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Slave to a Dominant Couple

Part 1

slave to a Dominant Couple

They were a Dominant couple looking for a submissive boy to toy with and use for their sexual needs. We met online which made it easy for me to share my deep dark desires. Through weeks of correspondence with them, I learned that Katie was the very Dominant one and that she had a strong Sadistic side that she would love to use on the submissive that they were looking for. Even though they were both Dominant and searching for a Bi sub boy, they were not disappointed to learn that I was what you might call a Bi virgin. I had never before been with a man sexually, although I had been forced to eat and swallow my own cum numerous times. I was looking for an opportunity to explore my Bi tendencies and they reassured me that they were also looking for more of a D/s forced Bi scene play too. So, Katie and Sir were both eager to meet me and setup a trial scene together. Our first meeting was at a local bar and grill, I remember having butterflies in my stomach and being nervous at first, but they turned out to be a really nice laid back casual couple, in fact, you would never suspect these were the same people who shared with me their desires to Dominant me sexually! Katie was wearing a short skirt, sexy heels, and tight top that showed her prominent breasts and nipples. She had a great womanly shape and a pretty face, I was attracted immediately. We all chatted and the attraction was mutual for all.

Their place was a pleasant home within close distance to the resturant. After we entered, Katie and Sir gave me a tour of the home, and showed me a guest bedroom and bathroom which they said I could use to freshen up if need be. A trip downstairs highlighted the tour as Sir showed me their pretty lavish home dungeon play space. It was complete with a sturdy wooden cross, a bondage chair and the centerpiece being the punishment horse, as Katie called it, which was setup in the middle of the room. A cabinet mounted on the wall was opened to reveal a huge selection of spanking and punishment implements. Another cabinet, which was more like an office credenza housed numerous dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and other toys, some of which were really large and my wide eyed curiosity was noticed by Katie as she held up one of the huge dildos and said she would love nothing more than to watch my asshole stretch wide open as she forced every inch of this toy deep into my hole! Sir added to her comments by saying that they were both very heavy into anal play, and as for me, their submissive, I should expect to receive a lot of it and I will experience all of it as anal punishment play!

After the tour, I was told to strip immediately while we were in the dungeon room. Katie on one side of me and Sir on the other, my heart raced as Katies hands were exploring my private areas, teasing my body. Her soft touch and sweet comments had a tremendous effect on me.My cock had grown rock hard from her touch as I stood before them, the center of attention. Katie stopped stroking my cock now and asked me how often did I pleasure myself? When I told her it was very often, sometimes daily, she said,“Oh, That just wont dopaul!”, then she squeezed my balls hard and brought me to my knees! Sir went and got the chastity device and handed it to Katie. Mistress told me she did not want me to touch myself or pleasure myself anymore without her permission, as she was stuffing my cock and balls into the CB-2000.After she locked away my cock and balls, Katie led me over to the punishment horse and had mepositioned face down. She quickly attached double ended spring clips to my wrist and ankle cuffs that Sir put on me and within a few seconds I was completely immobile, stretched out, face down, my naked bottom raised obscenely behind me as if begging for attention of some kind!Mistress Katie proceeded to inform me that as her submissive, she and Sir would punish me whenever I disobeyed either of them, for any and every reason they determined!As their sub I would have no limits, no safe words, and no way of making the punishment stop! Katie was now holding a wooden Ping-Pong spanking paddle and told me that I would be punished for masturbating and playing with “Her” cock so frequently and without her permission! As her sub, Mistress said she would decide when and if I would be allowed an orgasm. So for my disobedience to her, she said my bare bottom would now be punished with a hard paddling! Mistress Katie did not even hesitate and started to rain down one hard spank after another on my bare ass cheeks! I was moaning and gasping with each hard swat! Mistress then chastised me for being so vocal and said she expected her submissive to be more obedient and to accept whatever punishment she seemed fit, and that meant being more quiet about it. So, because I was just too loud, Katie told me that I just now earned twelve of her best with the cane! And Mistress really did make me “earn” each one of those stripes as she seared my butt with a dozen hard lashes of her cane, each one leaving a deep red welt!

