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Synopsis: The Queen of Egypt won Caesar's heart, but his wife, Calpurnia, couldn't stand it any more. She decided to take Cleopatra down and the fate of queen Cleopatra was changed, completely.
by Leones

Part 1

Cleopatra possessed the face of a goddess and the lush, alluring body of
a vamp. Strong verile men fell at her feet. Her hair was radiant and
lusterious, black as a raven, her eyes, a tantalizing, deep dark brown,
her delectable, tawny colored skin, smooth as silk. Even at the tender
age of eighteen her beauty was legendary. After all she had met and
conquered the mighty Julius Caesar, melting and capturing his heart.
Using both beauty and wile, she had easily mesmerized the great Roman
warrior and leader and was quickly appointed Queen of Egypt. This newly
formed alliance and rumors of romance did not bode well with many
members of the Roman high council. Adding fuel to the fires of
discontentment, Cleopatra had chosen to visit Rome and was now living in
Caesar's palace with both he and his wife Calpurnia.

Rumors of a coup degrace or even an assassination spread rapidily
through the inner circles of Rome's elite. Even now, Brutus and
Calpurnia huddled together in her chambers plotting a strategy. Caesar's
wife was furious. "I dare she, the brazen hussy, coming right here to
Rome and living under the same roof." Brutus tried to settle her down.
"Just keep calm Calpurnia, we'll take care of Cleopatra once Caesar is
out of the way." His words had little affect on the hot tempered woman.
"I don't want to wait, who knows how much longer Caesar will be in
power?" "I want that bitch taken care of right now." Brutus sighed,
nodded his head in reluctant approval and left the room.

Later that evening on a quiet road leading up to a large villa located
on the outskirts of Rome, a heavily curtained gondola was being carried
on the shoulders of eight muscular black slaves, two on each of the four
support arms extending from the gondola. They came to a sudden halt when
approached by Calpurnia and a huge male nubian wearing nothing but a
white loin cloth. In unison, they lowered the carraige to the ground.
Calpurnia drew the thick curtain, sliding it along a rod running across
the top of the enclosure. Caesar's wife smiled. Laying on the floor was
the trussed and gagged form of Cleopatra. She was on her side, arms
behind her back, tied at the wrists and elbows with thin leather strips,
her ankles were crossed and also tied with leather. A black scarf
securing the wadding in her mouth was clenched tightly between her teeth
and the overhang of her pouting, pink painted lips. Cleopatra's dark
brown eyes blazed a mixture of hate and indignation. Calpurnia payed her
no heed but rather took notice of Cleopatra's left breast that was naked
and exposed, apparently from the scuffle of her abduction. Her tethered
ankles, sandled feet and pink painted toenails were visible below the
hem of her full length white tunic. Then as if speaking to a lady of the
evening, she looked down her nose at the bound and gagged Queen of
Egypt. "Whore." She then abruptly closed the curtain. Cleopatra could
hear Calpurnia speakng to the blackman, right outside the carraige.
"Remove all of her jewlery and place it in my strong box and then I want
you to give her a good fucking, I want you to fuck her until she can't
stand up, do you understand me?" He didn't hesitate. "Yes mistress, I
sure do understand?" The gondola suddenly began to shake violently,
mumbling and thumping noises coming from within. Calpurnia and the black
slave laughed. "Must have been something I said." Calpurnia chided.

By entering through a secret trapdoor in the villa, one could descend
down a flight of granite stairs into the cold, dark dungeon type chamber
below. Cleopatra's rumpled tunic and under garments were strewn on the
floor next to the large four-poster bed in which Cleopatra lay naked and
shamed. She was spreadeagled, face up, ankles and wrists tied
outlandishly to the four posts, her gag had been removed.

