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A Modern Human Dairy And Meat Farm The Orphans Barbecue

Chapter 10 Screaming And Spitting



Chapter Ten.

Screaming And Spitting.

As the Chef moves to the line of cows waiting to be spitted the crowd of
predominately women follow along in a frenzied mood,many are screaming almost as
loud as the little cows waiting bound on the spitting tables.

As Jill sits on her steel spit and slowly turning in the large glass roaster she
gets caught up in the frenzy and start to scream wildly herself. Tina and the
other girls gathered around her try to calm her as she realizes her timing is
very short and very soon the fire will be turned on in her Roaster. And she
knows everyone will be watching her turning slowly on the steel spit up her ass
with her legs splayed the wide open to show when her spread pussy with the end
of the large dildo protruding from it. She will be screaming for real as the
heat builds inside the roaster, she only hopes she can have several more orgasms
before the last big final one.

The Chef and the Mandy the girl whose little cow they are about to spit are
pressed for working room until I have some of my Catering Crew to step in and
move the crowd of women back a little. Our Chef asks Mandy if she would like to
spit the young cow herself, she screams and jumps up and down with joy. One of
my crew bring the 8 ft. stainless steel spit pole over to her and the Chef. The
Chef shows her how to take the brush with melted butter and a apply a liberal
amount on the length of the spit pole, then apply a liberal amount of the melted
butter on the little cows but hole and take her finger and open her up to get
plenty inside her ass hole to help the spit slide in easily. The little cow who
is restrained on her back with her wrist tied behind her neck and her ankles
tied to her upper thighs with her knees held spread open with a 20 in. the
spreader bar is screaming hysterically. She knows the long steel pole is being
readied to impale her ass hole. As the Chef holds the spit pole with Mandy on
the end to guide it into the little cow he motions one of my girls around to
hold the little cows head. As Mandy guides the tip of the spit into her ass hole
the large crowd of women go berserk with sexual excitement. Most of the women
are masturbating like crazy while all the upper management females have a
younger office girl kneeling between her legs and licking her wet pussy while
she screams at the top of her lungs. Many of the males also have a young female
on her knees sucking their cocks, while several others are over at the other
spitting tables getting one last blow job from the little cows waiting to be
spitted.Now I turn back to Mandy and our Chef just as Mandy has about six inches
of the two inch round pole up the screaming cows ass.Cindy a member of my
Catering Crew has dropped the end board on the spitting table which allows the
young cows head to hang over the edge where Cindy can hold it. This allows the
young cows mouth and throat to be lined up for the spit pole to exit through her
mouth, she knows what is happening and Cindy is having a hard time holding her
head. The little cows screams intensify as Mandy continued to push the spit rod
into her, Mandy now has the rod and about 18 in. up her ass. I looked around and
the females in the crowd are going nuts, there are so many fingers in tongues in
pussies I can smell the sweet erotic aroma of pussy juice hanging in the air,
you can almost stick your tongue out and taste it. I must figure a way to bottle
the stuff, from the looks of this crowd I think there is a ready market out

The Chef watches intently and directs Mandy when she seemed to hesitate in just
a little, he reminds her that this young cow has been raised for this, that she
is in human food and it is her job to repair her four cooking. Mandy not her
head in understanding and continue to force the spit pole further inside cow
young cow. The noise and screams of the crowd and all the young cows and bulls
is overwhelming, I make a mental note that the next large Cookout I will fit my
crews with walkie-talkies and head sets, as the Chef must lean over and speak
loudly into the Mandy ear for her to hear him. Cindy is still a struggling to
hold the young cows head as she screams and struggles, Mandy now has the spit
rod about two and half the into the young cow. As Mandy continues to push the
rod in the young cows screams turn to a gurgle as the tip enters her throat and
stifles her screams, the Chef motions Cindy to let him know when she can see the
end of the rod in the young cows mouth. He does this in order to slow the exit
of the rod as not to break the young cows teeth when the steel rod exits. Cindy
now indicates she can see the tip of the spit, the  Chef now assists Mandy to
finish pushing the rod until it exits the young cows mouth. I did not think the
effect crowd of females could get any louder or wilder but I was wrong, there is
total pandemonium among them now. I motion for five or six of my Catering Crew
to come over just for crowd control as the sexually crazed women have pushed in
so close the Chef and Mandy cannot finish their preparations on the young cow.
Now that the spit rod has exited the young cows mouth the Chef and structure of
Mandy continue pushing the rock through until the cross brace touches the Young
Cows knees. The 8 ft. spit pole has a 24 in. steel cross brace welded to get a
bout of 30 in. from its bottom end. As of the young cows ankles are tied tightly
to or upper thighs and her knees are spread with a bar which gives a very erotic
sight of her pussy held open with the pussy spreader and the end of the metal
dildo protruding from her pussy with of the temperature gauge on the end of it.
With her knees spread this way they are a attached to the metal cross brace
which allows her body to turn on the cooking spit otherwise the smooth steel
spit rod would simply spend inside her. The Chef ties to her knees to the cross
brace and steps back to add my his handiwork. He sees a beautiful young cow with
her wrist tied behind her neck which of this thrusting her smallish breasts out
into the two clear glass Pyrex roasting cups with her little nipples clipped to
the ends of the cups. Looking further down he sees her legs spread wide open
revealing her wide spread pussy and dildo and the spit pole protruding from her
ass hole, she makes a very sexually erotic sight. Now she is ready to go and the
Chef her race to the next table and the next young cow to be spitted.

