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Night Visits

Part 1 Night Visits

Night Visits

  She awoke with a start, wondering what noise it was that woke her. Then she
heard it again. The floor creaked , just outside her door. When it opened she
could see that it was her father, framed in the low light of the hallway. What
surprised her was that he was naked. She was fifteen and had seen her father
naked many times, but he had never come to her room that way before. She was
laying on her stomach, and she feigned sleep as he sat on the edge of the bed.
She could smell whiskey. He began to stroke her hair, slowly pulling the sheet
and blanket down, all the way down to the end of the bed.

  " I love you, Kitten," he said. " Now Daddy's going to make you feel real
good, baby, but don't make a sound, okay?"  Her eyes popped open as she felt his
hands at the waist of her pajamas. He tugged them down a few inches.

  " Raise up, baby," he said. She silently lifted her hips, and felt the cool
night air on her skin as her pajama bottoms and panties slid past her hips,  and
down her thighs. Her heart was racing, and she felt his weight shift on the bed
as he turned to pull them completely off her.

  " You are so beautiful, Kitten. So soft, " he said. His hands began to slowly
stroke her ass cheeks, squeezing and parting them, his thumbs down in the cleft
of her ass, exposing her small, puckered hole. Her thighs were clenched tightly
together as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down the backs of them, then back
to her ass and the small of her back. He put his hand at the junction of  her
thighs and ass, his fingers probing downward.

  " Open for me, Kitten, spread your legs for me, baby."  She was frightened,
ashamed, and highly aroused, as she slowly lifted one leg, opening her thighs at
the insistent pressure of his hand.

  " Good girl," he said, and he traced his fingers along the insides of her
thighs, then along the length of her virgin slit. She moaned into her pillow as
she felt her hot juices oozing from her cunt in response to his probing. She
felt his weight shift again as he knelt between her thighs, his knees forcing
her thighs even wider apart, holding her lewdly open. Now he fondled her in
earnest, a thumb fully in her cunt while he squeezed and rubbed her clit, and
the fluids gushed from her over-heated cunt as she bucked her hips and orgasmed
on his hand.

  " Good girl, Kitten," he said. " You came for Daddy. Daddy likes to see his
baby cummimg, and we'll be doing it a lot."  She was gasping into her pillow,
trying to be quiet as she knew her mother was sleeping just down the hall.  She
felt his lips on her ass now, loud, wet kisses on her ass cheeks, his thumb
still in her wet cunt. She felt his warm, wet tongue trace its way up her ass
crack, and he withdrew his hand from her cunt. She felt both hands pull her ass
cheeks wide, and she squealed into the pillow when his tongue made contact with
her puckered asshole. He licked the small hole and deposited a load of spit,
then with the tip of his tongue he penetrated the tightness, alternately licking
and sucking, then probing as deeply as he could, fucking the tight wetness with
his tongue. Her hands involuntarily went back and found his. He replaced his
hands with hers,

  " Spread them for me, Kitten," he said, and she spread her asscheeks as wide
as she could while her father licked and sucked at her asshole. His hand was
back at her cunt now, and as  he rubbed her clit and tongued her asshole, she
pushed her hips back and came again, her ass muscles spasming on the tongue that
penetrated her. She heard him fumbling with the lid of a jar he had placed on
the headboard. She still lay there with her ass cheeks lewdly spread, recovering
from her orgasm as she felt lubricant being applied to her asshole. She knew he
was greasing his cock too, and she knew what was coming next, and she dreaded
it, yet wanted it more than anything she had ever wanted in her young life. She
drew in a deep breath as a large greased finger slowly entered her ass, in past
her tight anal ring, then slowly back out, her hips rocking to the slow fucking
of her ass. The finger was replaced with a thumb, the fingers of the hand
sliding into her cunt. She felt the fingers and the thumb come together,
massaging the thin membrane between her asshole and cunt. When he withdrew the
hand she felt his weight against her thighs and the backs of her hands that
still held her ass cheeks spread for him. She felt the large head of his cock at
her greased anal hole, and she pulled her knees further up as the cock head
slowly eased into her ass. The pain of her asshole being forced open was almost
more than she could bear, and she was about to cry out when the head slipped
past her anal ring, and a wonderful feeling of fullness enveloped her, as the
entire length of her fathers cock slid into her anal canal. She scooted her
knees up even further and was crouched like a frog, her father pulling her to
him by her shoulders, fully impaling her. She was feeling her first hard male
cock, and she loved it. She loved the hardness in her ass, the weight of him on
her, feeling his hairy body pressing on her ass, his balls resting in the crack
of her ass, the smell of whiskey on his breath. The fact that it was her Daddy
fucking her made it even better, and it was her own hand that found it's way to
her splayed-open young cunt, frigging herself as he slowly pulled from her ass,
only to ram it back into her to the hilt, drawing a grunt from her as he
increased the speed of his thrusts until he was actually fucking her virgin
asshole in a steady rythym. She felt him stop, fully in her, and as she felt his
cum spasming into her bowels, she came again, her ass squeezing his cock until
it finally popped out of her well-fucked hole. She rolled onto her side and
watched him get up off the bed, his cock glistening in the dim light, the cock
that she knew she now worshipped. She wrapped her arms around his thighs and
looked up at him,

  " Thank you, Daddy," she whispered. He patted her head and bent to kiss her on
the forehead.

