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The Heartbreaker's Society

Part 2

There are three young women in Elizas spacious kitchen, all Izacs age and all scantily dressed.  The room is lit with candles against the gloom of twilight, which is just beginning to bloom into true night.

“When do we start?” asks a thin girl in silvery, high-heeled sandals.  “My feet are killing me.”  She tugs the dress higher over her small breasts, wishing shed worn something, anything else.  The big, fuchsia blooms that sprawl across her pretty pink dress are a mockery of impending snow.  Her only concession to the weather, aside from a coat now hanging in Elizas closet, is the length of her dress, which hits below her knees. 

“Rhiannon,” says a curvier, darker girl, exasperated.  “We have to wait until Kara and her friend get here.  Eliza said so.”

“Andreas right,” said the petite redhead, who has been standing silently by the sink, all night, presumably lost in thought.  “Eliza says she has a surprise for us, thats why were waiting in here, you know.  If your feet hurt, take off those ridiculous heels.” 

Rhiannon glares at her and tosses her mane of golden brown curls. 

“Youre one to talk about ridiculous heels, Gemma,” she says, nodding towards the redheads six-inch black spikes.  Rhiannons brown eyes cant help but trace up Gemmas slender ivory legs to the hem of her blue Catholic schoolgirl skirt.  They may be ridiculous, but she looks good in them.

“Yeah, but I know how to walk in them.”

Any further comment in belayed by Flora, sweeping into the room dressed to make the girls, in their provocative outfits, look like nuns.  She has undergone a transformation since her lunch with Eliza.  The only spots of color on her are the deep red high heeled pumps she has donned for the occasion, her talon-like nails and her ruby-painted mouth.  The rest of her is white, white, white, turning her tanned flesh to something more like Gemmas ivory, like a herald of winter to come.  The robe she wears is floor-length, but see-through and it parts just below her high, prodigious breasts, which are bare beneath the silk, and leaves her shaved pussy entirely exposed.  Rhiannon can see her nipples clearly through the thin silk and she doubts that theyre hard because of the cold.  Its actually quite warm, in here.

“Is Kara here, yet?” Flora asks, running an absent hand down the laced front of her bodice, loosening it ever so slightly.  “Your surprise is almost ready.  I at least want Kara and her girl here to see what weve got you.  Im afraid Rosa-thats Karas girl-wont be interested in it, at all, but nonetheless.”

“No,” Andrea answers and, despite her semi-scolding of Rhiannon, earlier, a sulk has sneaked into Andreas voice.  Her dark hair, a charming pixie cut, falls into her eyes, and she brushes it away, rather fetchingly, if Rhiannon does say so, herself.  She notices, also, that Andrea has goose bumps running down her tea-colored legs, from the hem of her dark magenta mini-dress to the strap of her clear, heeled sandals.  Rhiannon would like to warm those legs with her mouth, kissing the other girl until she grew so hot and wet that the impending ice storm brewing outside would flee to cooler climes.  Instead, she saves that hot need building inside her for the ceremony to come.  The Heartbreakers Society has something special in store for them, something rare, she is sure.  Eliza has explained what the Society is about and what they do, and Rhiannon thinks that it, in and of itself, is a rare jewel of an organization.

  Everyone jumps when Kara comes in the door, leading a beautiful woman with thick, straight red hair down her back and breasts that strain against her warm, yellow sweater.  The red haired woman takes in the assembled group, lingering on and blushing at the sight of Flora, and then looks down at her own long, gray pencil skirt.  “Oh,” is all she says.

“Well, I did tell you, dear,” says Kara, in her ever-so-faint British accent.  Kara herself stands a head shorter than her partner and new recruit, though she exudes much more confidence.  This may be owing to the fact that Kara, herself, is bedecked in nothing more than a purple corset, embellished with burgundy and gold and a skirt that recalls Floras robe in that it leaves little to the imagination.

Gemma studies the new arrival.  “Why didnt I think of that?” she mutters, and Rhiannon says, back, “because Eliza told us to dress sexy.

Gemma watches Rosa as Kara and her partner are admitted into the other room, blue eyes lingering on Rosas pert behind.

“Well, there are different kinds of sexy,” she says, when Rosa is out of hearing.  “And this,” she indicates her exposed midriff with a dainty hand, “is kind of scant for a night like tonight.”

