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Night Visits

Part 4 Back to the Doctor's

Back to the Doctor's

   The rest of her week  at school was uneventfull, save for her coming home,
doing her homework under her father's watchfull eye, and retiring to her room,
naked, and reading the stories from her book to her father. He told her mother
that  he was giving her 'special training', which was, in the most part, true.
She found her schooling to actually improve, as her father now helped her with
her homework, the sooner to get her to her room to read aloud one of the stories
from his depraved book. When Friday night came along, her Daddy told her that he
had something special planned for her. She was taken to a house, blindfolded and
gagged, strung up by her wrists and whipped. She tried to make herself cum, she
tried hard, knowing her Daddy was watching her and expecting her to be a pain
slut, and cum from her whipping. She could not. When she was taken down and
fucked, she came many times, imagining which cock was her Daddy's. She didn't
know until later that her Daddy had gone home hours before, and she came to the
cocks of many men; a full dozen depositing their loads in the beaten girl. She
still had not cum from pain as her Daddy wanted.

  She had to get a note from her Daddy to get out of P.E. in her final week of
school; the welts were too obvious. The day after her summer vacation started, 
her father took her naked to the garage and loaded her into the car. They pulled
behind the Doctor's house and she was led in. She was hung up by her wrists and
clamped, and fully fifty clamps gripped her young body. Then she was whipped, by
a man that was a master of whipping young girls. Her legs were tied apart with a
spreader bar, and a man with a strap began to work her over. His stinging
strokes were like foreplay as he worked her, overlaying the welts of the
bullwhip, and he slowly worked her over, the overlaying strikes working their
way up her thighs to her cunt, then back down her body and back up to her cunt
again, the incessant slap and burning of the strap a constant stacattoe in her
mind. Over and over the strap struck her, popping the clamps off of her one by
one, the incessant pain finally bringing her to the verge of climax. Her
tormentor knew it as well, and delivered a final blow to the cunt of the
screaming young girl, and the juices squirted  from her overheated cunt as she
exploded in orgasm. She was immediately taken down, and the Doctor was the first
man into her cunt, and she wrapped her welted legs around his ass as he fucked
her, and she was in an almost constant state of orgasm , and the Doctor was
replaced with the next man, and then the next, and her father knelt next to her
head, feeding his baby girl his cock as six men fucked his beaten, welted
daughter. He came in her mouth while the last man pumped his load into her womb.
She was not given a break, and was made to drape her beaten body over a low,
padded horse. Her knees were drawn up and secured, and her ass and back were
fully exposed, cum literally running from her splayed cunt. Her father stood by
her head as she was trussed up for more whipping, stroking her hair.

  " Good girl, Kitten," he told her, " you came from the whip. You're Daddy's
little pain slut now, Kitten, and you will dance your pain dance many times.
Your screams are sweet music, baby girl. "

  " Please, Daddy, " she sobbed, " no more, please Daddy," she cried.

  "Nonsense, Kitten," he replied. "We have all day." And it was her father that
picked up the cane, and without another word gave her a full-force cut across
the middle of her tightly stretched ass. Her eyes rolled back in her head and
she sucked in a breath with an audible hiss as the white-hot pain seared into
her brain. She knew she could not take many more of those as her Daddy tapped
her ass with the cane, watching the angry, purple welt develop on her ass. The
insanely intense pain bites hit her at about 10 second intervals, not letting
her totally absorb one before another hit her. The result was a crescendo of
pain that her body climbed like a mental staircase until it reached the top, and
she took the only exit she could find.....she came. The caning stopped
immediately. She was surprised to find that she had not lost her mind, as the
room came back into focus. Her ass felt like it had been burned with a blow
torch, and she was wailing in pain. She could hear ice cubes in glasses and was
aware of the flash of cameras, and men's talking and laughter. Then she felt the
stab of a man's cock at her asshole. She smelled whiskey and for an insane
moment thought about the first night her Daddy had come to her room, penetrating
her asshole with the smell of whiskey on his breath. This was not her Daddy,
this man's cock was much larger, and it was stretching her horribly as it forced
it's way into her. This new  pain melded with the pain of her welted ass cheeks,
and her mind was totally black except for a white dot in the center of her
vision. She thought she heard screaming, and the white dot grew in size. She
imagined herself tumbling, tumbling into the void of the white dot, and she
began to feel an incredible pleasure as the white dot enveloped her, embracing
her in a warmth she could never have imagined. To the men in the room she was a
fifteen year old welted slut, now taking her fourth cock into her asshole, a
screaming piece of girl-flesh that jumped and danced on their cocks as she took
the fifth man and then the sixth. She was only semi-aware of being taken down
from the horse, and almost in a dream was aware of a car ride, and being carried
up some stairs to her own bed.

