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The Adjustment of Nicola James

Part 5

Chapter 11: The Mechanism

There was one small room in the basement of my house to which Nicola had not yet been inducted. It held the device of which I am possibly most proud; a triumph of engineering in the fields of hydraulics, mechanics and electrostatics.

Nicola seemed not to share my enthusiasm. Rather she approached the device warily suspecting that it could be a source of discomfort, pain, or from our earlier conversation of what to her was perverse sexual degradation. In that, at least, given her views at that point, she was correct. 

I had not considered a name for the mechanism and so was unable to introduce it with a grandiose flourish. Instead I just led her towards it. In essence it has the form of a chair in which the subject is seated. The chair is mounted, like the parts of an orrery, on rails and gimbals so that it and its occupant, can be rotated through all three planes. At my invitation a reluctant Nicola seated herself on the metal ringed throne.

Straps make it possible to restrain the occupants I will not call them a passenger for reasons that will appear later as they are a full participant in the mechanism not merely one experiencing them passively arms and legs. Further adjustable bands secure the forehead and the waist so that once in place there is no question of movement.

With Nicola secure I rotated the seat so that her head was closest to the floor. She squealed in fright at the unexpected movement. I nodded with satisfaction at the smoothness with which the action could be carried out thanks to the precision of the engineering of the mechanisms rails. The position in which Nicola now found herself allowed me to introduce two of the mechanical stimulators, one to her cunt and the other to her arse. At the first press of the first device against her person she began protesting, begging me to desist, but I could not let her entreaties divert me from my purpose. Each in turn was fixed to the frame of Nicolas seat. With both devices fully wound, I was certain that they could be relied on, once started, to deliver their arousing movements for a half hour at least, ample for my requirements.

I span the chair upright again. Nicola gasped as her weight forced her down on the two devices penetrating her.

Further refinements awaited her. Attached to an angled bar that could be swung in front of her face was another device similar in appearance to the mechanical stimulators that filled her below with the same rubber, peniform head and the same brass base, dials and rings. From its base, small brass tubes ran to spherical reservoirs attached to the frame. Two other devices, identical save for the fact that the rubberised simulation of the male form extended to including a representation of the testicular sac, were positioned so that they were within reach of Nicolas hands. Nicola became more distressed as she became aware of the various devices. She made to protest as I swung the device at her head around so that it pressed into her mouth. This at least had the benefit of preventing the stream of appeals to me to spare her whatever was to come. With the mouth penis in place all that remained was to connect two wires to disks which in turn were clipped to her nipples. Nicola, recalling the pain of the devices used by Madame for her corset fitting, tried to struggle away from me as I fixed them but soon all was ready.

“Nicola,” I said quietly and calmly wishing to make sure she heard everything I was about to say. “Please pay great attention. This device will help you learn to provide pleasure through your hands and mouth. The devices there are equipped with ways to sense your touch. They control valves and pumps that will pressurise bladders within the rubber heads in simulation of the erection of the male member. Apply yourself correctly and they will respond in a manner most natural. If you are perhaps too enthusiastic or too dilatory in the use of tongue or teeth, lips or fingers then small shocks will pass from the voltaic cells to the devices on your nipples. These are in no way dangerous but you should see them as an incentive to improved manipulation. Do you understand?”

Nicola gave a growled confirmatory response which the sensors in her mouth penis interpreted as inappropriate and delivered one of the aforementioned shocks. Her gasp of pain triggered the penis once again and it was only by an effort of will that she stopped herself responding in similar vein to the second shock. In an attempt to placate the prodding rubber member that gagged her, she took to sucking and licking it, actions that were rewarded with a swelling in her mouth as the hydraulic pumps pressed in response. But now the devices by her hands were feeling a sense of neglect. Lacking stimulus within a predefined time they began to deliver their shocks. Nicola surprised by this grasped hold of them like handles. More shocks followed until she had managed to placate the mechanisms with firm but sensitively applied stroked and grasps.

For a moment or two the mechanism was in equilibrium, each of the three members swelling under Nicolas attention.

I turned on the mechanical stimulators that filled her arse and cunt and for a while all was chaos again. In time, she learned to master the mechanism building her manual skills, discovering that the press of her finger nails at the base of the ball sac was particularly effective in arousing the device and avoiding shocks from that direction, observing that when the device in her mouth had swollen so that her lips were unable to be of use, the press of her tongue on the underside could keep the device from shocking her while still not swelling to the extent that she would choke.

It was fascinating to watch and she managed it surprisingly well. I later discovered that she had been taught to play the organ in the mission church at her mothers station and so the idea of different things being done by different parts of her body was not entirely foreign to her. Although of course, this was a rather different organ.

I watched, more than a little impressed with her skill as Nicola struggled with her task. I leant forward to speak to her. “There is a way to bring your ordeal to a close,” I said. “These devices can simulate the male orgasm too. If you bring all three to their finale, the mechanism will stop and you will have completed your task for today. But do not leave it too long, Nicola dear, for the stimulators will grow in the intensity of their vibration and I fear this will make it more difficult for you to focus on the tasks for your hands and your mouth.

Nicola gave an alarmed squeak, earning a further shock, but then set to her task with even more enthusiasm. I could see from the members in her hands that she was succeeding. Under her attentions they swelled and first the left then the right achieved its mechanical simulation of orgasm and emission, covering her hands with a sticky gel that closely resembled male ejaculate. The one in her mouth came last of all, filling her mouth with the same gel, its salty taste designed to replicate the sensation she would receive when eventually she performed this task for her husband. Its purpose fulfilled the artificial penis subsided as the valves within opened to allow the erecting hydraulic fluid to return to its reservoir.

Nicola breathed deeply. Two final small shocks, shot across her nipples as the penis replicas subsided. The mechanical stimulators protruding into her rose in the intensity of their rhythmical pulsations and Nicola rode them to her own crashing orgasm. She had done well. She deserved every bit of the pleasure that she had derived in the completion of her task.

I ran my hand down the smooth warm brass of the mechanisms frame. A cast metal plate carried the names of the makers. “Harrison, Watt and Faraday, Mechanical Hydraulic and Electrical Engineers” it said. Famous names from a long lineage of design and manufacturing skills that the country should be proud of.             

This then became the centre of her routine. Kept overnight in her cage, set to work on domestic tasks in the morning, praised or punished depending on her success and then, finally positioned for a final session on the mechanism at the end of the day. The continuing round served to reinforce the lessons she was learning.

© Freddie Clegg 2011

Review This Story || Author: Freddie Clegg
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