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Enslaved by His Family

One part only

Enslaved by His Family

I am being forced to write this story as a sign of their victory.

	My name is Dave. Ever since my family moved to our new house in Florida,
my father and older brother have been working in the house's basement. Whenever
they are working down there, I hear power saws, hammering, running water,
digging, and all other sounds that usually come from construction sites. Even
though I'm seventeen, my mom does not let me see what it is that my dad and
brother are working on. Any time I ask them to show me what they are building
down there, they say that it is way to dangerous for me to be there, and that I
should keep out at all times. They promised me that they would show me what they
were building when they were done. They said it was something the whole family
would really enjoy. Sometimes when I am alone, I try to go in, but the door is
well locked, besides, it is made out of tons of steel or something because it
feels very heavy just knocking on it. My brother is twenty and works out
constantly. I try to workout also, but he has always been much stronger than me.
My parents are the perfect parents. My dad is always nice, and my mom simply
loves her children. We have other family here in Florida. I have several cousin
and aunts. On my eighteenth birthday, I found out what they were building in the
basement. That's when my nightmare began. I will tell you what I've been told.
Six months prior to my eighteenth birthday, I started noticing that I was home
alone every Wednesday night from 7:00 P.M. to about 11:00 P.M. I thought nothing
of it because every one had jobs and school and other businesses to attend to. I
also noticed that the construction on the basement had stop, except for my mom,
dad, and brother taking black bags fool of things I could not see, and that they
would not let me see no matter how much I asked. I was never really persistent
because I don't like to be nosy. One night when I was coming home from the
movies, my cousin's car was out side. It had been a while since I last saw her
so I was glad she was home. She was 29 and very beautiful, and she worked for
some type of Government agency, which gave her access to a bunch of stuff. I
thought she had the coolest job. Anyway, when I went in, my mom and my cousin
were walking by the hallway. They had not noticed me. I heard my cousin say, "
O.K., I've got Dave's birth certificate and all his school information. That's
all I need." When I asked them what they were talking about, they looked kind of
shocked and said it was about my up coming graduation. My mom told me to mind my
own business and so I did. It figures out that they were planning a big surprise
for my 18th birthday. Here is what happened:

	My entire family had been meeting on Wednesdays to plan my kidnapping.
They thought about every thing. In the meetings, my whole family attended
(except for me). My mother, my father, my older brother, my brother's fiance, my
2 of aunts, my two female cousins, my mom's best friend Pat, and my girlfriend.
They all voted on several issued regarding my kidnapping. First they voted on
the method of kidnapping. They had three methods on the ballot. First, put a
sedative in my food, and drug me so that they could easily accomplish their
goal. Second, chloroform me at night while I was sleeping and take it from
there. Third sneak in to my bedroom while I was sleeping and use brute force to
handcuff me, put restraints on my ankles, and tie me all up while I remained
totally aware of what was going on after I would wake up. They voted for the
third option. They said they would enjoy my struggling and that it would be much
more fun. Anyway, it was 10 against 1 and I would be sleeping and caught
completely in surprise. The second issue they discussed was what they would do
about the police once I was missing. Here is where my cousin with the job at the
Government agency came in handy for them. They simply plotted my fake death and
she was able to manufacture a death certificate. They planned my fake funeral
(with a corpse and all) and as of now every one thinks I'm dead. (I wish I were
dead instead of living this hell). She had connections with the corner's office
and she plotted an accident in which I supposedly died. It worked out perfectly.
Then, they voted on what they would wear when they were in the basement where I
was. Unanimously, they voted black leather. My father and brother would wear
leather pants and leather vests. My mom and aunts would wear leather pants or
long leather skirts with bustier. My girlfriend, cousins, and my brother's
fiance would all wear black leather mini dresses or leather mini skirts with
matching leather tops, showing plenty of cleavage. All the women would wear
leather knee-high boots. All the men would wear black leather shoes. Then they
voted on how I would be dressed. My brother and father voted for me to wear no
shirt, shoes and socks, but have a pair of shorts on. After all they were not
gay and they were not interested in my sexual organs at all, all they wanted was
to hurt me. However, all the women, including my mother, voted for me to be
completely stripped. It was 8 to 2, so I was to be naked at all times. My father
and brother accepted and agreed to participate in my stripping if necessary.
Next, they voted for the methods of my tortures and punishments. They also voted
for the instruments that they would use to hurt me. You will find out these two
later on the story. One family member was chosen to go buy all the equipment a
week prior to when it was all going to occur. They all spent a Saturday buying
their leather attire at the same time to make sure it was O.K. with the other
members of the family.