  Her Daddy took her to the shower the next morning and washed her himself. She
was almost catatonic as she allowed herself to be cleaned. His hands rubbed the
welts on her body and she began to revive.

  "Spread your legs, Kitten, " he said. She took a wide stance in the shower,
the warm water splashing off of her as her Daddy began to slowly spank her
welted ass. The painful welts began to scream again and he stopped the spanking,
his finger now at her slit, and she felt her cunt lubricating as it sucked the
finger in, grinding her hips against his hand. He kept his finger in her cunt as
he turned off the water. He kept his finger in her cunt as he dried her, and he
kept his finger in her cunt as he pulled her to her bedroom. And his finger was
in her cunt as he spanked her welted ass until she came, her wet cunt spasming
on his hand.

  He let her sleep for a few hours, then woke her up. He put her on her knees,
her head on her pillow. She pushed back as his cock entered her asshole, and she
felt his balls against her burning ass crack. He had some sort of paddle, and he
brought it down hard on one side of her ass, and then the other. Being anally
impaled, she could only slide her knees to the sides, or forward,  trying to 
bring some relief to the fiery burn in her ass, as the paddle continued it's
beating.  He stopped the paddling and grabbed her ankles, and she was moaning
now, and was fucking herself on his cock, pulling forward an inch or two and
then back, grinding her burning ass against his belly.  Her asshole began to
feel like an immense itch, and her Daddy's hard cock in her ass was scratching
it, and she began to push harder against the cock, fucking on his cock wildly
until the itch began to feel oh, so good, and her Daddy had hold of her wrists
so she couldn't touch her cunt, and the itch grew and grew and the scratching
felt so good, and she came, sobbing, pulling the cock almost totally from her
clenching asshole, then grinding herself back onto it. He let her calm down. He
had not cum, and was still rock hard in her asshole. She felt her wrists being
handcuffed behind her back. She felt the paddle carressing her flanks, and she
heard her Daddy say,

  "Again, Kitten."  The paddling was relentless and extremely hard, drawing
small beads of blood from the welts on her ass, only to be splattered by the
paddle, and when she thought she could take no more, she came, her gut-wrenching
orgasm brought on by no more than the paddle and the constant hardness in her

  " Good girl, Kitten,"  her Daddy said. But he did not release her, and he
still had not cum. He began a slow ass-fuck of his daughter, relishing the sight
of her tight asshole gripping his cock as he pulled it's length from the depth
of her bowels, framed between her welted, bleeding ass cheeks, her tiny hands
cuffed at the small of her back, her face smashed down in her pillow. Then he
hunched up on his knees, driving his erection back into her ass, lifting his
feet off the bed, her young body taking his full weight, his cock in her so far
that he could feel the turds in her lower intestine pushing against the head of
his cock. God, he loved this, and he continued the pummeling of his baby girl's
asshole for another ten minutes, finally reaching under her to stroke her clit
as he felt his own orgasm begin. He felt his cock swell in her ass.

