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A New Life

Part 11

Chapter 33

       The Lady Beth decided that Sheila would be put in “storage” for a few days; at least until her bruises had healed sufficiently to allow her to take the abuse that returning to duty as house slut would garner.  She was secured on a bed in her cell; wrists, ankles and collar locked to cables anchored to the floor. All were padded to protect the skin.  A hood insured that ear buds would stay in place and that her eyes were looking at the image projected on the screen mounted on the ceiling.

       Remarkably, Tuesday was present to watch the process of putting Sheila into storage.  The beautiful redhead stood in one corner of the small room as the Roscoes efficiently went through the process.  Occasionally one or the other of the huge men would glance at her and grin, but little was said.  Sheila was silent through the ordeal, her attitude more resigned.  As they finished John leaned down close to her ear and said:

       “It's just for a few days; until you've healed enough.  The decision will be made by then.  This training will be good practice for you regardless of which way she decides.  Are you going to learn to be a good little cock sucker and ass fucker?”  She nodded, smiling around the soft plastic penis in hr mouth.

       “Yes Master.  This slut will be a good little whore for you and Master Joe.”  She replied. Joe leaned down and surprised her by giving her a gentle kiss on her temple.

       “Whores get paid for it.  You're going to do it because you love it.  Just like Tuesday” Joe said after his lips left her skin.  She nodded.  They dimmed the lights and left the room, Tuesday walking between them, her quirt gently swaying as she walked.

Chapter 34

       They returned to the Lady Beth's domain where the Lady motioned for Tuesday to lie face down on a padded massage table.  Her wrists and ankles were secured as usual, but her face rested in an oval cradle.  A strap across the base of her skull insured immobility.  Another strap crossed her upper back.  Tuesday felt the cool sensation of liquid being spread across the base of her neck.  She smelled Betadine and wondered what would happen.  A burning sensation grew from the area where her neck joined her shoulders, low enough that her collar wouldn't irritate it.  She felt another pain as something stuck into her skin, she could feel the tightness of her skin from whatever was poking her.  The poking stopped but the tightness remained.  Another stinging as the Lady Beth applied surgical adhesive to the small incision she had made.  Tuesday's RFID tracking chip was installed.  Tracking transceivers were mounted at all entry points throughout the facility, in each room and at measured points along each hallway.  A computerized tracking system kept tabs on all chipped assets continually.  This allowed immediate access for those authorized to check the surveillance system and watch any asset in real time or review recorded views of previous activities.  It wasn't a cheap system.

       Tuesday guessed what was being done.

       “Mistress?”  Tuesday asked.

       “What?”  The Lady Beth asked in a suspicious tone.  Tuesday remembered the admonition against questions.  Her observation of Sheila's storage just moments before quenched her curiosity.

       “Please excuse this slut for speaking, Mistress.”  Tuesday replied.  Smiling, the Lady Beth began cleaning off the Betadine.

Chapter 35

       Since Tuesday was tagged, had met the residents and had an assigned responsibility; she was given more freedom to move about the facility.  Everyone, including Charles and Christine was required to exercise a minimum of an hour a day.  During the days prior to her introduction she worked out in the exercise room accompanied only by Sheila or another assistant.  Now she was allowed to use it at any time; as was everyone else.  Charles and Christine worked out in their own suite, but dropped by occasionally to watch the rest. 

       This gave her ample opportunity to be used by everyone.  The hour minimum rule was strictly enforced, so any dalliance to sample Tuesday's delightful talents had to be made up in exercise time.  But freed from the threat of amputations and a life as “a bag of fuckholes” as Sheila described it; Tuesday was able to revel in the life of house slut.  Her clit was still locked away, being constantly stimulated and her pussy was still sealed behind golden rings.  That left her with a talented mouth and an asshole that was still being trained for an additional hour each day.  She became a constant joy for the residents; receiving stripes only for their enjoyment, never as punishment.  Her pussy leaked its' fluid past the locked labia, streaming down her legs; a puddle under her kneeling form a common sight.