Katie released me and led me to the couch where she told me to kneel in front of Sir. She had me undo Sirs pants, and then he slipped out of them. "Make his cock hardpaul", she commanded me. Being inexperienced in the bisexual world I tried to do my best to stroke and fondle his cock and balls. Katie then ordered me to use my mouth and lick and suck his cock! I thought about what I would enjoy if getting a blow job, so I just tried my best to duplicate those actions. I fondled his balls and sucked on his cock and I could feel it growing as it hardened in my mouth. Sir was busy kissing and feeling her tits. Once it was erect and hard I just kept up a good pace sucking and licking the head and stroking his shaft. Sir was pretty big and I could only get a few inches of him in my mouth. Katie and Sir both said that they not only wanted me to suck and lick Sirs cock, but that in time, they wanted me to be able to deep throat it with my mouth pressed against his crotch! As I sucked him off, I heard Sir moan a couple of times and I could not help but wonder how it would be when Sir reached his climax and his hot cum flooded my mouth! Would I be able to swallow it all, would I gag from the taste? I was getting even more nervous as I thought about it. Then Sir just held my head and guided me up and down his shaft as he face fucked me. My head was bobbing up and down as I sucked his shaft and Sir worked to get more of his cock into my mouth each time. But just as I was getting into the act, Sir stopped me and pushed me off his cock. He ordered me to give oral pleasure to Katie now.

She had dropped her skirt, and panties and was standing over us watching intently. She had me lay on the couch face up, with my head hanging off one of the arms at the end of the couch. Katie then just leaned forward with her legs spread as she straddled my mouth! Sir told me to lick her good! I moved my mouth to that place I was much more familiar with. Her wet pussy was now sliding over my nose and mouth, as she rubbed her pussy on my face her juices were being smeared into my nostrils as I tongued her wet slit. The smell of pussy is so intoxicating to me, I just cant get enough of it! I savored the moment as now my every breath was her womanly scent! Then Katie leaned farther forward, her asshole was now pressing against my nose and mouth and she told me to lick her there too! I lapped slowly around her anus and could not avoid her raw musty smell and tastethere as I obeyed her commands. After washing her hole cleanwith my tongue, Mistress wanted me to work my tongue up into her rear hole too! Soon I found myself stabbing my tongue into her tight little brown eye, pushing it past her tight anal ring. I worked her rosebud over like this repeatedly, working my tongue farther into her asshole each time! I could tell my actions were really having an effect on Katie as she was moaning loudly now. I kept this up a while longer until I had finally loosened up her tight little hole! Then I slowly started to work my way back to her wet pussy and clit. I delighted in making her moan and twitch with each lap to her clit! Back and forth I went, my tongue circling then stabbing into her pussy or asshole as I slid it between each hole, then occasionally collecting her juices in her slit before flicking her little nub again and again! I settled into this pattern as Katies sexual build up increased, her moaning louder and more intense! I concentrated on forcing my tongue into her pussy, then slowly dragging it along her slit to her little nub. I found this excited her more and I would gradually keep my hot tongue pressed against her clit or wiggle her clit longer with each lap! Katies arousal and actions told me she was very close. As my tongue continued its duty on her pussy and clit I pressed my nose firmly against Katies asshole! It was hard to breathe for me, but from her excitement I knew she was in the throes of orgasm and I did not want to ruin it for her! I savored each moment of her arousal as she rocked her pussy on my face in a wet orgasm! She collapsed on top of me as I continued to lick her wetness from her pussy. When she had gained her composure she pulled away from me leaving her wetness all over my face. She needed to sit down and rest for a bit, and I was glad to be able to straighten back up myself. But that was short lived as Sir told me to get back in the same position, on my back, my shoulders on the arm of the couch with my head hanging down over the side. Sir said I could use the deep throat practice and Mistress Katie sat on the couch between my spread legs. She told me to place my hands under my butt and do not move them no matter what. She then started fondling my exposed balls and ordered me to suck Sirs cock and take it down my throat, but that every time I make a choke or gag sound, she was going to squeeze my balls as punishment! Sir held my head as he pushed his 8-inches into my mouth and sure enough, the first thrust caused me to jerk as I gagged but Mistress Katie squeezed down hard which caused me to jerk even harder, to which she said that will cost me later. And that is pretty much how the next 30-minutes went, as almost every thrust resulted in me gagging and my balls being kneaded and squeezed hard by Katie!  Sir was stroking his shaft as he withdrew and I doubt I had anything to do with his orgasm but he managed to shove his cock in as he dumped a huge load of his hot cum down my throat, and I dutifully sucked it down and licked his cock clean.

