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My Sister's Slave

Part 3

My Sisters Slave

Part Three

Mum came home not long after my second round of tormenting. By that time Id managed to clean up and get dressed again, though, as per my Sisters orders, I still wore the ultra girly pair of knickers instead of my traditional boxer shorts.

I was all too aware of them as Mum called me down for dinner. I felt like she could see them, even through my blue jeans. God, Ive never been so scared in my whole life as when I entered the dinning room to see my Mum and Sister setting the table.

Ill be honest. My Mum is a milf. Or, rather, a mulf a Mum youd like to fuck. Its clear where my Sister got her good looks. Mum is tall with really long fit legs; legs kept in perfect condition by the morning runs she and my Sister take. Mums hair is blonde like Sarahs, but she keeps it shorter, around neck length, and they have the same deep green eyes. Despite a few faint wrinkles, Mum looks pretty good, considering she is advancing into her forties.  

I entered the dinning room timidly, but Mum didnt even bat an eye at me. She left my Sister and I alone to finish setting the table and went into the kitchen to bring out the food. Sarah immediately sat down and looked at me pointedly she expected me to finish on my own. I did so, feeling her mocking eyes watching me.

I finished just as Mum was bringing in the food. Mum sat at the head of the table and my Sister and I sat across from each other. Our usual routine went as follows, Mum helped herself first, and then it was my turn, and finally Sarah, the youngest. But this time, after Mum was done filling her plate (with lasagne and chips), Sarah met my eyes and then reached out to go next. I didnt object. She took a generous portion of both lasagne and chips, leaving me next to nothing.

Mum noticed and said, Honey, thats not fair on your brother. Dont be so greedy.

Sarah just looked at me.

Its okay Mum, I said, my voice coming out sounding weak, Im not . . . that hungry.

Arent you feeling well?

Im fine, I replied, scooping what was left onto my plate. It was a pitiful amount, but I couldnt exactly complain. My Sister well and truly owned my ass. Just not that hungry. Actually I was starving.

If you say so, Mum said, and left it at that.

We finished the meal mostly in silence. Mum asked Sarah a few things, but I couldnt really concentrate on what they said. Sarah looked at me every now and then, smirking, enjoying my obvious misery.

I finished first, mostly because I didnt really have a lot on my plate. Sarah was next, although she left a good third of hers. I wanted so badly to reach out and take it, but I knew what would happen if I did. Sarah caught me staring at her plate and gave a contented little stretch.

Ooh, Im stuffed, she said, guess Ill just have to give the rest of this to Byson. Dont want it to go to waste, after all. Byson was our dog.

Hmm, Mum replied distractedly, obviously off in her own world.

I nearly sobbed when after dinner, Mum went to prepare dessert, taking the plates away, and leaving me alone with my Sister.

Please, I whispered, Im so hungry.

Aww! My Sister proceeded to rub under her eyes and pull her face in the universal sign of a crybaby. Too bad. But, you know, Im actually pretty fuckin thirsty. Go get me a glass of coke.

I tried hard not to cry, just about succeeding. Yes my glorious Princess.

Sarah smiled. Better. Id been practising and researching on the Internet.


I went into the kitchen just in time to see Mum scoop all of Sarahs leftovers into Bysons doggy dish. I turned away and focused on my task, trying not to think of Byson our damn dog eating all of what should have been my dinner. I grabbed a bottle of coke out the fridge and two glasses, filled them up, and then put the bottle back in the fridge.

Whats going on with you and Sarah today? Mum asked out of the blue, eyeing the two glasses of coke.


Youre being awfully civil, Mum pointed out.

I shrugged (couldnt think of a way to explain it save the truth, and that wasnt an option) and then went to deliver my Sister her drink. She scowled when she saw I was holding a glass as well.

Did I say you could get one for yourself?

Uh. . .

No, I dont think I did, she said, crossly.

I . . . Im sorry Maam. I didnt think . . .

