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Review This Story || Author: J. Morris

Glory Hole Torture

Part 1

  You might remember my wife, Cindy, and her new boyfriend Mac....from my first story  "Morning at my house".....if not check it out and you'll get some history on a very unique relationship.

   Anyway.....When my life fell apart, lost my job, blew most of my money, totally fucked up my marriage feeling sorry for myself, and finally was sentenced to "house arrest" into the custody of my wife following my second DUI resulting in very intense property damage....Cindy announced that enough was enough.  I had a choice, 3 to 5 years in jail...or persue a fantasy  we had discussed years ago, but on a much smaller scale...become her boytoy, her slave, her submissive BITCH!

   Cindy bacame a whole new person once she tasted absolute dominance over me, and actually, so did I.  It wasn't until her new lover and boyfriend Mac moved in that I realized the severity of my situation.

    Mac was already eating breakfast when Cindy led me into the living room on all fours.  Mac threw me a casual glance and continued reading his morning newspaper. 

   "Take your place Bitch" Cindy ordered. 

   Mac, naked of course, spread his legs under the table and I silently crawled between them and pushed my head between his legs.  His cock was already half hard...and rising to its proud almost 9 inches quickly.  I wasn't allowed to actually touch him,  I opened my mouth and took his cock into my throat...balls deep like I was "trained" to do.   I remained unmoving as it grew until it filled my throat and had to back off an inch or so to breathe. 

   Above me the smell of fresh coffee, bacon and eggs was driving me crazy.  I could smell it despite the raunch of Macs thick bush that reeked of sweat, piss, cum and pussy juice from his morning fuck  with Cindy less than  an hour ago.  Mac spread his legs a little wider and I started my morning up and down along his thick shaft. 

   The two of them chatted pleasantly while I sucked.  I wanted him to cum, as badly as I didn't...I hated him cumming in my mouth whenever he felt like it, but I wanted him to so I could get him out of my mouth. This was a daily ritual and not just for breakfast.  I performed this task at every meal, even when there were others in the house, and usually shared my talents with them as well.

   "Hows your eggs?" Cindy asked him.

   "Great, just the way I like 'em" Mac replied......

   "Did you prepare... his?"

   I heard Cindy giggle as she responded.

   "In his ass, just like you wanted!" she said.

   Actually, hours ago, Cindy blended several raw eggs, and a couple sausage links,  in the blender and using a speculum and a big spoon, she poured the goo into my ass!   I'd been holding it all night...once the two of them finished breakfast, I would squirt them out into a frying pan, cook them up and eat them from a plate on the floor.  If I didn't do well on my first blowjob of the day, I often ate it raw.    Of course it was properly was injected into me right after Mac had fucked me and cum in my ass. 

   I continued to suck Macs cock until he erupted down my throat without a word. Mac was a really big cummer, every load didn't shoot out, it just sort of oozed out, thick and slow, and I had to swallow hard several times to get it all down, and it took a long time to get it all out of my mouth afterwards.  Without being released, I held his slowly softening cock in my mouth for another 20 minutes or so.

   "I was thinking of taking him .......out...tonite"  Mac announced above me.

  "OUT?"  Cindy asked....

   "Where?......the police said if they find him naked and tied between those trees in the park again, they were going to lock him up!"

   "NO.....not the park again..."Mac laughed

   "I was thinking....the glory The Den"

   The Den was one of Macs businesses, he owned a dozen adult bookstores and theatres and arcades which provided him enough income that he seldom ctually had to work, leaving him plenty of time with my wife, and me to torture and abuse. The Den was the sleaziest, and in the sleaziest part of town.  The police didn't even bother busting the place anymore...for everything from prostitution to what they called public nudity and illicit the arcade where every booth had a hole in the wall for guys to stick their cocks thru.

   I was pushed away and left to fix my raunchy breakfast while Mac took Cindy into the bedroom and laid out his plans for the evening.  I couldn't hear much, but I did hear Cindy giggling and her final statement to Mac......

