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Collected by slavejake

Favourites (51 stories listed)

m-sub (13 stories listed)

  • Complete Surrender: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: A man is controlled by his Mistress and trained to do her bidding.)
  • Bound And Chained: by Veronica Leigh Marquette
    (Synopsis: Bound and Chained involves a sci-fi setting, female domination and some serious SM action, but still romantic.)
  • Blackmailing Joe: by BDSM Queen
    (Synopsis: Joe goes to a conference in Mexico and comes home with more than he bargained for. Now he is being blackmailed by a woman from the conference.)
  • Biker Bitch: by needledick
    (Synopsis: This story is my first attempt in writing a story for this site)
  • As My Slave Softly Weeps: by Helen D' Rago
    (Synopsis: A short tale by a Domme Mistress and owner about some fun at night with her boy-toy)
  • An Afternoon of Torment: by Sean Dunne
    (Synopsis: A visit to a novice dominatrix that turned into a completely unexpected and wholly unforgettable experience.)
  • An Alternative Life: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: A man of means desires to be a, plaything of a young lady. His wishes come true when he answers an ad for a, "Sugar Daddy". He quickly learns she knows far more than he about this lifestyle. He is mesmerized by her and does far more than he would have believed to please her. Additional chapters to follow very quickly.)
  • An unexpected turn: by Loukas
    (Synopsis: He ended up helplessat the hands of a dominating woman, that he accidentally met 2 hours ago.)
  • A Slave's Ordeal: by Raskolnikov
    (Synopsis: This one is about a 4 hour ordeal a novice had waiting for his Mistress to show up.)
  • A Slut Revealed: by Abe Froman
    (Synopsis: A woman sets out to steal away another\'s submissive, with results a little different than she expected.)
  • A Lesson in Cock Control: by Chris2
    (Synopsis: A sadistic black dominatrix punishes a slave for his lack of cock control.)
  • A Good Man: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A submissive man is forced to endure a party gang-bang for the pleasure of his wife, no matter how humiliating the acts.)
  • 100% Pure Bondage: by Ulcinit Z. Bezmocnym
    (Synopsis: First-person account of how a man\'s fantasy of being completely bound & helpless to a beautiful woman comes true but leaves him in quite a predicament. By the end of the first part of the story, he wonders if he has made a big mistake.)


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