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From Spoiled Niece to Bitch-Slave

Part 1

From Spoiled Niece to Bitch-Slave

Part 1

By Sonya Esperanto


The Story:

Early Afternoon

“Ok Brooke.  This is it!!  This is where you get off!!”  Brookes mom spoke in an exhausted but excited tone.

“So you are dumping me in the middle of nowhere??”  Brooke sounded upset.

Brooke sat next to her mom,  while they were still inside her moms Honda.   Not far from where the car was parked were the gates of Brookes aunts house.  Her aunt was her moms sister.  As for the house itself,  it was surrounded by its gates and large red brick walls. 

Brooke was an attractive sexy drop dead gorgeous African-American Goddess.  She was a 19 year old girl who had finished college.  Ever since she graduated from college,  she had been trying to look for a job but to no avail.  Her mom didnt believe she was job hunting. Instead her mom complained that she had to financially support Brookes lifestyle,  as Brooke still lived under her roof.  She said Brooke spent too much time doing nothing, hanging around with her other jobless friends at the mall and wasted time with guys who had no future and that Brooke was also seeing them too.

Both Brooke and her mom knew one thing: Brooke did not have a boyfriend. She had many boyfriends,  who were mostly black, white and Hispanic. Brooke had no problems getting any guy she wanted was not just because she was sexy but also that she had 40D sized breasts too, to go along with her looks.

It also often caused her mom money since many of these guys were broke and relied on Brooke, who in turn relied on her mom.

“Brooke,  you cant spend money all the time.  Money doesnt grow on trees.  You should look for a job and quit asking me for it all the time” her mom always cried out to her.

“I told you. I cant find any jobs right now. I cant stay home either. I need to go out and have a good time” Brooke always cried out back to her mom in defence.

Her mom drove all the way from Los Angeles to New Mexico.  Her mom was dropping her off at her aunts,  so that she can stay with her. Her mom called her aunt, asking if Brooke could stay with her.  Her aunt said it was ok.

“So tell me again why are you sending me to live with Aunt Michelle again??”  Brooke asked in an annoyed and irritated tone.

Brookes mom sighed.

“Honey,  you know I love you but right now,   I gotta lotta things in my mind right now.  My hands are full. I need time and space for myself.  I need to sort out too many problems and I cant do it while you are with me at the house!!”  Brookes mom said in an exasperated tone.

Brooke crossed her arms over her chest.  As far as she was concerned, her mom was being unfair to her.

“Honey when everything is settled,  I promise to come and pick you up. Hey how about we get out of the car and I help you take your bags out of the back!!”  offered her mom.

They both got out of the car,  with Brooke sounded more upset.  They went to the car trunk and her mom opened the car hood.  Brooke got her bag out. It was a large blue bag, one normally used by people who went to gyms to work out.  Once her mom slammed the car trunk down,  they walked towards the gate.  Brooke noticed that the house was in the middle of an empty field, that was surrounded only by a couple of trees.  It was a large house,  out of nowhere and in the middle of nowhere.

“Why does she live so far away from civilization.  I mean does she have any neighbors or something like that?” asked Brooke.

“Brooke be nice. It is your Aunt Michelle whom you are talking about here!!” her mom sighed in a distressed tone.

The house being in the middle of nowhere reminded her exactly of that house in that horror film Ghost Month,  which was about a maid working for a Chinese lady, who lived in a large house,  miles away from everyone else. And that ladys nearest neighbor was on the other side of the woods.

Brooke saw her mom ringing the gate buzzer. 


“I am sure she is happy to see you!!”  her mom smiled.

“I bet,”  Brooke retorted sarcastically.

Aunt Michelle was her least favorite aunt of them all. She often lectured Brooke and her mom about Brookes slavish and extravagant lifestyle.

From behind the gate,  a small female figure approached the gate.  The small lady opened the gate doors . The lady was thin;  looked like her in her thirties,  had coconut brown skin, small cropped black hair, Oriental-shaped but serious black eyes, and dressed up in the outfit of a French maid. The Maid also wore a small cross on her neck. Brooke thought that she was attractive. The maid was a head shorter than Brooke.

“Maam is expecting you!” the maid spoke in a Filipina accent.

“Glad to hear that,” Brookes mom responded.

Brooke wanted to ask the maid if she would be kind enough to carry her bag for her but before she could,  the maid turned around. 

“Now if you will please follow me!!” the maid said in a bossy tone.

What a bitch,  Brooke thought.

She was going to have a word with Aunt Michelle about her maids rudeness.

Brooke and her mom walked behind the maid,  who took them across the house driveway,  until they reached the front door. The front door was opened.

As Brooke kept on walking, her mom stopped.

“Honey listen. Its getting late. I think I am going to go back to the car and drive off. I will call you later,” her mom cried out.

Brookes mom ran off.

“Oh that is great!!”  Brooke cried out.

Broke turned back towards the maid, who just stood there by the front door. Brooke knew now that the maid was a Filipina.  And she looked crossed at Brooke.

“What the fuck is her problem” Brooke wanted to say out loud.

“Lets not keep Maam waiting!” the maid scolded her from afar.

Brooke continued carrying her bag all the way to the front door. This was the first time she was going to be staying with Aunt Michelle and was already dreading it. After all, this was the aunt who had a bad opinion about her,  since childhood.

Brooke managed to make it through the doorway.

“Come. I will take you to your room!” the maid said in a rude tone.

Before Brooke could really ask her what her problem was (this time), the maid hurried towards the direction of the stairs,  which were heading upstairs.  Brooke followed the maid up the stairs,  following her down a corridor,  which led to a couple of doors.  The maid opened one of the doors.

