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The Trials and Tribulation sof Amy Sue and Maxinue

Part 3

Chapter Nine

I am exhausted, so I sleep most of the day after getting my ass spanked by my best friend.  In fact, I dont awaken until after its dark outside.  Eventually I turn and see both Amy Sue and a totally naked and still cuffed Dorothy standing beside my bed.  Of course, I, too, am totally naked.  Im also still cuffed with my tits down and ass up in a spread eagle position.  However, what really surprises me is that I am expecting to see Amy Sue either totally naked or dressed in our traditional traveling outfit a micro G-string bikini.  Instead, shes standing before me wearing an all-black Monte Carlo thong topless bathing suit. 

The suit is a one-piece, Monte Carlo style bathing suit with a neck line that plunges wide and deep in the front well below Amy Sues belly button which totally exposes both of her lovely tits entirely.  Likewise, its totally open in the back and plunges wide and deep to down to the top of her ass crack, where the side panels and thong join together.  Her lovely ass is totally exposed in the back, just like her tits are totally exposed in the front.  Only her cunt is covered, although not by much.  The entire outfit is supported by two very narrow straps that hook over her shoulders without hiding any of her interesting parts.  She looks gorgeous in the outfit sexy, revealing, but not obscene.

“Well, good evening, Maxine,” Amy Sue says when she realizes that Im finally awake.  “I was wondering if you were going to sleep forever.  Ooooh!  Your ass looks lovely.  All bright and red.  But, another session of the strap would make it even more lovely.  Interested?”

Well, actually her suggestion is very appealing, but I dont want it to appear like Im so horny that I will do anything for a fuck.  So, I just turn my head and pretend that I want to go back to sleep.

“Oh, well, maybe later,” she continues. “BT-W (By the way), how do you like our new daytime traveling outfits?  Dorothy said that all of the switches both men and women in the bondage club are required to wear these outfits whenever theyre not getting fucked.  I think that theyre lovely.  These need to be our new daytime traveling outfits.  Dont you agree?”

“Sure,” I finally reply, acknowledging that I am no longer asleep.  “Wearing that outfit will really get us noticed and probably arrested for indecent exposure, too.”

“Oh, dont worry,” Amy Sue replies.  “Remember, weve both got sheer, see-through cover-ups that we can pull over these whenever we need to go into a store, restaurant, or gas station.  Those cover-ups will still allow us to flaunt our tits and ass while also allowing us to say that our boobies and butt cheeks are legally covered.  Its either this outfit, or naked.  Which do you want to wear in the car?”

Down deep I love the idea.  Im just concerned about what will happen if we run into another dirty cop or two while traveling through Gods Country.  Im still only half awake, so Im not really in a talkative mood.  So, I just roll over again and hope that she goes away.

“Hey, bitch,” Amy Sue says.  “Its time for that pretty red ass to get up and get moving.  Tell you what.  Im going to unlock you from the bed and then take Dorothy down and lock her in the dungeon.  When I get back, just let me know if youre ready to hit the road again.  If youre still in bed when I get back, I will assume that you want me to whip your ass again.  But, we can do that down in the dungeon, too.  After all, Dorothy has offered to let us whip her ass before we leave for the Left Coast.  Maybe I can tie you two together while I whip both of your asses.”

Suddenly I feel the cuffs on my ankles release, and then the cuffs on my wrists are free, too.  I turn and see Amy Sue escorting Dorothy out of the room and turn down the hall.  But, the thought of whipping Dorothy does not sound near as fun as the thought of us getting whipped by her.  God, where did this submissive streak come from?  Did the time we spent in Lesbonia, the res, and in Horatios little sex slave domain awaken a dormant submissive streak that had been buried for years in my brain.  After all, Dorothy admitted that her time as a sex slave awakened her submissive streak.  Am I the same?  But, instead, I decide that maybe its time to put some distance between us and Horatio and all the dirty cops in his state.

About five minutes later, I am in the bathroom, still naked, fixing my make-up and hair  When Amy Sue returns carrying some sort of bright red garment.  When Amy Sue holds it up, I can see that its a red version of the Monte Carlo thong topless bathing suit that shes already wearing.  As I pull it over my hips, I feel the thong portion of the suit become embedded in my ass crack in the back, and barely cover my pussy slit in the front. 

When I pull the two shoulder straps up and over my shoulders, my tits are totally open and available for all to see and touch.  Its like Im wearing a thong bikini bottom that also has shoulder straps.  But, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see one very hot, sexy lady.  Not only that, but the suit is shouting Fuck Me, Now!.  I hope the suit gets its wish very soon.

After donning the topless bathing suit, I catch up with Amy Sue in the kitchen just as shes opening our suitcase and removing two sheer, white, see-through cover-ups.  But, she doesnt give me one to put on.  She says that we are going to travel as is and only use the cover-ups if we need to go into anyplace public.  Not long after that, shes locks our suitcase in the trunk of the Camaro, jumps behind the wheel, and fires the mother up. 

“OK, bitch,” Amy Sue says.  “Ready to rock and roll.  Lets blow this peanut stand.”

Moments after that, with me still half asleep but sitting in the passengers seat, she peels out and heads our ride off into the moonlight.  As we travel along, Amy Sue tells me that, according to Dorothy, theres a town about two hours away that has a pretty neat club called Spankos.  She relates that Dorothy told her that even though the town is a pretty conservative cowboy town, Spankos is quite unique and sexually liberated. 

She estimates that if theres any sugar daddies in this God forsaken countryside, they will be hanging out at that club when theyre looking for some fresh pussy.  We intend to supply the pussy in exchange for food, drinks, and a place to spend the night.  Well become legal whores just like we were in all of our earlier stops prior to our arrival in Lesbonia.

“As long as there are some nice, hot sugar daddies with rock hard cocks ready to feed and fuck two hot, horny cunts,” I reply.  “Ive been without cock for almost 24 hours now.  I need something to eat, suck, and fuck in the worst way.  And, I want it to be the real thing not some dykes fake dick.”

Just as she predicted, Amy Sue steers our mechanized chariot into a small town shortly after 10 PM.  Again, just as she predicted earlier, as we cruise through the town still with our tits hanging in the wind we pass Spankos.  It looks like a rockin place.  It even has valet parking outside.  We decide that walking down through a conservative, cowboy town with our boobies and asses on display may get us arrested.  But, as we pass the club, we see others both men and women entering the club bare chested.  So, again, When in Rome… 

Amy Sue pulls our chariot up to the valets, jumps out, tosses one of the attendants the keys, and then turns to me and tells me to get my lovely titties out of the car.  My face probably turns red with embarrassment, but I do as instructed.  We quickly get into a short line of couples waiting to enter the club.  I notice that there are two guys together talking with the MatreD up ahead of us.  One is wearing a deep V-neck tank top while the other is naked above the waist. 

There also is a male/female couple standing directly in front of us.  Hes wearing some sort of a black wife beater T-shirt thats completely open down to his waist while shes completely topless.  Shes also wearing a teardrop micro G-string bikini bottom.  In effect, shes basically entering the club almost naked.  So, it appears that we will be OK entering the club with our best assets on display.

As the couple directly in front of us is cleared to enter the club, I see the MatreD hand the guy a chain with about six red balls hanging from it.  Evidently the chain has two nipple clamps on each end, for he quickly attaches the chain to his partners nipples right before they enter the club.  As we step forward, and before we can ask any questions, the MatreD yells to his helper that he needs more spanko chains.

