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Sisters of Penance

Part 2


This chapter will illuminate the readers with knowledge of the initiation ceremonies to the Order. Sister Selenes role is minimized in this chapter, but, as you will see, she returns to importance later in the story. This story is not to be scrutinized for historical accuracy, it bears no resemblance to characters, living or dead, except through the coincidence and chance of natural occurence.

Enjoy… monsignor

The Pre-nuptial Ablutions

       Preparations were arduous that day at the convent. The good sisters worked from early dawn on the grounds and chapel to have them ready for the induction of three new members that evening. Besides the preparations of the girls themselves, there was the banquet and accommodations for the visiting clergy to be made. Nothing was left to chance.

       Sister Selene had been put in charge of the Novitiates preparation. It was her duty to insure that the girls were meticulously groomed and properly instructed for the ritual they were about to endure. She had three nuns assisting her, one for each of the girls, and personally supervised their preparation.

       For three days the young girls had been on a strict diet. Fruits and grains along with a watery solution that would insure their bodies contained nothing that would foul the air later on. No meat to bind them and no cheeses to putrefy in their systems. Lots of water was the order of the day now that their induction was imminent. Selene had even inspected samples of their urine for odor and clarity.

       The only thing that could possibly foul the plans now would be for one of them to begin her menstrual cycle. Sister Selene had even planned for that occurrence by noting the dates of each girl for the last several months. She was certain that the chances were slim for that kind of mishap. Fortunately, the collection of so many females in one place put the vulnerable women on the same monthly sequence. Many of the nuns had been relieved of the problem by neutralization.

       These girls were selected by the convent in a painstaking process that included a seduction into the world of sado-masochism and submission to sexual desires. When it had been determined that each was of a disposition to cooperate with the will of their superiors, the women were taught the fundamental principles of the Order of the Sisters of Penance. Each was used to “alleviate” the sexual desires of clergy members, or others that sponsored the Order, and take on the responsibility for the sins that were committed. In turn, the person performing the sins were simply “passing them on” to the nuns, who, in turn, were then taken into a ritualized confession and given “penances” to serve to be forgiven. All of this was a sort of “indulgence” for the rich and powerful. The most important thing about tonights events was that each remained a virgin before their initiation. This element was scrutinized daily be the Mother Superior or one of her designation. These three girls had been given to Sister Selene to insure their purity.

       The last two days had seen the girls going through their initial “shaving”. Each girl was attended by her grooming nun and each pubic hair was “plucked” from its respective follicle on at a time… a painful, but necessary process to insure a perfectly smooth and hairless pussy. As Sister Selene inspected each of the girls bodies, she remembered back to her own “shaving”. It was the first of many that would eventually leave her permanently hairless from ass to belly. Currently, they were being shaved of all other body hair, save that on their heads. The attending nuns scraped their underarms, legs, even their arms of any sign of hair.

       The girls and their attendants were naked and the final step of bathing and oiling was upon them. Only ninety minutes until their induction remained.

       “Quickly, ladies,” Selene said anxiously, “we must get them bathed and ready as soon as possible.”

       With last second inspections, the attendants set aside their razors and soaps, and escorted the girls to a set of basins along one wall. Each made their charge kneel with her legs spread over a basin. The nuns took enema bags and inserted the nozzles in each girls ass, releasing the contents of the bag as they did so.

       The youngsters moaned with grief as their bowels filled with the warm liquid. It seemed to them that they were being filled beyond their capacity. “Sister, please!?” one girl pleaded, “No more!” she begged. But their pleas fell on silence as the enemas continued.

       Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the nuns positioned the girls over the basins and rubbed their stomachs. They writhed with discomfort as the liquid churned inside them. As Selene passed them each began to belch the contents of their bowels into the white basin. Their asses sprayed the liquid mixture and the few solids in an endless stream. Selene was pleased and told them to be sure to stay in position until they no longer felt a need for relief.

       Their purified bodies were now ready for a final bathing. All six women stood and walked to the communal bathing pool. The steamy water felt good as they each lowered their body into the soothing heat. Attendant nuns ran their hands over the nubile flesh of their charges and cleansed them thoroughly, paying particular attention to their genitals and ass. They ran fingers inside the girls anuses to insure no remnants from the enema were present.

       One by one, the women stepped from the pool and dried themselves with large towels. They walked to a side table and the attendants began to apply scented oils to the girls bodies. They spread over them in entirety, but lavished extra amounts on the smooth, wet labia and the crease between their butt cheeks.

       Selene was pleased with the results and smiled broadly. Her Latin eyes sparkled as she looked at the fresh, naked women to be presented tonight. “Come, my children,” she said excitedly, “let us gather your habits for the evening.”

       They walked to a large cabinet with three white, neatly pressed habits hanging inside. Each girl was draped in a garment and fitted with a white veil. A white sash was drawn around their waists and cinched. A single button held the garment closed at the neckline.

       Selene and the three naked attendants stepped back to admire their work. They smiled broadly at the beauties before them. “Perfect!” exclaimed Selene and the attending nuns murmured in agreement. “Now you must wait to be called and stay as pristine as you are right now…” she said.

       The attendants each gathered their own habits and walked with the girls to the chapel, they were assigned a small sitting room at the vestibule and the door was locked behind them. They would be summoned later as the ritual unfolded. Selene walked with the attendants back to the convent.

The Ceremony        

       In the closing minutes before the ceremony was to begin, carriages and transports dropped off the evenings guests. Specially invited clergy and noblemen milled around the entrance to the chapel chatting and socializing. Some were accompanied by females, generally know not to be their spouse, and a few even had young males with them, notably the Cardinal Ramugen and Bishop Herdez. Each had a young lad at their side, garbed in exquisitely embroidered loin cloths… nothing more.

       “A lovely day for a wedding is it not?” asked the Cardinal of Lord Balin, a local noble of questionable reputation. “Indeed…” the man replied, “especially one of such holy aspirations…” he continued, both men laughing at the irony of their observations.

       As the outside gathering grew, the nuns began to file into the church through the sacristy. Upon entering, the red robed nuns unfastened the clasp at their collar and hung their habit on a rack at the back of the room. Wearing only their veils, the now nude nuns filed into the chapel and knelt on the harsh, wooden kneelers aligned at the head of the chapel nave. Their hands folded, as if to pray, the nuns awaited the throng to issue into the chapel.

       When the last nun took her place, Mother Superior, clad similarly, walked to the chapel doors and pulled them open. The people from without began to enter and take seats on either side of the aisle, filling the room to capacity in short order.

       Three large wooden crosses were erected near the altar. Each had leather straps at the outermost part of the crossbeam, and a small wooden platform where the girls would perch their feet. Protruding from the middle of the center beam on each cross was a wooden phallus almost a foot in length. Each was polished to an ebony shine from the blood and juices of women deflowered with its knobby length, a tribute to the ancestry of the crosses. Each of the nuns kneeling before them had memories of these brutal tools use and could remember which particular phallus had entered their own body. A wooden platform with steps at either end stood behind the footings of the crosses to allow access to their height.

       Below each cross laid a red habit that would be the new garb of the young novitiates once they were anointed. The crimson color was symbolic of their penitent lifestyle and would be recognized by anyone with knowledge of the Orders true meaning.

       A side table held the accessories and implements that would be needed for the ritual. Twelve gold rings and a hog crimp, a large pliers-like tool that would pinch them in place. Alongside the rings lay three ball gags with leather straps and leather tabs about four inches in length with small clasps on either end.

       As the gathering began to hush, a priest in full liturgical regalia entered from the sacristy. He had the purple sash of Penance draped around his neck. He stood in front of the crosses solemnly and raised his hands, sending the entire group to their knees.

       Mother Superior opened the locked door of the Novitiate Chamber and motioned for the girls to begin their trek to the altar. In single file, they proceeded toward the priest. As they reached the lowest step of the altar, they knelt and bowed their heads. A nun rose from the kneeler for each of the girls and stood behind them.

       The priest stepped down to the girl on the left side first. He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze. “What gift do you bring to this wedding, my child?” he asked her.

       Her blue eyes shimmered in the candlelight as she trembled before the man. “My body, Father…” she replied meekly, “that it may bring grace and forgiveness to the soldiers of the Church.”

       With that, the girl untied her waist cord and unfastened the clasp on the pristine white habit. The nun behind her took hold of the shoulders of the garment and pulled it from her body, revealing the perfect, shapely body of the supplicant beneath.

