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Boarding School Sex Training

Chapter 2 Stripped and Enema Cleansing

{ASSM}    Boarding School Sex Training  
(Lady Dreamer and Powerone)
M+/F, Virg, Reluc, Humil, Anal, reluc

This story is collaboration between Lady Dreamer and Powerone.  Copyrighted
2002.  It is a story of the coercion of a young lady, Rachel, to fulfill the
sexual desires of her older Guardian.  In order to gain the inheritance that is
rightfully hers, she must consent to be trained by the Headmaster to service her
Guardian.  She will be taught to experience pleasure against her own will and to
give pleasure against her will.  She will be trained in all the perversions of
the flesh.

Chapter 2-Stripped and Enema Cleansing

	"Hello, Stephen, come in and sit down," Michael showing Stephen into his
office.  "As I told you on the phone, Rachel has agreed to our arrangement.  She
has had a night to think about it, so we will soon find out if she has changed
her mind.  We will be using the rooms next door for the examination.  One room
has the large metal table with the drains where we will give Rachel her enemas. 
The other room has various tables and chairs where we can spread Rachel out on
as we examine her.  I think you will enjoy this very much.  It is imperative
that we make this as humiliating as possible for Rachel.  We must train her to
be submissive so that you will get the women trained to your satisfaction."

	There was a knock on the door.  "Come in, Rachel."

	The door opened and Rachel entered the room.  She had a very sleepless
night.  She had thought all night about what was going to happen to her and the
consequences if she did not agree.  She was very grateful for what Stephen had
done for her.  She knew what might have happened to her if she was turned over
to foster care.  She would have never have had the advantages that she got as
far as education and breeding.  Michael had been wonderful over the years she
attended school.  She worshipped him and because of her upbringing, would do
whatever he asked.  For this reason, she decided to submit to the demands of the
two males in her life, no matter how perverted they might be.  She had dressed
as she was instructed, her school uniform.  White, button down blouse, short
skirt, white socks and sneakers.  Michael had left new underwear for her to
wear, a very sexy bra and panty set.  All eyes were on her as she entered.

	Michael and Stephen were both sitting in the overstuffed leather chairs
near his desk, both facing Rachel.  "Come in and stand near our chairs.  Have
you had a chance to think about the arrangement?

	Rachel looked into Michel's eyes, "Yes, Sir.  If you think it is in my
best interest, I will do what you want."

	"Very good, Rachel," said Stephen.  "Please tell us exactly what you are
agreeing to do."

	Rachel looked down at the floor, realizing it was beginning. They were
already asking her to tell them what she would do, next she would have to

	"Look up, Rachel. You must always look into our eyes, no matter what we
may do to you.  We want to see the look on your face.  Now explain what will be
required of you," Michael ordering her.

	Rachel's eyes moved forward, starting directly at Stephen.  "I will
submit to you sexually Stephen and Michael will train me in what I must do and
how I must do it.  During training, Michael will use me sexually in order to
make sure that I learn correctly to please you."

	"Very good, Rachel.  Stephen, why don't you see what you are getting.  I
am sure Rachel will allow you to take liberties with her body, won't you,

	"Yes, Sir," standing very still as Stephen rose from his chair and stood
next to Rachel.  His hands reached for her face, pushing her face towards his.

	"Open your mouth when I kiss you and push your tongue into my mouth.  I
want to French kiss you."  He pushed his lips into hers, his mouth opening,
allowing his tongue to enter.  He pushed it in, running it around inside.  Her
tongue began to move toward his, rubbing against it.  His cock hardened at her
youthful desire and exuberance.  He was going to enjoy her very much.

	Rachel felt strange as Stephen, her Guardian, began to kiss her
sexually.  She could feel his cock move against her leg and could feel it twitch
as she worked her tongue over his.  She could see Michael out of the corner of
her eye watching as she was forced to kiss Stephen.

	Stephen released Rachel from the kiss.  "You are a very beautiful girl,
I am going to enjoy your body very much."  His hand reached out to her shoulder
and began to run it down her arm.  He slid his hand to her waist, feeling her
body trembling.  His hand moved up towards her breasts.  "Stand very still, I
want to feel your breasts."  His hand moved up and grasped her breasts, kneading
the firm, youthful flesh. 