“First time to Spankos?” he asks. 

We nod that yes, it is.  He then explains that although Spankos is not a sex club, all patrons must have their tits on total display at all times while in the club.  He then asks us if were tops or bottoms.  I look at Amy Sue, and she looks back at me.  I just give her an I dont care shoulder shrug, after which she informs him that were both going to enter as bottoms tonight. 

He then hands us each a chain similar to the one he gave the couple ahead of us.  Our chains are about 18” long, have six detachable red balls hanging along its length and both ends are attached to nipple clamps.  This could be an interesting evening.  I hope we find our sugar daddies quickly.  Im not in the mood for a night of nipple torture.

“OK,” he tells us.  “Clip these chains to your tits.  Since you are bottoms, you are subject to a spanking or paddling by any of the tops in the club.  Tops are the patrons without chains hanging from their tits.  Whenever a top asks to spank you, you are required to ask him How many and with what implement?  If you like his answer, you simply bend over, bare your ass, and tell him to proceed.  If you dont want a spanking at that minute, you tell him, No or Not right now.  However, when you turn him down, you must give him one of your red balls.”

“Thats important, for after all of your red balls are gone, you are not allowed to turn down any spanking request.  If you do, you are subject to a Disciplinary Spanking up on the stage.  Those spankings are given out in lots of six, with a minimum of 24.  How many you will get then will be determined by the Disciplinary Spanking Master.  Its his option.  Also, you will be stripped naked for your first Disciplinary Spanking, and will be required to remain that way the rest of the evening.  Any questions?”

Im not really sure about this, but Amy Sue quickly tells him that we totally understand and are ready to enter the club.    He then tells us to check our purses, for bottoms are not allowed to carry spare clothing, wallets, purses, money, or anything else inside the club.  Everything that we need in there will be provided.  So, we check our purses, clip the chains to our tits, and wonder into the club.

As we enter the club and begin to look around, we see a cocktails bar located along the far right wall and a stage with a whipping frame, a St. Andrews Cross, and a whipping post all mounted in plain sight.  We also see a sign proclaiming Punishment Corner hanging along the wall the left wall.  Directly under that sign is a bunch of zigzag wall protrusions.  Later we learn that these protrusions are actually multiple Punishment Corners where spankees can be sent for additional punishments. 

Just as our eyes begin to adjust to the subdued lighting of the main club, we hear a public address announcement blaring above the music.  At the same time we see a woman wearing only a micro G-string bikini bottom escorted up onto the stage where she gets her wrists cuffed above her head to the whipping post.  Then, they strip her of the rest of her micro G-string, leaving her chained to the whipping post totally naked.

“Attention All Spankos:  Our first Disciplinary Spanking is about to begin.  Spanko Bottom Carol has been here for less than 30 minutes and has already turned down seven spanking offers.  Therefore, she must pay the penalty.  How many should we give her?”

We hear a bunch of shouting and yelling, but neither Amy Sue nor I can determine what is being said.

“OK, the Disciplinary Spanking Master has determined that she is to get 15 lashes with the tawse, and then spend the remainder of the night in the Punishment Corner.  Let her punishment begin.”

Just as we hear the first lash of the tawse land on the naked womans butt, the male/female couple that entered the club right before us come over and stands beside Amy Sue.  Neither says anything, but I notice that the woman now only has 5 red balls hanging from her tit chain.

“Whats the Punishment Corner?” Amy Sue asks out loud.  Shes really not talking to anybody, just asking a rhetorical question to anyone in earshot.  The guy hears her question and quickly turns to supply an answer.

“Humiliation is part of the Disciplinary Spanking”, he replies.  “After her spanking is completed, she will be chained facing into one of the Punishment Corners.  From that point on, all parts of her body are subject to all forms of fondling and finger play.  At that point, shes no longer available for future spankings, but anyone top or bottom can fondle and finger any part of her body as long as shes chained in one of the corners.  Spankos is not s sex club, but fondling and fingering anyone chained in a Punishment Corner is allowed.

“Now,” he continues.  “How about you two lovely ladies?  Can I buy you two a drink?”

Amy Sue looks at me, but Im still not sure how to react.  Amy Sue realizes that the drinks will not be free and takes the lead.

“How many and with what implement?” she asks.

“Ten each with my bare hand,” he replies.

“OK,” Amy Sue replies.  “Vodka tonic.  Where do you want us?”

“Go to that bench over there and bare your buns,” he replies to Amy Sue.  “I will be back with your drink shortly.”  

“How about you?” he says to me.  “You havent said anything.  Same drink?  Same terms?”

“Im not thirsty right now,” I reply, not realizing that Im turning down a spanking request, not a drink.

“OK, suit yourself,” he replies. 

Next, he reaches over to my tit chain and removes one of my red balls.  He quickly and quietly walks over to a circular container and deposits my red ball through a small opening in the container.

“Hey,” I reply. 

But, he just ignores me and heads for the bar to buy Amy Sues drink.

“Dont complain,” his girlfriend tells me.  “You know the rules.  He offered to trade a drink for a spanking and you refused the spanking.  The club rules require that he immediately remove one of your red balls.  But, honey, dont worry.  The Punishment Corner is fun.”

Just as shes explaining the rules to me, two guys walk up to us and ask if we would like a spanking.  Realizing that I cant say No all night, Im about tell him OK when she speaks for us both.

“How Many and what implement?” she replies.

“12 each with a paddle,” he answers.

“Not right now,” she answers.

“OK, suit yourselves,” the second guy replies.  Then, they both reach forward and remove a red ball from both of our tit chains.  Were both now down to three balls.  Ive been in the club less than 15 minutes and have already lost half of my balls.

Just as those two guys are depositing our red balls in the circular container, the girls partner returns along with my partner in crime.  Amy Sues rubbing her ass with one hand and carrying a drink in the other.  About the same time three women none of which are wearing tit chains come over to where the four of us are standing. 

“How about a session in the pillory for you three?” one of the three says to us.  Our female friend looks to her partner, who simply shrugs his shoulders.  Later we learn that, according to club rules, he cannot answer for her.

“How many and with what?” Amy Sue asks.

“Well, you still have all your balls,” one of the three replies to Amy Sue.  “12 for you with a tawse.  18 for the other two 12 with a tawse and six with a riding crop.  Thats fair for two pale ass bitches that are trying to get into a Punishment Corner quickly.”

“Agreed,” Amy Sue says.

“No riding crop,” my spanko friend replies.  “Tawse only.”

“18 with a tawse?” a second of the three replies.

Our spanko friend nods her head affirmatively, agreeing to their modified terms.  I figure that I have no choice and also nod my head affirmatively and tell them to lead the way.

The three dyke tops lead us to the main spanking area in the center of the club where there are six empty pillories just awaiting our arrival.  One by one Amy Sue, our new spanko friend, and then me are locked in the pillories.  Each pillory is designed so that our asses are higher than our heads and wrists, making our bottom cheeks perfect targets for any spanking implement.

“Dont worry, honey,” our spanko partner says to me as were awaiting our first spank.  (Amy Sue is the first of the three of us to receive her swats.)  “Were all going to be on the Disciplinary Spanking Stage before the nights over.  Just pick and choose who you want to spank your ass.  Those last two guys that came by are real assholes.  I turned them down because the last time they spanked me I was black and blue for a week.  These bitches are fun.  Relax and have some fun.”