When Izac comes to, its already full dark, outside.  What little light has leaked through the clouds from the nearly-full moon illuminates nothing.  Hes groggy, still, from the potion he wolfed down with his milk and fudge and hes not entirely sure where he is or how he got there.  Hes feeling rather stiff, in more ways than one, and this makes him unbelievably uncomfortable.  As he becomes more aware of his surroundings, he realizes that hes laid out on the carpet, in an unfamiliar place and that hes stripped, but for his shorts.  Whats worse, he can feel an unwelcome breeze about his hard cock and he realizes that his shaft has escaped the confines of his boxers and is now pointing skyward, like a miniature flagpole, with nothing between it and the world but the dark of night.  This wont do, Izac decides, but when he tries to rise, he realizes that he cant move. 

He remembers, now, what he was doing before he found himself in this unspeakable predicament.  He remembers sweet chocolate and delicious, ice cold milk.  But nothing after that…his eyes begin to adjust to the dark and shadows become recognizable as antique furniture, not especially comfortable, but beautiful and valuable.  He knows where he is now, that he is nearly naked on the floor of a family friends living room.

God, what if one of Elizas two female renters was to walk in and see him like this?  Some church leader hed be, found all but naked on the floor of an older womans living room, just days after hed committed to being a true follower of the way.  He wills his hard cock to wilt, but the traitorous thing only grows harder and arousal rises in him, unbidden, at the thought of being found like this, so helpless.  If plump, big-titted Kara were to walk in on him in this state, why, she could just sit on his cock and have her way with him.  Maybe she and Flora both would stumble upon him and…

“Eliza!” he calls, swallowing his considerable pride.  “Eliza, help!  But close your eyes, Im not decent!”

“This is true,” says Eliza, frighteningly close by.  “Youre not decent and you never were.”  The lights come on, now, and he sees her, but at first he doesnt register that it is, in fact, Eliza Powers.  She has shed the dark, conservative clothing he is accustomed to seeing her in and donned something jewel-tone emerald green that leaves her flat midriff exposed from the tops of her jutting hips to the bottoms of her breasts.  She leans over him to look into his eyes and he can smell her, cinnamon breath and a perfume of roses and patchouli, with a hint of smoky leather underneath it all.  He moans in horror and arousal as she runs her pink fingernails down his chest, leaving faint marks and snagging his blond chest hair.

“This has to go,” she says, and plucks a single blond curl from the young mans belly.

“What are you doing?” he cries.  “God, what are you doing?  Are you out of your mind?  God help me!  God help me!”

“God isnt here, Izac,” says Eliza in a mockingly cheerful tone.  “Just us!”

Izac looks around, now, and sees Kara and Flora, dressed in even more outlandish clothing than Eliza.  He sees a pretty redheaded woman that he doesnt know.  Shes staring at him like shes never seen a male, before.

“Help!” he calls to her, and she just carries on staring, mouth ajar, until he descends into curses that his Pastor would be shocked to hear issuing from his mouth.  Eliza boots him in the ribs, then, with her sleek green pumps, and he descends into tears.

“Izac, in a minute, youre going to find out exactly why weve brought you here and why we are about to do things to you that youve fantasized about since you were a boy.”

He quiets his tears as much as he can, desperately wanting an explanation for his current situation.

“First, an introduction.  We are members of a worldwide organization of very capable witches, called the Heartbreakers Society.  We are all women; we only accept male slaves and we fully believe in the cause of Female Supremacy.  Our chapter of the society is small, but loyal, and we are adding to it, tonight.”

“When my father finds out about this, hes going to kill you!” Izac barks, in desperation.

Flora rises from her seat on the damask couch and ushers the three young women in from the kitchen.  They each recognize Izac and Izac, eyes blurry with tears, recognizes them, but it is Gemma who speaks first.

“Why, its the stupid, spoiled little shit!  Izac, thats quite a fine piece of meat you got on you, there!  Im surprised!”

“Help!” Izac begs, more softly now, growing resigned to his fate.  A fresh wave of tears washes over him and the girls giggle. 

“This is a nice surprise you brought us, Ms. Powers,” says Gemma.  “Really nice.”  Her eyes sweep over Izacs hard length, again.

