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The Closet

Part 5


Part Five

Chapter One

       Serious.  Punishment time.  Disobedience addressed his way.  Stepping around Jodi, her naked body glistening, dripping sweat, the atmospheres awash with humidity, the air so thick it leaves a taste in his mouth.  Glancing her over, the leather straps tight, burrowing into her wrists, ankles as shes stretched spread-eagled onto the balls of her feet.  Fingers clenching on her nearly white hands lacking circulation, her dark hair matted, strands of it clinging across her bare shoulders from the unraveling tight bun on the top of her head, the black satin mask forms across the bridge of her nose, her eyes.  A bright red O ring stretching her lips into an almost perfect oval, saliva drools from the corners of the rubber ring to drip off her chin.

       A vat secured with strap tie-downs off in the corner almost full of brine mixed with an equal amount of vinegar, a half dozen or so of freshly cut hickory switches clump together in various degrees of length visible above the open lid.  His hand reaching in the mix, choosing the longest yet thinnest, it drips its moisture on the floorboard as he allows the switch to flex, bow back and forth a couple times in the enclosed trailers practically barren area designed by him just for these occasions.  A couple pulleys awaiting use hanging from the metal supports, a singular light affixed between the closed skylights in the center of the flat roofline, the all metal walls, floor and ceiling allows the slightest disturbance to resonate to the ear.

       Watching her body tense, her head to cock as he flips the willowy switch up and down, back and forth close to her swaying breasts as he slowly circles, he enjoys watching the brine flick across her bare flesh, even his own bare chest beginning to glisten from the heat.

       You ready for me to begin, Jodi?  His voice dripping with sarcasm, knowing shes perplexed, confused as to why shes being punished, he allows the center of the switch to flip across the upper curve of her right breast, to rest with just the tip pressing against her left nipple.  How bout a dozen or so for each tit, maybe another dozen for that tight cunt of yours and Ill see how well youre holding out before we finish with that little ass.

       Her response a gargled unintelligible grunt as even more saliva drools out from the O ring, allowing the tip of the switch to probe its way into the puckered nub of the nipple, her breast to contort into a flattening globular mound as he pushes inward, he again feels that familiar, welcome rush, the excitement of knowing the anguish hes causing her even before the red welts begin rising across her glistening flesh.

       Remember, each painful stroke, each welt, each trickle of blood is all because of your sisters disobedience.  He quietly instructs as he watches the tip of the switch dig deeper into the inverted nipple, distorting her breast as he slowly rotates his wrist back and forth.  Im going to start with your right tit, not the pierced one, Im sure its too sore.  So Im just going to let the switch flick across the areola just above the nub.  Now, push that right tit out for me and nod when youre ready, if you dont, the lashing wont count until you do as youre told, understand?  I said, understand?  Shove that tit out here or Ill whip that sore nipple instead.

       Watching her chin nervously trembling from side to side as her taut body hangs in her bindings, he soaks in that pleasure of intimidating her, humiliating her.  Smirking to himself as she obviously hesitates, finally reluctantly twists her tautly bound body as much as she can to allow her breast to jaunt barely outward while her head gives just the slightest of a nod, he gives the damp switch a flick just off her jerking breast, close enough she can feel the breeze, collect a few flecks of brine.

       Well start on the count of three, then the rest is whenever I decide.  Now show some fortitude, dont disappoint me and be whiney, okay?  One, two, three.

The familiar sound of the switch swishing through the air along with the flexing arc of the curve, then the reverse bowing of the willowy rod as his wrist twists back, snaps forward, he focuses on the outer portion of the branch flattening into her breast with a crisp thwack as her titflesh seems to momentarily envelope it, the breast dividing into two rounded mounds ever so briefly before it bounces, sways to a standstill with a bright red welt instantaneously appearing horizontally across the puckering areola.

Her grunt muffled as she obviously tries not to cry out, her naked body bowing, arching, tensing as her fingers clasp, her toes curl, he stands back a step, allows the switchs tip to flick back and forth across the floor beside his leg.  The first slashing always so invigorating, he enjoys the special moment, the sensation, the sight of her perfect breast now sporting a perfect welt as it jiggles to a near standstill.