Chapter Ten

“Im Allison, by the way,” she adds.  “Whats your name?”

“Im Maxine,” I reply.  “That bitch your boyfriend spanked earlier is my best friend, Amy Sue.  What about your boyfriend?  Why didnt he protect you?”

“Well, first of all,” Allison replies.  “Hes my step-brother, Donald, not my boyfriend.  Yes, Ive fucked him a time or two, but hes still my step-brother.  But, in addition to that, hes my spanko sponsor, and sponsors are not allowed to spank or answer for their partners.  In addition, club rules state that no top can stop another top from giving any bottom a spanking.”

“Nor can a sponsor, or any other top, stop another top from stripping one of my red balls from my tit chain.  But, just between you and me:  The next time he wants to spank your ass, tell him Yes!  Hes been staring at your tits ever since you two came in.  I think hes got the hots for you.  And, believe me, hes got a big cock and knows how to use it.”

“OH, FUCK!” I yell as the first of my tawse spanks lands on my cheeks.  Just as the second spank lands, I see Amy Sue get released from her pillory and begin to walk away.  Her ass is bright red.  I guess mine will be brighter and redder when Im done here.

“Relax and enjoy,” Allison reminds me.  “I can see in your eyes that youre a natural submissive slut, just like me.  Relax and enjoy the moment.”

It takes us about 15 minutes to receive all 18 of our spanks, but after we are released and begin to walk back toward where we see Donald talking to another spanko bottom.  Just as we reach Donald, Amy Sue comes up behind us and shakes her tits.  Shes still got all six of her balls.  About the same time we hear another announcement over the loudspeaker:

“Attention All Spankos:  Its been over 30 minutes without a Disciplinary Spanking, so its lottery time.  Lets see whose little red ball is going to glow.”

“Whats that mean?” I ask my Allison.

“Whenever the Disciplinary Spanking Stage has gone unused for 30 minutes, they have a lottery drawing,” Donald replies while starring at my tits.  “All of your balls are connected to a Bluetooth signaling device.  In a minute some unlucky spanko bottom will see one her balls glow red.  That means shes about to be taken up to the stage, stripped naked, and then spanked.”

“What the fuck!” I hear Amy Sue yell.

I look over and see one of her balls glowing bright red.  Before she can react, two guys grab her, strip her of all of her red balls, and begin to march her towards the punishment stage.

“Dodged another one,” Allison says.  “Of course, since we had fewer balls than your friend, our chance of getting picked was much lower than hers.  I know that I will be there eventually.  But, I dont want to go as a Lottery Girl, for Lottery Girls usually get at least 60 smacks before spending all night in the Punishment Corner.  Now, lets go have some more fun. Watching a Disciplinary Spanking is more fun when youre bent over and receiving some smacks at the same time.”

“How about it, Donald?” I ask.  “Care to buy a girl a drink?  Im getting pretty thirsty, and the club didnt allow me to bring any money.”

“Id love to,” he replies.  “But, I just promised this cutie here 15 swats with the paddle.  But, if you come back in about 15 minutes I will be more than happy to buy you a drink.”

“Well, Im willing to let you do more than spank my ass in exchange for a drink.” I reply.  “So, dont forget.”

“Comon, O horny one,” Allison says to me.  “Lets go find someone to spank our asses while we watch your friend get her whipping.”

As we are walking through the club looking for some fresh meat, two guys come up to and begin to talk.  I see that they both have huge bulges in their skin tight pants.  I know that I would love to feel them deep in my pussy, so I am just waiting for their offer to spank my ass.

“Do either of you care for a spanking,” one asks.

I am about to say Yes, when Allison give the required response:  “How many and with what implement?”

“Well, its starting to get late, and I think that you two want to eventually spend some time in a Punishment Corner before the club closes,” the second one replies.  “Your choice:  12 smacks with a paddle plus one ball, or 24 smacks with a crop and you keep all your balls.”

Before I can respond, I hear Allison reply, “12 plus one.”  She then removes one of her red balls leaving her now with only two and hands it to the first guy.

“How about you, Blondie?” the second guy says. 

Now, I want to puke.  Even though I am a natural blonde, I hate the term Blondie.  Now I am considering telling him no, but that will leave me with only two balls.  Then, I look at the bulges in his pants again.  What the Hell? I tell myself as I reach down, remove one of my red balls, hand it to the second guy, and reply:  “Lead the way, O Spanko Master.”

“How about the bondage boxes?” the first guy asks. 

Allison tells him thats OK as long as she can watch the proceeding up on the Disciplinary Spanking Stage. 

As we walk through the crowd towards the central spanking area, I see Amy Sue get stripped of her topless bathing suit and then get locked into the whipping frame totally naked with her ass facing the crowd.  As I walk to my spanking fate, and observe Amy Sue awaiting hers, I hear the loudspeaker again:

“How about it, fellow Spankos.  This bitch still had all six balls when she was selected by our Lottery.  What do you say?  10 spanks per ball?  15 spanks per ball?  20 spanks per ball?”

I cringe when I hear the last part of that statement.  20 spanks per ball times 6 balls.  Thats 120 spanks.  Thats not fun.  Thats sadistic.   I want to ask Allison if thats legal. 

But, just as I am about to ask, we walk over to two square wooden boxes sitting on the floor.  Each box is about 4 x 4 x 6” and has four holes two for ankles and two for wrists cut into the top of the box.  Allison waits for one of the two guys to pull open one of the top folding sections of the box that allows her access to the two ankle holes.   She then steps in and places her ankles against the front of the two larger openings before he closes the folding section, locking her ankles into the box.  When the other guy opens a similar section on the other floor bondage box, I follow Allisons lead, step in, and allow my ankles to be locked into the box.

Next, when to front openings are lifted, both Allison and I lean forward and extend our wrists into the smaller openings.  Moments later we both have our wrists and ankles locked into the floor bondage boxes, forcing us to be bent at the waist with our asses presented as a perfect target for spanking and more.  But, later I learn that more is not allowed inside Spankos.  Its a spanking club, not a sex or swingers club.

Just before Allison or I receive our first paddle swat, the loudspeaker blares out a new message:

“Well, I have been informed that closing time is only 90 minutes away.  So, the decision of the Disciplinary Spanking Master is this:  90 swats with the paddle and the rest of the night in the Punishment Corner.  Let the fun begin.”

As our paddling begins all I can hear is a bunch of cheering coming from down near the Disciplinary Spanking Stage.  I cannot hear any of the blows landing on Amy Sues ass primarily because my attentions are now focused on my own paddling.  With each blow I look over to Allison, who has a big grin on her face.  But, its more than a grin.  I think that shes one kinky broad whos en route to a spanking orgasm.  I think that I will be there soon, but this one paddling will not be enough. 

Our paddling lasts about 15 minutes, and after it ends Allison and I head back to where we had left her brother.  Now as I walk through the crowd, I see that most of the spankos both men and women are now down to either one or two balls hanging from their tit chains.  While en route, we pass three guys two of which are absolute nerds.  As we get near them, Allison leans to me and whispers, “You ready for some Punishment Corner time.”