	Tears began to form in Rachel's eyes as Stephen began to grope her body. 
So this was what is going to be like.  Three years of being taken against her
will, her body used to satisfy his evil and perverted wishes.  She was just
beginning and already starting to regret her decision.  "Oh, that is too hard,
please be gentle," Stephen beginning to tighten his grip on her breasts.

	"Stand still, I will use your body anyway I want.  You must submit to
all of my wishes and some of them will cause you pain.  I enjoy your cries of
pain," Stephen continuing the manipulation of his eighteen-year old beauties

	"Let's see if I can find your nipples."  His fingers reached toward the
tips of her breasts, pinching, searching for her nipples.

	"OOOOWWWW", cried Rachel.

	"I see that I have found them," he pinched her nipples tighter.  He
could feel them through her blouse and bra, getting harder as he began to pull
and twist them.

	"Tooo hard, don't pinch so hard," Rachel begged, but Stephen continued
the teasing of her nipples, forcing them to get harder, making it easier to
grasp through her clothes.

	Stephen released her breasts and nipples, a sigh of release coming from
Rachel.  His hands moved behind her and pushed down over her shapely ass. He
pushed Rachel towards him, his hard cock pushing against her virgin pussy.  His
hands groped her asscheeks hard.

	"As you can see, Rachel, Stephen likes his sex hard.  I will be training
you in the days to come to accept this and in due time you will receive pleasure
from the pain he will inflict on your tender body.  We will both use your body
in ways you can not even imagine."  Michael was smiling as he said this, knowing
he also liked his sex hard and painful.

	Stephen's fingers pushed between her cheeks, forcing them apart so he
could feel her anus.

	"EEEEHHH," Rachel jumped and pushed her pussy into Stephens cock and his
fingers had found her defenseless anus and pushed hard against it.  Even through
her clothes, it shocked her.  "Not there," she cried.

	"I will touch you anywhere I want, now hold still," his finger searching
and pushing against her anus.  His fingers moved from her ass to her abdomen,
circling it, moving closer to her virgin pussy.  His fingers moved down,
grabbing her pussy in his palm, squeezing her tightly.

	Rachel had never felt so humiliated in her life.  She had to stand while
her body was roughly manhandled as Michael watched.  Stephen was now gripping
her pussy, his hand squeezing her tightly, forcing her to spread her legs more
to relieve the pain.  Stephen released her body and sat back down, watching the
expression on Rachel's face, seeing the humiliation of having to submit to the
forced examination of her body.

	"Now we would like to see you naked," Michael pushing two small tables
before their chairs.  "Please stand on this table," helping Rachel up to stand
on the table. She was now perched high above them, knowing that they could
probably see up her short skirt.  "Hands behind your head, push your tits out
and turn around slowly.  We wish for you to display your young body to us."

	Rachel laced her fingers behind her head, arching her back, her breasts
pushed out, straining the buttons on her blouse.  She began to slowly turn,
allowing them full visual access to her body.  Her humiliation was beginning. 
She would be perched high above them and forced to strip naked.  And that would
only be the beginning of a painfully humiliating day.

	"You have a very beautiful body, Rachel.  You should be proud of it and
display it.  We will give you every advantage to show your naked body to many
people that appreciate young beautiful submissive women.  Now, unbutton your
blouse slowly and show us your new bra," Michael smiling as he was about to see
Rachel naked again. 

	Rachel lowered her head and began to unbutton her blouse, the buttons
opening one by one, slowly spreading her blouse open until she reached the
bottom.  The new bra thrust her breasts up.  She pulled her blouse out of her
skirt and threw it to the floor, standing in her bra.

	"Very good, now will you please remove your skirt.  First raise it up
over your waist so we may see your panties."

