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Review This Story || Author: Charles Frank

Tracy in Trouble

Chapter 25

Tracy in Trouble
Chapter 25

Leroy was still rubbing his big black cock up and down her tiny slit, letting
only the head penetrate her. tracy was begging hard now,
BLACK SON OF A BITCH, FUCK MY HOLE!" Oh, how she needed to cum!

Everyone was laughing and cheering her on. Linda said to Leroy, "Take your time
stud, make the little cunt beg more. Make her want you!"

Leroy pushed a little deeper into her tight juicy cunt. tracy tried to back up
onto it, but the way she was tied, she couldn't move. Leroy pulled all the way
out again, and tracy screamed, "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO, PUT IT BACK IN, PLEASE, FUCK

With that, Leroy pulled back and with one swift push, he was balls deep into her
yelled tracy.

Her cherry had been busted. Not like she had imagined all her young life, but it
was gone. her dreams of being pure until marriage was lost forever, but right
now, she didn't care. All she wanted to do was cum, and this big black cock
would do it for her. At least thats what she thought.

Leroy began to pump into the tight hole that he just stretched and before long,
shot his creamy load of milky white cum deep inside her. He got soft very
quickly, and pulled out, watching as the cum and blood dripped off his cock and
from her wide open cunt.


But, he didn't listen and walked away. The cameras were going strong, catching
all the action. These would look great on the web site and for show and tell
later on.

Christina yelled, "Next! Come on, fuck this whore. Everyone will have their
chance tonight. This hot little cunt will take every hard cock in here tonight!"

The next guy stepped up and filled her cunt with his cock. It wasn't quite as
big as Leroy's, but almost. He drove it deep inside her used cunt and began to
fuck her. she was pushing back against her bonds and trying to take more of him
in her. she was definatly in heat, and needed cock.

However, this guy was also quick to cum and once again, she was denied the much
needed orgasm. As soon as he had pulled out of her, another cock took his place.
He fucked her cunt hard and fast, pounding against her naked ass. she was on the
verge of cumming when he shot his big load and pulled out before she could
achieve it.

One hard cock after another used her freshly fucked cunt. Driving in deep,
fucking her hard. But always pulling out before she could cum. This is just what
the girls had hoped for. They didn't want the little slut cumming yet. They
wanted her tortured and fucked until she couldn't move. And they were well on 
there way to getting what they wanted.

tracy's pussy lips were red and swollen after the first ten guys fucked her, but
it didn't stop. she took big cocks, little cocks, average cocks,, white cocks
and black cocks. tracy's poor little cunt was well used that night, and was
beginning to get so sore, she couldn't take much more. But, she still hadn't
cum, so she begged for more.


she went for a straight 6 hours of fucking. One horny cock after another plugged
her cunt. There was 32 men at that party and each of them got their cock inside
her cunt, one after the other. and while she was being fucked by them all, the
girls got in front of her and she ate their pussies. They could hear her tiny
little bell ringing, ringing, ringing, with each thrust of a cock in her cunt.
Even some of the guys who wanted more came around to her face and fucked her
mouth. But, she was never given the opportunity to cum.

Finally, she was so exhausted, she passed out. When this happened, she was
untied and layed on the floor. They all waited until she regained consciousness,
and then told her she would be allowed to cum, but only if she licked her pussy
and sucked all the cum from herself. she was very sore and worn out, but needed
to cum, so she twisted herself around and began to lick her cunt. she was so
horny, she actually got her mouth over her slit and sucked the cum from it,
swallowing every drop.

Once again, she was about to cum, and the girls stopped her by pulling her away
from her own pussy. Linda said, before you can cum, you have to answer some
questions for us. "Yes, anything, but please let me cum, i need it so much" she

"Will you fuck anyone we say?" asked Linda.  "Yes Ma'am, anyone!" tracy replied.

"Will you always do everything we want?" questioned Christina.  YES, Ma'am," she

"Will you fuck the whole football team before every game?" was Linda's next
question. "Yes, Mistress, all of them!" she answered. Then Christina asked,
"Will you fuck your father?"  tracy hesitated, but said, "Yes, Ma'am, if i have
to, please let me cum!"

Of course, the girls had all of this on video tape, and would use it against her
later on.

Linda said, "Now slut, tell us all who you will fuck!"

tracy said, "i'll fuck anyone you want, anytime you want. The football team, my
teachers, my brother, even my father."

Christina wasn't satisfied and said, "tracy, beg us to let you do what you just

"Please, let me fuck everyone. Let me fuck the football team before each game,
let me fuck my teachers during school, Let me fuck Tim all the time, Please let
me fuck Daddy. Make me fuck my father! i'll fuck everyone, anyone! Please let me

"No," shouted Christina, "Tell us how you'll beg others to fuck you. Tell us how
you'll beg Daddy to fuck your whorish cunt!"

hard cock in my slutty cunt! Fuck your little girl, shoot your cum in my fuck
hole. Daddy, fuck me, please!" tracy got out.

"Thats not bad whore, lets try something else now." said Linda, "Lets hear how
you beg to eat your mothers cunt!"

"NNNNNOOOOO, not that please," she begged.

