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Chapter 8

Survival - By Thunder
Chapter Eight

Vicky was horrified at the pain and humiliation she was having to
endure.  Her leg muscles were cramping and her jaw ached like
fire.  Sitting in her own pee with the vibrator buzzing and
sloshing.  Her nerves were on edge because of the lack of sleep and
the torment her body was having forced on it.

The hours dragged on and still the damn vibrator just would not
die.  Her crotch was numb now from the constant steady sensation.
Her eyes closed in pain, she was startled as the door flew open.
Mistress Kim walked in with two guards.

They unlocked Vicky's collar and opened the door of the cage.  The
sensation of the guards forcing her legs together was extremely
painful.  When they removed the ring gag, she could not speak
because her jaw would not move.  One guard held her up while the
other guard started strapping a belt around her waist.  A strap was
locked to the front of the belt to a metal ring.  The strap had two
large dildos attached at mid length.  Just in front of the first
dildo was a round metal button.  As the strap was drawn between her
legs, Vicky was horrified to feel the dildos being slammed up both
of her tortured holes.  The strap was brought tight and locked to a
ring in the back of the belt.  There was a small black metal box at
the end of the strap that was secured by the lock in the belt.
Mistress Kim stood behind Vicky and did something to the box and
instantly Vicky felt electric snaps to her clit and the dildos up
her ass and pussy.  The box produced alternating sensations of
electric stimulation.  They took off her cuffs and shoved her to
the cot.

Mistress Kim and the guards left her alone in the room, naked,
unrestrained except for the strap between her legs.  Vicky went to
the tiny sink and splashed water on her face and body and sucked
the water into her mouth to rid herself of the horrible taste.  Her
jaw ached and she had a hard time moving her mouth.  She stood up
and walked slowly back to the bed and lay down.  She was exhausted
but now there was a new torment to prevent her from sleep.

She explored the belt and strap and discovered there was nothing
she could do to remove it.  The electric snaps seemed to alternate
with intensity, speed and which part of the strap activated.  The
activation cycled from the button resting on her clit to the butt
plug, back the clit and then the dildo up her pussy.  It was
maddening and the cycle never let her get used to the stimulation.
Each snap of electricity was like a surprise to her body.

She realized how hungry she was and she missed the bath, massage
and soft tongues.  Where was Megan, was she safe?  The torment of
her own thoughts mixed with the horrible belt and strap caused her
head to spin.

Steve walked into Than's office and was shown to a comfortable over
stuffed chair.  A well dressed servant came in with tea and coffee
for the two gentleman and served Steve coffee and Than selected
tea.  Both men had been in negotiations for months and this was to
be the final meeting.

Steve had produced a video game several months ago and now was
ready to market it around the world.  It would be a revolutionary
virtual reality game that only required something like a pair of
sun glasses instead of the monster goggles and head gear every one
was used to.  Steve's company had the technology and software, the
partnership with Than and his company would provide the

It had been an uphill battle for Steve to get his dream launched to
this point.  He was so close to having it all, and now it just came
to inking the deal with Than.  All the lawyers from both sides had
reviewed, edited, modified and blessed the contracts.  All
signatures were in place except for the two owners of the
respective companies.

Steve had decided to visit Than in Thailand to see the
manufacturing facility first hand.  He had been impressed with the
efficient layout and the high tech, modern, plastic injection
molding units.  There was no doubt this facility could produce the
millions of units projected for this game.  Steve knew he was
sitting on a virtual gold mine and was willing to share a healthy
share with a partner that could help bring the dream to reality.
The contract he was about to sign would make Than one of the
richest men in Thailand and perhaps the region.

The two men joked a bit and after they finished their refreshment,
they both retreated to a large board room with a conference table
in the center.  All the contract paperwork was neatly spread out in
proper sequence with marks to show where the signatures were to be
placed.  The lawyers had done a good job.

Steve wished he still had his star attorney working on this but she
just disappeared shortly after she won the big civil case for him
that made all this possible.  The months that it had taken to win
that case, Steve had become very attracted to Vicky, his attorney.
He knew it was not ethical to become involved with Vicky during a
big case but the desire was certainly there.

Steve had lost his wife of 23 years to cancer and at 54 was faced
with the loneliness of wanting to share his success with his loved
one.  Vicky and her daughter would have made a wonderful outlet to
lavish his love and new found success and wealth on.

After she disappeared, he and the law firm had hired detectives to
track her down.  The trail went cold at the hotel in the Bahamas.
No trace, clothes still in the room, no sign of them.  Steve knew
in his heart that something had happened to them.  But what?