Eliza acknowledges the compliment and beckons Andrea forward.  “Tell us what this boy did to you, Andrea, to deserve to be made your slave?” she asks.

“Izac has picked on me since the day we met, our freshman year in high school,” she says, not fully comfortable talking about it in front of so many people.

“He called you racial slurs, didnt he, because your mother hails from South America.  He called you fat and ugly, too, though anyone with eyes can see that you are not.”

Andrea nods curtly and fixes the crying boy at her feet with a stare of absolute hate.  A string-thin strap of her dress has slipped off her smooth, dark shoulder and Izac, through his tears, sees that she is beautiful.  He isnt sure why he never saw it before.  He wants to touch her, to run his hands everywhere and to sink his hard length deep into her wetness.  He wants to make her cum harder than shes ever cum in her life.  And then he wonders why, in his predicament and being who he is, why he would ever want such a thing.

“Is it true, Izac?  Did you do those things?” Eliza asks in a gentle, frightening voice.

“Y-yes.  Im so sorry, Andrea, please dont let them hurt me!”

Andrea spits on him, then.  “Theres no forgiveness for your kind.”

“Rhiannon,” Eliza says in that same calm tone.  “What did Izac do to you that he deserves the merciless slavery he is about to be plunged into?”

“Much the same thing as he did to Andrea, but Im white, so he couldnt very well use his racism on me.  He called me ugly, because I turned him down for a date our sophomore year, and he never let up on it, he was so bitter about being rejected.  He spread rumors about me that are still believed to this day.”

“I never meant it, Rhiannon, I swear!”

“Did you do these things, Izac?” Eliza demands of him, sharply, this time.

“Yes, yes, but I didnt mean it and Im sorry, now!”

Rhiannon turns her back on the pleading boy.

Gemma needs no prompting from Eliza to speak her piece. 

“That good for nothing little shit gave me the nickname “scholarship slut” the minute he realized that Id got into his little private school on pure talent, whereas he got in on his daddys money.  Ive had no end of hell from my classmates and its mostly his fault.”

Izac can no longer bear it and screams, “You dont deserve to be there, you stupid skank, youll never be anything but a pothead whore, like your damn mother!”

Gemma launches herself at him, then, kicking, punching and scratching, until her two classmates pull her off.

“Save it for when you fuck him,” Rhiannon whispers, soothingly.

“I think its obvious that dear Izac deserves to be Gemmas slave for as long as he lives and that he is entitled to no mercy from her.”

The scratches on the boys chest, from Gemmas nails, are raised and pink.  Hes gone back to crying, softly now, knowing what is going to happen to him and unable to stop it.

“Do I have to fuck him?” comes a small voice from the far side of the room.  There is general laughter, not unkind, from the other women and the speaker, Rosa, of course, goes pleasantly pink in the cheeks.

“No, love,” says Kara, taking Rosa in her arms and kissing her soundly on the mouth.  “I have a special initiation ceremony planned for you.”  Karas lovely hand traces the taller womans wool-swathed breasts and Rosas green eyes glaze with desire. 

“If I may, Id like to take my initiate upstairs, to begin her induction into the society,” Kara says, her voice just above a whisper, but heard above Izacs whining.

“Of course,” says Eliza, with a genuine smile.

“Come, love,” says Kara, and leads Rosa gently upstairs.

Flora, who had disappeared after herding the girls in from the kitchen, makes a reappearance, now, a middle-aged man in tow.  The man is naked and leashed, though there is a pair of hot pink lace panties pulled comically over his head and he his cock is decorated with an equally comic candy ring.  The girls and Izac can see that he is hairless below the neck and Rhiannon gives him an appreciative look, thinking, perhaps, that he looks very good for his age.

“Father?” Izac asks.


The boy begins screaming, then, calling to the older man for help and, to his credit, Andrew lunges for his son before Flora, with an almighty yank on his leash, sends him stumbling backwards.  Andrew falls on his ass, tries to rise and has his feet kicked from under him by Flora.

“Why?” Andrew asks the room at large, over his sons din.  “Why have you brought my son into this?”

Izac, seeing that no help in forthcoming from even his own flesh and blood, falls to sobbing softly, defeated.