       Reluctantly she did as she was told, slowly raising her skirt, revealing
even more of her shapely legs, her panties first coming into sight, higher and
higher until she now held it up high above her waist.
       "Turn slowly, so we may see your ass," Michael ordered Rachel.
       Rachel slowly spun around on the table, showing her pert ass to Michael
and Stephen.
       "Now strip it from your body, we want to see you in your panties and bra,
but leave your socks and sneakers.  You look very sexy that way and it has a
tendency to humiliate you more if you are still partially clothed," Michael and
Stephen watching as Rachel was forced to humiliate herself further.
       Rachel spun her skirt around, unbuttons the button and pulled the zipper
down, letting it fall to the table.  She kicked it off the table.
       "You are being a good girl, do you like displaying yourself like this to
us, can you feel your pussy getting wet?"
       Rachel turned red in embarrassment.  "No, I don't like this, being forced
to be naked in front of you.  I wish it was over."
       "This is only the beginning Rachel, even after today's examination, we
will force you to get naked in front of others.  Part of your training will
involve you being humiliated and forcing you to perform against your will.  Now
I want you to remove your bra and get back into position thrusting your breasts
out again."  Michael watched Stephen, knowing that he would be getting the first
view of Rachel's youthful breasts, knowing that he will be pleased. 
       Rachel moved her hands behind her back, grasping the bra strap and
unsnapping it.  She could feel the tension release in her bra, her breasts
struggling to free themselves from their containment.  In seconds, Stephen would
get his first glimpse of her breasts.  She let the shoulder straps slide down
her arms, the bra falling to the floor.  Rachel linked her fingers behind her
neck, her elbows pointing to the side, her breast riding high and tall on her
chest, her nipples pointing straight ahead, hard and erect from the cool air of
the room.
       Stephen was pleased with Rachel's breasts.  They were just like her
Mother's when she was young.  Rachel's breasts were large for her size, with
dark nipples and areolas.  They were made to be abused and he would enjoy them
very much.  He could imagine clamps attached to her erect nipples, pinching
tightly, or her breasts tied tightly with rope, the blood rushing to her
       "Rub and pinch your nipples until they become hard," Stephen ordered
       "Don't make me do that in front of you," tears forming in her eyes,
realizing that they were going to make her stimulate her own body and probably
force her to masturbate for them.
       "You now have one punishment coming to you, do not add to it.  I told you
that you must obey without question, now do as Stephen says," Michael snapped at
       Rachel's fingers went quickly to her nipples, running them over the tips,
making them become hard and erect.  She had displeased Michael and she knew that
the last time she showed any reluctance she was spanked like a little girl.  Now
she would have to wait for punishment again.  She pulled and twisted them,
forcing gasps from her lips, doing anything to please Michael and avoid any
further punishment.
       "That is much better, but you will still receive your punishment later. 
Now continue and remove your panties.  Slowly lower them down and she us your
pussy.  When they are off, kick them off the table and spread your legs open."
       Her panties slid down her flanks as Rachel complied with Michael's
wishes, baring her pussy to both of them.  Her humiliation would soon be
complete, forced to strip naked, standing bare, high above them on a table, to
be displayed for their pleasure.  The panties formed a puddle at her feet and
she kicked them to the floor and spread her legs, posing for them.
       "Spread your legs further apart and push your pussy forward.  I want you
spread for us," watching as Rachel performed for Michael.
       Rachel complied, forcing her hips forward and spreading her legs open
more, her pussy lips opening for them to see.  She could feel the moisture
between her legs and hoped they did not notice that she was getting wet from
stripping for them.
       Stephen stared directly at Rachel's spread pussy, detecting that she was
beginning to get wet from the humiliation that they were subjecting her to.  He
was pleased with this, as he enjoyed forcing his charges to cum as he
manipulated their untrained bodies against their wishes.
       "We want to inspect you pussy further," rising from the chair as he and
Stephen pulled the other table next to the one Rachel was standing on.  "Put one
foot on this table and the other one leave on that table.  We are going to
separate the tables. Do not move your feet, let us separate you legs."
       Rachel cringed as the tables were separated, forcing her legs further and
further apart, her pussy spreading open.  "Please, no more, Sir," pleading as
she was spread open.  Michael stopped moving the table, her legs now spread over