"SMACK" came a paddle across her ass.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW,Ok, i will" she cried.

"Mommy, i want to eat your cccccuuuuuuunnnnnnttt, please mommy, let your whore
daughter lick you and make you cum!" she was able to say.

"More!' said Linda.

Please mommy, i need to eat your juicy pussy. please let this little slutty
daughter eat your cunt. let me lick you please." said tracy

"Ok, thats enough for now," said Linda, laughing.  "Do you want to cum now?"

"Yes, please, let me cum!" she cried.

"Then spread those legs Bitch," came a voice from the rear of the room. Mr.
Frank walked forward, naked with a huge hard on. He got on the floor with her,
then rolled onto his back. "Climb on cunt, and ride me. You can fuck me till I
cum, and if you don't cum with me, you won't cum for another week."

tracy didn't take anytime climbing up on Mr. Frank and impaling herself on his
big cock. she just went down all the way onto his cock and began to bounce up
and down, hopeing to achieve the much needed orgasm. But, they weren't finished
with the whore yet. Mr. Frank told her to sit still. tracy had such a hard time
doing this, but complied! Two more men came up to her, and one got behind her,
positioning his hard cock at her asshole and shoved it in. The other put his
cock in her mouth.

Then, Mr. Frank said, "Ok cunt, fuck and suck us."  This was the first time that
tracy took on three at a time and she felt so full, but she once again began
bouncing and gyrating her cunt and ass, along with deep throating the cock in
her mouth.

she was going strong and could feel her orgasm building. Two weeks of denial,
and being fucked all night with the opportunity to cum, it would be a strong
one. she could feel all three cocks begin to swell inside her and she knew she
had to cum with them, or else.

All of a sudden, the cock in her mouth erupted shooting cum down her throat. she
swallowed quickly and also felt her ass being filled with another hot load of
cum. Then, it happened! Mr. Frank tensed under her and drove upwards into her
hot cunt, cumming as he did.

This was it, she finally got her wish. Feeling Mr. Frank cummming, made her go
over the edge and she began to cum with him.


her tiny little body jerked and twisted, bounced and suddenly just went limp.
Such relief, to finally get to cum. tracy fell forward with  his cock still
inside her. she had passed out again, but this time from such a powerful orgasm.
Mr. Frank rolled her off of him, and she lay on the floor, covered in cum and
sweat. her legs just fell wide apart, showing the cum dripping from her cunt and
asshole. she was going to love seeing this on the movie after awhile.

tracy slept for a long time, and no one moved her or attempted to clean her up.
However, they did take lots of pictures and added to there movie.

Finally, after everyone else had cleaned up and all the animal house guys left,
the girls got tracy to wake up. They helped her into the shower, so she could
clean herself, and even allowed her a nice warm bath, with a shower after she
soaked. she felt much better now, but her poor little abused cunt was so sore.
she didn't know who or how many had taken her last night. First she had lost her
virginity, to a black man, and then had her first Gang Bang. All in one night.
she even had her first with three men. tracy hoped that now that she had been
used so much, they would all leave her alone.

Once her bath and shower were done, she was made to watch parts of the movie, so
she would know just what she did and what she had promised to do for them, just
to cum. When it got to the part of begging to fuck anyone and everyone, she
cringed. And then, she saw herself begging to fuck Daddy! "Nnnnnnnnoooooooo,
don't make me do that. i can't fuck Daddy! it isn't right!, please no!" she

Linda said, "You will fuck  any one we want cunt, and if we want you fucking
your father, you will. But, don't worry, he probably wouldn't know it was his
sweet little innocent tracy he was fucking. But you will know it's him, if we
make you do it."

tracy just cried. they shut the movie off, and started getting ready to leave to
head back home. But, the girls from the KAT house had one more thing to do with
tracy before she left.

Sue said, "Come over her cunt face, I have a present for you!"

tracy went to her and stood before her. Sue said, "Spread your legs bitch and
hold your pussy lips apart for me"

tracy did as she was told, and when she touch her cunt lips, they felt so sore
and abused. she stood and listened to Sue as everyone else watched.

"Since the boys from the animal house have marked you as their property with
their initials on your tits, the girls want to make you a part of them also. We
are going to give you something that says you belong to us for whatever we want,
at anytime we want."

With that, she took three little letters from a box, and began attaching them to
her freshly pierced clit. On the ring that hung from her clit that also carried
her bell, she attached the letters. "K.A.T." now hung from her clit, and she was
told that they could never be removed, just like everything else on her body.
The only way to get them off, would be to cut off her clit.

Everyone cheered and applauded, as Sue said, "You tracy slut, are now a member
of this sorority and also our property for use at all times.  However, you are
still owned by Christina and Linda, which means we will go to them when ever we
want you."

tracy stood crying, wondering what else all these people would do with her. And,
how she would explain all of this jewelry to Mom and Dad should they ever find
out. "When will it end!" she wondered to herself.

They got tracy to the car, but still naked. They would stop on the way home and
allow her to dress before getting to her house. Then, drove away from the
college with plans to reunite sometime again this summer for some more fun with

Review This Story || Author: Charles Frank
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