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Stepfather my Rapist

Part 1

Stepfather my Rapist - Part 1 (Rape, forced impregnation)

My name is Amy and I'm 19 years old. I had been living with my stepfather and mother until I was 16. Then things changed. My mother left. One day I came home late, but she never did. No note, no phone call, nothing. She just vanished. My stepfather Jerry was devastated. We called the police and they told us to wait 24 hours before searching. We waited. And nothing. Some of her clothes were missing and the police simply said she'd run off. That maybe she needed some time for herself. That was odd. Mom just worked part time and she had plenty of time for herself. Time passed and there was no sign of her. I was worried something terrible had happened - she never even called for my birthday that year. Then another year went by.

It was just me and Jerry. I cooked and cleaned and went to school. He went to work and spent most of his time closed off in the bedroom. I never went near there but strange grunt-like noises usually came out. I knew about sex even though I'd never done it myself. I knew Jerry was probably watching some porn and masturbating. It was awkward listening to him grunt and growl through the thin walls. I pretended not to be aware of anything to avoid embarrassment but sometimes the sounds made me hot between my legs. And I did end up playing with myself. It even got to the point that I could cum just as he was cumming in his room. I was so ashamed of what I'd done the first time that I didn't touch myself for weeks. At least not until end of term and we got holidays.

I had no plans. Most of my friends were going on vacation but we were not. I wanted to be home in case my mother came back. So I lazed around at home. By then Jerry had started to drink. He was coming home quite late at night. And now he didn't even make an effort to mask the noises as he masturbated in his room. Sometimes he didn't use his headphones and I could clearly hear muffled screams and pleas. It sounded as if someone was being tortured or raped and that really scared me.

I slept with my door locked after that. Things were getting very awkward and I started planning to move out. I had been accepted to state college and things at home were not comfortable at all. Sometimes Jerry stared at me funny. It was frightening when I thought that he might want to torture me like in those movies he watched. So I told Jerry at a convenient time that I would be going flatting in the coming year. He seemed to take it well.

I was wrong about that. I was wrong about a lot of things. Friday night things were different. The house seemed different. I never thought much of it but I locked myself in my room for the night. Then came the knock on my door. I opened it a crack and asked what he wanted. What I saw made my stomach turn.

Jerry was there at the door, but it didn't look like him. He had a manic glint in his eyes. And his attire scared me the most. He was wearing some leather harness looking thing. It had straps across his chest and cuffs and links along his waist and wrists. His head was in a leather hood like thing. I didn't know what to make of it, it looked like a Halloween costume. I could only see his cold eyes through the hood. He had one hand behind his back, holding something.

I knew I had made a mistake in opening the door. But it was too late. He pushed his foot across and made it impossible for me to shut the door. The next thing I know I was flying backwards when the door swung open. I landed on my ass and crawled backwards looking for some way out. I needed something to defend myself with. There was nothing but the window or under the bed. I reached for the window and tried to open it. It was jammed shut. It was never difficult to open but now it just wouldn't budge. I was whimpering in fear as my shaky hands pushed the glass. Then I screamed in pain as he grabbed my hair and pulled me back into the middle of the room. I twisted despite the pain and kicked him in the shin so hard that he let go of my hair.

This was my chance and I took it. I dashed through the door and towards the front of the house. I reached for the door handle and twisted. The handle turned but the door wouldn't open. There were no keys on the lock. Jerry had locked the house up. There was no way for me escape. He was going to torture me! I whimpered and sobbed, turning in panic to find somewhere to hide when I heard him in the corridor. He was coming for me. I ran towards the windows and tried to open them. Nothing. I ran to the French windows and opened the curtains to get to the bolts. What I saw made me freeze. There was a metal grate around the window. And it was locked from the outside with a big lock. How had he done all this without me knowing about it? I had no idea. I ran from window to window, despairing at how I was trapped in my own home. Jerry was obviously taking his time enjoying my frantic attempt to escape.

Then he was there. And despite the mask I knew he was grinning. He had me cornered. I started to plead with him asking what he was doing. What was wrong with him? I knew what he was doing. He was going to torture me. "Please don't hurt me daddy. You can't hurt me. I'm family. Please daddy what are you doing?"

He laughed loud. I haven't heard him laugh like that ever. It made my blood turn cold. "Daddy? You want to call me “daddy” now you little whore?" he spat, the anger in his eyes making them tear up. "Daddy's not going to hurt you bitch! He's just going to treat you like the whore you are! Prancing around near naked in my fucking house! Teasing me with that fucking body! You will pay for all the times you wore those flimsy little tops then shook those tits and ass at me. Now those tits and ass belong to me! And that cunt too bitch. It's mine to use and believe me baby, I have been saving a lot of fuck juice just for you," he smirked like a crazy person.

I gulped hard. He was talking of raping me. He wanted to rape me! "No! You can't! Please you can't! What will mom say if she knew? Please don't rape me... dad... Jerry... Please don't do this."

At the mention of my mom Jerry's eyes changed. I thought I was getting through to him. That's when he grabbed me. Twisting me around and putting my head in an uncomfortable lock. I tried to kick back at him but he held tighter and nearly pulled my feet off the floor. The pressure made me cry out in pain and I settled for a bit. Next he turned me around and pushed me to the floor. I shook in terror. he was going to rape me right here, I thought. But he only pinned me down, his knee on my tummy. I yelled in pain before he pushed a rubber ball into my mouth. Then he strapped it in place so I couldn't spit it out. I found my jaws held open. The ball made it impossible for me to make noise. I groaned and whined as he picked me up with my hair and dragged me to his room.