four feet apart.
       Michael and Stephen stepped between the tables and because of the height
of the table, they could stare between her spread legs, straight up into her
spread pussy from beneath.  Rachel cringed as she felt first Michael, than
Stephen run a hand along her thighs, moving toward her pussy.  Their fingers met
at her pussy, sliding along her pussy lips, each drawing a lip back, exposing
her pussy to their upward glance.
       "You have a very lovely pussy, Rachel," Michael's fingers manipulating
her spread pussy, feeling the wetness forming from her humiliation she was
suffering.  His fingers took the moisture from her pussy and ran his fingers up
between her legs, toward her anus, peeking from between her spread cheeks. 
"Stand very still, do not force me to punish you anymore." Michael commanded
Rachel as his fingers reached between her cheeks, looking for the defenseless
anus.  Meanwhile, Stephen continued to masturbate her spread pussy, his fingers
beginning to push inside her pussy while his other finger sought her clit,
pulling back the hood over her clit and began to pull and pinch her exposed
clit, forcing the pea sized clit to harden. 
       Michael's finger sought and found her anus, spreading her moisture over
it, her body tense, knowing that Michael would not be content with just rubbing
her anus, but would force his fingers inside her. Rachel had never had anything
pushed inside her rectum before and feared what they planned to do to her anus
the most.  Rachel grunted in pain as Michael's thick finger pushed into her
virgin anus, stretching her open. 
       Rachel's hips began to move as Michael and Stephen masturbated her.  Her
hips began to rotate, forced forward by Michael's insistent finger in her
asshole than back again as Stephen pinched her clit roughly, forcing her asshole
to push back on the finger imbedded in her rectum.
       "Can you cum for us, Rachel?" Stephen teased, "keep getting wet and we
will force you to cum," his fingers continuing the forced masturbation of
       "No, I don't want to, don't force me to cum," Rachel trying to stop her
impending orgasm, her body betraying her.  "OOWWW," she cried as Michael forced
his finger into her rectum in a particularly brutal thrust in her anal tract. 
Stephen grabbed her clit, twisting and pulling it from her body, his fingers
punishing her pussy, pulling her lips and cunt hair, forcing pain into Rachel's
naked body.  "AAAAHHHH, please, AAAAGGGGG, I'mmmmmm cummmmminnggg, you bastards,
her body orgasming from the forced masturbation, spread high on the table,
fingers pushed deep into her body, forcing her to body to respond unnaturally to
the pain and the pleasure.
       Stephen felt Rachel's pussy grab at his fingers as she began to cum on
his fingers, her juices running freely.  Michael felt her pussy spasm from her
orgasm, her asshole tugging tightly on his fingers pushed deep into her rectum.
       Rachel almost fell off the table as her orgasm overcame her body. 
Michael helped her down from the table, his body hugging her naked body tightly
to his, shivers running through her as she tried to recover.  His hands
continued to roam over her body as he held her.
       "Now that you have had your pleasure, it is time for your examination. 
We need to step into the next room to get you ready," Michael pushing Rachel
toward one of the closed doors.
       Stephen opened the door and Rachel gasped in shock at what she saw.  In
the center of the room was a large, waist high metal table.  The base of the
table had many drains and was sloped so that liquids would flow into the drains. 
Various hoses and plugs were placed around the table.
       "We will need to give you an enema to begin your inspection.  We are
going to be opening your anus and rectum with a speculum and we need to make
sure that you are internally clean."
       "I have never had an enema before, please don't do it to me, the
examination is bad enough, leave my poor butt alone," she begged, sobbing as to
the further humiliation she would be subjected to.
       "Be a big girl and I will help you up on the table.  I will be putting my
fingers deep into your rectum again and I don't want them covered in shit. You
might as well get used to it now, Stephen tells me he will enjoy subjecting you
to punishment enemas.  He will fill your insides with liquids and force you to
hold them for long periods of time.  During that time, he will also be fucking
you with his cock.  It will make you squeeze his cock very tight."  Michael and
Stephen helped Rachel onto the table, forcing her onto her hands and knees.
       Rachel cried as she was forced onto her hands and knees on the cold metal
table.  Their hands roamed over her body as she was posed into the position they
desired.  Stephen grasped her head, forcing it up into the air, staring straight
ahead.  A mirror had been placed so that Rachel could see what was happening
behind her.  "Up higher," Stephen's hands pushing up on her breasts, forcing her
to rise up on her hands higher.  Behind her, she could see Michael's reflection
