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Collected by bisarah

bisarah's faves (13 stories listed)
these are the stories that i found exciting and good to masterbate to! hope y'all find them the same

  • 93: by kemosabe
    (Synopsis: 93 is the number assigned to Denise Howard as she is sentenced to prison for prostitution)
  • New Call: by Jill Bird
    (Synopsis: Jill has a new territory. will she enjoy this one better than the last?)
    Comment: another hot one by Jill Bird
  • Trojan Horse: by woodsman's game
    (Synopsis: A young stranger is invited into the home of a happily married couple. He wins their affection and shares their desires. When invited to help fulfill their fantasies, he happily participates, but the fantasies he has are not necessarily the ones the couple had in mind. Beware of German's bearing gifts. )
    Comment: a nice, hot story ... beware of those bearing gifts!!
  • Joanna's First Gynecological Exam-The Sequel: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Joanna has never had a gynecological exam and that fact is what Dr. Michael is betting on. He intends to humiliate and abuse her lovely body with the help of his colleagues. This is the sequel to the first story. In this sequel, Joanna is led to the dreaded exam table with the stirrup so the Doctor's can perform their intimate exam.)
    Comment: an excellent medical exam story to cum along with
  • Annie's Examination: by rene sable
    (Synopsis: Urethral torture and pleasure by a woman's master and his friend the doctor.)
    Comment: not sure why this one made me so wet, but it sure did!
  • Sonya - a slave: by bisarah
    (Synopsis: Sonya is slave who had been purchased from The Company by Mistress Martine who is later forced to return her for resale.)
    Comment: it's my story and i will add it to my list if i want to!
  • Driven by Craving: by Humil Slut
    (Synopsis: This is a fictious story of the craving of a humiliation slut, it is not intended to be sane or safe, as it is fiction. Please read it as such. )
    Comment: a nice cum slut fantasy story!
  • Deena's Helpful Tail: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: She just wanted to help her friend to pay off the debt. But she didn't expect to become a plaything of the men and dogs.)
    Comment: i love humiliation stories!!
  • Parker 20: Keeper: by Parker
    (Synopsis: A female zoo keeper crosses her boss and is assigned a new role in the zoo heirarchy.)
    Comment: i had to masterbate to this one!!!!!!!
  • Dream Job: by Ledithe
    (Synopsis: The promise of a dream job ends up leading a young woman into a life of submission.)
    Comment: i liked this one a lot
  • Melinda's Humiliation: by Paul
    (Synopsis: Melindas secret taste for a special humiliation is figured out by a secret admirer. Her vulnerability to cow treatment is her downfall.)
    Comment: a great story! i hope the author continues it.
  • Farm Call: by Jill Bird
    (Synopsis: a young woman enjoys her job as a sales rep for an agricultural company, until she visits a very strange farm.)
    Comment: a great little story!
  • Fantasy or Reality: by poenkitten
    (Synopsis: She went to meet her online master and mistress in person. The treatments she got were not quite what she expected. Was that an fantasy-comes-true experience or just a living hell reality?)
    Comment: if you disregard all other characters beside Miss, Sir and Karen, you will enjoy this


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