No you certainly did not, she said. She looked at me for a moment and my pulse pounded in terrified anticipation. I knew I was going to pay for this, but how? Give me that glass. I handed her my coke. You really thirsty? I saw that wicked twinkle in her eye and knew this wasnt going anywhere good for me, but I really was thirsty.

Yes oh Supreme Goddess of Sisters, I said, really laying on the flattery, hoping it might make her more lenient with me, please, I am so thirsty.

My, you have learnt fast. Keep it up. She paused, making me wait. Okay. I will allow you to drink this coke. My heart lifted. But, and here it sank again, I think I better . . . give it a little extra . . . Goddess flavour. Then she hocked up a huge glob of phlegm and slowly let it drip into my glass.

I watched, unable to do anything as the disgusting mixture of spit and snot dribbled into my drink. Finished, my Sister handed it back to me with a grin, just as Mum re-entered the room carrying dessert: three warm chocolate fudge cakes with ice cream.

Sarah sipped at her coke as I stared into mine. Whats wrong Jake?  Her voice taunted me. I thought you were thirsty?

Mum watched, oblivious to everything.

I swallowed, my adams apple bobbing, and then proceeded to gulp down my loogey-flavoured beverage. Sarahs smile widened as I drank down the entire contents of the glass in one go.

Wow, he really was thirsty, Mum commented, and Sarah laughed.

No kidding, she said to Mum, and this time they shared a laugh. I flushed. While Mum was ignorant of my true humiliation, hearing them both laughing at me, I felt incredibly out numbered.

After dessert, Mum went into the front room to watch her soaps, and Sarah and I were expected to do the washing up. My Sister followed me into the kitchen, but I knew she had no intention of helping me. True enough, without saying a word, she just leaned against the fridge and looked at me smugly.

I went to start on the dishes, trying not to look at her, but she spoke to get my attention.

Wait a second little brother. She waltzed over to the door leading into the dinning room and took down Mums apron, which hung from a hook on the back of the door. My heart sank. It was a very feminine floral apron with pink ruffles around the edges. She handed it to me with a smirk and said, put it on.


B-but . . . But what if Mum came in and saw me wearing it, was what I wanted to say, however, the words seemed to have failed me.

Are you questioning me? Sarah said sharply, a glare narrowing her eyes.

I gulped. No my most Magnificent Queen.

Sarahs mood suddenly shifted again, and she giggled. Then do as youre told slave.

Yes Mistress. I slipped the apron over my head and tied the pink ties at my back. My Sister gave me a once over, nodding with cruel satisfaction, and then motioned for me to resume doing the dishes.

I did. Sarah came over to lean against the counter right beside me. The way she positioned herself, elbows on the counter, head titled slightly back, chest thrust out, drew particular attention to her budding breasts. I didnt know if she was teasing and taunting me on purpose. I couldnt tell if she knew the affect she had on me. I just tried hard not to look at her, because if I did, I knew my eyes would betray me and stray to her tits.

Did you enjoy the special drink I gave you?

I kept my eyes on the plate I was cleaning and answered how I knew she would wish. Yes Princess, it was delicious and very refreshing.

She laughed. I felt my cheeks react, burning in embarrassment. Maybe I should flavour all of your drinks that way then…?

I felt like crying again. Please . . .  no . . .

She narrowed her eyes again, but her smile remained in place. No? I thought you just said you liked it? That is what you said, isnt it?

Y-yes . . .

Yes what?

Yes oh Glorious One.

Then its settled, Sarah said haughtily. From now on, if you want a drink, you must come to me and ask permission, and if Im in a good mood, Ill add a little special flavour just for you. A giggle. Arent I just the nicest Mistress?

Yes Mistress, I was forced to reply.