in the mirror and he began to manipulate her lower body.  She felt his hands run
over her naked ass, caressing them gently, but Rachel remembered yesterday when
her ass received his brutal spanking and suspected that it would again be where
he would punish her.  His hands pushed between her spread thighs, forcing them
open more, allowing him access to her spread pussy and ass.  He pushed up on her
pussy, forcing her body up higher, arching her back, pushing out on her ass,
opening up her body.  Her tears ran down her cheeks on she saw her reflection in
the mirror.  She was on her hands and knees, her lower body raised up high, her
ass back and open, spread wide.  An eighteen-old should not have to be subjected
to this humiliation.
       Stephen ran his fingers over her face, wiping the tears from her cheeks
as his fingers sought out her features.  He pushed his finger into her mouth,
running it over her lips.  "MMMMMM," mumbled as Stephen had his way with her
mouth, his fingers searching deeper, running along her cheeks and back toward
her throat.  "Relax your throat, I am going to put a finger down your throat. 
It will make you gag, but try to accept it."
       "AAAAGGGGG, GGGUUULLPP,' cried Rachel, her stomach beginning to turn and
revolt against the finger pushed into her throat.  She could feel the finger
pushing deeper into her throat, her gag muscles grasping it tightly as her
stomach churned from the punishment. 
       Stephen removed his finger from her mouth, Rachel gasping for air, her
wrenching beginning to stop.  "Very good, Michael will soon be teaching you to
take things bigger than my finger into your throat."
       Rachel saw Michael pull a cart behind her, filled with various
instruments she knew she would not like.  The most formidable was a very large
clear plastic tube, tipped with a large nozzle and the other end having a push
mechanism on it. 
       "I want you to relax now Rachel.  There is nothing you can do to prevent
what we are going to do to you, so it will be a little easier if you don't fight
it.  I am going to lubricate your asshole now so the enema tube will slide in
you easier.  As you noticed, it is very big and you will have to stretch to take
it all in.  The lubricating will help a little, but it will cause you
considerable pain."  She saw Michael reach for the Vaseline and rub it over his
fingers and also put a large chunk on the end of his fingers.  "Will you help me
keep Rachel's ass open, Stephen?  Reach back and spread her cheeks open wide and
keep them like that.  She will try to fight you, so if necessary, a sharp spank
on her ass should stop any further movement."
       Rachel felt Stephen spread her cheeks open until she began to feel pain
from the spread position, forcing her anus to begin to open.  The cold Vaseline
was slowly spread over her anus as Michael began to open her up again.  His
finger began to push on her anus, the Vaseline allowing it to slip suddenly into
her anus, stretching it open to receive the thick finger again.  "AAAGGGGG,"
cried Rachel, moving to escape the ravishment of her virgin asshole. 
"SSSLLLAAAPPP, Stephen struck her ass hard, pain rushing into Rachel's head as
the pain registered.
       "Back into position, that's another punishment for you," shouted Michael
at Rachel.  She quickly pushed back into position, raising up and pushing her
ass back, forcing her asshole to take Michael's finger deeper into her rectum.
         "AAAGGGgh, she moaned, her asshole spreading open to accept the finger. 
She could feel the finger pushing into her rectum, spreading the Vaseline over
her anal tract, lubricating her so that Michael would be able to force the enema
tube deep into her body, preparing her the awful enema.  The finger twisted and
turned in her body.
       "Can you feel Michael's finger opening up your asshole?  Soon you will
learn to take a cock in your asshole and massage it as I fuck you.  I enjoy a
nice tight asshole and Michael will train you to pleasure my cock with your
asshole," Stephen whispered in her ear as Michael continued to lubricate her
asshole.  His finger moved out, allowing her anus to close, than forced itself
back in again, forcing a gasp from Rachel as her anus again had to open wide. 
It pushed in deep and than pulled out again.  This time two fingers were roughly
pushed into her anus, forcing it to open.
       "OOOOWWWW, that hurts, you are opening me too wide, please, do it
gently," she begged, gasping in pain as her asshole was stretched open.  She
could feel Michael's two fingers deep into her asshole.  When it hit bottom,
they spread out, forcing her rectum to stretch further than it ever had or
should.  "OOOOGGGGoooodddd, that hurts so bad."
       Stephen stroked her face, pushing her head up so she had to look into the
mirror, seeing Michael behind her stroking his finger deep into her asshole. 
She watched his expression of lust on his face as he fingered this eighteen-year
old beauty, submitting herself to become a sex slave.
       The fingers left her asshole, feeling remotely vacant as her anus clamped
down on the finger as it was withdrawn.  Stephen again began to whisper in her