       Tuesday stepped into the exercise area as Don and Howie stepped out of the showers, finished with their workout.  Don grinned at Howie and received a smile and a nod in return.  Don grasped Tuesday's arm and gently led her over to a padded exercise horse.

       “Good morning Ms Tuesday.”  Don said lightly, smiling.

       “Good morning Mr. Donald.  Good Morning Mr. Howard.”  She replied with a grin.

       “Front or back?”  Howie asked Don.

       “Back, of course.  At least to start.  Want to do a stick and swap?” Don replied.

       “Works for me.”  Howie answered, showing a mouthful of beautiful teeth. 

       Tuesday draped herself over the horse, spreading her legs widely.  She spread her ass cheeks to accommodate Don and opened her mouth for Howie's tool to find its delightful place.  Don had found some oil from somewhere, applied it to his shaft and slipped inside Tuesday's ass.  Howie watched as Tuesday pressed her nose against his loins.  Her tongue and sucking mouth brought a grin back to his face.

       “Wonderful!”  Howie exclaimed.

       “She's delicious!”  Don answered.  A few yards away, Master Joe on an exercise bike and Master John on a rowing machine watched, also grinning.  Their turn would come next. As Tuesday fucked Howie's cock with her throat she could feel the quirt swaying from her collar.  Maybe one of them would tickle her ass or tits with it?

Chapter 36

       It was decided to leave Sheila “in the dark”, both literally and figuratively for a while longer.  Tuesday, however, received a change in responsibility.  Her enthusiasm for her position was so impressive that it was decided that her training would be incorporated into her house slut activities.  Stripes would still be a determinant of her performance, but now she had to beg FOR them.  She would find herself kneeling, groveling not just to be used sexually, but abused as well.

       “Turn around. Slowly.”  The Lady Beth instructed.  Tuesday was standing before her, undergoing her daily inspection.  “Right sole.”  Tuesday obediently lifted her right foot to reveal the lines delivered earlier.  “Left sole.”  The other foot was decorated similarly.  “Up.”  The Lady Beth indicated the examination chair.  Tuesday dutifully climbed in and watched the straps being applied.  As the Lady was finishing up, the Toymaker appeared, carrying a box.

       “New toys for the slut.”  He said, presenting the box to the Lady Beth.  She opened the box and glanced over the contents.

       “Nice.  I'm sure she'll hate them.”  The Lady responded.

       “Well, at first she probably will.  Hopefully they'll grow on her.”  He replied.

       “Some of these look like they might grow, sure enough.”  She laughed.  “This is gonna hurt.”  She said holding up a small cylinder.

       “Yep.  I figure it will.  For at least as long as she is wearing it...maybe even after it's removed.”  He said.

       “And this?”  She said indicating a strange device attached to some tubing.

       “Ahh yes.  The scrubber.  And this…” He pointed to a bottle containing some grayish liquid “Is the antiseptic.  It should be diluted.  You know the strengths, I believe.”  She nodded in response. “There is a video on the server on how to utilize it. Perhaps in conjunction with a more vigorous training level.”

       “You mean you don't want me to use all of them together?” She asked, jokingly.

       “Not the first time.  The point is to acclimate her to each of them.  Maybe all together later.  But the scrubber is really a limited use item.  I suspect that it will be pretty intense.”  He told her.

       “Intense?  A cattle prod against the cervix is intense.  She would probably like that compared to this!”  The Lady said, now laughing.  She gave the Toymaker a gentle nudge in the ribs with an elbow.  “You're really a sick fucker, you know that?”  He grinned.

       “So you don't want to use these little goodies?”  He asked.

       “Oh heavens. I can hardly wait. I'm at least as sick as you are.  Hell, I'm thinking about giving you a blow job just for thinking up these little toys.”  She said, still laughing.  The Toymaker's eyes grew wide and he turned to look at Tuesday.

       “SHE offered me a blow job!”  He exclaimed, shocked at the thought.  “I thought you only went for pussy.  And management pussy at that.”

