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Alice In A Bind

Chapter 2



I release her ankles from the spreader bar after I show her the whip,I did not
speak but she shook her head she understood.Her inner thigh still hurt.She did
not give me any trouble as I released her and led her over to the medical exam
table.I ordered her up on it she grimaced as her naked butt contacted the cold
padding on the table.I ordered her to lay back and put her feet in the
stirrups.She complied with my orders like a good girl,but I knew that wouldn't
last and I would get to use the whip again.Of course I plan to whip her a lot
even if she does obey me.And I am going to whip her in places she never dreamed
a girl could be whipped.

Now that I have her on the table I strap her down with a strap above and below
her breast,I secure her hands to the table legs.Then before I strap her lower
waist down I have her lift her butt and slide two inch high pad under her
hips.This lifts her crotch up and hanging off the end of the table.then with
straps attached to the stirrups I strap her feet and legs down.I then raise and
spread the stirrups as far as they will go.Now I step back to look at this
beautiful sight.She is laying there with a very worried look on her face with
her gorgeous breast rise and falling with her heavy breathing as the fear of
what I am going to do to her next.This makes her nipple clips stick up like
little shinny top hats.My eyes travel down to her wide spread legs with her
pussy splayed out with her neatly trimmed pubic hair framing the top of it
displaying all her pussy clips that she is still moaning about.I am about to
really make her moan and scream as I am going to remove them.She doesn't know
that it is much more painful when they are removed than when I put them on her.I
raised tables backrest up so she could watch me and also watch in the large
ceiling mirror over the table.She started to groan as I moved between her wide
spread legs,she knew I was going to do something to her already hurting pussy.I
pulled my short stool and sat down bringing my face to face with her beautiful
open crotch.She was very wet inside.Despite what her mind told her this did
excite her a little,her body gave her away.She trembled and her moaning
increased as I ran my hands up and down inside her inner thighs,then I shocked
her as I stuck my face between her legs and licked inside her wide open pussy.As
soon as I felt her sexual excitement building I quickly remover her clit clip
and sucked her little protruding clitoris between my lips.Her moans stopped and
she was silent for about a tenth of a second until the intense pain hit her,then
she screamed and went nuts shaking her head and trying to jerk herself loose
while trying to move her legs.I continued to work on her clit with my lips and
tongue.She went on for about a minute and slowly her screams turned into moans
which got louder as her sexual passion increased.Then I reached up and removed
her nipple clips this set her off again as the blood rushed back into her pain
filled little buds,I continued with my mouth on her and could taste her sweet
juice.Shortly she calmed down and started make low moans again.I waited until
her sexual excitement was building and removed the clips on her pussy
lips.Although these two clips were the least painful she still screamed and
fussed they were removed.I slipped a finger in her wet pussy as I continued to
suck her clitotis,when my finger is wet I move it down and insert the end in her
ass hole she screams and yells NO,NO,YOU CAN'T DO THAT.I pulled my finger out of
her and stood up and smiled at her.Then I told her that I was going to whip her
for talking.Her mouth flew open and but he didn't speak only held her mouth.I
saw the fear I her eyes,she wanted so badly to beg me.Then I asked her do you
want me to gag you so you don't screw up again?She shook her head no,I said ok.I
then went to the toy cabinet and got a small little whip with three ten inch
thin leather strips with numerous little knots tied about an inch apart their
entire length with a knot at the very end of each.I held it behind her until I
was beside her as I wanted to watch her face when I explained the game we were
going to play.As I showed her the little whip I could see a small sign of relive
on her face,as she looked at the small whip and not the terrible ridding
crop.Then I ruined her happy thoughts.Do you know what kind of whip is?She shook
her head no.Well this is called a PUSSY WHIP.A look of horror came over her face
as she started screaming and shaking her head no.When she quit struggling and
screaming I told her but it is also a Breast Whip she screamed again as she
looked down at her beautiful breast and imagined the little slashing into them.I
said but you will choose what I whip,your pussy or your breasts.Still moaning
and shaking her head wanting to curse me but knew better.I told her blink your
eyes once for pussy or twice for breast,if you don't make a choice I will just
whip your breast and pussy.She is stunned as if I had asked her to choose if she
wanted to be hanged or stabbed to death.She just stared at me and I could tell
it was all she could do to keep her mouth shut,I had left her gag out for that
reason.I then told her now we play,pussy whipping she doesn't blink,ok breasts
still she doesn't blink .OK times up you get both,now she screams NO, NO,
NO!Well lets see that was three no's that makes it eight,four on each breast and
eight on your pussy.Poor pussy you only have one and it gets all eight.She
opened her mouth to protest but looked at the whip and shut it and started
moaning.I tell her lets do one breast first then a little pussy whipping,I love
to hear the sound the whip makes when it hits a wet pussy.Now she is screaming
and trying to jerk herself free,she is raising hell and I haven't even started
yet.I wait until she polls her head to the side and cannot see me ,then I bring
the whip sharply across her left nipple and breast.It took a fraction of a
second and like a bucking horse as it comes out of the chute,she exploded
bucking jerking and screaming like crazy.Dam what a ride this would be I should
have my hard cock in her now,but I have to finish the little game first then
fuck her.I quickly delivered three more lashes to her left breast then stood
back to let the video recorder get all the action,the videos of this will make
enough money to pay for all this expense.Sales in the U.S alone will make me a
small fortune not counting overseas sales.I can say one thing for her she
doesn't speak even through all the pain.We will see how she does when I whip her
pussy.She is calmed down a little but still moaning and shaking her head when
the little whip splits her pussy down the middle with a splat sound.Again it
takes just a moment for her to realize what I have done,then she goes totally
beserk,her screams are loud enough to shatter glass.If the table wasn't bolted
to the floor she would have it bouncing across the floor.Then I follow with
three more lashes,I stopped then as I thought she was going to pass out.I
stepped over and got her a little wine which I held for her to drink as soon as
she calmed down a little then I told her ok you have had eight and I am going to
stop.If you don't follow my orders to the letter I will tie you upside down with
your legs spread and whip your pussy and ass hole,do you understand,she shook
her violently YES.


Review This Story || Author: Pick Up Man
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