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Ruby and the Machine

Part 2


Ruby lay on the table regaining her breath from the last session.

It had been three weeks since the young teen had been abducted by the sadistic Countess and her devilish assistant. In that time, the three young women had been examining the limits of pain and suffering. The Countess had been continuously using the machine on Ruby. In fact, its usage became so frequent that the young girl simply laid on the torture table constantly hooked up to the tubes, probes, and cups, so as to make the set-up of the device much quicker.

The girl panted, both in sexual excitement and terrible pain. It had been a level-5 session, which were always particularly hard to get through.

The Countess had been slowly pushing the levels of the Machine up high and higher. After that first fateful test on level-1, the Countess had allowed Ruby a couple days to recover herself. Ruby was fed good food, and was treated with respect by the Countess and the Assistant, who appreciated the fact that the girl actually gave legitimate answers to their questions of pain, mostly in the hope that she would be released from the nightmarish place. However, it had not always been that way.

After the rest period the Countess had allotted, in which Ruby was allowed to stretch her legs, confined to a small cell in the dungeon, she was prepared once again for the Machine…


"Ruby," the Assistant said, walking up to the cell with her usual attire of high go-go boots and bare chest.


"Yes?" said the small, naked girl curled on the bed. The Countess never allowed Ruby to wear clothing, mostly as an emotional torture than a necessity. The girl had realized that the Countess and the Assistant were obviously in control after her first test on the Machine, and did not try to rebel anymore, especially after the Assistant had outfitted her with a small belt with a vaginal probe that shocked her in that sensitive area at the push of a button. Ruby complied with their demands, just hoping she would never have to be put on the machine again.

"Well," said the Assistant. "Your little vacation has ended," she said as she unlocked the door to the cell.

"NO!" said Ruby, scampering off the bed into the corner of the room, her squatted legs showing of perfect view of her shaved pussy. "Please!!! Please don't put me on it again!!!"

The Assistant smiled. "Sorry dear, it's all in the name of science."


Ruby tried to fight off the older girl, ignoring the fact that resistance was futile, and struggling against the Assistant's grasp on her wrists.

The Assistant laughed as the young girl struggled. Even though she could have easily overpowered her by sheer strength, the Assistant pulled the small remote from a pouch on her high boots. She turned the dial on the device to the highest setting, and pushed the button on it.

Ruby instantly lost all her fight and fell to the ground as the shock hit her. She convulsed violently on the floor, trying to regain control of her muscles, and whimpering feverishly as she felt the waves of pain roll from her vagina.

The Assistant grabbed the now limb girl by the armpits and dragged her across the floor to the table next to the machine. She lifted the girl onto the hard surface and laid her down in position, strapping down her arms and legs, and removing the shock harness from her waist. The older teen wheeled up a enema machine, and jammed the nozzle into Ruby's rectum, adjusting the dials and then pushing the button to start the flow of cleansing water.


As the small pump hummed to life and started to send water rushing into her colon, Ruby screamed aloud at the painful intrusion, bucking her hips against the table in protest.

The Assistant watched calmly as the the young girl got her first enema, which the Assistant now was so desensitized to that she sometimes even did it to herself just for pleasure. As the tank on the top of the small cart emptied, the Assistant flipped a switch on the machine, and it began to suck out the now dirtied water.


As the last drops left her system, Ruby heaved her chest on the table and tried to regain her composure. Then the Assistant, satisfied with the cleanliness of the girl's inner parts, began the familiar process of attaching tubes and hoses to the young girl's body. As she was finishing, the Countess walked into the room again, watching the process of preparing the girl.


Ruby was now crying on the table, pleading with the other women to spare her from the awful pain of the Machine. "PLEASE!!!" the young girl bawled. "DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!"

The Countess laughed at the wailing girl, eager to try the next level of the Machine. "Ruby, I gave you your time, I gave you what you wanted. Now you have to give me what I want. And what I want is to test the next level of this beauteous contraption on you."

The Countess then walked over to the lever on the Machine, and lifted it to the second marker. She watched the already panting girl with interest as the torture process began.

Ruby's reaction was even more pronounced this time. If the first level had been painful, this was agony. The Countess watched as the teen pulled agains the bonds on the table once more. This time, her whole body began to convulse, and not just her hips. Her well-endowed breasts bounced freely from her chest, and her legs jittered against their restraints. The whole time, Ruby continued to let out an uninterrupted scream of suffering.


"AAAAAHHHHHH" screamed the girl. She felt her thighs contracting around her vagina, and felt her clit suddenly squish between the two creamy white legs. Without warning, and even in her horrible pain, she had an orgasm. But, unlike previous ones, there was no pleasure. Instead, the Machine seemed to suck out the pleasure, while leaving her with the muscle contractions and the tiredness that followed.

Ruby continued to thrash back and forth. The Countess walked and turned off the beast. Ruby panted and tried to regain her breath again.


"That was very good, Ruby." the Countess said. "I got some good data from that test. Now I need to ask you questions."

Ruby cried as she regained feeling in her sore nipples, as well as her vagina and anus. "Fine," the girl choked out through tears. She was so spent, both physically and emotionally, that she couldn't even fathom answering differently.