   "You're a sick bastard" she said.....

   "Thats why I love you!!!"

   THAT was the first time I'd heard her use the "L" word with Mac.

   I spent my day as usual.......gagged of course, naked and horribly butt plugged.   Cindy explained that the only real reason she kept me plugged, was because she loved seeing how much pain I was in with my ass stuffed.   I cleaned the house, did dishes, laundry, cleaned everything in my dungeon, and I did it tightly cock ringed.  My right hand was around my cock all day, which was never less than fully erect and dying to cum.  I was ordered to stroke myself....just enough to keep myself erect, but cumming would result in any variety of gruesome torture punishments.     Every time I was spotted NOT stroking myself, I recieved a sharp smack on the ass, often on the head of my cock, or clothespins on my nipples on nutsack. 

   Of course there were sex breaks....I loved spending 30 minutes at a time licking Cindys delicious pussy to multiple orgasms, having my tongue in her asshole was less of a pleasure but it was better than having my tongue in Macs!   I also spend alot of time licking Cindys sexy feet, she never wore shoes and loved dirtying them outdoors just so I could orally clean them.

   There was also alot of time servicing Mac.  He loved his big balls sucked on as well as his cock.  Mac could cum several times a day and always have a fresh load for me to swallow.  I usually had to take his cum in my mouth and hold it often for hours before being ordered to actually swallow it.  Not only was actually having it in my mouth, and my wife teasing me about it humiliating and disgusting, the taste of it and trying not to choke on it was real torture.   

    At around 9pm, Mac and I entered the Den thru a back door.   This led directly into the back arcade where 12 tiny cubicles contained pay by the minute video screens.  Every door had a lock on the inside and there was a hole between every cubicle.  The was already 6 or 7 guys moving around in the dark.....several of the booths were occupied and I couldn't tell if the moaning and groaning was coming fron the videos, or the men in the booths!

   "In here" Mac said, pushing me into a room at one end. 


   I slowly undressed, then noticed the details of the tiny 4 foot square room.   On the back wall was a small video screen, powered by quarters.  There was a tiny corner bench to sit on and a small wastebasket with a used condom half hanging out of it.  The smell was thick, sweat and cum, but I expected no less.  What really shocked me, was the wall on my left.

   From the  sticky gooey floor which I stood barefoot on, to the ceiling about 8 feet high, screwed into the wall was probably 20 or 30 eyebolts.  In the center of this of course was the glory hole, barely 2" wide at crotch heigth.

   First, I was gagged.  A fat ball gag stretched my mouth immedietly uncomfortably.  A thick leather collar went around my neck and this was padlocked to the wall so that I had to keep my head turned to my right looking at the video screen.   Mac spread my legs and attached a 3 foot spreader bar.  My wrists were cuffed and padlocked behind me.   A thick rubber 1 3/4" cock ring went around my cock and balls, then they were pushed painfully thru the wall and into the next cubicle!!

   Mac used rope to literally lace me to the wall.  From my ankles to my collar, I was criss crossed with rope so tight I couldn't move.  Mac then lubed up a really big butt plug and enjoyed my actual crying as he worked it into my ass!    He pulled out my gag and shoved a Viagra down my throat then re gagged me.

   "That should keep you horny" he explained.....

   "And between the cock ring and that monster in your ass.....I wouldn't plan on being able to cum real soon."

   Mac opened up the coin bank on the video machine and set it to play automatically...all night long.  Despite being laced to the wall, my entire body already feeling the effects of the rope , all I was really aware of...was my cock and another room!!  Mac left the room and padlocked it from the outside, then hung a sign on it  "OUT OF ORDER.....USE NEXT BOOTH"

   Before he left, he enteterd the room where I was exposed and stroked me to an incredible erection.  I appreciated the lube, however what I didn't know, was that it was a de-sensetizing lube....20% benzocaine....thet would greatly inhibit me from getting off!!  Above my exposed cock he hung another sign.