“This will be your room!!”  the maid told Brooke.

Brooke went towards that bedroom,  and she saw a small bed,  with cabinets inside it. The bedroom had a window with pulled over white thin curtains.  Overall, it was a small bedroom. More like a British and Canadian bedroom than an American or Australian one.

“This room is small!!”  Brooke complained.

“Stop complaining. This was the room Maam allocated to you. Now I suggest you put your bag down and follow me downstairs,  to the living room!!” the maid said.

Brooke shrugged. This maid was starting to get on her nerves. Of all people, some fucking maid,  telling her what to do. 

Brooke followed the maid, so that she can take her to her Aunt and once she sees her Aunt, she would tell the maid off,  right in front of Aunt Michelle.  She hoped the maid loses her job in this house.

Now that would be a sight,  Brooke wickedly thought.

They went downstairs,  walking down hallways until they reached the living room and entered it.   It was a large living room. A   plump African-American woman in her 40s was sat down on an armchair sofa,  sipping her cup of coffee, on a cup and plate.  It was her Aunt Michelle, the owner and boss of this large house.  Her Aunt Michelle may have been plump but sure wasnt unattractive either.

Brooke spotted a much larger sofa seat that faced her aunts own armchair.

“So Aunt Michelle,  whats up!!”  Brooke trying to make conversation,  even smiling too.

Brooke was about to sit down until her aunt shouted at her.

“Did I give you permission to sit down girl!!”  aunt Michelle shouted.

Brooke gulped,  feeling as if she had just been slapped on the face.

“Im sorry!!”  Brooke cried out in an “Ive been slapped” tone,  even looking it too.

Aunt Michelle put her cup of coffee down the table that was right between them. 

“Look at you girl. So proud and so vain. You think you are so pretty that you can get any guy you want. Your momma says that you spend too much money and dont want to work for a living,  like the rest of us folks!!  Now aint that true, you spoiled rotten bitch!!”  Aunt Michelle embarrassing Brooke,  right in front of the Filipina maid, who was smirking wickedly.

“Rosa has shown you your room but frankly, I wasnt sure if I should have given you a bedroom here!!”  Aunt Michelle further spoke aggressively.

Rosa was the maid.

“Hey why are you talking to me this way!! For Christs sakes, I am your niece!!”  Brooke cried out emotionally.

“Shut up!!  From now on, you will do as I say. Your mom said that you needed to behave but I told her that what you needed was to be respectful and have good manners. I am that person who is going to change you, make you into a more obedient, humble person and not some spoiled bitch who will spread her legs for any big cock that comes running around!!”  Aunt Michelle got up.

“You know something. I am not going to put up with this. I am leaving this place!! You cant talk to me that way”  Brooke cried out.

“Oh no youre not. yes I can talk to you this way,  now kneel before me, you fucking cunt!!”   Aunt Michelle ordered.

“Fuck you Michelle!! I got no respect for you. I never liked you anyways you fucking bitch!!”  Brooke shouted towards her defiantly.

Brooke wasnt scared of her aunt. What was she gonna do to her? Her aunt was plump and out-of-shape while Brooke was young, tough and much fitter.  But before Brooke could make any moves,  Rosa quickly rushed towards Brooke, jabbed her on her tummy with her foot and then grabbed one of her arms,  twisting it behind her own back. 

“Aaahhh”  Brooke screamed in pain,  as Rosa kept on twisting her right arm behind her back.

“Please stop!! It hurts!! It really hurts!!””  Brooke begged,  with tears flowing down her eyes.

“If I ask Rosa to let you go, will you do whatever I say from now on?” Aunt Michelle asked.

“Ill do anything,  anything you want.  Just tell her to let me go!!”  begged Brooke.

Aunt Michelle looked towards Rosa,  nodding her head. Rosa let go of Brookes right arm.  Brooke felt relieved,  breathing heavily and looking down at the living room floor. She now noticed that it has woolly carpet on it.

“Now kneel!!”  ordered Aunt Michelle.

Brooke was proud and thought that the idea of kneeling before anyone,  including her own mom, was degrading.  And humiliating and embarrassing too. Brooke was hesitant.

“I said kneel!!”  ordered Aunt Michelle again.

Brookes pride was still going strong but eventually, she gave up. She slowly went down first on her right knee, and then on both knees. She was now kneeling before her aunt, whom she hated more than any of her other aunts. 

Aunt Michelle looked down on Michelle,  looking at her as if she had just been conquered. The “unconquerable” Brooke, now on her leash.

“You will only speak when spoken to. You will always address me as Mistress!!  I will always address you as Slut. now Slut, I want you to get up and take off all your fucking clothes!!”  ordered Mistress Michelle.

Brooke gulped,  with fear in her eyes.

“Yes…Mistress!!” stammered Brooke.

Brooke slowly slowly took off all her clothes, down to her pink panty hoes and white bra, until she was completely naked.  Her 40D sized breasts were fully exposed to Mistress Michelle, as well her big sexy ass and thick black pubic hair.

“Now follow me to the bathroom upstairs. You are going to run your Mistress a nice warm bath!!”  ordered mistress Michelle.

“Yes Mistress!”  Brooke bowed meekly.

Brooke walked behind Mistress Michelle, as they walked up the stairs,  all the way towards the bathroom.  Michelle opened the bathroom door and turned on the bathroom lights.   Brooke could see that it was a very large bathroom.  The bathtub was like a Jacuzzi.

“What the fuck are you waiting for, Slut? Run the damn water before I get mad and fuck your ass with one of my strap-ons” screamed Michelle.

Brooke gulped in fear.

