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I'm my Daddys Sex Slave

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Synopsis: A young girl feels sorry for her lonely father, so she sets out to relieve his sexual frustration and satisfy hers as well....

   I felt so sorry for my dad, He just turned 40 and he was all alone since my mom died almost 12 years ago.  I was his only daughter and I just turned 19 and I looked just like her which must have tormented him.  I didn't mind taking care of him, after all he was my dad.  He did most of the cleaning and cooking, laundry and housework, so it wasn't like he couldn't take care of himself.   It was a more....personal lonliness that was eating him up.

   I knew him and mom had a sort of kinky relationship.  I was alot younger then and didn't know about that stuff.   After she died I discoveres alot of their secrets when I started cleaning her stuff out and boxing it away.    I didn't think alot about it till I turned  17 or 18.  I went back and re examined their "stash", sex toys, dildos, vibrators and even some cuffs and bondage stuff, gags and a couple butt plugs, and I guess I got pretty excited about it.

    Anyway, back to dad. He drank a few beers every night and went to bed.  His room was down the hall from mine but I'd sneak into the empty room between ours and listen thru the walls.   I could tell dad was watching porn, even though he kept the volume low.  I then figured out that alot of the moaning and grunting I heard was him masturbating!  Sitting in the empty room listening to porn on the tv and my dad jerking off in the next room had me hot as hell.  I started reaching down to my wet panties and fingering myself.  I don't think he heard me moaning when I came, he probably figured it was the tv.  I doubted he knew his daughter was in the next room masturbating to the sound of him stroking himself!

      I never considered my dad a pervert or anything, in fact, all this just made me horny as hell, and I decided I wanted to see what I was hearing!   Hiding in the closet wasn't really an option, it always seems like one, but it just wasn't.  I decided on a small closed circuit video surviellance system I found on line.  Mom had an old  sculpture of this dancer almost 4 feet tall on her side of the bed, and it was the perfect place to hide the tiny camera.  Dad swore he'd never touch the sculpture and I had an incredible view of the bed on a monitor in my room!  

    The first night I watched from my room, I literally ripped my panties off, watching my dad stroking his enormos cock in bed!  He must have been a foot long , actually it was almost 10 inches but on the monitor it looked bigger!  Dad was a gorgeous man, 6'1", 200 pounds, lightly hairy which I loved, strong and sturdy like every girl sees her father.   He had big hands, from years of hard work, and he had muscles like a god!!  Just seeing him strip and slide into  bed  had my juices flowing!!   As his hand pumped that beautifull cock, I almost cried, how badly I wanted to feel his cock, hold it, stroke it for him and be there to make him cum!!

    The first time I saw him cum, and wipe it up with his underwear, I swore I was going to start doing the laundry just to get my hands on his shorts!!  He was stil in bed the next morning when I snuck in, grabbed them, then gathered everything else he had worn to cover myself.  I locked myself in the bathroom and buried my nose into his still damp underwear!!   There was no stink, no odor, just the nasty stale stench of his cum!!   I masturbated and came in about a minute!!  I hurried to the laundry, but kept those shorts under my pillow! 

    That night I went to bed early.  My dad asked if I was ok and I just told him I was tired.  I flipped my pillow over and pressed his underwear to my nose and almost cried.

    "MY're a sick puppy!" I said to myself!!

   I didn't care.  I was drunk with the smell of him!  I dated a guy for over a year and never did I get that excited by the smell of him!  This was my dad. I practically cried at his lonliness, his having to resort to masturbating every night, my mind flashed back to the cuffs and collar and sex toys I'd discovered in the attic.  I remembered my boyfriend now almost two years ago tied me up once, and I never told him how hot it made me.  He was  just a horny kid and didn't really know what to do with me once he had me helpless anyway.  He used it as an excuse to introduce me to being fucked in the ass.  I was furious with him for weeks, but he never knew how much being "raped" and left crying all night long not to mention still tied up for hours because he was afraid I'd kick his ass, stuck in my mind as one of the best experiences of my young, learning life.

     "I......can do this" I promised myself.

    Summer was just starting and it was getting hot.  My dad kept the doors open alot and it was always warm in the house.   I ripped the legs off of two pairs of my jeans, short and sexy with my butt showing.   I bought several tube tops and a couple tank tops I could wear without a bra.   My mom had big 'ol titties, mine were still young, 32b....small and perky and I had always hard nipples. While dad was out one day I checked out a couple of his videos and discovered he liked outdoor scenes, alot of bondage stuff,  naked girls and sexy feet.  I loved going barefoot!  I watched this one gangbang video and actually masturbated to  this poor girl sucking and fucking over a dozen guys.   I really flipped out, when I found this one video he had marked with four stars with a sharpie.  He kept it seperate from the other, in a small shelf next to his bed.   The girl in the video was almost identical to me!!   I stared at her sucking cock, taking it in the ass and slurping up cum like it was candy.  Her hair was the same, her eyes, the way she  moved and smiled...her body was even identical to mine!!        

    "I LOVE YOU DADDY"  I admitted....and  whispered to myself......and tiptoed out of his room.

    That evening, I fixed a light dinner, we didn't  eat much, then I washed dishes.  As Daddy sat down in his recliner, I handed him a beer.   I was wearing a white tanktop, intentionally  one  size too small and a pair of my cut off jean bra, no shoes.  My naked feet sort of plopped plopped plopped on the hardwood floor back to the kitchen.  I could see in a mirror on the wall, Daddy was watching my every step.    I took a moment to rub my pussy, I could smell my arrousal, when I bought him a second beer, I was sure he could too.  There was a bulge in his pants as he watched Sex in the City.  I almost laughed out loud.

    Daddy went to bed at 10:00, and I hurried to my room to spy on him.  Fifteen minutes later he was in bed, cock in hand.  I was trembling. I drank a beer for courage then  I went to  his door, took a deep breath and walked in without knocking.  The look on his face was priceless.   He paused mid stroke, stared at me and said nothing.   As I walked over to him and stared into his eyes I spoke.

   "You shouldn't have to do that yourself" I whispered. 

    I sat down on the bed next to him and pushed his hand away.   He still said nothing.   for the first time, I wrapped my hand, half the size of his, around his cock.   It was so soft , and hard at the same time!   I could feel him throbbing, quivering in my fist.  He closed his eyes without a word and I started to stroke him.   All my concentration went to his cock.  It was gorgeous, and his balls were just magnificent.   Neither one of us spoke, we didn't have to.  Up and down,  over the circumsized head I stroked him.  He began to moan and fuck against my hand.

    "No......noooo I...can't" he whispered.

    "YES.....yes you can Daddy, I won't stop until you do....please....cum for me"

    A minute later he erupted with a loud growl.   His cum was just like I'd dreamed, thick and hot, it just oozed out of him over and over dribbling down my fingers onto his balls.  I  continued stroking him until he pushed me away.  As he stared at me in disbelief, I raised my hand and licked his cum off of my fingers!!  I wanted to bend down and clean off his gooey balls too  but I figured I'd better take it slow.     

     "That's where I came from"  I said.

    "Isn't it only natural, that I return and show my appreciation?"

    I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried out of the room.    I raced to my room, locked the door and masturbated for half an hour!  I slept like a baby that night and was in the kitchen when Daddy came in the next morning.  He said nothing, he sat down and I handed him his coffee and the paper.  He was wearing his robe and I tried to catch a glimpse at his crotch when I gave him his breakfast.

    "We need" he said.

    "About last night"

   "OH!....Daddy " I exclaimed.

