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The Torment of Sissy Slut Tinkerbell

Part 4

Daddy returns to Tinkerbells room about an hour later, completely naked. Seeing him return, Tinkerbell feels both relieved that the electro-torture is almost over, and terrified of what Daddy will do next.

Tinkerbell casts nervous glances at Daddy as he walks toward her. He wrinkles his nose and makes a sound of disgust as the smell from Tinkerbell gets stronger. He turns off the shocking device. Tinkerbell closes her eyes as she savors the wave of relief, knowing by now that it will be short lived. Daddy crawls onto the bed and leans next to his slave. He feels a strong sense of power and a smug grin crosses his face as he looks at her pathetic form.

Tinkerbell is taking long, deep breaths and her whole body continues trembling. Her dress is still wet with his piss; still stained with his shit in several places. She smells very strongly of shit, urine, and body odor.

Daddy gently runs his fingers up Tinkerbells arm. “Hey lover.” Daddy says sweetly. Tinkerbell says nothing, simply staring back at him with fear in her eyes. “Want Daddy to make love to you?” Tinkerbell responds only by closing her eyes and whining.

“Swoosh!” Tinkerbell opens her eyes just in time to see Daddy bring the paddle down hard on her belly. She lets out a loud scream and her body recoils from the blow. As her scream fades, she looks Daddy in the eyes and sees him glaring back at her. “You filthy piece of shit...” he says, causing Tinkerbell to shut her eyes in shame.

“Are you ready to be a good little sissy whore?” Daddy asks. Trembling, Tinkerbell replies, “Yes Daddy.”

“Want to feel your big strong Daddy deep inside of you?”

Tinkerbell sobs, but obediently replies, “Yes. Please, Daddy. I want you deep inside of me.” She knows she has no choice.

Daddy reaches up under her dress, slips his finger under the fabric of her panties, and pushes against Tinks tight ass hole. She squirms and moans in discomfort as he wiggles his finger inside her. “Yeah, you want Daddy to fuck this hole?”

“Yes Daddy!” Tinkerbell yells back frantically.

“Tell me you want me to take your virginity and beg to be my sissy girl!”

With tears running down her cheeks, Tinkerbell cries out “Please take my virginity, Daddy! Please make me your sissy girl! I want to be good!”

Daddy unchains Tinks left ankle from the foot of the bed. He brings it up over Tinkerbells head and secures it to the head of the bed. Then Daddy brings the other leg up similarly. He adjusts Tinkerbells dress so her ass is exposed. He gags Tink, pulls the string of the thong out of the way, and positions himself.

“Yeah. This is what sissy girls are meant for.” Daddy mocks as he pushes his way into Tinkerbells tight ass. Tink struggles, and cries, and screams in pain as her virgin ass is ripped open. Daddy grunts and moans in pleasure as he fucks his sissy slave hard.

After several minutes, Daddy finally cums. He pulls out and a trail of cum, blood, and shit follows his cock. “Youre a good fuck, slut.” He says as he wipes his cock clean on Tinkerbells dress.

“Now, because Im a nice guy, Im going to give you a choice for what you want to do today. You can get cleaned up, changed into a new outfit, and learn how to be a good sissy girl... ” Daddy says, rubbing Tinkerbells strained thigh. “... or you can stay here all day, a filthy mess, and keep experiencing what happens when you dont want to be a good girl for Daddy.” He slaps Tinks balls hard to emphasize that the second option means a day of suffering.

After Tink screams from the slap and catches her breath, she quickly replies, “I want to learn to be a good sissy girl, Daddy.” She had suffered enough. Whatever degrading things he wanted her to do couldnt be worse than being punished more.

“Good choice, Tink! Now lets go get you cleaned up.”

First Daddy uncuffs her legs from the bed, then attaches them with a foot long hobble chain. Then Daddy frees Tinkerbells arms and cuffs her hands behind her. He attaches a leash to her collar and has her stand up off the bed. Her body is sore and shes exhausted from her long ordeal; it takes much effort to stand, and she wobbles on the stiletto heels. “Come on.” Daddy orders and he tugs her leash.

The force of the tug pulls Tinkerbell forward faster than she can get her feet to move, causing her to stumble and to fall to the ground. “I cant do this!” Tinkerbell thinks to herself as she begins crying on the floor. “How am I supposed to walk in these things!?”

“You better get used to wearing heels real quick bitch, or were going to have a problem.” Daddy says sternly. “Im sorry Daddy!” Tinkerbell cries.