“Please dont be mad Mistress. I am going to start running it right away!!”  panicked Brooke.

Brooke starred running the bath water immediately.

“Now stay right here while I get changed for my bath!!”  laughed Mistress Michelle.

“Yes mistress!” Michelle responded meekly.

As Brooke kept on running the water and looking down on the bathroom floor for a while, Mistress Michelle walked away,  laughing at the top of her lungs.

It took 15 minutes to run the bath water until it was finally full. The Jacuzzi was making the water inside the tub swirl. By the time Brooke finished filling up the tub,  Mistress Michelle walked right in just in time. She was completely naked,  only covering her waist with a blue towel.  Brooke could see that Mistress Michelles tits were even far bigger than her own. Michelles nipples were the size of a peanut.

Michelle removed her blue towel wrapping and tossed it on the toilet seat, as its lid  had been closed down.  Mistress Michelle then slowly climbed onto the tub water.

“Ahh.  Nice and warm!!”  complimented Michelle.

Brooke just stood there naked,  looking at her Mistress/Aunt.

“Hey Slut, why dont you get that sexy black ass of yours in here and help clean my body up with soap!!”  yelled Mistress Michelle maliciously.

“Yes Mistress!” bowed Brooke.

Brooke slowly stepped into the running Jacuzzi. Brooke picked up the soap nearby and started using it to rinse and clean up parts of Mistress Michelles body, while her Mistress laid there,  enjoying the running water. As Brooke obediently and meekly kept on cleaning her Mistresss body with soap water,  her Mistress began talking.

“You know something Slut. I once remembered, when was it, last year. Yeah, it was last year. You said that you were so good looking that you could get any guy you want and that I was not in the same league as you. you know that hurt me, you bitch. Your words hurt my feelings!!”  Mistress Michelle talked to Brooke in a wicked tone.

“I....I… sorry mistress,” apologised Brooke.

Mistress Michelle grabbed a part of Brookes lovely black hair and yanked on it really hard.

“AAHHH”  Brooke screamed in pain.

“Now you want to make up for it….you fucking  self-praising egomaniac Slut!!”  taunted Mistress Michelle.

Brooke looked like she was in pain.  She nodded her head eagerly.

“Anything Mistress.  Anything!!”  Brooke nodded her head,  showing a sign of pain.

“Then you can dunk your fucking face down the bath water and lick my pussy!!”  ordered Mistress Michelle,  then dunking her own niece/slaves head down the bath water,  right between where her legs were. 

Under that bath water,  Brooke was lapping her tongue into Michelles clitoris. This was the second time in Brookes entire life that she was performing oral sex on someone of the same sex. The first one was her friend Judy, but that was only an experiment between two girl friends,  to see what its like between two girls, as both of them had fucked tons of guys already.

It was very hard for Brooke to continue servicing her tongue on Michelles cunt, as she was doing this underwater and had to come up for oxygen any moment,. She raised her head up, just to catch a breather,.

“Oh no you dont. Get back to work,” ordered Mistress Michelle, who then shoved her head down the tub water again.

“Yes Mistress!!”  Brooke responded in an exhausted suffocated tone,  before her face headed down the tub water again.

Brooke continued once more lapping and licking at Michelles clitoris. Brooke could only lick her Mistress for at most 2 minutes and had to always raise her head above water, just to catch some air, before her aunt always cruelly shoved her head down the tub water.

After forcing her own slave/niece to lick her pussy, for at least 13 times, Michelle decided to give her slave a break.

“Ok Slut. I think you did a good job cleaning my beautiful pussy with that disgusting tongue of yours. I think its time I do something for you, since you look exhausted and out of breath. Lay your head down!!” suggested Michelle.

“Thank you mistress!!  Thank you!!”  Brooke was grateful,  nearly out of breath.

Brooke laid her head on the opposite side of the tub from where her aunt was laying down.

“Close your eyes dear!!”  suggested Michelle.

Brooke closed her eyes,  feeling tired and exhausted. Michelle then moved her body next to her exhausted niece. But before Brooke realise what was going on,  Mistress Michelle sucked very hard on her right nipple.

“OOOWWW!!”  moaned Brooke.

Her Mistress/Aunt was sucking on her right nipple too hard,  while squeezing and twisting and roughly pulling on her left nipple.

“This is what a Slut like you deserves!!”  commented Michelle,  who then broke out into cruel laughter.

Brooke shook her head frantically, keeping her eyes close while screaming. Her screams were music to Michelles ears.

After Michelle finished sucking and abusing Brookes nipples, she laid there,  enjoying the Jacuzzi water,  while Brooke was just crying, from pain.  They were both in the water for 20 minutes until Michelle said it was time for them to get out.

When they finished draining the tub water,  Michelle made Brooke dry her entire body off with her large blue towel,  till Michelle was totally dry. But as for Brooke, Michelle ordered her to go down on all fours while Michelle would go get the blow dryer and blow dry Brookes entire body while she was on all fours inside the bath tub, like a dog/bitch.

“Slaves like you dont deserve to use the towel. You are even lucky that I am drying your entire disgusting whorish body with one of my own devices!” cried Michelle.

Before Brooke knew it,  Michelle shoved the blow dryer up her ass,  turning it into a blowing dildo, with the feeling sensitivity of a vibrator. 

“AAAAHHHHH!!!”  screamed Brooke.

“You like that bitch!! Huh!! You fucking like that!! Oh I know you do!! Isnt that why you fuck with so many guys. Who are your favorite? Black guys?? White guys? Latinos?? I bet its Latinos. I bet you bend your ass over to those Mexican guys working at that mall near you place and you let them into fucking your nice black ass like this, right there and somewhere inside one of the bathrooms!! Am I right or am I right!!”  Michelle teased Brooke endlessly.

