drink it, I guess none of them wanted sloppy seconds.

My cock twitched and spurted my first orgasm in my hand, I pause the video and just sat there for a minute basking in the images I had seen. I was actually so wrapped up watching I did not even know I was playing with myself! I wiped up the sperm with some tissue and hit play

A quick blend in the film and Mrs. Parker was on her knees, draped over the same table, a couch cushion forced under her hips, thrusting her ass up lewdly with Robert behind her, when the camera zoomed in you could see the dried and caked cum all around her swollen cunt, some time must have passed.

The camera panned up slightly to one of the boys, the one with the larger cock, but not Robert, lining the head of his cock up with the blond soccer moms tiny little starfish. You can hear him spit and then you can see him rub a little saliva on to his cock. You could see her hands contort and go rigid, clawing at the table top as he forced his thick dick slowly up her tiny little rectum. She did not make any sound other then quick almost hyperventilating, loudly breathing for about 20 seconds and then wailed as half his cock was buried in her ass in one large thrust. The camera came around the table to show her agonized face. As the camera came around you could see some fresh welts on her back.

Mrs. Parker was literally shaking as the boy sodomized the soccer mom with long deliberate strokes. Her face was locked in a strained agonized mask as her ass was stretched and torn. After about 10 incredible minutes of film where the camera kept moving back and forth between shots of the cock forcing its way past the stretched ring of her poop chute  and her beautiful, sobbing, screaming face.

Finally the guy pulled out of her shitter, you could see the gaping red swollen ring of her ass slowly start to close. He came around to the front of her as the camera followed and forced his dirty prick down her throat to cum. You could tell when her blew his load by the way he went all stiff and then pulled out, trailing a thick rope of semen Her head dropped down out of the frame as the hand on her ponytail let go and you could hear her gagging, I think she threw up.

I guess the guy with the thinner cock was not ready to fuck again, because the next cock to fill her little backdoor was Robert at least I think that monster cock was Robert. Even stretched out from the first fucking the anal rape by that horse dick was brutal. Her mouth was open in a frozen scream the whole 20 minutes he methodically butt fucked the neighborhood M.I.L.F. Every muscle in her body was rigid and tight. From the side of her the belt slashed down on her lower back and her ass just above where Roberts cock was plowing in and out of her tiny little tube.

I came for the second time just before Robert pulled his massive cock out of her ass and covered her face in white sticky cum and the video faded to black.

The video had run for nearly an hour and a half now. I had figured the internet techs would kill this thing any moment once they figured out what it was and thought maybe that had happened or the video ended. Just as I was about to end my recording of the stream however, the video faded back in.

They had moved to the large three car garage. The garage had been ransacked, the tool bench, storage closets, yard tools, sporting goods and other stuff usually stored neatly there were scattered around, a pile of stuff that I guess they thought was useful was laid out on the workbench, the camera panned to a black garden hose cut into pieces, next to the hose pieces were a small pile of gravel and some duct tape

Mrs. Parker was kneeling in front of a small wooden crate with her generous its resting on the top of it, as the camera circled around you could see her wrists bound behind her back with zip ties as her legs bound together with several as well., one of the boys was behind her with his knee in her back, forcing her to lean forward against the crate.

“Now your fat tits are really gonna get punished bitch, go ahead and scream, no one will hear you!” One of the boys threatened. (This turned out to not be true, her screams were heard by a neighbor but not reported for quite some time apparently)

From the side a length of the garden hose, apparently filled with the gravel and capped with the duct tape swings down to crush her huge tits onto the crate. Over and over again her tits were flattened by the vicious hose while the blond wet dream of a MILF convulsed and screamed herself hoarse.