	So there it was, my family had the perfect plan to kidnap me and enslave
me forever. It was the night before my 18th birthday and I went to sleep at
about 9:00 P.M. feeling very tired. I fell sleep like a rock. Around 11:30, I
saw my door open slightly and I thought I saw several shadows move outside my
room in the hall. Then, my mom walked in and said that she was just checking up
on me before she went to sleep. She came to the side of the bed and kissed me
good night. Then, she left and closed the door behind her. After a few minutes,
I fell back sleep. I thought I heard the sound of metal clicking and suddenly, I
felt my covers being pulled off very violently. I was sleeping on my stomach so
I could not see what the hell was going on. As I tried to turn around, I felt
many hands grabbing my wrists and ankles. I tried to get up but then I felt
someone jumping on my back, I was completely immobilized and I was really
scared. I called out for my mom and dad, "mom, dad, help" to my horror, my I
heard the voice of my mom coming from on top of me. She was the one who jumped
on me. She said, "I'm afraid I can't help you" and then she laughed evilly. Then
I heard my brother say, "you are ours now" don't fight us or you will regret it.
Then, they violently forced my arms behind my back and my father said to my
girlfriend, "Hurry and put the handcuffs on." My girlfriend had me handcuffed in
no time. Then, my aunts and cousins pulled my legs into a spreader bar. My
brother's fiance then linked a chain from the spreader bar to the handcuffs.
Then, my mom said, as she got off me, "stand him up and lets show him a little
family love." My mom's friend then turned on the lights and I saw every one with
an evil smirk on their face. I creamed, "What the fuck are you doing, let me
go." My mom said, lets all of us hold him and have his brother and father teach
him some manners. Everyone grabbed me from an arm, behind my neck, my legs, and
my mid section. Then my dad and brother got really close to me and said, "Happy
birthday." My dad then kneed me in the balls as hard as he could. I yelped in
pain and everyone laughed. Just as I thought I had felt the worst pain in the
world, my dad knees me again and proves that there is plenty of pain to be felt.
TIMES. All I wanted to do is grab my aching balls, close my legs, and fall to
the ground, but the handcuffs, spreader bar, and eight women holding me up would
not let this happen. I was crying uncontrollably when my cousin said, "can't you
shut him up?' With that, my brother said, "with pleasure." He gave me a powerful
uppercut to my solar plexus. I immediately lost all my air and I heard everyone
laughing again. My mom said, "Punch him again, but harder." He did over and over
as every one counted cheerfully as he punched my stomach 20 times. I was
blacking out due to air depravation. I could not breath. I had all the wind
knocked out of me and everyone was holding me too tight and they were chocking
me. I wanted to be free so I could run and try to get some air into my lungs,
but there was no escape. My balls still hurt like hell too. My dad lifted my
head by my hair and said, "You want to see what is in the basement? O.K., We'll
show you." Then he grabbed me by the arms along with four other women, my
brother grabbed me by the legs with the remaining other women, and my mom said,
lets take him down to his new permanent home." Everyone cheered. I still could
not talk because I still had no air in my lungs. I was trying to yell for help
or for them to let me go, but nothing came out of my mouth. They picked me up
and carried me against my struggling across the hallway and down the stairs to
the basement. When we were in, it didn't look as though they had done anything
to it. Then, my mom lifted moved a sofa and lifted the carpet. There was a huge
doorway on the floor, which she lifted to reveal some wide steps going down.
They dragged me down, and then it me, "They were building an underground
dungeon." When we reached the bottom (about 30 steps), my mom unlocked another
heavy steel door. Then they dragged me into a room that made hell look like an
amusement park. It had a slight, but very noticeable scent of urine. At the
middle of the huge room there was a black wall all upholstered in black leather.
The wall did not go all the way up to the roof. The wall had many leather straps
for restraining anyone who stood against it. Behind the wall was a whipping
post. To the left was a water tank with weird extensions with leather straps for
restraining someone with their head hanging on the edge looking into the water.
Behind the whipping post was a toilet and a shower. To the right of the leather
wall was a small bed and a cage next to it. Near the door was the most
horrifying sight I had ever laid my eyes on. Tens and tens of leather whips,
paddles, gags, and restraint devises. There were whips and paddles of all sizes
and shapes. On one side of the wall with the whips, there were about ten black,
leather, and punching gloves. There were several leather sofas around the room.