       The priest moved to the right and repeated his question. The static replies and removal of clothing continued through the third girl. The nuns took the garments to a small bin that would be donated to the poor. They then returned to the girls sides and stood one at each cross, facing the attendees. The priest gathered the rings and distributed them to the attending nuns, four each. Next, a ball gag was given to the women and each fitted it into the girls mouth. He then retrieved the hog crimp and walked to face the first girl. The ring was not quite fully closed and allowed the priest to squeeze the tender flesh of the girls teat between the open ends. She grimaced slightly at the pain. The ring hung from her pink tit while he positioned the next ring on her right nipple. Lifting the hog crimp and positioning the ring between its jaws, he clamped down hard on the metal handles, driving the gold ring through each side of the girls teat. “With this ring, thy body is sealed as a bride of the Chruch…” the priest said while attaching each of the metal loops. Blood dripped from her breast as he made sure that the metal had thoroughly pierced her flesh. The girls knees almost buckled in agony, but she managed to muffle the scream that wanted to burst from her lungs. Tears welled up in her eyes and started to run over her soft, white cheek. The priest unceremoniously moved to the other nipple and drove the metal through that pained nipple. This time, the assistant nun had to catch the girl before she crumbled in a pile of agonizing pain.

       The priest repeated the process on all three girls with similar results. Not one emitted a scream other than a muffled and stifled shriek of torment. Blood ran from all six breasts and dripped over the smooth, silken bellies.

       A chair was brought to the center of the altar area. Its long arms were utilized to hold each girls legs up and apart as the additional rings were inserted in their pink, shaven pussies. The first ring was positioned just above the girls clitoris and the second was driven through the perineum. Tears streamed from each of them as the process was completed. Tenderly they were stood up and returned to the place in front of their cross.

       “Are you ready to accept your place within the Church, my children?” he asked symbolically. With that, the women led the girls up the platform steps and positioned them on the front of the crosses, attaching the leather straps around their slender wrists. The crossbeam fell just below their shoulders at this height on the cross. The phallus was hidden behind their legs at this point and did not seem nearly long enough to impale their virgin pussies.

       “Open your legs, sisters…” the priest said loudly, “rest yourselves on the head of your first lover.”

       The girls parted their thighs, keeping their feet on the tiny platform. Slowly they lowered their torsos until the fat head of the phallus was touching their freshly pierced pussies. They assumed they would be deflowering themselves at this point and wondered how they would fit the fat, thick dildo inside their little cunts. The thought did not last long.

       With the flip of a single lever, the platforms dropped from under the girls feet. Tough petite, their own body weight drove the phallus through their hymens and impaled them in one thrust. A harmonic, muffled scream echoed in the nave of the chapel. Gasping for air, the girls began to wriggle and contort in an effort to escape the invading phalluses. They tried desperately to use their feet to climb back off the intruders, all to no avail.

       “This marriage has been consummated!” the priest announced to the crowd. A chorus of applause drowned out the sounds of the struggling women.

       Eventually, the women stopped their struggle and relaxed on the crosses. Blood ran down the artificial dicks and stained them even further. At a given signal, the assisting nuns began to unfasten the girls wrists and the platforms were returned to their original position, allowing them to stand and lift themselves off the demonic cocks. Shaking with pain, the girls were led back down from the platform and lined up once more before the group. The leather straps were taken from the table and attached to the two rings in their pussies, one clasp at the clitoris and another at their perineum, a mild form of “chastity belt” that would remind them that a pregnancy was forbidden. Though easily removed, the straps would help deter most from accepting semen in their cunts.

       “I ask that you all congratulate our newlyweds for their acceptance of the Church as their spouse,” said the priest, “We will all enjoy them at the reception…” he added.

The Reception

       The nuns remained naked after the ceremony and walked back to the feasting hall to prepare for the nights festivities. The newly sanctioned nuns were allowed to repair to their rooms to apply lotion to their wounded bodies and rest before they would be called into service.

       Sister Selene walked through the large hall and straightened tablecloths and dishes she found out of place. As she reached the end of the room, the Cardinal appeared in front of her, accompanied by his young male escort, the man reached down and inspected Selenes breast. He looked at the gold ring in her nipple and smiled. “Was this applied in the same fashion as we just witnessed, my dear?” he asked her.

       Kneeling before the Cardinal, Selene pulled open his robe and leaned forward. She kissed the head of his old, fat cock before replying. “Yes, your Holiness…” she said, “Each of us was initiated in exactly the same way…” she said.

       “Let me see your pussy…” the man demanded. Selene, looking for a place to recline that wouldnt mess up the table settings, sat back in one of the chairs. She opened and lifted her leg to show the golden rings attached at her clitoris and perineum.

       “Why, there is no strap!” the Cardinal exclaimed. “How do you refrain from becoming pregnant without a chastity belt?”

       The nun smiled up at the man and his companion. “A small surgical procedure, your Grace…” she told him. I cannot be impregnated. Most of the women in our Order have had it done. The newly initiated will as well. The effects are short-lived and the benefits are many.”

       “Carlos here has never seen a pussy, Sister,” the bellicose man stated as he grabbed his companion by his black hair, “I would like him to have at least one opportunity…” he added as he forced the boy to his knees before Selenes open cunt.

       “Lick her…” the man stated in a demanding voice. The boy looked back at him questioningly. He lowered his head toward Selenes naked pussy and smelled the sweet oils she had used to anoint herself earlier. He reached up with his fingers and gently parted the purple lips of her swelling labia and felt the warm wetness of her snatch.

       “May I?” the boy asked meekly, stammering with doubt as to the Cardinals intentions.

       Selene smiled down at the lad and pulled her lips farther apart, showing him her hard clitoris. “Of course…” she whispered back to him, “Id be honored to let you taste my pussy.”

       The boy leaned toward the warm lips and tentatively pressed his tongue on the hard button below the gold ring. “Mmmmmmmm…” Selene moaned with pleasure, moving her hips in a slow rhythm to his licking. His task seemed less of an onus now that the woman was responding and he began to lick the length of her snatch, from ring to ring. “Oh, my…” the nun gasped as his stiff little tongue momentarily parted her lips and slipped inside her vagina. She parted her legs even further now and reached down to press his young face tightly to her genitals.

       Meanwhile, the Cardinal had opened his robes and knelt behind the youngster. He pulled the boy to all fours and knelt behind him. “Eat her, Carlos…” the older man urged, “show her what a little boy whore can be good for…” he added.

       The boy lurched forward as the Cardinal shoved his fat, stiffened prick up his tight, young ass. Selene saw the look of pain on the lads face as he tried to adjust to the mans erratic pumping. After several seconds, the boys facial contortion abated and he resumed licking the nuns drenching pussy. Selene laid her head back and let the wonderful sensations work their way up her spine. She took comfort in knowing that the erection the boy would be experiencing was of her making, not the Cardinals.

       The trio stayed in their positions for only a few minutes as guest began to take their assigned seats. The couple that was arranged to take the chair under Selene was making their way up the side of the table. Just as the Cardinal let his dried old penis fill the young boys bowels, Selenes orgasm began to pound through her belly and torso. Her hips shook and the boy drove his tongue deep into her hole. She bit her tongue and pushed his head away from her cunt, raising herself in the chair and leaning down to lick her own juices from the youngsters face. She kissed him hurriedly and stood to relinquish the chair to its owners.

       Helping the Cardinal to his feet the woman and boy smiled at one another knowingly. Selene could see his stiff, young cock holding his loin cloth straight out from his crotch. As he turned to help the old man to a chair, Selene noticed the semen dripping down the back of his slender leg. She reached her hand down to her own wet pussy and rubbed her still throbbing clitoris. “What a wonderful way to begin the night…” she thought to herself as she watched the boy escort his elder to his seat.

       Sister Selene looked around the hall and saw that some of the nuns had been “engaged” by either priests, monks, or the nobles in attendance. In one instance, Sister Alberta was offering her pussy to the female companion of Lord Darmond. She was elegantly splayed over her table setting and was being eagerly eaten by the young woman. She looked closely at the young woman busy with the nuns snatch and realized it was none other than Lilique Darmond, daughter of the Lord. She knew his daughter to be of no more than fourteen years old. “What an attribute that would be to the convent!” she thought… then realized that her father would have deflowered her at a far earlier age, making her useless to the Order.

       Selene walked slowly along the tables, occasionally chatting with one of the lusty males or the intrigued women. One woman of exceptional beauty motioned to her to come to her side. She wore a very extravagant dress that left her bosom exposed completely. With an earnest face, she questioned the nun.

       “Sister,” she called to her as she passed behind the table, “do you actually submit to the sins of these men and then endure punishment for it?” she asked.