    "I'm so sorry if I didn't I do it right?.....I can get better I promise. I'll do it every night!"

     "Thats NOT what I meant"  he interrupted.

    "What did you mean?" I asked.

    "That you thought, I was mom? Thats why you came so fast?......that I looked like the girl on the video?......that last night was the first time anyone pleased you....since mom died?"

    My daddy was speechless.   He couldn't deny he loved it.   

    "I know everything about you and mom" I said.

    "How old was she...the first time you fucked her?"

   "21" he replied......."But."

    "Well...I'm 19" I said.

    "That was a long time ago, you sit in your room alone and jack off every night,  I know you do, I hear you, I can SMELL you.  It drives me crazy!!  Have you ever fucked a 19 year old?"

     "Eat your breakfast" I grunted.

    I was angry now, was he rejecting me? I was pissed and so horny I thought I'd explode. Did I just tell my Dad I wanted him to fuck me?   As he ate, I retrieved the leather cuffs and collar with the word "BITCH" on it, and dropped them in the table in front of him.

    "I found everything" I said.

    "The rope and the dildos and the butt plugs, even the whips, is that who you are?  Did you used to tie mom up and rape her?.....beat her ass?.....use her like a fucking piece of meat?.....was she....your BITCH?"

    "I FUCKING LOVED HER!" Daddy screamed back.

    "AND I LOVE YOU!".

    "I want......THIS!......I want what you! If I have to I'll find it on the streets, and you'll find me dead in an alley......or you can make ME!........your new slave!"

   "I'll do whatever you want, whatever you need Daddy, if it makes YOU happy again, I'll do whatever you want!"

    While Daddy sat there with tears in his eyes, I slowly dropped to my hands and knees and crawled under the table.   He was silent.  I spread his legs and moved my head to his crotch.  Up close he was twice the size of the only other cock I'd ever sucked.   I took him in my fist and directed his cock into my mouth. I didn't move for a minute, I let him grow into my throat. I thought he was going to dislocate my jaws!  Above me I could hear him  eating.

    "Be carefull what you ask for baby" he whispered.

     "Because you WILL get it!!"

    While he ate I sucked.  It was even sweeter than last nights handjob.   He still tasted of cum and piss from this morning.  I was so fucking horny sucking him.  After only a few moments I raised my head to breathe.  His hand was immedietly on the back of my head pushing it back onto his cock.

    "You started this" he said.

    "Now finish it, I'll tell you when you're done!"

     If I could have smiled I would have.  Was he in control? I don't think so!  I had his cock right where I'd slept with it for so long, in my head, right there in my mouth.   My Daddy was going to cum in my mouth.  I was going to swallow every drop of his cum.  I wanted it so bad  I let him think but he was going to make me do it.   I whinned and groaned like I was protesting but it only made him harder and hornier.  He got close a couple times but backed off,DAMN!, he was good!

    When he finished his breakfast and he knew I was tired already, he relaxed a little and  started to shoot!!   He erupted like he did last night except this time it was in my mouth!  His cum was everywhere, on my tongue and my teeth, it was in my throat and I choked on the nasty taste, but gulped.  I wanted it in my belly so bad!!  I swallowed again and again, and again.  As he got soft, I took more of him into my mouth.  My nose was presed against his hairy belly, DAMN I loved that hairy belly!   I sucked him clean and he removed his hand from my head. As I crawled from under the table, he just sat there .

    "You wanna be my BITCH girl?"  he asked.

   "I have very high standards. Your mother didn't like alot of what I expected, but she never said no.  She was good, your mom, and you're just like her, you're sure?......about this?"

    "I love you Daddy"  I almost cried.

    ""I'll do....whatever you say.....I promise"

   Daddy stood up and now, instead of indirectly catching glimpses of me behind my back, he eyed me up and down.    I felt so weird being so  sexually examined by him, but so turned on at the same time. 

    "In public"  he said.

   "You're my daughter no matter what, I love you, always remember that, but in the house you're my little pussy girl. I won't stop you from masturbating, at 19, I expect you to do it all the time, but I'll also expect you to do it for me, whenever I tell you to. I used to love watching your mother cum, she hated making herself cum in front of me, but I loved it."

    "i could cum right now!" I laughed!

    At Daddys request, I stripped.  It was the first time he'd seen me naked as a grown up and his cock started to rise again.  I was ordered onto the table on my back.   I spread my legs and opened up my pussy to show him my clit.  He just sat back and watched.  

   "Go ahead" he ordered.

   "Cum for me"

    I was there in minutes!   With him waatching me, I was soaked, my clit was huge.  My fingers were a blur and I screamed and dribbled all over the table in front of him!  I was gasping and panting!  I'd never been so horny or cum so hard!

    "Can you do it again?" he asked.

   Again, I fingered myself and slobbered a second orgasm out.   I did it 2 more times and finally begged him to let me stop!!  His fingers stabbed into me and forced still another orgasm from me.  I was sobbing and grunting and giggling all at the same time!

   "Tomorrow morning after you suck me off" He sad.

    "I'll expect you on the table, doing this again until I finish my breakfast"

   I looked at him and smiled.

   "Clean this up sweetie. We have to eat here tonight!!"

      My day was a dream I worked several hours a day in a nearby mall, Daddy worked as a consultant to an electronics company, alot of it at home.  By the time I got home, he'd already drafted some rules for me and an agreement for me to sign.   There waasn't going to be any accusations about abuse or force, everything I was about to do would be consensual and  he had the documents to prove it.

    "From now on" he explained.

   "I want you to call me "SIR"...I'm still your father, but "Daddy" sounds too weird for me."

   "I want you to be naked around the house, theres a security screen in the front door so no one can see in, and we have no real close neighbors.   You can wear a tank top if you want,  I can see your cute little titties thru it anyway but I want you naked  and accessible from the waist down."

   "I expect you to suck my cock every day before you go to work, and by the time you get home, I'll probably want it again.   Your mother was on a strict 4 times a day, for now I'll  settle for 2 from you.   You can come and go as you wish, as long as you perform your duties and you're home every night.  As far as anything else sexual goes, we'll work that out on a daily basis,  but you should know that I don't plan on limiting your use to just your mouth."

    I signed the agreement, kicked of my shoes and pushed the short skirt I wore to work off.  I  peeled off the yellow thong panties I was wearing and handed them to him.  They were damp and he held them up to his nose.

    "Thats what you do to me"  I teased.

   "I've been wet all day.  I'm not a virgin dadd, Sir, and I'm on the pill, you want to fuck me?   I told you, I'll do whatever you want, but you might have to tie me up first, don't expect me to just lie there under that big fuckin' cock of yours without a struggle!"

   SIR was getting a hardon!   FUCK I was such a tease!  I stood there wearing nothing but a pale polo shirt, everything else was on the floor.  I pulled the shirt off, took off my bra and stood there totally naked.   His eyes stared at my nipples for  a second.  I scooped up my clothes and trotted off to my room.   I was naked in front of my daddy and it just felt so good.

    For the next hour I was sunbathing in the back yard.  Still naked, I was as hot inside as I was outside my body.  Being naked in the sun always overheated me.  Sir was under an umbrella nearby watching me sweat.  Twice he told me to play with my self and I was more than willing to oblige.  Seconds before my second orgasm, he ordered me to stop!

    "I told you to masturbate" he said.