  " Cum, baby, cum for Daddy, " he whispered as he stroked her clit, and as his
daughter came on his hand, he fucked into her ass like a demon, pumping his load
far up into her guts. He pulled his slimey, shit-stained cock from her asshole
and shifted around to kneel before her, pulling her mouth to his cock, and as
she sucked him, he took the paddle to her upturned, welted ass again. He paddled
his screaming child until he was hard again, and she moaned with lust as her
Daddy's cock grew in her mouth, and the harder she sucked the harder he paddled,
until he was fucking her face like a mad man, hitting her ass with all of his
strength, and she was screaming on his cock as he came down her throat. As she
suckled him he turned the paddle sideways and held it against her clit, and he
smiled as she squirmed on the paddle edge, finally exploding in orgasm.

   She was taken to the Doctor's house on an almost daily basis, and there were
always new and different men there to expose her to new torments. Her beaten ass
was a favorite target and  it was now totally discolored, a mass of purple,
green and yellow bruises. On the trip over in the car, her Daddy told her that
the insides of her thighs and her tits would be the center of attention today.
She was laying on her side on the front seat, as her beaten ass made it too
painful to sit fully upright, and her Daddy described  to her some of the things
they would do to her that day. She was trembling with fear and excitement, and
she squeezed her thighs together as he spoke. She saw his cock swelling in his
shorts, and as he described her upcoming tortures, he made her unzip his pants
and suck his cock. They pulled up to the house, and he let her finish her
cocksucking and swallow. When they entered the house she saw many new men in the
room. She saw a table full of implements; clamps, tongs, needles, syringes and
she shuddered, knowing that they were to be used on her. She was led over to a
low stool with a dildo protruding from it. Her Daddy made her back up to it, and
he positioned it at her anus, then pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to
slowly engulf the rubber monster. When she was fully seated on the stool she was
gasping; she had never had anything this thick and long in her ass before. Her
feet were still on the floor and between them she saw a rubber hose and a
squeeze bulb. Her father picked up the bulb and squeezed it a few times, and the
rubber monster she was impaled on grew in her ass. She made a high pitched wail,

  "Oh, God, Daddy, please, no," and her voice was shaking, and she was on the
verge of tears. Her Daddy gave her a wicked smile, and held the bulb up in front
of her face. He gave it two more squeezes, and sweat popped out on her forehead.
The Doctor now stood in front of her, and he grabbed her ankles and lifted her
feet off the floor. It seemed impossible, but she felt the swollen monster gain
a few more inches into her intestines. Her Daddy gave the bulb two more
squeezes, and she thought she would die with the pain. Her feet were placed on
the top of the stool alongside her discolored ass cheeks, and she was ordered to
keep them there. All she could think of was expelling the hugeness in her ass,
and the thought of getting it out of her ass was all-consuming, but she was held
tight by the inflated phallus. As if in a dream she heard the Doctor speaking to
her, and he told her that during today's session she would not be tied, and that
any involuntary movements, or any attempt to avoid any of the tortures they
chose to inflict on her would result in more, and even harsher punishments. He
was asking her if she understood, and it took all of her will-power to answer.
She could only hope that total obedience and instant compliance would speed up
the removal of the monster she was impaled on.

  "Yes, Sir, yes Sir, please....oh, God, oh God, yes Sir, I understand."

  "Your God won't help you now, slut. We will hear you scream for mercy, but
your mercy won't be from God, it will only be from the men in this room. So
please us well, child," the Doctor said.