ear.  She could see Michael preparing for her enema.  "Michael is going to fill
the enema tube with a mixture of hot water and soap.  You will notice we are not
giving you an enema with an enema bag.  With the tube, the liquid will be forced
into your colon very rapidly.  Michael will than push his finger into your anus
again, stopping you from releasing the fluids.  You are to tighten up your
asshole.  You will be punished severely if you allow the fluids to come out
until we give you permission.  You must hold the liquid for twenty minutes. 
Your stomach will begin to cramp, but you must accept it."
       Michael placed the enema tube into a bowl of hot, soapy water.  He pulled
the plunger back and the tube began to fill until the plunger was totally
extended.  Rachel watched as Michael spread more Vaseline on the nozzle of the
tube and spread it back to the base.  When inserted in her anus, it will reach
over four inches into her rectum.
       "Stephen, please spread Rachel open for me again."  Stephen pushed
Rachel's head lower onto the table, forcing her ass to rise, allowing them
access to her defenseless anus.  His hands spread her cheeks again until she
moaned in pain.  She was determined this time to stay perfectly still and accept
her enema.  She did not want to be punished anymore than she was already going
to be.
       Rachel felt the nozzle of the enema tube against her anus and braced for
the enema rape of her asshole.  Michael pushed in, forcing her anus to open as
more and more of the nozzle was pushed in, spreading her open, tearing her anal
tract as it bore deep into her body.  Rachel's body trembled in pain as she was
forced to open to the cruel impalement of her anus.  "OOOHHHH GGOOODDD, that
hurts, please take it out."  Stephen held her open as Michael continued to bore
the enema tube into her body. 
       Stephen released her cheeks, her asshole spread tightly around the enema
nozzle.  "Now relax, Michael is going to force the liquid in you," his hands
stroking her face as she was an animal that he was trying to calm down.
       "AAAAGGGGHHHH," screamed Rachel, the hot water rushing deep into her
rectum and spreading quickly into her colon, filling her.  Her stomach began to
distend from the large quantity of water forced into her. 
       Michael pulled the enema nozzle from her asshole and quickly pushed his
finger deep into her anus, impaling her on it.  A second one joined the first,
opening her up.  "Tighten up, do not allow the liquid out," he ordered.  Rachel
clamped down on the fingers, sealing the fluids deep in her body.  Michael began
to push his fingers in and out of her rectum, massaging her anal tract as she
bore down tightly on them.  Stephen began to rub his hands under her stomach,
forcing the liquids higher into her body, the cramps beginning. 
       "That hurts," her body shuddering as a cramp deep in her stomach overcame
her.  Stephen continued to massage her, forcing more cramps as Michael continued
to ravish her anus with this fingers.  This continued for long minutes, the
cramps coming every minute now, the fingers stretching her open, forcing Rachel
to tighten harder on them.  A small amount of liquid ran out of her anus,
running down her thighs as she continued to suffer.  Stephen pulled her up
higher, Rachel trying to bend over further to prevent the cramps. 
       "Only one minute left, Rachel, tighten up and hold it," Michael said.
        "Where is the bathroom?" asked Rachel, hoping to run as fast as she
could to empty the cruel enema.
       "You will stay on the table.  When I release my fingers from your
asshole, you may let it out.  After you expel it all, I will clean you up, but
you are to remain in position."  Rachel cringed in embarrassment.  She was going
to be forced to shit out the enema in front of them, all over herself. 
       Michael pulled his fingers from Rachel's gripping anus.  Stephen and
Michael stood to the side of Rachel, rubbing their hands over her hips, raising
her ass up, waiting to see her shit herself.  They heard Rachel groan and than
fart and the enema began to shoot from her anus over two feet out, splashing all
over the table.  They watched as her anus opened to allow the large quantity of
liquid expels from her body.  They saw her anus close quickly, the liquid still
leaking from her anus.  Michael reached down and pushed his finger in her anus
again, forcing it open again.  He removed it quickly, waiting for the second
barrage of shit to shoot out.  "Push out the liquid again, shit it out." 
       Rachel pushed again, forcing a slow trickle of shit covered water to be
expelled from her anus.  As she groaned, another fart pushed out and a small
semi-soft turd also was expelled.  Michael's fingers returned to her asshole,
pushing deep into her again.  She was looser now that she had received the
       "Once more, push with your asshole very hard and get all of the liquid
       Rachel groaned as she was again forced to push, her asshole opening for
them to see, a second barrage of water shooting from her asshole, running down