Part 2

Mounted in holders attached to the bedposts were four flaming torches.
The blackman stood fo a long moment, watching from across the room, the
jumping and darting flames illuminating, and then casting dark shadows
across Cleopatra's naked and helpless body, the smooth plains of her
belly contracted nervously, causing her flawless titties to dance
enticingly atop her heaving chest. His almost hypnotic trance was
interupted by Calpurnia's voice. "Am I in time for the festivities?" He
looked up, a little startled. "Yes mistress, she's about to be fucked
good and proper just like you said." With that the nubian tore away his
loin cloth, his gigantic, lust stiffened, purple veined penis straining
in full erection. Culpurnia gloated over the frantic, wide eyed young
girl, while the blackman released her ankles. "You will die for this,
both of you will die by the sword of Julius Caesar." The muscular slave
spread her ankles wide and then raised them up and back towards her head
until her buttocks lifted off the bed. He held her in this obscene pose
allowing Calpurnia to hold a torch directly above her pouting mound. The
triangle between her thighs was covered with a thick growth of crisp.
curly dark pubic hair. Her slit was barely visible through the heavy
foilage, it appeared to have no lips, much like that of a young girl.
The big black pressed his bulbous knob against the narrow opening and
pushed and the head of his cock was in Cleopatra's, up to now sacred
temple. "I will have you castrated, and your prick fed to..."

Her words were cut short by a brutal, downward thrust
of the slaves iron-hard penis. "AAAAAAHHHHRRR"  The big black had
Cleopatra impaled to the mattress, her tight sheath forced to accomodate
the full length of his manhood. He proceded to rape the young queen but
his movements were precise and with purpose, he manuevered Cleopatra
first this way and then another, regulating  the speed of his pumping
motion as he did, but more importantly never relinquishing the constant
friction against her clitoris. The nubian slave was an expert cocksman,
Calpurnia had selected him for that very reason. Very quickly Cleopatra
became aware of the humiliation that was to follow. she felt a shamed
longing in her cunt, her protests now soft involuntary mewings, her
jerking pelvis responding dutifully to the slaves magical flute. Much to
Calpurnia's delight, she could see Cleopatra mounting towards a climax,
her breathing, desperate and raspy. She could see that the black
cocksman had her now, the young nymph was lost in a tide of rising lust.
Cleopatra screamed. "EEEEAAAAHHH." Crying out again and again as her
convulsing vagina gushed and squirted her womanly juices. Only a few
moments later the big black exploded, spurting his pent-up semen into
Cleopatra's wet pussy. Only when he had fully spent did he withdraw his
penis from her inner slit.

Stripped of her dignity, the raven haired beauty wept bitterly, ashamed
to face her captors. Calpurnia stood triumphantly over the fallen queen.
"Cleopatra, goddess of love, turned into a wanton whore by a mere
slave." "Do you think that Caesar will want you now?" "Do you think he
wants someone who moaned like a whore when she was being fucked by a
slave?"  Not to Calpurnia's surprise but certainly to Cleopatra's
chagrin, the nupian's sperm incrusted prick was again fully erect,
curving in an arc, upwards towards the ceiling. Calpurnia enjoyed the
disbelieving expression on Cleopatra's face when she realized that she
was going to be raped once again. "Fuck her all night if it pleases you,
I'm gong to spend the night in Caesar's bed, though do find some time to
use the cutting rod on her backside, I want her obedient and respectful
the next time I see her. "Yes mistress, you can count on it" When
Calpurnia left, the black slave had Cleopatra on her hands and knees,
his ridged rod poised to enter her from behind. The young debased queen
begged for mercy. "Please...not more....have mercy."

Part 3

The debased queen resisted but she was no match for the talented
cocksman. He toyed with her, turning her voluptuous array of female
flesh into a craving, lewd spectacle. She begged for culmination time
and time again, promising anything. By the time he had finished with
her, she had danced to his tune, done his bidding and jumped through
hoops for him. She lay humbly at his feet, exhausted, her juices totally
depleted, but the evening was not over for the young raven haired

