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Review This Story || Author: Harry Berg

Field Trial No. 11

Part 14 Joanne

Part 14 - Joanne

This is my account of the third day.

The guys really hurt Mom and me that day. They shoved something up inside our
butts and it was too big. I screamed when they did it. It must have been really
big because my poor butt hole felt like it was going to split. And it was so
long, it reached up inside me to where it felt like it was in my stomach.

I think their idea was to make our pussies real tight so that the rape would
really hurt. They stuck it in Mom's butt first. She begged them to take it out.
Then they did me and we were both begging them. When one of their cocks entered
me, I blacked out for a moment from the pain. My insides were so stretched I was
afraid something would burst. My pussy stretched out after they had fucked me a
while and the pain got a little less. They traded places several times. The
weight of their bodies pressing down forced the thing in my butt to push against
their cocks as they fucked me. Then they started grabbing my nipples with their
teeth and biting down. Their teeth dug into my flesh and I screamed for them to
stop. I could tell the bites were puncturing the skin. My breasts are small but
I think they're pretty. I hope they are not scarred. Mom was yelling for them to
stop chewing her nipples. Mom has long nipples so it must have hurt like crazy.
They finally climaxed and slipped off us.

They left us alone for a few minutes. When they came back, they announced they
were going to use a "tit press" to smash our boobs and that this time I got to
go first. I felt a short board on the top and a similar board on the bottom of
my boobs. I quickly got the idea how a tit press worked. My nipples were grabbed
with a metal pincher and pulled hard straight up. My nipples were smashed flat.
I think they used pliers to grab my nipples and pull my boobs out as far as they
would go as they fitted the tit press on me. They practically lifted me off the
bed by my nipples. Let someone lift you up by your nipples if you want to know
real pain.  I was screaming again. I felt the press begin to tighten on my
boobs. It squished harder and harder till they started getting flat. Mom was
hysterical worried about me. They kept tightening till they were almost flat
under the board with the end parts all bulged out like overstuffed sausages.
They felt like two balloons about to burst. I would have let them fuck me every
day for a year if they would stop the tit press.

When they stopped, my boobs were practically flat. I heard them say something
about needles. Also of a sudden, I felt a sharp piercing pain. One of them told
me they had just shoved a needled into the center of my breast. They put a
needle in the other boob and I must have passed out. They used that smelling
stuff to bring me awake again.

They said they wanted me to listen to Mom being put in the tit press .Mom
started begging them to leave her alone. They she started to scream really loud
and repeatedly. I heard them say that Mom's tits were big enough for a lot of
needles. She was wailing, offering to do anything to get them to stop. They must
have really worked on her boobs because it went on a long while. Mom sort of
lost it as the pain got to her. I could feel the sweat on her cheek as they
tortured her boobs. Mine were a dull ache. I still had something huge in my ass.
But Mom was really getting it. You could feel her whole body shaking. I got
worried she would have a stroke or a heart attack. They kept at her. I heard one
of them say something about a pincushion.

They left Mom and started to push pins into my breasts. They would put a long
pin in that would go out the other side. Then they would grab the part of my
boob sticking out of the tit press and squeeze it. Several times they tightened
the press. I screamed every time. Then I felt someone grab the lips of my pussy
and stick a pin through them. I could really feel that. They even stuck one
directly in my clitoris and worked the pin around. That was awful. I could feel
it scraping my pubic bone. Mom and I couldn't comfort each other. We were both
screaming our lungs out. Mom was crying about her tits, her poor tits, over and
over again. I guess I was lucky my boobs are small.

Then they went back to working on Mom. She screamed for a while then became
totally incoherent.

They returned to me and pulled all the pins out. I could feel the blood on my
chest. A cock entered my vagina and I was being raped once more. He started
tightening the press; but I was beyond caring. I felt him grab the stud I had
inserted in my navel on my birthday and he pulled it out. It had a real diamond
and I thought it looked extra cool. I felt my flesh ripping away. There was a
pool of blood on my belly button. I screamed as loud as I could. It hurt awful.

He took a while but finally he climaxed. They removed the tit press and pulled
the thing out of my ass. I felt so relieved. They did the same for Mom.

They announced we were done except for having to write this account of our
experiences. At first I said I couldn't do it. I was too tired and sore to
write. They told me that if I didn't write a complete and accurate account they
would heat up a hair curling iron and stick it in my vagina and asshole. They
threatened to amputate Mom's clitoris. They also said they would cut off my
ears.  Mom told me to pull myself together. She reminded me that English
composition was my best subject and that I had won two essay competitions last

I had already made up my mind I would do it when they threatened to cut my ears
off. I didn't want to go back to school disfigured.

They put us in separate rooms in front of a computer. I saw that the time was
mid afternoon. They said we had four hours to enter our account. There was an
outline we had to follow and certain things had to be included. There was a
sandwich and a bottle of water on the desk. I got to writing. As I read over the
three parts I wrote, I think I did a pretty good job of getting it all down.

One thing I want to discuss with Mom is whether we have to tell anybody we ate
each other's pussies. We live in a small town and there are two girls in my
school whose dads are cops. If it got around that I ate my Mother's pussy, I
would just die. Even if we were forced, people would be looking at me in the
hall and saying there's the girl that ate her mom's snatch. She must be a
lesbian. Mom and I have to agree to keep that part secret.

As it is, all my school friends are going to know that I was raped. Doris and
Ellen, my very best friends, will want to know what happened. I have no idea how
I will respond when I am at one of our make-out parties and the boy wants me to
go all the way. At one time, remaining a virgin for a while longer was a goal.
Now it seems irrelevant. I know Doris has intercourse and she is on the pill.
Mom offered to put me on the pill. I think I will take her up on it.

Review This Story || Author: Harry Berg
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