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Dominatrix Special Moments

Part 1

     Coming of Age Dominatrix

       Special Moments!

          TJ Ryder

Illustrated Femdom cuckold fetish stories for Adults Only!

    The shapely, mid-thirties woman addressed the class of dominatrix


    "So when does a mother know when her daughter is ready to do

a male by herself?" 

   "Well, it's a rhetorical question actually.  In a femdom

majority colony like Europa, dominance over males usually begins

within the family.  And the question can also be phrased differently."

   "So I call it 'When is a mother ready to share her slaves with her

daughter?'"  She smiled.

   "If your daughter is indeed dominant, she will quickly want to

have her time alone with a slave, usually her father or brothers or

other male relatives.  And during your supervised sessions you should

at first establish some ground rules for the first few times she

does one by herself.  Emphasize no permanent marks but do it in

this way."

   "Admit how lovely it is to see all those welts and bruises

and tell her you know how it makes her feel warm all over, reminding

her the next few days of those lovely moments."

  "But gently remind her what it would be like the next time she

wants a nice long session and those first moments, after he is stripped

naked and fastened to the manacles, how wonderful it is to have a helpless,

pink, unmarked body to begin with,  imagining how it will be soon.

For me it is like I'm painting a picture, every time creating my new

masterpiece, and nothing would spoil that special moment more than having

to start with a used canvas!"  The women smiled and nodded.

   "I'm going to have my daughter Tiffanny speak about those

first times by herself and how we dealt with some issues!"

  A young, buxom, blonde teenager in a microskirt and low cut sweater

smiled, kissed her mother on the lips and smiled rather shyly at

the small group of adult women and mothers, knowing they were

all more advanced dommes than she was.

   "Hi,  I know you have tons more experience than I have, but

mom wanted me to talk because you have young daughters beginning to take

part in the discipline.

  "Well, I must admit I was jealous of mom," she smiled at her mother/lover

"because from the beginning I wanted to do a boy on my own!  I began

helping mom do Dad every Friday night, and then my older brother, and

a couple of his friends from school. And then the first time she let me

do my brother by myself there was a little accident and we had to take

him to the Emergency Ward for some stitches!...  And I got yelled at a lot!"

   The women giggled and she weakly smiled.

   "I did break a few rules mom set up, so I guess it was my fault!

Anyway, I didn't mind sharing a boy, I call all men boys when theyr'e

in our little dungeon, even if theyr'e old enough to be my father and

even if he IS my father, (giggle). If mom and I are going to make love

afterwards then its nice teasing and torturing a boy knowing at the

end he's going to be watching us have our fun with each other.  But

if it's with other dommes like for a Friday night pod meeting that we

host sometimes; well, its okay to meet new people, girls and boys, but

for me, after that when its just people I already knew, it's rather

unsatisfying!  The dungeon is always busy and noisy, the living room is

full of women making their slaves do tricks after their sessions!"

   She smiled, "I needed to have my special alone time with a slave to

spend as much time as I wanted to earlier than I was allowed, that's

what I think!" She looked and caught her mother rolling her eyes and

smiled at the other women. 

   "Well, okay, maybe I wasn't quite ready or experienced enough to do all

the things my mom knew how to do safely, but I think if she just gave me

some light things like a paddle and a cane and stuff I could have

spent as much time as I needed without any problem!"

   "Honey, I think the ladies are interested in how you progressed

with your first slave!"

   "Okay mom, well....!  My first slave by myself, outside the

family, was a male teacher in my school, 15 years older, which

I thought would be real cool to show off to my friends.  But after

a few private sessions in my basement well, he was just like all

the other boys, eventually.  I found that even when he behaved

very well things would build up and I'd need to have a nice long

private session every week or so.  And the funny thing is that

after our relationship grew, it was more fun to do social events

like Friday Nights!  I didn't mind them at all, in fact I

looked forward to it.  My slave would be a sissymaid for the

night and I'd be so proud of him!"

   "How did your relationship work with a teacher?"

   "Well, sometimes we'd go out, sometimes stay in, and not

necessarily in the dungeon.  Sometimes it was like a regular

date.  Even doing some things that he wanted.  But, (chuckle)

he always ended up in the same place no matter what we did!"

   One mother raised her hand and asked if there were any other


   The teenager sighed and her mom laughed.  "Oh yes!  One

bit of warning to you ladies, is that if you don't let your

daughter participate when she's ready, she will be doing it on the

outside, at school, in vans, ladies rooms, and that will be

totally unsupervised!  Isn't that right honey?"  Her daughter

put her head down and the women laughed.

   "The best way to handle this is to encourage your daughter to

want to do it in a controlled setting!"

   "That means having a well equipped dungeon or having access to

one!  Compared to that, doing a male in a van or a setting where you

could be interrupted or having to attach a gag is so unsatisfying!

Do you agree, honey?"

   The teen smiled and nodded.  "Yes, my girlfriend and I took boys

into the woods during recess and birched them, but we had to gag them

and carry ropes and were always watching for the teachers!" She shook

her head and frowned.  "It wasn't much fun!"

   "And a good dungeon encourages coupling up with another domme!"

   "Well ladies, if youv'e finished your tea or if you haven't just

bring it with you and we'll move down to the dungeon.  Tonight we have two

subjects I'm sure you will enjoy.  My husband Frank and Tiffanny's

teacher are (giggle) anxiously waiting!  And (laugh) both have been

very bad boys this week!  Did you all bring an extra pair of panties

because I'm sure the ones wer'e wearing will be soaked in a little while!"

   One woman laughed and said hers were already damp!

   continued in complete illustrated story



Review This Story || Author: tjr
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