When Calpurnia returned the next day. she found a naked Cleopatra
hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, her perspiration sheened body
illuminated by torches positioned along the wall. The big black removed
one of the torches from it's sheath and held it up to Cleopatra's
backside. She was covered with thin, bright red welts that had been
systematically administered from the top of her back, down over her
entire buttocks and along the backs of her thighs. Driblets of
coagulated blood stained her silky, tawny hued skin. Calpurnia nodded
her approval. "Very nice, her skin is tender and marks well."
Cleopatra's chains were lowered until she was on her knees, her body
limp, her head slumped forward, long tendrils of hair hanging in damp
disarray covered her tear streaked face. Calpurnia parted the hair
hiding Cleopatra's face and used it to lift her head up, her tear
stained eyes were filled with pain and agony. "Look at me Cleopatra, it
is mistress Calpurnia, do you understand?" She nodded weakly but did not
speak. Calpurnia picked up a long. thin rod and without warning, lashed
it savagely across Cleopatra's left breast, just above the nipple. A
frenzied shriek tore from her throat. "AAAAAHHHHRRRR." Calpurnia got
right in her face, holding her head up by the chin. "Now, do you
understand me?" The young queen's lips trembled uncontrollably. "Yes
mistress Calpurnia, I understand, you are my mistress." Calpurnia smiled
evilly and with another fierce and sudden stroke, layed a firey kiss
across Cleopatra's right breast, again right above the nipple. The young
beauty screamed in pure agony, her free swinging titties jumping and
swinging violently as she writhed in her restraints. As intended,
Calpurnia had marred each one of Cleopatra's fabled breasts with a deep
laceration, blood flowing freely fom the open wounds. Calpurnia
considered it as sort of a brand, proof of ownership. Calpurnia turned
to the black slave. "Prepare her for travel as we discussed, the queen
is returning to Rome. She then turned back to the kneeling young
captive. "By the way Cleopatra, I forgot to mention that Julius Caesar
is dead." Cleopatra screamed hysterically. "NOOOOOO."

Thongs of cheering Romans lined the streets leading to the palace. The
procession was led by none other than Calpurnia herself, proudly driving
a chariot pulled by two magnificent white steeds. Right behind her was
the black slave,who was on foot, leading a fiesty black stallion by the
reins. a still naked Cleopatra was unceremoniously tied, face up to the
underbelly of the snorting, fractious stallion. She was held in place by
ropes attached to her wrists and over the horse's withers and to her
ankles and over the horse's haunches. Another rope was placed beneath
her neck and over the horse's withers, forcing her face flush against
the great stallion's genitalia. Several rows of foot soldiers marched
directly behind Cleoatra. The crowd roared with laughter and screamed
obscenities right up until they entered the castle grounds. Calpurnia
barked orders to the several slaves and servants greeting the
procession. "Bathe and cleanse the whore and douche her well, 
then bring her to my bed chamber."

Marc Antony, dressed in full leather armor, entered Calpurnia's
bed-chamber. A surprised Cleoptra blushed, her dusky colored face
turning a deep scarlett. She was tied spreadeagled to Calpurnia's large
canopy bed, her legs splayed wide, vulgarly displaying the heavy thatch
of dark foilage at the apexof her thighs.