    "I didn't tell you, to cum"

    "I can't stop what you do in your room, but when you're around me, YOU cum, only after I  do, and only when I give you permission"

    His hand was around that beautifull cock as he watched me.  He told me to crawl over to him, he was ready for a blowjob.  I sucked his delicious sweaty cock and gulped down a huge load  in less then 15 minutes.  He wiped his gooey, still oozing erection across my lips and told me NOT to lick it off. 

   "Lets get some dinner going" he said.

   "I want to go to bed early tonight, it's time to break you in"        








I cooked a nice meal and set two places.  I poured the drinks and was about to sit down when Sir stopped me.   He smiled and pointed down.

   "Under the table" he said.

   "You get to eat, after you make me cum"

  "You, just did, outside" I sort of whinned.

   "You ready again?"

    "It doesn't matter if I'm ready or not. Every time we sit down to a meal, you're going to be under the table sucking my cock.  When I cum and you swallow it, THEN you can come up and eat. "

   I'm not sure what I just experienced, but between the sudden change in my daddys attitude, my own horniness, my recently denied orgasm and being naked in front of him while he was fully dressed, I was so horribly turned on!  I crawled under the table and opened my mouth.  Sir spread his legs and let me suck him in.  Above me he was eating.  He didn't say a word but he got real big real fast.  It took him  longer this time, after all it was his second time in half an hour.  I had to pause a few times to breathe and give my jaws a rest.  I raised my right hand and cradled it under his big 'ol balls while I sucked.   Sir lifted his foot once and burrowed a toe into my pussy.  I groaned and tried to fuck myself on it, getting wetter and wetter by the second.

    "I know you're not going to cum"  he said.

    He dropped his foot and I groaned in desperation.  I sucked even harder,  his cock was magnificent, and slowly drooling pre cum.  I moved my hand from his balls to his shaft but he stopped me.  

   "If I wanted a handjob, I'd do it myself" he growled.

    Moments later he erupted without a word and I gulped frantically.  I was getting hooked on his cum but it wasn't because of the taste.  It was actually really awful, thick and hot, salty and bitter, I suppose it was from where it came from that allowed me to swallow it.  I joined him above the table with a big grin and we finished our dinner.   While I was standing over the sink washing dishes, he walked up behind me and dropped his hand to my pussy.  His fingers snaked inside me and I gasped.

    "PLEASE....let me cum please?" I begged.

    My orgasm hit me like a bomb.  I was grunting and almost too weak to stand up.  He kept on working my clit and shoving his fingers inside me.   My juices were running down my legs, I could feel his cock in his pants against my butt.  I pushed back against him, a second orgasm growing in my belly. 

    "Are you.....going to fuck me?......." I moaned.

   "YES, but not here, later, when you're done, bring us beer and come sit with me" he said.

    Suddenly he was gone and I was almost ashamed at my slutiness!  I was so horny, so turned on, I just begged my dad to fuck me, his cum was simmering in my belly, I was just standing there naked while he fingered me to an orgasm!  He drank two beers to my one, and on the way back to the living room from the bathroom, I saw him standing in his bedroom.  He told me to come in, and get on the bed.    He laid me down, trembling, on my stomach and pushed a pillow under my belly to raise my butt up.  I spread my legs and then he tied my hands together  to the headboard.   He sat down next to me and turned on a video.  I could hear women grunting and screaming on the tv.  He laid a hand on my butt and slid it down to my pussy while he stroked himself to a fresh erection.

    "You ready, to be my slut?" he teased.

    "OH YES" I moaned.

    "PLEASE.....fuck me sir.....I want to feel you inside me, just, please, not in my ass!"

    "I'll fuck you, where I want to fuck you " he said.

    My ass, was spared for now.   I felt lube dribbled into my crack then over my already dripping pussy.  I just clenched my teeth and he stabbed into me.    I screamed and dropped my face into a pillow.  He was huge, oh I already knew that,  but my pussy hadn't been fucked in ages. His cock opened me up and ripped into me balls deep.  He didn't say a word, he just started fucking!


    He ignored me and kept slamming into me.  His weight dropped onto me and I could barely breathe.  I could feel his balls, like lead weights slapping my clit.  The more he fucked, the louder I screamed.  I was so unbelievably stuffed, it felt like he was in my stomach!  I was delerious with pain, but then it all changed.  The pressure against my clit was maddening.   I was drenching the bed, my pussy sucked him in and begged for more. 

     He was like a machine. Long steady pounding stabs.  Every thrust was balls deep and forced an awful grunt from me.  He reached around me and grabbed my tits.  His fingers found my nipples and he pinched them  between his vice like fingers.  Loud sloppy noises were filling the room as my pussy accepted the attack.   In less than 5 minutes I was ready to cum!

    "OH!...SHIT!.....FUCK!...YES.....OH!..I'm going to CUM!" I cried.

   "Did I tell you, to cum my little pussy?" he grunted.

     "You're KILLING ME!" I laughed and cried at the same time.

    "I can' it, OH FUCK!......FUCK ME!.....I can't help it I'm CUMMMMMINNNG!!!"

     The orgasm almost knocked me out.   It drove him over the edge as well.  I felt him stab in and stay there.   I tried to fuck him back, I couldn't stand the fullness not moving, he was slammed against my uterus, there was no more room for him, I was going to die!  Suddenly he was cumming.  I felt him throb and the temperature inside me doubled.   Could feel his cum, filling me and squishing out.   He stabbed a few more times, and collapsed on top of me.   When he began to move again, I was almost in tears.

    "NO...please, don't move, don't take it out, I want it there, forever, please, please"

    He dropped back  onto me and in me, he  laid there, his weight suffocating me for another  10 or 15 minutes.  The sounds of grunting and groaning on the tv filled the room.   I could feel his cum inside me, his breath on my neck, his sweaty body on top of me.  When he did pull out, he walked to the bathroom and his cum flowed out of me onto the bed like a river.  I tried to close my hole but there was no way, I had been fucked raw.

    He returned and I expected a soft touch, a warm body or a loving comment.  Instead he slapped my ass and I grunted.

    "Get used to that" he remarked.

    "Your mother never did and we were together for years, she never could take me without screaming like a banshee, I don't expect you will either, but you're gonna get fucked several times a day from now on, betwen blowjobs and masturbating, next week I'm gonna start opening up that asshole, and you're gonna be plugged when I'm not butt fucking you"

    He untied me and helped me stand up.  He looked into my tear filled eyes and gave me a big hug.   I wrapped my arms around him and melted against his hairy chest. My pussy was drooling and still throbbing.  I looked up at him and smiled.

   "I didn't mean to cum without permission" "I whispered.

   "We'll talk about your punishment tomorrow"  he said.

    "I'd be disappointed, if you didn't, now get some sleep."

    In the morning, I was under the table again sucking his cock during his breakfast .  I didn't even eat, all I wanted was his cum in my belly till I got to work.  When I got home he was in my mouth again.   He made me squat in the middle of the living room after he fed me, handed me a dildo and ordered me to fuck myself while he watched, he said he wanted to see my face when he ordered me to cum.   I licked off my own juices and sat there in front of him.

   Sir told me to take the head of his cock, just the head into my mouth and just sit there.  He drank two beers watching a football game an I don't know how many before I got home and when he looked down at me with a fresh erection he just smiled. 

   "I'm going to do this very slowly" he said.

   "It's just like when I cum,  if you spill a drop, I'm gonna beat your ass, I won't let you cum for a week, and I'll chain you up in the back yard all night, do you understand?"

   I already knew what was coming, I just didn't want to admit it. I'd seen a video upstairs and I admit I was curious about it, I just didn't expect it. 

