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A Mother's Gamble

Part 2 The Training of a Doggy Bitch Mommy

Chapter Two: The Training of a Doggy Bitch Mommy

I was in a state of euphoria all thru lunch. Even hastily made day-old turkey
sandwiches tasted like gourmet food to me. It certainly was the most
extraordinary and memorable morning. I still couldn't believe everything that
happened since I woke up in mid-morning and forced by my son to come downstairs.
Aftermath of my ordeal with Don and his gang have leaved me so depressed and
disgusted with myself  even to the point that I didn't want to go on living
anymore. What occurred in the living room in the last few hours changed our
lives forever. My beloved son has made me face the facts and accepted me for
what I have became. Subsequently, Bob and I were much closer than we ever have
been, and we were much more than merely mother and son anymore; we were slave
and master to each other now. I was the happiest woman on earth. Oh yes, I was
the happiest sex slave Mommy on earth!

Seated side by side at the dinning table, my son and I talked causally about his
school and friends over lunch. It seemed so normal and ordinarily I still
couldn't believed I was my son's sex slave now! I must have been in a dream and
that everything occurred was just a figment of my imagination. But the fact was,
I was still totally naked except for the nylons and garter belts, while my son
was fully dressed again. However, any doubts still remained in my bemused but
rapturous mind were vanished completely when I looked down at the dog leash
fastened to the leg of the dinning table with the other end attached firmly to
my dog collar secured tightly around my neck!
"Mommy, I think we'll have that wedding ceremony after all the piercing and body
modification works have finished on you. And my darling future wife-mother, your
soon to be husband-son just decided to replace the permanent gold ring that was
to go into the tip of you clit with a specially design spring-fitted gold
wedding band. I will put it in your clit right before we take our marriage vows.
After that we are going to hold a slave induction ritual, at that time I'll
place the locks ceremoniously into your pussy and asshole. How do you like my
proposals, Mommy?" Bob asked me after we finished lunch and I was kneeing before
him by the sofa again.

Oh yes, to be married to my own son, to be his wife even though it will be an
illegal and unauthorized marriage. My heart was so overwhelming with love for my
beloved son; I burst into tears and cry shamelessly. My eyes were overflow with
tears of joy. I almost got up to hug my darling son to my bountiful bosoms, but
just in time to remember that I was his sex slave now and needed his permission
to do anything from now on. I smiled radiantly with tear streaking face and
looked up at my son with worshipful eyes. I was so chocked up with emotion I was
render speechless, and all I could do was vigorously nodding my head and looked
at him adoringly.

Bob touched my cheeks tenderly and wiped away a freshly falling teardrop with
loving care.

My son stroked my long blonde hair gently with great tenderness.

"I love you, my sex slave Mommy." My son whisper lovingly into my ear, and my
heart was bursting with joy.

My son continued to caress my long blonde hair lovingly, then abruptly the
stroking halted. After a poignant pause, he proceeded to pat on my head
repetitively while tugged on my dog leash gently. Then, suddenly, my son yanked
my dog leash forcefully to bring my head up so that he was looking right into my

"You're are my obedient little 'doggy' bitch aren't you, my beautiful sex slave
Mommy?" Bob asked me confidently and somewhat persuasively with a particular
emphasis on the word 'doggy'.

"Oh yes, my son, my master!" I answered affirmatively.

"That's real good, Mommy, only this time say it out loud that you're my obedient
little 'doggy' bitch." Bob once again stress the word 'doggy" when he said that.

"I'm your obedient little 'doggy' bitch, my son, my master." I declared with
passionate conviction and with a high pitched accent on the word 'doggy'.

When my son put so much importance on the word 'doggy', my instinct told me to
respond in such a way that I knew will please him. I was really proud of my
woman's intuition when I notice the satisfaction and pleased smile on his
handsome boyish face.

"You promise? My 'doggy' bitch" Bob asked me seriously.

"Yes Master, I promise to be your obedient little doggy bitch." I pledged
solemnly once again.

"My dearest Mommy, I'm awfully glad you promised to be my obedient 'doggy'." Bob
said meaningfully and once again put special emphasis on the word 'doggy', while
tugged on my dog leash gently and patted my blonde head a few more times to
praise me as if to reinforce the notion that I was a real doggy.

"I'm really very pleased that I have made you very happy with the proposed
marriage ceremony, Mommy. I only hope that you will love what I have planed for
you next, my little doggy." Bob said excitedly. I had a very uneasy feeling when
I notice the enigmatic grin on his handsome boyish face.

"Well, Mommy, I have just decided not to waste anymore time, and I'm going to
start on your 'doggy' bitch training programs right away." Bob said almost
mysteriously with a huge wicked grin on his boyish face.

I felt both hot and cold tingling sensation up and down my spine when I heard
the words 'doggy bitch training programs'. Warning bells were going off in my
head, what sort of training programs? My son has stressed the word 'doggy' yet
once again, which had made me increasingly uneasy and anxious.

My son patted my head couple of times like a real pet again and then he picked
up my dog leash, he was jerking and pulling on my neck forcefully a few times
and said gleefully. 

"Mommy, I just love to hold your dog leash in my hand, and you'll have to follow
me wherever I go like a real 'doggy'. I think I'll just call you 'doggy bitch
Mommy' from now on! Won't you like that, my little 'doggy' bitch?" Bob asked.

"Yes, my master, I like you to call me 'doggy bitch Mommy ' from now on." I
answered agreeably.

"Good doggy!" Bob said and patted me on my blonde head a few times to praise me
like I was a real pet.

"Now, on your hands and knees, my doggy bitch Mommy, pronto!" He barked out the
order while yanking on my dog leash real hard.

I complied immediately without thinking, and dropped onto my hands and knees. My
son has been constantly petting my head like a pet and emphasis the word 'doggy'
when he spoke to me lately. When he said 'good doggy' the very first time a
minute ago like he was addressing a real pet really unnerved me. My son talked
about a doggy bitch training programs for me, and now he even wanted to call me
'doggy bitch Mommy' from now on. Even though I answered him that I liked him to
call me 'doggy bitch Mommy", I felt a sense of great anxiety boarding on
apprehension now, and I just knew all of these is going to lead to something
tremendous. I have a strong suspicious and ominous feeling that my son intended
to train his own mother to be his pet dog for real, far beyond just having me
doggy collared and leading by a leash on my hands and knees! I was trembling
with nervous and troubled anticipation.

"Good doggy." My son praised me and petted me on my head as a reward for my
quick compliance. I was really glad that my son was real pleased with me, and
instead of resentment, I was perversely delighted and didn't mind at all that my
owner called me 'good doggy' again. This time it just seemed to be a very
fitting endearment for his doggy bitch Mommy somehow!

"Be a good doggy and follow your master to the back yard for doggy walks. I
think we might just as well start your doggy training programs immediately. Yes,
it's time for your toilet training my doggy bitch Mommy."

Bob said almost casually and in fact just a bit too offhandedly while he was
pulling on my dog leash urging me to crawl forward on all fours slowly toward
the patio door.

"What toilet training?" I asked alarmingly, and stopped just short of the
sliding glass door before I was about to crawl outside to the backyard. I was so
startled that I forgot to address my son properly, and Bob seemed to overlook my
lapses also.

"A 'good doggy' bitch needs to be house trained! It's the first thing every dog
owners train their pets to do. My doggy bitch Mommy, have you ever heard of a
pet use the toilet in the house? I guess not. Mommy, you promised me to be my
little obedient 'doggy' bitch just a few minutes ago. I'm your owner, my little
'doggy', and you'll obey your master's every wish from now on like a good little
'doggy'! So from now on, my dearest Mommy, I'll lead you by your dog leash for
doggy walks every day to the backyard so that you can do your business outside,
understood my bitch 'doggy' Mommy!." Bob said sternly with emphasis on 'doggy'
every time he said the word.