       Sister Selene leaned over and rested her hands on her thighs. She wanted to be able to speak to the woman above the din of the crowd that was growing increasingly loud. Her soft, pendulous breasts hung from her torso, her dark nipples tipped with the golden rings of her Order.

       “Yes, my dear…” she replied in a higher than normal voice, “it is our calling to keep the clergy in a state of grace…” she explained. “It is far easier to let us take the punishment for their sins and, by proxy, allow them to continue their good works with the flock of our Lord.”

       “So…” the woman continued, “will you do anything they ask of you?” she said with a determined look on her face.

       “I can think of no act that I would not perform for them,” Selene replied earnestly, “short of suicide…” she added. “I would not have the nerve to take my own life,” the nun told her, “but if it were the good Fathers wish to kill me, Im certain it would occur…” she added. “There has been a number of our Order that have never returned from their assigned destinations. That is an unfortunate event, in that the good Sisters were never forgiven for their sins before death. It is thought,” she continued, “that at least a small number of these nuns were kept by their assignees, though it is not certain.”

       Selene noticed a small tattooed pentangle above the womans left nipple. She recognized it as the mark of a member of the DeSade group. She smiled politely and bade the woman goodbye.

       A little farther down the row, a priest was already in a drunken state. “Sister!” he yelled at her. “Are you a fornicator or a sodomite?” he said to the delight of those around him.

       Sister Selene bent over the inebriated priest and reached for his cock. “As you wish, Father…” she said to the man, drawing uproarious laughter from the others within earshot.

       The priest grabbed her arms, still stretched over his torso, and pulled her face to his own. He opened his mouth and drove his tongue deep into her mouth as he slid her onto his lap. His semi-erection stabbed at her ass and she squirmed with discomfort as he pawed at her soft, voluptuous body. She allowed his embrace, knowing that the alcohol was already taking a heavy toll on his abilities. She ran her tiny hand around his face, kissed him and looked at him with pity.

       “I fear, good Father, that your sword will be but a dagger when the time comes for action,” she said with a smile, “best you lay out a woman of equal sobriety tonight…” she told him.

       The naked nun slipped from his lap and started her way back down the table. She drew knowing glances and erotic stares from those she passed. At the end of the table, Sister Dominic was being sodomized by a monk from the nearby Abbey of St. Jeremy. His robe pulled up to his abdomen, the monks tool was longer than anyone of recent memory to Selene. The dear Sister was being pummeled by his thick, long erection and her delicate anus was stretched to the point of tearing. The woman looked up at Selene with imploring eyes, but knew she was cast to this fate without recourse. She lowered her head back onto the table and endured the anal fucking without resistance.

       The festivities were just getting under way, thought Selene, and already the finale was going to draw huge amounts of congregants to witness the penances to be paid for it.

       Father Michel, the priest who had performed and blessed the “wedding ceremony” earlier, walked to the center of the room. He was naked and was trailed by a beautiful, young novitiate that was also naked. She walked by his side, stroking his erection and kneeling to lick and suck on it whenever he stopped moving.

       “Gentlemen!” he called out to the crowd. “It is time to bring our lovely “newlyweds” into the hall,” he continued, “and I want them to feel welcome.” The girl knelt silently as she pushed her face onto his thick cock. She sucked diligently as he continued his monologue.

       “They will each be auctioned off for the night to the highest bidder and be available for whatever your heart desires…” he continued, “no hole is off limits, no pain is too much, just insure that semen does not enter their sweet, freshly broken vaginas.”

       Selene stopped to watch the crowd. Food was being served by the remaining nuns and wine was being consumed by the barrel. The monies collected this day would be great, she thought, and more was to be made with the “rental” of the new brides. Gold pouches were lifted and opened as the party-goers began their plans for the girls use. Father Michel stood waiting for the first auction as his young slave continued to suck, oblivious to the din around her, and knowing that someday she would be offered in the same manner.

       “Sister Elena!” the priest called out. A timid young blonde emerged from the side room embarrassed by the dozens of eyes peeling at her naked body. Her veil had been removed to reveal the true beauty of the prize to be taken.

       “Three chambers have been prepared specifically for the use of the auction winners…” the priest announced. “You will have free reign over these lovelies for the remainder of the night, and a second day and night for an additional fee. One additional guest will be allowed with each winning bid!” he exclaimed to the delight of the onlookers.

       Several of the attendees leaned to a neighbor, plotting to add their gold to the bid in hopes of being the “guest” of the winner.

       “We will start Elenas bidding at one thousand pieces of gold!” the man called out.

       Quickly the bidding increased to three and four thousand, and started to falter at five. No one wanted to lose out, so agreements were made and bidding sped up once more. Up to ten thousand pieces of gold was the latest offer. “Shall we sell her young body for that paltry amount?” the priest asked cynically. “Twelve thousand!” came the bid from the Lord Darmond. The priest looked at the man, his daughter nestled under his left arm with a lascivious smile on her face. The lord was obviously buying the girl to satisfy his daughters lusts more than his own.

       “Twelve thousand is bid!” the priest called out. “Sold!” he exclaimed as the rest of the crowd decided to try their luck with the next two girls.

       Sister Elena was ushered to a spot behind the lord and his daughter. When bidding on the two others was completed they would be led to their accommodations.

       “Sister Bridgette!” the priest yelled, summoning a beautiful brunette with pert breasts and blue eyes. The girl smiled meekly as she passed through the gauntlet of staring eyes.

       “What is my opening bid on this young beauty?” asked the priest. “Five thousand!” was yelled from the back of the room. “Six!” came another. The bidding rose to fourteen before the audience began to mumble and stall in the bidding once more. In an effort to raise the price the priest grabbed the gold ring in the girls left nipple and pulled her around in front of him. She grabbed at her tit in agony and trotted wherever he moved her, trying to avoid more pain from the freshly impaled flesh.

       “Do I hear fifteen?” the man said. “It will not take much to take her to her pain threshold with these newly implanted rings…” he reminded them. The Vicar of Penwall stood in the back of the hall, “Fifteen thousand gold pieces!” he exclaimed with pride. His penis was already at full erection and jutted from his robes, pointing in the girls direction. “I will share her with the good Bishop Canale here…” he announced.

       Bridgette was led to the chairs of the two men, standing patiently behind them and awaiting her incarceration in their room.

       “Finally, the last offering of the evening,” the priest announced, “will be Sister Miriam!”

       The gathering sat spellbound as the young, lovely Latina was paraded through the hall. She had ebony hair and deep brown eyes and the lascivious look of sin written all over her beautiful face. Selene looked at her with envy, knowing that she once looked as gorgeous as this young girl. Her breasts were far larger than the other girls and her hourglass figure was a shame to hide beneath the habit of a nun. She walked with confidence, knowing that lust was the only thing on mens, and womens minds when they saw her naked.

       The girl flaunted her assets as she walked to the center of the room. Selene felt her crotch growing wetter as she stared at the next bidders prize. The gold rings in her nipples only managed to accent the gleam in her dark eyes. She posed for the group and lowered her head in a faux posturing of submission, knowing that would increase their desire.

       The bidding began at ten thousand pieces of gold, an enormous sum for the auction to start. It quickly climbed to eighteen, and ended at twenty thousand before the murmuring once again took hold.

       Suddenly, the hall doors burst open and the Countess of Prenia entered in a flamboyant rush of golden embroidered robes and silken trains. Her entourage consisted of three young males and three young females, all of questionably young age. Each wore a gold cloth wrapped around their waist and barely enough to cover their genitals. Even the girls were bare breasted, their budding tits bobbing as they tried to keep up with the striding woman.

       “No matter the bid,” the woman announced, “I will double it!” she cried out to the dismay of the assembled group. “Ive had a long, arduous trip with many a mishap along the way. I will not be denied the pleasure of taking at least one of the girls to my bed!”

       Stunned, the congregation slowly began to realize they could not match the generous offer being made. A low chorus of cheers for the winning bid slowly ascended into a cacophony of whoops and hollers that congratulated the Countess.

       “Done!” yelled Father Michel, his companion still licking the length of his manhood. Evidently, at some point during the bidding, the good Father had released his load into the girls mouth and left her to clean his tool for the remainder of the event.

       The Latina was ushered to the womans group and they were seated at a place of prominence while the remainder of the guests finished eating and reveling in the hall.

       Father Michel walked to the head of the table to congratulate the woman on her prize and bid. “As you may not know, Countess,” he started, “the winner will be able to take one guest to the chamber for the duration of the evening.”

       The woman stared at him. “I will pay enough for her and my entire set of companions to join me at my pleasure…” the woman stated. “They will not need sleeping accommodations, as they will only sleep on the floor if I allow it…” she continued. “Furthermore, we will be staying for as long as possible. I do not wish to set out on another agonizing trek first thing in the morning.”

