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Collected by Darling

Good Ones (5 stories listed)

  • J2: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: Growing up believing she was just an average teenager, Julie is finding it hard to adjust to her new life. With her heritage visible in every blink of her eyes, she can't escape what she is, or the abilities lying locked in her head. She can't forget that somewhere, someone is still looking for her. He killed her mother, he hunts her father, and he now knows exactly where she is.)
    Comment: Julie was great, and I have no doubt this will follow up to my expectations :)
  • Slave to the Empire: by Lord Of Storms
    (Synopsis: Kieron was a rogue, and about to get caught up in adventure of his life when he accepts a commission from an unscrupulous Noble.)
    Comment: Good narrative, different views, interesting story :)
  • Bound And Chained, New Beginning: by Veronica Leigh Marquette
    (Synopsis: This is the sequel of author's Bound and Chained. It's still a romantic story with SM scenes, but has new excitement.)
    Comment: Updates please? Sequel to the best encountered so far, tells it all...
  • Bound And Chained: by Veronica Leigh Marquette
    (Synopsis: Bound and Chained involves a sci-fi setting, female domination and some serious SM action, but still romantic.)
    Comment: The first really good story I read here, and also what got me hooked on this library :)
  • Julie: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: Julie is an average teenage girl in the orphanage, with no idea of her unusual past. When a twisted criminal begins kidnapping her friends, she begins to experience a world she never knew existed and learns of the strange abilities she possesses.)
    Comment: Born Mistresses, A well written story looking to be long too, or so I hope :) Now I just wait for the updates ;)

Likes (2 stories listed)
Different ones, but still good


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