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Enslaved by Aunt Alicia

Part 1

Enslaved by Aunt Alicia

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Aunt Alicia is a sexual predator, no doubt about it.  But what hormonal boy wouldn't want to be her prey?




Tim had mixed emotions but was mostly thrilled to hear he would be spending the summer with his Aunt Alicia.  She was his favorite relative, the one who always took you to the zoo or the park or movies.  Bought you treats and presents when you asked.  Unlike his mother, however, Aunt Alicia was also always willing to administer discipline, too.  She was the only one who ever spanked him when he misbehaved as a boy.  But he hadn't even minded that.  Draped over his aunt's lap with his briefs pulled down had felt good, and he often knew he had it coming.  And she usually didn't make them too painful---they were long affairs, hard smacks interrupted by scolding and verbal discipline and rubbing the pain away before she would strike again.  When they were over, his bottom was sore but always had a strong desire to please his aunt.


Even at this age, Aunt Alicia still indulged her nephew when she came for visits and, now that he was a teenager, seemed actually flirtacious with him, too.  And Tim didn't mind.  Aunt Alicia was actually pretty hot and he spent many a nights indulging in the taboo fantasy of more intimate relations with his Mother's sister.  She was about a foot taller than himself because he had not grown higher than a little more than about five feet so far---a late bloomer.  Alicia had large breasts and an athletic body, with great feminine curves, and a hard bulbous butt that was to die for.  Tim knew it would never happen of course, but it made for great masturbation sessions imagining her having her way with him.  Still, the thought of being away from home had some downsides.  He would not be with his friends all summer long.


Aunt Alicia, for her part, loved Tim as her sister's son, but ever since he was a young boy she thought about him much more grown up.  She had always wanted to be the one to introduce him to sex when he was old enough and waited impatiently for him to grow up.  She had never liked men her own age and always preferred them young, or more accurately, their young cocks, which always seemed perpetually and uncontrollably hard and able to come again and again.  Tim she especially liked, with his smooth, almost feminine skin, and lithe, hairless body.  Sometimes just thinking about it made her wet. 


Thus, as the boy grew, she invested much time and energy in her relationship with him.  As he became a teenager and his mind inevitably spent most of its time thinking about sex, Alicia encouraged this: she was always willing to talk about sex, complimented his looks and body as he matured, took him to inappropriate R-rated movies, and even bought him the occasional Playboy or Penthouse Variations.  (And she always made sure the ones that she bought had articles or letters about female domination in them.) It was their secret. 


In Tim's mind she was the "cool" relative, the "hot" aunt he told his friends about.  In Alicia's mind, she was planting a seed, which would be her right to harvest at the opportune time in the future.


Then, when her sister asked her to take Tim for the summer, she could hardly believe her good fortune.  Everything seem to fall into place.  She was a junior high school teacher and had the summers off.  Her sister, widowed when Tim was very young, expected to be travelling so much over the summer for business that it made more sense to send him somewhere.  (He preferred the idea of spending it with his aunt rather than summer camps.)  As far as Alicia was concerned,  Tim was now old enough to be a satisfying lover and young enough to keep up with what her essentially insatiable sexual appetite.   Alicia felt certain she could seduce Tim quite quickly and then they could spend the summer in a wanton display of lust.  But unlike the graduating senior that she took up with last summer, she planned to sexually dominate Tim.  The young man last year led as much as she led him.  But with Tim being younger, physically smaller, and in many ways more naive, the thought of molding him into her sex slave was enough to cause her groin to tingle with excitement every time she thought about it.  She had always enjoyed female domination and practiced it on and off with different lovers.  But with Tim, she planned a very complete conquest---there would be no "off"---and bought a number of toys to go with the plan.  I will use him for my pleasure, school him in sexual submission, control him through and through---and he would learn to love it, she thought.


Tim's mother had called her several weeks before the end of the school year and explained the situation.  She would need to make numerous business trips over the summer and could not take Tim along.  Since his father was no longer in the picture, could he live with Alicia for the next two and a half months?  Alicia was a school teacher and had no such constraint.  Further, she lived in a condo at the beach, about two hours away.  It was a small condo, but Alicia assured her sister that she could make it work.


The day after school let out, Alicia arrived at her sister's to collect Tim and his bags.  Tim's mother and she spent most of the morning chatting and catching up, eating lunch, along with Tim, before departing in mid-afternoon.  When Tim was down at the car, her sister told Alicia, "he will need some bathing suits and summer pajamas--I'll reimburse you for them if you can get them."


"I already did," Alicia replied, "when you told me a couple of weeks ago that he needed them.  No need to pay though.  Consider it a gift for my favorite nephew."  What she did not tell her, however, was that she bought Tim several pairs of speedos as bathing suits, and that pretty soon they would be all that he wore when he was wearing clothes at all.  The pajamas were more conventional loose fitting shorts---but with snaps down the groin.



Alicia's Small Beach Condo


The drive to Alicia's beach condo went great.  Alicia and Tim chatted the entire drive there about almost every topic under the sun of interest to teenage boys.  When they arrived at the condo, Tim asked where he should put his stuff.


"Stow it all in the bedroom," Alicia said.


"Which one is mine?" Tim asked.


Alicia laughed.  "Don't you remember, I have only one bedroom.  We'll have to share the bed---it's king-sized."


Tim hesitated.  "Uh, don't you think I should have my own bed, though?"  He was mostly concerned about how he would be able to jerk-off in bed, which he did several times a day, if she were with him.


"No choice.  I don't even have a couch as you can see.  It'll be fine."


"I could sleep on the floor."


"No, you can't sleep on the floor all summer!  It will ruin your back!  Now, I assume your mother discussed with you that you have to help with the chores around here if this is going to work?"


"Sure, I do at home, too."


"Excellent.  You will be responsible for the cleaning and laundry, while I will cook, clean-up and run all the various errands required to make this household and roommate situation work.  Still, that should not be more than a couple of hours a day for us in the morning, allowing us to go the beach or do other things in the afternoon.


Tim wasn't sure this was such a great bargain, but he simply said, "okay."


It was dinner time by the time they had gotten home, so Aunt Alicia ordered take-out and they shared an amiable dinner followed by some TV watching.  By nightfall, Tim thought he would try to go to bed early to allow for some "private time."  Unfortunately, his aunt didn't fall for it and she decided to retire with him.  They took turns using the bathroom, although when his Aunt emerged she was wearing a black satin nightgown that revealed a surprisingly large amount of cleavage.  Tim couldn't help but stare a little and Alicia couldn't help but see that he stared.  This will be easy, she thought, but decided not to make a serious move until the next night.  She would only lay the foundation tonight.


After a little more TV in bed, they turned off the lights.  Tim slept on his side facing away from his Aunt, his mind wide awake, racing with the sexual tension all teenage boys feel most of the time.  Alicia feigned going to sleep.  Once Tim thought she had fallen asleep, he proceeded to jerk-off as quietly as possible.  Alicia knew what he was doing and simply allowed it to go on, knowing all the pieces were falling into place. 


Around  8 am Alicia awoke and found Tim sleeping on his side facing toward her.  She carefully and quietly moved in close on her side, placing her ample breasts against Tim's face, so that his nose slipped into her cleavage.  She could feel Tim's morning erection even as he slept.  From there she pretended to be asleep until Tim awoke.  When he did so about half an hour later, his eyes widened immediately at the position he found himself in and got up to use the bathroom to relieve himself.  He wondered how he was going to be able to stand the summer sleeping in the bed with a woman he had fantasied about!