       “You're management.  And sometimes you can be a pussy, too.”  She teased.  “I'll get the Roscoes to hold you down while I blow you.”  He grimaced at that thought.

       “You don't need the Rosoces.  I'll cum quietly.” He grinned at the joke.  “Or at least peacefully.  Would you care for a gentle poking first?”

       “Maybe.”  She replied.  “Would you mind if I closed my eyes, though?  Those things scare me when they get too close.”

       “What about the Roscoes?”  He asked.  She shuddered.

       “I have nightmares after just watching them fuck someone.”  She said and shuddered again.  “You're quite large enough, thank you.”

       “Tonight, then?”  He asked.

       “You're serious?”  She asked in return.

       “I never joke about sex.  At least not about scheduling it. Don't let your lips write a check your tongue can't cash.” He answered, grinning.

       “Hmm.  Maybe.  Your place or mine?” She inquired.

       “Mine.  I have better toys.”  He said.  Her eyebrows went up at that.

       “I'm sure you do.”  She replied.  With that he winked at Tuesday and left. 

       The Lady Beth stirred around in the contents of the box, examining the toys that the Toymaker had made.  Tuesday had a large knot growing in her stomach.  The exchange didn't sound too inviting.  The Lady turned and looked at her captive.

       “I think you already know the plan.  The goal is to turn you into a true pain slut.  You're already well on the way.  So we're just going to finish the job properly.  There will be pain, but also pleasure.  Up until now you haven't been allowed to have an orgasm.  Now, at certain times, you will.  Sometimes you'll have a lot of them.  Eventually you'll only be able to orgasm accompanied with pain.  And you're going to want to cum a lot.  The Mistress is good at it. You have a lot to look forward to.  I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.  So will you.”  She smiled at Tuesday, but Tuesday still wasn't convinced.

       The Lady pulled a stool over between Tuesday's spread thighs and pulled a cart with the box of toys over next to it.  She sat down, examining the pussy displayed before her.  The rings held the labia closed, though fluid seeped out past the swollen lips.  She tapped the hard shell of the clit shield.

       “This thing keeping you horny?”  She asked

       “Yes, mistress.  Very.”  Tuesday replied.

       “Good.  That's the point.  You're going to keep wearing it for a while, but you get to use this thing as well.”  She flicked the rings with a finger.  The Lady Beth began removing the rings from the labia, replacing them with individual bars.  When she completed that task she picked up a speculum and gently parted the lips.  Tuesday was already soaked; extra lubrication wasn't necessary. The Lady wiped the ends of the speculum around, picking up the natural lube and introduced it between the labia.  Tuesday relaxed her muscles and the speculum slid in easily.  The Lady turned a wheel and the sections parted, revealing the glistening, pink interior.  She picked up a small, curious circular item and examined it.  Tuesday couldn't see it, so she didn't try.  Another small device was fitted to the circle.  The Lady looked carefully at the sharp prongs curled around towards the inside of the circle.  Two plastic bars crossed over the center of the circle; small spikes protruded from the underside of each.  At the center where they crossed another, longer, thicker but blunter spike protruded out.  The circle itself was of a gleaming, grey-white metal.  Everything but the points themselves was polished smooth.  The Lady guided the circle with the inserter, manipulating it to surround the cervix; the center spike slightly sliding into the opening itself.  Tuesday squirmed and jerked as the circle was pushed home, the ring fitting tightly around the protuberance, the claws sinking into the soft flesh.  The Lady picked up a sound and pressed against the crossed bars in the circle.  They flexed, and as the spikes sank into the sensitive spot Tuesday gasped.  The center spike served to fuck the opening of the cervix itself. The spikes weren't sharp enough to cut, but certainly sharp enough to feel. After a half dozen or so large, energetic cocks battering it, that little nubbin would be sore for sure.