I was flabbergasted, my son just couldn't mean what he just said, and it's just
too mind-boggling to contemplate what he wanted me to do. But in my heart I knew
he was very serious, he meant every word he said! I loved being my son's pet
doggy, but this was getting a bit too real and nasty, and way beyond play acting

"You don't really mean you want me" I was too embarrassed and quite
perturbed to finish the sentence. And still I held on to a slim hope that he was
just joking.

"Oh yes, I want you to piss and shit outside of the house from now on Mommy,
just like a real doggy would! I only wish it's possible to have you do it on the
street sidewalk or even at the park around the corner! Hmmm. . . Just maybe
possible that I could take you to the park after midnight when nobody is around.
I could lead you crawling around the park by the dog-runs on a dog leash and let
you do your business on the grass, just like other dog owners do with their pets
in the day time. Oh yes, I think we should do a dry run one night next week to
see if it could work out. I know you'll just love it, my little doggy bitch
Mommy! Even though it will be in the middle of the night, wasn't it just a great
idea, my dear Mommy, doing it in an actual public park? " Bob exclaim excitedly.
And without waiting for an answer, he continued.

"Mommy, I'll design and make a nice litter box with your name on it for you to
shit in tomorrow so that you wouldn't mass up the patio! But I really prefer to
see you shit and piss in the park though. By the way, you're not permitted to
eat at the table anymore. I'll also provide you with two doggy bowls, with your
name on them too of cause, one for food and the other one for water. Dogs don't
eat with people on the dinning table, so from now on, my doggy bitch you'll be
eating on the floor under the dinning table with your dog leash tied to the
table legs. How do you like that, my doggy bitch Mommy!"

I was too shock and numb to respond immediately and all this talk of pissing,
shitting, litter box and doggy bowls was just too monstrous and vile for me to
contemplate. Oh yes, I was surprised when my son told me he wanted to ring,
pierce and brand me, and I was quite shock and disbelieved that he even wanted
to secure my pussy hole and ass hole with locks in addition to permanently
modify my clitoris. But I was never in anger or anguish over what my son planed
to do to my sexual organ as well as my most personal and secretive delicate
feminine places. I not only accepted but embraced his plans joyously, for my
body was no longer my own, it belonged to my son, my owner! As for him wanting
to breed his own mother repetitively, of course I was shock and stunned
initially. However, once I was informed that the risk of having incestuous
babies was minimal, I was ecstatic right away of the prospect of impregnated by
my own son over and over again, and the joy of giving births to my own

I had to admit that I loved to be dog collared and leashed, the very essence and
symbolism of my enslavement to my own son. All this time, I thought it was just
a game of fantasy to pretend to be  an affectionate and obedient pet doggy with
a most loving son as my owner. All of a sudden, the significance of all the
patting and calling me his good 'doggy' earlier really became crystal clear to
me now. And to my utter dismay, I just realized what my son really had in mind
was so hideous and repulsive. My teenaged  son actually wanted to turn his own
mother into a real pet, a doggy bitch in every sense! It just sadden me to the
core of my being and I still couldn't accepted the fact that it was my son's
intentions all along. And by his calling me 'Mommy' now made the relationship
between me and my fifteen-year-old son seemed even more obscene at the moment. I
was simply reduced to just an animal, a doggy bitch slave to my son now!

I cringed with outrage and indignation when I thought that my own son wanted me
to perform and act like an animal. But isn't that's what I'm now, instead of a
mature beautiful and very youthful looking woman of thirty-two years of age, I
had became a doggy bitch slave crawling on all fours, dog collared and leashed
not unlike a real dog by my own fifteen-year-old teenage son! I was beyond shock
now, my face turn crimson with embarrassment and humiliation picturing myself
pissing and shitting on all fours like an animal in front of my own young son
right at the public park! I was quite nauseous and angry, It almost made me

"Mommy, didn't I tell you this is one of my fantasies too, to own and train a
doggy bitch? When I was a little boy, I always wanted a puppy, but dad won't let
me have one. Now, I'm older, I no longer want a puppy, I want a full-grown
little doggy bitch for a pet. I just can't believe my good fortune that
everything has turned out so perfectly. I never dream that one day my own sexy
beautiful mother will become my very own little doggy bitch. In this case,
reality is definitely way better then fantasy! Mommy, I'm going to train you to
be the best doggy bitch that you can be and then I'm going to show you off to my
friends! Oh yes, you're going to my 'show dog'. Why do think I want to pierce
and ring you as well as brand my name onto your breasts, pussy lips and
asscheeks, and put locks on your pussy and asshole. Oh, don't forget the
modifications planed for your crown jewel, it'll guarantee to be a showstopper.
Besides for my own enjoyment, Mommy, I want you on display so that the whole
world, well, at least in the beginning anyway, just all my friends will know
that you belong to me, that I'm your owner, and you're my sex slave and my doggy
bitch! I only wish there were some kind of human kennel clubs somewhere we could
join, so that I could exhibit you after all the body-modification works have
done on your sexy body, and when you're well trained to compete for trophies and
prizes! Hmmm...I'm going to search the Internet tonight to see what kind of
deviant clubs out there that we could join in the future. Let's go on with your
toilet training. And starting from tomorrow, in addition to toilet training,
we'll simultaneously start on your obedience training too, my doggy bitch
Mommy!"  Bob declared excitedly.

When my son yanked on my dog leash forcefully to urge me to crawl forward, my
mind was still in a turmoil and I was quite miserable and despondent. There was
absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that my son was even now looking
foreword quite eagerly to mold and train me, his own supposedly beloved mother,
to becoming practically a real pet, a genuine doggy bitch for him to own!  I was
devastated with humiliation and mortification when I thought that my son even
considered having me performing degrading and disgusting acts such as peeing and
shitting in front of his teenage friends, as well as other strangers. He wanted
me, his own mother to be his 'show dog', to be exhibited and performing like an
animal! I felt betray, as all my anger had spent, I became quite disheartened
and depressed. Didn't he loves me anymore that he wanted to dehumanize and
debase his own mother to such an extent. My emotion took a nosedive, from
extreme euphoria for thinking of going to become my own son's wife only a few
moments ago to my present state of emotional deep anguish. I was sadden and 

When my son sensed my reluctance and hesitation to crawl forward, I thought he
would be mad. Instead, he walked back to my side slowly and tugged on my dog
leash gently ,and with his fingers on my chin, he tenderly lift my dejected
bowing head. When he took in the sad look on my crestfallen face and traces of
tears in my sad blue eyes and cheeks, Bob immediately hugged my head to his
chest and was ever so gently and lovingly stroking my blonde hair.

"Oh my sweet lovely Mommy, don't be sad, I only want to make you happy. I really
believed this is what you want. I thought you'd enjoy being train to be my real
pet and that you would love to perform for your son, your master. My darling
Mommy, don't you want to be your loving son's obedient pet, my doggy bitch
anymore?" Bob whispered to me softly and endearingly.

I was confused and bewildered, my son seemed very caring at the moment, but he
was so callously going about the task of training and transforming me virtually
into his pet doggy, into an animal.

"Do you still love. . . me, my son, my master?" I asked uncertainly.

"Oh my dearest Mommy, you're the love of my life, don't you ever doubt that. I
love you more than anything in the whole world!" My son declared emphatically.

Bob kissed me passionately on my lips, and after an eternity of open mouthed
tongue dueling, saliva exchanging between mother and son; we finally had to
disengage our mouths for lack of air. My son looked earnestly into my eyes with
tenderness and love, oh yes, quite unmistakably, the love of a son for his
beloved mother!