“Ill make sure that walking in heels is part of your training today. For now, just crawl on your knees.” Daddy commands as he tugs the leash to get her moving.

Tinkerbell raises herself to her knees and crawls behind Daddy. As she crawls, she looks down and sees the leash attached to her collar, and the pink shit-stained dress with its big girly bow. “Is this really my new life?” She thinks to herself, tears running from her eyes. “Dressed as a girl, being lead on my knees with a leash by an old man who makes me call him Daddy? I dont want to be his girl! I dont want to be a girl at all! Im not a girl!”

“I dont want to keep being punished either, though.” she continues thinking. “I have to play along. I have to do what he wants.” She begins audibly sobbing. “I cant believe this is happening to me! Am I really going to spend the rest of my life as this perverts sissy slave? What does that all mean? Whats he going to do with me? Will he cut off my dick? Will I ever enjoy any of my life ever again?”

Almost as if he was reading her mind, Daddy tells Tinkerbell “The sooner you accept your new life and realize that youre now a girl and your purpose is to please and obey me, the easier this will all be on you. Just forget about your old life. That person is dead. Youre a sissy girl named Tinkerbell; a pathetic slave who deserves nothing but humiliation and suffering. Thats all youll ever be.”

Tinkerbells fear grows. She wants to protest, to run away. But she knows it will only make things much worse. “So thats all I have to look forward to?” she continues thinking, “Humiliation and suffering? Why me!? What did I do!? Why!?”

Daddy continues speaking as they near the bathroom. “Im very stern, and demanding, and harsh. But... if youre a very good girl, and put Daddy in a really good mood, you wont suffer as much. In fact, if you're really good you might even get rewarded... Sometimes.” Daddy knows he has to give some incentive for his slave to stay in line.

Sometimes? As much? I guess I have to take whatever I can get” Tink considers as the hopelessness sets in. “I guess all I can do is be a good girl and hope for the best.”

They reach the bathroom. The tiled floor is hard on Tinkerbells knees. “Is my little girl thirsty?” Daddy asks. Tinkerbell nods that she is. “Alright, just a sec, Tink.” Daddy leads his leashed sissy to toilet, lifts the seat up, and pisses. Then he pulls Tink so shes kneeling in front of the toilet and pushes her head into the bowl. “Drink up!” Tinkerbell stares down at the yellow water an inch from her face, but does nothing. She feels overwhelmed. “This is disgusting! I cant! I cant!” She thinks frantically.

Suddenly, Daddy pushes Tinkerbells head down into the toilet water. Tinkerbell starts to put up a fight, trying to get Daddy off of her as he keeps her head submerged in the toilet. After 20 seconds Daddy pulls Tinks head up. She gasps for air, not even having enough breath to protest.

After she gets several quick, deep, breaths, Daddy dunks her head back in. Tinkerbell resumes her struggle as she fights the thought of drowning in a pool of pissed in toilet water. When Daddy feels that Tinkerbell is on the edge, he pulls her back out. As she catches her breath again, he slaps her soaked face hard.

Daddy gives his slave a stern look and yells, “The first rule of being a good girl is that when I give you an order, you fucking obey it! Im gonna keep dunking you til I believe youve had your fill!” Daddy pushes Tinks head back into the toilet, an inch or so above the water. This time Tinkerbell begins to lap up the water with her tongue. It tastes horrible. Some of the shit from Tinks face washed off into the water, making it even worse.

“Now thats a good girl.” Daddy complements. “Youre never gonna get hydrated that way though. Slurp at it. Suck that water down.”

Tinkerbell complies and Daddy can hear the slurping sound as she sucks the water up with her mouth. After a couple minutes, Tinkerbell starts coughing. “Im feeling sick Daddy. I think Ive had enough.” she says, her voice echoing slightly from the toilet bowl. “Thats your fucking problem! I dont think youve had enough! Keep drinking bitch!”

She does, but less than a minute later she begins throwing up. As she stops, Daddy pulls her head back up. “I think youre good on water for now. Can you say thank you to your Daddy?”

“Thank you Daddy”.

Daddy pulls Tinkerbell from the toilet and releases her legs. He removes her shoes, stockings, and panties before reattaching the hobble chain. Then he uncuffs her hands to remove her filthy dress before securing her hands in front of her.