“Do you think that I dont know what youve been doing, lately, Andrew?”

Andrew contrives to look puzzled and only manages to look both constipated and guilty as hell. 

“Do you think I dont know about that wingnut church youve been sending him off to?  What is this, some kind of half-assed rebellion?  And meanwhile, you should hear how hes been treating these girls.”

Andrew darts a look at the accusing faces of the three girls, secretly surprised that there arent more.  Hes heard, alright, down the grapevine, how his son regards those who are less popular than he-and he hasnt cared, until now. 

“We were forced to stage an intervention,” Eliza says.  “That you shall be present for this intervention is your punishment for treason against the society.  You had better be thankful that your punishment is not much, much worse.”

Andrew groans and slides a feeble hand across the carpet towards his son, who would reach out and take it, if he could.

“Please dont make me rape him,” begs Andrew, tears in his voice. 

Eliza pulls a face and Andrea looks to the boys father with renewed interest.  Flora gives her slave a kick.  “Dont be disgusting, incest is against society rules.”

“Indeed,” says Eliza.  “Im allowing the two of you to share a cell, tonight.  If there is any…misbehavior, I shall see to it that you are separated.”

Andrew is sickened by the implication that he would harm his son so, but he says only, “cant you just punish me and leave the boy out of it?”

“Too late for that.  Right, girls, Andrea, youre first,” Eliza says, beckoning the chestnut haired girl.

The other two, disappointed, take their seats on throne-like chairs to watch.

“But-but-Eliza, Ive never-Im supposed to wait, the church says I have to wait until Im married, please, Ill do anything else, Ill clean your toilets for the rest of my life!  Please dont let them do this to me!”

The room bursts into laughter, here, and when Eliza regained her breath, she sweeps tears of mirth from her eyes and gasped, “I thought so, I really did!  But this is outrageous!  What are you, twelve?  A bunch of beautiful women about to fuck your brains out and you all hard and ready, but youre offering to scrub toilets?”

“My boy,” says Flora, “youll do your share of domestic chores for us, but it wont spare you being fucked, whenever any given one of us wants it.”

“You will also last for as long as we need you to last,” Eliza tells him.  “I did mention that we were witches and that tonight we celebrate a very important ceremony.  This spell will ensure that all goes well, tonight.”  She cleared her throat and sang,

“Autumn comes, we gather in night

Circe and Morganna to call

sacrifice, half-pure, shining bright.

No blood, self-righteousness to fall.

Heaven shut, make his home in hell

until he sees you-holders of

his sex, cock enslaved by this knell.

to know then, bondage-never love.

Hold him, oh ladies bright and dark.

Night folds your Queens in her embrace

witches our sacrifice to mark

Goddesses, aide this spell, our race,

may this slave never be set free.

Please aide us, hear our humble plea!”

       In the silence that follows, the shadows around them deepen and the lights that dot the living room grow paradoxically stronger.  The men in the room try to shrink in on themselves, Izac closing his eyes and Andrew curling into a ball at Floras feet, exposed ass inviting a well-needed slap.  The new recruits feel the change, too, and it energizes them

“Flora wrote that just for you, Izac,” says Eliza.  “You should be proud, its the last bit of pride youll have in a good while.  Andrea, go to it.”

Andrea doesnt need to be told twice.  She slides the thin straps of her mini dress down shoulders the color of weak tea and takes the triangles of nearly-purple fabric that cover her breasts in her hands.  She pulls the dress over her head, revealing a close-trimmed pussy dripping with arousal.  Her nipples, small and dark, have come erect and, as she lowers herself onto the young mans hard, mushroom headed dick, she leans so that the full globes of flesh brush his face.  His five oclock shadow prickles against her tits and she says, “Suck them, and if you bite, Ill kill you.”

He gasps, then, feeling her hot, human warmth against his skin and the inviting sheath of her cunt enveloping him with her wetness.  It feels dirty, what shes doing to him as she slowly takes his length inside her, and this turns him on. 

Then, she begins to bounce on his hardness and the rubbing sensation makes him moan and thrash his head about-he can move that at least-and he takes a mouthful of her young, firm tit into his mouth to suck. 