Thats the first one Jodi, good girl.  He whispers in her ear as he steps closer, watches her reflexively try to turn her head away even as noticeable tears streak down a cheek from beneath the mask.  Remember, its Jessica who decided to put you through this.  Its her fault, all her fault youre being disciplined because she hesitated to have her nipples pierced for your body paintings.  It doesnt matter how well you two presented yourselves for the contest after that, I dont forgive the slightest form of disobedience.

Her whimper, her glistening body quivering even in the taut bindings spreading her so wide, he steps slowly around her, allows the switch to flick back and forth, up and down ever so close to her bare flesh.  Positioning off to her left, allowing the tip of the switch to align once more with her left nipple, inspecting the red stripe, he taps once, twice on the welt, watching her breast quiver, her body tense with anguished anticipation.


Another flick of the wrist as he takes a half step back for a perfect alignment, the tip of the switch burrowing into the targeted nub exactly where he intended, a corresponding muffled shriek as her body contorts; he smiles at the smidgeon of blood flicking off the bruised nipple. Stepping back again, glancing down toward her parted thighs as a second welt forms, a trickle of yellowish urine dripping from the folds of her labium, he again thinks of how he always plans ahead, disallows any urinating before a workout like this, yea, plenty of fluids consumed, just not urinated for this kind of humiliating result.

Two, and on the same tit, aint I being considerate?  He casually acknowledges as he again leans close to her ear, her matted hair as he also glances down to inspect the pair of crimson welts on the quivering mound.  Youre dribbling on the floor, hold it in.  He mocks as he watches her thighs attempt to press as close together as the bindings will allow.  Yea, you should have done your part, prepared Jessica not to embarrass me, not to disobey me in the tattoo parlor by begging off the piercings.  You came down here with me last year, you know better by now.  At least, you should, thats why youre being punished instead of her, right now.

A tap on the trailer door, swinging it open, he glances back toward Jodi.  Speaking of Jessica, here she is now.

Entering the trailer from the motor home exactly at the time she was ordered, seeing Jodis naked breasts drenched in sweat, crisscrossed with a number of thin welts while tautly suspended, Jessica lowers her eyes as her arms fold across her own barely covered breasts.  The door shutting behind her, reflexively allowing her arms to drop, her palms to turn outward beside each thigh, she takes a deep breath of the smothering air, holds it in as he steps beside her.

Strip off that bikini, and heres your choice Jessica.  He nods as she undoes the micro bikini, drops it to the floor.  Handing her a fresh switch dripping with brine, he adds.  Her cunt, right up that tight little valley across her clit.  His voice firm as he continues.  Or you take her place like shes taken yours.

Glancing again toward Jodi, eyes dropping toward her own bare breasts jaunting outward, nervously swaying as she exhales, Jessicas fingers clench onto the moist shaft as its tip brushes against the flooring.

So go ahead and whip her, but you know that should be you up there.  He smirks as he allows his crop to drop back into the vat as he grips another of the fresh switches.  You should be the one being disciplined for your disobedience, but its your choice, her or you.

A glance toward the tip of the switch, another toward her sister, down between her thighs, Jessica takes a couple small steps toward the side, awkwardly flicks the switch backhanded.  Hickory smacking damp flesh, the switch snaps across Jodis pubic mound, a puffy fold of her labium.

Smiling to himself as Jodi jerks, grunts at the haphazard tap, he nods.  Close I guess, but just kinda close.  Focusing on the thin, streaking welt rising horizontally across Jodis bare pubic mound with the tip of his own switch, he adds.  Not quite close enough to her clit though.  Tapping the nub, watching Jodis thighs twitch, he glances back toward Jessica.  One more half ass try like that, Ill use this switch on you to show you how, understand?

Watching Jessicas eyes widening, glancing toward Jodi, her fingers and toes clenching as her body stiffens, obviously hearing his threat as she grunts, again he feels the power, the mounting excitement of not only inflicting pain, but having pain inflicted girl on girl, better yet, sister on sister, both physically and mentally.  Watching the switch limply flicking in Jessicas grip, her bare breasts jiggling as she again awkwardly steps toward Jodis side, he steps between them.

Never mind.  Give me that switch.

His tone firm as he reaches out, takes the switch from Jessicas reluctant fingers, he holds one in each hand as he steps in front of her.  Hands behind your neck, push those tits out toward me and spread your feet wide.  I think your nipples need a little taste of these switches.