Before I was given a chance to rest, Katie pulled me up and led me to the punishment horse again, and once again quickly secured me stretched out, face down, and butt raised. She opened the cabinet door and selected a leather slapper and said that I performed that last task terribly, and would now be punished for jerking so much when she squeezed my balls. Katie reminded me of one the house rules she explained to me earlier, that as her sub, she and Sir would punish me whenever I disobeyed either of them in any way, and that she would most definitely punish me forany poor performance! That meant, she intended on punishing my ass severely and she said that if I could sit down afterward, then she would tie me down and do it over until I couldnt!  Katie also said that if I ever cried out or begged her or Sir to stop a punishment, then I would earn even more swats with the cane! Then Katie placed the cane before me, saying that I was also going to get my butt striped as well! Katie didnt hold back, and I was crying and sobbing after a brutal thirty minutes of punishment spanking and caning that left my butt hot, red, striped and feeling raw!

After she released me, Katie had me lay on the single bed face up, then she straddled my face on all fours. I licked her very wet pussy and clit again as Sir climbed in over me. He ran his cock across her slit a couple times then just plunged into her pussy burying his cock balls deep into her! Sirs balls resting against my chin, he commanded me to keep licking her clit and pussy as he fucked Katie good. Her moans grew louder as we worked her pussy over! I opened wide and moved my tongue to the place where his cock entered her pussy. I lapped as Sir thrusted into her over and over again! Sir fucked Katie faster now until she lost herself in the pleasure and had a strong orgasm, which caused Sir to lose control as he grunted and deposited his cum in her pussy! Sir pulled out and dripped cum into my mouth as her ordered me to suck his cock quickly! Then Katie repositioned herself and lowered her dripping crotch over my mouth as she said,  "clean me out paul"!

I open wide and sent my tongue into her depths lapping away. She contracted her pussy a couple times and lifted off my face and spread her ass checks enough for Sir to take a photo of the first glob of his cum dripping into my eager mouth. I swallowed and dove in again. Licking and lapping at their sweet juices mixed together. I continued licking and to my surprise she orgasmed again flooding my mouth with more of their cum. I was more excited then I had ever been before! Then Sir had Katie bind my wrist cuffs together behind my back and made me kneel on the bed before him. Katie steadied me as they took turns holding my face and Sir fucked my mouth slowly and told me to take his cock deeply, all the way to the base. I tried hard, but gagged each time Sir plunged his cock down my throat and held my face firmly against his groin! He worked me over good for nearly twenty minutes before he gushed what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat! I could do nothing but swallow it all as Katie and Sir forced me to perform for them as their Bi slave. I apologized to Sir and to Katie as I admitted to them again that this was my first real Bi scene and that I would hope they would train me to be better at it. Katie then said that was precisely what she had in mind as she lead me over to the punishment horse again, and tightly secured me stretched out and face down! Sir stood before me and told me he realized I was new to this but if I continued to gag on his cock then Katie would continue to punish my butt severely, so as she picked up the leather slapper, Sir fed me his cock again as he held my face and put his cock in my mouth!