Brooke kept on screaming at the top of her voice,  having the blow dryer shoved up her ass, and not even hearing one word out of Michelles mouth.

Michelle finally pulled the blow dryer out of her asshole,  realsing what her niece/slave had just done.

“Oh my goodness. Did you just cum?? That is disgusting…Slut!!”  commented Michelle.

Cum juice came out of Brookes cunt. The notion that she was being fucked up on the ass with some equipment caused her sexual excitement (and pain of course), that she just cummed there and then.

Michelle grabbed a hairful of Brookes hair and then shouted at her.

“I want you to use your filthy mouth to clean that cum mess you made on my bathroom floor” shouted Mistress Michelle.

“Yes Mistress!” responded Brooke.

Brooke lowered her head where she cummed,  licking away the cum stains on the floor, with her tongue.

“Disgusting whore!! No wonder all those Mexican guys working at the construction site want to fuck you!!”  commented Mistress Michelle.

Brookes mom told Michelle about the guys she went out with but Michelle suspected that many of these guys were actually working at that mall, not far from Brookes place, and she herself had been over at that mall many times. There were some young Mexican construction workers and even suspected that some of them may even be illegal aliens,  stealing jobs from hard working Americans like herself.  She met them there and even brought some of them home. Brookes mom never said who they were but Michelle was no dummy and had a hunch who the guys were.

After Brooke finished cleaning the cum mess she had made on the floor,  Michelle made her crawl all the way to her master bedroom.  As she crawled, her sexy ass wiggled in a funny way and it was a funny sight for Mistress Michelles eyes.

When they finally reached the Master Bedroom,  Michelle made Brooke lay down on her bed.  Michelle made Brooke lay down in a spread eagle manner. Once Brookes arms and legs were outstretched on the surface of the bed,   Brooke went to one of her drawers and took out 4 pairs of hand cuffs.  Michelle then cuffed each ankle and each wrist to the upper and lower bed railings,  rendering Brooke completely helpless and at Mistress Michelles mercy.

“There!! Now I can do anything I want with you and there is nothing you can do about it!!”  commented Mistress Michelle.

“Please Mistress, dont hurt me,”  pleaded Brooke.

Brooke didnt like being tied up this way. Feeling helpless and powerless made her feel scared.  Made her feel vulnerable.


“Silence Slut!!” Mistress Michelle scolded Brooke,  after having slapped her face really really hard.

Brooke looked like she was going to cry.

“Dont you fucking cry Slut. you dont have my permission to cry. You got that Slut!!”  taunted Mistress Michelle.

“Got it…Mistress!!”  Brooke whimpered,  with fear in her voice.

Brooke tried controlling herself from breaking down into tears and end up crying.

Mistress Michelle went back to the drawer again and this time,  she took out a strap-on vibrator.   When Brooke saw the vibrator,  her heart was racing.  It was a big black 11 inch vibrator,  whose behind was attached to what looked like a very strong, very tough strap-on that one could attach to ones waist and between ones legs. 

Michelle climbed on top of Brooke.  Brooke shook her head frantically, with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Please dont put that thing into me!!  Please dont!!  It will break my sensitive vagina!!”  begged Brooke.

Michelle angrily slapped Brooke.


“One more time you beg and open that fucking filthy mouth of yours,  it wont be a mans dick you will be sucking and fucking but those from a bull!!  Now shut the fuck up, lie down and let me have my ways with your fucking slut of a body!!”  Mistress Michelle angrily put her in her place.

Before Brooke could say another word,  Mistress Michelle cruelly shoved the front edge of the vibrator up her cunt (but not having turned it on yet). Brooke screamed.

“AAAHHHHH!!!”  screamed Michelle.

It was the loudest scream she had ever made.

Michelle angrily slapped her.


“What are you screaming for bitch?? I havent turned it on yet!!”  taunted Mistress Michelle.

The vibratory was hurting Brookes cunt, since it was so huge,  so humongous, that she already felt that her pussy had something in it ie like the egg from a chicken or a stone that can be found in Grand Canyon,  and that it was ripping it apart. Then with a wicked sadistic look on Mistress Michelles malicious cruel eyes,  she flipped the vibrator switch on.

BBBBBRRRRR,  the vibrator made its loud lawnmower sound.    Brooke now screamed even a lot louder.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   Brooke screamed at her loudest.

“Music to my ears!!”  Mistress Michelle commented kinkily and maliciously.

As Brookes sensitive pussy was being roughly fucked and abused by the “vibrating” 11 inch vibrator,  Mistress Michelle was then squeezing and roughly groping at Brookes sensitive 40D sized breasts.

“Yes!!  Yes!!”  Mistress Michelle cruelly chuckled.

The sight of Brooke in pain gave Michelle lots and lots of sexual pleasure.  Brooke cummed on that machine that was fucking her and kept her eyes closed.

Michelle slapped Brooke on the face.


“Keep your fucking eyes open or I will put hungry ants into your eyes while I keep them open!!”  threatened Michelle.

Brooke automatically kept her eyes wide open.  The thought of having some living thing entering her eyes scared the hell out of her.

“That is much better!!”  commented Mistress Michelle.

As Brooke kept on screaming,  Michelle then started sucking and biting at her right nipple while cruelly twisting and pulling on her left one.  When she sucked and bit, she sucked and bit really hard. When she pulled, she would pull the left nipple as if it were rubber and not flesh.

After having fun with Brookes front for 20 minutes,  Michelle then stopped the vibrator and quickly pulled it out from her slaves roughened pussy.