The first day at Aunt Alicia's was a bust.  It rained all day.  Alicia and Tim pretty much stayed in, doing the chores, playing board games.  When the night rolled around, however, to Tim's consternation, it proceeded pretty much as it had the night before.  Aunt Alicia decided to go to bed when he did and he was not able to "relax" in bed.  This night, however, Alicia did let herself fall asleep before Tim, certain what he would do, but it would not interfere with her plans.

At about 2 am, she arose to use the bathroom and returned discarding her nightgown and leaving on only black satin panties. Her large breasts spilled out for the world to see if there had been more light. Now she would truly begin. She snuggled up behind Tim, who was sleeping away from her.  Without disturbing him, she managed to slip her left arm under him and draped her strong muscular leg over his.  With her right hand, she undid one of the snaps at groin and found his semi-erect cock.  She nearly shuddered at her feel of such young cock.  Slowly she began to caress the balls and then rub his penis with the palm of her hand, slowly up and down.  To her satisfaction, she found it was at least of average size and would therefore be sufficiently satisfying.  A few seconds later she realized it was above average in size and would be deliciously satisfying!   Even in his sleep, Tim's cock hardened quickly.  But, as she anticipated, he became awake as she continued her ministrations.  Once he realized what was going on he tried to get up with a start but her strong legs and left arm kept him in place and she continued to stroke him.


"Shhhh.  Tim.  It's just me.  It's okay.   I heard you last night.  I want to help you.  At your age, you need this.  I know you need this and it's okay.   It's just lust, nothing to be afraid of, and you need an outlet."


Tim relaxed a little, not least because of the delightful sensations he was experiencing.  His cock never felt more alive and his aunt's arms and legs seemed to envelope him.  He felt her breast nipples press on his back.  The pitch blackness made him reluctant to move because where could he go in the middle of the night anyway?  And at the time, while it felt like a violation, Alicia's embrace was also perversely reassuring, comforting. 


As Alicia felt Tim relax in her grip, she knew she had him for summer---it would be glorious!---and she picked up her pace of her hand.  She also began  to rub his nipples with her left hand.   "Let it go any time, love," she cooed.


Tim felt his orgasm unleash furiously on the bed as Alicia milked his cock of every drop in a way he had never felt by his own hand.  She then released him from the physical confinement of her arms and legs.


Tim turned toward her, unsure of what would come next, loving what she did, but knowing it wasn't quite right.  She said to him:  "You need this a lot and you know what, so do I.  Women peak sexually much later than men.  We can now pretend this never happened and enjoy the rest of the summer platonically or we can indulge our sexual senses, together, and give each other a most memorable summer.  Tell me what you want."


Tim hesitated, but only for a second or two.  "I'd. . .I'd like to do more of this," he whispered, as if the world might hear from his own lips the sins he wanted to commit with his aunt.


Alicia caressed his cheek.  "I do, too, Tim.  I am going to teach you many things, many wonderful things, especially how to give a woman pleasure.  But you have to agree to do as you're told and follow instructions.  If you can do that, this can be a glorious, glorious summer!" 


Tim, with dry mouth and his mind reeling at the thought of one of his favorite fantasies coming true, just nodded.  She then took Tim's hand in hers and placed it on her breast and with her hand guiding his showed him how to rub her to excitement.  And as she worked herself up this way (although how much was due to her early sexual capture of her young prey was not clear in her own mind), she moved his hand down to her pussy, guiding his at first, then letting go and instructing verbally what to do, where, and how fast.  It did not take long before Tim's young hand brought Alicia to her own thundering orgasm.  At that conclusion, Alicia felt for Tim and discovered, not surprisingly, that his cock had returned to full erection and proceeded to release him once more.


Then they went back to sleep---Alicia fairly quickly---but for Tim it took an hour before he could clear his mind of both the excitement of what was to come and the guilt of what had just happened.  In fact, it didn't take long to suppress the guilt, but with Aunt Alicia's mostly naked body right beside him, suppressing the excitement was more difficult.


When morning rolled around, Alicia awoke to the sound of Tim deep asleep beside her.  He was naked but, not surprisingly for boys his age, sporting an erection even as he slept.  While she intending to wait a day, being the sexual predator that she was, Alicia decided she would take Tim right then and there.   She stripped off her black panties---the only thing that got put back on from the night before and began to stroke Tim's lithe, young, smooth body.  The feel of such youthful, hairless skin never failed to make her extremely wet very quickly.  She did not understand why she liked them young but long ago stopped worrying about it or feeling guilty about it, especially since so many of her victims embraced their activities with enthusiasm!  Teenage boys really do have only one thing on their minds most of the time.


As much as she wanted to, however, she decided she would wait just a little longer before she actually enslaved her sister's son.  She craved having him crawl behind her, kneel before her in complete surrender, collared and leashed like the pet she would make him, but Alicia knew she needed Tim just a little more addicted to the pleasures of her flesh before she could take those last steps. Her groin tingled and then shuddered as she imagined the images of the thin, young teenage boy, always naked, kneeling before her and worshipping in so many different ways her sexy amazonian body!


As Tim began to stir from her delicate caresses, Alicia climbed on top of him, flattening his now completely hard cock under slick, warm pussy.  Still in twilight sleep she grabbed his wrists and slowly moved his arms over his head, pinning them quite firmly with her strong arms.  Tim was not an overbuilt boy whereas Alicia worked out regularly with weights.  (If he were unwilling, she could in fact rape him, she thought, the prospect of which excited her all the more!)  She then leaned down and began rubbing and slapping Tim's face with her magnificent breasts until her lover was more fully awake. Once Tim had fully come to, he struggled a bit under Alicia's grip and started to speak but found his mouth stuffed with her breast.


"Shh!" she said.  "Just suck it!  Hard!" 


Tim didn't need to be told twice and began doing what his instincts told him to do, sucking, licking, nibbling Alicia's breast.  First the one then the other as Alicia dictated.  After some time at this, Alicia stretched her legs down and entwined them with Tim's and she lowered her torso so that is rested on his, and with her still firmly gripping Tim's wrists, Alicia slowly forced Tim's face between her cantalope-sized breasts.  Tim was fully immobilized while her engorged tits formed a perfect seal around Tim's face.  He could only breathe when she wanted him to.  She loved this game, especially when he started to struggle a little for air.  In this position, she held the power of life and death---not that she had any intention of using it---but the realness of that power of this young man excited her still more.


Tim couldn't believe how much he loved what Alicia was doing to him!  He felt completely entombed inside a prison of powerful female flesh, the very same flesh that had inspired his emerging sexual fantasies of the past few years. 


After some time at this, Alicia sat back up, released Tim's cock from its prison under her groin, and forced it to stand straight up in the crack between her ass cheeks.  That allowed Alicia to abraid Tim's stomach with her pussy to further her excitement as Tim resumed worshipping her breasts---what he lacked in talent he made up with enthusiasm.  If she had done the same thing on top of his cock, as she had really wanted, she knew he would have come and she wanted that to happened inside her. 


After some time at this, Alicia ever so slowly began to inch her groin up Tim's chest at the same time sliding his bent arms down along side his head.


"So, Tim," Alicia spoke, "have you ever eaten pussy before?"---knowing full well what the answer was.


"Uhhhh, nooo" came Tim's cautious answer as his aunt's substantial but neatly shaped pubic hair moved steadily closer to his mouth.  He wasn't sure how he felt about this:  on the one hand, it seemed like a gross thing to do; on the other he was excited and overwhelmed by this powerful, naked woman having her way with him.  He wanted to cum so badly, he knew he would do anything she asked of him right now.


