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Collected by Joe.Mamma

Good serials (2 stories listed)

Sci-fi (6 stories listed)

Girlcows (2 stories listed)
You know... Girls that are like cows. Hence, you know, "girlcows."

  • Life on the Farm: by CaitSara and Meaghread
    (Synopsis: This is the culmination of a mixture of real life practices spiced with a healthy dose of fantasy. The stories deals with a woman who owns a human cow farm and how some of the "cows" came to be in their particular situation.)
  • Diversion: by AlwaysCocked
    (Synopsis: Diversion is set in the same alternate reality as my previous two stories, Annual Inspection and Retirement. It is a stand-alone story-- however, reading the other two, as they feature some of the same characters and reference previous events, will help. Diversion is set in a world with human dairy cows--if this doesn\'t interest you, you probably won\'t enjoy the story. It is heavy on fetish and light on sex. I have subdivided it into 5 parts, because it turned out to be 24,000 words total.)


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