I was just starting to dry up when things got even worse. Mum came into the kitchen. I turned in surprise, nearly dropping the plate I was holding. She stood in the doorway, looking at me with a baffled expression on her face. I glanced at Sarah, but she didnt seem at all put out by this turn of events. In fact, her smile seemed wider, as if she was pleased that Mum had walked in on us.

Mum seemed to get over her surprise. She raised a hand to her mouth, but not out of shock, like she wanted me to believe. It was to cover a smile of her own. She got herself together and pulled out her stern face.

Alright, she said, hands on hips, just what is going on here? You two have been acting strange ever since I got back. Jacob, why are you wearing my apron? Sarah, why arent you helping your brother do the dishes? Someone better starting talking soon . . .

Sarah spoke first. I can explain Mum. She let me hang, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. My heart wrenched in my chest. Oh God, no, please dont explain! See, Jake here lost a bet to me this morning. I almost gasped in relief. It was short lived, though.

A bet? Mum suddenly seemed interested. Her stern face dissolved.

Yup, Sarah replied, popping the “p”. We were arguing about who was the faster runner between us. He said he could easily beat me in a race, so I said we should make a bet on it. He agreed and said that if I lost, Id have to be his slave for a week. So I said that if he lost, hed have to be mine for the week. He lost. I won. Now hes my slave.

Mum shook her head at me. Oh, dear, you should have known better. What made you think you could outrun your sister?

I didnt think I could outrun her. There was no way Id make that bet. But I couldnt say that, though. Sarah had obviously thought this through. She wanted to embarrass me in front of Mum, and this was the only way she could do it and still keep her promise to me. I had to admire her cunning.

I dont know, I replied, looking at my feet, I just . . . thought I could.

Mum laughed. Well, I guess it serves you right. Next time you make a bet with your sister, dont let your stupid male ego get in the way. Mum was a feminist, so I knew Id get no mercy from her. She hated men that thought they were better than women just because of their gender.

Yes Mum, I replied submissively.

Well, what are you waiting for? Mum pointed to the dishes. Get back to work. She turned to my Sister. You dont have to hide out in here now. Come sit and watch TV with me.

Sure, Sarah said, stepping away from the counter. But, before we do, is there anything else youd like Jakey here to do while we relax?

Mum paused, a thoughtful expression on her face. I was going to do the laundry after.

Nonsense, Sarah said, smiling and turning to face me. After youre done washing and drying, youre going to do all the laundry, understand slave?

Mum watched me with a faint smile. She was enjoying my subjugation at the hands of my Sister. 

Yes . . . I didnt know if I was supposed to call her Mistress or what.

Yes what?

Uh. I guess I was. Yes, Mistress. I blushed furiously as Mum chuckled.

Gooood boy, Sarah used her puppy voice on me.       

Alright, Mum said, lets go.

Ill be in a minute, Sarah replied.

Mum nodded and went to leave. She stopped in the doorway, turning to give me a teasing look. That apron looks just darling on you sweetie. I heard her laughing all the way back into the living room.

My Sister laughed at me as well as I glowed bright red, feeling more out numbered than I had before. Suddenly, she got in my face, trapping me against the counter, hands on either side of me.

Now listen up pervert, she whispered harshly, when youre doing our laundry, I know its going to be hard for you, but do not even think about fondling our knickers. Do not sniff them. Do not do anything with them except wash them. Ill be checking on you to make sure you behave. Do I make myself clear?

Yes Princess.

Tsk-tsk, she tutted, Ill let you get away with it every now and then, but dont forget; I want you to worship me in every way possible. Worship my being. Caress me with words. Treat me with loving respect. Or else.

Yes my Divine Goddess.


I saw her arm move, her smile grow, and a moment later I felt slimy, disgusting, soapy water poured over my head. I shivered and shut my eyes, my face contorting in disgust, water dripping down the back of my top. Sarah laughed at me again. Shed taken a handful of water from out of the sink, water that was congealed with left over food and grease, and then dumped it over my head. She wiped her hand on the apron a few times and then stepped back.