One by one, each asks us both to bend over for a hand spanking.  But, neither Allison nor I are interested in the two nerds and we turn them down.  Of course, that costs us the remainder of our balls.  If we turn down the third guy, with our tit chains empty of balls, we immediately will be taken to the Disciplinary Spanking stage.  But, instead we both agree to 25 hand spanks from the third guy.  Nothing special.  In fact, we dont even go over to the central spanking area.  One at a time we just bend over, grab our ankles, and let him spank our buns with his hand. 

After he spanks us both, we merely continue on our merry way.  When we get back over to Donald, I tell him that Im still thirsty.  He tells me that he will get me a drink, but it will cost me 25 hand spanks.  I agree and off he goes to buy my Vodka tonic.  When he returns, Donald tells me that he will collect on my spanking.  But, he suggests that we do it back at his apartment after the club closes. 

As we are talking, I spot Amy Sue getting removed from the whipping frame on the Disciplinary Spanking Stage and taken towards the Disciplinary Corner.  Just as I am finishing my drink, I hear the loudspeaker blaring another message:

“Well, spankos:  One hour to closing.  You know what that means:  Its time for all Spanko bottoms that have already lost their balls to be disciplined!”

“Well, well, well,” Donald replies as he points at Allison and me.  “Looky what we have here.  And, its Cat-O-9-Tails night.”

Before we can say anything, two of the clubs bouncers descend upon us and grab us by our arms and begin leading us towards the Disciplinary Punishment Stage. 

I look over to Allison and see a look of concern on her face.  She doesnt say anything out loud, but she does mime the words, I forgot that its Cat-O-9-Tails night.  Oh, Fuck!

Oh, shit! I want to yell.  But, I also dont want them to know that Im scared.  So, I just keep my mouth shut until I can see exactly what is going to happen.  But, then I also know that after what I endured in Lesbonia, the res, and in Horatios sexual slavery town, a spanking with a Cat-O-9-Tails should be nothing new.

Allison and I are eventually taken up onto the Disciplinary Spanking Stage.  The Spanking Master has us stand side by side, facing the crowd, while he strips Allison of her teardrop micro G-string bikini bottom first.  As Im standing there waiting to have my topless thong suit stripped from my body, I look over to the Disciplinary Corner and see Amy Sues body under assault.  Shes got two guys and a gal all reaching around her body fondling various body parts.  I also begin to get wet thinking that as soon as Allison and I are whipped, we will be down there providing both men and women similar fondling and fingering fun.

As soon as I am stripped naked, the Spanking Master picks up the microphone and the loudspeakers begin blaring away:

“Well, fellow Spankoholics:  Its time to punish our 60-minute losers.  Tonight we are lucky because they both are cunts.  What would you like to see?  Should I tie them together then whip them as one?  How about a little tit torture?  How many?  Its 60 minutes till closing.  Should we give them all 60?  Any suggestions, my spankoholic friends?”

All Allison and I can hear is a bunch of noise.  Yelling, screaming, even some begging.  But, we cant tell what theyre saying, for everyone is talking all at once.  I dont know how the Spanking Master can hear anything either.  He probably cant.  Hes probably just going to do what he wants no matter what.

“OK, fellow spankos.  The Disciplinary Spanking Master has decided that were going to chain them together, face to face, tit to tit.  In fact, we will chain their tits together so that if one pulls away after receiving a stroke with the Cat, she will be pulling on both her tit and her spanking partners tits, too.  What do you say?  Lets give them both all 60!”

With that announcement, suddenly a chain drops down from above our heads.  One chain, two sets of wrist cuffs.  We are made to stand face to face, tit to tit, while he unhooks the nipple clamp on my right tit and Allisons left one, then crosses them and re-attaches them to each others respective tit.  So, now our left tits are connected together as are our right boobies.  But, since we are facing each other, the chains crisscross near our cleavage, and any sudden movement by either of us will cause both of us to have our tits tortured. 

After our tits are connected together, we are told to reach over our heads, where our wrists are attached to cuffs hanging from the chain.  Once we are cuffed, the chain begins to rise and eventually we both are hanging by our wrists about 2 above the floor, and as we begin to swing our tit torture has already begun.

“OK, Spankos.  Here we go!”


Suddenly I hear the Cat land on Allisons ass.  Naturally, she reacts by pulling her body backwards.  This, naturally, pulls my tits with hers. 


The next lash lands on my right ass cheek.  I also jerk my body, pulling on both of our tits.

“One!” the crowd yells.  “Give them another!”

“Kiss me,” Allison says after we come back together.  “Tongue fuck my face.  It always makes the spanking more enjoyable.”

Of course, I have always been bisexual.  I love fucking cunts as well as cocks.  However, kissing other women has never been at the top of my wish list.  I do it whenever I have to in order to get to eat pussy, or to get my cunt eaten by another pussy.  But kissing another broad has never been high on my priorities.  However, under the circumstances, her suggestion sounds great, so I lean forward and meet her halfway.  Mouth wide open; tongue searching for a target.  Right before I hear the Cat land on her ass a second time I feel her tongue enter my mouth.


Pain shoots through my tits again, but she only kisses me harder when the lash lands on her ass.


This time the pain is in both my right ass cheek and tits.  But, I am beginning to enjoy my mouth tongue fuck.

“Two!” the crowd yells again.  “Give them another!”


Again, pain shoots through my tits.


This time the pain is in my left ass cheek and both tits.

I dont know how much more of this that I can stand.

Our whipping continues for about 20 minutes, and then suddenly I hear…


“60!” the crowd yells.  “Its triple lottery time!”

Chapter Eleven

Right before the official closing time, and while I have about four different hands either feeling my tits and ass, or fingering my asshole and cunt while I am chained in a Punishment Corner, Donald steps behind me, presses his cock enraged jeans against my ass, and reminds me that he still owes me a spanking. 

I politely tell him that I will gladly go back to his place with him where he can do more than spank me if he wants.  I also tell him that Amy Sue will be with me, and we both need something to eat and a place to stay tonight.  Then, I ask him if he can handle the two of us.  He just smiles and says that he lives with his step-sister, and that somehow we will figure something out.  I just smile and tell him that keeping Allison happy will be Amy Sues job.

It takes a while after the club is officially closes for us to run down our topless bathing suits.  Allison tells us not to worry about her teardrop micro bottom.   After which we catch up with Donald, whos now also topless, and Allison, who is still totally naked in the valet parking waiting area.  When he sees that our ride is a Camaro convertible, and were traveling with the top down, he suggests that we split up. 

He says that he knows the local cops, and if they see Amy Sue and me riding with our tits out, we probably will get arrested.  After all, despite what happens inside Spankos club, its still a conservative, cowboy town.  I ask about Allison riding naked and he says that most of the cops have fucked her at least once, and none of them will mess with her tonight.  If they do, she will just black-list them from her pussy.  Interesting defense. 

So, Amy Sue agrees to ride with Allison in our Camaro and I jump into Donalds Z3.  We tell the girls to head back to Donalds place, for were going to get some Chinese take-out on the way home.  When we get to Davids condo, I am surprised at what I see.  Not my best friend, for shes wearing her black topless thong bathing suit our traveling outfit.  But, when Allison turns around I see that shes now wearing or almost wearing a new outfit. 

Only, its about as daring as anyone can be without going totally naked.  For, shes wearing a one-string-only bottom bikini.  Her bottom is nothing but strings tied together and the one going through her legs is pulled up into her camel toe on the front and her ass cheeks in the back.  She also is completely topless.

“Well, look at that!” I exclaim when I see her attire.

