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Collected by knitgirl

unread (9 stories listed)

  • Beginnings - Dark Love 1: by Veronica Leigh Marquette
    (Synopsis: A dark tale of domination and love begins with Dark Love 1. BEGINNINGS. The world of vampires and their bound mortal slaves is begun. Love, domination, oral and anal sex, are all part of this delightful tale. The first of the trilogy deal with SM/BD/DS. A truly romantic tale, but one that also has rape, incest, slavery torture and snuff.)
  • Submission in Seattle: by MB
    (Synopsis: There are women who love to submit and to feel the pain. Here is a master for them to make their fantasy come true.)
  • Training: by Miss M
    (Synopsis: A husband turns his wife into his slave and she devotes herself to him.... wanting to learn all he desires of her.)
  • The Master's Gift: by sinsationalsub
    (Synopsis: A submissive is given the gift of having an orgasm without her Master present. The challenge is that she must have twelve f them in creative ways. No more, no less.)
  • Turning Michiko: by Sir Kane
    (Synopsis: A chance encounter in a bar turns into a night of pain and pleasure at the hands of a stranger.)
  • Melia - A Feminist Learns: by Victor Mann
    (Synopsis: This story is about the awakening of submissive desires in a long-time, hard-core feminist woman and her journey toward servitude.)
  • Jena Commits to Six Months: by Dave Haugen
    (Synopsis: A young female agrees to meet her online Master and serve him as his sex slave for a six month period, unsure if she is truly ready to handle such a demanding position.)
  • Stress-Relief: by ElectricGeisha
    (Synopsis: She find a different kind of freedom at the hands of a stranger.)
  • Surviver: by Dino Dave
    (Synopsis: This is a story with 10 D&S couples competing for the million, with 7 back stories introducing the cast, followed by 13 episodes of the show done something like shooting scripts.)


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