After the signing the two men relaxed and chatted for a while.
Steve liked Than.  Articulate, well educated, an easy laugh and
style unlike most business men of the region.  It was easy to see
why Than was so successful.

The two men agreed to have dinner together that evening and Than
said he had a surprise for Steve.  Steve left and was escorted back
to his hotel by Than's limo and armed body guards.  Than had
provided Steve with some very nice accommodations as well as the
use of the limo and personal security.

Steve relaxed by the pool most of the afternoon and enjoyed the
hospitality of the hotel.  The management knew why he was in
Thailand and that Than had given the hotel incentive to treat Steve
like royalty.

Steve dressed for dinner and was met at the hotel entrance by the
body guard and limo.  He was taken to a very fine restaurant where
he met Than.  The dinner was fabulous and the service impeccable
with the waiters hovering and anticipating every need.  They dinned
in a private section of the place and were even visited by the chef
to check on the acceptance of his cuisine.

Steve and Than joked and drank and ate and thoroughly enjoyed each
others company. Toward the end of dinner, Than asked Steve if he
was aware of the reputation Thailand had regarding its underground
sex industry.  Steve assured Than he knew the reputation and was
curious about it but would not want to participate in any sexual
activities.    Steve did express an interest in perhaps a show of
some type.

Than beamed as he described an acquaintance named Mistress Kim and
how hot her show was each evening.  Her star performer was a
beautiful blond Western woman that performed unspeakable acts of
sexual depravity each evening.  Than described how the beautiful
tall woman would come out into the crowded room and get up on the
tables, squat, and allow herself to be fingered and probed while
holding her breasts as an offering.

Steve was shocked that a woman would do this sort of show but was
mildly stimulated by the visual image in his head of such an act.
He agreed and after dinner they got into the limo with four of
Than's body guards.

Vicky lay on the bunk, digging at the strap, trying to get some
relief from the constant stimulation.  There was just no way to get
used to it because of the constant changing frequency and strength
of the little electric snapping.

She lay there for what she thought was an eternity.  Finally, the
door flew open and two guards entered.  They grabbed her and cuffed
her hands behind her back and literally dragged her down the hall
to the stage.

Vicky was a disheveled mess.  She had not been able to clean
herself completely and her hair was still matted and stuck
together.  She was hoping she was being taken to be cleaned up but
she was dragged directly to the stage area, still wearing the belt
and strap.

Vicky screamed at the sight she saw.  Megan was already there,
suspended in a face down, spread eagle position, horizontal to the
floor.  The four cables attached to her wrists and ankles produced
a visual effect that made it appear she was flying with
outstretched arms. A fifth cable was attached to a wide leather
belt around her mid section which supported her so her body was
straight and rigid.   Her breasts hung heavy with the nipple rings
dangling.  Her hair covered her face.  Her body was about waist
high off the floor.

Vicky was dragged out to the stage and a spreader bar was placed
between her legs.  She was standing by Megan's head, facing the
curtain with her hands behind her back and that damn strap
tormenting her continuously.

As the curtain opened to the roar of the crowd, Mistress Kim
pranced on stage.  Chattering into the microphone and waving her
free hand wildly in the air.  She whipped the crowd into a frenzy.
Men raced to the edge of the stage waving money and Mistress Kim
went down the line snatching the wads from the eager men.  Vicky
silently counted 30 men, now crowded at the end of the stage.  This
could not be happening.  Vicky struggled but it was useless.

Mistress Kim walked over to Vicky and yanked the strap tighter
forcing the metal button harder against her clit.  Mistress Kim's
face was red and flushed and her eyes had a wild look in them.
"Kitten just a slut now, time to make real money" and held the wad
of money in front of Vicky's face.  "Each man to fuck kitten and
you clean her after each one with your tongue".

Vicky was about to launch her helpless body at Mistress Kim when
she was shocked to hear a male voice scream her name from the back
of the room.  Vicky snapped her head up but was blinded by the
bright lights.

Steve and Than arrived at Mistress Kim's sex club and Than
apologized for being a little late.  They were delayed leaving the
restaurant because the owner was bowing and scraping to Than
thanking him for their patronage.

Steve and Than, accompanied by the four body guards, entered
Mistress Kim's and space was immediately cleared for such important
guest.  As they were shown to their table in the center of the
room, Steve was on overload, looking around at the crowded room.
The ornate surroundings and the brightly lit stage.  The stage was
packed with a large group of jumping and fidgeting men at one end.
In the center was a spectacular looking blond hanging from some
awful contraption that suspended her in the air.