“As you can see, shes an exhibitionist at heart,” Donald replies.  “Shes only wearing that because I have a rule that requires everyone entering my condo to display their naked tits at all times. That outfit also comes with a one-string-only top.  Just strings shaped in a triangle outlining her massive mammaries and allowing everyone to see her rather beautiful and fully engorged nipples on display.  And, that outfit would meet my tits on display rule.  This is her way of getting even.”

“How about you two?” Allison asks Amy Sue and me.  “Ive got extras.  Wanna see what a one-string-only bottom bikini feels like?”

“Id rather see what Donalds rock hard cock feels like,” I answer.

“Me, too,” Amy Sue replies.  “Thats a big yes to both questions.”

“Well, first of all,” Donald answers while starring straight at me.  “You owe me 25 hand spanks.  Allison, why dont you take them both back and see if you have something appropriate for them to wear.  You might throw their clothing, what there is of it, into the washer.  Im sure that after tonight it doesnt smell very good, and theyll probably want to wear it sometime tomorrow.  While youre doing that, Ill set the table so that we can have some nourishment before we play.”

“Sounds good to me,” I reply. 

Allison and Amy Sue also both agree as we head down the hall.  When we get to her room, Allison digs into a drawer loaded with string bikinis.  Obviously she doesnt wear a full set of clothes much.  She pulls out two more one-string bottom micro bikinis one black and one red, just like the topless thong suits that were wearing now.  When I put mine on, it feels very tight and I feel the bottom micro G-string getting pulled tight between my ass cheeks and into my slit.  Allison says thats how theyre designed. 

She says she love them tight because they give her the same sensation as a crotch rope.  She loves the constant pressure on her insides especially her clit.  I can see what she means and decide to give it a try.  Amy Sue, on the other hand, does not even flinch.  She places hers between her cheeks and camel toe like its nothing new.

Then, to our surprise, Allison says that Donald also asks that she give us something appropriate for us to wear tonight.  With that, she pulls out two sets of wrist cuffs.  She says that whenever shes not working around the condo, Donald always keeps her cuffed.  As soon as shes done cleaning up the table later, she also will be cuffed.  But, for now, Donald wants us especially me cuffed while he spanks us especially me.

So, Amy Sue and I both turn or bodies and allow Allison to cuff our wrists together behind our backs.  Then, we head down the hall wearing nothing except a modified crotch rope and a set of wrist cuffs knowing full well that very soon we will be bent over a couch or chair while getting our asses tanned and loving every second of it.  Were halfway down the hall when Allison says that she needs to get something, turns, and then heads back into her room.

As we enter the living/dining area of the condo, I see that Donald is now wearing a pair of leather chaps.  Leather covers the front and back of his legs, but his ass and crotch are open and available.  Above the waist hes bare chest naked.  And, very sexy!  Allison was right earlier when she said that her brother has a big cock.   I cant wait to feel it in any of my holes.

As we re-enter the common area, Donald guides both Allison and me over to his sofa, which now is pulled out about 5 from the wall into the center of the room.  He tells us both to go around to the back of the sofa and then lean forward until our heads are resting on the seat cushions.  Of course, this means that our asses, as well as our bottom holes, will be available for his pleasure once we are in position.  But, thats what Ive been waiting for all night.

Just as we take our positions on the sofa, we get another surprise.  This time its Allison.  She also re-enters the room.  Only shes no longer wearing the one-string-only micro bikini bottom.  Shes now wearing a set of chaps just like her brother complete with open crotch and ass.  Her outfit, and the one her brother is wearing, gives them both a very domineering appearance.  I guess thats what they had planned all along.  Amy Sue and I must have been easy pickings at the club.  But, who cares.  Its party time!

Soon they both take positions directly in front of us.  Donald and his cock are starring me in the face while Allison and her cunt are doing the same to Amy Sue.  Both are holding leather floggers.  Donald announces that we both owe them one nights room and board, and its time to collect.  Funny, they havent figured out that this is exactly how weve been financing our trip for several weeks now.  Not only that, but I cant wait to begins sucking that beautiful cock.

Next, Allison climbs onto the sofa, plants her knees beside Amy Sues head, pulls Amy Sues head up by her hair, forces Amy Sues face into her cunt, and then gives a one-word command:  “EAT!”  Donald does the same to me, only his command is:  “SUCK!”  Then, as Amy Sue and I begin to service them orally, both Donald and Allison begin to whip our asses with their leather floggers.  Between the cock pounding my mouth and the flogger pounding my ass, Im in seventh heaven.  God, Im turning into such a pain slut!

Id love to say that Im enjoying sucking Donalds cock.   Dont get me wrong.  Im definitely enjoying it pounding into and out of my mouth.  But, Im not in control.  Im not sucking his cock.  His cock is fucking my mouth.  Hes got a grip on the back of my head, holding my head still while he fucks my mouth.  God, its lovely.  I can feel him plunging deeper and deeper into my throat.  I also can feel him getting bigger and bigger with each thrust.

“O-M-G!” (Oh, my God!)  Allison exclaims.  “This bitch is good.  Shes a great cunt licker!”

“This one a good, too,” Donald replies.  “You were right, Sister, when you said that these two would be great subby sluts for us.”

Of course, neither Amy Sue nor I can respond, for our mouths are busy right now.  Even if I wanted to stop long enough to talk, Donald is holding my head while he continues to fuck my mouth.  Ditto for Allison.  Donald is not coordinating the flogger strokes so that each of his cock thrusts into my mouth is timed to match each of the flogger smacks on my ass.  Fuck!  It feels great!

My joint mouth fucking and flogging continues for about five minutes.  With each thrust, Donalds cock pounds the back of my throat.  I try to deep throat him, but hes holding my head in an angle that does not allow me to fully open the back of my throat.  Hes both rough and gentle.  He is holding my head still and keeps fucking it like its a pussy. 

But, he also does it in a manner that makes it enjoyable to me.  Im getting my mouth fucked not raped.  Again, Donald has opened my eyes.  I definitely have turned into a pain slut.  I am totally enjoying my dual fucking and flogging.  Now, I cant wait to feel his baby makers filling my mouth, and from the feel of his cock, thats going to be soon.

“Switch,” Donald suddenly exclaims as he pulls his cock from my face. 

I glace to my right and see that Allison has pulled her pussy away from Allisons face, too.  Donald tells me to stay in position and then walks behind the sofa and I feel his cock against my now soaking wet puss.  Just as I feel him thrust deep into my cunt, I see Allison walking by.  Shes now sporting a 9” dong from her groin.  It appears that one if not both of us are going to get fucked by her dong before the nights over.

Donald continues to fuck me.  Hes not gentle.  Normally, one would call the fucking that I am receiving rape.  But, rape insinuates that the recipient is getting fucked against her will.  I am getting forced fucked.  But, I am totally enjoying it.  Yes, I want him to fuck me rough.  Rough and ready for more.  He continues to thrust deep into my twat.  With each thrust, his abdomen and balls bounce off my ass.  My very red, very bruised, and very sore ass. 

I love it.  Before I began my journey into the world of pain as pleasure, I would have fought hard to avoid what is happening right now.  But, now I will fight hard to insure that it continues.  But, just as I am about to climax from the constant pounding of my puss and my ass, I feel him get tense, grab my hips, make one last powerful thrust deep into my cunt, and then explode.  Thousands of baby makers flood my love canal.  Thank God for the pill.  Or, else I would be giving him a bastard in nine months.