"Mommy, I promised you I'd take very good care of you for the rest of our lives.
Don't you believe me? I want to make you the happiest Mother on earth! I love
you even more now that you have become my sex slave. I know I have a very
strange way of showing my love to you. I'm sorry Mommy, I should have explain
everything fully from the beginning, and tell you what I really wanted from you
and than go about your training gradually. It's just that I have fantasized
about training a doggy bitch for such a long time and formulated many plans in
my mind, I guess I was a little too eager once you became my sex slave, and I
wanted to advance to the next level. I just wanted to start your training
program right away. I guess I was too impatient to wait, and I just wanted to
accomplish everything all at once." Bob smile a little sheepishly and continued.

"Mommy, you told me you wanted me to treat you like shit and a slut slave.
Didn't I warn you that I would exploit you to the extreme? After Don and his
gang was through with you, although your transformation was amazing but I felt
it was still incomplete. Well, I'm just taking it a little further. I want to
train and make you into my very own doggy bitch for real, and I'm going to treat
you like a real little doggy bitch slave. Didn't you just promised me that
you're going to be my most obedient little doggy bitch, Mommy. Deep down I just
know this is what you really wanted, what we both wanted. Why don't you just let
yourself go completely, and enjoy all the things I'm going to do to you, my
darling beautiful sexy Mommy!"

"What about the pissing and. . . and shitting stuff, my master, it sounds so
nasty and disgusting!" I asked with distaste.

"Don't you want to piss and shit for your own son and master, my sweet obedient
doggy bitch Mommy?" Bob said it so tenderly and enticingly I almost cum just

"My darling, will you still respect me after I. . .I. . . shitted in front of
you, my son, my master" I looked my son in the eyes lovingly and hopefully, and
I asked him softly with a most shamefully embarrassing redden face.

Shitting and peeing were the most private and personal things one dose in life,
and most definitely everyone was doing it in the privacy of the restrooms, but
now my son wanted me to perform such embarrassing personal deeds in front of him
and even for his friend and others! And I couldn't have even imagine what other
nasty and degrading things he wanted me to do in the future!

"Oh my sweet sweet Mommy, I'll always respect you! You're the woman who gave
birth to me, loved me unconditionally and nurture me with such tender care all
these years! Of cause I'll respect you; I respected you when you cleaned my shit
coated penis with your tongue. I respect you when you're collared and dog
leashed and crawling on your hands and knees like a doggy bitch right now. My
darling Mommy, I promise you I'll even respect you when I'll be pissing on you
face and all over your sexy naked body and then order you to drink my urine
during your toilet training! " Bob said confidently with reassurances.

When Bob noticed my shocking expression, he smiled engagingly; he knew that by
now I was starting to accept my fate--being a real pet doggy for my son to own.

"Oh yes, it's part of your toilet training program, Mommy, and you'll learn to
love the taste of my urine in time if not right away. And I'll even train you to
drink your own urine too, my darling doggy bitch Mommy!" Bob declared with a
mischievous smile on his face. After a poignant pause, then he continued,

"And it's sure about time I take care of you for a change. You know I adore you,
Mommy don't you? I love you with all my heart and I only wanted you to be happy.
Don't you ever doubt it again! And don't worry a thing from now on, just give
yourself completely to me, and I swear to you, you'd be in very good hands,
Mommy. I promise you I'll never let any real harm ever come to you and I'll
never do anything to you or order you to do anything you really don't want! I
have so many marvelous plans for both you and me in the future, and I promise
you my darling Mommy, you'll love every minute of it!  My dearest Mommy, you are
my most precious and treasured procession. I'll cherish you and adore you for
being my beautiful sexy Mommy, and the future mother of my children. And I'll
love to humiliate and torture you and make you do disgusting and nasty things
for me and my friends for being my obedient little doggy bitch, my slut sex
slave!" Bob said sincerely and earnestly while he was looking at me with both
love for me as a son and lust for me as my master and owner.

Suddenly, everything was beautiful again and all my misgivings and wretchedness
were gone. My heart was singing with joy, my beloved son still loved me and
would continuously to love me! The thought of pissing and shitting right in
front of my son didn't seem so humiliating and degrading anymore, instead it
became very sinfully erotic and excitingly degenerate to me now! Even if my
beloved son and master ordered my to piss and shit in front of his teenaged
friends. I would have done it for him readily now! I'm in a sexual submissive
induced euphoric state of mind that even the thought of being peed on by my own
son or his friends was a turn on for me. I wondered what my son's urine would
taste like and would he want me drink his piss and my own piss in front of his
friend? May be he would even want me to drink his friends piss too! And I didn't
mind I would be doing any of these nasty and degrading things now. Wasn't this
what I wanted all along, to be treated like shit, to be my own son's slut bitch
slave! And I have a feeling that I would love being my son's pet doggy for real!

When I remembered that my son wanted me to eat and drink out of real doggy bowls
on the floor, I had to know.

"Honey, are you going to feed your Mommy dog food from now on, my son, my
master?" I asked impishly.

I was confident that my son loved me and always will love me now. I had resolved
the issue of being humiliated and debased of having to do the most filthy and
disgustingly things on command for my son. Even if I was ordered to shit and
piss in front of a crowd of strangers, I'll do it joyously, simply because my
son, my master wanted me to and I want to obey and please my master. And now, I
definitely had no qualms about eating dog food if that's what my son, my owner
wanted me to eat!

He laughed right out as if it's a big joke.

"Mommy, I love you very much, you know that now don't you? I might want you to
become my doggy bitch for real, but I won't want you to eat dog food every day.
Besides, you'll be doing all the cooking anyway. Mommy, you need all the
nutrients if you're going to keep up your sexual stamina, and besides that, the
tremendous amount of sex juices produced constantly by your pussy needs to be
replenishing too with healthy food."

Suddenly there was a roguish grin appeared on his handsome boyish face.

"Mommy, unless you really wanted me to feed you dog food, I could occasionally
open a can or two for your enjoyment, and I might want you to eat a can of real
dog food now and then to entertain my friends.  However, Mommy, you'd still be
eating out of the doggy bowls on the floor though, no matter it's human food or
it's dog food! You like that my sweet doggy bitch Mommy." He said endearingly.

"My master, I love to be call doggy bitch Mommy by you, honey, and I truly don't
mind eating out of doggy bowls on the floor from now on. Actually I really would
love to eat real dog food once in a while; it will definitely make me feel more
like a real dog, your very own doggy bitch, my son, my owner."  After a short
pause, I added playfully.

"My darling son, you could teach your doggy bitch Mommy some doggy tricks like
fetch, rollover or even play-dead for you and your friends! And I really hope
the public park thing will work out alright, than I could bring the dog leash to
you, my master, in my mouth like a real doggy and anticipating that my son, my
owner would take me out to the park for doggy walks and other ah. . . nasty
things!" I said mischievously while waggled my ass playfully.

I truly loved to address my darling son not only by 'my master' as he ordered me
to, but also by 'my owner', in addition to 'my son', as well as calling myself
his 'doggy bitch Mommy', as often as I could now whenever I talked to him. And
by doing so, I relish the fact that we are not only just mother and son to each
other but also emphasis the true state of our unholy relationship, that not only
I was my own son's sex slave and possession, but I was also his pet doggy! Every
time I addressed my darling son in such ways, it sent a thrill down my spine. I
noticed that my beloved son, my owner loved it too. And in return, he has called
me 'Mommy' all the time and sometimes even quite endearingly by adding 'darling'
and 'dearest' just like I did.

I have finally accepted the fact that my son wanted me to be his pet dog for
real. I will oblige my master willingly and even enthusiastically now, and
transform myself virtually into a dog or at least as close as I could be to the
real thing. I was really impatient for my training to begin so that I could
become the best doggy bitch Mommy for my beloved son! Didn't they say be aware
what you asked for, because you may get it?