       “That will cost an additional ten thousand, my Lady…” the priest told her.

       “Pshaw…” the woman said sarcastically. “Done and paid for!” she told him.

       The priest smiled at the woman and walked away, his attendant holding his sagging penis in her tiny hand, leaving the woman and her famished group to a meal of roasted suckling and potatoes.

Sister Elena        

       Sister Elena, still naked, followed the lord and his daughter as they were ushered to the special chamber prepared for their use. The cabin was unlocked and opened and the lord walked inside to see a large wooden posted bed with down mattresses and pillows, a chest at the foot and a large, comfortable chair that would accommodate two people. Aside from the comforts afforded, a St. Andrews cross with proper straps at each end, a wooden bench with leather cuffs at each leg, and a proper kneeler with a high hand-hold, built like a stock.

       Within the wooden chest they discovered dildos, whips, plugs and clamps for their amusement. In one corner sat a wooden chair with the seat removed, a metal bowl located just below the seat would accommodate the need for relieving oneself.

       “Oh, Daddy, its PERFECT!” exclaimed the young girl at his side. “I cant wait to begin!”

       A knock at the door interrupted the juveniles excitement. A still naked nun stood there bearing three bottles of wine and a small bottle of undetermined liquid. “I bring these to help you enjoy the evening, my Lord…” the nun said, “the small bottle is laudanum, to insure our new Sisters full cooperation…” she added.

       The man smiled broadly and took the tray from the nun. “Thank you, Sister,” he said, “we will put them all to good use…” he said as he closed the door.

       “We shall toast our good fortune, my sweet…” he told his daughter, “and then we will indulge in the good Sister.”

       He laid the tray on a small table and gathered the glasses from the chest. Pouring the wine, he stopped to pour small amounts of the opiate into each of the glasses of the females. He handed the glasses to them and then reached for his own, unaltered wine.

       “To sex!” he exclaimed. “And the unadulterated enjoyment thereof!”

       The girl, Lucrecia, swallowed her glassful of wine in one gulp. The nun preferred to sip the spirits, not used to the effects or the taste. “Drink up!” he said to her. “The night is young and so are my two companions!”

       Elena tried to swallow the whole glass in one drink, but the flavor struck her hard. She almost spit out the last part of it and apologized for her miscue. “No problems, my dear,” the man said as he looked back at the nearly full bottle of laudanum, “theres plenty of time and wine to enjoy it all.”

       Sister Elena took another drink, a full one that finished her glass, and smiled at the couple staring lasciviously at her naked body. “Shall I suck you, my Lord?” she asked pitifully.

       With a burst of laughter, the Lord told the girl the situation. “No, my sweet Sister…” he said, “You have been bought and paid for to satisfy the lusts of my daughter this night. It is up to her as to the manner in which you serve.”

       Lucrecia, smiling knowingly, moved toward the older girl. “You will be my slave tonight…” she informed her. “Mine, all mine!” she squealed in delight.

       The youngster stumbled on her way to set the glass on the table. Her father noted that the drugged wine was already beginning to take effect on her. As she set the glass down, he poured her another, lacing it with yet another dose of opiate. “Drink up, my love,” he said to her, “the night is young and you have an eternity to play with the good Sister.”

       Giggling at his temperament, the girl grabbed the glass and, once more, downed the full contents in one swallow. She staggered her way toward the nun and leaned down to kiss her lips. The nun did not resist, and instead returned her kiss fully, offering her tongue for the girls mouth. She accepted it gladly and the two tumbled to the floor in a lewd tangle. Sister Elena reached for the buttons on the girls blouse and released them in short order, revealing her budding breasts. She leaned down and eagerly sucked up the tiny nipple that was first presented.

       “Ohhhh…” the girl moaned as the nun sucked her teat to a hard peak. Her hands ran down the length of her dress and began to pull the hem to her waist. Deftly, she swiped her hand beneath the material and found the bare mound of the youngsters cunt. She drove a finger deep into the wet, steaming labia and placed her thumb on the hard clitoris of her mistress.

       “Do I please you, mistress?” the newly deflowered girl asked submissively. Without an answer, the girl swooned and accepted the advances of the nights prey. She moaned and rocked as the drug and the moment drove her to ecstasy. Her hips rose and fell on the floor, oblivious to all around her. She started to cum with a violent thrashing, pulling the nuns hand into her pussy and holding it as if life depended on it. A flood of juices flowed over the tiny fingers impaled in her young cunt.

       Finally, sated for the moment, she released the nuns hand and tried to gather her senses. She rolled toward the older girls face and planted a sloppy, wet kiss on her. “That will do for now,” she said in an authoritative tone, “but you will be expected to do more and better…” she added with a slur in her voice. With that she managed to pull herself to her feet and stumble back to the filled glasses. Once more her father had added the drug to the mix.

       “Elena,” the man spoke out, “you have to have another glass of this wonderful wine…” he said. The young nun could already feel her body tingling from the mixture of drugs and liquor, but knew the night was young and the couple was full of ideas. Numbness could turn out to be of benefit as the night progressed. She rose, walked to the table next to Lucrecia, and picked up her glass. She downed it fully along with the youngster and they smiled at one another knowingly.

       “Do you have that chastity thing on?” Lucrecia asked the young woman. “Yes,” she answered, “Im to wear it to prevent pregnancy. Something that is mortally frowned upon in our Order…” she answered honestly.

       “Daddy…” the girl said with a pouting lip to her father, “you dont want to fuck her pussy, do you?” she added with a sultry whine.

       The man smiled. “No, my sweet,” he said, “I bought her just for you.”

       In a manic switch, the young girl turned as if her lifes riches had just been found. “Wonderful!” she exclaimed. “That means you can take that silly thing off and let me taste your pretty little cunny!”

       A glaze was forming over the young girls eyes and Elena struggled to tell if it was from the drugs or lust. It didnt matter, her fate would not change much either way, she thought. She watched as the girl tore at her dress and petticoats, struggling to unfasten them. Elena moved to her and pushed her back onto the bed. She knelt quietly and began to untie and unloop the girls shoes, pulling them from her little feet. The girl fell back onto the bed giggling as she felt the nuns hands find the tops of her stockings and pull them slowly from her legs. When finished, the young one jumped to her feet and let the pile of dress and underclothes fall to the floor in a heap on the floor.

       The girl has a slight fleecing of blonde fuzz on her pubis. It was a soft, baby-like growth that was almost invisible in the slightest of shadows. The nun, still on her knees, leaned forward and kissed the adolescent mound lovingly, letting her tongue drift to the edge of the wet, steaming slit.

       “Ohhhhhh…” Lucrecia moaned with delight. She swayed as if to lose consciousness and then caught her footing again.  She reached down and grabbed the blondes hair. “Come with me…” she told her, “were gonna play with the toys in the chest!”

       Lucrecia opened the chest and began to pull out items of interest to her. A large, carved dildo, a small riding crop, and a length of chain were laid out on the foot of the bed. She grabbed Sister Elena by the hand and led her to the wooden bench. “Lay down!” she demanded with a devilish grin on her face.

       Elena started to lay face down but the sharp sting of the riding crop stopped her. “NO!” the girl yelled at her. “On your back!”

       Sheepishly, Elena turned and placed her bottom on the bench and laid back. She opened her legs and spread them over each side and left her arms hanging to the floor. When her pussy opened, the girl looked at it with curiosity. She reached down and unfastened the clasp at the girls clitoris and then the one at her perineum. Tossing it aside she inspected the red, swollen wounds from the piercing. She flicked at the gold ring at the nuns clitoris and watched with delight as the girl jumped in pain. She pulled Elenas hairless lips apart and inspected the bruised flesh of her labia. The massive cock on the cross had done extensive damage to the membranes in the nuns pussy.

       With her initial curiosity satisfied, the girl began to buckle the womans ankles in place on the bench legs. That finished, she moved to her head and straddled her face, her bare, soft-haired pussy stretching across the nuns mouth. “Eat me…” she said unceremoniously. Elena pressed her tongue into the folds of the young snatch enveloping her mouth. As she worked, Lucrecia leaned over and fastened each of the womans slender wrists to the cuffs on the bench legs. Helpless was the way she wanted her toy for the time being.

       She sat up and allowed the nun to lick at her juicy pussy for several minutes. She swathed her cunt back and forth over the womans face and mouth, making sure to leave her glistening juices from chin to forehead. Finally, she grabbed the crop and stood up once more, flinging her leg back over the woman and standing at her side. She stared at the small, pert breasts, noting the soft pink of her nipples and how the newly implanted gold rings set them off.