    "I'm going to piss" he said.

    "I don't want to have to run upstairs every time I drink a few beers, not when I have you here, this is going to be another one of your duties."

    "Keep your lips tight, breathe thru your nose, and swallow.....ready?"

   It took a second,  then my mouth filled with hot salty horrible tasting piss!  My face broke out in a sweat, my cheeks bloated and I closed my eyes in disgust.  It was no doubt the nastiest thing I had ever done. I was suddenly so arroused at doing it I wanted to explode!  He stopped and looked down at me.

    "Drink it" he ordered.

   "Hurry up, theres alot more"

    I gulped loudly and drank it down.  It was alot like his cum only hotter, more wattery and stronger.  A loud moan came from me but 3 gulps later my mouth was empty.   He filled it again and I started drinking it as he pissed.   My tummy was filling fast.  He pissed and I  gulped, I choked a couple times and he stopped to let me recover then start again.  About a quart or  so of his long held piss seemed like a gallon in my stomach.  When he stopped, I toyed with the  tiny hole in his cock until it was dry.

   When I sat back, full and bloated, he just stared at me without saying a word.  I placed my hands on my belly and burped softly.  I was so full and my body was so hot!  I could barely stand up when he told me to get him another beer.   

   "You're gonna want to pee soon" he said.

    "Get some sun, relax, tell me when you're ready, I 'm gonna be fucking you when you do it."

  When I informed Sir I had to pee, he returned me to the living room.  I was a little nervous and sort of anxious to get to the bathroom, instead he tied my hands behind me, and my ankles to a 3 foot spreader bar.  I was standing there in the midle of the room naked and trying not to pee!  He told me to stand here until his tv show was over!   Minutes dragged on, looked at the clock and it ws 25 minutes till the top of the hour!  With my legs spread, it was harder to hold my muscles and my bladder, squeezing my legs together would have helped but I couldn't.  I waited another 10 minutes and reminded him.  He got up angrily and took the dildo I had fucked myself with and pushed it into my mouth.

    "Hold it!" he said.

    "I'm watching tv!"

    Every few seconds he looked at me, I was struggling, my belly was full of his piss and now my bladder was too.  I had to go!   I was grunting and dancing around, my eyes were watering  and I was sweating.  I was dying to pee.  Sir sat there sipping his beer noisily and smiling at me.  My knees were getting weak and tears were rolling down my cheeks.   The carpet under me was brand new, $1100 last week.  I swear I could feel my urine trickling down my legs but it was just a fly.    A good 6 inches of the unwashed dildo hung from my mouth, I was drooling now and it was dripping onto my breasts.  I was in pain, no I was in agony, me body hurt so bad, I had to pee and NOW!!   When his show ended he removed the spreader bar and led me back outside.

    Sir laid down on a small bench and stroked himself to a quick erection.  I was led over him and slowly pulled down.  His cock stabbed into my pussy and  I was instantly peeing all over him as I sank down onto his cock!    I dropped the dildo and howled in the pain of being impaled onto his cock.  It looked like a damn had broken, I was peeing everywhere.  He started bouncing me up and down and mt bladder was releasing in spurts now.  He was laughing.  I was crying.  When I was done, he held me on him, and started pissing again, inside me!!   Neither one of us came, we just stayed there!

    "You're a pig!" I grunted.

    "You're disgusting!.....and I'm so fucking horny I want to explode!!"

    "You're just like your mother" he chuckled.

    "She couldn't get enough, it was her idea to have a child, she was determined to have a daughter, she swore we would raise you right, but like us, open sexually, and when you were old enough, we would make you our  family secret, our slave, part of us, like us.   She would  be proud"

     "Theres another box in the attic" daddy said then.

    "It's the old trunk, find it, it's full of enema stuff, find it and start using it,  there are some videos too, to show you what to do, I'll give you a week, then I'm going to start anal training you!"

     I gave Sir, the sloppiest blowjob of his life, right there, soaked in piss and sweat, on the patio.  Halfway thru it I was told to turn around and we finished it doing a 69.  I wasn't just allowed to cum, I was ordered to, and I did!"  When I told him I had to pee again. I stood up and did it all over his chest.   We returned to the 69 and Sir fucked me to a screaming orgasm with the dildo until I drained and swallowed  him.

  ....theres more!          





    I was really getting into all this, and it was scary.  There was this guy in the mall always hitting on me and six months ago I would have jumped at the chance to get him into bed.  Today, I couldn't wait to get back home and be a slave again!  I was fucked three times yesterday, and gave my daddy 4 blowjobs!!  This morning he fucked me right inside the front door minutes before I left for work.  I carry a pair of panties in my purse because I get so wet during the day thinking about my situation, I had to put them on in the parking garage because his cum was still inside me!

    That evening I sucked off Sir again and told him I was going to be in the bathroom a while.  The look I gave him told him why.  I watched the enema video and prayed I wouldn't see my mother getting flushed out.  It was a commercial  video and showed me alot.  I filled a 2 quart enema bag, got on my hands and knees in the tub, gritted my teeth and took most of the 2 quarts.   I held it for 10 minutes like the video said and WHOOSH, I was drained!   I did it 4 more times!  I was clean, but I just wanted to feel the fullness of my guts full of water! 

    I just filled up again and was standing in front of the toilet when Sir walked in on me!  I protested but he ignored me.  He wanted me to make him some popcorn!  I explained quite embarassed, that I was "full"!  He eyed the hanging enema bag and grinned.  Sir patted my slightly bulging belly and led me whimpering to the kitchen.  Three and a half minutes to pop popcorn in the microwave seemed to take forever.  I was doing the "PEE PEE"  dance as my insides were telling me to find a toilet fast!  I took it to him and he ordered me back into the kitchen to get salt.   A third trip was for a beer. I was really hurting! 

   "How much did you take?" he asked.

   "The WHOLE bag!" I grunted.

   "Hmmmmm, two quarts, hows that feel?"

   "PLEASE.....I have to go!" I said almost crying!

   I looked at my watch, it had been over 20 minutes now, and I was going to dump all over the living room any second.   Sir told me to go ahead, and I barely made it to the bathroom in time.  He appeared seconds later with a butt plug in his hand. 

   "It's time" he said.

    "Bend over sweetheart, I want you to wear this, until I take it out in the morning."

    There were several plugs in the toy collection, this was size two...of five, there was no really small one,  the biggest was as big as his fist!  I begged for a smaller one but he informed  me that if it was too small, I would never retain it.  Sir lubed it up and pushed!  Of course I screamed as the widest part stretched me to the biggest I'd ever experienced back there. When it slipped in and my asshole halfway closed...there was pain but also relief.

   "OH NO.....OH!....I have to go!" I cried.

   "No, you don't" he explained.

   "You're clean inside, but you're full, what you're feeling is your ass telling your brain you have to go, we both know, you don't."

    Sir handed me $5.00 and told me to get dressed.  There was a 7-11 about two blocks away.  He told me to go and get a bag of chips!  I was in shock and yes, still in pain.  I could barely  stand up let alone walk!  He explained that walking would help me adjust, I thought I was going to drop that damn plug on the sidewalk halfway there!  Sir dressed me in a  short leather skirt I only wear to work  and a tshirt, no bra and no panties!!  Two inches above the hem of that skirt, was the base of the butt plug!!

   "You have 20 minutes" he said.

   "You better hurry!"