"Then it is time to learn.  This is what I meant when I said last night that you would learn how to give pleasure to a woman."  As she said this, Alicia's warm, moist vagina was now resting against Tim's chin.  Her strong thighs gripped the sides of Tim's face, her bent legs and feet pinning his arms in place.   He could smell her, a mild, musky, earthy scent.  Alicia then ever so slowly dragged her wet pussy up and down Tim's chin, coating it with her juice, until she brought it up and pressed it to the front of his mouth, and grabbing his head by the hair and forced his mouth to meet it.  She ordered him to lick and suck that which he should worship, giving detailed instructions, often controlling the movement of his head and mouth directly.  Alicia came quickly, covering Tim's face with her juices.  But she loved doing that to her lovers and enjoyed the slick, wet sensation it gave to their interaction.  Then she had him do it again.  He wasn't too bad at it but she determined that lots of practice would make perfect!


When she was done, she slid her now soaked pussy down across Tim's chest until it rested on top of Tim's throbbing penis.  She replaced the grip her legs had had on Tim's movements with her own arms, pinning his wrists to the bed as she bent down, bringing her mouth to his, forcing her tongue in to control and explore every crevice of his mouth.  At the same, she slowly and gently rubbed her vagina across Tim's flattened but quite hard cock.  As much as she wanted to fuck him now, she wanted to wait just a little longer.  She wanted him only after an evening of full enslavement and discipline, which might take another day or two to achieve.  She would not encase his cock until he himself was encased in bondage of her choice and prostrate before the heels of her shiny black boots, wearing a collar, and submitting to a leash.  Those very perverted thoughts---a teenage boy becoming an abject and total sex slave to her---jazzed her to come further as Tim squirted his own orgasim from the relentlessly slick and wonderful sensations her own warm pussy provided.


When they were done, Alicia climbed off him, but lied down beside Tim, wrapping him in a firm embrace, with his head against her breasts, saying:  "Tomorrow we will go further, if you want."


"Absolutely!" Tim replied.  "I can't get enough!  I, I loved pleasuring you that way and I hope you will do more to me."


"Excellent!  Me, too.  But you will have to work for it and do as I say.   Tim, you must in effect enslave yourself to me to make this work."


Tim, who had read some pornography in his time, had a good idea of what his Aunt was getting at---rope and chains, spankings and whips.  It made him a little afraid but not enough to deflect him from desiring to spend a great deal more time with Aunt Alicia in any way she desired.  He had always been titilated by those stories, wondered what it would like to be the sex slave of a beautiful woman, so he did not completely mind that he would find out.



The next morning Alicia and Tim rose from the bed, showered, and had breakfast.  Alicia suggested they spend the morning cleaning and then going to the beach.  "Your mother asked me to buy you some swimming trunks, you'll find them on the sofa.  You should try one of them on to make sure I have bought the correct size."


Tim picked up the bag that clearly had clothing in and pulled out not swimming trunks but speedos---two Navy blue, one green and one bright pink.  His face went a little pale, which brought a smile to Alicia's face.  Humiliation is part of the game Tim, she said to herself.


"Uh, I, uh, I can't wear these," Tim whined.


"Why not," Alicia answered.  "You're thin enough, so they will look good and, besides, I want you to wear them.  I can't return them.  Try one on!  Now!"


Alicia's voice was sufficiently firm that Time decided to comply.  Tim picked up the Navy blue one and headed toward the bedroom to change.


"No need to leave, Tim.  Just change here.  But make sure you take off all your clothes first." 


Tim sort of smiled at that, knowingly, but still mortified at the type of bathing suit Alicia expected him to wear all summer, grateful that none of his friends from school would see him.  When he was done, he found the suits fit but were quite snug, emphasizing his cock, which was now enlarging because of the sexual overtones of what Alicia had done, as well as accenting his round, tight ass.


Alicia whistled and walked over to him.  "Very nice.  You fill those out great!  You see, Tim, if you want to continue on last night's path, you will not only wear those when we go to the beach but also they will be the only thing you wear around the apartment here, whether it is doing your chores, watching TV, or . . .  entertaining me."  Alicia rubbed Tim's cock through the material until it was fully enlarged straining the cloth and grinned.  "You don't have to wear the pink ones to the beach, but I want them on here.  Change and get started.  There is a vacuum cleaner with your name on it."  Alicia enjoyed watching Tim do his chores in the tight-fitting and very pink speedos.  Oh, God, Alicia thought, this is a going to be a great summer!


After a fairly platonic afternoon on the beach, Alicia and Tim returned to her condo, showered, and ordered take-out.  After dinner was consumed and Tim had cleaned up, Alicia got down to the business of the night.  Tim had put up so little argument over the speedos, she decided she could proceed with her plans to enslave her nephew immediately.  She did not understand why but she had always savored the image in her mind of teenage males in bondage, prostrate on the floor before her tall black leather boots, with their young cocks in full and uncontrollable erection.  And the fantasy of having Tim like that was always ther most powerful and arousing image of all.  Soon it would no longer be just a fantasy and she could hardly wait!


She was now certain that Tim's desire for sex and orgasm would allow her to lead him anywhere she wanted to go.  His personality had always been fairly malleable and compliant as a child and those traits were now manifesting themselves in ways she could truly exploit.  Her early efforts when he was young to discipline him---to even spank him---made it very easy for him to accept her sexual authority over him as they became lovers. 


"Well, Tim, we could watch TV for the rest of the night or. . . we could play?"


"Play what?" Tim asked, smiling a little, sure his aunt has something quite lascivious in mind.


"I thought we'd wrestle, actually, but after say five pins or submissions, the loser has to do what the winner wants."  Alicia smiled a corrupt smile at Tim.


Tim thought this sounded like fun but knew full well he would lose this easily.  His aunt was taller and considerably more muscular than he was---she maintained a set of weights in one corner of the living room, after all.  But he wasn't quite sure how his aunt would use this to her advantage but he was reasonably sure he would be getting more sex out of it.  "Um, okay, agreed.  The loser is at the mercy of the winner."


"Exactly!" Alicia agreed.  They then set about organizing the room for this, moving the furniture out of the way, spreading a large comforter on the floor to avoid getting rug burns.  Alicia also pulled out a bag of toys she planned to use, although she did not show them to Tim but simply set it to the side of the comforter.  She had no doubt she would quickly overpower and dominate her nephew.


Once everything was in place, Alicia stripped out of her clothes and prepared to wrestle wearing only small black panties and a skimpy, lacey black bra.  Tim's eyes widened at the sight of his aunt's gorgeous body---toned and firm with muscles, large round breasts barely contained by her bra, and a tight solid ass.  His hardening cock could do nothing but betray his excitement, confined as it was behind his speedo swimsuit.  Alicia just smiled as she stared at it, causing a blush on Tim's part when he realized what she was looking at and why it was going on.


"Okay, these are the rules:  pretty much anything goes and the first one who gets five pins or five signs of submission by tapping is the winner.  Ready?"


Tim nodded a nervous smile.


"Okay:  Go!  Now!"


Alicia knew this would be all too easy---Tim was shorter, weaker, and less experienced than she was, but that didn't mean it wasn't going to be fun and the outcome, despite a foregone conclusion, satisfying as she proceeded to what she really wanted:  a young and completely enslaved male to use and abuse at her whim.  She loved his youth and his virginal innocence, his shyness and weakness represented such a contrast to own overwhelming intellectual, physical, and sexual power.  Those very words stirred her loins to excitement and wetness as she watched Tim look at her quite warily.  Alicia's first move was to launch herself at Tim, grab his shoulders and undercut his feet with her own.  He went down with a thud and a loud "oooff" as Alicia immediately pounced on top of him, pinning his arms above his while she placed her knees against his shoulders, sitting on his chest.  Try as he might, he could not budge her, outweighing him by 30 pounds.  Nor was he sure he wanted to.  From that position he could see the wet spot emanating from her pussy and a panoramic view of her overstuffed bra.  She gave his face a gentle slap after he clearly could not move for 30 seconds.  "That's one!"  She then helped Tim up and they began again.  His hard erection incredibly evident inside the tight speedo material.  Alicia commented, "I see you're having fun, too!" voicing out loud what they both had noticed before. Tim blushed again but prepared for the next onslaught.