	I was trying to beg for mercy with my eyes but no of them cared. They
agreed to kick the hell out of me to be able to make me week to transfer me to
the leather wall where I would be strapped. So they did. All 10 family members
and friends kicked me for about 10 minutes. I could not understand why, but I
was in too much pain to think anything. I had no fight in me when they were
done. They grabbed me, stood me up, and tied my wrists and ankles to the leather
wall. I was spread eagled. Then, they all took a step back, looked at me with
evil smirks, then started laughing and giving each other high-fives. I was in
hell. They left me and they went up stairs locking the heavy steel door behind
them. I was in a lot of pain, confused, and scared out of my pants. I did not
understand what was going on. Why were my mom and dad doing this to me? And my
brother? Hell, what the fuck was going on? Why did my whole family gang up on me
to beat me up and tie me to a leather wall? I needed answers, I needed help. By
now I was beginning to catch my breath after the severe kicking and I started to
scream. Ten minutes later, the steel door opened. All ten of them came in and I
could not believe my eyes, they were all wearing leather.

	They sat down on the sofas except for my mom. Everyone was looking at me
with evil eyes. I said, "What is going on? Why are you doing this to me? Let me
go... please....I'm begging you. They all started laughing. My mom came closer
to me, lifted my head by the chin, she had a strong scent of leather, and said
with a smirk on her face, " Beg all you want, we are not gong to let you go.
However, I will answer your questions. I will tell you what is going on. We have
a fetish. We like to hurt people...... well not all people, just you. We are
sadists. The only reason we had you was to have someone to do this to. We your
father and I planed this even before you were born. At birth, when the doctor
handed you to us, your father and I looked each other in the eyes and had the
same evil smirk you see in all of us today. We want to make you our slave.
Correction, you ARE our slave. Not our chores slave though, we can do our own
things ourselves. We want to make you our PAIN slave." With that, every one
laughed. She continued. " We are going to hurt you so bad you are going to wish
you were never born. And so that you don't say that we are mean to you, I'm
going to tell you what we are going to do to you for the rest of your life, that
way, the pain will not come as a surprise." I started crying and she slapped me
hard on the face and told me, "You should be thanking me instead of crying like
a little bitch. I'm doing something nice for you. I should give you something to
cry about, but I guess that will come later. Don't bother thinking the police
will find you. In a few hours, we will be attending your funeral which we faked
with the help of you lovely cousin." She looked at me and blinked an eye to me
and blew me a kiss. Then my mom said, "So you see, we are all going to be in so
much sorrow and everyone will think that you are dead. We even have a death
certificate. As of today at 4:00 A.M. you are officially diseased." Everyone
laughed again. Then my mom continued. "That means that you belong to us and
nobody will even try to rescue you because to the world, you are dead. HA HA HA
HA." Then my brother said, " Mom, tell him what we are going to do to him."
Every one agreed and cheered. "Yeah, tell him how we are going to teach him a
lesson and torture him." Everyone was very excited and happy. I wanted to die.
Then my mom said, "O.K. boy, here is what we are going to do to you. Each one of
us will do the same thing that I a going to explain to you. In other words, what
ever I tell you that we are going to do to you, each one of us will do the same.
So just do the math and multiply everything by ten since there are ten of us.
First, we are going to knee you in the ball 250 times each." When she said that,
I felt my world close up on me. Everyone laughed at the expression on my face.
The expression of sheer horror. I protested, and so my mother asked that a ball
gag be placed in my mouth. My aunt happily complied. Then my mom added, "After
the 250 knees in the balls, we will each put on a pair of black leather punching
gloves and punch you in the stomach, including solar plexus and ribs, 500
times." I started to cry and I saw my girlfriend, brother's fiance, cousins,
aunts, my mom's best friend, my brother, and my father all smiling. Then my mom
went on with a smirk on her face, " Then we will transfer you to the water tank
where you will be strapped by your wrists, ankles, thighs, neck, and torso with
your face facing the water. You will not have any air in your lungs due to the
previous 500 punches in the stomach. You will panic, but there is nothing you
can do about it, you will be in complete bondage. Once you are securely strapped
down, we will dunk your head in the water, which will also contain pee. We will
hold your head under water for a period of 30 seconds, and let you come out for
air for 5 seconds. This will be repeated for 20 minutes. If we feel like it, we