"Oh, my master, I can't wait for my doggy obedience training to start, please
take me outside now. Your doggy bitch is ready for her toilet training, my son,
my owner!" I begged fervently.

"My darling Mommy, I just knew you would love being my doggy bitch! By the way,
I have lots of sexier and nastier tricks other than fetch and rollover in mind
for you to learn my doggy slut! With me as your trainer, I'm absolutely sure
you're going to turn out to be a very good little doggy, and will be nearly
indistinguishable from the real thing, my dearest doggy bitch Mommy!" With a
huge smile on his face, Bob declared cheerfully with supreme confidence while
patting my golden head encouragingly.

"Mommy, be a good doggy now, and follow your master outside, my pet. And let the
training begin!" Bob shout out the order impatiently, and pulled on my dog leash
forcefully with urgency.

I crawled willingly now, even eagerly behind my young son out onto the patio.
When he leaded me by the dog leash like a pet dog to the middle of the patio, he
stopped and turn around and walked behind me. With a strong tug he yanked his
briefs right out of my vagina, my pussy hole was gapping open, a great deluge of
accumulate pussy juice poured out like floodwaters to the cement floor. When the
flow slowed down to a trickle, then slowly dripping down and coating the back of
my quivering thighs.

"Open your knees wider, head down and ass up, doggy bitch!" Bob barked.

"Still wider, doggy bitch!" Bob ordered and jerked my leash strongly.

After I adjusted to the desired posture, Bob praised me by saying,

"Good doggy!"

"Every time you come out here, in the park or even right in front of my friends
to start your toiletry, doggy bitch Mommy; you'll assume this position. And
before you're ready to piss, I want you to put your hands behind and stretch
your pussy lips wide open, after you're pierced and ringed, you can just pull on
the rings. And then rise one leg like a dog when you start to pee! Now, before
you ready to shit, I want you do the same thing but without hoisting your leg,
and be sure to pull your asscheeks as wide apart as possible so that your
asshole will be spread wide open. I want to see everything that's coming out of
both of your holes back here clearly. Now, Mommy if you understood all my
instructions then wiggle that adorable ass of yours for me a few times like a
real doggy bitch now!" Bob commanded.

After I wiggled and twisted my ass provocatively a few times, suddenly I felt a
couple of stinging slaps on the tender supple flesh of my buttocks. I knew for
certain that my sons' palm prints were imprinted brightly on each half moon of
my flawlessly creamy asscheeks!  Bob chuckled pleasingly and commented

"That's real nice, my little doggy. You're ass looks a little more appealing now
my pet. I only wish I had a whip on hand, so that I could add half a dozen more
painful red stripes on your creamy soft asscheeks! My dear sweet Mommy, your
tender delicious ass is made to be whipped! Oh, this just reminds me that I
should go to the Internet and order a more of whips and canes, and some bondage
stuff too. And of cause I better not forget to order a custom designed collar
and pendant for you to wear on your neck and a large vibrating butt pug for your
tiny asshole! Something seems to be still missing, " After considered for a
little while, Bob exclaimed excitedly,

"Ohhh. . .I know what you need, a tail, Mommy bitch! Yes, every little doggy has
a tail; I'll just have to fashion a tail from some real furs and glue to the
large butt plug. When you ass is not locked up, you'll be wearing a tail in your
asshole my doggy bitch Mommy! You like that Mommy dearest?"

"Yes, my darling son, I'm your pet, your doggy bitch, I need to have a tail
implanted in my asshole so that I could waggle for you like a real doggy, my
master, my owner!" I replied blissfully.

A huge butt plug that vibrates with a tail stuck in my tight asshole sounded
deliciously delightful to me and yet so sinfully decadent.

"Good doggy. A doggy tail will really look nice in you asshole, Mommy slut!" Bob
praise me.

"Now, be a nice doggy, piss for your master, my doggy bitch Mommy!" My son

I spread my pussy lips as wide as possible, so that my son had a clear view of
my little urethra opening. I lift my right leg slightly in the air as instructed
by my master. A strong stream of my steamy hot golden urine was shooting out of
my tiny piss hole splattering onto the cement floor underneath my wide spread
legs. I wiggled my asscheeks to act like I really had a tail tucked in my
asshole, I felt shameless. On the contrarily, I was rather quite proud of myself
that I was performing the most private and personal act for the first time like
a bitch in heat for my own son's viewing pleasures! I felt like an animal, my
own son's pet dog more than ever at this very moment, and all I needed now is a
tail wedged into my asshole to complete the picture! A profound thought just
came to me, I knew I just took a giant first step towards my transformation from
a human female bitch to a doggy bitch. There was no going back now. I was
committed to be my son's pet dog for the rest of my life when the piss shot out
from my urethra in front of my son. And it's just like I was committed to be his
sex slave for life when my son tighten the dog collar around my neck and clipped
on a dog leash earlier today. Was it only this morning that I have started on
the road of my sinful and decadent descent and look how far I have come already
and I have a long way to go. I looked forward eagerly with anticipation in every
turn and corner with my beloved son, my owner guiding me and training me in
every step of the way.

My golden urine was empting out from my bladder and the flows of piss was slowly
dwindling and started to drip down from my smooth inner thighs over the sticky
creamy cum juices already coated there. The mixed body fluids glistening in the
sunlight appealingly. After the remaining golden urine squirted out from my pee
hole in spurts, my pussy hole sprayed out jets of creamy feminine cum juice at
the same time. The combination of pungent smell of piss and aromatic feminine
secretions emanated from between my legs and on the ground was floating in the
air around us. As the intoxicated fumes drifted into our nostrils, I was certain
it not only heightened my senses but my son's as well. I no longer abhorrent to
the fact that I'll be treated like a pet dog by my own son forever from now on.
In fact I loved it, and I'd embrace it totally without reservations what so
ever! Right now, I'm feverishly looking forward for the first time to shit for
my owner, my master who is also my beloved fifteen-year-old son.

As I was waiting impatiently for my master's command for my defecation to begin,
I was dreaming that I was at my wedding ceremony totally naked only wearing a
long white wedding lace in my blonde head. My son crouched before my loins, and
he was inserting a custom designed gold wedding band fitted with a tiny silver
bell into the tip of my permanently modified huge bejeweled clitoris. I conjured
up the image of us taking our wedding vows and then my own son and I was
pronounced husband and wife. A master and slave bonding ritual was performed
soon after. I visualized my son securing the locks into my pierced and ringed
pussy lips and asshole one by one and then he attached a dog leash to the large
gold ring in the middle of my clit. I was then proclaimed to be his sex slave
forever! Just before the orgy would be commenced, I envisioned my own young son
was leading me by my enormous clit protruding prominently from the top of my
locked and ringed pussy lips. I was on my hands and knees crawling around and
around in front of a roomful of his cheering and clapping rowdy teenaged
friends. Suddenly the images in my mind's eyes were vanished; shattering by
waves after waves of earth-shaking orgasms and my body was trembling and quaking
violently. An amazing amount of cum juices was gushing out in torrents from my
vaginal opening continuously for quite some time. The mind not only could
intensify but also perpetuate orgasms. I almost passed out from such extreme
explosive violent orgasms; one of the strongest cum I ever experienced. Even
though I was on the verge of orgasmic exhaustion, and my physical stamina
started to wane, however I was still in a state of constant excitation and
stimulation. Instead of diminishing in volume, the production of my pussy cream
from the inner most recesses of my vaginal cavities seemed to be steadily
increasing without any sign of abiding!

"Good doggy! I see that you really love to pee for me now my seemingly
previously reluctant doggy bitch Mommy!" Bob laughed with a bemused smirk.