The second fall went similarly to the first, although she allowed the boy to struggle and compete a little more before pinning him on his back, but this time with her back to his face and his nose jammed into the crack in the material made by her ass cheeks.  "That's two!"  Alicia announced but  then slid her ass over Tim's mouth and nose briefly before letting him get up again.


The third fall ended with Tim on his stomach and both arms twisted up his back until he yelled a submission.  The fourth fall looked like the first but Alicia smothered Tim's mouth and nose between her breasts until he yelled a muffled submission.  His cock, if possible, grew harder and larger still, was peeking out substantially from the waist band of his speedos.


The fifth time saw Alicia drop Tim but force a submission by leg scissoring his head a couple of different times.  But Alicia didn't proclaim victory for a while.  She loosen up a bit and let Tim struggle, growing more tired for a while.  But when she bored of her cat and mouse game -- "And that's five!"  Alicia announced.  Tim was both exhausted from his fruitless struggles with his overwhelming and all-powerful aunt but incredibly turned on by the close proximity of her most interesting body parts in the process. 


"On your knees, Tim," Alicia ordered.  Tim complied, albeit a little slowly.  "Now the fun begins!  You are mine by right of conquest!"


After a long pause to savor that thought, she asked:  "Are you familiar with female domination or bondage and discipline, Tim?"


It was indeed going where Tim thought it would and he was kind of turned on by the idea but still also a little afraid.  "Well, a little.  I mean, I have seen some pictures in magazines and read a story or two about it."  He hesitated briefly.  "They were exciting."


Alicia got up and went over to the locked armoire that was a feature of her living room.  After unlocking the large cabinet, she opened the doors to reveal a collection of black bondage gear and implements of discipline.  Tim's eyes widened considerably.  "Female domination, Tim, is where the woman in a relationship is sexually dominant over a submissive male.  She controls everything, determines what they do, when they do it, how they do it, and how intense it all is.  The male---in this case, you---does what he is told, obeys his mistress's every whim (the woman is usually called "mistress")---and whose primary purpose is to give his lover---his mistress---pleasure!  Usually that kind of relationship involves a lot of bondage and discipline---the mistress craves the control that comes from putting her lover---her slave---into bondage and enforces her will with whatever discipline she sees fit.  There will be lots of bondage, Tim, I love it, and some measure of discipline.  The discipline will involve spankings and the occasionally whipping."


Tim had a look of considerable fear on his face now and it clearly showed.  Alicia was not unsympathetic.  She bent down in front of the kneeling Tim and took his chin in her hand so that their eyes met.  "Tim," she said very softly and with heartfelt emotion, "I do actually love you and I always have.  You have long been by favorite relative.  I know you have lusted after me for several years.  I have seen it in your eyes since you were 12 years old.  Strange as it might seem, I have wanted you as well.  Since you were a small child, I wanted to be the one who introduced you to sex, lust, and love.  For whatever reason, I like my lovers young, virginal, and under my control.  We can go on this journey together this summer, this will be fun and enjoyable for us both."  She then drew her mouth closer still to his.  "But you must trust me.  Completely.  You will feel some discomfort at times, but I would never really hurt you.  Will you trust me?" she said she gave him a deep wet kiss that he felt straight through to his cock.


"Yes," he finally and simply whispered back.  He knew what she said was true.  He had lusted after his mother's sister's body.  Privately, shamefully, but true.  The fact that she wanted him in that way caused his heart to leap with joy but also fear welled in his stomach.  He didn't have any idea what he was doing.


"Wonderful!" Alicia whispered in reply and kissed him deeply again.


She then stood up.  She removed from her armoire dungeon a black leather collar and metal leash, and as she placed it around Tim's neck, said:  "For the rest of summer now Tim, you are going to be my slave, specifically my sex slave---although you will continue to perform all the chores of the house that I demand.  But mostly we will fill our days in exploring and exploiting all of our sexual senses, proclivities, and desires.  I expect you to be prepared to worship me all day long at any time I demand---sexual activity will be demanded of you constantly.  We will still go out to the beach and to eat but your summer will be devoted to worshipping, in every sexual way possible, your mistress." 


Tim's cock, which had a grown a little flaccid in his wary response to Alicia's toys, grew quite hard again at the phrase "sexual activity will be demanded of you constantly."


Alicia then placed leather cuffs on Tim's wrists behind his back and on his legs as well.  As she prepared a leather harness for his torso, she continued to talk.


"But this will not be completely one-sided.  If this is to work, you must be having fun, too, at least more often than not.  Once a day, you will have the right to talk freely to me about what you liked and didn't like that we did that day.  The rest of the time you will have to follow a lengthy set of rules, which I will go over.  One of the most important is that you will only speak if you have permission.  But since you will be gagged much of the time, that really won't be an issue."


The next thing Alicia did was starting her dvd player on her large flat-screen tv.  It was her intention to have female domination images playing constantly on the screen.  Her condo was to have an atmosphere infused with her sexual domination of her nephew as much as possible.  When she was done, she ordered Tim to wait where he kneeled.  Alicia left the room and Tim inexorably watched the images on the tv in the room.  It didn't take long in the movie before he saw a busty, leather-clad woman strip a man naked, tie him up and begin whipping him.  As he watched and contemplated how much his own predicament matched that of the guy in the video, Tim could not help but feel how painful his enormously powerful erection felt.  It was at that moment that Alicia returned.  What he saw took his breath away.


Alicia had put on her already tall frame shiny black boots that went up to her thighs.  They had four-inch heels, and she wore a black leather corsett that left her groin exposed and accented her large breasts.  She had put on a black leather cap, black gloves and carried a riding crop in her hand.  When Alicia walked over to Tim, now fully bound in leather bondage gear, she picked up the metal leash and surveyed what she saw for real and reflected in the mirror opposite the tv:  a tall, powerful-looking, majestic dominatrix held in her hand a leash which attached to the collar on her nephew---a youthful, bound slave---with the further set of images of a dominatrix whipping a male slave showing on the tv screen and mirror.  Alicia had wanted this so much for so long her pussy already glistened from moisture in anticipation.


Alicia spoke as she pulled the leash taught against Tim's collar.  "My rules are fairly simple, Tim:  1.  You will always address me as 'Mistress' or 'Mistress Alicia,' anything else gets blow from my whip.  2.  I will call you anything I please, but usually you can expect it to be 'Tim' or some variation of 'slave.'  3.  You will always be naked at home unless I want you in your pink speedo.  4. You must clean the place every day.  5.  You will attend to all of my personal needs: bathing, hair-brushing, pedicures, etc.  6.  You will immediately obey every command I give you.  7.  You do not walk in the condo.  You crawl on your hands and knees at all times.  8.  Disobedience, however, small, will be punished.  Do you understand?"


Tim swallowed hard.  He wondered if this is really the way he wanted to spend the summer but couldn't think of way to get out of it if he wanted to.  He very much doubted that if he managed to get away that his mother would believe his story.    And, if he did get away, he would never be able to spend more time with Alicia, something even now he still looked forward to.


"Yes, Mistress" was his only answer.