Daddy turns on the shower. “Get in there and wash yourself off.” he commands her. She carefully crawls into the shower and lays in the tub, afraid of falling while bound as she is. She shivers as the cold water runs down her body. “Ive spent enough money on outfits and toys for you. Im not wasting my money on hot water for a slave.” Daddy informs her.

Tinkerbell grabs the washcloth and soap and quickly washes her body. Then she shampoos and conditions her hair. Daddy then hands her a bottle and turns off the water. “Stand up. Rub this everywhere except the hair on your head. Your legs, arms, crotch, face, everywhere. Use the whole bottle and apply it evenly.”

Tinkerbell stands up gingerly, careful not to slip on the wet tub. As she rubs the cream over her body, she feels a slight burning sensation. Its uncomfortable, but not painful; she assumes the feeling is supposed to be normal. “Leave it on for a minute so it can do its work.” Daddy tells her. Shes unsure whats happening, but knows better than to ask questions.

After a minute Daddy turns the water back on. Tinkerbell is shocked to see that as the water washes the cream away, its taking all of her hair with it. “He wants me hairless, just like a girl!” She realizes. The humiliation sets in further as she feels her masculinity washing away with her body hair. “How much further will he go?” She wonders. She fears for her cock and balls.

“That cream does more than just remove hair,” Daddy informs her, “It burns out the roots, preventing the hair from ever growing back. From now on, youre going to have a smooth, feminine body. Just like a sissy girl should.”

Daddy turns the water off and has Tink step out of the tub to dry herself. Once dry, Tinkerbell holds the towel and looks at Daddy uncertainly. “Hang it over the shower curtain rod so it will dry.” he tells her.

He pulls his sissy girl close and rubs her hairless body. “So smooth...” he whispers in her ear. Then he pulls her face to his and begins to kiss her. Knowing whats best for her, Tink parts her lips and lets Daddy suck on them. His tongue enters her mouth and rubs against hers. They make out for a solid minute before Daddy releases Tinkerbell.

“Lets go get you dressed, little girl.” he says. He pulls Tinks leash and leads her back to the bedroom.

Daddy has Tinkerbell sit on the bed as he goes to the closet to grab her new outfit. He returns with a thin white button-up blouse with short ruffled shoulders for sleeves, a short white and red plaid pleated skirt, a pair tall white socks, white panties, and some 6” black platform heels with buckling straps.

“Time to get dressed for school, Tink.” Daddy chuckles as he sets the clothes on the bed and uncuffs her. Tinkerbell picks up the panties first, and steps into them, slowly bringing them up her smooth legs. She grabs the blouse, slips her arms through the ruffled sleeves, and buttons it up. Its a little tight and exposes her belly button. “I cant believe Im wearing this,” she thinks, thoroughly degraded. She looks at Daddy and sees him smiling lustfully.

Next she picks up the skirt and steps into it, bringing to her waist, where the elastic gently squeezes around her, holding it up. The bottom hangs a good 8” above her knees. She slips the socks on and kind of enjoys the way they feel sliding up her smooth legs, the top reaching just an inch below her knee. Finally she sits on the bed and puts her foot in the tall shoe, buckling the strap over the middle of her foot, holding it in place. Once she finishes putting on the other shoe, Daddy comes over and cuffs her hands behind her.

He grabs her shoulder with his left hand and puts his right hand on her thigh, which he caresses gently. He leans in to kiss her, and when their mouths lock he continues leaning forward, pinning Tinkerbell to the bed, still rubbing her thigh. His left hand moves to her head and he strokes her hair as he lays on top of his slave, making out with her. “Well, this is better than being whipped and electrocuted” Tinkerbell thinks, still feeling greatly degraded, as her tongue plays with Daddys.

Daddys grinds against Tinkerbell, his cock stiffening, as they continue making out for several minutes. “Youve got Daddy nice and horny, you sexy little cock whore.” He whispers to Tinkerbell before kissing her some more. “Get on your knees and suck Daddy off like a good slut.”

Daddy climbs off Tinkerbell and pushes her to the floor. “Good sluts always beg for their Daddys cock.” He informs her.

“May I please suck you off Daddy?” Tinkerbell asks, blushing from shame.

“Why do you want to suck me off, slut?”

“Uhhh...” Tinkerbell pauses, unsure what to say. Obviously she doesnt want to suck him off, but she needs to say something. Daddy raises his eyebrows and gives her a “well, come on” kind of look.

“Because I want to pleasure you Daddy.” She continues.