He holds his cock deep in my cunt for at least three minutes, and then I feel it begin to go soft.  He slowly withdraws much to my displeasure.  I want him to leave it there forever.  But, certain laws of physics never change.  Other male mammals see their dicks expand when they shoot their loads to insure that their sperm does not escape prior to penetrating the females eggs.  But, not the male human.  Their cocks always go soft and shrink after they shoot their wad.

After his cock escapes my twat, he walks around to the front, doesnt say a word, and then presents his cock to my mouth.  Its clean-up time.  I open my mouth to allow his monster in for a good oral cleansing.  As I begin to suck him clean of our juices, he orders Allison to clean me up.  Allison begrudgingly pulls her strap-on dong out of Amy Sues pussy and then kneels behind me.  I hear her tell Amy Sue to get off the sofa, kneel behind her, and lick her ass.  Allison then leans forward and begins to lick my creampie from my puss.  Now, Im in seventh heaven again.  A dirty cock in my mouth and a tongue in my dirty cunt.  I couldnt ask for more.

Eventually Donald gets hard again.  Hes ready for round two.  Only round two means that Amy Sue gets the real thing and I get the fake dick.  But, who cares.  Just so something is pounding my puss.  Round two is a duplicate of round one.  When Donald is done fucking Amy Sue, Allison must clean Amy Sues creampie while I get to tongue fuck her asshole.  Then, when everyone is done, Donald announces that its time for some food.

Donald and Allison lead Amy Sue and me, still with our wrists cuffed behind our backs, into the condos cute, but tiny, kitchen.  I see a small table with only two place settings and chairs pushed against the wall.  All the Chinese takeout that Donald and I purchased earlier are also sitting on the table. 

They lead us over to the table, tell us to get down on our knees, and then have us kneel beside the table while they sit in the two chairs.  Then, then fill their two plates with the Chinese before beginning to feed us like some people feed their dogs.  They take a bite before giving us one.  But, Im so hungry that I dont care.  Like a dog, Im just happy to be getting table scraps.

The four of us continue eating without saying anything.  No conversation.  Just nourishment.  Just like our sex was done without any conversation.  Its obvious that they see us as second class citizens or sex slaves.  Definitely not their equals.  Hell, we had more respect in Lesbonia than here.  Or, at least more conversation.  But, right now neither of us can do anything about our situation.  Other than just taking it one step at a time.

After about 30 minutes of quiet eating, we finally finish the last of the Chinese.  I am stuffed.  Im not sure about Amy, but I could get to like this lifestyle.  No worries.  No cares.  No decision making.  No financial worries.  Just pure obedience and plenty of sex.  But, I would like a little conversation now and then.  Just as I finish that thought, like hes been reading my mind, Donald announces that we should go back into the living room.  Only this time he and Allison take a position on the sofa while Amy Sue and I are again told to kneel on the floor.

“Well, girls,” Donald starts.  “It sure was an interesting night.  Maxine, Ive never seen anyone who likes getting her ass spanked as much as my darling sister.  But, tonight I think that you gave her a good run for her money.  Or, is that her ass.  Either way, you two were a perfect pair at Spankos.   Well, girls, any questions?”

“Yes,” I reply.  “Do you really fuck your sister?”

“Step-sister,” Allison answers.  “Donald and I are both bastards from the fame father.  Our old man has a bunch of bastards all over this area.  He loved the old 4F method of romance.”

“4F?” Amy Sue asks.

“Find em, Feel em, Fuck em, Forget em,” Allison replies.  “Donald and I are both bastards from the same prick, but we never knew each other until about nine months ago when we met at a BDSM club.  At that same time I was doing some ancestry checking on some website and learned about Daddys list of indiscretions.  Somehow both our names were listed as his bastard kids.  Anyway, we got together for a play session at the club and hit it off.  Later, after he beat my ass good at the club, we went back to his place for some fucking.”

“Somehow we started talking and I learned that he and I are actually step-brother and step-sister.  But, that doesnt bother us.  Weve been fuckbuddies and lovers ever since.  As you can see, hes a natural spanko top and BDSM Dom.  Im a natural spanko bottom and BDSM switch.” 

“Ive also become quite good at spotting potential spanko bottoms and BDMS slaves.  I knew after talking with you, Maxine, for about five minutes that you would be perfect for our private fun time.  I also figured that you, Amy Sue, would be great, too.  How about you two?  What are you two doing here?”

“Well,” Amy Sue replies. 

She goes on and relates our brief history, tells them about our experiences in New York and how weve been fucking our way across the country, the trouble we had in Lesbonia, the res, and Horatios little sex slave world.  She also tells them about meeting Dorothy, and how Dorothy suggested that we stop by Spankos en route to the Left Coast.

“Well, slaves,” Donald replies.  “As you can see its already dawn outside.  “Weve been up for almost 24 hours.  Allison and I are running on empty and are going to take a play break and get some sleep.  Do you want to take off now, or do you want to camp out here for a while?”

“Are you inviting us to spend some time living here with you two?” Amy Sue replies.

“You can stay as long as you want,” Donald replies.  “Just remember:  If you stay, you stay as our sex slaves.  Still interested?”

“Can we answer that question after we all get some sleep?” I reply.  “Weve been up for almost 36 hours.  I cant even think straight right now.”

“Consider it done,” Allison replies.  “Just lay down on the floor and well get you ready for some sleep time.”

Neither Amy Sue nor I understand what Allison just asked us to do, so both she and Donald come over to us, help us lay down on the floor, and then roll us over onto our fronts.  I am really surprised, and perplexed, when I see that my head is besides Amy Sues feet, and vice versa.  Then, without saying anything, Allison pulls out two more sets of cuffs while, one by one, Donald pulls our legs together.  Allison then cuffs our ankles together, and then they both pull our legs forward until they can tie the two cuffs together leaving us in a hogtie. 

Then, they roll us onto our sides so that I am looking directly at Amy Sues cunt, and, obviously, she must get getting a good view of mine.  Donald then explains that if we stay, this will be our normal sleeping position.  With that, they turn out the lights and head down the hall to their bedrooms.  Now I cannot see Amy Sues pussy, but I can sure smell her juices.  She must be getting my aroma, too, for once again I am horny as Hell.

“Hey, bitch,” Amy Sue says.  “How about eating my cunt?  In fact, Ill do yours if you do mine.”

I dont say anything.  I just wiggle my body over next to hers, lean my head forward until its between her legs, and start lapping away at her womanly juices.  At about the same time I feel her tongue on mine.  From down the hall I can hear spanking noises.  Evidently Allison is getting her before fuck spanking as Amy and I eat each other out.  However, it does not take long before both Amy Sue and I have a Big O’’, and shortly thereafter we fall asleep.

C hapter Twelve

I dont know how long were asleep, but eventually Donald and Allison return.  Only now Donald is dressed in his leather pants again the same ones he wore last night at Spankos.  Only, Allison is back to wearing a one-string-only bottom micro bikini, and now she also has her wrists cuffed behind her back.  Shes also wearing a dog collar around her neck.  Of course, the bottom bikini is pulled tight and is acting like a crotch rope, tugging on her clit with her ever step.