Izac has masturbated, before, figuring that his own hand couldnt render him impure, but he hasnt been prepared for this sensation, this hot all over his skin and under it as the girls tight channel strokes up and down his length.  The heat suffuses his entire body and he feels his muscles involuntarily spasm beneath her weight.  For the first time, he is grateful for the spell that Eliza surely cast to keep him spread-eagled like this, completely at their mercy.  He doesnt want them to know how he enjoys this ultimate violation of his will. 

And the taste of her, hed never stopped to consider that strange, unique taste of a womans clean skin beneath his tongue!  A thin sheen of fresh sweat has come over her beautiful skin and his tongue, lapping the soft smoothness of the mound of her breast, relishes the taste.  He smells the salt that mingles with her makeup and her sweet, fruity perfume.  The hollow of her neck, as she bends over him, closer and closer to his face, smells most strongly of this perfume, a scent that belongs on a younger, more innocent body than the one above him.  He inhales it and wants to cum, needs to cum, as he looks into her unseeing, half-mast brown eyes and her parting, pink lips.  Her tongue darts out to lick her lips, swiping the remains of her lipgloss away and making Izac wish more than ever to kiss her, like hed never kissed any girl before, least of all poor Layla. 

He wants to kiss down her throat, lingering near that sweet patch of perfume which she is swiftly sweating off, and bury his face in her breasts.  He wants to taste her slicked cleavage and he supposes he can do all of this, but he is too afraid to move his head from his task and sample the rest of her warm titflesh.  Then, she pulls away, intending to force her other breast into his mouth, and he risks punishment by sinking his face into her cleavage, nuzzling, licking and kissing, striving to please as well as to taste every inch of her that he can.

She responds well, moaning aloud as he sighs and grunts against her, he straining his neck to reach every bit of flesh he could with his probing tongue.

The crowd watches, Flora surprised at this development, Eliza with a knowing smirk.  Gemma reaches beneath her skirt to rub herself through the white cotton of her panties.

Izac wishes with all his heart, now, that he could respond to Andreas body above him, and damns the church, for the moment, to hell.  He likes it, here, beneath a healthy young womans body, at her mercy, but he also wants to kiss down her belly, to lick the cavity of her naval and run his hands up and down her sides and maybe plant his lips there, too.  He wants all of her and, because he is a slave, because he has been very, very bad these last few years or all his life, he will never again have all of what he wants.  He feels her thighs tighten around his hips and her muscles begin to contract.  He cant cum, hes on the edge with her, but he cant cum and, as she climaxes with a sweet moan of pleasure that makes his body ache with longing, he begins to whimper from frustration.  He would lick his own cum from between her legs just to climax inside her.  In fact, he wants to lick his seed from out of her, just to taste her wet pussy, to taste her mingled with himself.  She pushes off him as her orgasm fades and, as a parting gift, gives him a mocking kiss on the forehead and then on the mouth.  He returns that last kiss with a fervor that surprises everyone but Eliza and Andrea breaks away, laughing and leaving Izac still hungry for more.

“I cant believe I just took your cherry, of all the people in the world, and in front of all these ladies, too.”  She pulls her dress back on, but sits splay legged by the couch, so Izac can see her reddened cunt and the drying girl-cum there that he so longed to taste.

“Rhiannon?” calls Eliza.  “Youre next, my girl.”

The girl with the sandy ringlets brushing her jaw rises and, with one dainty hand, unzips her strapless sundress.  With a sound like a silk sheet slipping off a bed, it falls and pools around her ankles.   She gives one look to Izacs prone form, his face pink, his blue eyes silvered in the dim light, and steps out of the puddle her dress has made at her feet and kicks off the playful yellow and green lace shorts she wore beneath it, exposing her shaved pussy.  She mounts the panting boy at her feet, with her shoes still on, and begins to fuck him.