  " Goodnight, Kitten," he said, and he left the room. She lay there after he
left, and her hand found its way back to her deflowered asshole, her father's
cum seeping from the hole, and she scooped some up with her fingers and put them
in her mouth, savoring the smell and the taste of her Daddy's cum that seeped
from her ass.

  When she woke up the next morning, she knew she hadn't been dreaming. She
still had on only pajama tops. Her asshole was sore and she could feel dried cum
around her ass and the sticky feeling of the lubricant that her Daddy used when
he fucked her the night before. She smiled at the thought, and her cunt twitched
at her lewd thoughts. Today was Saturday and she didn't have to go to school.
She knew her mother had a bridge club meeting and would be gone all day. She
would be leaving any minute now. She could hear water running and knew her Daddy
was in the shower. She smiled again at the thought of his naked cock. She
grabbed a long T shirt and ran across the hall to the  main bathroom and hopped
into the shower. Dressed only in the T shirt, she went into her parent's
bedroom. Her Daddy was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing a pair
of briefs. He smiled as his half-naked daughter walked up behind him and hugged

  " Good morning, Kitten," he said, and he turned around. Without another word
he led her over to his bed. He gently pushed her down to kneel on the carpet and
he slid his underwear down and off.

  " Take it in your mouth, sweetheart, " her Daddy said. She gently took his
cock into her mouth, and began to nibble and suck as it grew to full hardness. "
Not too hard, Kitten," he said, and  he let the girl suck his cock for a long
time, telling her how he liked it done. He had her lick and suck his balls and
take the whole sac into her mouth, then back to slowly sucking on the head of
his shaft. He gripped her young, hard nipples through her shirt as she sucked,
rolling them between his thumb and forefinger, pinching them hard enough to make
her gasp around his erection. He turned around and lay face down on the bed, his
feet outstretched on the floor. He reached back and spread his ass cheeks, and
she licked and sucked his hairy asshole, trying to fully penetrate the hole with
her tongue as he had done to her last night. He sat on the edge of the bed and
pulled her T shirt from her, and she stood between his legs, his feet pushing
her legs into a wider stance while he sucked on his quivering daughters tits.
She smelled of soap and her still-wet hair smelled of strawberry shampoo, and as
his finger found and parted her virgin slit she began to reek of lust. He made
her sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs and he sucked her cunt until
she came in his mouth.

  " I'm going to spank you now, Kitten," he told her. She looked at him with
wide eyed fear, but he calmed her, telling her that it would make her an even
hotter fuck, and she allowed herself to be draped over his knees. He spanked her
from the backs of her knees to the small of her back, and she was crying, but as
he fingered her wet slit he made her tell him that she loved it. He had the
lubricant again and began to lubricate her asshole as the spanking continued,
and again she was anally impaled by his thumb while his fingers played with her
clit, and again he drove her to the brink of orgasm. He stopped before she could
cum and lay on his back, and he had her grease his erect shaft.  He made her
straddle him and guide herself down until her anus made contact with the tip of
his cock. He grabbed her nipples and pulled her down to his chest, and kissed
her on the mouth. She was sucking on her Daddy's tongue as he gently lifted her
up by her ass cheeks, slowly letting the cockhead center itself in her anus,
then he released her and let her slowly impale herself on his shaft.  When his
moaning daughter had fully engulfed his cock he could feel the heat radiating
from her well-spanked ass. He had her lean back, supporting herself with her
arms, and he began to finger her cunt, his cock a hard rod in her ass.  When she
came she lifted off of his cock a few inches, then sank back onto it as her cunt
squirted on his hand, and her ass muscles squeezed his cock. When she realized
he had not cum, she moaned again, the hardness in her asshole now like a fervent
itch as she rocked on it. He pushed his baby girl back until she was completely
on her back, still impaled in her tightness. He grabbed her thin ankles and
pushed her knees down to the bed and began to fuck her ass in long, hard
pistoning strokes. Again his mouth covered hers and again she sucked on his
tongue as he fed the whole of his cock into her gripping asshole, over and over
again. Now he began to talk to her.

  " You're my little slut, aren't you, Kitten," he said.

  " Oh, yes Daddy," she moaned.

  " You're a little cocksucker, aren't you baby, " he whispered, again impaling
her fully.

  "Oh God, yes Daddy, I'm a cocksucker, Daddy, I'm a cocksucker," she cried.