   "I was so horribly horny at walking down the street with no underwear and a plug in my ass!!   The walking did help, every step was a chore, the plug seemed to have a mind if its own,  I could feel it moving inside me and the feeling of having my asshole "open" was just incredible!    When I returned home, trembling and shaking, he was in his chair naked. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off!    Holding his cock in my hand, I couldn't imagine that monster in my ass.  He was huge, twice the size and much longer than the plug that felt like a football inside me at the moment.  I wanted to be fucked but couldn't imagine it with a butt plug in me. 

    It was Friday  night, and I didn't work again till Tuesday.  I wanted to go to  bed, and actually, masturbate, I was so horny, I really needed an orgasm!!  Sir stood me up and cuffed my hands behind me!  I softly protested but threatened to spank me if I didn't be quiet.  He took me to the couch and tied my ankles together and added a ball gag!  I was lying there tied up and plugged in front of him, wiggling around like I was cooking on a grill.  My pussy was soaked, I wanted to cum so bad it hurt.  With my legs together, the butt plug seemed to double in size!! 

   "Have a good night Pussy girl!" he chuckled.

    I couldn't believe he was sitting there with the tv on, but watching me!  I laid on my back, then rolled over onto my stomach and was actually trying to hump the couch, to cum.  This of course worked that plug and I was feeling more discomfort than relief.  The signals to my brain kept insisting I empty myself, but there was no way!       My body cramped up trying to push the invader out bit didn't, it couldn't.    An hour later Sir turned off the lights, patted me on the ass, rolled me over to look into my eyes and went to bed.

    "I told you I want you plugged all night" he reminded me.

   "I know as soon as you got upstairs you'd surrender to your brain and take it out, I also know how  badly you want to cum right now.  The ache is the best part sweetheart, The pain you're feeling is stronger than your need to relieve yourself isn't it? there a plug in your ass because you need to cum?.....or do you need to cum, because there's a plug inside you?"

    He ungagged me but told me to be quiet, the security door was double locked and the front door was open.  I begged him not to leave me like that, but he just smiled at me!  He unzipped his pants and dropped my head over the edge of the couch.  Sir fucked my face like a madman.  He went right for the kill, his cock was jammed balls deep into my throat over and over.   I was gagging and choking but he didn't stop.  After a few minutes he started forcing his cock all the way down my throat and holding it there until I nearly passed out!  He pulled back and gave me a few panicked breaths and slammed back in again.

   "I've been studying that long sexy neck of yours" he said.

    "You're a natural for deep throating....I could fuck you like this forever!!"

    Several long agonizing minutes later he started to cum.

   "Deep breath" he grunted.

   "I'm going in all the way, right down your throat,  I'm gonna cum my litle cock slut,  OH YEAH!, hold it, YESSSSS!.....there it is, swallow it, swallow my cum!" 

    He erupted right into my throat.  It was too deep to swallow, it just poured into my gullet and stayed there like hot lead, past my throat and halfway to my stomach.  He slid out and I  was too sore to swallow.  The last few dribbles of his cum went into my mouth and he gagged me again!  As I laid there in tears, gasping desperately for a breath, for air, for a way to get his cum out of my mouth and down my throat, he left. 

   The next morning marked a new stage in our relationship.   It started at 7 am, with me giving myself two enemas, stuffing the butt plug in and starting my day of domination, humiliation, and of course sex.  On Monday morning, day 3 of butt plugging, the butt plug was replaced by the next bigger size.  I was in agony for hours until my hole started actually accepting the bulk of it and holding my poor asshole open even more.   The deep throat training was even worse. 

    The blowjobs lasted longer because I wasn't sucking him as much as he was fucking my mouth and throat.  It was a sloppy mess, I was slobbering all over him, choking and gagging constantly.  I could barely talk from the sore throat, but I was learning to take him balls deep more and more.   Strangely enough, becoming just a living breathing piece of meat to him to use as he wanted, was becoming very exciting to me.  He stopped asking me or telling me what he wanted, he'd just order me to my hands and knees, with his cock in his hand and move behind me, I knew I was about to get fucked or he'd appear in front of me and raise my head then stab into my throat without a word. 

     That Tuesday I went to work for 6 hours, with a butt plug in my ass for the first time.  I didn't work for any particular store, I worked for mall management and spent most of my time walking and talking to store employees and managers.  An hour long meeting sitting down almost killed me, walking was bad enough, sitting on that plug was murder!  I raced to the bathroom afterwards and masturbated viciously, at work was my only chance.   After a couple orgasms my body was so tight I knew that plug would never come out! 

    My Daddy continued to fuck me every night and sent me to bed with his sperm in my pussy.  Every night I dreaded him taking my ass, until I couldn't stand waiting any more.  I started using the dildos, it was horrible at first but it was all I could think about all day and couldn't wait to continue it every night.  I wanted him to fuck me in the ass, I needed him to fuck me in the ass, expecting it was driving me crazy!   I'd been giving myself enemas and wearing bigger and bigger butt plugs for 11 days. 

    Saturday morning, I was off all weekend.  I did my morning blowjob under the table and cleaned up the kitchen.  I was naked of course so I went and put on my collar and cuffs, and went to the kitchen two hours after he'd fed me his cum for breakfast.  I laid a bottle of lube on the table, a gag, and pulled my butt plug out and sat it next to me.  There were two 6 foot ropes lying there, I bent over the table with my ass facing the living room and called him to the kitchen.

    "It's time" I said.   

   "I can't wait anymore, I need you, to tie me to the table, gag me please, and fuck me, fuck me in the ass!"

   Sir tied my hands and ran the ropes to my ankles across and under the table.  Once my hands were stretched across the table and my legs tied, he spread them and tied my ankles to the table legs.  He told me that once he started, he wasn't going to stop until he was done.  I  nodded and he gagged me.  He pulled up a chair to my exposed butt and started to finger my asshole.  just one finger, fotr the longest time, teasing me, getting me arroused.  My pussy was dripping but he ignored that, today was all about my ass!

   I wiggled and moaned, then he added a second finger then three.  The pain was starting then then he added a fourth finger and pushed his hand up to the knuckles.  This was bigger than my biggest dildo and I started to panic.  He stood up then and moved closer to me.  His cock was rock hard, the fat knob of it against my hole caused me to jump and begin to whine. When he started to push, I was terrified!

    He just watched as his cock disappeared into my ass an inch at a time.  Halfway in I was full.  I closed my eyes and chomped down on the ball gag.  He was still moving, deeper and deeper.  I shook my head frantically, it was too much, my biggest dildo wasn't this big.  My asshole was ripping open, it was like taking a butt plug where my asshole opened but closed around the base, this time it wasn't closing, it was opening wider and wider!  I pushed against him, but that made his invasion easier.  How much more could there be? Where was his balls against my pussy?  How deep could he go?

     I started to cry, and he laughed.  his hands were on my hips and he was still pushing.  I think at that point, I started to pee, I'd lost muscle control, and could only stand there bent over and take it.  He paused a second then pulled back a little.  I was in agony, and so disappointed I hadn't taken all of him.  I wanted him to pull out so badly, I was dying, but I was angry that I disappointed him and myself.  Suddenly he stopped and I felt more lube dribbled onto my butt. Before I could react, he stabbed in and I screamed into my gag!  His balls slapped my pussy. I exploded inside with pain, I thought I'd been ruptured, ruined for life, split in two.