The first thing Izac notices about Rhiannon, once she has mounted him, is the smell of musk.  He can smell her cunt juices as she fucks up and down on him, much stronger than Andreas, and its intoxicating him.  Her skin is cooler than Andreas, too, creating an interesting sensation as she grinds against him and, arching her back, fondles her champagne-glass-sized tits.  Her pink nipples harden under her own touch and, as she bounces on him, using him like the sex toy he has become, she begins to moan loudly, though she is only just on the edge of cumming.  She slows, then, willing herself not to let go until shes good and ready.  This, both the sex and the humiliation of Izac, feels too good to end so soon.  Izac looks longingly up at the girl that he had a crush on his freshman year in high school, naked and fucking him, and he cant even run a hand down her flat belly or kiss her tiny breasts with the sort of worshipful laving hed given to Andreas.  He glances to the folds of Andreas cunt, where she sits, spread and inviting him to play, again, maybe this time with her round ass, which he would like to squeeze and fuck and maybe even spank, lightly so as not to mark her beautiful skin; hes sure hell die before he gets to do that, to any of the society members. 

Rhiannon has picked up the pace, again, and he moans, unable to focus on the cunt of the girl who took his virginity with this equally pretty little thing fucking away on top of him.  The smell coming from her pink slit as she slicks his cock with her sticky wetness has pervaded the room.  Despairing, Izac notices his dad over Rhiannons slender, white shoulder, sees the expression of arousal on the older mans face. 

So, his old man is enjoying the sight of his only childs rape?  Izac doesnt even know if it is rape, anymore, it feels so good.  He would, possibly, say no if they asked him, now, to participate in their wonderful little sex games, but only because he still has some pride left.  He begins to cry again, feeling childish and unmanly as the women in the room laugh at his sobs.

Rhiannon cums, as he cries, spurred on over the edge by the sight of his tears.  If he could cum, now, he would, Rhiannons clenching cunt milking him as it is.  But he cant, and he feels the pressure that is both pleasure and pain, in his balls.  Beneath Elizas spell, the one that keeps him paralyzed on the carpet like this, Izac shakes and twitches and tries to arch his back.  His neck arches, instead, and the crown of his head nearly touches the carpet, sending his shed tears dripping towards his hairline. 

As Rhiannon dismounts him, hes still in a haze of desire and agony.  He doesnt even notice Gemma, disrobing before him, until she has stripped down to her black bra.  She tosses her fragrant panties on his face, saying, “I dont want to look at your ugly mug while I do this, you disgusting freak.”

Izac is sorry that he wont get to take in Gemmas tiny, lovely body with his eyes.  He catches a glimpse of her smooth cunt before she tosses her simple white cotton panties in his face and he would like to watch while she engulfs him with her heat. 

He feels her around him as she takes him roughly inside her and he has time to imagine her tossing her flaming mane of auburn curls and the paleness of her flawless skin against his before she begins to scratch him.  He yelps as her long, royal blue nails bite into the skin of his chest, grazing his erect nipples painfully.  He gasps as she does not let up, instead beginning to slap him, not lightly and teasingly, but hard.  This turns to punches, hard blows.  He retreats, mentally, to a place where all he senses is the smell of girlcum in her cotton panties and the smell, beneath that, of cheap plum and almond perfume and of the weed her mother smokes near constantly.  Hes floating in a cloud, now, a warm, pleasant feeling and, as he comes out of this place where he has retreated, with only Gemmas smell for company, he feels her fucking his hard cock and swearing loudly at him. The pleasure and pain that is sex in this living room, under Elizas sung spell, hits him full force and brings him back around. 

Every part of him hurts, in some way.  Between his legs, he aches for release and his neck has begun to hurt fiercely.  Worse are the welts he feels rising all down his chest and midsection.  He realizes that he has taken the crotch of Gemmas panties into his mouth and begun to suck her juices out of them.  This humiliates and disgusts him, but the taste is pleasant, not what he expected, in fact, and the heady, enjoyable flavor fills his mouth. 

It takes him halfway to that space where he had hung suspended, unaware of anything but Gemma and, to some degree, himself, then plops him back down into painful reality, where he can feel everything that has been done to him, tenfold.  Gemma has cum and, as she dismounts, she takes her panties, letting him see her in all her glory.  Shes panting with the exertion of having fucked him so hard and well, shes red from her fiery hairline to the tips of her lovely breasts and he can see her straight, white teeth through her red-painted lips.  He wishes hed been better to her, before, not just because shes beautiful and hed have liked to actually date her, but because shes so regal, even standing here naked and panting, still recovering from her strong orgasm.  He wishes hed noticed, before, how all of these girls had been more than he deserved-and that hed hated them for it.

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