“Thats a good reason.” Daddy commends, stroking his sissys soft dark hair. “Is it also because youre a cum hungry whore, and you love eating your Daddys cum?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want to suck you off because Im a cum hungry whore who loves eating my Daddys cum.”

“You like the taste of your Daddys warm, sticky cum?”

“Yes Daddy, I love the taste of your warm, sticky cum!”

“Alright then slut, Ill feed you my cum. Just make sure to swallow every drop to prove to Daddy how much you love his cum. And everytime I feel your teeth, itll be 2 lashes from the leather strap once you're done.”

Tinkerbell leans forward towards Daddys cock, but he stops her. “Im letting you suck my cock just like you asked for, and youre not even going to thank me?” “Sorry Daddy. Thank you for allowing me to suck your cock and eat your cum, Daddy.”

“Thats better. Now you may go ahead.”

Tinkerbell leans forward again and gently licks up the shaft of Daddys large swollen cock. Then she puts her mouth around the tip and begins to suck and flick her tongue over the head. Daddy moans in pleasure and affectionately strokes her hair. After a few seconds, Tinkerbell lowers her head down, taking Daddys cock deeper; licking her tongue over the underside of Daddys cock as she does so. “Thats a good girl.” Daddy complements. “You were totally born to worship cock.”

Tinkerbells head bobs up and down on her Daddys cock, sucking like a hungry whore, afraid to do any differently.

“Hey! No teeth bitch!” Daddy yells as Tinkerbells teeth accidentally graze his cock. “Shit! Gotta be more careful!” Tink realizes, quickly wrapping her lips around her teeth and continuing sucking. “Yeah, like that. But go deeper!” Daddy commands as he grabs his slaves head and forces it all the way down on his cock, causing her to gag and struggle.

“Thats right you dumb slut! All the way down!” He yells as he holds her head for a couple seconds. He lets up and she pulls her head off his cock, coughing and gasping for air. Daddy slaps her for good measure, adding “Get used to it! Now do it again!”

Tears well up in Tinks eyes as she goes back down on Daddys cock. He forces her all the way down again. “Fucking teeth!” Daddy yells as she forgets to be careful.

“I cant stand this! I want this to stop!” Tinkerbell is freaking out inside of her head. Every time Daddy thrusts his cock deep into her throat, she gags and cant breath. “Why cant he be gentle? Ill suck him if he wants. Im trying to be good. Why cant he just go easy on me? Ill learn to deep throat if I must, but this is too much at once!” Tears roll down Tinkerbells cheeks. “I want to go home! Will this ever end?”

Daddy sees the desperation and fear in Tinkerbell. Shes terribly overwhelmed, just as he wants. “Work that tongue sissy!” he commands. “And stop with the fucking teeth you lousy cunt!” He wants to push her to the edge. Get her used to trying her absolute hardest to please him. Make her desperate for any relief he will grant her. To instill in her a mindset of total fearful obedience and complete lack of control.

By his count, he felt her teeth 8 times already. His slave was nowhere near performing to his demands. But that was the idea. To keep her desperate, but trying; knowing she isnt doing good enough, and being terrified of the consequences, yet knowing better than to disobey altogether. The promise of respite is dangled in front of her, but kept just out of her reach. Then when the punishment comes, she will know its not because Daddy is cruel and unfair - he gave her the chance and she knew what was expected - but because she wasnt good enough to meet those expectations.

Daddy guides Tinkerbells head with increasing speed. His breathing quickens. Tinkerbell feels Daddys cock twitching, and hears him moaning. “Fuck! Hes about to cum! Theres no way I can swallow this!” Tinkerbell keeps sucking hard, lips pressed firmly against Daddys stiff cock and her tongue caressing its sensitive underside, as he begins to cum. She tries to swallow, and manages to gulp the first couple spurts down, but shes quickly overwhelmed and coughs up most of the rest.

Daddy slaps her hard. “Cant you do anything right you worthless bitch!?”

“Im sorry Daddy! I tried!” Tinkerbell protests.

“Trying isnt good enough you stupid bitch! You dont get effort points as a sissy slave! And stop using that faggot boy voice! Speak like the sissy girl you are!”

“Im very sorry Daddy!” Tinkerbell responds, raising the pitch of her voice.

“Yeah, you will be!” Daddy yells as he pulls Tinkerbell over his lap. Tinkerbell is crying and sobbing heavily, “Im sorry Daddy! Im sorry!” Daddy just ignores her as he picks up the leather paddle. “I felt your teeth 11 times.” he casually informs her as he lifts up her short pleated skirt and pulls down her panties. Tinkerbell continues apologizing profusely.