will knee, kick, or punch you in the stomach and balls just to make you suffer
more underwater and to knock out he little air out of your lungs. It is much
more fun this way. After that is done, we will tie you up to the whipping post
and whip you for another 40 minutes. The 1st whipping will be with the cat o
nine tails, just to warm you up. After your whipping, we will strap you to the
leather wall again where the same person will repeat the same process, but a
little different. 1st , we will PUNCH you in the balls 250 times with the
punching gloves. Then we will knee you in the stomach 500 times. Then, instead
of the water tank, we will suffocate you with a clear plastic bag. Same time, 30
seconds no breathing, 5 seconds breathing, with kicks, knees, and punches if the
person desires for a period of 20 minutes total. Then to the whipping post again
where you will be whipped for 40 minutes with a crop. Then back to the leather
wall. Here you will be kicked in the balls with the shoes by the men and the
boots by the women. You guessed it right baby 250 kicks to you balls. Then, 500
kicks to the stomach. Then 20 minutes of hand over mouth suffocation with kicks,
punches, and knees, if person desires it, and 30 seconds no breathing and 5
seconds breathing. Then to the whipping post where you will get the ultimate
whipping. 40 beautiful minutes of whipping your ass with a 12 feet long black
leather bull whip. After that, you will be given a cold shower and strapped back
TURN AT YOU. Aren't you glad you are part of this great family? I'm glad you are
part of this family." Everyone laughed. I could not believe my ears. I was so
scared. Here they were, my family. The ones you run to in hard times. The ones
you look for protection. They were all in front of me and all they wanted to do
is torture me. They don't even want to kill me, they want to torture me and hurt
me severely. I began to cry more, and they began to laugh harder. They proceeded
to tie some metal shackles to my already bound wrists. The shackles were linked
to chains, which ran over to the roof and through a pipeline where the other
women held the other end of the chain. They released the leather straps from my
wrists and the women pulled on the chains linked to the shackles on my wrists.
My hands and arms could be controlled like a puppet from strings. At that time,
my aunt took off my shoes and socks while my mom's best friend ripped my shirt
apart. I was afraid they were going to strip me completely, but I was relieved
when they did not undo my belt and striped me completely (when I fell sleep
before it all started, I was so tired that I went to sleep with regular clothes
on). I was now shoe less and shirt less, but relieved that they had stopped at
that. Then my mother spoke again, " You know boy, before we do anything to you,
we really want to see you completely naked. You WILL be naked from now on and
for the rest of your pathetic life. Now the horror was complete. I've always
been very shy about my nudity. Being naked in front of all these women, and my
dad and brother, will kill me. I've always been very insecure about the size of
my dick and balls. This is hell. After some seconds of me just dazed off
thinking of how embarrassing being naked in front of my family will be, my
mother said, " Put your pants down NOW!!!" She stepped back a little and the
women controlling my arms by the chains gave me some leverage for me to undo the
belt buttons and pull my pants down. However, there was no way in hell that I
was going to do that. My mom said' " Do it, put your pants down NOW." Then my
Dad, "Put your pants down NOW." Then everyone took turns yelling at me. "PUT
YOUR PANTS DOWN NOW!!!!!! I could not believe it, what were they asking me to
do. I wanted to disappear from the face of the earth. I was not going to strip
in front of them. After a while, the other women pulled the chains and raised my
arms. Then my brother came to me and said, "You will obey every single order
that we give you, you little rat." With that, he kneed me in the balls 5 times
and punched me in the stomach 10 times. Then he said, "Put your pants down
NOW!!!!" They had my brother hurt me to get me to strip because he was the
strongest of all and so he could punch me in the stomach the hardest and hurt me
the worst. Although I was in agony, I refused to strip. So my brother's fiance
said, "Well, just strip him and then we'll punish him for disobedience." My
cousins agreed and they suggested that my brother and father strip me to make it
more humiliating. My Dad and brother had evil looks in their faces as they
approached me. My Dad kneed me in the balls and punched me in the stomach, so
did my brother. Then I felt my Dad's hand unbuckling my belt very roughly. I
started to scream through the gag and my aunt took it off. They wanted to hear
me suffer. When it came off, I yelled, 'Please don't, please. It is too
embarrassing. Please don't do this to me." They all just looked into my eyes
with evil smiles. The belt was undone. Then I felt my brother's hand ripping the
button and violently pulling my zipper down. The women cheered. Then my Dad and