"Excellent.  Now, Tim, come over to me and with your mouth lick and worship my boots like the good boot-licker I know you will be."  And Tim did so, although it was a little awkward and uncomfortable with his arms bound behind him and his legs chained together.  Soon, however, Alicia sat down in her single overstuffed armchair so Tim could continue his work.  She studied him---as if he were a lab mouse performing in some experiment---with increasing amusement and excitement, and gave him guidance and instructions.  She knew none of this was very natural for him, but there was nothing he couldn't learn, and rather quickly at that.  And as Tim worked his tongue to the very top of her black, thigh-high boots she tugged on the leash causing him to slip over the edge of the boots, slowly pulling his face toward her very excited pussy.  She lifted a leg to allow Tim to get between hers and then widened her legs to give complete access at the same time she bent them at the knees, pressing Tim's back and head ever toward her.  When she could feel the heat of his breath on her groin, she dropped the leash, took his head in her hands and brought his mouth directly on to her large, wet pink folds. 


"Now, lick and probe and suck and don't stop until I tell you to!"  Her directions became very detailed and very specific as Tim warmed to his job.  Alicia was determined to train Tim in so many ways, but not the least was for him to be a world class pussy-licker.  Despite his inexperience, it took Tim little more than a couple of minutes to bring Alicia to orgasm with her heightened state of arousal.  But she held him firmly in place to continue unabated, with the wet squishing noises now more pronounced.  Alicia watched Tim carefully as he earnestly set about his tasks and his erection, as large and as purple as ever, never wavered once.   He loves being dominated, no doubt about it, she thought.  Twenty minutes later she came again and Tim pleaded for a respite because his tongue just couldn't take any more.  Alicia eyed him with amusement and fondness and pity.  She granted the request but couldn't let the breach of her rules go unpunished. 


"Yes, Tim, you may stop, but for speaking out of turn you must be punished."  Alicia got up and went to the armoire and returned with a gag and blindfold.  First she put on the gag, snapping it tightly and securely behind Tim's neck,  then the blindfold.  When she was done, Alicia pushed Tim's head to floor as he kneeled and planted her boot on his neck, and grabbed her flogger delivering half a dozen punishing blows to Tim's buttocks.  To his credit, Alicia observed that Tim took his punishment well, the noise emanating from the gags sounded more like moans than screams of pain.  Another development that boded well for her sadistic plans for him over the summer.


"Come, Tim, crawl.  Follow the lead."  Alicia had stood up after this was leading her blindfolded, bound and gagged young nephew back to the comforter on the floor.  She had him lie down on his back but readjusted his bound arms so they were no longer behind him but above his head.  Alicia then sat down on Tim's stomach and he could feel how hot and wet Alicia's pussy was.


"As I said, Tim you are mine!  By right of conquest!  There is no place you can go, nothing you can do, you are going to spend your summer as my sex slave---a plaything---something I have wanted from you for years and years.  I have been very patient, waiting for you to grow old enough to seduce.  I knew the time was ripe as I noticed over the last few years how you looked at me, with a certain distant lust, and flirted with me back when I did with you.  Maybe you really wanted what you seemed to desire or maybe it was just innocent playfulness, but in fact, the feeling was mutual.  I wanted to be the one to introduce you to sex; I wanted to introduce you into my kind of sex;  I wanted you as my boy-toy, my sexual plaything.  You are my prey.  I am going to do many twisted and perverted things to you Tim, and you are going to love me for it."


Alicia looked behind her.  "And it appears you already do!"


As Tim listened to Alicia's words---bound, blindfolded, and gagged---he absolutely could not help himself, his erection raged powerfully and large.  He had fooled around a little with some classmates, but he always fantasied about the mature older woman:  a teacher, the mother of a friend, Aunt Alicia on her visits.  And now he realized why those fantasies were so powerful:  the mature older woman was a symbol of authority and power and experience, and he wanted nothing more than to be taught, guided, yes, "dominated" by such a woman.  To find his Aunt Alicia wanting this, too, filled him with a mixture of joy and fear but far more joy than fear.


Alicia bent down to whisper in Tim's ear, her large breasts pressing against Tim's chest.  "I could even suffocate you like this if I wanted," she said moving her breasts over his nose momentarily cutting off his supply of air.  "The fact is, I am more sick and twisted than you could ever have imagined growing up, but not to worry, what I have in mind is way more fun."  Alicia loved the mind games with Tim---at his age especially, he was still quite impressionable---but she didn't want to turn him into a basketcase.  She slowly slid down his torso and exquisitely took his rock hard cock into her.  She knew he wouldn't last long but also knew he probably could stay that way and come a second time.  She rode him back and forth, slowly at first and Tim held on, but within one minute she could feel him shoot inside of her and hear him scream---scream this time---into his gag.  She, however, did not stop, and while he softened a little, he soon hardened up again until he came again 20 minutes later.  Alicia herself came twice herself.  Her own appetite was virtually insatiable---she long ago found that only teenage boys had the drive given by nature itself to keep up with her virtually unquenchable desires.   That her lust was so difficult to cool was another reason, among many, that drove her to dominate the young.  It was the surest way to get the maximum of sexual pleasure from her lovers.



They Talk


After more playing for another hour and half, they were done. Alicia released Tim from his bonds and sent him to clean up and shower.  When he was finished, he put no clothes on per Alicia's instructions and waited in the bedroom until Alicia was done washing.  Unlike her new young slave, Alicia put on a very sheer, black evening gown.  He was sitting on the bed with his knees up in the air and she sat down in front of him.


"So, Tim, now let's talk.  What did you think of what we just did?"


Tim hesitated.

"Come on!" she urged.  "This isn't going to work unless we communicate, unless we talk.  What did you like?  What didn't you like?  What do you want to do over and over again?  What do you hope you never do again?"


The specificity of Alicia's questions seemed to spur Tim to words.  "Actually, I really enjoyed pretty much all of that---the wrestling, being overpowered was great fun!---the bondage felt so good!  I don't know why, but it felt so right kneeling on the floor as you stood over me holding the leash or making me worship you.  You were right when you said earlier that I have, sort of, lusted after you for some time.  I have had many fantasies about us, and with other older, mature women.  I don't know why, but I would rather be with someone  like you than with girls my own age.  I suppose if there was one thing I didn't like too much or would rather not do too much of, it was the whipping."


"That was really good, Tim," Alicia answered.  "And it makes sense what you said and how you felt.  Your fantasies of older women suggest that you crave female authority, female guidance. You want to be taught, you want to be led.  I don't know why some men---and boys---are wired that way, but some are.  Usually from an early age.  And those thoughts will tend to make you naturally submissive to women, but especially a mature, powerful woman like myself.  And that will make this so much more special for us, so much more fun for us.  Since we truly love and care for each other, that our preferences and proclivities mesh so well together, will make our experiences much deeper, more satisfying, more fulfilling to us both.    


"I understand how you feel about pain, I really do.  I promise I will use it sparingly, but it is a part of our relationship, even before we came lovers.  Young boys like yourself---and many older men, frankly---need correction, need the discipline only a female authority figure can give you to be effective.  If misbehavior isn't corrected---and the correction needs to hurt a little---bad habits will run amok.  And, frankly, I enjoy inflicting some pain!"


Listening to her speak and watching the beauty of her body behind sheer black caused Tim's cock to enlarge once again.  His aunt noticed.


"Doesn't that thing ever take a rest?" she asked, knowing full well that boys at Tim's age were perpetually horny and, no, their cocks were almost never at rest.  Tim just grinned. 


"Come on, let's watch some t.v.  We could use a little rest before we 'turn in.'" 


As they lay in bed together, Tim remained completely naked, although Alicia did put his collar back on him, and she had him snuggle into her, so that he rested his head on her chest, occasionally fondling his erection making sure it would not get too soft.  Teasing Tim mercilessly was all part of the fun.  Before going to sleep, however, mistress and slave made love once again.  She made Tim roll his tongue over most parts of her body before encasing his cock once more in her love cup.