       “Do you like your titties?” she asked the nun. Stunned by the question, Elena looked at her captor with a puzzled look. “Y-yes, mistress…” she replied.

       Without warning the girl raised the crop to full height above her head and landed it with full force across the helpless nuns breasts.

       “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” the nun screamed in agony. The welt was already forming and took a straight path from nipple to nipple. “Oh my God!” she said in a hissing voice, trying to accustom herself to such outright anguish.

       WHAP! Another devastating blow landed in almost the exact same line as the first. Blood began to ooze from the points where the rings penetrated the young nuns nipples. It was diverted only by the welts growing height and fell only to the north and south of her newly inflicted wounds. “I beg you, mistress, no!” the nun yelled as loud as she could.

       WHAP! Yet again the crop streaked through the air and landed on her wounded breasts. Sister Elenas eyes welled with tears as she braced herself for more of the brutish treatment. She sobbed uncontrollably and gasped for breath. The third blow had actually splashed the blood across the womans chest. Lucrecia leaned down and dabbed some onto her fingers and painted a sign of the cross on the womans pubis, just above her clitoris and ring.

       The lord sat in his chair, almost unamused with his daughters cruelty. He awaited his turn as he sipped his wine. He watched detached as she beat the nuns pussy and belly until blood flowed there as well. The crop went between her thighs and tore at the perineum ring, urging more pain from the womans anguished body. A yawn escaped his mouth.

       Sister Elena, beside herself in pain and torment, wished she had more of the laudanum to soothe her. She would drink the entire bottle at this point if allowed. Struggling to breathe between gasps and sobs, she begged the girl for mercy. “Please, mistress…” she panted as her vision obscured with tears and sweat, “anything you desire, I promise I will perform for you!” she cried.

       The girl smiled lewdly and gloated over her slave. “Anything?” she asked with a lascivious sneer. She walked to the table where another glass of drugged wine awaited her. She drank it down and took one to the outstretched woman. She poured it without regard over the nuns face, laughing as the woman desperately tried to ingest all she could between sobs and gasps, hoping to dull the pain.

       The girl returned the glasses and walked with a strut toward the bench once more. She picked up the chain length and started to string it through the rings in the nuns nipples, clit and perineum. She pulled them tightly and caused the woman to try to bunch into a ball while still restrained. The girl used the chastity strap to clasp the chain together as tightly as she could, leaving the woman in the most uncomfortable position imaginable. Tightly strapped down, yet halfway arched to relieve the tension on the rings.

       “I suppose you want to be pleasured, too.” The girl said smugly as she positioned herself between the open legs of the nun. She pressed her face forward and lashed her tongue against the bloody clitoris. “Ahhh…” the nun moaned. Her nipples, stretched and tormented, kept her from being able to concentrate on anything else. The girl continued. She stabbed at the tortured cunt and licked up all the blood, savoring the salty taste combined with the womans juices. She kept to her licking for almost ten minutes before she realized the woman could not respond to pleasure.

       “Most disappointing, Daddy…” she stated to the man across the room. “You should demand your gold back!” she said as she stood up and poised herself indignantly.

       “Dont fret, my love,” the lord told his daughter, “theres always more wine…” he said with a laugh.

       With a pouting shrug the girl unfastened the chastity clips and let the chain fall limp. Elena sighed in relief as the tension helped to ease the pain. She laid back down on the hard bench, feeling comfort in the most uncomfortable of places.

       “She shall not escape that easily!” the girl declared. She looked at the St. Andrews cross with foul intent. She looked around and saw the dildo on the foot of the bed. Her plan was cemented.

       Lucrecia unfastened the cuffs from the pleading nun and allowed her to stand. “Come with me…” she slurred to the woman. Without question the nun followed the girl to the foot of the cross.

       “Arms up!” she demanded, and Elena obliged. She felt the leather straps once more encircling her slender wrists. Her legs were strapped in at the ankles as well. The giant “X” was not a comfortable way to spend the evening, but the nun resigned herself to its prison, but before she could relish its relative comfort, the girl brought the chains again. She strung them through the rings in sequence and placed the large, black dildo into the still bruised nuns cunt. She wrapped the chain around the end sticking out and pulled it tightly. Again she placed the chastity strap on the chain to keep its evil tension, holding the dildo deep in the young womans snatch.

       Although this dildo was not of the evil proportions of the formal cross version, it was an agonizing size to use on her damaged pussy. The rings were again pulled tightly and she was left to enjoy the night in pain… or so she thought.

       The girl picked up her crop and left a dozen blood-red welts on Elenas ass before retiring. She kissed her ass cheeks lovingly after delivery, and staggered her way to the large bed. Falling on her face, the girl almost immediately started to snore the sweet sound of a youngster stretched beyond her limits.

       Elenas only relief started to set in, knowing that her tormentor was falling fast asleep. She heard the lord groan as he stood from his chair and start toward her. She was suddenly wide awake and fearful of what he had in store for her.

       “No worries, good Sister…” he said in a low, slow voice, “you will remain here till she gets you in the morning…” he added. “Until then, drink this…” he said as he poured a double dose of the laudanum into her mouth.

       Swallowing as well as she was able, the nun replied, “Thank you, my lord”

       Her body became as numb as her mind and the young woman nodded into a state of unconsciousness. Her body went limp, save for the occasional cringe and moan as the chains stretched her nipples and clit to the point of rousing her. When she awoke, she had no idea how long she had slept, or what time it was. The fog in her brain was barely enough to keep the pain at a low end. She heard moans coming from the bench off to the side.

       Elena looked over her shoulder as best as she was able and saw the young girl lying face down, her hands and feet strapped into the leather cuffs. Just behind her, the nun saw her own father forcing his fat, turgid cock up between her splayed ass cheeks. His naked body was silhouetted against the lamp light from the corner. The girl winced in a drug induced stupor as he seemed to manage his full length into her tight rectum. He straddled her ass and began a fierce and continuous pumping that made his breath come in short gasps.

       The girl seemed to be struggling against his assault, but her lack of conscious effort made it look more like a bad dream. Elena was sure this was not the first time the man has used his daughters anus as a repository for his semen. He leaned down now, his arms at her sides, holding his torso up by holding the edges of the bench. He seemed to be staring a hole in the back of her head as he pounded away at the tiny asshole beneath him. Thrust after thrust was delivered into her little hole and the man became more depraved with each one. Finally, after several minutes of intense anal fucking, he slammed himself into her completely. It was as if her were trying to rip her open. Her head slung back in a snapping motion and an agonized shriek escaped from her throat. He continued his push until he moaned and lay limply atop her body. Sweat glistened in the dim light as he continued to meagerly hump at her butt.

       The nun remained silent, hoping he did not notice her gaze. She tried to move her head back and avoid detection when she heard him grunting and taking to his feet. He plodded over to the cross behind the nun and slapped her bare ass sharply. Sister Elena snapped into alertness as the pain tore her from chest to ass.

       “You were watching, eh?” he said with a sneer in his voice. “Did you like seeing little Lucrecia getting her ass raped?” he asked further.

       He reached to the front of the woman and unclasped the leather tong holding the chain tightly in place. The chain began to roll through the rings in her nipples, pulled by its own weight. As if loosened, the dildo fell from the nuns cunt and landed on the floor. The chain stopped slipping and hung from the rings at her clit and perineum. The lord pulled on it brutishly, removing it entirely from her body. She winced as it tugged at her flesh.

       The man unfastened the straps on her ankles and then her wrists. She slipped from the cross and he held her upright. He turned her small body to face him.

       “Youve seen what I do to young girls…” he said with a demonic tone. “Now you shall see the results of my efforts.”

       Dragging the nun by the shoulder, he took her to his daughters outstretched body. “Clean her…” he said coldly, “and do a wonderful job or Ill have to make sure your “penance” is harsher than usual.”

       The exhausted and still dazed woman fell to her knees behind the girls uplifted and parted ass. She could see that the girl had obviously lost control of her body during the sodomy and feces covered the inside of both of her small cheeks. Elena wished she had never awoken as she pressed her head down to the vile mixture before her. She opened her mouth, closed her eyes and began to lick at the vile filth smeared on the soft, white cheeks. She was repulsed by the smell and taste, but knew she could not stop for fear of reprisal in the convent.

       Elena kept up her task until she had left nothing on the girls ass. The salty taste of semen did nothing to hide the foul flavor of fecal material. She lifted her head, hoping her accomplishment would earn her time to rest.

       “Come here…” the man demanded as he sprawled his body on the chair.