"First, how do your rectum and anus feel right now?" asked the Countess. She gestured to the Assistant, who began to remove the tubes from the girl's body, and massage the affected areas.

"Unh…" the girl could hardly make words. "They ache… So much…"


"Good," replied the Countess. "And how is your energy level at the moment? Do you feel aroused? Or tired?"

"I… I…" Ruby tried to respond, but suddenly had a massive orgasm on the table, arching her hips and spraying cum all over the Assistant, who was removing the vaginal suction.

"Oh, dear." said the Countess. "What a mess. Interesting, however, that the Machine seemed to have caused increased sensitivity to sexual arousal…" She noted it in her log. "Alright, Ruby. You've done adamantly." She walked over and kissed the 14-year-old on the lips, and then moved down to take the girl's sopping clitoris into her mouth, massaging the nub for a minute. "I think that's all for tonight, but, get used to more of these sessions, I expect we'll be making them nightly now."

"NOOOO!!!" Ruby wailed on the table. She fainted, completely spent.

"That was quite interesting…" said the Countess to the Assistant. "Leave her attached to the Machine, and put in a ureter and rectal tube to get rid of any waste she might produce." The Assistant complied, fetching the objects from a nearby table and inserting them into the now fast asleep girl. "Tomorrow, let's try to reverse the power. Maybe we can reward her for her good behavior." The Assistant giggled.

"Oh, you are wonderful. I can't wait." said the Assistant.

The Countess grabbed her own large breasts and jiggled them in a girlish moment of excitement, then ran up the stairs to her room, where she began to furiously masturbate with a large dildo.


So, since then, Ruby had had nightly sessions on the machine. The highest she had gone so far was 5, but the Countess frequently brought her back down to lower levels to examine other effects without draining too much energy from the little nymph. At this point, Ruby had become so used to the pain that level-one and two had become desensitized to her. Sometimes, the Countess thought the girl was almost enjoying them…

The Countess had figured out how to turn the Machine into a tool for pleasure as well as pain. Frequently, she changed the setting on Ruby, mostly to relieve the girl of the sexual tension created by such constant torture on her intimate areas. Ruby had enormous orgasms from the Machine on these nights, often passing out afterwards.

One such night came after a particularly intense level-5 session. Ruby was wheezing on the table. The torture had been so intense that she had actually had the wind knocked out of her as she spasmed. The Countess decided it was time for a pleasure session.

She wanted to push the limits of the girls sexual arousal. By reversing the Machine, she actually replaced the years of life she sucked out by torture, allowing her to keep the girl in a constant state of limbo.

"Ruby?" she asked the sweaty, panting girl.

"Y--Yes?" Ruby replied, almost in a whisper.

"Shall we try a bit of pleasure now?"


The Countess went around to the switchboard she had installed on the back of the machine, and flipped a switch to reverse the mechanism. She then went over to the lever. She really wanted to see what this girl could take. She raised the lever to level-10. The highest setting she had ever used, either for pleasure or pain.

Ruby instantly went rigid as the pleasure began to flow into her strained muscles. She wailed out a moan of happiness, and thrusted her hips into the air, humping the invisible source of euphoria.

As the Machine picked up power, Ruby got more and more animated on the table. She actually snapped the bond restraining her ankle, and her foot kicked wildly in the air. With a great scream, she began to orgasm. It lasted almost two minutes. She shot stream after stream of cum from her pussy. It hit the wall on the opposite side of the room as she bucked and squirmed. Then, she completely passed out.

Ruby awoke later to see the Assistant wiping her cum off the wall.


"That was pretty impressive, little girl." said the Assistant.

"Yeah… Oh my god… That was amazing." replied Ruby.

The Countess entered the room. "Hello ladies. Ruby, I've decided that we need to up the ante more. It's time to put the true power of pain to the test."

Ruby's breath quickened in fear, her breasts began to rise and fall faster, jiggling the tubes and cups that were still attached to her.

"In one week. I will be putting the Machine on level-25. This will be the highest test I've ever done. I have no idea of the effects. It might even kill you. But that's a chance I'm willing to take."

Ruby screamed, "NO!!! Please! Why must you go that high!?!? What do you want me to do!?! I'll do ANYTHING FOR YOU!!!"

The Countess just shook her head. "It's necessary. I will give you a week to compose yourself. In that time, you can stay in the cell, and can have anything you want, be it sexual pleasure, fine food, or material comforts."

Ruby wailed. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!! PLEASE!"

The Countess looked at the Assistant, who gave a devilish grin. "I'm sorry Ruby. That's the way things work."

The Assistant unhooked the tubes from Ruby, and undid the straps holding her on the table. She then was led to her cell in the depths of the dungeon. The Assistant locked the nude girl inside, who lay on her bed crying, her butt twitching with each sob.

The Countess was sitting at her desk when the Assistant walked back in.

"I'm quite excited to see how Ruby will react on level-25." she said to the Assistant.

"Me too." replied the older teen. "In the meanwhile, shall I fetch her?"

"Yes. Why not?" said the Countess.


It was time to welcome the newest member of the Pit of Despair.

Review This Story || Author: movieman1995
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