Life With Alicia


Over the next few weeks, Tim's experience in living with his Aunt Alicia went much the same way.  The mornings were spent doing chores.  Tim was always naked, wore a collar, with his feet chained together but with enough slack to allow him to crawl or stand to do his chores.  She did not end up gagging him as often as she thought she would.  It was both inconvenient for conversation with Tim, which she enjoyed and an impractical restriction of his mouth, which wanted access to at any moment.  Alicia made her slave clean the apartment daily, do all the laundry, and even learn to cook as well as clean up.  With this training and his naturally submissive attitude, he'll make a great husband to a strong career woman someday, Alicia often thought to herself. Hopefully, that woman, whoever she turned out to be, will want to dominate Tim the way he is being dominated now.  He wants it, needs it really. 


Alicia kept the condo sexually charged.  She constantly had videos of female domination playing in the background, quietly or with the sound off.  Images of slave males prostrate before leather-clad women were constantly shown.   Alicia herself constantly fondled Tim, stroked him to keep his erection going for long periods of time, inspected his work with a whip in her hand, and, most of all, randomly interrupted his chores to have him worship her, torment him, and occasionally fuck him as well---although she preferred to save that activity for their full-blown nights in her bed.   Alicia particularly liked walking right up to Tim as he worked on cleaning the floor, grabbing his head and forcing his face into her moistened pussy.  Sometimes she let him lick her to orgasm, other times she forcefully ground his face into her until she came, and then just as nonchalantly walked off while Tim resumed his work. Afternoons were often spent outside at the condo, at the beach or in the movies or doing something else.  It was supposed to be summer vacation after all!  But every night Tim served as Alicia's sex slave.  With his youth, they usually mated two or three times a night.


That didn't mean things did not occasionally go wrong.  One afternoon at the beach about four weeks into the summer, Alicia noticed that Tim had gotten chatty with some other kids his own age and was often playing with them.  One teenage girl seemed to take an excessive interest in him given how she always seemed to touch Tim when they talked and was always laughing at what Tim had to say.  Alicia found it irritating until . . .


"Hi Aunt Alicia.  Some of the guys here were wondering if I could hang out with them tonight at the arcade center, maybe play some hoops or something.  Would that be all right?"


Alicia gave Tim a long, cold, steely glare that he knew would not end well for him before she answered.  "No.  And I think we should get going now.  I am surprised you asked.  Perhaps you have forgetten that you have 'responsibilities' in the evenings that make you permanently unavailable?"  Alicia was now standing up and gathering their things while motioning to Tim to do the same.  It was only 3:30 in the afternoon.


Tim spoke quietly with a somewhat reddened face that had nothing to do with the afternoon sun.  "No, I hadn't forgotten, but I didn't think that meant I couldn't go out once in a while..."  His voice faded away at the end, realizing what a completely lost cause this was.


"You can't.  Tell them now that you can't go out at nights or I will for you and then were headed back home." 


Tim walked slowly over to where his friends were.  Alicia saw the clear disgust on the other kids' face, especially the girl who had shown inordinate interest in him.  Alicia realized the girl now hated her and she didn't care.  This wasn't a popularity contest but a necessary rule to keep Tim in his place and serving her as she demanded.


The silence between aunt and nephew, mistress and slave on the way back to Alicia's condo was deafening.  Tim feared that the repercussions of his question were just beginning.  Once at the door Alicia opened it and Tim followed her in.  The door closed, Alicia dropped everything in her hands, whirled around and gave Tim a hard slap across his face. 


"Take off your swim trunks and get down on your knees!" she ordered.  When Tim complied she kicked him in the ribs, eliciting a whimper of pain as he fell over that stirred Alicia's groin.  Alicia spoke quietly but firmly:  "We had an understanding of how this summer was going to go.  Never once did it include an option of carousing in the evening with some tart you met at the beach."  She enjoyed the look of fear in Tim's eyes.  She then grabbed a fistful of his hair and fairly well dragged him by it over the ottoman in the living room and thrust him across. 


Fighting back didn't even cross Tim's mind.  For one, he knew that it would end his relationship with Alicia if he did.  More importantly, he knew and Alicia knew, as they often played around, he was no match for her physically.  He was at her mercy and they knew it---unless he wanted to report her to police.  He definitely didn't want to do that.  He was just sorry he brought up the arcade thing at the beach and hoped Alicia's punishment wouldn't be too bad.


"For this indiscretion today, you are going to be punished for the next 24 hours."  She walked around and stooped down to Tim's face and spoke more softly, almost gently:  "But know that I do this because I care for you deeply.  It is because I love you that you need the to learn discipline, Tim.  It should never have occurred to you that it might be okay for you to try and hook up with some girl at the beach.  Not with what we have going.  So, for that, you really must be punished. . .Unless, you are telling me that you don't want to continue what we do together?"


Tim immediately shook his head no.  "Please, Mistress Alicia, that is not what I want.  I want to be with you no matter what!"


"I thought and hoped you would say that.  So, let's get on with it shall we."


She picked up one of her broad paddles she left lying around to give the room "ambiance" and said:  "First, 20 strikes of the paddle."  Alicia administered them fairly harshly, in short order, with minimal time separating the blows.  She knew it must have been quite painful.  And when she saw Tim start to cry and plead for mercy, his sounds excited her and spurred her on to hit even harder and faster.  By the 20th blow, Tim's buttocks was quite red and even a little bruised, and he was blubbering uncontrollably apologizing and saying it would never happen again.


"All right Tim.  Go shower now and we will continue your punishment afterwards." 


Still crying, Tim only peeped:  "yes, mistress" as he crawled into the bathroom on his hands and knees.  Alicia thought he took an unusually long shower but didn't mind when she thought that he was probably using a lot of cold water to make his sore bottom feel better.


Once he was done, he crawled back out of the bathroom as he came in, completely naked with his still very red ass punctuating his physical appearance. Alcia was waiting for him with his collar, a leash, and leather mitts and harness that once Alicia installed on him restrained his hands at sides which were themselves covered by the mitts.  He couldn't possibly touch himself this way.


"Now, Tim, I am going to give you a reminder of what it is like to not have sex with me.  You are going to stay like this, bound, naked, exposed here until tomorrow evening."  As she spoke to him, Tim expected Alicia would start hurting him again in some way, but that is not what happened.  Instead, she touched him, caressed him, spoke seductively, and helped him come to a full erection.  "You see, Tim, I intend to make you suffer, to torture you in a way that keeps you near the edge of coming but you get no relief.  You may think that is better than the whipping you just received, but I assure you by tomorrow you'll have wished I had given you 40 strokes instead."  As she said this, Alicia stared into Tim's eyes and fondled his balls, stroked his cock.  As an adolescent male, she knew it wouldn't take long before he would want to cum.  But she now knew men and this one in particular well enough to know when to stop.  She aimed to burn into his brain how badly he wanted her, how badly he needed her to satisfy his sexual urges, to remind him again why he agreed to become her slave in the first place: a steady and virtually unlimited supply of sex.  Left on his own, he might well have been able to ignore his desires for 24 hours, but if Alicia sensually tormented him all day and well into the night, she figured the lesson will be well learned by the next night---or she'll have driven the boy insane.


Alicia realized this was going to take a fair amount of work and attention on her part, but she didn't mind.  Even as a teenager, she never could get enough of teasing young males sexually and then denying them any relief.  It was a favorite sport when she was young and she she often used it with lovers now.  The difference here was that it would go on much longer than usual before she granted any relief.  Alicia decided that she could best make this work by having them both be in bed.  Tim was tied to the bed so he couldn't roll over and somehow "hump" himself to an orgasm.  She on the other hand could watch tv or read book and easily touch or stroke his cock to keep his excitement up.  