    He started slowly, a long awful pull out, then he stabbed in again.   I screamed as my insides were savagely filled.  He was fucking me, and I couldn't stop him.  Every stab into me was agony, my asshole was on fire.  I screamed until I couldn't scream anymore. My lungs were aching, I fought to breathe. I prayed to pass out and just let him finish with my unconcious body.   His strokes were slow, and steady, not like a rape, more like a breaking in, an introduction of what my life would be like from now on.  As badly as I wanted him to stop, the pain, the selfish, vicious, assault, was turning to lust, to arrousal, to admitting to myself my  own need.   This wasn't rape, not with him, this was surrender, something voluntary, something I needed,  as badly as he wanted!

     This was the longest fuck of my life.  It went on and on and on.  I could feel an orgasm growing inside me and prayed it would arrive before he could finish.   All I could think about was the head of his cock, and the way he came, the flood of his seed that would surely be pumped into my guts.  He was fucking faster and now it was a race.  He was going to cum, and I needet to first!  Every time his balls slapped my pussy I got closer.  I was drenched in sweat, gurgling and grunting like a pig, he was destroying me, my body was all his.

    Sixteen agonizing minutes later he announced he was going to cum!   I was so close!  He slammed into me like an animal.  I was in agony, he was so incredibly deep, touching  me  where nothing had ever touched me before. As my orgasm began to blossom, he erupted.  His grunts wer as loud as mine, he'd never cum so hard.  I could feel the heat of him filling me, the throbbing and his weight on top of me. 


    My orgasm, died there with his erection.  It was like a kick in the groin.  He laid there on top of me and I was trying to fuck him back trying to retrieve my pleasure.  When he finally did pull out, it felt like he was pulling my insides out with him.  He slammed the butt plug back into me and left me there sobbing in pain and frustration.  He left me tied there for an hour.  He returned with another hard on and fucked me again.  His second load filled me and I was plugged again.   I laid there with a sperm enema inside me.  Sir untied me before he went to bed, then warned me not to remove the plug till morning.  I cleaned up the flood of my pee he'd fucked out of me, and went to bed .

    That night I was sore everywhere.  I slept restlessly, dreaming of my Daddys cock.  I dreamed about sucking him. I dreamed about how incredible it felt in my pussy.  I dreamed about the taste of his cum in my mouth.  I dreamed about my mother, watching me between his legs,  tied to the table,  every hole filled with his cock, and how happy she would be.  At around 4AM, I tiptoed into his room and slipped under the covers next to him.  He stirred and wrapped an arm around me....and I was purring!  He took my hand and wrapped it around his cock under the blankets.

    "Get some sleep" he whispered. 

    "When I wake up, that had better be your mouth around me"              





  That week I bacame Daddys total slave.  I still worked 6 hours a day, but I was cut back to only 4 days a week.  That meant alot more time for me to be a slave.  As much as I liked the idea, I was glad to have a little time not being fucked all the time.  Every day started the same, a blowjob under the table during his breakfast.  I admit I was concerned about swallowing as many as 3 or 4 loads of his cum a day.   When I brought this up, Sir just smiled and suggested a diferent use for his cum.  I still sucked him off, but he didn't make me swallow all of it.  I took it in my mouth, then spit it out into my hands and smeared it all over my face!  It was really well, embarassing to walk around the house with dried cum all over me, but it seemed  to do wonders for my complexion!

    The butt fucking continued and it wasn't getting easier for me.  He was just, huge, and I wasn't stretching out at all.  I grunted and groaned in pain every time he fucked me, and he always came inside me, followed by the butt plug.  I was up to the next to the largest one now, and I was slowly going insane with my backside so full and my poor asshole always stretched.  I wondered if he was ever going to try to fuck me with a plug in my ass but I was scared to death to suggest it or ask him.  I tried it one night with a dildo and I came so hard I nearly passed out. I finally asked him about the biggest butt plug, the gigantic one, it was actually shaped like a rubber fist, and it intrugued me as much as it terrifed me.

   "That ones special"  he said.

    "Sort of like a have to earn that one...and I'm working on just how you can do that"

    One evening he called me into the living room and I was ready to give him another blowjob.  I paused and stared at an anal sex porno on the tv.  Sir was naked of course and stroking his cock.  He told me to remove the plug, turn around and sit in his lap.  I did and instead of slipping into my pussy,  he pulled me down and his cock was forced into my ass!  

    "Lean back, relax" he whispered. 

   Relax?.....with what was in my ass and not moving?   I was grunting and wiggling around, trying to adjust, trying to get him to fuck me, not just plug me.  His hand reached around and found my clit.  His other hand raised a dildo and pushed it into my hand.

    "Fuck yourself" he ordered.  

    I was terrified, but pushed the dildo into my tight pussy.  I was so full, so tight with my ass full, but it felt incredible.  His fingers on my clit had me running like a river.  I immedietly begged him to let me cum but he sais NO!  I slowed down and tried to fight the orgasm, his fingers didn't help at all.  I begged him again, I was so close,   He denied me again and I started to cry.   I begged him to fuck me, to move, I was cramping horribly.   He ordered me to fuck my pussy harder, faster, he could feel the dildo inside me right next to his cock. 

   "PLEASE!....I'm gonna.....CUM!" I sobbed.

    "ME....TOO!" he grunted.

    We came, together.   Every muscle in my body cramped up.  I coould feel him throbbing and filling me up, I dropped the dildo and his fingers pinched my clit hard.  I screamed and my orgasm became a double!   I thought I was done when a third one hit me. His arm around me kept me from doubling over, I grabbed his hand and tried to pull it away from my clit, but he stuck out 2 fingers and drove them into my pussy. 

   "OH!....FUCK!.....NNOOOOOO!...PLEASE!..." I screamed.

    "My double orgasm became a triple, I was cumming again, 3 times in just over a minute!  I sat there still impalled on his cock, unable to move or speak or even breathe.  His hands moved to my breasts and nipples.  He felt so good, his right hand slid down and his fingers stopped almost touching my slit. 

    "Good?......or bad?' he whispered.

    "The best....ever!" I softly moaned.

    "I'll be whover you want me to be, I'll do whatever you want me to do." 

      "I think you're ready" he said.

   "Next weekend, Friday night, I'm going to make you....official"

    He never explained that comment until Friday morning.  I spent the day in a daze.  He told me there were going to be some people over, men mostly but a couple women who want to observe.  I spent the day relaxing after only one morning blowjob.  I basked in the sun and worked on my all over tan, spent some time in the pool and sauna.  Sir sent me out for a manicure and a pedicure,  black polish on all my nails, and my hair was cut short and very sexy, almost like a boys.   Although we both liked the neatly trimmed hair around my pussy, he shaved it smooth for me.  Finally he spent a good half hour rubbing body oil on me, especially around my pussy and asshole.  It was 6pm and he told me to get "dressed".

    "These people don't know you, you might know some of them, so tonight you're going to wear a half hood, you'll be blind but you can still hear and breathe".

   The hood was actually comfortable and gave me a sense of security, not seeing them would be easier for me too.  I wore a wide leather collar that held my head up a little, and matching cuffs on my ankles and wrists, just for appearances he said. 

    Sir injected a small glob of lube into my ass.  It was cold but felt good inside me.

   "Your body will absorb that "  he explained

   "You'll be generously lubricated throughout the evening.  You will not talk tonight unless you respond to a specific question, You will do whatever you're told to do, you will not say no, you can't, you won't, you don't want to, or  ask anyone to stop.  I will be there at all times monitoring you, you will not be harmed or do anything you haven't already done"

   "I....I'm scared" I said to him.