Katie did not show my already tender butt cheeks any mercy either, as I yelped with the first swat, the cock in my mouth muffled my cries as I tried to suck Sir good! After a while Katie had switched to the cane and viciously delivered another twelve of her best before asking me if I have learned my lesson yet? With tears and sobs, I uttered a feeble Yes Mistress, reply. To which Sir just held my face and slowly pulled himself deeply into my mouth, I mustered all my strength against my gag reflex as he just held my face against his crotch for a moment then withdrew! Both Sir and Mistress commented and encouraged me saying that they knew I could do it!

As Mistress and Sir kissed and hugged each other in front of me, I was still tightly bound, but glad for the rest and the punishment to have stopped. Before I was freed though, Miss Katie teased me and said I was becoming such a good cock sucker, but she hadnt seen if I could pleasure a cock another way with my body. She taunted me as she stroked my face, wiping the tears from my cheeks as she said that she had a cock that needed attention, and that she was going to give me a nice hard and long anal fucking with was her way of thanking me for my excellent oral performance I gave her earlier! Katie had put on a dildo harness with her cock and walked around in front of me as she waved the huge 12-inch monster before my eyes! She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she hoped I would not disappoint her now as she loved anal play and she said my hairless asshole has just been begging her to be stretched and used! Katie told me that I could expect getting this form of anal punishment any time as a reward for my good performances! And since I gave her one of the best oral pleasures she has ever had, Katie said that this anal fucking was going to be a really nice, hard, and long fucking to show how much she loved it! Mistress Katie plowed my asshole good. She fucked me deep and hard, then switched to short but fast in and out fucks, then back to hard deep thrusts as she worked more and more of her “cock” into my asshole! She would keep asking me how did I like her cock now just after an especially hard or deep fuck with her toy buried deep inside me! I would let out a deep guttural groan as I gasped out a thank you Mistress response! Katie was now getting rough with me as she grabbed my hips and really forced herself hard into my asshole with every thrust! She was telling me that she loved fucking my asshole and that I should expect it to get plenty of use by her with each visit! When it was finally over, I vaguely remember Katie pulling out of my well fucked asshole as Sir had gotten into the action by face fucking me again and he had just unloaded his cum in my mouth. I was busy concentrating on licking and cleaning him up again when She commented on me being such a wanton little slut, and eating so much cum for her tonight! I was still bound to the punishment horse when Katie said that she only felt it was fair to give my asshole pleasure deserving of a wanton slut anally too. I wasnt sure what she meant at first, but when she heldup an oversized blue dildo that was plenty thick and had huge equally thick rings up and down the shaft, and a bottle of lube, it didnt take a genius to figure out the rest! She then told me how she was going to really work over my hole with this toy and how it would really stretch me open now as she fucked my hole with it, popping my stretched sphincter over each thick rib that Katie said she would be determined to work it all the way into me too! Katie asked Sir to spread and hold my very sore ass cheeks wide apart, as she lubed my gaping hole some more and then proceeded in savagely working my hole over with her big blue toy! Mistress seemed to be insatiable as she just kept fucking my hole, twisting the dildo, or slowing fucking it past my stretched sphincter as the thick rings popped past my tight hole over and over again! Katie was determined to fuck me senseless!

When they were both finally satisfied enough to release me, I was laid back down on the mattress, face up, legs spread wide. Katie said that she was pleased with me, and Sir said the same, and that I performed adequately for them. Mistress asked if I would come back every weekend as their personal slut? When I thanked Sir and Katie for allowing me to be their slave and slut, and agreed to come back whenever they wanted me, Katie then said there would be one last thing to do then. Sir reached and pulled my arms back and stretched out over my head while Katie unlocked my CB-2000. She said that she would allow me to cum now but in the future, She said that I would be kept locked in the CB-2000 and only be given a chance to orgasm if I had earned a reward for excellent performance! She started stroking and playing with my balls when I asked what she meant by saying I would be given a chance to orgasm?