“My goodness.  Do you know what you had just done!!  You had dirtied my vibrator!!”  cried Michelle.

Brooke took a look at the vibrator.  Its front part was covered with her juice

“You know what this means,  dont you!!  It is clean up time!!”  remarked Mistress Michelle.

Michelle sat down by Brookes big breasts,  yanking the poor girls black hair closer towards her vibrator.

“Now I want you to open your fucking mouth and use it to clean my vibrator!!”  ordered Mistress Michelle.

Brooke opened her mouth.  Michelle shoved the vibrators cummed front bits into her mouth.  Brooke felt that hew jaw was going to break but as her Mistress was tugging along her hair,  she had no choice but to sue her mouth and tongue to clean up the cum stains.  It was making her mouth ache too.

But just as Brooke was working her mouth on the vibrator,  Michelle then had a nasty thought.  She then moved the vibrator all over inside Brookes mouth, as if she was fucking her head. That made Brooke felt even more uncomfortable.

“It fells good to fuck your head!!”  chuckled Mistress Michelle.

After fucking her slaves head for 10 minutes, she then withdrew from her face. Brookes mouth was exhausted and Brooke too looked exhausted.   Brooke was exhausted as Hell.  She was so exhausted and used up, that she didnt realise that her ankles were being untied. Then Brooke felt her legs being pushed upwards and before even realised it,  Mistress Michelle shoved the vibrator up her ass.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”    Brooke screamed really loud.

Michelle cruelly laughed,  then turned on the vibrator switch again.

When Michelle was done abusing and hurting Brookes sensitive asshole,  Michelle fully untie her and then told her to get up, go to her allocated bedroom and get changed.  They were going into town. 

Brooke did as she was told.  She went to her allocated bedroom, opened her bag and had put some clothes on.  She put on a white shirt and a dark blue skirt on.  But no bra and no panty on.  It was Mistress Michelles orders.  

When she finished changing,  she went downstairs and met up with her Mistress down in the living room.  They then left the house and Brooke followed her Mistress all the way to where her RC car was parked.  It was a classical RC car,  from the 1950s (the time of Elvis). Brooke got inside the car and sat next to Mistress Michelle.  Michelle was sat behind the steering wheel.  She moved her hands and foot on the brakes and accelerator and pedal,   and then drove off.


They drove into town.  Michelle parked her car in front of what looked like a tattooed shop,  off the pavement of some street.  Brooke saw kids running around. . Brooke realised that her Mistress brought her here to be tattooed,  like some kind of cattle. She then saw that there were other shops around that street too.

“Ok time to get out Slut!!”  ordered Mistress Michelle.

“Yes Mistress!!”  responded Brooke.

Michelle and Brooke got out of the car.  They entered the tattooing-piercing shop.  Once inside the shop,  Brooke could see glass tables full of all kinds of objects.  A ring,.  A  gold chain. Other kinds of items. She knew them all to be objects that people often pierced onto their bodies.  Like their nipples. Their noses. Their lips.   She also saw pictures and poster on the walls of tattooed individuals,  having all kinds of tattoos engraved on their skin.

It was then from what looked like a small doorway covered with long hanging beads,   that two people came out.  One was a tall tanned Blonde woman in her 50s.  That woman resembled the Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen.  She was also smoking too,  puffing cigarette smokes out of her mouth and nostrils,  like she didnt have a care in the world. The other was a short skinny black guy,  who was in his 50s.  h resembled the gangster celebrity Flavor Flav. He even wore what looked like a Viking helmet on his head  (fake plastic of course).

“Good afternoon ladies!!  What can I do for you lovely ladies this afternoon?” the short older black guy asked.

“My niece here is going to have her nipples here pierced. In fact I want both her nipples pierced!!”  Michelle coldly commented.

“My. My. She does look like a tasty piece of meat. Would you want chains to connect her nipple rings honey??” asked the tall tanned Blonde woman.

“You know what. That does sound like a good suggestion. I want both her nipples pierced, with two small rings. I want them to be gold rings. Do you have anything that look like those rings from…..what was the name of that movie again… oh yes…now I remember……Lord of the Rings!!  You got one of those?”  asked Michelle.

“We got them. We can pierce both her nipples with solid gold rings and they look just like those rings from that movie.  May I suggest that we use silver chains to connect them together.  We got silver chains that look like those that you see on that television show…the one with vampires….ah yes…True Blood.  I think it will look good your niece!!”  suggested the shorter older black guy.

“I like your suggestion!!”  Michelle replied to them.

Michelle then looked towards Brooke,  who looked worried.

“Go and follow them into the operation room!!”  Michelle ordered Brooke.

Brooke walked towards the older Blonde lady and the older black guy.  All three of them disappeared into the hanging-beads covered doorway. 

The older Blonde lady and the older black guy operated on Brooke for about 40 minutes.  Michelle could hear screaming all the way from the counter.  She chuckled lightly. The screams coming from her niece were music to her malicious ears.

When they were done operating on Brooke, they escorted her out of the operation room. Brooke was carrying her white shirt on her hand.  Both her nipples had gold rings and connected together by a thin loose silver chain.

“My!! My!! Just look at you girl!!  Look….at….you!!”  Michelle smiling,  and nodding her head proudly.

“Looks like no vampire is ever going to come near your niece now!!”  joked the older black guy.

The joke was about vampires from the TV show True Blood. He was a fan of that series and the vampires in that series were powerless and helpless against silver and always ran away when they saw someone with silver bullets.

All three of them broke out into cruel laughter. Michelle paid them for the piercing surgery and then walked out of the shop with her slave niece. Brooke put her shirt back on, as they walked out of the shop. Once they were outside the shop,  Michelle then turned to Brooke.

