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Collected by Rubberwolf

Toilet (2 stories listed)

MC (4 stories listed)

Teacher (10 stories listed)

bd (2 stories listed)

Pony (4 stories listed)

Tort (7 stories listed)

  • The Museum of Inquisition: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: An American professor of history takes his students to a Museum of Medieval Torture. One young lady decides to sit out the tour, but does she?)
  • Angie's First and Last Movie: by Marion
    (Synopsis: Young woman goes to LA to become a movie star. Meets a man who promises to cast her but she doesn't know it will not only be her first film, it will also be her last and the part she plays is not a role sought by any starlet with dreams of fame.)
  • Extra Credit: by The Rider
    (Synopsis: A struggling college freshman signs on to earn extra credit by helping a pair of grad students with their research project. What begins as an innocent volunteer assignment leads to much more... )
  • The Reality of Dreams: by Darkeagle
    (Synopsis: A 16 year old, finding a book on The Salem Wicth Hunts, soon discovers that she got more than she bargained for. Josie finds herself having dreams that are deep in torture and rape and the death of others, which end up in reality. Can she overcome the evil that has taken over her world of dreams and reality, before she becomes...)
  • Classical Wax: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: Set roughly in medieval France, this tale involves the preparation of a unique centerpiece, or femme flambe'. A sword fight and escape at the conclusion leads to further developements.)
  • Dawn's CROSS Country: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: A select group plans a macabre picnic on the Marin headlands with Dawn as the unreluctant star feature. A combination of modern day and ancient times drives the group's sadistic plans.)
  • GirlFRIENDS: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: An aerobics instructor takes what she hopes to be a weekend in the country with two of her female students. Unfortunately, differing agendae leads to much lesbian encounters, a quasi snuff filming and later, a straight sex encounter whilst crucified. The instructor survives, but is smitten with what some might label a Stockholm Syndrome, which in turns leads to an entirely different world to be further explored.)

Other (6 stories listed)

Doggy (13 stories listed)

Humil (1 stories listed)

Cow (3 stories listed)
Slave Cows and lactation stories

Plant/aliens (2 stories listed)
Ravaged by plants/aliens

Slave (3 stories listed)

Institute (2 stories listed)

Babysitter (3 stories listed)

Slave (1 stories listed)

Other Animal (1 stories listed)


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