       The Lady removed the speculum and reached around to release the belt.  She examined the piercings which were healing nicely; and cleaned up the area.  The Lady removed the curved bar in the Isabella and replaced it with one slightly thicker, longer and with much larger balls on the ends.  The deep hood piercing received a larger and heavier one as well. She replaced the tickler with a larger one to stimulate the clit even more and then refastened the belt.  The straps were removed and the Lady motioned for Tuesday to rise.

       “Walk around.  Move. Bend, squat, kneel.  Tell me what you feel in different positions.”  The Lady told her.  Tuesday got up and obeyed her mistress.  She bent over, twisted around, squatted; knelt.  At once point when she squatted down close to the floor Tuesday winced.  Also when she bent over and twisted.

       “Mistress, it hurts in a few positions...but not terribly.” Tuesday said.

       “Is it a sensual pain...or just hurts?”  The Lady asked.

       “It hurts.  It feels strange.  It isn't a turn on.  I feel the bars in my piercings move around.”  Tuesday replied.

       “Hmm.  Okay.  That'll work.  Because eventually I want you to be able to cum from a toothache.”  The Lady stated.  Tuesday frowned at that.

       “Will this slut be given a toothache, mistress?”  Tuesday asked and suddenly remembered about questions.  “This slut is sorry, mistress.  Questions are forbidden.  It's hard sometimes to remember.”  Tuesday said apprehensively.

       “That's alright.  This time.  And no, I don't plan on giving you a toothache.”  The Lady answered.  “Now it's time to go do your chores.”  The Lady motioned to the door.

       “Yes, mistress.  Thank you mistress.”  Tuesday said.  The Lady looked puzzled.  “For your kindness.”  Tuesday filled her in.  The Lady smiled.

       “Carry on.”  She said. And Tuesday left.

       Tuesday had daily chores as well now.  All assets were required to perform cleaning and similar maintenance duties as well as their slave duties.  Recording for sale wasn't done everyday, nor did visitors come to enjoy the pleasures available daily.  It was a big place so cleaning was a constant activity. 

       Tuesday was assigned to the common area showers and toilets.  Generally her wrists were cuffed behind her; a cleaning brush attached to a cock gag strapped into her mouth with a head harness.  When someone wished to avail themselves of Tuesday's delights they would remove the harness for her to beg, plead and grovel for her punishment and fucking.  Some simply removed the harness and plugged their cocks into her mouth or held their pussy against it, using the quirt to slash her ass.  She would also beg for them to use her mouth as their urinal before they left...which most did.  Once she had spent a few hours in the toilet, she went in search of more candidates.  Each doorway had a red and a green led set discretely in the door frame.  Areas restricted to her would signal with a soft chime and a red led.  If she proceeded past the area someone probably the Roscoes would retrieve her none too gently.  She found a restricted area and walked up to it until the chime sounded and backed away.  She expected that whoever was in the monitoring office would see her, so she did this several times.  When she figured that they were watching she sank down onto her knees, pulling her labia apart.  She thumped the clit protector and cupped her hand to catch the fluid running out of her pussy and licked her palm.  Then she looked up at the cameras and grinned at the viewer. 

       “MMMmmm.  This is so good.  Would you come down here and whip me?  And fuck me?  Please?”  She ground her ass against the floor.  “I need a good whipping.  And a good fucking.  Please?  You haven't fucked me enough.  Please?”   She would use the quirt to slash her breasts and moan, then lick her lips and her palm; renewing the flavoring sauce. She continued the action until, sure enough, one of the video techs showed up.

       “Seems like the little house slut is horny.”  He said.  He grinned at her, she grinned back.

       “The house slut needs a good hard fucking.  There seems to be a shortage of hard cocks around here.  Perhaps you can help.  Would you be so kind as to whip my tits and ass.  Then give me a good hard fucking?  You're Master Chuck, I believe.”  She asked.  She offered the quirt to him.  He took it.