After 30 strokes or so the boys took two more plastic zip ties and threaded them under slats in the crate and around the base of each bruised and battered tits, pulling them tight so her huge globes were trapped against the crate purple and swollen, her nipples huge and hard. Then they started on her tits with thin whippy strands of rubber screen door insulation covering them with bright blood red welts. Her whole body seemed to twist and shake each time they hit her massive jugs. They used thin rods, taken off window blinds to make long purple welts, wooden serving spoons to slap them leaving round red bruises that turned purple. They used wood clamps to crush her already battered nipples, pulling and twisting tem while she shrieked like a mad woman.

Then they took some alligator clips out of a drawer in the tool bench and clipped two on the sides of each nipple, the boys strung wires to the controller of the electric train set that kept in the garage. Mrs. Parker begged and pleaded not to be electrocuted, she screamed that it would kill her. She offered to suck all their cocks, to eat their shit off the floor, to do anything they wanted, they only laughed and flipped the dial. Mr.s parker shook and jerked, every muscle ridged for about a full minute and passed out, still jerking and twitching as the boys played with the dial.

The next scene opened with Mrs. Parker tied face down on a table on the kitchen. The camera panned to her face which was distorted in pain, her mouth open in a soundless scream, then it circled around to show one of the boys forcing a massive zucchini, the thickness of my arm up the poor blonds stretched and torn little rectum.

The cruel reaming lasted about 5 minutes until the scene cut to Mrs. Parker still on the table, but retied face up with her head hanging over the side and her legs spread, her knees bent upward with her wrists tied to her ankles. Her tits were streaked with welts and bruises, many looked hard and black from the beating she had endured.  Ropes pulled her knees apart and disappeared out of the frame pulled taut and stretching up at an angle. A heavy leather belt, different from the one seen before shot thought the air and landed with a heavy slap between her splayed legs right on her open cunt. Her pussy mound and lips, already bruised and red from abuse soon became almost purple as the boys tortured her sensitive blond twat. They lashed at bare pussy again and again, all she could do was jerk and convulse with each stroke, her eyes were wide open and staring blankly, drool pooled from her mouth as her cunt was seared with the strap.

The scene cut again, she was still bound on the table the same way, her bruised cunt now gaped open, obviously having been reamed by the wooden baseball bat that was on the table beside her. One of the boys carried a steaming pot with oven mitts and set it down on a chair by the table. Another set of hands used a pair of tons to extract a large ear of corn, still steaming from the pot and inserted it into the open pussy of the bound blond. Even after all she had been through she could still thrash and scream as the hot cob scalded and burned her deep inside.

After that the video cut to Mrs. Parker was being led around the back yard on her hands and knees like a dog.  Leash and collar had been formed out of speaker wire. Her whole body was covered in welts and bruises. The thick leather wrapped handle of a tennis racket was buried deep up her ass, the face of the racket looked like a beavers tail. Cum leaked from her bruised cunt. Two of the boys had long rods, fishing poles they had stripped of the reel and eyeholes. Tome and time again the lashed her back and legs, striping her ass and thighs until she could not withstand it and rolled over, only to have her huge bruised tits lashed, and when she tried to protect them the other two boys held her legs apart so her tortured pussy would be punished even more.

They made her kneel in the dirt while they took turns pissing on her face, the last boy threatened her with something off camera, shouting at her to open her mouth and swallow his stinking piss, and she did.

The video jumbled, slowed and jerked for about 5 minutes as the server was overloaded but soon the host, wherever it was must have automatically freed up some more bandwidth because the video came back smoothly.

Mrs. Parker looked completely destroyed. she was still in the back yard on her hands and knees. The boys were taking turns fucking her up her ass again, one after the other while the other two were holding her up, slapping and punching her huge swaying tits. Then the sound of Sirens and you could see blue and red lights on the fence, the camera dropped and you could see the legs of the boys running off and over the fence. Just in the frame to the right was Mrs. Parker, on the ground curled up in a ball and then the police. The Video ended, I came nine times during it. I got it all, most people only watched, they did not record. I hate myself, but I love this video, I really do. The Parkers moved away shortly after, but Ill always have her, right here on my hard drive.

Review This Story || Author: Alebeard
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