I walk on down to where Jill is in her Live Roaster,her blonde hair is soaking
wet and her body is covered with preparation she pulled it limply with the steel
spike up her ass turning slowly in her roasting pot as she recovers from orgasms
she has been experiencing over the last hour watching all of the other young
cows being prepared. She will need her energy and of she has many more to come.
I now want over by the oven and look over the young cows in the baking pans.
They are a very erotic sexual sight as they lay on their backs in the large
glass pan, their wrists tied behind thrusting their breasts up into the baking
cups with their nipples and stretched upwards to the ends of the cup. Their
ankles tied to their upper thighs with a 20 in. knee spreader opening her up to
reveal her lovely little pink pussy held open with the 4 in. pussy spreader
exposing the end of the metal dildo with the temperature gauge on the end. She
is held down inside the pan by straps across to her body to each side of the pan
and the slender steel spit rod protruding from her ass hole and attached to the
bottom end of the pan, thus preventing her from trying to lift herself out of
the pan when she starts cooking.I can see all three of the little live Baking
cows are ready for the oven,now I look over the other three Little Live Roasters
are ready and all are screaming their heads off.Now I check the bulls and see
the two Live Spitted bulls are slowly turning over the cooking pits waiting for
the fires to be lit ,they are screaming them self's hoarse from the pain of the
ball busters on their nuts and the 8 ft steel rod they are impaled upon.Then I
move over to the cows and bulls waiting to be electrocuted ,the tree young cows
and three young bulls tied to non impaling spit racks are slowly turning over
the cooking pits.The three young cows are a most erotic sight with their wrists
tied behind their necks,causeing their little breast to thrust forward into the
Pyrex roasting cups.These cups are a special design with a metal nipple clip
inside attached to a stainless steel spring which pulls the cows nipple up to
the end of the electrical terminals connected to the outside of each
cup.This allows the positive lead to attach to one and the negative lead to the
other thus completing the electrical circuit.As I look on down the young cows
bodies I can see the two wires attached to their metal pussy spreader rings and
the two wires attached to their metal dildos protruding from their pussies
,which are held inside them with metal spring straps going around to the spit
frame rail.I am also able to see the metal but plug with two electrical wires
also held up their butts by metal spring straps.With the young cows hooked this
way it provides four separate electrical circuits to the control boxes.The
control boas are to be operated by six young girls who won the A.T.A. Corp
contest and the six girls who are the back ups,these six alternates have a job
to do also which we have saved as a surprise to the six girls manning the
control boxes.The girls have been instructed on how to use the boxes.Each
control box has four separate switches,the #1 switch is hooked to the young cows
breast cups,# 2 hooked to her pussy spreader and clit,# 3 is hooked to the dildo
in her pussy and # 4 is attached to her butt plug.The box has four dial knobs
which can be turned up to regulate the amount of voltage that is sent to each
set of wires,the range is from mild to lethal.The bulls are wired along the same
lines with a metal butt plug ,a metal ring locked tightly around his balls and a
metal catheter inserted eight inches inside his cock.All these are hooked to
three separate switches on the control box as with the little cows.I call all
the box operators and their alternates to gather around me.It is a heart
stopping affair as I haven't had so many beautiful tits and pussies around me in
a long time.Marsha Cole the CEO of A.T.A.Corp only has beautiful girls working
for her,she has very few males as she likes girls.As I stand looking over these
gorgeous females my cock is rock hard.I only wish I had time to fuck several of
them,but will have to wait until tonight and have three or four of my girls in
the Special Milking Room and have them milk me.

I explain to the twelve girls that we are testing a new type chair,and I would
like the six girls who will operate the Control Boxes to set in them when we
start the    electorions.I explain that many times girls operating the controls
get so carried away in sexual excitement that they forget to apply the voltage
slowly and kill the cows to quickly,the object is to keep them alive as long as
possible as the is a very sexually erotic scene and it is the job of the
alternates to take over and help her.They all shake their heads in
understanding.I finish my speech with, we want them screaming and sizzling as
long as possible.This gets a excited laugh from the girls who can't wait to man
the controls.

I walk back over to where the Chef is just finishing spitting the last screaming 
young cow.The crowd of women is still going nuts and as the spit rod enters the
young cow I can see several women face sitting some of the young female guests,I
also see two girls sitting on two males faces while two other girls ride their
hard cocks and all are screaming at the top of their lungs.Marsh Cole is face
sitting one lovely little blonde while she is licking another beautiful girls
pussy.I can see we need to get the fires lighted and start cooking.


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Review This Story || Author: Pick Up Man
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