My son's laughter bought me back from my orgasmic high slowly, he thought the
earth-shattering orgasms I just exhibited were entirely due to my peeing in
front of him!

"Oh what a shame to waste so much delicious pussy juices, I must find a solution
to capture all the juices as soon as possible. Hmmm...let me search the internet
for some sort of inflatable plug or dildo, it might just work." Bob commented,
then after a poignant pause, my son continued,

"I have fantasized about this moment so many times, and I have waited long
enough! Now it's time to shit for your master, my beautiful doggy bitch Mommy!"
My son ordered as if he was in a great deal of impatience as well as heightened

I quickly spread my unblemished but soon to be branded half moons of my creamy
asscheeks as wide apart as I could. I started to grunt and push real hard to
squeeze my shit out. I had quite a hard time in the beginning; for one thing, it
was not a natural position for a normal defecation, unless you're a real doggy.
And the other reason being I was quite conscious of the fact that my own son was
unwaveringly watching me shitting in front of him for the very first time! As my
rosy pink asshole started to pucker outward and my anus opened up gradually, I
sensed that my young sons eyes were like twin laser beams intensely aimed on his
own mother's gaping secret orifice. When my pussy started to convulsing and
pulsating uncontrollably, I was beyond shame and I knew for certain that the
biggest thrills of my life is yet to come!

Just as a large yellow slimy piece of shit was about to slide out of my gapping
asshole, I was literally quite out of my mind with ecstasy from performing such
an unspeakably filthy and depraved act for my own son. And for some very strange
reason my mind was wandering. It was so surreal I felt as if I was in a fog.
Subconsciously I was reminding myself that I'd have my IDU taken out first thing
in the morning, so that I could be breed like a doggy bitch that I'm. I dreamed
of having lots of 'puppies' for my beloved son and master in the years to come.
Wasn't that a well-trained doggy bitch Mommy supposed to do! A blissful smile
appeared on my lust-consumed face, and to think all this happed because I took a
little gamble!

"Good doggy, you're doing a great job, Mommy! This is so fucking unbelievable,
and it's just too dame beautiful and fantastic to watch! I thought it might be
at least a bit disgusting and nasty, but I felt none of that at all. I believe
it was because you're not only my darling lovely Mommy, but you're a damn sexy
beautiful young woman! And you're my sex slave and doggy bitch slut! Come' on,
keep pushing real hard now, it's about to come out all the way, my doggy bitch
Mommy." Bob exclaimed excitedly.

I came out of my daydreaming with a snap by my son's loud cheer and urgings. The
three inches long piece of yellow smelly shit was hanging from the mouth of my
gapping asshole and them stretched even longer by gravity and finally felled on
the piss and cunt juice spattered concrete patio floor between my wide spread
legs. The utter ungodliness of such a depraved act I was performing in front of
my underage son just dawn on me, my whole body was once again wracking by a
series of mind shattering powerful orgasms. Just as my vagina spraying a jet of
feminine cum juice outward, and my tiny urethra dribbled out a few drops of pee,
the second solid yellow shit was emerging from my expending shit hole. My son
was encouraging and cheering me on from behind enthusiastically. I grunted
louder and contract my rectum muscle harder to force my second load completely
out of my asshole. After I forced out three more long pieces of shit form my
rectum, no matter how hard I tried, even until my anus was all pucker up and
turned inside out; there was no more solid shit coming out of my asshole. Except
for a few tiny dribbles of watery feces clinging to the rime of my asshole, my
rectum was finally quite empty.

"Well done, good little doggy! Stay as you're, my doggy bitch Mommy. Your
asshole just look delicious divine. All delicately pink and gapping wide open
with just a little bit of shit smeared on the rime and dripping down your ass
crack, Mommy! " Bob praised me and then declared,

"Wow, that was such an awesome sight to watch huge loads of shit squeezed out of
your gapping asshole, Mommy. I'll never forget it as long as I live, and I don't
think I'll ever get tire of watching you shit, my beautiful doggy bitch Mommy.
Wait till the boys get to see you do it, Mommy, I'm sure it would blow their
fucking mind."

"Take a look at the pile of dog shit between your legs, my doggy bitch Mommy,
I'm just amazed the amount of shit just came out of your shit tube, Mommy!" Bob
commented while tugging on my dog leash forcefully downward to induce my head to
come down.

I was so embarrassed to see there was such a large mound of my yellow smelly
shit laid just beneath my ass. I wish a hole would open up in the concrete floor
so that I could hide in it.

"I ought to take a picture of this. Hey, what I really should do is video and
document all of your slave training proceedings from now on, Mommy. I bet there
is a huge market for these types of videotapes. I'll videotape all the special
events too; like our wedding and your other public performances, and I could
even write movie scripts for you to star in. I'm going to be a big time
porno-movie producer and make tons of money. And you, my beautiful doggy bitch
Mommy, are going to be a star!" Bob declared delightfully.

Instead of embarrassed or even humiliated for being the star of such extremely
bizarre and depraving toilet training videos and pornographic movies, I was
actually quite pleased and gratifying that because of the possible future
videotape sales, more people would know that I was my own son's sex slave and
doggy bitch! Bob stepped right behind my wide spread legs and I heard the sound
of the opening of a zipper. My hands were still on my buttocks to kept my
asscheeks spread wide apart and my asshole remained quite open; then I felt the
large mushroom head of his penis touched the rime of my wide-open asshole. I let
out a scream as my son's monster organ buried all the way to the root inside his
mother's rectum in one plunge! He withdrew his huge shaft almost entirely out of
my rectum and then plunged all the way back inside in one stroke again, My back
passage was throbbing with pain from this unaccustomed abuse. My ass was on
fire; my body was convulsing with orgasms by pain and pleasure. As my son
continued to plunged in and out, fucking my shit tube relentlessly, with the aid
of some remaining shit as lubricant, eventually my tight back passage become
adjusted to his size and his rough treatment of my delicate rectal interior
walls. Just when I was getting comfortable to the pounding of my ass by my son,
he withdrew his penis from my asshole abruptly. I was little disappointed that
he didn't bath my rectum with his red-hot sperm. Bob walked and stood in front
of my face, his enormous penis was entirely coated thickly with my shit and
leveled with my mouth. The smell of my own shit was so overwhelming to my
senses, I felt a little nauseated and almost vomited, I knew what was expected
of me, so without even being commanded, I opened my mouth right away.

"Nice doggy!" Bob praised and patted me on my head as he plunged his entire
shit-coated shaft all the way down my throat.

I almost gagged by the enormous size of my son's penis and the nasty taste of my
own shit. As he withdrew his penis slowly from my throat, I closed my mouth and
wrapped my lips around his penis tightly. When he started to fuck my mouth with
in and out actions, I proceeded to lick and clean my shit from his engorged
penis with my tongue and bath his precious sex organ with my saliva. Unlike
previous occasions, this time there were not only my ass juices but also fair
amounts of my shit was brought along from my just defecated rectum by my son's
enormous penis! Gradually, I became adapted to the taste of my own shit and some
how it seemed more flavorsome by the minute, and I started to clean and lick my
son's penis with relish. Eventually, all the shit coated on my son's penis were
wash down my throat with my son's pre-cum and my salvia. After all the shitty
taste had vanished from my mouth, I became dedicate in giving my son the best
blowjob he ever had. But all of a sudden, my son stopped his fucking motion, and
withdrew his entire penis from my mouth. Once again I was disappointed, I wanted
to ingest my son's precious sperm instead wearing on my face. But I was glad
that I was wrong this time.

"Nice doggy, open your doggy mouth now and stick your tongue out, I have a
reward for you." My son commanded.

I complied immediately with joy, my mouth wide open and my tongue hanging out
like a dog panting from heat, ready to receive my creamy blessings from my son
God, my master.