At dinner, she fed Tim mashed potatoes.  She did not release his hands, but made him eat from a bowl on the floor, like a dog.  She only cleaned him up when he was done.  One hand was briefly released to go to the bathroom, but was heavily supervised and then immediately rebound when he was finished.  After dinner, Alicia took Tim back to bed.  In the bed, Alicia secured Tim's legs to the bottom of the bed and tied his collar to the top of the bed.  Alicia then strung a rope around Tim's cock and balls several times such that they protruded smartly above his groin and then looped the same rope to his hands, which were together at his stomach, and then the rope was tied to his collar.  The predicament was such that Tim could not move his head toward his hands, but if he pulled his head away from his hands, the rope train would tug uncomfortably on Tim's cock and balls.  His best strategy was to remain as still as possible.  The rope around Tim's cock was tight enough to maintain the erection as well as making it difficult for an orgasm to squeeze through.


Once done, Alicia crawled into bed with him wearing only thin satin panties, snuggled up close to Tim and turned on the TV.  With her long shapely leg draped over his and her large breasts pressing against Tim's head, she tickled and teased Tim's throbbing cock all evening long, keeping him on the edge of eruption as much as she possibly could.  In light of the amount of pre-cum that dripped from his faucet she was satisfied she succeeded.  She kept it up until nearly midnight, working through repeated pleadings by Tim to let him cum as she was driving him crazy.  Little did he truly understand how his repeated pleadings excited Alicia's desire for control and only encouraged her determination to torture him this way through the next day. 


By the time she turned off the light for the evening, Alicia thought she should play this game more often, she had found it so entertaining.  She was fairly certain that the rope around Tim's still throbbing cock would prevent any relief through nocturnal emissions.  She set the alarm to make sure they would awaken early so she could be begin again in the morning.


The next day went much the same way.  Tim was allowed to go to the bathroom and eat, but always under supervision to prevent any unauthorized masturbation.  The rest of the time, Tim was tied back on the bed with Alicia right beside him, extending his torment.  On numerous occasions, Alicia wouldn't have to touch Tim for 30 minutes or more because he was so close to the edge for so long.  Alicia engaged in much conversation and verbal training with Tim, who for his part promised over and over to be good and always be obedient if she would only let him cum. 


Right before dinner, Alicia decided the 24 hours were up.  But as one final act of humiliation and punishment, Alicia untied Tim's legs and bent them up over his head.  She held and positioned him such that she pointed his cock directly at his mouth.


"Open your mouth, Tim.  If you want relief, you're going to have to consume the mess you are about to make."


Tim was torn.  He knew if he didn't, Alicia would not let him come and he was positively out of his mind to get some relief.  But the idea was gross to him still.  But he knew he had no choice.  He opened his mouth wide and Alicia's second stroke caused his cock to squirt a seemingly unending stream of cum, most of which landed in his mouth but enough covered his face to cause him to feel no end of humiliation.  When he was finally done, Alicia ordered him to the bathroom to shower up.


When he came out, she came over to him, took him into her arms and gave him the deepest, most passionate kiss of the summer.  "Put on your sports jacket, we are going to go out to a nice dinner.  But rest assured, I intend to have you for dessert!" 


Tim never looked at another girl for the rest of the summer.  In his mind, none could hold a candle to his magnificient amazonian aunt!


Bridge Night

One day in the middle of the summer, Alicia was letting Tim laze the afternoon away on the couch---only in his speedos, of course, because she knew what he did not:  his night would be busy. 


"Yes, Mistress Alicia?"

"Tonight is my bridge night.  Four of my friends will be coming over to play and I expect that you will be completely obedient and cooperative with them."

Tim wasn't sure what she meant by that.  He was also confused.  He didn't play but he knew bridge required four people, not five.  "Um, okay.  Out of curiousity, how can you play bridge with five people?"

"Come here," Alicia ordered.

Tim crawled to his aunt, his dominant mistress, as she had trained him to do from the beginning of the summer.  When he got to her, he faced her on his knees, staring into her magnificient breasts held up by the black corset she usually wore in the aprtment, he couldn't help but feel his erection form yet again in his tight, tight swim trunks.

"Well, my young slave, that was very perceptive of you.  In fact, the bridge game is a little disorganized and we are not very good at it.  The reality is: the ladies are coming here for:  you.  You are to be their plaything for 45 minutes each in the bedroom---while the rest of us watch from the bridge table."

Tim turned a little pale.  Having Aunt Alicia do the things she was doing to him was one thing.  He wasn't sure about this.  Alicia saw the look on Tim's face.

"It is time you entertain my friends.  We won't do it often but you are my favorite toy and I want to share a little!"  She stated firmly.  "Besides, you'll mostly enjoy it."  Tim wasn't sure about the word "mostly."

"Yes, Mistress" was all he had for now, but Alicia continued.

"My friends are all reasonably attractive.  You'll have fun!  Lois is the oldest of the group and a little plump, although with a very nice feminine shape.  Frankly, all she wants is conventional sex, although she may be a little aggressive about it.  She will like to touch you a lot first, though.  Her marriage is empty---she and her husband never have it any more so she is a bit deprived.  She also likes to feel she can still excite a man.   Elke is the most dominant of the group---she'll mostly want to spank you before she takes you.  Marjorie won't even be interested in your cock.  For 45 minutes she is going to expect you to eat her to orgasm after orgasm.  And Sylvia, well, like me she likes bondage but she will also make you dress up like a little female slut.  I am sorry about that, but you can survive it.  Besides, it will be enormously entertaining to the rest of us!  They will all love you:  your lithe body and hairless skin!"

Tim swallowed hard at what he had been told but knew he had little choice but to play Alicia's games with her friends.  He knew that what she was doing to him was wrong but yet he loved every minute with her---he loved being her sex slave!---and if he had to entertain her friends to continue he would rather than give it all up.  He was grateful that Alicia let him stand and walk while her friends were there---it made him feel slightly less vulnerable.

At 8 pm, Alicia's friends started arriving.  Marjorie and Elke arrived together and Tim watched as they greeted like grown-up women do, chattering and hugging.  When they noticed him, Tim felt himself blushing, now in the presence of three women looking at him wearing only a pair of tight-fitting speedos.

Soon after their arrival, Alicia announced:  "this is Tim" while pulling him forward and standing behind him with her hands on his arms.

"Oh, Alicia, he's beautiful!" Marjorie blurted, who was also carrying a rather large purse.  Elke eyed him more coldly:  "yes, he'll do."

"Can I get you ladies anything?" Tim asked as Alicia had instructed him to do earlier.

"White wine for them both, Tim," Alicia answered.

At that moment, the door bell rang again and Lois and Sylvia showed up again, with the scene just played out repeating itself again.  With ladies chattering and gushing over Tim or whatever topic that crossed their minds, they all settled at the dining room table which was perfectly position to see through to the bedroom and bed.  Once everyone had a glass of wine, Lois was too impatient to wait any longer. 


"Oh, fine, Lois, you may go first."

"Excellent!  Come, Tim," and with that she grabbed the boy's hand firmly and led him into the bedroom, while the other ladies continued chatting, drinking, and preparing the cards but really spending a lot of the time watching the bedroom.  And although Tim was embarassed to be put on such a display, he did find it exciting as well.  And Alicia was right about Lois:  she immediately stripped Tim out of his speedos, causing his erection to pop out and Lois stripped herself nude.  She was carrying an extra 30 pounds, but they were evenly distributed across her body, giving her an hour-glass figure just a little larger than what he might otherwise have found desireable.  She was actually no taller than himself.  She laid Tim back on the bed and spent the better part of 35 minutes caressing, teasing, and kissing Tim as well as having him do the same to her---all the while the rest of ladies watched and chatted and played from the next room.  Finally she invited Tim to mount her missionary style where after all that foreplay they both came quite quickly. Tim did not find the experience at all unpleasant, including spending the remaining 10 minutes cuddling afterwards, while Lois stroked him and praised his performance.  When she got up and got dressed, Alicia told Tim to remain where he was.