“Well, sluts,” Donald says to me.  “Just for the record, you can leave any time you like.  You are not prisoners.  Just say the word and I will uncuff your wrists, give you your clothes back, and even give you directions that will allow you to reach your next destination without going on the major roads.  That will enable you to stay away from the truckers or freaks who wouldnt hesitate to attack sexy things like you two.  Or, you could go to the BDSM club with Allison and me tonight.  But, if you do, you will go as my slaves.”

“Tonights All-Anal Night,” Allison adds.  “The only fucking tonight permitted is anal.  And, one of the rules says that you must be whipped before your assfucked.  It will be fun.”

“Can your asshole take that much fun?” I ask Amy Sue as I give her a devilish grin.

“My ass can take more than yours!” she responds. 

“Sounds like we have a challenge,” Donald replies.  “Remember, losers of a challenge must become the slaves of the winner for the next week.  Actually, thats how I got Allison dressed like she is now.  She bet me that I couldnt cum in less than five minutes last night after we went down the hall.  Shes my slave for the next week now.”

“OK, bitch,” Amy Sue replies.  “I bet that I get more cocks up my ass tonight than you.” 

“Are we counting individual cocks, or do multiples count too?” I ask.

“Total cocks,” she replies.  It doesnt matter if the same guy does you more than once.  Total cocks.  How about a side bet.  We also measure anal creampies?  Whoever pushes the least anal creampie out of her ass at the end of the evening…”

“…must walk home totally naked?” Allison replies.  “And, for safetys sake, Ill walk home with her, too.”

“Naked?” Donald asks.

“Fuckin right,” Allison replies.  “I love to walk home, totally drunk, with a bright red ass and cum dripping out of all of my holes, while totally naked.  Come on, girls.  It will be fun.”

“OK,” Amy Sue replies.  “Wheres my bottom string bikini?” 

I also nod in agreement, and Allison hands us both the same one-string-only bottom bikinis that we were wearing last night before our fucking began.  Donald also suggests that we take our Camaro, since it can hold four people.  We need seating for four to get there, but only two to get home since Allison and at least one other will be walking in their birthday suits.  So we all jump in our Camaro, but we decide to let Donald do the driving since the rest of us are basically naked. 

Suddenly as we are pulling out of the little town, I recognize the road that were on.  Its the same one we used last night to get to their little town.  When I ask Amy Sue if it looks familiar, she suddenly realizes where we are.  When I ask Donald, he only smiles, steps on the accelerator, and makes the motor hum.  Then, with a big smile on his face, he tells us that the BDSM club that he and Allison belong is the same one we were in with Dorothy two days ago.  Were going to spend the evening there, and all three of us are going to be club slaves.

“Besides,” Allison says.  “Dorothy is one of our bastard sisters.  The only difference is that her mother is Daddys first one-night conquest, and shes the oldest of the group.  That, and shes a great fuck.”

It is about 9 PM when we arrive at the BDSM club, and Dorothy is one of the slaves tending the door.  Only she is not wearing the topless thong bathing suit that she told Amy Sue and Me that is the required outfit for the clubs switches.  Instead, she, too, is totally, bare-ass naked.  The only thing that shes wearing is a slave collar around her neck and the mandatory 6” Fuck Me! stilettos.

“Well, Master Donald, what do we have here?” Dorothy asks as he leads us up onto the back porch.

“I think you know Slave Allison,” Donald replies.  “Slave Allison, please report to the Slave Master.  Slave Dorothy, I also believe that you know my two newest slaves, Slave Amy Sue and Slave Maxine.  In fact, I hear that you are responsible for a good ass whipping that they got a couple of days ago.  Please collar them and then take them down to the Slave Master and tell her that we have two new slaves to be indoctrinated this weekend.”

After Donald leaves, and as Dorothy leads us through the house, Amy Sue realizes that weve been set up.  Of course, I knew it as soon as we began our car ride over here.  I just did not say anything because to me it is not a big deal.  In fact, the closer we got to the club, the more I began to anticipate another day of spanking and fucking.

“Listen, bitch,” Amy Sue says to Dorothy.  “You lied to us over and over again ever since we left your house two days ago.  What the fuck did we ever do to you to make you so pissed at us?”

“Slave Amy Sue,” Dorothy replies.  “First of all, I didnt do anything to you that was not warranted as part of your qualification process.  What I told you about Horatio was true and you are much better to be away from him.  As for this:  You chose to come back here voluntarily.  Donald never forces anyone to become his slave.  You did it voluntarily.  So, shut the fuck up and enjoy your time here.”

“One last thing.” Dorothy adds.  “Just a warning:  Dont ever let a Master or Mistress hear you call another slave bitch, or anything else derogatory.  Thats an automatic 50 with the whip.  Trust me:  Most of the Masters here can whip much better and harder than those bitches working for Horatio.  You dont want to be on the receiving end of 50 with the whip here.”

With that warning, she leads us up to the second floor Fuckin Rooms.  I am not expecting to see anything different than what we saw when we were here about 24 hours ago.  But, as we get closer, I hear screams and other sounds of BDSM pleasure.  I get a real surprise when we go into one of the rooms and the bed is pushed against the far wall.  In the middle of the room is a spanking horse complete with both wrist and ankle cuffs attached to its legs.  When I ask Dorothy about the horse, she reminds me that the theme for tonight is All-Anal Night

These special spanking horses are used for first whipping, and then anal fucking, any slave at any time.  Next, she takes us to another room one where the door had been closed.  Inside we see a slave bound over one of the spanking horses getting her butt whipped with a leather flogger.  In the next room we see another slave with a very red butt getting her asshole fucked.  After that, Dorothy announces that its time for her to introduce us the Slave Master and tells us to follow her down into the basement.

When we arrive, I see about 25 Masters down there in various, but sexy, dress and about 30 totally naked slaves both male and female.  All of the female slaves who are not getting fucked, whipped, are not attached to a cross or other punishment device, or are not hanging from the ceiling, are wearing those same tit-mounted serving trays that we almost were forced to wear back at Horatios town.  As I look around, I see that Allisons beautiful tits are framed by her serving tray loaded with three drinks as shes walking across the dungeon.

When Donald sees us enter, he calls us over and introduces us to the Slave Master, an African-American woman with Amazonian type features.  Shes about 6 tall, at least 150 pounds, and has some rather large biceps.  I dont know if shes a dyke or straight.  All I know for sure is that I dont want to make her mad.  He tells her that we are having a challenge match tonight and to put us on the special horses

She immediately takes us over to a very unique spanking bench called the Spankmeister.  Its unique design keeps the victims ass, genitals, back, front (including tits) and face all available for use or punishment.  We both are made to mount the device by placing our knees and lower legs on wooden brackets that angle out from the benchs outer rear legs.  The Spank Master quickly straps our ankles, knees, and calves into place before having us lean forward.  Our hips are supported by a small support pad one that only makes contact in the upper hip area at the waist.  

She attaches a belt across the top of our waist, anchoring our hips onto the support.  This position leaves our pussies and assholes available for either whipping or sexual torture while still providing us with a minimum of abdominal support.  In addition, our upper bodies are supported by a narrow padded wooden bracket that, when adjusted to our body size, supports the top of our shoulders only.  This leaves our backs, fronts, and tits available for either whipping or sexual torture. 

Our head also comes to rest in a circular bracket that is slightly tilted upwards (chin to forehead) that supports our head, but leaves access to our face especially our mouth and nose for all kinds of sexual fun.  But, before our faces are anchored into the support with a belt is pulled across the back of our heads, double ring gags are inserted into our mouths, therefore keeping them open and accessible for cocks. 