       Elena knew what was next and slowly rose to her feet. She walked to the mans outstretched legs and looked down to see the rest of the shit from the girls worn ass. Without a word, she knelt, leaned her head over his groin and began the horrid duty once again. She bathed his cock dutifully and took special care to clean out the slit in the tip. She ran her mouth down the length, holding its limp form up so she could clean his balls and the surrounding areas. Not a sound came from the man as she continued until she could see no streaks or discolored flesh.

       She lifted her head expecting him to demand another form of sex from her, but instead she saw the man had passed out and was beginning to snore loudly. She silently prayed a thank you and lowered her head to his crotch, closing her eyes and falling asleep.

Sister Bridgette

       At the same time that Elena was taken to her tryst with Lord Darmond, the two remaining novices were ushered to rooms with their evening partners.

       The vicar and bishop were eager to taste the delights of the lovely, blue-eyed brunette they had purchased and walked her to their assigned chamber. They motioned for her to proceed into the room ahead of them as they smiled knowingly at each other.

       Their room was laid out similarly to the Darmonds and had an armoire containing metal devices and long whips stored inside. Dildos and plugs were also neatly stacked in shelves inside.

       “My good Bishop,” the vicar said as they closed and locked the door behind them, “what would be your pleasure?” he asked in a joking voice.

       “Im in the mood for some rump roast!” the man bellowed from his fat frame. Sister Bridgette looked at them with a demure, unsure smile. Her naked body shivered from the cool air in the stone walled chamber. The vicar walked to the fireplace and stoked the blaze, throwing another piece of turf on the fire. “Here, girl,” he said almost kindly, “warm yourself by the fire.”

       Bridgette did not notice that he had left the poker in the fire. She stood near the warm draft and relished it as her nipples hardened into little, dark stones on her chest. The gold rings stood out from her breasts anchored through the tender, sore flesh.

       “Are you still strapped shut, my dear?” the bishop asked.

       The girl parted her legs and leaned back as best she could to show them the leather strap stretched across her pussy. “Yes, your holiness…” she replied sheepishly.

       “Take it off, my dear.” he told her, “I want to taste a virgins cunt before it ever has a real cock insinuated into it.”

       The girl unclasped the strap and placed it on the small mantle over the fireplace. Her pink pussy was now exposed and her juices glistened in the flickering firelight behind her.

       The vicar stood next to the naked nun and ran his hands over her pert young breasts. He played lightly with the rings in her nipples and suddenly jerked hard on her right breast, almost tearing the metal from her tit. She shrieked in pain and rebounded away from the man instinctively.

       “We shall have none of that, my dear…” he said like a schoolmaster. He grabbed her slender wrist and dragged her to the cross. He placed her back against the hard wood beams and fastened each arm high over her head.

       “Please, Father…” she gasped as she was hung. “I meant nothing by it, I was only hurt so recently that…” her voice trailed as his hand swung around and slapped her harshly across the mouth. Her head snapped to the left and blood trickled from her dark, perfect lips.

       “Did I ask you a question?” he said sarcastically to the dazed girl. “You will speak ONLY when spoken to… Do you understand?!” he demanded.

       “Y-yes…” she managed as his hand slugged the side of her head once more. The entire right side of her face was red and her lips began to swell to huge proportions. “THAT” he said, “is just another warning!”

       The bishop sat idly by, entertained by the brutality his local priest was exhibiting. “Do you do this often?” the bishop asked the vicar.

       The men exchanged knowing glances and laughed deeply as the vicar probed the armoire for more “toys” to play on the girls flesh. He withdrew a long cat o nine, a ball gag and a larger than life butt plug. He walked them back to the cross and set them on a small table he had dragged to his side.

       The knock at the door startled the men and the bishop, groaning with effort, stood from the chair and walked to answer it.

       Outside the door another naked nun stood with her tray of wines and a vile of laudanum. She smiled politely and entered the room to set them on the side table near the bed. She caught sight of Bridgette hanging loosely from the cross. “Oh, I hope young Sister Bridgette has not offended you, your Holiness,” she said, “she has always been one of our brightest hopefuls!” she added.

       “No, my dear…” the bishop replied with a grin. “We are simply giving instruction on what might be expected in her travels to visit the clergy.”

       “Ah, I see…” the nun replied happily. She walked to the door as if nothing were askance and glanced over her shoulder at the girl as she opened the door. She knew that the two men would leave severe damage on the girl, but there was nothing to be done.

       As the door closed, the vicar picked up the butt plug and walked to the back of the cross. He knelt and pushed at the cheeks of the girl, coaxing her to part her legs. Hanging from her wrists, it was difficult, but the young nun complied to the best of her ability. Without ceremony or lubricant, the man forced the giant, polished, wooden device against the tight sphincter of the womans anus. She moaned in agony as he pushed her body forward and finally managed to break the resistance of her anus. She gasped and lost control of her breathing as the monstrous plug slid slowly into her rectum, stretching it to proportions she had never known. A sigh of great relief came from her lungs as the plug slipped past the widest point and settled deep in her ass. Her head hung backward as the pressure from the mans pushing lessened and let her body fall back on the cross.

       Saliva started to gather in her mouth and she tried to swallow. The harsh ball gag kept her from performing any task efficiently. She looked down at the men. The bishop had poured the two of them glasses of wine and brought along the flask of opiate. He poured generous amounts into each of their glasses. They drank… then toasted, refilled and drank some more. The poor girl was left to her own devices to numb the pain.

       Soon, after some idle chat in tones the nun could not make out, the men began to strip. When both were naked, the fat, slovenly bishop walked to face the girl once more. His enormous, sagging belly was disgusting, she thought, but she persisted in straining her neck to pay heed to their demands.

       “Did you feel proud to be initiated tonight, my sweet?” the man asked the girl.

       She nodded ascent, unable to speak.

       “Does your heart feel good that youre doing the Lords work?” he asked again.

       Once more, the tiny brunette nodded fiercely, tears now flowing from her eyes.

       “It is our clerical decision,” the bishop said as he looked over at the vicar stirring the coals with the poker, “that you serve the Lord, and his ministers, as a sodomite…” he continued.

       The girl could not know what he meant by these words and she looked at him quizzically through her tear-filled eyes. Sobs came from her throat and gasping breathes kept her from hearing the vicar tell the bishop… “Its ready!”

       The man stood with the hot poker from the fireplace. The red glow could be felt from more than two feet away as he slowly walked toward the girl. The bishop lowered his fat body to the floor and spread the girls legs to attach her ankles to the straps on the cross. The bearing weight on her wrists was finally lifted as she was attached.

       With a terrible effort the bishop regained his footing and stood back from her naked body. The vicar came closer with the glowing metal. His free hand reached down to her clitoris and he took hold of the gold ring, ripping it from her body.

       The scream that issued from her tortured body could be heard halfway through the convent. Even the ball gag could not conceal the torment that was her torn flesh. He reached father back and pulled the second ring from her perineum. Again, the shriek was enough to shatter most crystal.

       Blood issued from both the wounds and Bridgettes body shook with the shock of the torture and pain. She could not see through the fog in her eyes, but could feel the heat of the poker between her legs as it neared.

       Suddenly, with a terror that could only come from Satans hell, the metal was plunged deep into her pussy, searing the flesh and hissing as the blood from her wounds dripped onto the hot metal rod.

       With shock setting in, the girl lost all consciousness and her head flopped backward. Her only respites from the pain lie in her bodys inability to cope with it.

       Laughing, the man pulled the poker from her seared cunt and stuck it back in the fiery coals. One more application, they thought and her pussy would be sealed to all men. Only her ass or mouth was to be left intact.

       They drank more wine and poured more drugs as they waited for the iron to regain its evil heat. While they waited, they masturbated themselves, knowing that their preference for anal sex was now forced on anyone partaking of Bridgettes body… provided she survived the infections that would undoubtedly set in.

       The nun, still unconscious, would not feel the second application of the rod. The metal burned her clitoris to a charred stump and seared her labia, literally melting the flesh together. She was spared the anguish, as the deed was performed without her conscious knowledge. Only a jerk and a moan gave the two evil men the satisfaction they sought from her further torment.

       When morning broke, Sister Selene was the first to find them. Both men were still unconscious from overdosing themselves with the opiate and snoring loudly from the large bed. Sister Bridgette, still hanging on the cross, appeared lifeless and cold in the half light. As Selene tried to rouse the poor girl, she stepped in something wet. She looked closely at the dark floor and noticed the glint of light shimmering on a large puddle of blood surrounding the base of the cross. It steamed as it pooled against the hearth. She quickly grabbed the nuns ashen face and slapped it, hoping for a response. There was none.