her thighs.  Tears were running down her face as she suffered the humiliation of
shitting on herself in front of Michael and Stephen.  She just wished it were
over.  At least the cramps had stopped, soon she would be allowed off the table.   
       Michael's hands stroked her naked ass, rubbing her cheeks, whispering in
her ear, "that's a good girl, you are doing a good job, soon your ass will be
clean for us."  Michael picked up a hose from the side of the table and turned
it slow, warm water running out onto the table.
       Stephen raised his hands under Rachel's stomach, forcing her up high
again. "Stay still while Michael cleans you up.  You are being a very good
       Michael ran the hose over her cheeks and back, the warm water washing the
shit from her body.  His hands continued to caress her, pushing the water over
her body, cleaning her as she stayed kneeling on the metal table, her ass pushed
high, her legs spread. 
       Rachel could feel the warm water running down her body, soothing her as
Michael's gentle hands caressed her body, his fingers running down the slit in
her ass, massaging her anus, now tender from the forced enema.  His fingers
pushed lower, rubbing her pussy, spreading her pussy lips open.  Rachel began to
feel pleasure from the caresses after the humiliation and pain of the enema. 
       Michael picked up a soft towel and wiped the remaining water from
Rachel's body.
       "May I get down now?" Rachel was finally relieved at least that part was
over.  She knew that she would be subject to enemas in the future, but chose to
put that thought out of her mind for now.
       "You will have to receive another enema first.  We want you clean.  When
the water coming out is clear, we will proceed with the examination.  Until that
time you will continue receiving more enemas.  This time we will double the size
of the liquid that you will be required to hold.  In addition Stephen will
administer the enema and will push his finger into your anus.  He will be able
to feel how tight you squeeze his finger.  Now get back into position, you ass
raised high, legs spread wide."  Michael reached for the enema tube and handed
it to Stephen.
       Rachel began to cry hysterically now.  The humiliation would begin again. 
The pain from the cramps would be worse, with twice the amount of water forced
brutally into her colon. 
       Michael stoked her face as he raised her body high again, spreading
Rachel open for Stephen to begin the forced enema. 
       Rachel watched as Stephen filled the large enema tube again from the bowl
of warm water.  He rubbed Vaseline on the end, ready to push it deep into
Rachel.  His other hand spread her cheek, opening her defenseless anus to the
large enema nozzle.  Her body shook as the nozzle was pushed against her anus,
forcing it to open, already loosened up by the prior enema.  Stephen pushed on
the nozzle, forcing it deeper into her anus, entering her rectum, spreading her
open as it pushed deep into her body.  "AAAGGGGHHH," she moaned, as her asshole
was again forced open.  Soon the liquid would be forced into her colon, the
cramps beginning again.  This time it would be worse with double the amount of
water pushed into her body.
       "Are you ready Rachel," Stephen asked as he pushed the enema plunger in,
forcing the liquid to shoot into her body.  Rachel moaned in pain as her colon
was suddenly forced to accept the large amount of water shooting into her. 
Stephen pushed the plunger in to the end.  Michael was ready with his finger,
pushing into Rachel's anus, forcing her to tighten up on it to prevent the water
from running out. 
       Rachel watched as Stephen filled the enema tube again.  Her stomach was
making loud noises as she was forced to hold the water in.  Michael pulled his
finger from her anus as Stephen force the enema nozzle into her anus again.  He
pushed it in deep, holding it while he felt Rachel tremble in pain and
       "This is going to hurt more.  It is a large amount of water and it will
cramp your stomach."  Stephen forced the enema plunger, forcing the water to
shoot into her colon again.  He removed the nozzle for her asshole and quickly
forced two fingers into her anus, spreading her wide again, forcing her to hold
the enema.  "Tighten up, don't spill any, I want to feel how tight your asshole
can squeeze my fingers." 
       Rachel though her stomach would burst from the large amount of water that
Stephen had forced into her asshole.  Michael began to massage her stomach
making the cramps worse as it pushed the water inside her.  She obeyed Stephen
and grasped his fingers with her clenching anus, squeezing tight.  Michael
pushed her up higher as she tried to escape the cramps overtaking her body.
       "You are being a good girl, hold it for five more minutes and than you
can release it."
       Rachel cried, "it hurts so bad, please let me shit it out."
       "Not yet, soon, we must make sure you are clean or its another enema for
you, this one will be three tubes."  Stephen pushed another finger into her
anus, now three fingers stretching her open, her sphincter muscles relaxing from