Steve's eyes caught the exquisite naked blond standing next to the
suspended woman.  His eyes immediately riveted on her shapely body
and her shaved crotch.  Steve's mouth watered at the sight.

Like an alarm bell in the back of his brain, he recognized Vicky to
be the blond, helpless, tied and displayed in such an obscene
manner.  His mind snapped and he screamed her name. "VICKY"

Steve was racing toward the stage with Than standing there in
shock.  As Steve reached the edge of the stage, the thug confronted
him and grabbed his arm.  Steve wheeled toward Than to find his new
partner had followed him to the edge of the stage.  Steve grabbed
Than by the arm and screamed at him that the woman on stage had
disappeared six months ago and he believed she had been kidnapped.
He told Than that he needed make sure she was OK.

Than held up his hands as a gesture that he did not want to get
involved.  Steve's face went to a shadowy angry expression and he
screamed if Than didn't help this instant, the whole deal was off
for the partnership.

Than, seeing the millions disappearing like smoke before his eyes,
chattered at the four body guards.  Instantly four Uzi machine guns
appeared from under their coats.  The thug released Steve and
reached for something under his jacket.  His hand never made
contact with what he was reaching for.  One of the body guards let
fly a burst of 9mm rounds that caught the thug full in the face.
His face disappeared in a cloud of red.

The group of men leaped off the stage and the crowd scampered for
the exits.  Steve leaped up onto the stage and started for Vicky.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small woman running toward
him with a long object like an ice pick.  Steve avoided the strike,
stepped to one side and landed a hard blow to the smallish woman's
left jaw.  She crumpled into a heap on the floor, unconscious.

There was panic in the room.  People running every where, trampling
each other to escape.  The four body guards had surrounded Than at
the edge of the stage and looked like a fortress of bristling
Uzi's.  Steve reached Vicky and she collapsed in his arms.  He
gently laid her on the floor of the stage and went to the small
women he had just knocked out.  He took a key ring from her belt
and found the proper keys and unlocked the belt and strap around
Vicky.  After releasing Vicky, he motioned for one of the body
guards to help him release Megan.  She was shaking and sobbing and
frightened out of her wits.

When the two women were released and holding each other, Vicky
blurted to Steve they had been kidnapped 6 months ago by this evil
woman.  Steve looked back at Than and he just shrugged his

Vicky looked at the little heap that started to stir.  Mistress Kim
was regaining consciousness.  Vicky grabbed the handcuffs that were
lying on the floor next to her that Steve had removed from her
wrists.  She went to the evil little bitch and rolled her over and
sat on her.  Vicky grabbed her arms and almost broke them as she
yanked them back behind the woman's back.  Kim screamed in pain.
Click, click and Vicky was sitting on the now helpless, much
smaller woman.

Vicky stood up and ripped off the damn heels she detested.  Now
barefoot and able to keep her balance, she reached down and grabbed
Kim by the hair.  It was no trouble for Vicky to lift Kim from the
floor by her hair.  Screaming in pain and squirming, Kim was
resisting.  Vicky doubled up her fist and threw a right cross that
made Steve take notice.  Kim's face contorted and she was out cold

A rapid exchange between Than and the body guards and the guards
fanned out to check for any new threat.  There was none.  The place
was empty.  The first burst from the guard's Uzi that had taken
down the thug was enough incentive to clear the building.  The
small group was alone.

Vicky walked to the side of the stage and found robes for her and
Megan.  She returned and wrapped her daughter in the soft cloth.
She looked at Steve and leaped into his arms, tears streaming down
her face.

Kim stirred again and Vicky's face turned into an expression that
made Steve take a step back.  Without a word, Vicky walked over to
Kim and started tearing the woman's clothes off.  Vicky looked
around and found the control box.  After a few tries, she found the
right switch and the hoist cable descended.  Vicky brought it to
the cuffs behind Kim's back and attached the cable.

A flick of the switch and Kim was being hoisted from the floor.
Her arms were being stretched up behind her back, forcing her into
a bent over position.  Steve looked at Vicky and said, "C'mon, lets
get the hell out of here".  Vicky glared back at Steve and said,
"Not yet, it's payback time".

Steve stepped back and thought he understood.  He took Megan and
helped her off the stage.  The body guards, Than, Steve and Megan
moved to the back of the room.

Review This Story || Author: Thunder
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