       “Mr. Chuck.” He corrected. “Lean back.”  He said. She leaned back, supporting herself with her hands on the floor. He checked the nipple piercings then gave a smooth, light slash across her breasts.  He followed it with another, backhand.  His swings increased in strength, the lines forming across the mounds.  He moved up to just under her neck; then back down to the tops of her breasts.  He pinched one nipple, holding it up and stretching the boob so that the skin on the underside was tight.  He began slashing the underside, holding the nipple over so that the middle flesh was exposed.  She softly moaned continuously, eyes closed.  The tech dropped the nipple and pinched the other one, hard.  He twisted as he lifted and continued stroking the quirt across and around.  Once he had assured himself that both breasts were thoroughly stimulated he pushed against her chest until she was on her back.  Chuck put her left ankle next to her left ear; she automatically followed with the other one.  She reached down and spread her pussy open.

       “This cunt has been naughty.  It needs to be punished.  Please?”  She asked.  He grinned and knelt down in front of her.  She grasped the back of her knees and pulled herself even further over, exposing her ass hole, squirming to spread her cheeks even more.  He grinned and swung the quirt.  The slash made her gasp.

       “Thank you.  Another please?”  She asked.  Another slash.  “Ahhh...more, please.  Can you make me cum? Please?”

       “I'll try.”  He said.  And try he did.  But she wasn't ready to cum from just whipping her asshole and pussy so finally he dropped his shorts and plunged his cock into her soaking, burning cunt.  The end of his cock hammered the ring on her cervix.  She gasped and cried out; the mixture of pleasure and pain conflicting within her mind.  The larger tickler did its job, stroking and teasing her clit as Chuck pounded away.  The new bars in her piercings flopped back and forth as she was pounded. The rubbing on the inside of the root of her clitoris produced new sensations. Tears flowed down past her ears as he filled her cunt, her cervix spasming from the spikes while the tickler worked its magic on her clit. 

       She came first; she grabbed him, holding him to her, bucking her hips back against him.  Her intensity sent him over the top, filling her with his fluid, adding to the soaking mess in her cunt.  He relaxed, laying on her, until at last he pulled out and rolled over onto the floor.  She sat up and immediately took his cock into her mouth, cleaning it and sucking on it until he pushed her head away.

       “Enough.  I'm too sensitive right now.”  Chuck told her.  “You really are phenomenal.”  She grinned at him lifted the hand that had been cupping her pussy, catching the torrent that flowed.  She put the palm to her lips and put the other hand back down to catch more of it.  She continued grinning as she harvested the results of their fucking.

       “And together we're delicious.”  She said, licking at her hand.  “Don't want to waste this.  And beside, the floor has just been cleaned.”  He shook his head, marveling at the beautiful woman glowing beside him.


Chapter 37

       Tuesday was assigned the task of being one of the monitors of Sheila's storage.  Video and audio monitoring was done constantly, but a human also visited at least hourly to make sure that there weren't any problems that the remote monitoring might have missed.

       Sheila was “enjoying” several of the Toymaker's designs.  Conductive adhesive patches were attached to either side of both nipples.  Another was applied the hood of her clit.

A large phallic probe with a conductive tip was mounted in her pussy so as to maintain contact with her cervix.  A double bulb enema retention nozzle was installed in her ass.  A circular contact area on the inner bulb pressed back against her sphincter.  Her bowels were flushed several times a day; most of her nutrition was delivered through her colon by retention enema. In front of her mouth, actually sticking into her mouth; was a sensor cock.  The device registered how often and how deep the shaft went into her mouth.  A switch mounted on the flange at the end required that her lips push it hard enough to register.  The phallus was long enough that her gag reflex would be tested with every stroke.  Sensors detected how much suction and how much tongue pressure was applied.  All this combined to determine how much liquid or semi-liquid nourishment she would receive.  It would also indicate how enthusiastically she performed. 

       The conductive pads were connected to a modified Tens unit.  A lack of enthusiasm would cause her to receive a variety of shocks to encourage better performance.  The shocks would also be delivered just to punish her.  Sheila had to throat fuck herself with the phallus to prevent being shocked so often as well as to earn her food and water.  The food was a protein based smoothie, though not very favorable. tasted pretty nasty. The reward varied between the smoothie and semen provided by the males both human and non-human; and water and urine, also from the same sources as the semen.  She had no idea which one she would receive next; or how many strokes it would take for her to earn a reward.  She had to fuck herself, regardless.