  He picked up a clamp, a huge, spring-loaded thing that you would find in a
lumber yard. It was so stiff that he had to use both hands to open it's jaws. He
got it open wide enough to span the base of her tit, and he held it against her
chest and let the crushing jaws close. The pressure was unbelievable, and her
tit bulged as if it would explode. Then another clamp was placed on her other
tit, and in only seconds her tits were becoming discolored. A man she had never
seen before approached her with a dildo identical to the one in her ass. As he
began to work it into her cunt she felt faint, but soon, it too was fully in
her, and the man looked her in the eyes as he squeezed the bulb, once, twice, a
full six times. She knew she would explode, so great was the pressure in her
body. Another man approached her, and began swabbing her obscenely bulging tits
with alcohol, and the needles were next. She couldn't believe that she could
hardly feel the needles piercing her tits, but she could see them, two thru each
nipple and another dozen around the nipple, poking in and out of a small pinches
of tit-flesh. The skewers scared her, but she was in so much pain already that
she didn't even care, as the long silver spike pushed against the side of her
tit until the point broke thru the skin. She got a sick-to-your-stomach feeling
as she watched it slide thru her tit, poking the skin out on the other side,
until it's shiny point burst thru. Then her other tit was skewered the same way,
small trickles of blood dripping onto her stomach. A different man picked up a
paddle, and as if in a dream she saw it arc thru the air and make contact with
her bulging, skewered tits. Now she screamed, and she continued to scream as her
tits were whipped until they were almost black. Her feet remained on the top of
the stool. Her Daddy stood next to her, stroking her head,

  "Good girl, Kitten, good girl, almost done baby, almost done, be a good girl
for Daddy now, baby," he cooed to the almost hysterical girl.

  The Doctor spread the top of her cunt slit apart with his fingers and her clit
lay exposed on top of the huge, inflated dildo in her cunt. A small clamp was
placed directly on her clit, and a black wire led from the clamp to a box the
Doctor was holding.  Another clamp with another wire was attached to the end of
one of the skewers that protruded from her tits. She was aware of men pulling
their chairs closer, ice cubes rattling in whiskey glasses, and the horrible
pain in her body. They let her sit there for a few minutes, and then the Doctor
twisted a knob on the box. The electric current surged thru her and she
orgasmed, her feet shooting off the stool. She was so full of inflated rubber
cock that her feet could not reach the floor, and she could not put them back by
herself. Her Daddy picked up both rubber bulbs and gave each of them two more

  "Oh, yes," she thought, "give it to me, give it all to me," and the Doctor
twisted the knob again, and she orgasmed again, her feet dangling helplessly in
mid-air. Over and over the Doctor made her cum as she twitched like a puppet on
the end of a puppeteer's string. She felt hot splashes of cum hitting her body
as men jacked off on her body, unable to wait any longer. She started to topple
off the stool, and her Daddy held her, telling her what a good girl she was, as
the dildoes were deflated and the needles, skewers and clamps removed from her
tits. Her Daddy had to carry her to the car, as she could not walk, and indeed,
would not be able to walk for a few days.

  He bathed her and put her to bed, unable to take his eyes off of her body. Her
beaten, bruised ass,  and her tits all swollen and bruised, the puncture marks a
vivid red, excited him. She lay there like a rag doll as her father entered her
well-stretched asshole and fucked her. He covered her with a sheet.

  At dinner time that night, he told his wife that she wouldn't be coming down
for dinner, that she had a touch of a bug, and that he would be happy to bring
her up a plate.

  "Oh no, dear, " she said. I haven't even seen her for days. I'll do it."  And
mom carried a plate of food up to her daughter's room. She was sleeping, so she
set the food down next to the bed. Her daughter's angelic face and her long hair
were the only things visible above the sheet. Her mother stroked her hair,

  "Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, baby, but I'll leave you some food."
She opened her eyes and looked at her mother.

  "Oh, thanks mommy," she said softly, "I'll eat in a minute," she said, smiling
up at her mom.

  "You look so pale, Kitten. Is your father taking good care of you?"

  "Oh, yes, mommy, Daddy's taking real good care of me."

 She drifted back to sleep, knowing she was headed back to the Doctor's house
tomorrow. Her mother went back downstairs to join her husband for dinner....she
couldn't wait to tell him about her horrible day at work.

END, Night Visits by J.

Review This Story || Author: J.
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