"Good doggy! Now, don't swallow, just hold it in your doggy mouth, my doggy
bitch Mommy." Bob instructed while patted my head.

My son positioned his huge penis now sparking clean and gleaning with my salvia
inches form my wide opened mouth.

"My nice doggy bitch, masturbate your owner until I come inside your doggy mouth
now!" Bob commanded.

I wrapped both hands around my son's enormous stalk and proceeded to jerk up and
down on his penis. I jerked his penis faster and faster until he was about to
ejaculate. When I bought his mushroom head just inside my lips, my darling son
started to ejaculate ropey strands after ropey strands of pearly gelatinous life
giving sperm inside the cavity of my wide open mouth. My mouth was almost filled
to capacity after my son finished coming. And he wiped the last clinging drop of
sperm from his pee hole onto my outstretched hanging tongue.

My son admired my opened mouth fill with his hot creamy sperm immensely. My jaw
started to get tired until he ordered me to swallow his sperm slowly and play
with it with my tongue as it go down my throat into my stomach.
My son's sperm was delicious and the experience was so erotic I come many times
during the entire proceedings.

"Good doggy!" My son praised me and patted me on my head after I showed him my
empty mouth entirely free of any trace of his sperm.

"Nice doggy, now keep your doggy mouth open, I have another reward for you, my
doggy bitch Mommy!" Bob promised.

My son positioned his penis inches away from my wide-open mouth. There was a joy
in my heart and in my twinkling blue eyes, for this time, I knew I was about to
receive my golden blessings from my God son, my master.

When my son's golden scolding hot urine was spraying forcefully down my throat,
I was in a state of bliss. My mouth was filled time after time, and I swallowed
as fast as I could, mouthful after mouthful of my son's salty but tasty  liquid
down my gasping throat into my stomach. But there was so much pee going into my
mouth so fast, some of the precious golden liquid spilled out from the corner of
my mouth and down my chin dripping onto my breasts. When the flow was down to a
tinkle, my son redirected his penis so that the remaining urine was spraying all
over my face. Even though my eyes were squeezed tight shut, a few stinging drops
seeped in. After my son emptied his bladder, my beautiful face was dripping with
acrid smelling yellow pee. I was disappoint there was no more precious golden
liquid from my son's penis to drink, even though I felt there is a warmth in the
pit of my slightly swelling stomach. I knew I became an addict to my son's urine
at that instant. I orgasm again and again from the pure perversity of it all.

"Very nicely done doggy Mommy, for you first time effort." My son praised me and
patted me on my head. Then he added,

"Mommy, you will be punished if you spell any drop the next time! my doggy
bitch!" Bob warned.

"I'm glad that you loved to drink my pee, because you're going to get lots more
of it, my doggy bitch Mommy!" Bob stated.

After Bob clean the mass I made on the patio with a garden hose, I was expecting
him to give me a hosing down, but he put the hose away. I felt very unclean,
with wet pee coated on my face and dry shit smeared on my asshole. I was hoping
my son; my master will allow me to take a shower.

Bob looked at me keenly for a few minutes well aware of my predicament and a
slow mocking smile appear on his boyish face.

"My doggy bitch Mommy, you're to wear my pee on your face in place of my sperm
till you go to bed, and we have a long night of training and discipline ahead of
us." Bob informed me and after a pause, he continued.

"Now, my darling Mommy, you know real doggies don't clean their asses after they
shit. But since you're not a 100% doggy yet, I'll give you some slack for a
little while longer." Bob stated.

My son pulled on my dog leash with a slight force to urge me to follow him. He
led me crawling after him on my hands and knees from the patio on to the lawn.

"Now doggy, on your knees and sit your ass down onto your heels, back straight
and chest out." Bob directed me.

"Good doggy! Just the way I  like to see  your breasts sticking way out from
your chest, my doggy bitch Mommy." Bob praised and patted me on my head after I
complied with his instruction.

"From now on, when I say 'doggy heels', you assume this posture immediately,
understood my bitch doggy Mommy?" Bob asked.

"Yes, my master." I answered happily. My heart filled with joy, for every new
trick I learned I would become more and more like a real pet for my son, my

"Mommy, actually, I'm ahead of myself. In your obedience training starting
tomorrow you will learn lots more commands like 'doggy heels'. You better be a
fast leaner, or you will be punished severely, my darling doggy bitch Mommy."
Bob said with a little wickedness and a evil grin on his face.

My heart soared excitedly for the new lessons to be learn and also the prospect
of punishment tomorrow.

"Now, my dear Mommy bitch be a good doggy and wipe your dirty asshole on the
grass." Bob ordered.

I compiled with great embarrassment; I sat my ass down on the moist grass and
spread my asscheeks wide open so that the entire ass crack was in contact with
the grass. And then I moved back and fore to wipe my ass clean of dry smears of 
shit on and around my asshole. The grass was abrasive and it really irritated my
sensitive tender tissues of my anus and ass crack. I knew my asscheeks were
grass stained.

"Good doggy." My son praised me after I finished cleaning my ass the way he
wanted me to while patting me on my head.

"Mommy dearest, that didn't feel particular good or even real clean, isn't it
true?" Bob asked me mockingly, and I nodded with misery.

"I'll never allow you to wash your ass by hands from now on doggy bitch! But
don't you be despair; I have a natural solution for you that's far better than
hands, my doggy bitch Mommy." My son declared mysteriously. After a poignant
pause, he continued,

"Mommy, you probably thought that was all there to it in peeing or shitting,
right. Well, you would be quite wrong. In the days ahead, I'm going to train you
to piss and shit on demand! And your urethra and asshole will both be enlarged
and its' muscles will be strengthened. Oh, even though it's nothing to do with
toilet training, I want you to strength your pussy muscles as well, so that you
can perform tricks with your pussy hole. I want to train you to squirt large
quantities of your urine and enema fluid way out from your enlarged pee hole and
asshole respectively. Once you're perfected these techniques along with some
pussy hole antics and other exotic acts, I want you to perform for my friends.
Any problems with that slut Mommy?" Bob asked sardonically.  

"Oh no, my master! I'll love to perform for your friends and I'll train real
hard, so that you'll be proud of you doggy bitch Mommy, my son, my owner."  I
declared sincerely.

"That's my good doggy!" My son praised my response and patted on my head.

"Mommy, even though I have total control of your vagina opening once the locks
are in place, I really have no actual physical control over your pee hole. My
darling sex slave Mommy, I know you will not pee unless I order you to.
Nevertheless, I'll order a special catheter that is outfitted with a valve.
After the catheter is inserted into your urethra, it will stick way-out from
your enclosed pussy lips, just like your modified clit will be. Once the
catheter is in place, only the valve will control the flow of your urine. And
you, my sweet sex slave Mommy, will have absolutely no control over your own
bladder what so ever!  When the valve is turn on, my slut Mommy, your piss hole
will be dripping urine continuously! When the valve is closed, the catheter is
mainly a torture device and in conjunction with enema, they will both be
integral parts of your toilet training! My sweet Mommy dearest, I love to
torture and abuse you sexy body. I'm going to convert the basement into a
torture chamber for you. I'm going to hang you up spread-eagle by your large
creamy breasts and looking forward to see how long you can hold your urine in
your bladder and the enema fluid in your rectum at the same time while I whip
your tender breasts, pussy and asscheeks! By the way, my dear Mommy, I intended
to seal up all three of your holes between your thighs, which include your
vagina, asshole as well as your tiny urethra continuously! Well, the holes would
only be allow to open only on certain occasions. First your beautiful pussy hole
Mommy, an inflatable dildo will be constantly buried in your vagina to block all
of your cunt juices from leaking out. A great solution to save all your
delicious pussy cream. The dildo would only be taken out during juice collection
or when your cunt hole is being fucked. Oh, how could I forget, it will
definitely be out when you give birth to my babies, my dearest Mommy! Secondly,
your adorable asshole Mommy, will always be plugged up with a large vibrating
butt plug! When your asshole is not under locks and keys, a butt plug fitted
with a furry tail will be inserted instead of a regular one, and then you will
be on your hands and knees and only allow to crawl and bark like a real doggy
bitch. The only times your asshole will be unplugged is when you're about to be
ass fucked or ordered to shit! Lastly, Mommy, a catheter will be inserted into
your tiny pee hole all the time with the valve in a closed position most of the
time. The catheter will never be removed from your urethra unless it get in the
way of fucking your pussy hole." After a short pause, Bob said mischievously,