   I was not aware of the sign of course, or the de-densetizer....until the first strange hand  went around my hard cock.  I was groaning at the slow delicious stroking, but I was confused by not being able to get close to actually cumming.  I tried fucking the hand but I couldn't move a muscle.    The various scenes on the monitor in front of me had me so horny I thought I was going to die if I didn't cum soon.  The more he stroked me, being even more turned on by not even knowing who was doing it....the more I tried to cum but couldn't. 

   After about 15 minutes, the hand disappeared and I heard his door open, and he left.   There was cool air on my cock.   I was terrified, my cock...and my balls....were there for the, displayed, helpless ans hard....for anyone!!  I heard the door close and another hand found my cock.  It quickly moved to my balls and a warm mouth engulfed me. 

   "OH!.....FUCK...YES!" I moaned to myself.  

   It was a great blowjob, wet, sloppy, deep, my balls were yanked on and squeezed, I grunted in pain and pleasure...and total frustration.   I wanted to cum so bad I sobbed.....another second, another lick, another balls deep suck.....I...was....THERE....soooo close....yes....yes....NO! wasn't there!!....I was going!...I wasn't!!!

   Suddenly the mouth pulled off me, and I felt him cum...he shot all over my cock.  I could hear him grunting.... I could feel the hot cum dripping onto my balls.......and then he left!  I hadn't cum in weeks!!  I should have cum in seconds.  My insides ached from the butt plug as  big as my fist, the pressure against my prostate was maddening...and the cock ring.....that was it, that was why I couldn't cum!

   Every few minutes someone new entered the next stall.   I was stroked, teased, sucked on, played with and even tortured.   Someone wrapped a hand around my cock and slipped the bloated head of my cock into their mouth.  Only the head....the horribly sensetive head...sucked on gently at first, then harder and harder.  I grunted and groaned...I suppose the failure to pull my cock back was a sign to one knew I was laced to the wall and helpless to resist.

   I was going to lose my mind...the unbelievable tenderness of the head of my cock was going to drive me screaming insane.   He continued for what seemed like forever, but was only about 10 minutes.  Suddenly he stopped, I was lubed up and I felt him backing onto me...he was shoving my cock...into his ass!!   I was fucking him....he took me balls was so incredible!  I could feel him jerking off as he fucked on my cock.  As  he came, he slammed against the wall and held me deep inside him until he was drained.    After he slipped off, he wiped my cock off, and left me throbbing.

   Almost 4 hours later...Mac returned.  I was still hard, but he fed me another Viagra anyway.  In the next booth, someone was sucking me again.  I actually screamed as Mac pulled the monster plug out of my ass.  While I was being sucked...he pushed into my ass and fucked me standing there.   He came, inside me and pulled out slowly.  I was warned thst failure to hold whatever was deposited inside my was a highly punishable offense so I tightened up and held his cum.           

   "Have you cum yet?" he whispered.

   I shook my head, and he dropped the plug on the floor.

   "Well" he added.....


    In the next booth, he took the sign down...and put up another one.


     The next guy in the booth took me in his mouth and swallowed my cock to the balls.  I groaned so loud the wall shook.   He worked on my for about 15 minutes, and I rewarded him with the biggest load of my life!!    I came so hard I nearly passed out.   As soon as I finished,  he left and within seconds, a fresh mouth found me.  I didn't know Mac was in the hallway  handing out $20 bills for people to suck me!!

   My second load was just as big but a little harder to deliver.  I was getting really sensetive then, only the tight cock ring was keeping me hard.  The third blowjob took nearly 30 minutes but the guy didn't stop till he got something to swallow.  The fourth one convinced me that I was dry!    It was torture then.....I was sucked for about 15 minutes, then he gave up and someone else took his place.     I was going soft by then but the mouths taking turns on my cock didn't care.  My balls were yanked on until I felt like they were being ripped off.  They were viciously squeezed, like that would get anything out of them.  When one guy .....number 8, or 10, I don't know.....couldn't get me hard again, or to cum.....he started slapping my cock around.   He beat on my balls.....tried stretching my cock, twisting and bending it,  and tying it in a knot....he spanked the head. and pounded on it till it was all swollen and sore.