Part 4

Cleopatra tried desperately to regain her composure, at least the best
she could under these circumstances. "Thank god your here Marc Antony,
please help me, Calpurnia has gone mad." He said nothing but regarded
the once haughty queen, now naked and helpless. His silence was
unerving, why wasn't he outraged at her treatment?" "Why wasn't he
releasing her from her bondage?" Cleopatra was deperate now. "By
combining our forces, we can conquer the world, think of it Marc Antony,
the world can be ours." He smiled. "My army can already conquer the
world, it can also conquer Egypt, why do I need you?" Proudly, despite
her predicament she respnded. "Because with Egypt, you also get me."
"Look at me Marc Antony, I'm the most beautiful women in all the world,
men fall at my feet to worship me." "Did that big black slave fall at
your feet, Cleopatra?" His words cut like a knife. "Please Marc Antony,
I can fulfill all your fantasies, just lay your hand on my stomach, feel
my skin, it's as smooth as silk." Instead, he not so gently touched the
open wound on her left breast. Cleopatra winced in pain. "AAHHH." "Tell
me about the cuts on your titties." "Please Marc Antony, don't
make."........"AAAAHHHEEE." He poked the wound on her right breast, even
less gently,then repeated the question."Now tell me about the
lacerations on your tits." Fighting back sobs, Cleopatra attempted to
speak. "Calpurnia has lost her min.".... Just then she saw Calpunia
standing in the doorway holding the very same instrument that had
inflicted the damage to her breasts. "Mistress Calpurnia whipped my
breasts with a rod." Marc Antony looked at Calpurnia and grinned. "How
can she whip the Queen of Egypt?" Cleopatra's eyes flashed of fear as
she looked at the menacing looking woman standing in the doorway and
then the fear turned to resignation. "Calpurnia can whip my breasts for
she is my mistress." A grinning Marc Antony looked at Calpurnia and then
bent down and kissed Cleopatra on the lips and then he left. Cleopatra
yelled to him until her voice became hoarse. "Please Marc Antony, I love
you....please come back to me...I am Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt...I am
Cleopatra." Calpurnia stood over the crest-fallen beauty. "Calm yourself
Cleopatra, you have a visitor." Brutus, who led the revolt and the
ultimate murder of Julius Caesar entered the chamber. He was grotesque
and squat, his thickness somewhat hidden by his loose fitting tunic. His
mouth supported a sardonic smile. "Nice to see you Cleo, I must say that
you are looking mighty good today, great complexion, must be the Rome
weather. Cleopatra turned her face away from the repulsive looking man.
"That's no way to act, Cleo, if you don't want to talk, then we'll get
right down to the business." Brutus clapped his hands twice and
immediately two scantily clad slavegirls entered, each carrying a
bucket. The first girl dipped a piece of felt into a white sticky
substance, holding it there until it was thoroughly saturated. Next, she
carefully wrapped it in a two-ply piece of white cloth. She held the
packing in her hand and whispered in Cleopatra's ear. "I am going to
place this in your mouth, the felt is soaked in fresh stallion semen, if
you don't close your mouth or squeeze on it, very little of the semen
will escape." "No, you can't do that to me, I won't allow it." But they
could do it to her, they had done it several times before, but of course
not to someone as regal and beautiful as Cleopatra. The second girl
squeezed Cleopatra's nose between her thumb and index finger and pulled
upwards, while at the same time using the other hand to pull her chin
downwards. Cleopatra was helpless to resist. The first girl gently
lowered the packing into the humid cave of her mouth. She then placed a
wide red scarf across Cleopatra's gaping mouth and secured it at the
nape of her neck. The red scarf did not touch or press against the
wadding,but ensured that it could not be dislodged.