brother each took a side of my pants and pulled them down with brute force.
Everyone cheered and I was about to vomit. Immediately after that, my girlfriend
came up to me kneed me in the balls, punched me in the stomach, and said, "Put
your Underwear down NOW!!!!" I responded as best as I could, "Please baby, help
me. Don't make me do this please. I'm too embarrassed baby pleeeeaaaaasssse.
Please don't do this to me. She kneed me in the balls ten times and ordered me
again, "Put your underwear down NOW!!!!!!" Once again, everyone started ordering
me to put my underwear down. I was petrified. One of my aunts said, "What's the
matter sissy boy, are your balls and dick really that small that you are so
afraid to show them to us?" Everyone laughed, and she kneed me in the balls and
punched me in ribs. I could not breath. However, she was right, I was extremely
insecure of my size. I was not going to strip no matter what. Then, the other
women pulled on the chains and my Dad and brother approached me again and each
said, " Last chance you idiot, PUT YOUR UNDERWEAR DOWN NOW!!!!!!" I did not
comply. They each kneed me in the balls and punched me in the stomach 10 times.
Then, they grabbed my underwear and forcefully yanked them down. Every one
started laughing hysterically. I started crying even more. The more I cried the
more they laughed. My mom said, "Look at his balls, they are so tiny." My mom's
friend said, "Look at his dick, it is practically non existing." They all
laughed at the comments. I would have rather been in hell. I was so humiliated.
They were all pointing at me and at my genitals and laughing. Then my cousin
said, "As punishment for being disobedient, you will never drink water again.
You will only drink female pee. For breakfast-pee, for lunch-pee, and for
dinner-pee. Furthermore, you will be showered with icy cold water every day at
5:00 A.M. The cold water will be your perpetual wake-up alarm. In addition, you
will remain naked forever and you will always be restrained or in bondage one
way or another. Kiss your freedom of movement good bye....Hell, kiss all your
freedom good bye." Everyone agreed and laughed at me. My brother was getting
anxious to hurt me so he suggested that they got started with the tortured.
Everyone agreed. They grabbed my hands and tied them back to the leather wall
with the straps. My naked body was violently pushed against the leather wall and
held in place by several hands. The leather felt really cold on my body and I
got goose bumps. There was a very strong scent of leather mixed with
urine---female urine. Everyone was holding me down and then my mom began putting
the straps on me. She strapped my wrists, then my elbows, then my shoulders,
then my upper chest, then my lower chest, then my lower abdominal. She tightened
all the straps to the max. Then she strapped my throat and it was kind of hard
to breath. I was getting really scared now. Really really scared. Then she laced
a strap across my forehead and tightened that one. Then my mom just looked into
my eyes and smiled saying, "Meaow meaow meaow. You are going to have to drink
our pee you little toilet slut." Then she laughed. My Dad then took over the
rest of my retraining. He strapped each side of my inner thigh. Then he had the
others spread my legs for easy access to my balls. He strapped me at the lower
thighs, knees, shin, and ankles. I was completely spread eagled. Finally, at the
end of my hands, there were five mini straps at each side. They all approached
me and started strapping each finger at the joints of the fingers. I felt really
restrained. The lack of any movement made it hard to breath and I was panicking.
When they were done strapping my fingers, I felt really claustrophobic. Then I
began to fight the restrains, but it was useless. I could not move an inch of
any part of my body. I started crying saying that I was getting desperate and
that I could not breath. They all laughed and my brother said, " If you can't
breath now when no one is doing anything to you, imagine when we start hurting
you." Then they all laughed out loud. My brother turned on a CD player and music
started playing. Then he went to a machine which had little suctions attached to
me. He said it was to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure. After all they
didn't want me dead. He punched in the number 250 in on menu and the number 500
in another menu. He then approached me with an evil smile and said, "I'm going
to kick you in the balls now, boy. You are going to be in so much pain. Ha Ha
Ha. Are you ready?" With those words, he faked a hard knee to my balls, which
made me gasp for air even though there was no contact. Then he softly pressed
his leathered knee against my naked balls, smiled, and said, "Enjoy." His knee
went back and then came forward with all his might. I was about to pass out but
then another knee to my balls brought me back to life. I heard a loud cheer and
a "Two, 248 more to go son. Knee him harder, make him suffer."  I looked at the
women and they all said, "Meaow, meaow, meaow, and had evil smirks on them.

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