   More blowjobs was clear I was done, not even hard by then.  Mac opened my door, and started letting guys come in and fuck me. With my head facing towards the rear of the booth, I didn't see anyone, but I felt them.  The third or fourth guy was huge, he felt as big as the butt plug and probably 9 or 10 inches long.   Being fucked while someone in the next stall was still sucking my limp, sore, dry, aching cock was absolute agony.  After numerous vicious rapes, I was leaking cum, I couldn't hold it.  Mac went to the front of the store and returned with a couple huge dildos.  He let several guys fuck me with monster toys, one was smooth, another even longer and fatter with hard raised bumps all along the shaft that really  tore my ass up!!.   Mac avoided the de-sensetizer for this,  I was fucked with only the cum inside me as lubrication.  

   "It's almost sun up" Mac finally told me.

     The arcade was almost empty by then, there wasn't much traffic during the day.   I was untied and shoved to the floor.

   "Lick that up" he ordered.

   Half a dozen loads of cum from my ass fucking puddled by my feet.  I whinned a little  and even begged, but it was pointless.   I dragged my dry tongue across the gooey floor and licked it clean.    As we were getting ready to leave....someone actually stuck his cock into my stall!!

   I just stared at Mac and he smiled.

   "Get on it" he chuckled. 

   I stared at the 7 or 8 inch black cock, and took it into my mouth.    He taste like piss, he'd probably fucked me earlier,  it was as bad as the floor.  Fighting the stench, I sucked, and he erupted into my mouth.  I swallowed hard, several times to get it all down, then Mac hurried me out the door and into the trunk of his car....still naked and handcuffed.

    Back home, he left me there in the trunk, in the garage till mid afternoon.    It was Cindy who let me out.   She stood there, making faces at the smell of me and grinning at my well used condition.  .  She pointed to a 5 gallon bucket of cold soapy water, a sponge and a towel.

   "Get cleaned up" she ordered.

   "Mac says you couldn't control let yourself  cum last night.......I didn't authorize it and I don't condone it."

  She stood and watched me scrub myself with the freezing water, I was cold and shivering and sore.

   "You know MY rules" she continued.

   "You cum without MY permission.....and you pay for it...thats the rule.....for every time you cum, you owe me 100 get dry...your first 5 cocks are in the living room waiting for you, and oh yeah.... theres a few girlfriends of mine who want to watch"

   On my hands and knees, with a fresh butt plug and 8 inch itchy horse hair tail viciously hanging down and tickling and torturing my  balls, I was led inside.   My cock was still sore to the touch.  I was swollen and my balls ached, not from cumming, but from being abused all night.    Cindy painfully crammed my cock into a much too small chrome steel cock cage and padocked it on.

   "That comes off when you finish your punishment" she said with an evil smile.

   "DAMN!.....your poor cock looks so good in that....I'm sure we can stretch this out to say.....several months?.....of course sucking Mac doesn't count....and every time you accidentally leak.... from being fucked....(which happened alot from my poor prostate being worked over by Macs huge cock inside me)...I'm going to add 20 more blowjobs..  First time  you complain or even think of asking me to take that off...your punishment...doubles!!"

   I was led inside by a leash, on my hands and knees.  DAMN my cock hurt and I was horny again!  The thought of several months in a cock cage completely broke my spirits.    Inside  was 5 naked black guys and 5 huge hard cocks!  Several giggling young ladies were all waiting to watch me of them even had a video camera to record everything.

  After the first night out of the house in months........I was home........again. 


       feedback, ideas, comments welcome, thanx for


Review This Story || Author: J. Morris
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