       At the same time a series of videos were projected on the screen above her.   She could stroke and watch at the same time.  The earbuds provided a variety of audio lessons.  It would vary from the actual audio from the video or “motivational” lectures provided by the Lady Beth, the Mistress herself, or others.  The command to stop arrived periodically, giving her a chance to relax her burning neck muscles.  The rest period never seemed to last long enough.

       Tuesday stepped in, understanding her orders to inspect Sheila for bedsores, any raw marks from the manacles, or any other issues she might see.  She stepped up to the side near Sheila's head and looked into the girl's eyes.  Sheila, not able to hear Tuesday's approach was startled; then glanced up at the screen and back down at Tuesday.  She looked back up at the screen and Tuesday reflexively followed her gaze.  She glanced back down at Sheila who looked back toward the screen.  Something registered in Tuesday's mind and she looked back up to the ceiling.  The image puzzled her.  The image was clear, though lacking in color and was somewhat grainy, as if it was shot in a low light area. On screen a lovely pair of legs framed a pussy being fisted by its owner while another woman's wrist protruded from the asshole, her fist grinding around.  The surroundings seemed familiar, somehow; but somehow not.  Suddenly the scene registered in Tuesday's mind.  It was her hand and her pussy on the screen!  It was the first time she had been double fisted; the act occurring in a lesbian bar she had been escorted to.  She had never seen this recording before; she didn't know anyone had been recording.  It was probably taken by a cell phone, she realized.  Considering the circumstances, it wasn't such a bad recording.  Tuesday's pussy and asshole twitched at the remembrance.  A string of fluid escaped her pussy and stretched toward the floor. 

       The scene shifted to one recorded in house; Tuesday glanced down at Sheila, cheeks burning.

       “Did you enjoy it?”  Sheila asked around the cock in her mouth.  Tuesday nodded slowly.

       “Eventually. It was a shock at first.  A lot of things were.  Have you seen a lot of me up there?”  Tuesday pointed at the screen.

       “Some.  I don't know how much you've done.  But some of it must have hurt plenty.”  Sheila said.  Again Tuesday blushed.

       “ did.  Until I learned to like it.  Then I learned I needed it.  I became a pain junkie.  Pain and rough sex.  Humiliation.  Piss and gangbangs.  All of it.”  Tuesday answered.

       “Then I've got some more to see.” Sheila said.  A sharp tingle in her nipples reminded her to suck more and talk less.  She began sucking and stroking energetically. 

       Tuesday watched for a few minutes then looked up at the screen.  She wasn't the current feature so she checked Sheila's conditions and left the room.


Chapter 38

       A few hours after Tuesday left the Lady Beth stepped into Sheila's room.  The projection ceased; Sheila saw the Lady approach from the corner of her eye.  The Lady swung the phallus away from the bound girl's mouth and spoke; microphones in the room delivered her words to the earbuds.