The first blow lands hard on Tinks bare ass. “ARRGGGG!” She screams in pain before sobbing some more. Without any delay, the Daddy beats the paddle down hard once again. Tinkerbell squirms about, screaming and sobbing and kicking her legs, but Daddy holds her tight over his knees as he continues the relentless spanking.

After 22 lashes, Daddy puts down the paddle and rubs Tinkerbells beet red ass. Shes stopped squirming and kicking, but her chest heaves as she breathes heavily and sobs. “Has my sissy girl learned her lesson?” He asks. “Yes, Daddy!” she replies, making her voice as girly as she can manage. “And what lesson is that, slut?”

“No teeth when sucking your cock Daddy.”

“Thats right bitch. And youll be punished every time you do.”

“Any why didnt you swallow Daddys cum like you were supposed to?”

Tinkerbell whines. “Shit! Hes going to punish me for that too isnt he!?”

“Im sorry Daddy, I couldnt. It was too much, too fast. I tried, I really did!” she replied.

“I thought you loved the taste of cum. Isnt that why you begged me to let you suck me, so you could eat my cum? I thought you said you were a cum hungry whore? Youre not a liar are you?” Daddy lightly squeezes Tinks balls causing her to squirm a little.

“No Daddy! I wasnt lying! I do love the taste of your cum! I just wasnt ready! I swear! Ill swallow it all next time! I really am a cum hungry whore, Daddy! Im sorry!”

“Do you think you should be punished, Tink? You were a very naughty girl.”

Tinkerbell is trembling. Its obvious what he wants her to say. She quickly thinks to herself, “Im sure hell punish me either way. And Im sure hell make it worse if I dont obey. I cant believe I have to say this stuff.”

“Yes, Daddy. I deserve to be punished for being a naughty girl.”

“I think so too. And I think I know just the thing to make you remember what a dirty cum-hungry whore you know you are.”

Daddy pulls Tinkerbell off his knees and has her lay on the bed. She lays there trembling, sobbing lightly, tears building in her eyes which stare straight ahead. She doesnt watch Daddy as he walks to the dresser to get whatever punishment device he needs. She knows shell find out soon enough, and shes preoccupied by her buzzing in her mind.

Her inner voice is mostly silent. She simply contemplates the total control Daddy has over her. That he not only can do whatever he wants to her, but he can get her to beg for it, and thank him for it as well. She feels disgusted and ashamed by the things shes had to do and say. Her inner voice speaks, “I cant believe how quickly hes gotten me to submit to these awful things. But what choice do I have?”

A chill goes down her spine, causing her to shiver, as she remembers the horrible electrocution she endured all last night. It was by far the most painful experience of her life. Thats the alternative to submitting as a sissy sex slave for this depraved old man. Even getting fucked in the ass and drinking piss from the toilet wasnt nearly as bad as that.

Looking down at her permanently hairless legs between her short skirt and high heels, tears run down her face as hopelessness overwhelms her. She knows this is how the rest of her life will go. Dressing, speaking, and acting like a girl. Being used by this man anyway he wants, and to act grateful for it. A life of bondage, humiliation, submission, and punishment.

Daddy returns with a small metal device in his hand. It looks something like a vice. With his other hand, he wipes a tear from Tinkerbells face. “I can see youre really upset about not being able to drink all my cum. But dont worry, Ill make sure you remember to be a good cum slut next time.”

Daddy brings the vice to Tinkerbells balls. She trembles as she feels the cold metal around them, then whines as she feels the two metal plates move towards each other, squeezing her balls uncomfortably between them as Daddy turns a crank on the device.

“This will stay on until you suck me again. If you swallow everything next time, itll come off; if not, itll get tighter.”

The device isnt clamped too tightly. Its only slightly painful, but it is uncomfortable. Daddy pulls Tinks panties back up, and lowers her skirt and smooths it out. “What a pretty girl I have.” He says, running his hand down Tinks upper arm. He leans in and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

“You hungry baby?” Daddy asks.

“Mmhm.” Tinkerbell responds, nodding. She hasnt eaten in close to a day, and after everything shes been through the past several hours, shes starving.

“Alright baby, Ill get some food for you. Wait right here for me.” Daddy says as he locks Tinks leash to the head of the bed.

Review This Story || Author: Tinkerbell
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