"Okay, Elke, it is your turn now."

Elke was the one that scared Tim the most.  She did not smile very much and when she did, the smiles were tight, almost severe.  She was the tallest of the all of Alicia's friends, although a beautiful blond.  He breasts were pretty small, however,  When she stepped in to the bedroom, she unsnapped her sun dress and let it fall to the floor, and Tim noticed she was wearing tall black boots and underneath a black leather corset without any panties at all.

"Now young, man," Elke whispered with menace the others could not hear, "you will do exactly as I command and say exactly what I want you to say!"

"Go easy on him," Lois yelled, "he's precious!  You don't want to ruin him for the rest!"

Elke ignored Lois and Tim's fear as well as his recent activities was preventing him from getting an erection immediately.  Elke didn't really care.  More than anything else, she simply wanted to make Tim---make all men---suffer.  Elke proceeded to spank and torment Tim aggressively, turning his backside a bright shade of red, forcing him to lick her boots, ordering him over and over to beg to for more and more punishment as he was nothing but a stupid, lowly male who deserved nothing more.  Only near the end of the 45 minutes did Elke ease up and with Tim lying on his back use her hands to force an erection to gain satisfaction with the boy.

Marjorie's turn passed exactly as Alicia said it would, demanding that Tim worship her cunt in multiple positions for 45 minutes bringing her to orgasm after orgasm with nothing else required or given to Tim.

When Sylvia entered the room, she explained:  "I like a little more elaborate game than the other three."  She first ordered Tim to put on a pair silky red panties, a matching bra and silk stockings, then she proceeded to make up his face with lipstick and eyeliner and rouge.  When she was done, she brought Tim out to be seen, and the other women clapped and applauded about what a beautiful "girl" Tim is.  Sylvia then took time back in, bounded him to the bed, gagged him, and mounted him, riding him to two ejaculations.  When she was done, Tim was physically and mentally exhausted.    He fell asleep still bound and gagged.

When Sylvia came out, she declared:  "Alicia he is just delicious!  And he's spent.  He's asleep although he is also quite gooey.  You may want to wake him and have him shower."

"I don't know.  I kind of like the idea of seeing him stay like that for the night.  I will then take him in the morning.  All right girls, pay up."  Each woman gave Alicia a $100 bill.

"Where did you get him, by the way?"  Sylvia asked.

"Oh, he's my nephew.  He is staying with me for the summer."

All the women looked a little shocked.  "You are one twisted bitch, Alicia," Elke finally declared.

"You bet," Alicia replied.

"Does this mean we can come again?" Lois asked.

"In three weeks."

After the ladies left, Alicia crawled into bed with Tim.  Still made up, but bound and gagged, marks and drying body fluids covered his body, he did not stir from slumber.  Alicia did indeed decide to leave him that way.  She loved the look of total violation that he conveyed.  She couldn't explain it, but it excited her to see her beloved nephew so totally controlled and used by her and her friends.


As the summer rolled to end and after another "bridge night" a a few weeks later, both Alicia and Tim realized things would have to come to an end, at least for now.  Alicia did wonder what, if anything, he would say to her sister.  She had no reason to think that Tim would say anything:  he never asked to stop and was always ready and excited to perform in their games and activities, even if they on occasion disagreed, like the time Tim wanted to go out at night on his own.  She decided she ought to at least ask, as the thought of the possibility of jail time crossed her mind and suddenly seemed more real.


She waited until the evening after a lengthy bout of dominant female/male slave coitus.  Alicia had been a little more sensual than had been her habit of late, something Tim seemed to enjoy as they mated three times over three hours with lots of teasing, tickling, spanking, breast worship, oral servitude, and a highly erotic soapy shower interlude in between. 


As they lay resting in bed, Alicia had her hand holding up her head, her leg across Tim's groin, her breasts pressing his arm, as she caressed his nipples.  She saw in his eyes a look of total adoration, which reassured her of how the conversation was going to go.


"Well, Tim, that was lovely.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."


"Oh, yes, Aunt Alicia, it was awesome."  Then he broke ice instead.  "I am really going to miss this, and you.  I mean, I look forward to seeing mom and my friends, but God, this has been a blast!"


Alicia laugh gayly.  "Yes, I am really going to miss you as well.  But you know, we can't talk about this with anyone, especially if we want to do this again.  Your mother is liberal, my young sex toy, but not this liberal."


"Well, yeah.  Talking about sex with my mom is not something high on my list."  Tim paused.  "Spending time with you after school starts, somehow, is."


Alicia bent down and gave Tim a long, deep, tongue-probing, dominant kiss.  "I am sure we can work out the occasional visit here---you have school breaks.  I can go there, as I have.  An afternoon at the movies doesn't really have to be an afternoon at the movies, and so on."


As Alicia thought about this, it excited her.  She wanted to continue on this way with Tim, it was completely recreational but she didn't want to give it up, even if she might have to find someone else closer to home from time to time.


Tim was supposed to go home Labor Day weekend and he did.  Alicia drove him back to her sister's place and stayed for the weekend.  To all outward appearances, Alicia and Tim carried on as any normal, friendly aunt and nephew would.  On the morning of the Monday holiday, however, Alicia had a conversation with her sister.


"You know, Jean, Tim had a great time with me over the summer.  And I enjoyed having him.  He was the perfect houseguest.  He was always enjoyable to have around, very polite and respectful, and pulled more than his fair share in doing chores."  Alicia smiled inwardly to herself.  Of course, he did his fair share.  Who wouldn't with a dominatrix standing over you, bullwhip in hand?


Her sister replied conversationally.  "That's great, Alicia, I really appreciate your willingness to look after him for the summer.  He can't stop talking about what a great time he had."


"Well, that leads me to my next point.  It was nice to try to see him more often, especially now that he is older and more 'interesting.'  I was thinking, maybe he could come down once a month for the weekend.  I could pick him up on a Friday or he could get on a bus and I would meet him.  I figured you might enjoy the downtime and he and I would get to spend a little more time together.  Likewise, maybe a I could visit here a little more often as well, perhaps once a month?  What do you think?  You guys are the only family I have after all.  I would enjoy coming up and taking Tim to dinner and a movie.  And he's welcome of course during any school break he might have, including next summer again!"


"That's a great idea!  Let's plan on it.  School starts for him tommorrow, but you could come to visit in a couple of weeks and he could come down to you Columbus Day weekend.  In November, he has a four-day weekend, when I have to work, when he could visit.  And you are welcome here as always at Christmas time---maybe he could go with you over New Years---we'd be keeping him away from the parties with his friends."


Alicia's groin tingled that these words.  She knew then and there that if she and Tim were careful, their kinky sex adventures could continue for a long time to come.  Her breasts heaved at the thought that her sexual domination of Tim's smooth, taught body would continue.  The image of her having her high-heeled black boot planted on Tim's prostrate and bound form flashed through her mind.


"That's great!  I look forward to it and I am sure Tim will, too!"


"By the way, turns out I have to go into the office for a few hours this afternoon.  So, unless you want to get going, want to hang around with Tim a little longer, make sure he gets lunch?  I'll be back at dinner time but not much before that."


Alicia smiled broadly.  It had already been two days since she had been able to have her way with Tim.  "Why sure, Jean, I'd be happy to.  Don't you worry, I will keep Tim out of trouble and make sure he is taken care of.  You of all people know how teenage boys are.  They needs lots of guidance and discipline!"

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