Stupid me, I never know when to keep silent.  Katie stopped stroking me as she said, Well, we will just show you then. She proceeded to inform me that if I had earned the privilege of an orgasm, I would be bound, face up, spread eagle, and that she would remove the cock cage, but before stroking me to orgasm, she roll two dice which she said if for ball play. (Her version of fore play I later found out). Ball play was her little game of tease and denial so to speak. A roll of the dice determined two things, first the number on the dice would be added together and that would determine the number of blows to my balls she would give them right before the point of no return when she was stroking my cock. And the second thing the roll of the dice determines is what implement she will be using to strike my balls. An even number means she will swat my balls with the wooden spoon the number displayed on the dice. An odd number means she will use her hands and just squeeze and knead my balls the number of times based on the roll. Katie said that she will roll the dice first, then she will rub and pump my cock harder and harder working me up to my orgasm, but then stop just short of it and pummel my balls the number shown on the dice. After five rolls, I will have 1-minute to orgasm and cum into her waiting hand. If I cannot cum in one minute period from her stroking my cock, I forfeit the chance to cum, and will be punished for making Mistress work over my cock for nothing! Mistress Katie then showed me a Rosebud sound kit and said the punishment for not cumming is a good hard penis fucking of my pee slit with the entire length of her sounds!

Sir had taken the opportunity to cuff my wrists to the spreader bar at the head of the mattress and as Katie repositioned herself, he did the same with my ankles at the foot of the mattress. The spreader bars were already secured to the bed frame so once again, within seconds I was completely immobile and unable to move or stop what was to come next! Mistress Katie rolled the dice right on my stretched taut stomach and told me it was a seven and a three. She held up the wooden spoon so I could see it, but then she kneeled on either side of my head and lowered her pussy down before telling me to lick while I was given pleasure! She stroked my cock great and I was soon moaning and knew I wouldnt be for long. Sure enough, Katie just stopped and with a firm hold on my cock with one hand, her other held the spoon that swatted my poor balls. I jerked hard, involuntarily with each dead on blow to my balls, one side than the other until she reached ten! I felt the gut wrenching deep in my stomach as she tapped each ball! I was panting strongly into her pussy as I endured the ball beating! Each set was like before except that it took longer and longer for me to get to the brink of orgasm. On the last set, Mistress Katie said that she was going easy on me before with giving me ten hits total to my balls, and now she said I would get ten to each as would be the norm for these sessions! It was unbearable as one could imagine and I dont know how I managed not to pass out from the pain but I did! Then Katie asked me if I was ready to cum, but she just slid forward a bit and planted her asshole over my mouth when I tried to utter a response. She started rubbing my cock fast and I could not see a clock or know how long a minute would be. As I concentrated on my own relief, I just started to fantasize and get my mind to think about cumming when she just stopped! She taunted me as she told me that she must now punish my cock for wasting her time like this! I felt the cold wet steel rod as she lubed the head before pushing it into my pee slit. The feeling was insane, It was strange and foreign and I wanted it to stop but it kept going, deeper then she withdrew and then back in, but then she started to piston the rod in and out my penis at a feverish pace! I was screaming into her asshole as she kept it up, relentless, over and over, her laughing matching my cries as she ordered me to take my punishment! I felt such relief when she pulled it all the way out, but then regret when she said I had better get to work and give her an orgasm because she wasnt going to stop until she got one, or until she went through all twelve sounds, each one bigger than the previous one! Then she said my butt would really regret it if I couldnt give her an orgasm!

I somehow managed to give Katie a strong orgasm, but it was probably her own Sadistic arousal that brought her off more than what I could do to her pussy with my mind on my penis torture! Katie had a nice intense orgasm and she rubbed her pussy back and forth on my nose several times, making sure to smear her juices into my nostrils as she worked her wet pussy all over my nose! She said this was her way of thanking me for a nice orgasm and a wonderful evening, and she said she hoped her juices would be a constant reminder to me all night long of just how wet I made her!