       “The Mistress is still quite pissed.”  The Lady started.  Tears welled up in Sheila's eyes. “She has decided to give you the choice.  It is not an easy one.  Either way, you could be really fucked.”  The tears rolled down the side of Sheila's head.  “You will have until tomorrow to decide.  Here are the details.  One.  You can choose to be diminished...”  Shelia started shaking her head.  “Stop.  Do not respond until you hear the choices.  I will not accept a choice until tomorrow, anyway.”  The Lady began anew.  “You can choose to be diminished, with anesthesia, and retain all your other functionality.  You would be kept here as a compliment to Helena...sort of an almost matched set.  You would have similar duties as Helena both in the house and in the stables and kennels.  You would have to beg to be sold away...unless you really fucked up again.  You certainly have that potential.  Two.  You can be repurposed.  You would start here, tomorrow.  Your stay in storage will become very painful.  You will be trained as a paintoy fuckslut.  For the initial term, yet to be decided, you will be both a house slut and a stable slut.  Which includes the kennels. Three days a week in the house; four days a week outside. You will be a urinal for anyone.  You've been watching a little of what Tuesday went through before she came here.  You recognized her?”  Sheila nodded; silently, crying.  “She went through what she did because she enjoyed it.  You will learn to enjoy it.  Understand?”  Shelia nodded again. “ is the penalty.  I suspect that it will be worse than this, but this is the gist so far.  All without anesthesia.  You will be muted.  Either by cutting a vocal cord or injecting the larynx.  A little botox works, but it might wear off.  Other meds that will kill the nerves will also work.  They hurt.  But you won't be screaming loud enough for us to hear you.”  The Lady gave a grim smile.  “Your nipples will be removed with dental floss.”  Shelia looked puzzled.  “Extremely fine dental floss will be tied around your nipples.  Once the flesh swells you won't be able to remove it without tools.  Which you won't be able to use...because your thumbs will be dislocated and bound against the palms.  In a few weeks you'll have paws, not hands.  The nipples will die from lack of circulation.  The black scabs will be peeled off and the dead flesh cauterized. You will be circumcised.  First the clitoris will be extracted.  Not just excised with a scalpel; but pulled from your body like using a strawberry capper.  I'm sure the Toymaker has a design ready to be built.  The resulting cavity would be cauterized before being sutured shut.”  Sheila's eyes closed, a shudder went through her body.  “LOOK AT ME!”  The Lady shouted.  “Pay attention!  This isn't just some horror story to scare you.  This is what WILL happen to YOU!”  She paused while Sheila shook. “The labial lips will be removed back to a smooth surface.  The inside of your vagina will be scoured and sutured closed. All you will have will be two small holes; one to pee through and one for your menses to pass.  It will be too small for fucking; beside your cunt will have grown to itself so there won't be much in the way of a cunt behind the hole.  All you'll have to please a man with will be your ass and your mouth.  If you haven't fucked up too badly she might...MIGHT! Let you keep your tongue.  Only to bring a better return at auction.  Without a tongue you're even more limited in a whorehouse. Really fuck up and your eyeballs will be razored. You'll be sold at a no reserve auction.  If you don't know what that means that you will be sold cheap.  A whorehouse in Thailand or Bangladesh.  Maybe a throwaway to an oil sheik in the mid east.  At that point you could be cheap entertainment as a disposable body for animal games.  When you become dinner.”  The Lady paused.  Sheila was in shock.  Nothing more would get through to her.  That didn't matter, though.  It would be played back to her later, the Lady's words repeated several times through the earbuds while the image played on the screen above.  By the time the Lady came back diminishment might seem to be the better option.

Chapter 39

       The projection stopped, the sound of footsteps resonated through Sheila's earbuds.  She looked down and watched the Lady remove the abhorrent phallus from her face.

       “I guess you've thought about your decision?”  The Lady asked.  Sheila nodded.

       “Yes, mistress.”  Sheila answered.  She wished this could take longer than it would.

       “What have you decided?”  The Lady inquired.

       “To be repurposed, mistress.”  Sheila looked at the Lady's chest, but not at her face.

       “Look at me.”  The Lady said.  “Tell me your answer again.”  Sheila complied, looking into the Lady's eyes.

       “Please allow me to be repurposed. I will...this slut will succeed, mistress.”  Sheila said. The Lady looked grim.

       “I doubt that you'll make it.  But I'll be pleased if you prove me wrong.  I'd rather see you succeed than either of the alternatives.  But if you fuck up you're going to spend the rest of your days in a living hell.”  The Lady said gently.  “Your time here won't be a picnic.  Especially the first few years.”  Sheila swallowed hard.  “Your repurpose training will take a few years.  The Mistress is still really pissed.  She's going to make it hard to succeed.  That's why I don't think you will.  Do you want to change your mind?”  Sheila shook her head.