"Now, my lovely sex slave, my doggy bitch Mommy, I'm going to tell you one of my
favorite part of your toilet training; your sexy mouth is going to be my toilet!
I hope you like my pee, I intent to save all my urine, and pee only into your
mouth from now on. You can relax Mommy slut, I am not going order you to eat my
shit, and it seems too nasty even for me. I'll use the toilet to shit, however,
Mommy dearest, your will clean my asshole with your tongue afterwards! And don't
worry, I'll not order you to clean any of my friend's asshole or drink their
piss; you're to be my exclusive toilet slave! These are just some of the things
I planed for your toilet training. What do you think, my doggy bitch Mommy, I
hope you don't have any objection to any of the things I mentioned so far."

"Oh no, I love everything you have planed for me, sweetheart. I'm so happy that
you will have absolute control over my shit hole, pee hole and baby hole my
master. Your piss was delicious honey, and your doggy bitch Mommy wants to be
your toilet slave, my darling son, my owner.!" I answered truthfully and
ecstatically after a series of strong orgasms subsided.

My son was quite right about me thinking that toilet training involved not much
more than just peeing and shitting. I didn't know where and how my son came up
with such diabolical schemes to toilet train his own mother and the utmost
outrageously depraved things he was going to do to my most private parts and sex
organ. I positively believed now that my fifteen-year-old son was unquestionably
the sickest and weirdest teenage on this planet, a real son of bitch and a
mother-fucker to boot. Hey, I was right on target on both counts! But the real
irony was that I was the bitch that gave birth to him, and I was also the mother
he fucked. However, I loved him just the way he was. I thanked God for my son,
for I knew now that I couldn't possibly go on living without him and the things
he was doing to me and also the things he has planed for me!

Peeing and shitting in front of my son was no longer repugnant to me anymore. On
the contrary I loved to pee and shit for my son now and such acts were no longer
appear degrading and humiliating to me anymore. And I just realized the fact
that I'm an exhibitionist as well, so that I was extremely enthusiastically
looking forward to perform the nastiest things and the extremist depraving acts
in front of my son's underage friends. It's not just because my son ordered me
to but the main reason was that I know I'll love everything I will be order to
do and also I wanted all my sons' friends to know that I'm his most obedient
doggy slut slave! I was really glad that my son decided not only to lock up my
pussy hole and asshole but also devised methods to plug up and control my pussy
hole, shit hole and even my pee hole as well. What a sight it will be after the
modification of my clitoris and the  installation of the catheter into my
urethra. Both will be sticking way out prominently from my pussy lips, and in
addition to the furry tail wedged way in my rectum as well as my other body
modifications and decorative jewels! I wish I could be ready for my son to
display me openly for everyone to see now! As for drinking my son's urine and
cleaning his asshole that's what a sex slave Mommy was for! My darling son's
urine was delicious and tasty, and I just knew that his shit would be sweet too.
I might even persuade my son, my master to let me eat his shit some day.

"Good doggy, I'm glad that you love my plans for your toilet training so far,
and I have lots more!"  Bob said happily and obviously pleased with my reception
to his ideas and planning while patted me on the head over and over again.

My heart was bursting with joy again by my son's praise and his repetitive

"Now, let's get back to the natural solution that I told you about for you to
clean your ass after you just shitted. Well, Mommy dear, I know you trained as a
ballet dancer when you were a young girl and you were a cheerleader in both high
school and college. I know you practice yoga and other related excises almost
every day. Your sexy body is very physical fit and quite flexible, and you can
stretch and bend easily to an amazing degree. In fact you can still do splits
and wrapped your legs around your neck effortlessly. So, my dear Mommy, all you
needed is an incentive to just stretch and bend a little further. I can see it
in your eyes Mommy, that you are starting to understand what I'm getting at
now." Bob stated.

I was astounded to find out that my son's natural solution to my ass cleaning
problem turned out to be. It was the ultimate depravity but oh so outrageously
erotic. My son was the devil reincarnated, only an evil genus could think up
something so despicable and depraved for his own mother to perform!

"I don't think it could be done, my master!" I said uncertainly.

"Oh yea, but I say it can be done and it will be done doggy bitch! This is going
to be an essential part of your toilet training, Mommy. You'll have to clean you
ass on the grass until you train your body to bend down far enough to stick your
head between your own crotch to lick you asshole clean with your own tongue! Is
that clear, my doggy bitch Mommy?" My son asked emphatically.

"Yes, my son, your doggy bitch Mommy will do it for you, my master, my owner." I
nodded my head slowly, and then said it out loud with determination and

"That's my good doggy!" My son praised and patted my head.

"I'm sure it would be the most amazing thing to watch, the boys will be stunned.
I could even see you staring in a porno-movie titled 'Ass licking Mom'. You're
going to make me rich, Mommy!  By the way, once you accomplish this feat, I want
you to drink most of your pee directly from your urethra from then on. But in
the mean time, you'll piss into a glass and drink from it, or suck from a long
transparent plastic tube like a straw that would be attached onto the catheter.
I want to see the flow of your urine clearly along the tube from your pee hole
until it go right down your throat, my dear doggy slut Mommy!" Bob declared.

My body was shaking uncontrollably and I almost fainted by a series of
earth-shattering orgasms picturing myself drinking my own urine either from the
source or from a plastic tube, and cleaning my anus and my ass crack right after
I shitted with my own tongue! I could even suck on my own clitoris and drink
cunt cream from my own vagina if my son ever permitted me to. My son was
definitely an evil genius all right! What did you expect, such a sick puppy
could only have been spawned form the womb of a bitch doggy mother! And I vowed
that this bitch doggy mother will train real hard to accomplish such task put
forth by my darling son, my owner. An obsession began to take hold for me to
have my tongue reach my asshole as soon as possible!

My son led me by my dog leash crawling on my hands and knees like a dog back to
the living room. My pussy was leaking cunt cream profusely and a sponge was
jammed into it to absorb all the juices this time. Bob said he'll order an
inflatable dildo tonight as well as other stuff from the internet. He sat down
on the sofa and then ordered me to stretch out with face downward across his
lap, and my tender creamy asscheeks humped up into a prominent target. As I was
anticipating my very first spanking as an adult female by the hands of an
underage boy, my own fifteen-year-old son, my whole body shiver deliciously with
sexual arousal. My son raised his right hand real high and proceeded to spank my
bottom. His hand came down real hard on the tender supple flesh of my asscheeks
stingingly. I knew my creamy cheeks have turn all pink and red with fiery heat.
Bob switched hand and delivered another round of blistering strikes. My ass
cheeks turned into scorching mass of throbbing ache that hurt me dreadfully, and
I finally cry out in both pain and pleasure. My eyes were flooding with tears
while my body was convulsing and shaking in orgasms. When my son finally stop
the spanking, I almost passed out with physical pain and orgasmic pleasures. But
my pain ravenous body still hunger and craving for more pain.