Part 5

Brutus reveled in his control over the young Egyptian beauty. "Is the
scent familiar, Cleo?" "You were strapped to his belly only last night"
He unfastened the cord around his waist and slipped out of his tunic. He
stood there naked, rolls of flabby flesh encircling what was supposed to
be his waistline, his penis was small but bone hard, the head snarly and
crooked. Brutus untied Cleopatra's right leg, his prick stiffening even
more as he touched her slim, delicate ankle. He lifted her leg up and
back towards her right wrist until she resembled a wishbone, he tied a
strip of leather around her ankle and ran it to the bedpost, leaving her
right leg suspended and pointing straight to the ceiling. Cleopatra's
fabled charms were no longer a secret to the pudgy statesman. he
savoured the smorgasbord of delectable, feminine flesh , entirely at his
disposal. Brutus ran his hand through her thick, dark bush and then
teasingly down the entire length of the shadowed recess between her two
globes. An involuntary spasm rippled through Cleopatra's body. "Oh,
thats a good sign, did you enjoy my touch, Cleo?" Brutus then touched
the tip of his index finger against the brown crinkly skin of her virgin
anus, he teased and played with the small rosette but did not attempt to
penetrate the elastic band. Cleopatra lay still, contemplating the
worst, her gaping mouth tasting the first seepage of the stallions seed.
Brutus dipped his hand into the second bucket that had been brought in
by the slavegirls and brought out a handful of lard. Cleopatra emitted
gurgled, indignant protests as he spread the lard liberally up and down
the dark chasm between her ass-cheeks until it was fully coated with the
greasy substance. When brutus inserted his well oiled finger into her
tight enclosure, Cleopatra groaned, her hoarse, gutteral protests now
more alarming. Humiliated, the young queen involuntarily grunted in
unison with his delving finger as it fucked her ass-hole, lubricating
the insides of her narrow, rear passageway. With preparations now out of
the way, Brutus used one hand to raise her buttocks, for a better angle
and the other hand to guide his ridgid spear towards it's tender target.
His greedy pecker met the small brown ring head-on, hesitating for one
spilt second and then with one brutal thrust pierced the slippery,
puckered skin of Cleopatra's anus, shooting sorching pain through the
sensitive, defenseless tissues of her rectal channel. Cleopatra screamed
in sheer terror. "AAAAAHHHHRRRR." She bit down hard on her rancid gag,
sending horse semen streaming into her mouth and down her wailing
throat, her tawny skinned belly retching violently as the putrid fluid
entered her resisting stomach. Brutis warned her. "Be still or you will
choke on your very own vomit." Brutus continued to plunder the inflamed
orifice, searing and scraping raw the inner walls of her intestinal
tract with each thrust and withdrawal, his driving cock now coated with
a mixture of lard and blood. Cleopatra's shrill screams and protests
were now reduced to pathetic animal-like mewings, her throat congested
with bile and horse semen. With each downward thrust, her tortured wafer
widened to accomodate the intrusion and puffed painfully outward as it
clung tenaciously to each withdrawal. Brutus pummeled her relentlessly,
his pent up testicles bouncing off her lard smeared ass with each
forward motion. Suddenly the rotund statesman's body stiffened and he
shouted. "Yes...yes you little whore." His strokes were now, long, slow
and deliberate, each one delivering a blow to the young queens pride and
each one filling her bowels with his unwanted spunk.
Calpurnia ordered that Cleopatra be taken to the baths for washing and
cleansing. The young lesbian slavegirls looked forward to this
pleasurable task. They were already excercising liberties with the
fallen queen, greedy hands fondling her breasts and massaging the tight,
protruding spheres of buttocks as they led her away.

Part 6

Calpurnia could hear child-like giggling all the way down the hall.
Shortly thereafter, a cute little slavegirl, about sixteen years old and
wearing a short, white toga, trimmed with gold entered Calpurnia's
chamber, a broad smile still adorned her pixie face. The little cherub
had Cleopatra tied, collared, leashed and naked, save for the sandals
she wore. It was a fuming and reluctant Cleopatra that she tugged into
the room, but with her arms bound behind her at the wrists and elbows
she could offer little resistance. Calpurnia was amused with this
unusual situation, a teenage nymph towing a naked Queen of Egypt on the
end of a leash. "I heard the laughter, child, what was so whimsical?"
The young girl blushed and lowered her head. "Come child,share your
story." Well, mistress, it was really nothing. we were just kind of
playing around."  "My little brother, he's just thirteen and well, he
thinks Cleopatra is really pretty, so I squeezed her nipple really hard,
until she got down on her knees and kissed his, you know...his
cock...and when she did, he pushed it all the way in her mouth." "You
should have seen the look on her face." Calpurnia chuckled. "I know the
look very well, child, now return to your quarters."