“Hey Im hungry.  Lets go to McDonalds” ordered Michelle.

They got inside the RC car and Michelle drove them to the local McDonalds of that town. Michelle drove towards the carp park and then parked her car. They both got out, and walked towards the direction of the Fast Food outlet.

Next to that McDonalds,  there was a playground.  There were young kids playing there. 

“Looks like they know how to have fun!!”  commented Michelle.

I hate you,  Brooke thought about Michelle as she meekly looked at her.

Brooke followed Michelle as they walked towards the playground.

“Hey kids come over here!!”  Michelle yelled towards them.

Oh no!!  Brooke thought in fear.

All the kids stopped playing in the space of the playground and ran towards where Michelle and Brooke were stood.   There were so many of them.  At least 20.  Both boys and girl,  from all ethnicities. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Native American.   Nearly all of them ranged from 9 or 10 to 12 or 13.

“Listen!  How many of you here want to have a good time!!”  said Michelle.

All the kids put up their hands,  shouting their “me”s. 

“Alright then.  Take off your shirt and drop down on all fours like a dog!!”  ordered Michelle.

Brooke looked at her mistress/aunt and was hesitant.

“No!!  This is too humiliating!!  I wont do it!!”  Brooke shook her head.

Michelle got angry.  She slapped Brooke so hard on the face.


“Are you going to disobey me?” taunted Mistress Michelle.

“No Mistress!!”  Brooke shook her head in a meek frightened voice.

Brooke took off her shirt,  exposing her pierced ringed nipples to the young kids, who just broke out into immature laughter.  The moment Brooke had no shirt on, her aunt roughly took the shirt from her.  Brooke then dropped down to her knees and then pressed her palms against the ground,  positioning herself like a dog.  Brooke was being humiliated and embarrassed in front of a bunch of kids and in public.  She had never felt so low in and inferior in her entire life.

“Now this is how we play kids!!” instructed Mistress Michelle.

Michelle sat down on top of Brookes back, as if she was a horse.  She then grabbed the hanging silver chain that connected her nieces nipples together and then used them as reign.

“Gid yap horsey. Gid yap!!”  Michelle making  a fake Texan sound.

The kids just laughed. 

“You are going to let them play with you like this until I get back!!”  Michelle instructed Brooke, as she got off her back.

Michelle left Brooke with the kids and disappeared into McDonalds.  The first kid to come and sit down on Brookes back and tugged on her chains,  was a young black girl wearing glasses.  Brooke thought this kid would grow up to become the high school nerd of whatever school she attended. The young black girl tugged on her chains,  telling her to get a move on it.  a small white Blond boy came and slapped Brookes ass really hard, so as to make her move like a horse.

The kids laughed while the young black girl was riding Brooke like a horse.

“Hey everyone!! I got me a new horse!!” the young black girl joked. 

While Michelle took her sweet little time eating inside McDonalds,  more and more kids and took turns using Brooke as a horse,  roughly tugging her chains,  which caused more pain towards her nipples. A part of her found this exciting (even making her pussy excitable), despite the fact that she shed some small tears, because they were calling her names and making fun of her and that she was being degraded like this.  Not that the kids cared.  They didnt.

It seemed nearly every kid on  that playground rode Brooke like their horsey and using her chain as a horse rein but the same Blond boy who spanked her ass in the beginning had never ridden her at all. Instead he always supporting the other young kids while they were riding on her back.

While they ride on her back, he would spank her ass.  Sometimes he used his hands. Sometimes he whacked her ass really hard, with a stick he found on the floor. At one point, he cruelly stuck up that same  stick and thrust it up her ass, so that she would have a horsey-tail.  That sent her screaming like Hell. The kids showed no concern for her well being or comfort. Watching her scream and cry, made them laugh cruelly even more.  Eventually that Blond boy pulled out that same stick he stuck up her ass and used it to play and harass some of the other kids.

The kids had their way with Brooke for over an hour.  Michelle finally came back and had to tell the kid the fun was over and they had to go. The kids just laughed and thanked Michelle for letting them have a good time with Brooke.

“Hey next time we come back here again and I see you kids, you can play with her again!!”  offered Michelle.

The kids screamed their “yays”.

“I enjoyed my BigMac menu set!!  Next time we come here again into town, we are going to KFC!!”  Michelle said it in an excited way.

KFC was short for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Unlike McDonalds and Burger King and Dominos Pizza, KFC was more popular within the US than anywhere else.

As they reached the car park and Michelles car,  two young kids came out of another car.  They were both 18 years old. One was a black guy. One was a Chinese guy. But both obviously looked like football jocks,  as they were both tall and muscular and probably were students from that local areas high school. 

They both looked like they needed to pee.

“You guys look like you could use the toilet!!”  Michelle spoke to the two guys.

“We sure could!!”  the tall and muscular Chinese guy nodded his head,  looking as if he was about to burst.

“That is why we came here!!”  responded the tall and muscular black guy.

“Not to worry boys!!  Just control yourselves for another four minutes!!  Slut I want you to lie down on the ground.  On your back!!”  Michelle ordered Brooke.

Brooke obeyed.  She laid on her back,  on the ground.

“Now open your fucking mouth!!”  ordered Mistress Michelle.

Brooke did as she was told. She opened her mouth,  really wide.

“Ok boys.  Zip down your pants. You can piss on her mouth!!”  Michelle told both jocks.

“Thanks lady!!”  the Chinese jock smiled gratefully.

“We owe you one!!”  the black jock nodded gratefully.