the forced enemas.  He felt her tighten again.  He could not wait until his cock
would be forced into her anus, making her tighten her ass, pleasuring him. 
       Rachel tried to crunch her body, the cramps forcing gasps of pain, but
Michael kept her ass raised high and spread, allowing Stephen unfettered access
to her anus.  His fingers twisted deep into her rectum.  "OOOOGGGGoOOOODDDD, it
hurts, please, no more," she cried in pain.  Stephen could feel Rachel tighten
on his fingers as each cramp rippled through her body.  He would have to try and
fuck her in the ass while making her hold a very large enema when he took
possession of her. The ripples of pain from the cramps would massage his cock.
       "Get ready, Rachel, I am going to release my fingers.  You are doing a
very good job obeying our commands.  Shit out the enema now."
       Rachel felt the fingers leave her anus.  Her asshole quickly opened wide
and the first large barrage of shitty water shot from her asshole, shooting over
two feet, spraying the table and some landing on the floor behind her.  Stephen
and Michael's hands continued to caress her body, holding her up as she
continued to fart and shit out the contents of the enema.
       "Open up again and shit out the rest," Stephen's fingers returning to her
anus, pushing in again, forcing her open.  As his fingers left, Rachel pushed
out and the next batch of shitty water shot out, this time almost clear.  After
two enemas and three enema tubes of water, she was finally clean. 
       Stephen watched as Rachel's anus clamped shut tight, now red from the
irritation of the forced enemas.  Stephen began to hose Rachel down, washing the
remaining of the shitty water from her body.  Michael handed him a towel and
proceeded to dry her.  Stephen helped her from the table, having to support her
body as the enema had drained the strength from her body.
       Rachel was finally able to stand on her own accord.  She stood to the
side of Stephen and Michael. 
       "You have done very good. Now I want you to show us your body.  Turn with
your ass to us, spread your legs and reach back and spread the cheeks of your
ass.  We want to see your anus," Michael ordering Rachel to humiliate herself to
       Rachel turned her back to them, at least she did not have to watch as
they stared at her most intimate opening spread open for them.  She spread her
legs and began to bend over.  As she bent over, she reached back and her hands
grasped her cheeks of her ass, pulling them open, feeling the cool air from the
room on her defenseless anus.
       "Spread your legs further, we want to see your pussy also.  Pull your
cheeks open wider until it hurts.  I want to see your anus open."  Michael and
Stephen watched as Rachel performed for them.  She was going to become an
excellent sex slave for Stephen and Michael was going to enjoy teaching her the
various perversions she would be expected to perform.
       Tears began to fall from Rachel's eyes again, as she was forced spread
herself open even further.  She heard a click and a flash and knew they were
taking more obscene pictures of her.
       "Look back, I want to get your face in the picture of your asshole,"
Michael ordering.  Rachel complied, tears running down her face, forced to
reveal her asshole to the camera.  Michael took two more pictures.
       "You may stand up straight for a second.  Put your finger in the Vaseline
that Stephen has and spread it all over your middle and index finger."
       Rachel rubbed the Vaseline on her fingers, knowing that they intended to
her to push them into her own anus.  She was beginning to understand and expect
the humiliation that they were going to inflict on her.  It was going to be long
three years and she would have to learn some very hard lessons. 
       "Very good Rachel, you are obeying well.  Continue and your punishment at
the end will not be very harsh.  Now I want you to again to bend over and spread
yourself open.  This time I want you to push your middle finger into your anus
and continue pushing until your knuckles hit your cheeks.  I want it in deep,"
Michael watching as Rachel's finger began to push against her anus.  Her anus
slowly spreading wider, grasping tightly to the finger as it bore down into her
       "AAAAGGGGHHH," moaned Rachel, as her virgin anus was again forced open.
       "Two fingers now, open your asshole up wider."  Michael and Stephen
watched as Rachel pushed two fingers into her anus, opening wide to accept them. 
"Fuck them in and out, we want to see your anus accept your fingering."  Rachel
complied, her fingers pushing in and out, her anus forced to stretch wide as her
fingers went in deeper.  She moaned as she was forced to finger-fuck her own
asshole as they watched her.  "Very good, Rachel, you are doing a very good job. 
It is now time for the examination.  We will go into the next room for your
examination.  Please proceed into the other room."  Michael and Stephen pushed
Rachel toward the door in the back of the room.
(To be Continued)

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