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Review This Story || Author: Maria Proco

Black Pimps Sex Slaves

Part 1


All the captives stood sobbing and shaking in the opening of their cell door, chained on a very long chain to the center of their cell and standing completely naked ,unsteady on their high heels, with their hands clasped behind their head ,spread elbows and their tongue as far as possible stretched out of their mouth.

A very old big fat ugly black guard  stretched himself confortably in the soft armchair ,which was placed at the entrance of the basement, with two girls on their knees each on one side of him chained with a short chain around their neck to the ground ready to suck him off whenever he need it.

He raked his eyes up and down the figures of the shivering young women standing on either side of the long corridor before him.. He stand up and started to walk down the corridor pausing for each freightned white bitch , pinching and mauling their breasts and ordering them to spread  as far as possible so that he could finger-fuck them while kissing them long and deeply on their outstretched tongues,After these endless kisses and probings he let them turn around and bent over to stretch their anal opening.It always ended in the anal rape of one of these chained objects in front of everybody and when he returned to his chair his two mouth whores immediately started to clean the shit and sperme.Thats why he had taken this job ,he was a looser and now he has a whole harem of young white flesh at his disposal 24 on 24.

The clients enters the basement and walk trough the corridor doing just the same as the guard.When they finaly had select their whore they went into the  fuck cell through the bamboo curtain which gave some privacy.In the cell were 4 things:A mattress for the fuck business ,an old armchair  for the blow jobs,a toilet with wash possibilitys for cleaning the clients and themselfs after the cunt and anal rapes ,because rapes it always were. And the heavy iron ring in the center where the long chain around their neck was attached to,permitting them just to walk around the cell or just outside  the bamboo curtain to receive the new client in their forced humiliated position with their tongues out of their mouth in total discomfort.

In these underground rooms ,always in semi-darkness, because the lack of windows the only illumination was coming from red spotlights,the sex slaves will work,eat and sleep chained, doing working shifts of 18 hours and forced to serve all the old guards whenever they are called to.One of the  guards likes to shave their body hair by pulling them out one by one with a pair of pliers ,causing them to jerk violently and throwing their head back from the pain .Because of the long chains radius, he does it in front of everybody in the corridor while sitting on a chair ,talking dirty while probing and teasing their most sensitive places.Their mouth gaping wide with surprise and choc.He showed to everybody in the corridor  each hair he pulled out with a big laugh and forced the crying victim to kiss him deeply with their always available tongue to thank him for that.It could go on for hours .Their entire pussy became a livid red mass of pain and there were still plenty other whores left for his future amusement.

Against the evening the corridor is overcrowded with blacks .Each forced whore has to endure endless assaults on her body because these bastards have only to pay when they entered the cells.Most of them have just payed a little entrance fee and will stay all evening playing with the chained girls outside their cells in that awfull spread- tongue stretched position.They will stand before each and every girl and start forcing her to kiss them long and deeply , sucking on their tits entering their cunts and ars with all their fingers and forcing the whore to lick them clean , making comments for everybody to hear and to check “ I think this one kisses better then that one , try it yourself” or”I think her breast are heavier then that blonde slut there lets check it out “ “Look at that ars “ while they bent her over and put all their fingers in it one after the other.Ofcoars after a while they get to horny and enter a cell because the pimps do not allow blowjobs ore fuckings in the corridor with the exception of the guards who will do it constantly to make everybody more horny and been sure that all the visitors will enter a cell anyway.Thats why the black pimps earns so much money ,they have a selling strategy of white female meat.

The captives will never been unchainged unless they are transhipped to another basement brothel and they will live and work in these stank of sex,fear and sweat.They never see the sun or daylight,they only sees black frustrated and hated  racist ,out on vengeance for their past as slaves on the white plantages, by the thousands each month .From time to time one of whores get crazy and start screaming or bit a clients cock from frustration.The guards will make no problem of that ,They will lock her in a dark cell in an anal rape position and keep her that way until she is dead from starvation and cruel abuse.She  only gets water and will be used as painslut until she is dead.with takes at most a month or two.She will be an excellent example to get all the other whores in line again.They all are determined to comply with anything.

The whore began to trembling violently as the guard led her down on a short chain in the corridor.He had unchained her from the long chain and replaced her by a new arrival.She will be transhipped to another basement brothel but first she will be chained for months next to the guards armchair at the entrance of the basement.She will have to serve all the guards witch come sitting and relaxing in a 8 hours shift 24 on 24 .She will be their personal playtoy forced to feed and wash them with her tongue and giving them all the pleasures they need on all times.Most of the time she will not be raped ,because they can rape all the standing whores outside their cells ,but forced to smile at them and let them do everything they wanted with her whole body.She must act as their wonton slut making very erotic posings and let them grope her whole inner and outer body;They like squeezing her buttocks,sliding fingers into her anus and cunt,empty their bladder into her mouth,digging her tongue against their crap hole,taking their cock-knop down into her throat.

Sitting naked on their knees she know she must appear eager to please them with the biggest smile on her face with great open eyes and tits pushed forward by her hands and always with her tongue stretched out of her mouth ready to be slobbed and groped by them.,she will use her tits and hands to wak them off and take all their  cum in her face .She will be encompassed ,surrounded and crushed against their fat jiggling bellys ,leaving bite marks all across her neck and shoulders,assaulting her body and mind by enveloping her lips and pushing their fat,sopping ,drooling tongue into her mouth and writhed around inside her oral cavity for hours and hours, mostly drunk with a stinking breath of the alcohol.They sucked and chewed and slurped long drooling gobs and spit constantly into her mouth leaving bite marks on lips and tongue also.. They force her to masturbate and grunt loudly like a pig when she acts to come.She is not allowed to come or have pleasure but must act like the biggest nympho .To be sure of that they have removed her clit with a knive,thats why she trembled so much when she was put on the short chain..The ordeal went on for 3 whole months;She was spiritless and crushed when they send her to the next basement brothel;

Just arrived in the new filthy basement brothel she was interrupted in her first sleep by the brothel pimp who wanted to empty his balls on every new meat.He will do it every morning for the next couple of weeks.Later she will learn that each time the pimp passed all the girls standing in the corridor must bent over on their knees ,with their ass raised up as high as they could lift ,pointed  in his direction and  tits and face pressed against the floor.A pretty spectacle for all the clients and the guards.He calls it displaying the tools of his whores.As soon as he left the corridor they all assume the normal standing position, hands after their head ,elbows spread and tongue stretched out of their mouth ,continuing to serve all the black clients.,Obscene fingers start probing their buttocks,sliding  slowly down the crack of their ass,pinching their tits.They all used their hands, lips and tongue as best as they could to give the client a precarious erection.They all talk very dirty.This what they all hates the most : the pretence !!!!!!! They all preferred been brutally raped and sodomized  in the cells then  those forced stimulatings on a repugnant way for hours before been chosen.Sometimes a sex slave will not enter her cell but forced to entertain a whole gang of criminals as a sort of party beast,humiliated and probed by all gang members ,only stimulating them before they take an other whore into her cell. They all know they will rot in these basements brothels. Without ever seen the sun again. Resignated they all put their tits and faces again the ground when the pimp passes again.


Review This Story || Author: Maria Proco
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