       Enraged at what the men had done to one of her new sisters, Selene picked up the poker theyd placed back into the hot coals. Picking it up, she saw that it still glowed an amber shade. She turned toward the men and walked quietly toward the bed. With a swordsmans precision, the older woman slammed the glowing poker into the left eye of the vicar. The melting orb gave way as his mouth opened to scream, only to be silenced by the metals advance through his brain. With a shudder of his entire body, he fell silent and limp. The bishop stirred and groggily awoke from his slumber. His first sight was that of his partners head impaled with the smoking, steaming iron.

       The bishop struggled to get his fat body off the opposite side of the bed. “How DARE you!” he screamed as her. The man came at her as she struggled to pull the poker from the vicars eye socket. He grabbed her from behind, tearing her habit off and leaving it lying on the floor.  She fought him off well enough, as he still suffered effects of the wine and drug, but in doing so, dropped the iron completely. She broke free of his grasp and ran toward the door. His awkward attempts to follow caused him to slip in the blood, allowing her escape.

       Sister Selene, in terror for her life, ran from the room and toward Mother Superiors chambers. She knocked, gasping for breath and shaking with fear. Finally, she burst into the bedchamber, finding the old nun being comforted by the tongue of another young novitiate.

       Sitting up, the woman looked sternly at Selene. “What could be so important?!” she demanded.

       Selene, still catching her breath, looked down at the floor. “I… I… think shes dead…” she stammered, glancing back over her shoulder continuously.

       “WHO?!” shouted the Mother.

       “Bridgette!” she cried as the weight of her own actions began to sink in. She started to sob and shook terribly. Tears filled her eyes and ran down the high-boned cheeks of her pretty Latina face.

       “Leave us!” the old nun ordered the girl. The youngster crawled meekly from the bed and made her way to the door. She dashed through it and off to her room.

       The woman climbed out of bed and donned her habit, buttoning only the top button, as was the custom within the convent walls. She took Selene aside and sat her in a chair. “Tell me what you saw.” She said calmly.

       Selene explained what had happened and the rage that pushed her to killing the vicar. She kept looking over her shoulder, knowing that the bishop would burst through the door with his own version of events.

       Before long, the yelling of a male voice was heard in the courtyard. Limping and barefoot, the bishop was making his way to the Mothers office, his outer cassock merely wrapped around his shoulders. The two women watched through the small window. Sister Selene stared at the man in terror.

       “Come, my child,” the older woman comforted her, “go to your room and lock the door. I will take care of this matter.”

       Selene looked both ways down the long corridor before leaving the Mothers room. She hastened to her own chamber several doors away, ducking inside and bolting the lock from inside. She sat on the bed and cried.

Sister Miriam

       The evening wound down slowly for the Countess and her small crowd of minions. Her late arrival left her energized for more partying than the others. As she sat at the table, she eyed the voluptuous Latina nun lasciviously. Her own blonde hair would contrast nicely against the coal-black hair of her lovely purchase, she thought. As her young entourage grew more and more boisterous, she edged over toward the nun by trading seats and laid her hand on the girls brown thigh.

       “Is there anything here that suits your fancy?” she asked the nun. She looked over the young teens giggling and making faces at one another around the table.

       The girl looked back at the woman with her deep, dark eyes and smiled. “I could get used to anything…” she replied coyly, feeling the juices in her pussy starting to run from her cunt. She returned the favor of her own hand caressing the womans thigh through her gilt dress. Toasting one another with another glass of wine, the two women stood. The younger members looked at her quizzically and stood up one by one, willing to follow her wherever she led them.

       Having paid the vast amount of gold for her prize, the Countess and her group were afforded the most luxurious cabin on the grounds. They strolled to it nonchalantly, holding hands between themselves and with the young “fishes” in their company.

       When they opened the door, they found the room lit by several candelabras and stocked with a case of wine, several bottles of laudanum, bowls of fruit and pastries and the elaborate contraptions that greeted the other donors. The room had been heated to a comfortable temperature for nudity by the well-stoked fire. The armoire here, as in the other room, was filled with devices of pleasure and pain, most notably two leather harnesses fitted with smoothly finished wooden cocks. Two chamber pots were fitted into the corner near the wooden chair.

       The youngsters immediately went to taste the pastries and look through the devices in the armoire. A young girl pulled out a whip and slapped it teasingly on another girls back. “Oh, whip me, mistress!” the girl squealed in a playful tone as she flung herself onto the large, down mattress.

       “Enough for now!” the woman said in a stern voice. “Undress…” she told them. Each of the youngsters pulled their golden wrap off and placed it on a stand near the door. They stood naked as if unaware that there was another, more proper method of dress. The Countess unfastened her neckline and a simple belt and flung the large garment toward the children. They caught it and gently laid it out over the stand with their cloths.

       Sister Miriam stood in disbelief at the sight of the womans immaculate body. She was a stunningly beautiful woman with full, round breasts and an hourglass shape. Her pink areolas were capped with rigid, darker nipples that stood out like knobs from her breasts. Her pubis, like the nuns, was hairless and smooth, accentuated by the slight cleft in the front that would lead to the nub of her pleasure. Kicking off her shoes, the graceful woman walked to the bed, reclining in a way to show Miriam the hot, steamy slit of her wanton sex.

       “Join me…” she said softly to the young nun. The sweet nuns dark eyes sparkled as she approached the naked woman. Her stare took in all the beauty that was about to meld with her own. Lust poured from her as she slid onto the soft, warm bed.

       “Remember, my sweet Countess…” the girl said as she nestled her face into the womans neck and hair, “all your sins will be put onto me and I will pay the price for them… gladly…” she added wickedly.

       The woman began to lose interest in anything but her Latin goddess as she let her probe her fingers and hands wherever they might land. Miriam felt each of the hard nipples on her new owner and leaned her head down to suckle the marvelous flesh.

       The younger members of her troupe began to pair off and play games of their own as the two women lost themselves in erotic pleasures. The Countess raised her head onto a pillow to enable her to see the lovely, dark eyes of her possession as she stared at her over the mound of her pubis. The young nun buried her tongue deep in the fragrant folds of her new mistress and savored the delicious taste.

       Countess moaned with heavenly delight as she let the skillful girl work her magic on her genitals. The sight of that raven hair spread across her blonde thighs was a marvelous sight, she thought to herself. The girls pointed tongue traded stabs at her hard clitoris and the hardening lips of her slippery labia. Occasionally she would dart it deep into the womans vagina, lifting her to a new height of pleasure.

       As the Countess closed her eyes, she felt the nuns hands pushing at the backs of her thighs. She opened her legs further and raised her legs in answer to the pressure. As she did, the dark, wrinkled entrance to her ass came within range of Miriams skilled tongue.

       “Yes, my sweet,” the woman sighed with passion, “lick me there…” her voice trailed off as the nun was already beginning to sate her darker lust. The young girl opened her mouth fully and planted her full, red lips around the puckered sphincter. She sucked it into her mouth as best she could before once more pointing her tongue and demanding entrance in the womans most private of places.

       “Ahhhh…” the older woman sighed as she attempted to relax completely and give access to the hole. “Eat it…” she said softly, encouraging Miriam to plunge her tongue in to its full length.

       The nun was dutifully licking the inside of the blondes rectum, poking and cleansing it, trailing her saliva deep into the asshole of her delirious lover. She yearned to taste even more of the woman and seemed to try to enter the womans bowel head first. The nuns hands circled around the womans thighs and went to her smooth, flat stomach. From there, they slithered downward to tease and toy with the rock-hard clitoris that begged for more attention. With her tongue fully impaled in the Countess asshole, and her fingers playing erotic tunes for her starved cunt, the nun drove the woman over the edge and into heaven.

       The Countess bucked her hips wildly, grabbing her own tits and pinching the dark, hard nipples flat. She pulled on them as she shrieked in orgasm, tossing to and fro until she placed her hands on Miriams head and tried to push her away from her tingling twat.

       Gasping for breath, the two women slithered next to each other once again. Countess looked at her lovers face glisten with a mixture of cunt and ass, mixed with a generous portion of her own saliva. She leaned over and licked the girls face, relishing the depravity of the act. As they relaxed in each others arms they looked around the room. The youngsters had paired off quite evenly, one boy to one girl and either lay in the throes of fornication, or sucked one another to their limits of pleasure.

       One boy, in particular, was extremely well-endowed for his age. His eight inch penis bobbed in his young partners face as she attempted to suck his balls into her mouth.

       “He will be very popular in a few years…” Miriam said jokingly to the woman.