"Please, more spanking, my master. Punish your slave mother, beat your naughty
little doggy bitch please, my son, my owner." I begged.

"Mommy, you insatiable pain slut, my hands are sore and tire from hitting your
doggy bitch ass so hard I need a break. I hope your tender bottom is not too
sore, because in just a while, I intent to continue to spank your luscious
bottom with a paddle first, and followed up by a cane and than a whip! Oh your
asscheeks look so flaming red; it's just too adorable for words, my darling
Mommy!" Bob exclaimed.

My son bended his head down and rained kisses on my painfully burning asscheeks

"Your asscheeks are red hot and delicious, my beautiful doggy bitch Mommy." Bob
cried out.

I was overjoyed that my son found my asscheeks so pleasing just after a
thoroughly spanking by himself! And I couldn't wait for him to use the paddle
and whip on my abused asscheeks, even though I knew it would be more hurtful and
cause more pain and damage to my already pretty sore tender bottom.

My heart was bursting with overwhelming love for my beloved son as he caringly
and lovingly stroking my aching asscheeks so soothingly after his kissed them so
softly and tenderly.

"While we're taking a break from your spanking, my dear Mommy, I want to tell
you about the next stage of your training. At first I intended to tell you this
after you have completed both toilet and obedience trainings, but you have done
so well and not only accepted but love being my pet dog now, and you have
performed so well at your toilet training the very first time. So, I might as
well inform you that the next stage will be animal training for you, my lovely
'doggy' Mommy." Bob declared with great satisfaction and after an intentional
dramatic short pause for his words to sink in, he continued.

"Mommy, I don't mean for you just to play with the animals, but mate with them
as well! My dear Mommy, you're my doggy bitch now, and bitches mate with dogs.
Oh yes, I'm going to train you to have sex with dogs and other animals too! And
once you're trained to have all your holes stuffed with huge cocks of three
dogs, I'll make you do it in front of my friends! Do you have any objections, my
doggy bitch Mommy?" Bob asked me confidently as if already knowing my answer
will be affirmative while continued to stroke my sore bottom tenderly without a

The thought of beastiality didn't shock me or even disgust me, I'm a doggy
bitch, my son's pet dog now. With just a little more training, I'll become
virtually a real doggy, and sex with animals should come naturally to me. I
surrendered myself completely to my son, body and soul and accepted my fate, but
I was quite certain that I'll be in good hands, and I trusted him with my life.
My under-aged son knew what was best for his adult mother, nothing he planed to
do to me will ever be too disgusting or offensive for me to perform with or
without an audience from now on. My son wanted to train me to fuck with dogs and
other animals, then I will not just obey his order but joyously to be trained
and to perform like a real animal, an obedient doggy bitch. The thought that I
will be fucked by many dogs in all my orifices at once, and even by other
animals in front of a roomful of people induced a series of strong orgasms that
wracked my whole body for a minute or two. 

"My dearest son, I'm your doggy bitch Mommy, and I want you to train me to fuck
with dogs and other animals so that I will be a performing doggy bitch for you,
I know I'll love it, my master, my owner." I answered with pleasure after my
orgasms subsided a bit.

"Good doggy! I see that you like the idea of fucking by animals, I just knew you
will turn out to be a real 'dog fucking bitch', my darling doggy bitch Mommy."
My son laughingly praised me and patted me on my head. He was delighted that I
have multiple strong orgasms as a result of being informed that I would be train
to have sex with animals!

My whole body was trembling with joy from my son's praise and patting. I was
really starting to crave for my son to call me a 'good doggy' and of his gentle
patting of my head like I was a real pet. By praising and patting me this way,
my son made me felt like that I was truly becoming his pet doggy for real. I
knew my son was using some sort of psychological conditioning on my mind almost
from the start, I didn't know where and how he learned to do it. But since he
was such a bookworm, I presumed he must have acquired the knowledge in some
psychology books. I might have resented his devious manipulations at first but
no longer. In fact, I was grateful for my son for doing it, for he was teaching
and guiding me to find my true self. And this was just one of his training
techniques, so that my son could train and transform his own mother into his
perfect pet doggy.

"Mommy dearest, since you reaction to my proposed animal training was so
favorable, I might just as well tell you what follows after animal training. I
told you your transformation was incomplete, and I wanted to take it just a
little further. Actually, I wanted to go as far as I could and your
transformation will be an ongoing and never ending process, Mommy. Your next
training program will be 'pony-girl' training, doggy bitch! And by the end of
the pony-girl training, my beautiful Mommy, you'll truly and practically
transformed into an animal for real. You'll become my most obedient doggy bitch
as well as my most hard working pony-girl! " Bob declared triumphantly but
didn't elaborate any further.

While I was waiting for my spanking to resume, I wondered what 'pony-girl' was
and what kinds of training will it be involved. Could it mean that I to be
trained to fuck a pony? 'Pony-girl', surly must be involved with animals, but
that should be covered by the animal training program. Well, I guess I'll find
out in time sooner or later. My son's assertion that by the end of my
'pony-girl' training I would virtually become an animal in every sense filled me
with delight and euphoria instead of dread. Well, I loved being trained to
become practically a real doggy for him even right now! I wondered what kind of
animal my son preferred me to become. With this obsession not only wanting but
actually began training me to be a real doggy bitch for him, I really believed
that my son's ultimate objective was to turn his own mother into an animal for
real, any kinds of animal! I had no doubt in my mind that after the end of my
doggy training, followed by the completion of my animal training, and then
finally, upon the successful conclusion of even more animal training afterwards
with my 'pony-girl' training; my son will accomplished his goal in the very near
future! Maybe it's just an interim objective since my dearest son told me my
transformation will be an ongoing and never-ending process. What heavenly and
thrilling endless adventures to look foreword to. My whole body was convulsing
and shaking with a series strong orgasms by the thought that my training will go
on forever under the most loving, and punishing (I preferred punishing) hands of
my son, my owner. I intuitively believed that my son wanted to train and
transform his own mother into all kinds of animals one at a time of course. I
really didn't mind that at all. I wanted to be what ever my son, my owner wanted
me to be, whether it's a little piggy with a big pregnant belly or a mooing cow
with huge milk-laden udders. I was absolutely certain that I'd love being a real
animal, any kinds of animal for my beloved son, my owner!

I'll think of pony-girl later, but right now, piss and shit and fucking by a
whole gang of dogs was all I could think of. I couldn't wait for my next toilet
training session and I was really looking forward eagerly for my obedience
training to commence tomorrow and my animal training to follow. First, I wanted
to be the best doggy bitch that I can be, then I'll concentrate on becoming what
ever animal my son wanted me to be. My only purpose in life now beside deliver
litters of my sons' 'puppies' is to perform like a well trained 'show dog' or
some other kinds of animal for my son. I wanted to impress and amaze his teenage
friends, as well as all of the members of varies deviant clubs that my son and I
will surely to join in the future, so that my son, my master will be very proud
of his obedient little doggy bitch Mommy. I only lived for my son's praise of
saying 'good doggy" and his gentle patting of my golden head like a real pet. 
But most of all, I only really lived for is the pleasures that I could bring to
my son, my master now. Oh yes, I finally knew the meaning of my existence, I was
born to give birth to my only baby son. And now, fifteen years later, my own
offspring, my beloved fifteen-year-old teenaged son, who in turn was ordained to
train and transform his birth mother, me into to his pet dog, a real doggy bitch
for him to breed, to use and abuse.  I won't ever want to go back to the way it
was, and I thank God for my beloved son, my owner, my master. This was the only
destiny for me, to be my beloved son's sex slave Mommy, his doggy bitch and
whatever animal he desired me to be for the rest of my life!

The saga of Bob and his mother will be continued in:

Chapter Three: The Wedding of a Doggy Bitch Mommy

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