Enjoy doing the laundry, she said, and remember, no fondling our lingerie. Come see us when youre done. Well be the Divas chillin on the couch watching TV.

I slumped against the counter once shed left. Id like to say I was a man. That I stood up and vowed to find a way out of this mess Id gotten myself into. But I didnt. Instead I cried to myself like a baby for about five minutes. My life was rapidly going down the crapper and I couldnt seem to do anything to stop it.

Finally, I was able to realise that if I didnt get a move on with my chores, my Sister would punish me, and I didnt want to know how she would punish me. I felt sure it would not be pleasant.

I finished the dishes first and then went to get started on the laundry. I wasnt sure if I was allowed to remove the apron, and so I left it on. Better to be safe than sorry. Doing the laundry was pure torture. As I handled my Mum and Sisters frillies, I was overcome with my usual urges. I longed to bury my nose in them, smell their heavenly scents, and finally bring myself to an earth shattering orgasm with their knickers wrapped in my hand.

But I didnt.

My Sisters warning rang in my head and I feared that fate would kick my ass if I tried anything. I just knew the moment I did, Sarah would catch me on one of her promised checks. However, much to my chagrin, the promised checks didnt occur. As far as I was aware, my Sister remained in the living room watching TV with Mum. She didnt check on me once.

And so, frustrated and humiliated, I entered the living room after finishing my chores and waited for my Sister to acknowledge me. Mum looked at me with a mocking expression, but didnt say anything. Sarah continued to ignore me until her program was finished. I stood there stupidly, not knowing what to do, still wearing that stupid girly apron, shuffling my feet and enduring Mums occasional teasing smiles.

As the program went to adverts, my Sister finally recognised me, and said, Chores all done slave?

Yes Maam.

Good, Sarah said. I didnt like the look she got on her face as she shared a glance with Mum. Okay slave, you may take off the apron.

Thank you Princess. Though I was grateful I could remove the embarrassing apron, I was nervous about what my next task would be.

Sarah waited for me to do as instructed, and then dropped the bomb. And now your pants.

WHAT? I looked at her in mortified shock. She couldnt be serious. I was still wearing those ultra girlish panties and she wanted me to take off my pants and expose myself in front of Mum.

Now! Sarah demanded. She shared another look with Mum, and they grinned at each other. It was in that moment that I realised it was over. Any shred of dignity I had left was about to be stripped from me. It was clear that Mum and my Sister had been talking about me while I did the laundry, and Sarah had told her about how she had me wearing her knickers. Mum looked all too eager to see me take off my pants.

But the question was, what had Sarah told her? Had she told Mum all of the truth? Somehow I didnt think so. Mum would not be acting this nice (and yes, this was actually nice, because my Mum could be a real bitch if she felt I had wronged her or disrespected a woman) if she knew the truth.

So really, once again I was left with no choice, and I was forced to unbutton my pants and pull them down. I stepped out of them, but hesitated to straighten up, because that would reveal my pantied state.

Stand up straight, hands on your head, my Sister said, her voice ringing with delight as she furthered my disgrace.

As soon as Mum saw the cute pink panties, she cracked up laughing, falling back into the sofa and giggling like crazy. I stood with my hands on my head; face a bright red mask, enduring her derisive laughter.

Sarah smirked at me cruelly as she stood up and moved to stand beside me. No need to hide anymore. Mum and I had a real good chat while you did our laundry. Mum agrees you deserve to be humiliated for even thinking you could ever beat a woman in a race. So I told her how I had you wearing an old pair of my knickers. She really loved that. As you can see. Mum was still chuckling, a pure look of mirth on her face as she looked at me. After that, we decided on a few new house rules. For your week of slavery to us, you will no longer wear boys clothing indoors. We will dress you however we see fit. You will be responsible for all chores. If you fail in this regard, you will be punished. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. Mum really wants to spank you. She giggled. You will obey us both without question. Any hesitation will be punished. You will address us with respect at all times. You know how to do that, dont you. Again, if you fail, you will be punished. Are we clear?