Both jocks unzipped their pants.  They stroked off their bog cocks, put of their jeans and aimed their cock tips towards the direction of Brookes face and mouth.  Then they started pissing.,  at the same time.  the boys felt relieved, that they were able to release it all. As for Brooke, her mouth was tasting salty yellowish urine but she could smell it too as some of the boys pissing had missed her mouth and went straight towards her face. She smelled salty urine and her eyes got stung by it.

The boys finally stopped pissing and wiggled their large cocks.

“Feel better boys!!”  chuckled Mistress Michelle.

“Yes Maam!!”  both jocks answered in grateful unison.

“Say listen boys!!  Do you like anal sex??”  Michelle asked them in a kinky tone.

“We sure do maam!!”  both jocks smiled happily,  and their cocks further stiffening.

“Slut!!  Get the fuck up and bend that nice sweet ass of yours over my car!!”  Michelle ordered Brooke.

Brooke instantly got up,  feeling really terrible that these two high school jocks had just used her as a human toilet.   And that they seemed ok with it,  not taking her feelings into account.

Brooke walked towards Michelles car.  Michelle grabbed her by the hair and pushed her upper body down over the car trunk.  She then raised her dark blue skirt up,  revealing that she had no panty on but a big sexy ass.  Both jocks cocks further stiffened,  at the sight of Brookes sexy ass.

“Wait a minute dear!!  Looks like you forgot something!!”  Michelle lectured Brooke.

She made Brooke take off her white shirt and the boys got a glimpse of the chain that connected her nipples, through their rings.

“Wow those are cool rings!!”  commented the Black jock.

“Are they like…like…like the same ones…from that movie Lord of the…Lord of the…cant remember the name of that..”  the Chinese jock stammered.

“Lord of the Rings dude!!”  the black jock refreshed his memory.

Both jocks reminded Michelle of a Beavis & ButtHead,  a TV animated series that was once aired in MTV, like back in the 1990s.  It was the original South Park but less vulgar.

“Yup!!  The rings are the same ones from that movie. The chain however is the one from true Blood!!  How about you boys take turns fucking that sweet ass of hers and pull on those chains at the same time!!”  suggested Michelle.

“Cool!!!”  both jocks smiled in unison and sounding more and more like Beavis and Butthead.

The black jock came first.  He shoved his huge cock up Brookes ass, started fucking her anally and pulling on her ring chain really really hard.  He was making Brooke sexually excited and putting her in pain at the same time.

“Thats right bitch!!  I own your ass!!”  the black jock talked to Brooke dirtily and kept on fucking her really hard.

Brooke made a scream and she felt his sperm flooding her anus. She just moaned while being butt fucked over her Mistress/Aunts car.

The black jock had his way with Brooke over half-an-hour. When he finally stopped playing with her and abusing her nipples, through his rough and aggressive pulling of the chain,  the Chinese jocks cock entered her ass next.  He fucked her just as hard and pulled the chains even a lot harder,  causing Brooke to scream even much louder.  The Chinese jock also fucked her for the same time amount as his friend.  When they were both done with her,  sperm was dropping and oozing out of Brookes cum stained ass.

“Hey boys!!  In a mood for a sandwich!!”  suggested Michelle.

Both boys smiled excitedly. They knew what she meant. It meant that both boys were going to be fucking both holes from Brookes.

As the Chinese jock pulled Brooke from the back of her hair and the black jock was roughly squeezing her breasts, they looked at each other, then at Michelle and then at poor abused Brooke.  At the exact same moment, the black jock thrust his cock into Brookes cunt and the Chinese jock once more thrust his cock into her ass again.  Having both her holes thirsted at the same time by two giant cocks had sent her screaming,  all the way to the moon.

Both her holes were being hammered and her cunt was now getting flooded by sperm, just like her asshole.  The black jock fucked her pussy roughly and groped and pulled on the chain at the same time and even causing the rings to twist her nipples, at his command. The Chinese jock was so excited at fucking her, that he sometimes went down on her nape and bit her really hard,  like the vampires in True Blood.

Michelle was getting excited,  watching her slave/niece being fucked by two teenage strangers from this town.

“Treat her like the whore she is!!”  laughed Michelle.

By the time the boys finished fucking Brookes holes,  the boy retracted themselves from her and forced her on her knees. She was made to give a blowjob to each boy.  as each boy had a large cock, her jaw got swollen.  She was drinking juice.

When the two boys were done with her it was getting dark.  It was dusk.  All three of Brookes holes (mouth, ass and cunt) were leaking and drooling with the boys sperm. Her jaw, ass, cunt and breast were swollen from being roughly used and abused.

Michelle told Brooke to get inside the car. Brooke got inside the car and sat down on the passengers seat,  feeling like shit and like some used-up streetwalking whore,  while both boys exchanged their cell phone numbers with Michelle. As Michelle allowed them to fuck Brooke, only gave more power to Michelle.  Now these boys could be called upon to do all sorts of crazy favours for her.

When the two jocks walked away,  Michelle got into the drivers seat.  She took out her Vodafone cell phone,  then rang her house phone number and told her maid Rosa that they were going to be home soon.  That meant that Rosa was going to start preparing dinner.  When the conversation was finished,  Michelle hung up.  She then drove out of the parking space and away from McDonalds. They were headed home.

When they got home,  Michelle made Broke take a shower, since she stunk like Hell.  When Broke had finished cleaning her body with soap and shampoo,  Michelle personally dried her naked body,  from head to toe.  But before they were going to go downstairs at the dining hall for dinner,  Michelle was going to have just one last fun before eating time, with Brooke. She made the poor niece bend over while she fucked her ass with the blow dryer,  causing Brooke to scream and have pain and agony up her ass. When Michelle was done abusing her slave nieces asshole, she made her walk down to the dining hall,  naked.  Because her ass had been abused the whole day,  Brooke walked in a crouching manner, like a cowboy.  Like George W Bush Jr. Her Mistress/Aunt found it funny and just cruelly snickered from behind.