  " You love to feel your Daddy's cock in your ass, don't you my little whore,"
he hissed.

  " Yes, Daddy, oh, oh, oh, yes Daddy!" she cried.

  "If you want your Daddy to fuck you, you have to beg for it, Kitten. Beg for
it like a true slut, Kitten."

  "Oh, please, Daddy, please, fuck me Daddy, fuck my ass" she moaned. He was
moaning now too, as he pumped his load of cum into his baby girl's bowels.

  After they had showered, his daughter soaping his body and him soaping hers,
they reclined naked on the living room couch. Her head was in her Daddy's lap
and he was stroking her hair. He told her that he would begin fucking her virgin
cunt soon, but first she would see a Doctor friend of his and begin a birth
control program. He told her that it was important that young girls like her
take as much male cock as possible, that it was her duty in life to let males
use her, and that soon she would taking other select male friends of his too. He
felt his cock stir as he talked, his young daughters mouth just inches away.

  "What do you think of what I've just told you, Kitten," he asked. In answer,
she sucked the head of his growing cock into her mouth. He pulled her hair out
of her face so he could see her lips encircling his cock, and his fingers traced
her lips and the depressions in her cheeks as she sucked him. He was tempted to
fuck her tight asshole again, but decided to let her have her first real taste
of man-sperm. He began to stroke her flanks and her taught ass, still slightly
red from her previous spanking. He began to slap the skin, lightly at first,
then ever harder, until her ass cheeks were jumping from the force of his slaps.
An occasional gasp around his cock told him when he had hurt her, but she only
sucked with renewed urgency.

  " You're a natural cocksucker, Kitten," he said to the sucking young girl.
"Men like to have their cocks sucked, Kitten,  and you will suck a lot of men,
sweetheart. A sweet little slut like you needs a man's sperm in her belly every
day. That's why a girl sucks a man's cock, sweetheart, to suck out and swallow
his cum. And here is your first mouthfull, baby."

  He held her face in both hands and watched her as he ejaculated, her eyes
closed, sucking deeply, swallowing her father's hot, salty offering. She was
mewing, the deflating cock still captured in her mouth, grinding her hips into
the couch, her ass a deep, burning red.  She curled up into a fetal position,
still sucking. He parted her thighs with one hand, and slid a finger into her
hot, wet cunt. She moaned, and came in seconds, her red, spanked ass grinding
against his hand, her Daddy's cock still in her mouth.

  It was almost time for her mom to return, so she went up to her room, basking
in the afterglow of her spanking and her orgasm, the salty taste of her father's
sperm still fresh in her mouth. She heard her mother return, and heard them
talking downstairs.  Later that afternoon her father entered her room and gave
her a thick book.

    " Required, reading Kitten," he said, smiling down at her. " Keep it well
hidden, we would not want your mother to find it." He tousled her hair and left,
leaving the door open a crack. She was still naked except for the T shirt, and
she sat on her bed and opened the book. It was a collection of stories. Stories
of young girls like her, and some were of girls even younger than herself.
Stories of lust and depravity of the sort she had never imagined. Stories of
torture and  slavery,  but in them all the girls were willing participants in
the debauchery, and took countless numbers of men into their young bodies, in
fact, saying 'no' to anything asked of them was not an option. The reading
inflamed her, and she was shaking with lust. She laid back and spread her legs,
her fingers in her wet hole. Just as she exploded into orgasm she heard her mom
calling her down for dinner, and as she opened her eyes she saw her father pull
his head away from the crack in the door.

    She dressed and went down to dinner, listening to her parents babble about
inane shit that she could care less about. She snuck glances at her father but
he completely ignored her. After dinner, she retired to her room, pulling out
the book again, devouring the tales of forbidden lust  It took her a long time
to get to sleep that night, visions of whipped girls and rutting bodies filling
her head. Sometime in the very early morning hours she awoke to her father
standing naked beside her bed. He guided her head to his crotch, and she opened
her mouth and took him in, wrapping her arms around his ass, her small hands
pulling him closer, to get more of his cock into her greedy, sucking mouth. He
held the sides of her head and began to fuck the sucking hole of his daughters
mouth, holding her head by handfulls of hair now, slowly pistoning in and out.
The only noise in the room was the lewd sucking noises of her mouth on her
Daddy's engorged cock, followed by her gulping and gasping as his hot, sticky
sperm flooded her mouth and throat. He held her head close to his stomach as he
deflated, finally pulling from her mouth with a wet pop. Her face was glistening
with spit and cum, and he smiled down at her and silently left the room. Her
heart was racing as her fingers found her clit. She put a thumb in her mouth,
imagining it was another hard cock, and she let bubbles of her Daddy's remaining
sperm drool out of her mouth as she bucked her hips, cumming on her stroking

Review This Story || Author: J.
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