Yes oh Magnificent Queen of the World. Could my life get any worse? It was bad enough being humiliated by my Sister, but now my Mum was in on it too?

Mum cracked up at that. You really have trained him well.


Sarah stood proudly, hands on her hips. Of course. He is just a puny, weak willed male, after all. He was no match for my Feminine Mastery. She looked me up and down. Take off that top. I removed it obediently, and then stood with my hands on my head again. Now all I had on was the mortifying pair of panties. I was completely exposed before their mocking eyes. Now dance for us slave. Sarah stepped back to give me room with an evil little twinkle in her eye. Entertain us!

Mum grinned from ear to ear. Shake that pantied booty!

I flushed, but did as I was told. I knew that any hesitation would only lead to punishment. And so I complied, shaking my hips, dancing in nothing but a pair of girly knickers. Mum and my Sister burst out into a prolonged bout of giggling as I continued to dance for them. I wasnt a good dancer. My efforts were pitiful, but I think that only added to their amusement.

Come on, Mum encouraged between giggles, turn around and wiggle that little butt!

What the hell do you call that? Sarah shrieked with hilarity. I think it should be called the loser shuffle, what do you think mum?


Thrust your hips!

More giggling.

Now do the chicken dance!

And cluck like a chicken while you do it, Mum added.

Would my torment never end? I was being reduced to nothing but a plaything for their cruel entertainment. I was being forced to flap my arms and cluck like a chicken. I had no pride left. I felt nothing but shame and they delighted in it.

Okay, thats enough. Sarah finally called a stop to my “dancing”. I dont think I can watch anymore. Its just too pathetic.

Mum laughed. Aww. She looked at me. Look at him blush. Are we embarrassing you big man? Her sarcasm was obvious to all of us.

I didnt know what to say to that. My mouth failed to work properly, and I only succeeded in flapping my mouth like a fish out of water. That brought on another round of giggles.

Come and kneel here, my Sister commanded, pointing to a spot between them. Were going to watch the rest of our program and youre not going to move or make a sound. Understand?

Yes Princess.

She slapped the back of my head. I said not a sound. I remained quiet this time, understanding what she wanted. Better.

They watched the TV while I tried to move as little as possible. Every time one of them saw me twitch, Id get slapped across the back of my head. It was getting dark outside. One program had finished (I was too miserable to pay attention to what it was) and another had begun.

Mum stretched, her bare feet extended, toes curling and then uncurling. My feet are aching boy, Mum said casually, rub them for me.

I reached for them with my hands.

Do it with your tongue! Sarah added.

Mum actually cackled like a witch. Yeah, do it with your tongue slave, she amended. Lick my feet.

Not again, I thought. Id been forced to lick my Sisters disgusting feet earlier, and now my Mums? I looked at them. At least they didnt appear to be as dirty as Sarahs had. Tongue struck out, I lowered my head to Mums feet and licked along the side.

Mmm. Mum moaned. That feels good slave. Keep going. Massage my feet with your tongue.

I tried to shut my mind down and just do as I was told. If I didnt think about exactly what I was being forced to do, maybe it wouldnt be so bad. It worked a little, but not much. Not enough to prevent my feelings of shame as Mum guided me, telling me to lick her soles, the arch of her foot, to focus on her toes, lick in between, suck on them. The directions kept coming.

I could get used to this, Mum said in an aside to Sarah. Maybe we should just keep him as our slave. She laughed. I really hoped she was joking.

No arguments here, Sarah replied. Her foot nudged my balls, as silent sign that she was enjoying my plight.

Mum had me switch feet and I went to work on the other one diligently.

Well need to take him shopping tomorrow, Mum said, if were going to keep him dressed . . . appropriately.