I was secured once more face down on the punishment horse where Katie told me that my butt would now pay dearly as she was expecting to have multiple orgasms and all I gave her just then was one. Katie picked up the leather slapper and laid into my already sore punished butt cheeks! She did not hold back and seared my flesh with many hard swats over and over again! I was sobbing and shaking when she had stopped and I guess I hadnt noticed her pick up the 12-inch dildo and she proceeded to rape my hole just as savagely as she had just spanked my bottom!  Katie reamed my asshole with hard deep strokes that left her panting and me grunting with each full thrust as she made me take her cock all the way in! Katie stopped only for a quick breather, then she switched toys and came back with another huge dildo. She said that since I was eyeing up her collection of dildos earlier tonight, she was going to introduce my asshole to each one of them tonight! Mistress Katie was relentless and tireless it seemed when she was delivering anal punishments to me! She did manage to use each one of her dildos on my now very sore asshole, some of them repeatedly! But Katie said the real treat is yet to come! As for the treat, it was solely her treat and definitely not mine! Katie showed me two thick 10-inch black dildos and she said that this last anal punishment would be her fucking my ass with both dildos at the same time! She said she was going to really stretch my asshole out now and she did not want to hear one peep out of me while she had her way with my hole! Each sound I made, she said would cost me five swats with the cane! I was scared now as each toy she had used on me so far had me moaning and grunting from her hard anal fucking! I dont think I could hold back another brutal fucking with one dildo no less two as she promised! Katie was using a lot of lube and the first dildo slid in without too much discomfort. Katie started to work up to a feverish pace with just the one dildo, and the excess lube was really making a lot of suction noises. Then Katie stopped and applied more lube and then the other dildo started to squeeze in beside the first! Katie just kept pushing as I forced myself to be quiet despite the tearing pain at my asshole! I was silent so far, teeth clenched and was somewhat proud of myself for not moaning or crying out yet! But the stretching was almost unbearable! I was sure she was going to rip my asshole wide open back there! She got both dildos in and then she started to move then separately, one was in deeper than the other and she was balancing them out now, then she started to twist and rotate them! It was very tight but Katie was determined and she kept tormenting my hole with the double dildo and now she was fucking in and out as she twisted them back and forth! I almost let out a cry of pain several times but I was determined to be quiet for Mistress this time. I know there was one very soft moan I just could not hold back but I dont think they were audible to Mistress Katie. It was a long time before Katie finally pulled her two dildos out from distended stretched out asshole! But she then showed me her biggest dildo named Kong! It was a 14-inch monster as big as her fist and arm! After lubing it up she proceeded to rape my hole with this one too! Mistress Katie loved to just skewer the huge dildo in and out of me, she would twist and rotate the toy as she shoved it hard into me or pulled it from the hole! She worked my asshole over for several minutes. My hole was gaping open when she pulled it free, and that must have intrigued her as she kept fucking just the huge head back into my hole, rotating it back and forth and then she started rotating it faster back and forth and faster in and out until she was just popping it in and out of my stretched anus ring!

When she did finally pullout and stop my anal punishment, she shoved a very wide cone shaped butt plug inside of me and told me to not remove it until I got home later that night!

Mistress was now holding her cane and she told me how disappointed she was in me for not being quiet as she commanded me! I tried to plead with her, but she said she counted six times when my butt made that disgusting sucking noise from the lube and she said that counted as me making the noise! Katie did not hold back and gave me the most intense severe canning yet, she made all 30-swats of the cane as hard as she could! I was whimpering and sobbing when she released me, and I had to sit down as I was shacking as well, but I could not sit, at least on my butt anyway!

The night ended with pleasantries as Katie and Sir agreed that I would make a great submissive for them and they want to get together again in a couple of weeks for another evening of fun!

Review This Story || Author: slave paul
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