    "You don't have to be, I'll be near you at all times.  I want you to suck tonight like you've never sucked before, remember to swallow, you know the signs when a man is going to cum, be prepared.   Everyone is going to want to fuck you, especially in the ass.  I doubt if any one of them has ever fucked a 19 year old before, so you're  going to be quite a treat for them"

    "Can you do this for me?" he asked.

   "Around the house, you are my little slut, my Bitch. Tonite you will become my Slave, this will prove your dedication to me,  your total surrender, if you refuse, I'll know it's just sex,  its all just a game to you, if you do this, it makes it official." 

     "WILL you do this, for me?"

    "YES Sir, I'll do whatever you want me to do, just....don't leave me"

    When the first guests arrived I was locked into a standing wooden stocks.  My head and hands were locked in wood and I was bent over at the waist.  An awfull wide spider gag  had  my mouth wide open and a folded towel on the floor beneath me was soaking up my drool.  Sir had rubbed ice on my nipples and they were rock hard.  My legs were spread wide and  both  my holes were slippery with lube.  I was terrified when I first heard voices.  I didn't want to see them or know them.  I was especially embarassed when I heard older female voices!

    I was immedietly touched and felt and rubbed, poked and prodded, my nipples teased and pinched, it wasn't even 5 minutes before someone had a finger in my ass.  I was so humiliated when I heard a woman say behind me how wet and tight I was, I'd just been butt poked by a woman!  A first round of drinks loosened everyone up, then my gag was removed and the stocks were adjusted down so that I was on my knees.  Lube was dribbled over my butt, and a hard cock slipped into my pussy!

     A second cock filled my mouth.   He was smaller than my Daddy, as I guessed everyone would be.   I sucked him softly and he was moaning above me.

    "She does....swallow?" a woman asked.

    "Every drop" Sir replied.

    "She's a real glutton for fresh cum"

    Hearing Sirs voice calmed me down a little.  We never discussed me cumming, I was too nervous anyway but I knew much more of this and I'd be shooting off like the fourth of July. The guy in my pussy was just, well, comfortable.  It was a nice fuck espacially since I had to concentrate on the cock trying to get to my throat.  The guy fucking me picked up the pace and came inside me.  It was then that I discovered that condoms were optional!  Suddenly someone, a woman was there telling me to give it up, she was actually trying to scoop the cum out of me with her finger!

    "Gimme all that delicious cum" she whispered.  

    "We're gonna save this for later and we want to keep your pussy nice and clean for the next one!"

    A second cock stabbed into my pussy and I groaned loudly.  A second or two to adjust to a 7 or 8 inch cock slammed into your pussy would be nice,  I wanted to scream!!   He started to fuck me just as I got my first mouthfull of cum.  I gulped and gasped as my mouth was emptied.  A fresh cock took its place and I started sucking again.  Every cock was different, they smelled diferent, tasted different, the size and shape was so exciting to me,  and the cum!!

    The first guy just oozed into my mouth, it was thick like glue.  The second shot off so hard it hit my throat and I gagged before I could swallow it.  It was all nasty, it was hot and bitter, salty and it burned lie something not meant to be swallowed!  My throat was on fire, and every load just made it worse.  I'd done three blowjobs when Sir whispered to me and slipped an ice cube into my mouth.  Everyone just watched my grunt and groan, make faces and try to endure a now BIG 'ol cock pounding away at my pussy, this was my 4th fuck. 

     During number 5 in my pussy and 4 or 5, I wasn't sure in my mouth, I felt the first finger in my asshole!  He pulled out and dribbled lube onto me and I was suddenly terrified!

    "Ever fuck her in the ass?" the guy asked.

    "All the time" I heard Sir reply.

    "She loves it....go ahead, give her a good butt full of cock!"

    The guy pulled out, leaving my pussy desperately abondoned, and he nuzzled his erection up to my hole.  He asked my, with a mouthfull of cock, if I was ready for a real fuck.  It took me a second, to nod.  There was a crowd around by butt then, Someone was holding my cheeks open for the assault.  Someone else was reaching under me searching for my clit.  I grunted, that was the last thing I wanted to feel, his fingers only forced me to tighten up but maybe he  knew  that. 

    My hands were in fists.  He pushed and I grunted loudly as the fat knob of his cock popped into my ass.  He started to push and a long, mournfull squeel escaped my mouth.  The guy face fucking me pushed into my throat and held his cock there, totally choking me.

   "Keep suckin' baby" he ordered.

   "Your jobs up here, work that cock, his jobs back there, you just open up that throat and let me cum!!"

    My throat was flooded with cum, the biggest load of the night.  As he erupted, he slowly pulled back, leaving his load everywhere from my throat to my lips.   He pulled out just as the guy with about half of his cock in my ass, just slammed the rest into me.  I screamed, I grunted and growled, and screamed again.  The room filled with laughs and cheers.  Another cock was at my lips but I was gritting my teeth against the pain of my first butt fuck of the night.  He waited for the guy behind me to give me a few opening strokes then he slipped into my mouth.

    "Ready Charlie?" he said.

    "OK....lets do the 'ol in and out"  

    As the guy in my mouth pulled back, the one fucking my ass pushed in.  The guy in front of me pushed into my throat as my ass was partially vacated.  Back and forth they fucked, in and out, laughing at my tears and struggling to breathe.  Finally they both stopped with just the heads of their cocks in me, and slammed in balls deep at both ends!  I was delerious, slobbering and grunting and crying.  Both of them timed themselves to cum at the same time.  I was choking down fresh cum as my guts were flooded.  Everyone cheered and applauded, but not for me.  The two fucking me were the heros, I was just meat .

    I was fucked over and over and over. Several guys started in my pussy then went to my ass.  Cum was flowing out of me like a river, little did I know, it was all being collected!   Two hours passed before I was released and forced to my hands and knees.  I was led to the couch, I prepared my self for more blowjobs, but was totally sirprised when a woman grabbed my hooded head.

    "Ever tastes another woman?" she asked.

    I was instantly terrified!   I'd never even considered it.  I tried to pull back but she held me and just laughed.  I knew everyone was watching.  Someone behind me was rubbing his cock up and down my pussy.  A finger was in my asshole.  I could smell her, inches from my face. 

   "Thats my husband behind you" she said.

    "You already sucked him, and he was the first one in yoiur ass, now he's gonna fuck your pussy and you're gonna suck me!"

    She shoved my face into her gooey pussy anf he slammed into my pussy.  I grunted and sucked in a lung full of pussy.  I followed her orders and started to lick.  I knew how I liked  it, so I  went to work on her warm wet hole.   I was rocking back and forth as her husband viciously pounded me.  I found her clit and she shreiked!  I sucked it like I sucked cock.  She was howling and in seconds I had her cumming!    I lapped up her juices like I was drinking from a fountain.  After a dozen loads of cum dumped down my throat,  she was like candy! 

     Her husband erupted inside me and slithered out like a broken puppy.   Moments later someone, a woman, was burying her tongue in my asshole!  It was soft and loving, as compared to a hard cock raping me.  the pleasure was making me melt, but it was brief.

   "C'mon honey" she said to someone.

    "She's ready, I wanna watch that big ol' cock in her ass!!"

    The pace was much slower now, everyone was tired, most of the guests were just watching me squirm and grunt, the look of pain on my face was entertaininment, and the raunchy stench of sex was everywhere.   The guy fucking me went on and on and on. It was probably his 3rd or 4th time, he was drained but still hard.   He finally throbbed a couple times but I don't think he came. He slipped out of my mouth and was instantly on the couch next to his wife pulling my mouth onto his cock.   He just held me there 10, 15, 20 minutes until he handed me off to someone else.