Yeah, we will. I didnt like the sound of that, or the tone of my Sisters voice. She sounded all too excited by this shopping trip. I prayed it wasnt what I suspected. I knew it would be. I wanted to cry again, but I fought it off. It was bad enough already. I wouldnt cry like a baby in front of my Mum.

I know just the place, Mum said ominously.

Oh? They moved and I heard whispering. My Sister laughed. That will be perfect!

What now? I felt like asking, but kept my mouth shut. Rather, I kept my tongue working on Mums feet. Id found out soon enough. It wasnt something I was looking forward to.

Mum yawned suddenly. I think Im going to go to bed, she said, moving her feet away from me. Night sweetie. This was to Sarah.

Night mum.

Mum stood and looked down at me kneeling at her feet. Goodnight slave.

Uh… goodnight Maam.

Mum smirked. I really could get used to this. With a wave to Sarah, she left us alone.

As soon as she thought Mum was far enough up the stairs, Sarah started giggling. The look on your face, she said, teasingly, oh I wish I had my camera to record it all. Did you enjoy your evening shitstain?

I lowered my eyes under her mockery.

I dont care if you enjoyed it or not, she went on, obviously not caring if I replied either. All that matters is that Mum and I had a fuckin great time. Its only the beginning as well. Oh, if you knew what we had in store for you. Her smile was as wide as the Cheshire Cats. I cant wait. Anyway, right now, its time to put that tongue of yours to further use.

Sarah unbuttoned her jeans, pulled them down, and then kicked them off. Itd been years since Id seen her this uncovered. Shed changed a lot since then. Her legs had developed, toned from all her morning jogs with Mum. Id always been a leg and ass kind of guy. As a result of this, I could feel another erection coming on as she lifted her hips and slipped her red thong down and off as well.

I tried to wrap my head around why she was stripping off. Did she expect me to . . . lick her?

Youre such a fuckin freak, she said, standing in front of me, naked from the waist down. Her pussy was shaven smooth. I cant believe were related. Look at you. Youre actually getting an erection, arent you? She slapped me hard across the face. Im your sister you disgusting pervert!

S-sorry Prin-c-cess, I cried, I cant help it.

She shook her head at me and then turned around and knelt on the sofa, backside facing me. And wow, was it a gorgeous backside. She was right, of course. It was wrong. I knew it. But I really couldnt help it. She was too beautiful. Her ass was perfect, firm and round and oh so spankable. I couldnt take my eyes off it.

Listen freak, she said, looking at me over her shoulder, Im going to masturbate now. Youre job is to kiss my ass and stick that pitiful fuckin tongue as far up my poop shoot as you can get it until I have a nice good orgasm. What are you waiting for? Crawl and stick your tongue up my asshole idiot!

I immediately scurried forward on my hands and knees until I was kneeling behind her. My Sisters beautiful ass dominated my view. I couldnt take my eyes of it. I wanted to reach down and grab my cock and jerk off until I came all over it. Unfortunately, reality was a crushing blow. I puckered my lips and pressed them up against her right butt cheek.

Sarah laughed as I kissed her ass. Dont forget the other cheek. She wiggled her butt teasingly until I repeated the process on her left cheek. The kiss was sealed with a faint smacking sound. Enough foreplay. Tongue. In Ass. Now!

Yes Most Glorious One.

I took a breath, and then actually did it. I stuck my face into the crack of my Sisters ass and forced my tongue between her butt cheeks, searching for her rosebud asshole. Tears of shame and humiliation dripped down my cheeks. I buried my tongue in her rear end, wiggling it around, weakly trying to find the entrance to her bowels. I was in no rush to have to lick her asshole. But all too soon, my tongue encountered her puckered flesh, and I was licking away.

At first Sarah just laughed, enjoying the degrading act she was forcing me to do, calling me filthy names and ripping at my dignity with her razor sharp tongue. Does it smell nice back there slave? I forgot to shower today, you know. Oops. Ooh, thats my asshole. Can you taste my shit ass face? Keep licking. Mmm. That feels gooooood.

