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Collected by Cyclone

FFDom Pos (101 stories listed)
F/f Stories that look like they could be interesting

FDom Pos (30 stories listed)

MDom (6 stories listed)

Possibles (9 stories listed)

  • Cheerleader Picture: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: This has everything. The story of a High School cheerleader slowly turned into a bimbo sex slave slut.)
  • Cowgirl: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Iowa teen turned into slave to dominant female family.)
  • Bloom: by Yamesh
    (Synopsis: A shy woman kidnaps and tortures a coed, making her into her sex slave.)
  • Lesbian Sex Slave Mother: by Stacy Simmons
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a sex obsessed mother of two who becomes a willing sex slave to her own daughters, her three nieces, and her next door neighbor, and she loves every minute of it.)
  • I Was Just Trying To Help: by SpeechMasterOne
    (Synopsis: She was just trying to help her step-daughter open up, but the results left her in a helpless situation.)
  • Birthday Preasent: by Robin Lane
    (Synopsis: A woman comes home to find that a friend from her past has left her a very special birthday gift.)
  • Have a Bit of Faith: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Faith’s previous summer had not turned out well. She procrastinated too long and was forced to take the only summer job available to her. That was disastrous. She was determined to find the right employment this summer. The job that she ended up with, however, was not exactly what she had in mind and she ended up enduring one surprising humiliation after another.)
  • My Daughter Slave: by Oak
    (Synopsis: Charlene is a very temperamental teenager, who forces her petite and meek mother to become her slave.)
  • Lost for Words: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: Amy is a writer, crafting stories of young and beautiful women, helplessly enslaved and tortured. When she comes down with writers' block, her biggest fan offers advice, and a very special way to give Amy some inspiration, although the beautiful young writer may not appreciate it fully...)

FemDom (8 stories listed)


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