    I did another women next, she'd just been fucked and filled and I felt jealous!  I was supposed to be the nights whore!  Sucking cum out of a pussy was a whole new experience for me.  She was soft and delicious, ruined by the nasty tasting slime oozing out of her. 

   "OK" someone then announced.

   "It's time........Freddie. you ready?"

    I was led to the center of the room and over someone lying on their back.  I was pushed down onto a big cock that totally filled my pussy.  I was laid down flat and he wrapped his arms around me tight.  Behind me a second guy, it was Sir, kneeled and touched his cock to my asshole!

    "Ready for this?" Sir asked.

    "NOOOO PLEASE...DON'T!" I gasped.

    Sir pushed into my ass and I tried, really tried not to scream.  My body was being split in two.  He pushed and pushed, neither of was sure if he was going to fit.  About halfwas in I let go.  I screamed and cried. He dropped his weight and was balls deep inside me.   The pain was unbelievable even after being fucked front and back all night long.  No one moved until I stopped convulsing like I was being electrocuted.  I tried to escape, thats why I was being held so tight.

   "Say it.....beg for it......tell me what you want my little cunt!" Sir whispered into my ear. 

   I sobbed and cried, shook my head no, the pain was too much, there was no room inside me for all that cock, no body could take all this, if they moved, I was afraid I'd die!   I knew I had no choice, I was going to get it wether I wanted it or not.  Everything I'd done since that first  night I masturbated my Daddy in his room flashed thru my mind.  The words he said..."Your mother would be proud" filled my head. 

    "FUCK ME" I whinned.

   "PLEASE....FUCK ME, both of you, I want to feel you, make me your slave Sir!"

     I felt like someone had reached inside me, front and back and had grabbed my guts and was pulling them out of me.  Sir pulled back ans slammed into me.  This wasn't about breaking me in like before, this wasn't training anymore, this was about pain, about submission, about  taking it, or leaving it forever.  The guy under me started then.  One in and one out, then both in at the same time.  My body melted between them, I had no resistance left.

    After about 10 of the most agonizing minutes of my life, I heard Sirs voice again.

    "We need a third" he said.

    "Somebody get in her mouth!"

    My head was lifted and a cock was shoved into my throat.  It tastes like cum, no doubt someone I'd sucked and probably fucked already.    The rythum  was set, up and down I bounced on the cock in my pussy.  Sir was slamming in and out of my ass.  I was deep throating a cock in front of me and everyone was watching.  I heard cameras clicking, a video was made  I got to watch a week later.  My insides were fucked raw.  My pussy and ass were on fire, no amount of lube would help this burn!! 

    The guy in my pussy came first. when he did, the ultimate happened.  I'd been working  on  an orgasm all night long.  the throbbing and explosion inside my pussy set it off!!  I grunted and screamed thru a mouthfull of cock and all hell broke loose.  This set Sir off.  He stabbed into me and flooded me .   The guy in my mouth followed and I was drenched in all three holes.  Everyone was cheering and laughing.  When everyone pulled out of me, something extroidinary happened.   

    I collapsed in a sweaty cum covered heap.  There was man juice oozing out of me front and back.    There was 3 maybe 4 women there, I didn't care.  They were all over me, sucking my pussy, licking my tortured asshole.  My breasts and nipples were licked and suckled. Tongues covered every inch of my body, all the way to  down to some guys sucking on my toes.   A  vibrating egg was slipped into my ass and pussy.  I actually started giggling as the vibrations filled me.   A young woman, Sir told me later that she was another woman theres 18 year old lesbian daughter,  mounted me 69 and sucked on my quivering pussy as I sucked on hers.

     I was tied on the floor spread eagle after that so everyone could just play with me, I was fingered and licked, no more fucking but I did do 3 more blowjobs 69 style while my pussy was licked.   Almost 7 hours since the first guest arrived, the final chore was performed.  I was sat up, and tied onto a Sybian machine.  This is a rounded box like device with an adjustable intensity vibrating dildo sticking up.  A woman sits on this with the dildo inside her and raised nubs against her clit.   It was said that women went insane on this device if left too long!

   I was mounted on it and the second it was turned on, I was squirming!  The intensity was slowly increased until another forced orgasm slammed me.  After that it was torture.

    "Do you knw how many times you were fucked tonight?" a woman asked.

    "Seventeen" she said.

    "That doesn't include the 11 blowjobs.....17, thats how many orgasms we owe you!!"

        The first 3 or 4 were easy, with no relief from the horrible vibrations forced into my pussy, my pleasure started to become pain!!  I grunted out 1 or 2 more but then I was sobbing and begging!   This was inhuman, absolutely the ultimate sexual torture.   Another orgasm ripped thru me and I was ready to die.

    "There is a way to end this" a woman said.

   ANYTHING!...PLEASE...ANYTHING!" I screamed.

    Everyone had left, so Sir removed my hood.  Sir was there with a woman about his age, she was beautifull, and naked!  She was smiling at me and explained she had known my Dad for years, but she was married to one of the guys I'd fucked and sucked earlier.  She held a  quart jar in her hand, it was over half full, of a milky white liquid.

   "Do you know what this is?" she teased.

   "The price of admission to this event tonight, was for everyone to bring in a dozen used and filled condoms,  thats over a hundred old cum shots, that was mixed with everything that was pumped into and drained out of your pussy and ass tonight."

    "All you have to do is drink this right now, all of it, or we leave you on that device and the intensity on high until you do"

   She turned it back on and in less than a minute, I agreed.  She turned on a video recorder and handed me the jar.  I stared at Sir but he just grinned.   The stench was unreal.  I could barely breathe with the jar under my nose.  I stared at the thick nasty slime and tried to imagine how many blowjobs that was in that jar!  S uddenly Sir was behind me.  He held my head back, took the jar and started pouring all that cum down my throat!!

    I was choking and gaging, gulping frantically.  It backed up into my nose and I was still gulping.  He filled my mouth, pinched my nose and covered my mouth.  I was crying and gagging!   Cum was dripping from my nose. I started swallowig until it was gone.  Two more mouthfulls and the jar was empty.  My belly wanted to explode.  The taste was going to be in my mouth for hours. 

    "Congratulations" She said.

   My collar was removed and replaced with a chain, not a jewelery chain, but a chrome steel link chain from a hardware store.  It was connected with a simple chrome padlock and she kept the key.

    "Thats permanant now" she said.

   "You'll wear it everywhere, and never take it off.  Everytime you see someone with a chain like that,  you'll know they're a slave like you,  trained and certified, just like you are, you're a very lucky girl."

   "I'll be by now and then" she said to Sir.

    "I'm sure you'll keep her supplied with cock, I make my poor hubby give me a minimum of two loaded condoms  every day, I'll bring it by now and then....every good slave needs a generous supply of protien, but a girl needs a woman in her life too, and more than just cock to eat!!" 

     I returnd to work several days later. I recovered from the gangbang ok, but was now dressed in tight rubber panties with twin dildos, onre in my ass and one in  my pussy every time I left the house.    Sir arranges a monthly group session for me, I'm always blindfolded so I don't know who's using me even though they know me when they see me wearing the chain.    Next  month I turn 20, and thats how many guys will be at my birthday party!  

   "It'll be a 2 day event you'll never forget" he said.

   "I won't forget" I replied.

    "I'm your slave now Daddy.....I always will be!"   









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