       “Carlo, come here…” the Countess said to the boy. He stood and his long, erect prick stood out from his slender groin. His partner pouted at the interruption, but crawled over to a nearby couple and joined in sucking that boys cock without further thought.

       The young male approached, led by the lengthy penis. He crawled up onto the bed and kissed the Countess breasts as a greeting. Saying nothing he knelt with his penis pointed at her. The woman smiled and reached down to stroke the mighty tool. “He does have a great deal of potential…” she said laughingly.

       “Have you ever had one so young and virile?” she asked Miriam.

       With a coy grin, Miriam replied, “No, my lady…” she said, “but theres always a first time, isnt there?”

       “Why dont you fuck the good Sister?” the Countess asked the boy. It was more of a demand than a question and the boy eagerly crawled over the womans legs toward the nuns. Sister Miriam looked at his penis as he knelt on all fours above her, licking at her breasts. She reached to touch it and was amazed as to how hard it felt in her delicate hand.

       She reached down and unfastened the clip on her chastity strap, tossing it to the nightstand. She opened her legs fully and pulled her labia open for the boy to see. With a sheepish grin, he leaned forward sliding the length of his slender, long cock into her vagina. The pain of being deflowered earlier did not even come to mind as Miriam began to arch her body to meet his thrusts.

       Looking down her body she could see the length of her meaty assailant. The boy was able to lift himself a good five inches above her belly… and she could still feel hed never left her vagina. Miriam arched her back in order to feel the slender length of his cock as it scraped across her stiff, purple clitoris. Her own juices kept her from chafing with the constant assault. “Oh, my……” the woman moaned, her breasts jutting toward the ceiling, the dark nipples pointing skyward.

       Sister Miriams mind lost track of her movements and she froze in mid-stride. Carlo looked down at the naked nuns luscious body. He doubled his efforts and forced his long prick into parts, of which the nun was unaware. He forced his hips forward with a vigor that saw the nuns head being slammed against the headboard. Sister Miriam seemed not to notice the pain as the call from her cunt was far more important. She allowed the onslaught to continue for almost a minute before the first audible breath again escaped her body. With a hollow exhale, Miriams mind and body were a million miles away. The sky was green and she was flying through it like a blade through butter.

       Flashes of light seemed to bounce behind her eyes as she slowly began to breathe more normally.  Her heart rate slowed slightly, but felt erratic.

       The Countess smiled at her young stud, knowing he had not spilled his seed, though he was only a moment away. She looked at him with a knowing smile. “Why dont you show the good Sister what youre most popular for, Carlo?” the woman said while eyeing the girls buttocks.

       Miriam was only semi-conscious as she felt the boys hands on her hips, rolling her to get hold of her ass cheeks. She submissively offered no resistance as he flipped her onto her stomach. She smiled to herself, knowing that the pleasure would be in the slender size of his cock. It would take no effort to allow a long, willowy tool like his up ones asshole.

       The Countess, her arms now encircling her lover, cooed into the nuns ear, “There is no end to the benefits of joining me, my love…” she offered.

       The girl, taken aback by the blatant attempt to lure away from the convent, looked at the woman in surprise, almost unaware of the tip of the boys penis slipping into her anus. She tried to think straight.

       “My lady,” she started, “I must serve my true master, the Church…” the young nun replied.

       A boisterous laugh escaped the womans body. “And who, do you think, supports the lurid ways of the clergy and the landholders, the bishops and cardinals?” she asked sarcastically. “The monks begging through the streets?” she added. “You certainly dont believe its the nuns of other orders that sit with their tin cups and wait for the benevolent coin?”

       Miriams eyes rolled to the top of her head. She gagged momentarily as the young prick reached the entrance to her colon. Not knowing an answer to the Countess question, the woman allowed her second massive orgasm take hold. This time, with the relative tightness of Sister Miriams asshole, Carlo began to spew his seed into her welcoming shit hole.

       The contortions her sphincter went through allowed her to milk the youngsters stiff dick thoroughly. He gasped and pounded against her butt in increasing speed, feeling himself drain as his sac emptied and his passion dulled.

       “FUCK ME!” the naughty nun exclaimed as she began to feel herself come back to earth. “That was the most amazing thing Ive ever felt…” she told the woman.

       “And if you come home with me,” she taunted, “youll be treated this way every day.”

       “No, my lady, no…” the girl pleaded, in fear for her immortal soul, “a lack of redemption for the grievous sins of the flesh and breaking my vow to the Church would mean eternal damnation!” she begged.

       The woman snapped back. “I AM THE CHURCH!!!” she yelled. “Me and hundreds of other “donors” that control what they tell you, what they teach you…” she told the nun. “You are here because of ME… you are a nun because of ME… you are my slave for the next two days… because of ME!”

       Miriam assumed the position of a submissive in response to the womans tirade. She cowered and trembled as the woman spoke. “But, Madame, I simply cannot…” she pleaded.

       The woman cast aside the sheets that covered her legs. She stood and looked around the room. “Gather your things, and dress me,” she bellowed at the young people still engaged in their sexual games, “we leave tonight!” she added for good measure.

       Miriam, still stunned, watched as the youngsters grabbed the womans dress and waited for her to slip into it. She gathered her senses and shook the sensations of her last fucking from her mind.

       Not wanting to raise the ire of her Orders hierarchy, and not wanting eternal damnation for lack of a confessor, the poor nun was caught in a massive dilemma. Finally, the Countess, buttoning her dress and sitting on the bedside, gave the girl one last chance.

       “I control the habits and movements of several of the clergy,” she told her, “they do NOTHING without my knowledge or consent. Concerning your “forgiveness”… I will arrange a weekly confession and penance session to be carried out by a cardinal, if you so desire…” the woman went on. Think of your move as a means to help “save” these young peoples souls… you can take on their sins, which will be many…” she said smiling, “you will only be carrying out the wishes of the Church in a slightly different manner.”

       “Yes…” she said softly. “Yes, I will go with you…” she repeated, “Im sure Mother Superior would agree if she knew I was carrying on the traditions of the Order.”

       “Indeed…” the woman said with a grin of satisfaction. The nuns capitulation reduced her ire and softened her resolve. She unfastened the buttons once more and let her minions pull the dress off her shoulders, refolding it and laying it back on the stand. Countess climbed back onto the bed and covered the young womans body with her own, rolling her to her back and covering her mouth with her hot, open mouth. “You will not regret your decision…” the woman said to Miriam as she let her hands roam the velveteen skin of the dark Latina.

       Miriam felt small hands parting her legs and realized that a young girl was eagerly wedging her body between those of both women to gain access to their pussies. The Countess pressed her hips back into the sweet, young face, paying no heed as to which one it was. The girl dipped her tongue from one bald pussy to the other, ravishing each with her savage tongue. Both women became lost in the groping, kissing frenzy that ensued and rewarded the licking girl with mouthfuls of their steamy juices.

       Between orgasms, the women drank wine and small doses of laudanum. They provided the same to the young troupe who kept up in stamina, if not in grace. During the course of the night, the Countess assured Sister Miriam that any “impregnation” fears would be dealt with by one of her own personal physicians. The nun felt free to allow each of the boys to empty his balls deep in her vagina. She would then have one of the young females bathe her pussy inside and out with wine and then lick it clean. She provided each girl with lessons in cunnilingus that left them clawing at the soft bed for more.

       As morning broke, the sound of an insane madman screaming in the courtyard awoke Sister Miriam. She found a child laying on either side of her, the Countess next to one with a child on her other side. One was lying like a prize hound across the foot of the bed and a young couple shared the large, comfortable chair in fetal-like positions.

       She slipped from the sheets and walked to the window, peering into the courtyard. The sight of the partially clad bishop hammering on the Mothers office door was a curiosity that seemed comical to the nun. She wondered if he was simply upset with the performance of young Bridgette, or if he wanted more wine for an early morning continuation.

       Paying no heed, the nun slipped back between the warm, welcoming sheets and bodies. She had another day of sexual adventure left with the Countess before they would leave the convent and wanted to enjoy it. The implements of torture had not even come into conversation, but knew there would be more to experience with her wonderful new owner. She leaned across the boys head between them and kissed the woman on the forehead. Stirring only momentarily, Countess smiled in her sleep and rolled into the arms of the girl on her right. Miriam reached down, taking hold of the boys penis next to her. His piss-hard cock was a joy to the nun. She jacked it slowly as she attempted to return to her slumber.

The next chapter will deal with the “Trial of Sister Selene” and the new life Sister Miriam finds carved out for her under the Countess control. Thank you for reading… a positive review is always appreciated.

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