       “No, mistress.  Please retrain this slut.  Find a suitable use for her.  For it.”  Sheila spoke through tears.

       “Yes...'it' is a better adjective.  You will be treated more like an animal...or an appliance...than a human.  But it's your choice.  You're absolutely sure?”  The Lady asked again.  Sheila nodded once more.  She looked into the Lady's eyes.

       “I'll be the best damn toilet you've ever put your ass on.  You're going to think your ass has grown a tongue.”  She smiled weakly and waggled her tongue at the Lady.  The Lady smiled back.

       “Bon Appétit!”  The Lady responded.

       The Lady Beth looked up toward the ceiling. 

       “Cart!”  She spoke to no one.  Suddenly a cart was pushed in by one of the female assistants.  A variety of items decorated the top.  The adhesive patches were abruptly removed; the sting of their removal nothing compared to the replacements.  The Lady Beth squeezed Sheila's left nipple and thrust a large fish hook through the base of the areola, running the point all the way to the other edge before turning it and pulling it the point through.  Two needles went through the nipple itself.  The process was repeated on the other side.  Monofilament lines trailed off of the eyes of the hooks.  The Lady stepped down to Sheila's crotch.  Four more hooks went lengthwise through each labium, their tails pulled off to the side.  The Lady spoke to Sheila:

       “This will sting a bit.”  The Lady hurt like hell.  The clitoral hood was stretched back and the clit pinched and pulled.  It swelled and stood out while the Lady's fingers held it steady.  Another fish hook was positioned with the point at the tip of the nubbin and slowly pushed down like she was threading a worm onto the curved stainless steel.  Sheila gasped and started to scream but a single “Don't!” from the Lady made her bite her lip instead.  Blood ran down her chin as the hook was turned and the point came out the bottom close to the base.  She flinched as the Lady tugged at the line tied to the eye of the hook.  Her clitoris resembled a small piece of bait.  The shaft in her pussy that had nestled close to her cervix was removed, replaced with a worse device.  This one could move.  The end was blunt, covered with metal pyramidal points.  The front section of the device could be slowly withdrawn, pulled back against a spring by an internal thread.  The base of the shaft was connected to the hooks passing through the labia.  The lines were tightened until the points were firmly pressed against the cervix.  The unit was already cocked, as short as it would go.  When released, the  shaft would slam hard against the cervix, the points battering the sensitive spot while an electrical charge would attack the flesh.  The path of discharge would be through a clip attached to the hook in her clit.  When the device was triggered the spring would stretch the labia, holding it from moving away from its target.  The sides were inflatable to further keep it aligned.  A very nasty device.

       Her double enema bulbs were removed.  The center tube was now an inch and a half in diameter.  The side of the outer bulb that contacted her anus was ringed with sharp metal points, the inner bulb also had points but the path of conduction went through her anus. 

       The line from the clit hook was fed through a pulley and attached to a spring connected to a weight.  Any movement would cause the weight to dance about on the spring, tugging merrily on her clit.  Similar pulleys provided mounting of sprung weights for the hooks in her areola.  A thin wire was attached to each hook as well as another to a needle in each nipple.  Naturally a catheter was threaded into her bladder and the retention bulb was inflated.  A conductive retention bulb. The catheter was clamped closed.

       “Your cuisine is being changed to better reflect your new diet.”  The Lady said as she replaced the cock in Sheila's mouth.  “More piss, less water.  Your smoothie will taste pretty shitty as well.”  She paused.  “This new storage condition will last until you are healed or until the Mistress decides to return you to your new duties.  Some of the chastisements will be to help you change...some are punishment.  It doesn't really matter at this point which is which.  The intent is to make your time in here uncomfortable.  Remember.  It can easily be made to be worse.  Enjoy your suffering.  That's the real message here.  Learn to enjoy it.  It was your decision.”  Sheila nodded as much as she could with the shaft stuck into her mouth.

       “Ank oo istess.”  She mumbled.

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