Lastly, our arms are pulled downward and are locked into Velcro wrist cuffs, which will keep us from using our arms to protect whatever part of our body that is receiving any punishment or sexual assault.  Oh, yes, the Spankmeister has one last feature.  It also comes with a small platform that fits between the leg brackets, which give shorter patrons easier access to our assholes. 

After all, the name of the game tonight is for us to see how many cocks we can take in our poop shoots, and keep as much cum we can keep in our assholes.  After all, the loser of this competition will be walking home naked and will be serving as the slave of the winner for the next week.  I dont plan to do either.

“Masters and Slaves,” the Slave Master announces.  “I am sure that many of you are curious about these two bitches we have just secured in the Spankmeister.  Both are guests of Master Donald and Slave Allison.  Both also are here to conduct a BDSM Challenge.  Of course, in keeping with our All-Anal Night theme for tonight, their BDSM Challenge is to see which of these two bitches can take the most cock up the ass tonight.  The loser, as is normally the case, becomes the slave of the winner for the next week.”

Well, I say to myself.  Our secret is out.  The only thing left is a very sore asshole.

“Since neither of these two bitches is a club member,” the Slave Master continues.  “The rules have been modified slightly.  Anyone wishing to assfuck either of these two bitches must surrender his or her own ass, or that of his or her slave, for 10 lashes with the crop.  Once that price has been paid, he or she can pick either of these two lovely assholes and he, or another designated male, can fuck it until he fills it with cum.  Yes, we are also keeping track of how much cum is deposited in each shitter, and there is no time limit on each fuck.  Sorry, bitches, but for this BDSM Challenge, only real, live, male cocks are permitted.”

“One last thing,” the Slave Master reminds everyone.  “Remember, this is All-Anal Night.  BJs are off limits tonight.  The bitches mouths are for post fucking cleanup only.  Anyone violating this rule will be whipped.  Now, let the party begin!”

“Slave Allison,” Donald yells.  “Get your pretty little ass up here and pick our first target.”

Although neither Amy Sue nor I can see anything, it doesnt take long for me to feel Allisons body snuggle up against my ass.  Well, it looks like I will be the first butt fucked tonight.  I just hope that Im the last, too.  I really dont want to become Amy Sues bitch for the next week, nor do I want to walk home naked later tonight. 

Suddenly, I hear Allison getting her cropping and feel her body lunge against my ass with each stroke of the crop.  It only takes Donald a couple of minutes to deliver the strokes, and then I feel the head of his dick push against my rosebud.  I want to yell, Stop teasing me! at him.  But, of course, I cant say anything with my face buried in this dam spanking bench while wearing a double ring gag.

As Donald begins to stroke his cock deep into and out of my ass, I suddenly hear some screams coming from my right.  I guess Amy Sues first victim is paying the tariff for her ass now.  My lead over her is very short lived.   But, God, right now I dont care.  Donald sure knows how to use his meat.  Ive been assfucked thousands of times in m short life, but so far he does it best.  Im not far from cumming.  Fill me up, you bastard, I need that cum!

Donald must assfuck me for a good 10 minutes before shooting his load into my bowels.  I can hear, but not see, Amy Sue receiving a similar anal experience.  Eventually I feel Donald tense up, stop dead, grab my hips, and then thrust deep into my gut one last time before filling me up with his baby makers. 

As soon as he comes back down to earth he withdraws his cock and walks around to where my face is anchored into Spankmeister, sticks his cock upwards and into my mouth for cleaning.  Nothing new.  I am getting used to it after every assfuck.  I am actually beginning to savor the flavors of his cum and my anal juices.  Thankfully, both Amy Sue and I had a triple dose of enema before leaving Donalds condo.

About that same time, I feel another body snuggle up next to my ass.  This time the spankee is male, for I can feel a cock wiggling between my legs.  Again, with each lash of the riding crop landing on his ass I feel his body surge forward into mine.  After 10 cracks with the crop, I steps back, lines the head of his cock up with my rosebud, and then thrusts forward.  Thank God I lubed my asshole good before coming here tonight.  This fucker didnt lube his prick with anything.

Our assfucking contest goes on for several hours.  I am not sure how many guys fucked my anal cavity.  After the first 50 or so you just lose track.  I probably will not be able to walk or sit much for the next week.  And, my rosebud probably will not close properly for at least that long.  Why did I agree to this stupid contest?

Eventually, I hear Dorothy come by and tell us that the club will be closing the Dungeon in about 10 minutes.  Thats probably just enough time for one last assfuck, and shes volunteered to take a cropping for one of her male Masters.  With that, she snuggles her cunt up next to my asshole while she reaches around and begins to play with my tits.  God, Im beginning to like this bitch.  Then, I hear the first crop swat land on her ass.  Not only does she lurch forward, pushing her cunt into my ass.  But, she also gives both of my tits a very painful pinch.  Again, I am really beginning to like this bitch.

Just as Dorothy receives her last lash, I hear the Slave Master announce that its Dungeon closing time and, therefore, our BDSM Challenge is over.  She asks for the totals and two large measuring cups.  She then begins to release us from our bondage.  However, as soon as our wrists are released from the Spankmeister, Allison comes over and re-cuffs our arms behind our backs.

“Donalds orders,” is all she says while cuffing us.

As soon as we are standing on our own feet (or should that be standing in our Fuck Me! stilettos), the Slave Master re-attaches a collar around our necks, a leash to the collar, and then pulls us forward into the center of the Dungeon.  She then tells us each to squat over two large plastic measuring cups and force all the cum you can out of your assholes

Embarrassing, to say the least.  Its worse than getting forced to piss in public.  But, its the only way to figure out which of us gets to walk home naked with Allison.  After about five minutes of squatting, and knowing that my asshole itself must be the size of the Grand Canyon right now, the Spank Master finally announces:  “We have a winner!”

“Contestant Number One, Slave Amy Sue,” she announces for all to hear.  “Slave Amy Sue was ass fucked by 131 different cocks tonight.  Thats a new club record.  In addition, her accumulated cum total is 48 ounces of wasted baby makers.  Again, a new club record.”

Right now I am feeling very low.  I am not only about to become Amy Sues bitch for the next week, but I also get to walk back to Donalds condo bare ass naked.  Well, at least Allison will be there to keep me company.

“Now, for Contestant Number Two, Slave Maxine,” the Slave Master continues.  “Slave Maxine was ass fucked by 136 cocks tonight.  Some of them were repeaters.  But, according to the rules, repeaters also count.  So, officially Slave Maxine was assfucked by 136 cocks tonight.  The winner of part one of the BDSM Assfucking Challenge is:  Slave Maxine with a new club record of 136 cocks.  Slave Maxine, you can claim your sex slave whenever you want.”

I give Amy Sue a quick look and see that shes very disappointed.  She thought that she had the contest won.  But, so did I.

“Now, for part two of the BDSM Assfucking Challenge:  Slave Amy Sue collected 48 ounces of cum.  Slave Maxine collected:  (she pauses, making us all wait with anticipation) 51 ounces, a new club record.  Slave Amy Sue, it looks like you will be walking home naked, too!”

When I realize that I have won both portions of our Challenge, I quietly, and without saying anything, I calmly walk over and take Amy Sues leash.  But, instead of embarrassing her, I just hand the collar to Allison and tell her that I will see them both at home in the morning.

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