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Collected by cougboug

bdsm (83 stories listed)

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  • Becoming Daisy the PuppyGirl: by Sagesmudger
    (Synopsis: John transforms his vanilla wife into the perfect puppy girl.)
  • A PonyGirl for life: by J. Morris
    (Synopsis: A real horse lover discovers the pain and the pleasure of becoming a real pony girl)
  • Alyson's next sexual encounter: by Fantasyboy
    (Synopsis: Alyson is pleasured by Roger and Dave and his dog)
  • The Zoo: by zookeeper
    (Synopsis: A desire to see women all the time drove Gordon to devise his own ZOO)
  • College Ponygirl: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: Another story set at the slave college. This time, we follow a girl as she is transformed into a human ponygirl.)
  • Santa’s Reindeer Pony girls: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: Santa, with a ponygirl powered sleigh.)
  • Sarah and Emily Sister Ponygirls: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: Sarah and Emily awoke to the sounds of their collar chains rattling, and the sunlight beginning to filter into the barn where they were being kept. The girls smiled to each other as they lay on their hay bed, playfully kissing each other as they awoke. As they looked around their now familiar stall, their pussies moistened at the thought of what had passed, to lead them to their current lives.)
  • Programmed Ponygirl: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: Sarah is turned into a brainwashed ponygirl)
  • Human Pet Zoo: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: In the year 2020, Dictator for life Obama made it legal for girls over 21 to enter into voluntarily enslavement for the amusement of males. Soon after the protests died down, business professionals soon began to develop theme parks for girls interested in living the lifestyle to live in comfortably, or in any case, as comfortably as a slave girl could ask for. )
  • Kidnapped and Ponygirl Trained: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: Sarah is taken, and forced into a ponygirl life.)
  • Daddy and His Girl Cows: by Sysyfys
    (Synopsis: Dominant man and his alpha submissive own and use young women as human cows/pets.)
  • A Pony for Her Sweet Sixteen: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: A beautiful teenager is invited to her uncle's horse farm to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen party. Will she get a pony for her birthday, or will she become one? )
  • Training Rose: by Angie.Fuchs
    (Synopsis: How rich girl Georgina became Grand Prix winning Pony Girl Rose.)
  • Puppy Slut II A dark and stormy night: by Jay Mac
    (Synopsis: This is a lightly edited condensed transcript of my chat with a recent Library Member. I started to convert it into a story, but while editing I decided that it stands on its own.)
  • Dog Pound: by torrid girl
    (Synopsis: Girl is kidnapped to be puppy trained. She is to be the fuck slut for her owner's other dog.)

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