Calpurnia, dressed in a fine silk gown was seated in her favorite chair.
A bound Cleopatra knelt before her, head bowed in submission, her
labouring bosom thrust into prominence by the strain on her arms. The
raven haired beauty remained motionless while Calpurnia nonchalantly
examined her exquisitely shaped breasts. Only when she gouged the open
wound on her right tittie, did she respond. "Please mistress...don't
hurt me." Calpurnia stood up and walked behind the still kneeling
captive. "Those are my marks on your titties, Cleopatra, are you proud
of them." "Yes mistress, very proud of them." "Not your tits you fucking
whore, the marks, are you proud of the marks?" "yes mistress, thats what
I meant, I'm proud of the marks because they prove that I belong to
you." "Very well, turn around and face your mistress." Like an obedient
slave, Cleopatra turned, remaining on her knees. She was surprised to
find a naked Calpurnia laying on the bed, her back resting against
several large, luxurious pillows, one leg bent at the knee and the other
fully extended. She held the same destructive rod that had been used to
tear and mutilate Cleopatra's tender flesh. "Come slave, come to the
foot of my bed,but remain on your knees." Cleopatra struggled, walking
on her knees, her free hanging twin orbs oscillating out of control with
each awkward step. Panting from exertion, the young girl knelt on the
floor at the foot of the giant bed, facing her mistress. Calpurnia
spread her own legs in a wide vee, revealing the bulging mound of her
love nook, the long slit covered with wisps of light brown hair. "Now,
come to me, slave, slither on your stomach like a serpent." Cleopatra
hesitated momentarily, fighting the repulsion, then accepting the
inevitable. She raised up only enough to slid belly down onto the bed
and than began her snake-like twisting and turning movements until her
face was a few scant inches from Calpurnia's wonting pussy. Calpurnia
could see that Cleopatra's duties could not be properly performed
tethered as she was. She released the leather straps from her elbows.
Cleopatra sighed with releif. "Thank you mistress." Calpurnia played
with her new toy. "The great Cleopatra makes a better slave than she did
a queen." "Put your nose in." "What."  WHIKK...The rod seared
Cleopatra's left rump like a hot branding iron. "AAAAAAEEEEE." "Don't
ever question me again and I didn't hear mistress." Cleopatra was shaken
and in great pain. "No mistress...I mean yes mistress." Calpurnia
delighted in the young girls plight. "Now, for the last time, stick your
nose in my honey pot." "Yes mistress." Cleopatra wriggled up closer
until tufts of feathery pubic hair tickled her nose.

Part 7

She maneuvered and pushed until her nose burrowed it's way through the
thick, rubbery lips of Calpurnia's exposed vulva. Calpurnia pressed on
the back Cleopatra's head until her nose was firmly wedged in the
fringes of her love pocket. "There you go, hold it right there." "Now,
take one deep breath, through your nose." The strong musky odor burned
the membrane as it whistled through her nostrils. "Good girl, now
another." "And another." "And another." "Thats enough for now, but you
had best remember my scent, in the future you may be required to
identify me out of a very large group, while blindfolded." "Failure to
do so will result in severe punishment." "Have you ever made love to a
woman?" "No mistress, I havn't" "Well, you are the proclaimed goddess of
love, I am sure that you will do just fine, at least I hope so for your
sake, anyway." Cleopatra cowed as Culpurnia slashed the wiry rod  into
the bed covers, right beside her prostrated form. Cleopatra wasted no
time going for Calpurnia's pea-size organ, she could already taste the
early secretions of her rapidly lubricating cunt as she flicked the
pulsing clit with the tip of her darting tongue. "AH, AH. no you don't,
use your lips, kiss it, pretend it's Marc Antony." Cleopatra pressed her
succulent mouth tenderly against Calpurnia's gaping pink slit and humbly
paid homage to her mistress.  She nibbled, flicked, licked and sucked
the older woman into a wild frenzy. Calpurnia's head was thrown back in
pure ecstacy, her fingers clawing into the bed covers like vicious
talons. She prayed to the gods that the euphoria would last forever but
the impending explosion was not negotiable. She stiffened and moaned,
her gaping mouth gasping desperately for air as her floodgates
surrendered to Cleopatra's irrepressible tongue lashing. Calpurnia's
wildly constricting pussy spewed wave after wave of her hot boiling
juices until at last her reservoir was fully spent. A purring Calpurnia
took several minutes to catch her breath, allowing an exhausted
Cleopatra to lay submissively between her wide spread thighs, her face
hidden shamefully in the bed covers. After awhile, Calpurnia pulled
twice on a long braided cord, extending down from the ceiling. Almost
instantly, four young girls wearing slave tunics entered the room. Only
a few days ago it would have been absurd to even imagine that mere
slavegirls would dare touch Cleopatra, the reigning Queen of Egypt, but
touch her they did. They manhandled her, dragging her from the bed, her
entire lower face  glutted and smeared with the pearly essence of
Calpurnia's pungent smelling secretions. Her leather bindings were
quickly replaced with two lengths of chains. A six inch chain connected
her wrists behind her back and an eighteen inch chain connected her
ankles, hobbling her movement but allowing her to walk. They forced a
large ball of cloth material into her mouth and secured it in place with
a scarf which they tied firmly at the scruff of her neck. Cleopatra
twisted and pulled at her chains when they placed a black cloth sack
over her head, her rantings muted by her gag, "NNNNNGGGGNG."
"NNNNNNGGGNG." Cleopata stood frozen, in muted darkness, at the mercy of
her captors,but none was forthcoming. The four of them horsed her into a
heavy, metal chastity belt. It consisted of three parts, all connected.
A thin metal belt encircled her waist, connected to that was a shield
that covered her entire pubic triangle, then an even thinner band was
attached to the bottom of the shield and ran between her thighs and then
was drawn deep and tight into her anal cleft and then padlocked to the
back of the belt. Just then the black slave who had helped Calpurnia
with the abduction came in carrying a leather collar and a leash to
match. Calpurnia smiled. "I see that you came prepared." "Have to keep
your pets under control." Calpurnia laughed out loud, speaking
sarcastically. "Oh, I think she's under control alright."