Her verbal abuse faded a little as she began to moan and her fingers began working on her pussy. It was even more humiliating, the knowledge that while I was being degraded by being forced to tongue her asshole, she was getting great sexual pleasure from it.

Stick your tongue . . . in my asshole . . . all the way in! She said between moans of sexual delight.

I did the best I could. I forced my tongue hard against her dirty rosebud, hoping that would be enough to pleasure her, not because I wanted to, but because I feared the consequences if I couldnt. She didnt seem to have any objections. She moaned louder and began to furiously finger herself.

Despite the deep sense of humiliation I felt, being on my knees with my face in my little Sisters ass, I found to my utter shame that I still had a raging erection. God, why couldnt it go down? I knew if my Sister noticed, she would have no hesitation mocking me because of it.

Sarah reached her peak and orgasm with a muffled cry as she bit down on the back of the couch. Her ass shook in my face, her body quivering in release. When she came down, she was resting with her face on the couch, her ass thrust back in my face. I continued to lick, though less enthusiastically. I didnt know if I should stop or not and decided not to risk her ire.

Mm, she eventually murmured. Maybe youre not so useless after all. She turned to face me with a sleepy grin. I looked up, my face still in her butt. At least youre good for licking ass. She gave a little giggle. You may stop. Kneel there. She pointed a few paces behind me.

I stopped with relief and shuffled over to the required spot. Sarah sat down on the couch and lounged back, legs spread, bare pussy on display, puffy and red and glistening with her juices. She looked right between my legs at the erection poking out of the top of my panties and got a contemptuous look on her face.

Did that turn you on ass licker? She didnt give me a chance to reply. Youre a disgrace. A filthy fuckin incestuous little pervert. I bet you want to jack-off, dont you? Dont lie to me. The evidence is sticking right out of your cute lil girl knickers. Go on then. Do it. Pull down your panties and wank in front of me.

She watched me expectantly. I slowly did as instructed, waiting for her to turn things around on me, for her to fly into a rage and call me a loser. She didnt. She just watched. That was embarrassing in itself, but I was horny, like any sex obsessed teenager, and I needed release. She knew it as well.

I started to stroke, slowly at first, but I quickly picked up speed.

Do not cum without my permission. Those were the only instructions she gave me as she relaxed on the sofa and watched.

I was nearing the edge in under a minute. I never could last very long. I looked at Sarah with desperation and pleaded, please, I need to cum.

She stood up and walked so she was standing a little in front of me, looking down on me without an expression.

Please oh Magnificent One, my Mistress and Superior in every way, please let me cum.

You want to cum?

Yes Mistress, please, I begged.

Okay, on the count of three, you may cum.

My hopes rose high. She was going to let me cum. I was actually grateful.


Any second now.


So close. I started to pick up speed in anticipation. I watched her lips, waiting for her mouth to move and form that oh so important number. I didnt notice her foot move until it was crashing into my balls.

Ugh! I doubled over, my hand releasing my cock as I tried to steady myself. My stomach twisted in agony. My balls throbbed. I couldnt wrap my mind around what was happening. Why . . .

You stupid idiot, Sarah sneered at me as I groaned on the floor, did you really think Id let you cum? Fat chance fucker. You dont deserve it. Besides, you already came once today. Dont you remember? You wiped it all over your ugly face.

I sobbed, a broken mess on the floor, my cock deflating in emasculated defeat.

Dont even think about touching that thing without my permission. Dont think you can just sneak off to bed tonight and jerk off. Ill know. Trust me. She kicked me in the side disdainfully and then bent down to pick up her discarded clothing. She got dressed calmly as I attempted to recover from her devastating kick to my balls. Oh, and dont forget faggot, youre to wear your knickers, and only your knickers, to bed tonight. Sleep tight sissy.

I heard her giggling all the way upstairs.

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