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Book Project


Collected by dt716

Misc (7 stories listed)

  • Biker Bar Gangbang: by Regnar Reklaw
    (Synopsis: Willie and Tad go into the Biker Bar Tavern looking for help and find nothing but trouble. Wolf and his gang see the two high school seniors as easy prey. The sweaty gang use and abuse the two young men in an all night orgy of torture and rape.)
  • The Mansion: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: Master built the mansion where males had the total control and the only the females needed to do was obey their master's every order.)
  • Family Life: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: This is a sequel to story "The Mansion". In that story, society changed to make women possessions that are owned by men. Here let's take a look of the life of these families.)
  • Every Day Life: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: This story is set in a future where women have lost all rights and are considered possessions of men.)
  • Control Removal: by choice
    (Synopsis: orifice has just been brought into a world. A world beneath the norm, one filled with dark desires. she is trapped in His place. A place where everything is run by Him. orifice\'s control over her very own body is slowly, cruelly torn away from her, as she succumbs to His sadistic demands.)
  • Bred Wee to Serve: by Reavan.
    (Synopsis: A midget raised on a sex slave form is auctioned off at eighteen. When her owner dies she is auctioned off again at a very high price because or her great beauty.)
  • Making of a Raunch Pig: by irishbuzz
    (Synopsis: a pig, low-life, scum, toilet, slave, faggot.. anything that anyone wants it to be.. from the most mild to the most putrid of beings.. it is here to serve.. to be used.. to please all those that need something in there lives.... to provide comfort to some.. and an outlet for tohers wanting to explore the darkest depths)


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