Part 8

Calpurnia handed the chastity belt key to her trusted slave. "Here, you
are in complete charge of the whore, who gets to fuck her is entirely up
to you, you can keep her for yourself or pass her around to friends, but
you must keep her in the slave quarters." Yes mistress, I understand, I
have a cage waiting for her, when she is not being used for sex, she
will be in her cage." "Good, now when you leave here, use the tunnel, no
one will see you that way." The muscular slave attached the collar
around Cleopatra's neck. Blind, mute and hobbled the young captive was
reluctant to move, but a sharp jerk on her leash and she stumbled
forward, almost falling when she ran out of ankle chain. The once
graceful and elegant queen, now was awkward and unsteady, offering her
back-side in it's spread cheek vulgarity as she was led away by her new

Later that day, Brutus, Marc Antony and Calpurnia stood together on the
castle's balcony addressing the crowd of Roman citizens gathered below.
Brutus acted as  spokesperson for the group. "We are sad to announce
that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt is dead." "She was bitten by an asp and
succumbed to it's poison." "As was her wish, her body will be cremated
and her ashes scattered into the Nile." "A courrier has been sent to
Egypt to announce this tragic event."

As the news of her  death spread rapidly through the land, Cleopatra was
on her knees sucking black cock, her cheeks, exaggerated and bloated by
it's enormity. Her wrists were tied behind her back and she was naked
except for the heavy metal girth, it's hard edges bitting and cutting
into her tender flesh. The big blackman held Cleopatra by her tresses,
plundering her gagging throat again and again with his magnificent
Her cheeks puffed and deflated, puffed and deflated as he drove his
bulky invader in and out and in and out of her defenseless mouth.
"Mmm..MMM..M..mmm ..slluurp." 
With no outward emotion or indication from the huge slave, his first hot
blast caught Cleopatra by surprise.
She swallowed the load and tried to pull away, but he pressed at the
back of her head and filled her mouth again. And again. And again. 
His pearly cream running furiously down her gagging throat. When he
finally withdrew, Cleopatra coughed and sputtered, spewing the black
slaves semen threw her nostrils and woe begone mouth, onto the floor
below. Cleopatra's limp form fell to the floor in a heap, the slave
regarded her for a moment, then left the once proud beauty to lanquish
in the reservoir of his secretions and her own bile.

From that time foward, Cleopatra was never again fucked by anyone other
than a slave. Occasionaly, Calpurnia and some her lady friends would
make sport of her, utilizing her charms and obvious talents in their
sapphic games.

So was the fate of Queen Cleopatra, goddess of love.


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