What I saw there made me want to faint. The big bed in the middle of the room had cuffs and straps on it. There were chains coming down from the ceiling and chains and hooks on the walls. He had changed the room into something out of a nightmare. Jerry smacked me and pushed me to the bed. He shoved me onto the bed with his hand secured around my throat. He grabbed my hands and secured them to each side of the bed. I wrapped my legs tight around each other, crossing my ankles and keeping my most private place out of his reach.

Jerry then started ripping my clothes off until I was completely naked. He groaned at the sight of my naked breasts and pussy. Jerry didn't waste much time. He started to rub and touch me everywhere. My breasts, my neck, my legs, my pussy. I felt so dirty. He even inserted a finger inside my pussy and that made me shriek through the gag. Then Jerry got off the bed and removed his waist belt. And with it the cup like leather covering his crotch also came off. For the first time in my life I saw a man's privates. And they were ugly, wrinkly and big. His cock was fat and veined and his balls were wrinkly sacks hanging down below. I started to squirm side to side as he came closer and closer. I was moaning as loud as I could, protesting what he was about to do to my young body.

Jerry didn't listen. He grabbed my legs by the thighs and forced them open. Then he slid between them, resting his cock along my exposed pussy lips. I was crying and shaking my head as Jerry took hold of my hips and held me there. Then he started to line his cock at my entrance and push. I mewled and fought the cuffs holding my hands. But Jerry still pushed in. He pushed harder as my hips bucked to throw him off me. He pushed until his cock head was pushing at the thin piece of flesh that was my virginity. I was saving it for the man I would spend the rest of my life with. Instead Jerry, my stepfather, was raping it away from me. I sobbed one last time and cried out in agony. His cock speared through tearing my virgin barrier. Then he forced his entire cock into my freshly broken pussy. I cried hysterically when the big man humped me slowly and deliberately. He was rubbing his cock along my pussy walls. I wasn't all wet so most of the lubrication was the blood from my destroyed hymen. I gasped and groaned in pain as he started to slide out then back inside. I shook my head as tears flew from my face. Jerry was raping me. He was inside me and he was raping me, taking what never belonged to him.

Jerry seemed to be enjoying himself as he pumped in and out of my helpless hole. To my shame I had started to become wet. I didnt want to, but it was happening on its own. I couldn't stop it. Meanwhile, Jerry started spitting out insults at me. He was saying the most horrible and terrifying things to me. "How do you like a cock up your cunt? How many boys did you tease with this dirty little hole? I'm going to punish this cunt for being such a teaser. I'm going to give you your first creampie! I'm going to fuck you then shoot my cum in you all the way up inside where it can make a baby. You'd like a baby growing in your belly wouldn't you slut. If I can, I'd keep making you carry my babies. Rape this cunt every fucking day. Rape and dump my cum in this cum hole. What do you think you little fuck toy? You want “daddy” to rape his baby into this dirty cunt? That's all you were made for anyway... God you were made to be fucked. You are perfect for raping. Young and slutty. You'll make more money than that useless cunt of a mother! She refused to have kids with me! The useless cunt!" He watched as my eyes teared up more before opening in shock at what he'd said about my mother. What did he mean?

"Oh yeah bitch! I sold your whore of a mother to a Mexican whorehouse! She's been whoring for the last three years! She's already had one rape baby too. Maybe we could get mother and daughter knocked up at the same time. Would you like that Amy? I know you would you whore! She's a real rape whore now. She's had hundreds of men in her tight holes. You'll only have me plugging this cunt... for a while! Ha! Ha!" I had to take his pounding and now these horrible ideas. 'God please let me die... just let me die now' I prayed. I was afraid that he meant what he was saying.

I couldn't believe it. Jerry had sold my mother. She was being raped somewhere in a brothel. Oh my god! I wanted to scratch Jerry's eyes off! I wanted to cut his balls and make him eat them. But no matter how hard I tried to get him off me, the restrains held me in place with him hammering away between my legs. He was fucking me hard and brutal. He was getting off on my terror and anger. He'd sold my mother! How could he do that?

I was groaning no no as his pace quickened. I could feel his cock getting bigger inside me. I didn't know what was going to happen but I didn't like it. Jerry was going to cum inside my unprotected womb and there was nothing I could do to stop him. He was going to impregnate me like some livestock. I tried to shut my legs but Jerry just kept on fucking. Hard long strokes. In and out of my fertile little pussy. My pussy lips holding onto his cock like a vice as he ploughed. Then he grunted just like I had heard him grunt all those nights before. He grunted and roared. I felt something twitching and throbbing, then felt the sticky warm wetness inside me. Jerry was dumping his cum into me. The shame and despair of being raped and filled with cum was too much for me. I broke down crying like a baby. Jerry still fucked into me slowly and steadily until there was no more twitching. Then he rested on me, sweaty and stinky. He sighed loud and licked at my tears. Then he told me what he had planned for me.

To be continued in Part 2...

Review This Story || Author: Shygirl
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