“Youre a cowboy now, bitch!” joked Michelle.

That Same Evening

Michelle and Brooke were having dinner together,  at the dining hall.  While Michelle ate up on the table with her clothes on and eating delicious Jamaican style roast chicken and Irish-style potatoes,  Brooke ate on the floor,  not far from her. 

Brooke ate food, like a dog,  on a dog bowl and on all fours, completely naked.  As for what she ate, it was dog food. Broke hated the way it tasted but she was a slave and had no say and if she did raise her voice. She knew she would get a  scolding and a beating from her Mistress.

“Rosa could you bring a jug of Brandy please!!”  cried Michelle.

“Coming Maam!!”  Rosa responded back in a loud tone.

Rosa finally came, with the jug of Brandy.

“Rosa just put it down here at the table!!”  said Michelle.

“Yes Maam!!”  Rosa said.

Rosa put the jug of Brandy down the table.

“Hey Rosa what do you make about my new dog!!”  Michelle teased.

She was talking about Brooke.

“Not bad Maam.  You have a great taste in pets!!  I see that she a chain below her nipples!!”  commented Rosa.

“Rosa would you be a dear and pull on them!!  Pull on them until I tell you to stop!!”  Michelle rodered Rosa.

“Yes Maam!!”  Rosa kinkily responded.

“And you!! You just keep your head down and keep eating!! I dont want to hear you screaming!!”  Michelle scolded Brooke.

As Brooke kept her face down,  still eating dog food from the bowl,  Rosa slid her hands beneath Brooke,  tugged on the chain that connected the nipple rings and pulled them towards the direction of Brookes belly. 

Each time Rosa pulled the chain that direction, she made a wicked giggle. She enjoyed this,  knowing that she was causing Brooke some pain and discomfort.  As for Brooke, since she was forbidden from screaming, she just made a weak whimper sound through her nose.  But each time Rosa did this to her, Brooke was slowly cumming on the dining floor.

“Rosa stop!!  You naughty girl!!  I just saw you dirtying the floor, like the dirty bitch that you are!! I want you to go lick that mess you just made!!”  Michelle ordering Brooke.

Rosa moved aside and let Brooke crawl over to that spot she had just cummed on. She lowered her face and stared lapping her tongue on the cum stains she had left behind just now.

After having lapped her tongue on the same spot for 15 minutes, Michelle told her to stop and come sit next to her on the dining table. She also told Rosa to bring another glass.  Brooke got up and sat down next to her Mistress/Aunt on the table. Her face looked exhausted and defeated.   She prayed for this nasty day to end.

Rosa finally came back with another glass and placed it in front of Brooke.  Michelle took Brookes glass and then filled it up with Brandy.

“You have been a good obedient slave today!!  You deserve a reward!!”  Michelle said..

When Michelle was done filling up the glass,  she placed it in front of Brooke.  Brooke could smell the Brandy.  She took it and then sipped from it.  She loved the taste of liquor, since the age she was forbidden to take it.

Michelle kept on asking Brooke about her personal life, including the number of guys she slept with and if she did any bad things like lying and cheating and stealing and so many other things.  Brooke, after having been given too much to drink and getting drunk,  confessed all her dark secrets to her aunt. She slept with so many guys. She even stole some of her moms money and from other people and stuff from the mall, with her gal friends.

After having drank five glasses of Brandy,  Brooke looked more than just tipsy.  She was drunk and almost on the way out.  She just collapsed on the table floor when her head smashed on the table.

Michelle cruelly laughed. 

“Now to have some fun!!”  commented Michelle.

Michelle left the dining table and then came back 5 minutes later with a camcorder.  Michelle called Rosa to come and help her carry Brookes drunk body all the way to the bathroom.  Brooke eyelids were shut, since she was out.

Once in the bathroom,  Michelle forced Brookes mouth open.  Then while she placed the camcorder on a good spot and started rolling, she went in front of the camcorder screen and above Brookes unconscious head.  She removed her lower clothing, like pants and underwear,  and then squatted over Brookes face.  As she drank too much, she was bound to pee.  Michelle started peeing down Brookes mouth and then even missing the mouth and peeing on the rest of Brookes beautiful face.

When Michelle was done pee-ing,  she turned Brookes body over.  Brooke now faced the bathroom tiled floor. Michelle left the bathroom and then came back with her strap-on vibrator.  She went on top of Brooke, thrusting the front edge of the vibrator up Brookes unconscious body.  She then switched it on. 


“AAHH!!  YEESSS!!””  Michelle cried with joy, while she was ass-fucking her unconscious slave/niece.

Michelle got this idea of fucking her niece unconscious sand having it all on tape,  from a lot of BDSM stories she had been watching and from Serbias highest grossing film of all times worldwide, A Serbian Film, where the main character of that film, a porn actor,  was unconscious and that he was getting fucked in the ass by his bosss right-hand man.

Michelle was enjoying herself tonight.  And she was getting all this on tape.  She knew that she put her slave niece through Hell today and that this was the beginning of her nieces life as her slave.

This was Michelles cruel way of telling her niece  when she wakes up tomorrow that everything that happened today wasnt a nightmare but her new reality.

But for now,  Michelle was going to continue fucking her until she got tired.  she was also thinking of just letting Brooke sleep in the bathroom tonight, after all, she was a slave now and had no human rights like every free person.


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