Frantically arching while spreading her legs, eyes widening as she appears to regretfully obey, breasts bouncing, swaying as she glances down from one jiggling nipple to the other, hesitantly pressing them outward as she shuffles her feet, she gnaws across her lower lip, anxiously focuses on the pair of switches.

No piercings, so both can be whipped.  He rasps as he lifts the switches outward, allows the tips to slip beneath the tan areolas, lifting them upward.  A couple simple piercings and neither of you would be going through this right now; you realize that, dont you?

Waiting for Jessicas response, her eyes watering, breasts quivering as she responds to the tips of the switches pressing deeper into her swelling mounds, again he enjoys the titillating sensation of causing such discomfort, apprehension to not one but the two naked girls under his control.

A couple more twists of the branches tips deeper into her bulging breasts, starring straight into Jessicas welling eyes, he holds firm for a few seconds, finally lowers the switches, watches her flattened breasts spring back, sway to a standstill.  “You know, I should just send you home to pack your bags.  Just because youre willing to be disciplined now in the privacy of this trailer doesnt make me any happier with your overall attitude.  Again a glance into her eyes, back toward her melon sized breasts jaunting apart, the nipples turning a reddish hue from being manipulated, his thoughts turn to really humiliating her, mentally beating her down.

Listen up Jessica, a hand behind your back, then cup a tit with the other.  I want you to shove it up to your lips, suck on it while I give the other nipple a couple taps.

Focusing on her expression, the fear in her eyes, the anxiety, even the embarrassment, he keeps his expression of sternness as he watches her left hand hesitantly slipping around her backside, the other palming her right breast from below.  Glancing toward Jodis drenched body suspended beside them, back toward Jessicas flesh beginning to bead with her own perspiration, he flips the tip of the switch upward beneath the puckering nub of her left areola.

I said start sucking, licking on that tit, girl.


A light, not so harsh flick of the switch, her nipple jerking as the switch stingingly flicks across its nub, Jessica grunts as her parted lips slip across her right nipple.  A couple light warning taps following across her bare breast, grunting, sucking, her face reddens as she squints, attempts to follow the switch being teasingly played across her bare flesh.

Nibble on it, stretch that tit with your teeth, let me see you bite down or the next one wont be a flick, itll draw blood.

Grunting, grunting again as her eyes momentarily raise toward the ominous switch, her free hand clenches into a tight fist behind the small of her back.  Teeth clenching down, neck craning forward, head snapping back, her spreading fingers, thumb slips down off her stretching breast as the areola, nipple disappear between her parted lips.  Again palming, cupping the contorting mound with clenching fingers, head beginning to bob back and forth, her free breast bounces, sways as the switchs tip glides ominously around its areola.

Yea, thats it, keep working, yea, now slip your other hand on around and find your clit, give it a tug, stroke it while you keep sucking your tit.  He orders as he watches her crimson face pressing against her bulging tit flesh while her hand slips between her quivering thighs.  Slide a finger in that slit, pinch that clit and stretch it.  Get into it; grind that pussy with a couple fingers.  Work yourself.  Again watching her humiliatingly obey, thinking of her  continuous stubbornness, even her disobeying him by begging off the piercings brings a sort of satisfaction as he enjoys the degrees of humiliating her, melding her into what she will inevitably become, eventually like her sister still spread-eagled in her bindings off to the side.

Tracing her jiggling nipple with the tip of the switch, watching her body reflexively twitching, picking up momentum, glancing toward Jodi, her taut naked body shimmering with sweat, glancing back toward Jessica, he slips the switch up across her cheek with a new idea.  “Want to keep sucking on that tit of yours or eat your sisters pussy?  Your choice, shuffle around and start sucking her cunt or clamp down and stretch that tit way out with your teeth, which is it?

Her eyes darting toward him, toward Jodi, back toward him, her face an even deeper shade of red; she allows her breast to slip from her parting teeth, her lips as she shifts around one knee in front of the other, crouches between Jodis spread thighs, quietly moans while she presses her face across her sisters crotch as she sinks her spreading fingers across her buttocks.

A smirk as he grips both switches in the same hand, thinking of not that long ago Jodis butt being spread as she serviced Jessica on her knees, he lays his free hand across her shoulder while leaning closer to her ear.  Push that ass up here and keep licking.

End Part Five




Review This Story || Author: J Lewis
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